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Monday, August 7th

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Happy Monday to yeah thanks for starting a new week and a new date with us we're happy to have you plea had a wonderful weekend and a big. Story out of the weekend the only thing anyone cared about this weekend not whether oh. Had nothing to do it the president all but otherwise the Cecil who apparently was happening. Everywhere but now the big story yes. Carol marks or did have her baby on Friday night she did very late Friday and I believe a few minutes before midnight. Currently land call now to the world over ten pounds ten pounds eight ounces 21 and a half inches long it and I've spoken to her doctors we can we Texas on because the baby was born so late Friday I didn't go yes I think of Saturday and then yesterday I think there's a lot of people hospitals -- and I'm going yeah after after that old that sounds momma doing cocaine as. Tire. Tired I mostly I imagine so yes everybody's on edge he has we all tweeting out pictures of CNET. Aliens on the FaceBook page to go check that out FaceBook dot com slash 91 KN BC VS Caremark or gave birth to. As mentioned. Charlie flit. And congratulations to them and to assure. We will luggage into to meet Charlie and what I see that shall be in the building with them at some point yeah around here don't date and your guy. Dina well take the bait. I think there is a chance that the only person more excited in character and actually have given birth mom was Dana I think it's now. It looked absolutely but that was the big story on Friday night of course the weather and hopefully guy you know your your your place didn't get flooded or anything I mean it was. It was pretty bad over the weekend again they're people tracks that he empowered the small. Which is weird. Of you whose problems that your name right you'd eat it's absolutely. I lost power like you are all the time. But hopefully the flood did affect you too much meat it's tough it's tough to say it didn't affect anybody because we're getting you know I've I've noticed this. We're really getting good at learning how to handle and deal with with flooding this summer does this happen every summer we do it and got. Well it does get hurt getting used to it I was. I'm talking about everybody else you can get used to this right. Weekend or flight we a Maureen coming on Wednesday I think I heard the latest weather forecast like he just he just ever get used to it now now. Now. Any other parts of the well. I. Action. It does happen a whole heck of a lot and for the writing in new developments we will let you know also serious story. Out of Clinton Missouri. They have police officer was shot and there's a manhunt on the look out for 39 year old Ian McCarthy. Right. Yeah the officer was Gary Michael who does them with the force for less than a year again this is on a Clinton Missouri had pulled ovaries suspicious vehicle late last night and when the officer got out of his vehicle to do that initial contact with the driver. That's when the driver shot. I mean just a shot and as he walked up to the car iMac and the officer Gary Michael had fired back. We don't know whether that suspect in McCarthy had been hit but he did take off our police have released a photo of them that they say is the person of interest in the shooting. So. After the shooting the suspect or got McCarthy took often in crash and then fled on foot. And the officer Gary Michael died at the hospital. I injures. I didn't. I I mean I don't know what. What the end game here is but I always think about this when guys flee its outwards when these bad guys that will run. They will find deal. Like it did they they will find this especially when you're on foot gap. And it never. Did literally never winds up good for the bag. They're always found whether it's local police. I neighbor somebody sees you. Remember that it did the Ohio shooters that did it on FaceBook easily got him at a McDonald's parking lot it's so easy to publicize it now alt. You know this guys face is everywhere and this guy you you now and it's back you'd spot and and a and you don't it's going to be Highway Patrol going to be state police. He really have no idea what this guy will get around and he will. Served time that he is he's definitely do. Now that the police officer was shot and killed so this will in no doubt in my mind. And terribly bad for this guy and Timmy you shoot civil and and then he turns out you're issued a shot and killed a police officer. You're gonna be in prison for a long long time Serena. Artsy in McCartney again he's 39 years old it was the Dodge Nitro has that was pulled over. Applicant from our Yasser Gary Michael was 37 again and then with at least department less than a year instincts. That are certain -- again check out this guy's picture. So that you can see Timothy happens to come our direction it's a little better FaceBook page and on Twitter as well pretty pretty easy to spot on and I wanted to see him adults that's they say to documents he's armed and dangerous don't try to communicate with him yeah he shot a police officer fatally this is not a guy that's afraid. So good let. Police handle and yet call police do whatever you can she is picture on her FaceBook pages on Twitter. As well. The story that popped up over the weekend that's local that we're gonna get too because we will get to a few things live this hour. And we gonna want your opinion he's at 576779. A can text into 2980. The the big story last week or odd under the at the trump administration are one of the stories. Has been about the leaking in all this leaking information conversations dinners did but conversation with Steve. Our Anthony's caribou she all these