MASSIVE Road Trip!!

Mike Wickett
Sunday, June 18th

The Royals keep on winning and get 3 HUGE series wins on the road. And we preview the Mayweather/McGregor fight! 


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Fathers the addition of crowning around happy Father's Day to everybody out there Mike wicket from 91 came easy Josh burners extend a Sports Radio royals insider and happy father's they might think you know you know and cheers. Or go our idea of your daughter enjoy these babies era. Those on. If you know. Your dog dad like I am that's fine rivers got me a gift card to a local some restaurant as a matter fact really you know house. It got me euros tonight. He didn't you don't know he had delivered what a dog. I don't wanna be that guy every week that but do people know that rivers as you're not yet. Humanities at the month actually in the building I understand that yeah I mean people listening podium populist became easy that this isn't just a conversation between you and eyes and now. Feels like it. Yeah people are aware they've seen pictures and you know jar. Every and I'm sure royals fans. Are her. Good living week to week right now and we record this every Sunday it's like I don't wanna be the guy. Like Joseph fan all right where. They were dead in the water and a great again they're terrible again. But now they won three straight series in a six game win streak coming off what getting all two out of three in in and I'm through a four and Anaheim against the California angels. Wally Joyner still agree man. But this I I get this feeling that now this is the way this team is supposed to be getting. It's always team is supposed to be playing baseball red admittedly great competition I don't care about that's based on that happened. Why I feel really really good about the royals right now despite the fact there's still two games under but then again there only two games. Yeah I think you feel that way because their best pitcher is hurt yeah right now via com. And their highest paid player is just starting to produce and Gordon their second highest paid player. It's finally looking like his old self talking about Ian Kennedy. You're right about the offense yet this was an offense that. Many at every one that I spoke with about it spring training expected this to be. The best offense that did more had ever put together that's time at Kansas City six runs a game throughout this road trip and you know what it's done is it's allowed. This team to have a big series. Because they happen at all at any point this year they've played so bad it April. That they had to spend the next month and a half trying to dig themselves they they're almost out of that hole. A winning homestand at Murat 500 so yeah I think. You who. Speak for the fan base right now it's scary as that is to say. I think these missile defense minister royal right you can't really an exciting time it's a series in which you drive to the ballpark expecting your team to win. And expecting to have a good time it's probably the first time we could say that this year they get Boston for three and in Toronto for 36 game homestand Kate before we get to what's coming up this week if I would have bet you back in in surprise. And I would've said Byrd who's going to be the first royals pitcher tit ten wins and who. On July it's very June 18 would lead the majors in victories. How I guess is would it take you get to Jason Vargas probably four. That would elect Duffy one Kennedy to maybe Jason Hammel and there at number three. Note Jason Vargas. Had come for now no well. You know and in talking with. Missing that year plots with Tommy John it made him. Appreciate the work even more. You know I mean when you have something you've done your entire life taken away from you for a year plus your grateful when it returns and you or committed. To making sure that you do it. For as long as it's as as is humanly possible now 3334. Years of age he's looking for that one final big contract and menace he ever aligning himself up for that and he's also aligning himself up to maybe be. The starter in the all star we also elect yeah well we all saw I got that we had penciled in as the full thick in the rotation. Insular right now it would go to war the best pitcher in baseball would have would need in men you know in the top or would have been a five had we not you know unfortunately lost her don't know history of this would not this wouldn't be happening in May be but it but if it. That tragedy with your Donald doesn't happen at opening day signed Jason Hammel chart but your point is still. Spills out in never would've seen Jason Vargas coming in to do this nobody would. Nice to see Ian Kennedy on Friday night and get deep into ball game you know year no hitter got broken up and history when a ball game I would get worried and those when it in the no hitters gone. Yank them because their concentrations nobody got up. But how how do you do that now. You know hop and that's there you know what do you get the reliever op. You can't they argue given up a hit it out there and somebody in the bullpen normally but I'm up as it was it a home run that that that's always the killer yet again I was willing to Kennedys like really good friends Cliff Pennington and that's the guy that took a deep and apparently after the game and afterwards that. You know we're friends answer we're done relativity. Ian Kennedy to meet is with Alex Gordon and Mike the stock is as the three biggest keys to this team. Pulling off the latest. Rabbit out of hat trick him Ian Kennedy for as long as Danny Duffy is out he has to be that. One A he has to be that number two in the rotation because look Jason Vargas I guess is just gonna continue to hold it down as the number one. You need to have that Robin de Vargas is that man and I would love it to be Strom I would love to be Jason Campbell but that he got the pedigree is Ian and dedicated your Duff any update and a I don't know I heard he was doing better than expected to schedule is progressing well I would still I'm still expecting him to return after the all star break anything before that. Would surprise me and really. You would have to think. Buoy the spirits of that clubhouse and and maybe be enough to catapult this team at the top of the division break comes on Sunday July 9 the last game of the first. Half of the baseball season I was listening to you guys on Friday when I was driving around listened to Gary and and and and Brad fanning drive. And ended the conversation was you know if the Red Sox you know obviously don't know the royals are going to be if the Red Sox came calling would you. Would you deal it guy like like with stocks is up a career year. I heard he got and he could build a franchise for a potentially around that power hitter he's been part of the franchise for a long time. How hot is the Morse