things. Now. There are some leaks here in Kansas City that mayor James is worried about. Maybe. Or he's just concerned about that let's. Let's be careful not to say stuff is currently we don't know that yet Kansas City Star Steve Cochran big story out it was yen. Yesterday and the star and I'll just read you the first couple sentences here. For me there are a couple of issues at play this or is pretty lengthy and it is really good job again and some different things one issue is the concern of leaks and the PR issue associated with that. And some other issue this is that there's a meeting coming up in a week in which side particular group of people opting counts numbers few few of these aggregate together. And reviewed these proposals that have come and for the one terminal concept and the other part this is who should be at that meeting. And whatever secrecy may be over that mean Bogut to that part and second so the lead story is Kansas City mayors like James last month threatened to file ethics complaints against his council colleagues. If he learns they have revealed information from closed council meetings the mayor told the star that he warned counseled divulging confidential information. Would result in an ethics complaint but said he had not initiated an investigation into please keep in mine mayor James is a lawyer has been for a long time. Kansas city's ethics code says it is a violation. To divulge information from closed sessions without authorization is the sunshine law on the states as elective bodies. Are gonna hold discussions and votes in public settings but there are exceptions. Including receiving legal advice negotiating a real estate deal or discussing personnel issues negotiations like that can be held and and now private. Some house members have talked about how public her how private this process has banned. Some council members of sub their concern that some of the closed sessions discussions. Don't meet the exceptions of that law and should have been discussed publicly the star had talked to several of the companies that submitted proposals asking if they had asked. That their proposals be kept confidential several of them said no we had not. So first of all let's point out that it has been leaked that he allegedly made this threat in closed session that's an issue where the fact that we know about this rat. So there might be some validity to it is concerned if it got out. On I don't know if the public is gonna argue. Against the idea of any of just being kept private I think that the public generally want it to be public I don't know. Technically you always think it depends on what it is we don't know the details. And you know we know what the sunshine law applies to. We know what they allow. To be done privately but we don't know exactly what he's concerned about it I am legal advice seems to be with a stark keeps mentioning my question. Is is anything that involves your city and money like this is it always public 5767798. Or are there times. Where there are private discussions that you don't need to about. The lawsuit asks the Missouri's sunshine laws says yes legally if you're asking yeah nasty should question today but he legally yes there are. And and again the mayor having done a lawyer for so long understands that that attorney client privilege and if there is legal advice given. That stays private but your question is should that given that it's a public taxing bodies now should everything be public. 5767798. He text into 2980 plus what does this mean for the image of this entire process which. We're getting close here forget a real clubs out so now we'll get in the other side of those that the star story gets into about this meeting that's coming up on August 14 in which a group of council members is gonna get together. And review these proposals and make a recommendation there's a concern that every council members should be there. And that it shouldn't just be the small group that makes the recommendation and questioned not disclosure agreements cannot. Whole bunch of stuff to get to mayor James is concerned that some information it possibly could be getting out. When it comes to this case CI single terminally wanna hear from you coming up next mid day with Jamie Lincoln and 81 KM BZ. Eight on CNBC meeting with Jamie and wicket Jamie modest sell Lee might quick hits. Coming up today is a very sad one year anniversary of an event that happened or an incident happened in Kasey Kahne. Angela talk about it where we've come and also a kind of a related story out of Ohio will get to that later. I in this hour plus your next keyword cash next chance to win 1000 dollars just before 11 o'clock right now that we're talking about mayor James and the City Council. So work and a full gear here when it comes to making decisions about the one terminal prospects for the airport on and keep in mind a vote easel scheduled for November and were getting close to when council members have to make a decision about ballot language. And so the proposals are and and there's a meeting planned for next week where does point a group of council members including. And also a few members of TCI's staff. Are going to gather and then. Goes through does those proposal I bet and then those committee members are going to. Not a recommendation. With all of that coming out of Kansas City Star had a story I yesterday saying mayors like James last month threatened to file ethics complaints. Against his council colleagues if he learns that they have released. That revealed information from closed council meetings of the mayors on the star. He wore on the council that leaking confidential information would result in an ethics complaint but said he had not initiated an investigation. It's a warning at that point and so the sunshine law allows for some things to be done in private. Mr. sunshine law says elected bodies I can hold discussions and votes in public settings that's a requirement. But there are exceptions including getting legal advice negotiating a real estate deal or talking about personnel issues. Negotiations like that can legally be held in right at the scout for the city says it is a violation to divulge information. From closed sessions out without authorization. But some council members are concerned perhaps that we are over using close sessions Clint Lucas is about four. And I think they're kind of wondering. We don't know exactly what the mayor's referred to but I think they're wondering whether it meets the requirements of the law to be done. It it it just to me is. Another great cloud that's going over this whole process like now we have in fighting about what can be said now we allegedly could have. Some potential leaks now we have people saying it within the process and it'll like the process lake. This case CIA's single terminal discussion since the day mayor James. Gave us that speech you know at at TCI what six months ago whenever that was it was feel like forever ago. This just adds to. That the the cloud of uncertainty getting Pete. Have a bout this acts. Yeah I guess for some people from a PR problem on for me it's a PR problem that we even know about this threat. If he's concerned about being leaks then your first problem is that it was leaked that this was set in closed session so. Clearly he's on something they're a little bit. The problem is that even if he's right on and and I'm assuming he's wrong I'm assuming that there are some things that are just better to be kept in private. The public doesn't need to know everything on there are funny situations in which we don't allow the public to know everything. As somebody that serves on a school board locally there are situations in which. The closed session is a lot out on and so I'm not assuming that anything is being hidden. The problem is that he threatens. The ethics complaints over potential leaks and the fact that we know about that. Looks really bad especially when already so far. There have been a lot of allegations about this all being done are too much of this being done behind closed doors and not enough and as being being done publicly so. The problem he has is that even if he's right the fact that the threat out makes it look back and he can't win here. Other they're certainly what the big criticism of this whole process has been transparency. Or lack thereof and exert I mean it was like art we're doing a burns and Mac are right maybe we'll let others are it may be able to it's like everything he has been going on behind closed doors and the only reason things have changed. Is because the reaction when you and I discussed it would do with the people of Kansas City and give us a call or send us text or FaceBook are social media whatever. It's like oh they after react because they know they didn't do it right in the first place in the being called out on it. And and that's that the behind closed doors thing the thing that scares a lot of people like what's really going not. With the impression is that. And I'm not saying that this is accurate but the impression is that council members some of them or the mayor got together decided this is how they want minutes ago. And were only going to talk about as much of it that as little as possible publicly in order to be able to get it through on which again looks bad. So. Let's let this meeting coming up August 14 as a second so four companies have submitted proposals for Casey. There's a selection committee made up of several council members couple of aviation department employees that have their first meeting on August 14 that's a few days after. On the deadline for submissions. Already the Kansas City City Council approved a resolution that gave other council members the right to attend the presentation August 14. August arson as the last week the legal department sent out nondisclosure agreements that council members would have to sign. In order to attend these selection committee meetings that was seen by several on former counts numbers as a break from. Temple the way the City Hall would normally do it on and some members want the opportunity to see and learn about all the proposals rather than just the recommendation. Of that committee. And it's hard to argue against that it's it's hard at it it's hard for me even so Iowa yeah you elected all of them. Why I get it if it's just a a group that makes the recommendation. But those council members are gonna have to answer to their constituents about the plans that they didn't use and so at the very least everybody should be there now it's a question of how much of what they learn they should be able to tell their constituents about and you. Don't know enough about. The legal process although I am open to suggestion on what would be in those proposals that you wouldn't. Field to tell the public about like what meets the sunshine law requirements that you wouldn't be able to tell. Your constituents about because when asked by the star several of those companies that we didn't say it had become financial. Sound and I. And I don't. Reckon laboring for about half hour. Trying to figure out what could possibly be in there elicits some back room back doors shady deal where. You know everybody's get a kick back but meet the tax Payer in the county in the district but what could be there is the proposals from the company right this has nothing to do with the cities offering this as just the proposals from the companies on what they're gonna built. Then why the secrecy at the very least allow the council members to grow and I don't know what these non disclosure agreements are afraid that's what I can back to what do you worry the public's gonna find out that's gonna sway public opinion one way or the other and so that looks like. The city is trying to control. How the public is gonna view it like they're trying to keep some details outs in the final vote goes the way they wanted to. A hand there there are exceptions there's a reason that the sunshine law has exceptions just when you're not being as open about it you can yeah you want to ask questions. Yeah I I I totally agree with that and and look we we. What we've come full circle I think we have these conversations about terminal single terminal you don't moderate and refurbished plane whatever your plan is like I don't understand why were at this point and still with. A few weeks before financing in ballot language will be done. Which is amazing that were already here on August the seventh and Al language is got to get out pretty soon it has been a vote comes in November. Is that even going to be enough time to explain to people enough people yeah. I notice that the Yasser the no side. As it is because at that point you'll have you'll know exactly with the public is voted on by that point you know a couple weeks we're gonna know that there's deadline for ballot language command and a couple of weeks. So that's why we're gonna know exactly what needs to be sold and frankly at that point it also comes down accounts numbers helping to explain that and and too much time does not necessarily good thing either you know after while people lose interest a little bit or they get caught up in the details to judge so. So I I have full confidence and aviation department authorities and and the council and in selling it. But we got to know what they're what they're silent first. It just continues on and hopefully there will be as much transparency we heard mayor James and everybody said we wanna be transparent wanna be transparent. All and I don't know for right now with this worrying about leaks and that. The first half. The worry about the leaking being leaked like that to me is the epitome. Of a cloud of confusion over this entire thing. It's not just leaking in DC it's leaking here in Kansas City and sure it this way a lot of different places. And if they would just do. If they would stop doing I guess. Things that make them look questionable that was the the problem we had last week when we're talking about president trump in the at the end of the press conference from attorney general Jeff Sessions it was like. All right are we upset about the fact that were leaking or weeks at about the fact there were leaking out our our our poor behavior. Our we've set that the stuff from about the new KCI is getting leaked or the fact that Nolan seems to know what exactly is going on of people are getting worried about you know I mean yeah. It just looks bad. It's not a FaceBook page you can check it out coming up it is a sad one year anniversary. Sending it happened around here to tell you what it is coming up next the day with Jamie wicket and JMB easy midday with Jamie wicked 1032 on a Monday coming up next chance to win 1000 dollars just before 11 o'clock Becky were to cash. I'll also Michelle Carter in the news. Again but this time not so well I guess it is for trial but. That she is being potentially sued foray. Bunch of money would get to that coming up. Very sad anniversary talk about it Tom this was one year ago today Jamie come when Caleb Schwab. Lost his life writing groups over act at each litter box and I know the conversation is up and notes on her FaceBook page at fox four also as of this put it out on Twitter. I'll look in a wise that water slides still up and it'd it is ominous when you drive I have been a regular legends or. Some friends over there friend's house of their eyes a drive by it every time I get off the freeway and it's like. It's still up is still leery. Yeah the Kansas attorney general's offices according to fox four's still investigating possible criminal charges and it's a crime scene and until the attorney general closes the case that has to stay out. It's kind of amazing that they couldn't move it somewhere else but I guess they need it in its original condition yeah that nothing has changed along the line. It's it it it hit. I don't know the whole process of investigating. The death of a ten year old boy I don't know. The first thing about that but this sure is taken a long time of their people that are at that park every day in the summertime is the investigation go on. While the kids are at that like in other families are there are the gonna be there today isn't there are there investigators looking around for root. I've no idea I've not been apart since all this happened by sort of on officials told fox four. Once they can turn take it down it'll take awhile to take it down and that's of the park is closed if it's opened gonna take even longer sell. Even if they get the green light it it seems. It would make sense to me even just wait until we're kind of out of the season yeah right I wouldn't think a degree like today. Weights or of the season for them which these ruins the season. Labor Day weekend Yemen closely at liberty we can it just it it is amazed there's already been a year. And to think back in every everybody in Kansas City knows the named Caleb Schwab and everybody knows rooted receiver knows. Though that the slide in the parks litter mind. I I don't know how. This the family is a year later. But to me find that famine in every time I drive by that place I see that giant slide I'm wondering to myself when the heck is that thing coming down. Yeah how long is this guy's cake now how long is this gonna take. I'm you can read about the story is on her FaceBook page it's on Twitter to. And there's a related story that. It was in the news what about a week and a half ago the Ohio there's an Ohio put carrier have a state fair that happened in this that of an accident kinda like this happen as well. July 26. There were seven people were hurt any marine recruit that died when the ride basically just broke apart literally. The amusement park ride just came apart and theirs and the right was eighteen years old and on now we know what happened. Just corrosion does excessive corrosion is what caused the ride to come apart this is according to Fox News. NA response letter from the company the product manager said the investigation into the incident determined that the ride malfunctioned from quote. Excessive corrosion on the interior of the gondola support beam which quote dangerously reduced. The beams of wall thickness over the years that finally led to the catastrophic failure of the ride during it's operation. The rights passenger caring gondola detached from the supporting sweep arm other ride. And then eventually just came apart eighteen year old Tyler Terrelle was the person died during the incident he'd recently enlisted in the Marines. And was set to go to basic training in June of next year or seven others were hurts when that incident happened. At the moment the governor they're on music or another rides the stick or be shut down and sell everything was inspected. Not. Check every so often for erosion. Wouldn't you like every. Right and I know this probably takes a lot of time and effort and dollars but don't chew on every right inspected every gay. Or every other day probably not necessary to do it every day beat but. Off regularly right especially for something like corrosion that you would think would be obvious to me I. Or error or something you realize is naturally occurring like it's too late these these rides and I Cowell like I am not a state fair county carneval not that kind of a ride guy. I would and won last year at the Iowa state fair and I had a looked really tough in front of a about a nine year old kid. Because he was my friend's son and they wanted to go on the ride and like Michael go with you that I said lacked the I'll do no lights. And it was like in a car like there were four of us across in the kind of a circle thing it would go up the hill it would corners and a the little told the world thing would Spain never got. I'm freaking out inside. The entire time I'm screaming like I'm having a great time because I don't wanna scare the nine year old kid it's with me and a but I don't like going on these rights for this exact reason. And I think a lot of people are starting to wonder about apple but now that we've had several cases of this happened over the course of the summer on. I I'm not the biggest amusement park person in the world it just never. I wind speed now on hype and put them together earning a little in Google posters as a kid now. I never that I don't now really I get motion sickness a lot and that seems like something that would. Be bad on a rollercoaster I. The love but now I do like I went to a Six Flags about five years ago and we got a rides the Mike Ellis is. In cat that was fun kind of feel queasy afterwards continues to have that problem. Then we went on the Superman ride which. You start out laying flat like Superman like you sit in in the whole car goes forward doubting your laying flat like Superman flying. And that was a trip. And then about halfway through Mike I don't think I ever wanna go on a rollercoaster again I don't think I'm gonna do very well that anymore rock and a that we took another ride the we left. Done a lot of people are saying that they do inspect rides daily and so that makes you wonder did somebody the next question will be some skip this on. You know was was this a failure and inspection how was that not just that you know. If if if they are inspected daily and I would hope they are but who was. How do you not find that is the level of corrosion. As I've seen the video of the thing fallen off lake. It's what it's basically an arm and then outside there's a bunch of seats and they are in sections and a section falls off lake. How do you miss that I. In and people are saying it was inside the tubing but they're inspected for a reason there's you know surrogate never gonna catch beacons on the inside I don't. And then saying unable to be seen by the eyes or inspect an upcoming apart. OK I don't know whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't come apart and told someone fine. If your justification. Is simply oh it was inside the tubing then and that's their answer which I'm sure that's not variants are. I'm sure that they're saying they're thinking we have to figure out a way that we can see inside that tube because if that's the justification this company will never put another person on a ride ever again. Or you well. You know inspect them more often or you well shut them down or whatever sooner. You know win and whatever the standard is for how much it would corrosion as acceptable. You'll start to shut them down sooner or you'll starts take action sooner. So that you don't miss it. Yeah this time however I mean you asked you can't take any chances like this again this was a it a national story international story. Where you know one person lost their life in a bunch of other people got hurt. And learn to work at a smack dab in the middle of carnival season. You know are we can I didn't have one more month left state fair and state fair season and county fair season yeah there up everywhere right now those ride the zipper was things these artists painted world. Sister used to love dollars I was never really. Ever really carnival guy never really current again. Real quick as you mentioned the soccer just throw this in your opponent yet recovered as quite a bit last week on as you as we heard last week she got the sons and the encouraging them the suicide of her boyfriend Conrad right. Now the mother of Conrad Roy wants out four point two million dollars from Michelle Carter to settle. Civil claims over over her son's death. I don't know where she's gonna that it would expect or point two billion from this eighteen year old girl who's going to jail I don't know if it's more so does that principal. Yeah now that android is seeking the money in lost future wages. Offer her son that's how she's that's how she's gone out at the wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Norfolk superior court on behalf of her sons states. Going after wages that they would have made. If he would ally of the merits of the lawsuit. Yes that is judged out lawyers that is such legalese is an interesting way to go about it. Electoral lot of lawsuits actually come to fruition and a lot of people justify suing for X amount of dollars. A couple sought more about that coming up next I today with Jamie wicket and you can jump in at 5767798. Is their day. As they're justification for four point two million dollar lawsuit for lost future wages for John man. If he had asked if he would stay alive if she had not persuaded him to commit suicide they are suing for the money he would have made. Act. Questions about that. Also coming up at 11 o'clock we'll play like a softball team was this guy disqualified from a championship game and of course it's 27 teens that means it involves social media. We'll tell you what they did coming up just after eleven we have a Twitter poll Jamie how do you feel about the cool summer weather we're having love. Or do you miss the heat. I'd never you're never you're never gonna hear status that he at a are. Ever over a hundred votes so far it's been a little while ago what do you think is winning it's wonderful aura miss the wonderful I think you are usual. He here and I'll give you the update and just how badly those of us that this the heat are getting beat in today's Twitter poll vote on Twitter KM BZ radio it's video Jamie wicket. And 42 and 81 KM BZ ninety line JMB easy B day with Jamie and wicket Jamie money selling likely get a plea at a good weekend hopefully the rain didn't do too much work. Wherever you may be coming up we'll get to. Softball team that got disqualified. Bunch of girls unable to play in the championship game because of of course social media we have a Twitter poll going on right now on Twitter came BZ radio how do you feel about the cool summer weather we're having a love or miss the heat. And yes Jamie you are correct me. Those people who love it are winning the pole I guess with the the percentage is 7039. I'd 90% of people on Twitter so far love the of the cool weather or have my errors off. Which is fantastic I wish I could turn my aero off. We can't because we have screens that are windows so we can't open the windows. They're giant may open up like three feet five feet I and so we can't open them. Currently screen was first row problem I now. Milo or all the for. Rag on so right now we're talking about the latest in the Michelle Carter case if you were Collie type or discredit last week. She was the one that have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter sentence of fifteen months in jail and the suicide of her boyfriend Conrad raw. He is she basically convinced him to commit suicide and the judge ultimately convicted or involuntary manslaughter and she was sentenced. So his mother whose name is Lynne and Roy is now seeking four point two million dollars in a civil lawsuit that's been filed in Norfolk superior court. It's a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed on behalf of her son's estate. Literal life is seeking four point two million dollars in lost future wages for her son's. And so were at ports and this'll at 2290 or 5767798. It's classic go forward showed this mother have the right to four point two million and I don't have a club that figure I don't know what his. Career goals were at I don't know where they're only that but. Should she have the right. To his lost future wages it's an interesting way to go about it on my guess is that. This is a mother who is deeply grieving the loss of her son and in the midst of this going forward and criminal court somebody pointed out she might have a civil case. And so even if Michelle Carter never comes up with that four point two million dollars house means she's young. She'll be up for in house sold so if she even doesn't time analysts at its eyes turn over on appeal she could make a lot of money in her career charts. But the fact that mom is saying. That the way they're gonna go about it is the money that he would have made. His estate becomes entitled to 576. Would have been this is such a legalese and lawyer team lawyer known but I got sent Null. It feels like she shouldn't it feels like she's just going after the money grab you it feels dirty and slimy and unethical. And I'm not saying with what the young woman Michelle Carter did was fine obviously no but. It doesn't feel right if he I mean this she's using this system for financial gain of money she doesn't deserve. OK let's look at this like for second does she. She case for wrongful death I mean it's it's the civil version of murder right I mean it's the Sowers and knowledge romance so she has a case for wrongful death. I guess this is just the way she uses. Putting a price tag on it but it's weird that. She feels like that the states is entitled to them money he would've made it feels weird that she's making it about the money. But why not now and that's the question I ask is if would she ever been entitled to that money if you lit. Yeah I mean unless he had died tragically somewhere along the way by now but what if you just look his entire life. His parents would not have been entitled those wages while he was alive so why should they be entitled to them. Given that he died and I totally agree with that pines given that he died at his own accord I mean I know I know the court determined she. Literal didn't act didn't pull the trigger so to speak but it but it happened as a result of her actions to a certain extent. On some people are still gonna argued that he could have made that money on his around. Even if he could've made that money that's fine why his mom why is mom deserving of it is yeah. I mean unless you're gonna it's send it all you know a scholarship fund or use it to donate to a research facility to help fight clinical depression like the kid had. OK moms used in this for a MoneyGram. If she want she was going after funeral expenses you know would be one thing she was going after the twenty or thirty or fifty grand river cost to bury her son because that's. That as a guarantee costs they should not have been Kurt it's also a number you're gonna know accurately right now here's what they should've gotten. And if he could've gotten from his apartment right now. It's the fact that they're going after money that we don't know he would have made you know we don't know what was gonna do we don't know. And he might have lived his whole life why should they be entitled to that money now when they might have been entitled to at La. Let's go to like George in Lawrence here in 91 KM BZ thanks for calling George. Arias. It's a I think the fact of the mothers are struck keeper getting money which I don't blame the mother can question capitalized portion step. You know. Books and stuff like later on stories in your motor are good people tool is more see your social so ourselves just put out. She's so so why are washing it and kill herself and itself percent like yeah. Maybe I'm wrong but I still at large and keeper from Abbott which I don't blame she children she killed aboard. She encouraged the death she didn't portrait that's and that's where the scary thing worries hayride as of this whole story I was a one sentence and being guilty verdict I was the one side ultimately he's the wine backs made the final action but a judge decide that she had she not been as life. He probably what'll I will agree with George a lot of his call including is. When we heard the verdict come down last week did you are nice and early two and half years that seems awfully light. It this is almost like the mothers saying. That sentence wasn't hard enough yeah I want is who's who she really pace. At four million dollars is a lot of money. And you could retire on four million dollars in most parts of the war right. And because he was young and so when you say discos and his State's so to speak this goes to mom and I mean he was mayor redirected to be different but this goes to mom and a are murder you know are the families of murder victims today go after every suspect for wrongful death for future earnings Philly we know here. It's gonna be like a precedent again percent in the year especially if this if if this goes in any way in her favor and this'll got a big landmark. Now this is out of control stupid she didn't kill and he was already suicidal what is the mom going to get paid with monopoly money this girl never had a job over ten bucks an. Our. So people are bringing up on attacks on how is this any different from Michael Brown's family getting one and a half million dollars and wrongful death lawsuit over his and so just to recap that for a second the insurance company for the city of Ferguson Missouri. Did pay one and a half million dollars to settle that wrongful death lawsuits on and so you know remember he was the one that was black an unarmed. When he was fatally shot by a white officer on. For me the difference maybe is just in semantics for me it's that she is making it clear that this is. For future lost future earnings and on and so mean. The Michael Brown case was all different. Did you agree with that one I don't I'd have to go back and read via. I was just familiar with the with the time that's 76779. It was it a little up in Shawnee and 81 came easy it Luke. Hello there with what my thought is. Obviously she can't pay it back because if it's the mother went could they possibly. Garnish her wages in the future that series with their forever. Sure she'd have to make a ton of money to ever pay that back there to guard at a tennis at a decent percentage. So it's just another burden that it's girls have secured a reminder right out I thought. And it you know it it's a great call I think again I think he goes back to have her call in Georgia Lawrence. Maybe mom look at two and a half years instead Newton not good enough and maybe the original was there is two for a million bucks and she's like. We're gonna raise that up to four point two million dollars so this girl pays for a long long time so you settle at one million. It now she knows she's not gonna get it so you settle in half a million or one million dollars in mom get something for her pain and suffering. For herself has lost future ages. You know again I would agree with that. Just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to sue for four point two million every son's future earnings however in the world they came up with that number. Think Q would have to earn eighty mile 80000 dollars for fifty years or something along those lines. It's at 1058 coming up get to that softball story idea girls team was qualified for me championship game for something they needed on social media.