vote right now for moves. Specifically from my stocks there's I mean how many years the thing how many good teams don't have a third baseman. Boston's making a push. But but for them to make that let's move to part with the prospect or three Brothers to give a whole lot and I have to admit that we're just gonna eat another year of politics and doubles contract worst maybe the worst contract ever it may be hard to argue. Yeah look his phone if it is blowing up and look with the draft now in the rearview Mir this is when things aren't those conversations start. Most big moves you don't see happen it'll work week outs which means are still five weeks away. Teams are still just sent it out feelers understanding what teams want to look at for what they're willing to give up nobody moves are imminent. But I would think Boston. The Yankees if they're willing to eat a year of Chase Headley is contract. But not too many teams to be honest with you. I mean because again most good teams have a third baseman and or already have a DH which. Obviously moved to do that if if date getting a lot of calls I would think it's about Calvin Pereira and Jason Vargas 'cause everybody can use starters and everybody can use a reliever. You mentioned Alex Gordon finally start here we were dogging him two weeks ago is about 71 is at batting average of 23 points in two weeks. How much of that and I know this is one of those things that we in the media look at maybe but he has maybe two and a half weeks ago the do you think that that plea you know into his mind it. I'm not gonna say no he has it all PS of 834. Sense since his first daughter was for him I'd techsters informed me of that today and make. Yeah I mean look at pocketed discount anything you'd better around baseball long enough to handle that the littlest things can lead you to a slump in the littlest things can. Can Sparky was well this is such a mental game at such while it is day in day out game and if you're worried about the health of your wife for the health of your child. Of course you're gonna bring that to work I would bring the work you would bring that to work and I don't have 30000 people watching me. I don't have 30000 people listening and unfortunately. So yes votes that that has to be. Factor dated shed it and and good for him and I don't count on both in and all of that. And the one thing I'll say about Bordeaux from talking to the coaches and his teammates his demeanor in the clubhouse and his work ethic. Prior before and after games. Never changed he was. The same guy this year that he was in his all star seasons. 20s13. Fourteen and fifteen he's the consummate pro. So yeah I think just getting an all want a personal level. You're happy for. 33353. To have back in this division and what I I honestly I don't wanna see is two and four homestand because that would just get you right back in well up they're up they're down there too streaky they're not consistent enough. I mean I just get this feeling that if they get their ace back. And and they may have to make a major move but if guys continue to play the way they are right now this team's gonna go from three to have back behind Cleveland to. Honestly I think by the break they could have a couple of game lead if they're able to maintain all this is Minnesota fell out of first place over the weekend. And the and the tigers aren't doing anything it's. I mean this royals team for some reason I got that weird funky hairdo. And and there are additions are going to be like you mentioned not only Danny Duffy but also the hopeful return of Nathan currents yeah strikeout machine if you can stay healthy but but here's the thing and and here's what I recommend for all royals fans to get ready for this homestand is. Now they've just put themselves in a position. Have a big series yes is that they're not back. They're not in first place they're not even in second place just yet they still need to prove it to you. And this is the perfect homestand two good teams are gonna see Chris Sale who you're gonna see. Mark stroman. In this upcoming series with the Toronto Blue Jays as well. They can prove it to you here they win four out of these six they're sitting at 500 heading back. I'll on the road beginning with the series in Detroit I believe so. But again but it like you said if they go to and for all then we're we're we're at right now Jeff because we're we're at right now is. Show me something prove it to me if they don't prove it to you here you're still arms folded and RD I'm still got time. But I'm not all in on the post season just yet. Is net mild man enough for even tempered enough or even killed enough to handle this is always the right guy for this yet. Now he. These are completely different dude in the one that we covered in Milwaukee. Guilty is. Meant. Now given credit for being an older gentleman he capture has changed. After fifty which. Those guys do yen in most if he's thought and an that you're talking politics and I know 71 year although it's not changing any time soon. But yet that has become a prototypical player's manager. His famous line that he stole from his as a mentor Bobby Cox's. Everytime I'm about to make a move as far as the rotation herbal better. Or lineup. I wait a week and then they don't have yet he is. Very sad believe. He's the Phil Jackson of the American League central not clearly not outlining not quite draft this week. Baseball draft so it's hard not you know it's an NFL draft is that the NBA draft you know see the players coming through fourteenth overall royals take nick pronto. First baseman out of high school is this a position of need. In the in the farm system the they have a power hitting first baseman years they have Ryan O Hern who should be in double A but instead he's in AAA just because there are so many of that. Somebody young guys on this on this big club with phony Fazio and Whitner a field. But Ryan O Hern is handling its own they have smeared to win as. Who is a optic swing at first baseman as well. Yeah I mean you could never have enough power. The kid's a winner he walk off winner and a Little League World Series in 2011. Yeah yeah yeah. Send us attic cool yeah he. He played for the royals when he was seven years old that was his first team so that's real. That ever factor that I don't that I that is a true fact feel like. But yeah who knows get away from real quick you are talking about this before restarting record and a salute to talk about this year and that is August 26. I never thought I would see today I got to stop saying never. You entire fight fans love fight on the I love you might not love play nice. Ice to get real drug we've learned and Milwaukee and I just their bouts and side to side and no I have to fight we still be three hours away we haven't had the first undercard that I already racked. Throne but I'm shadow box myself right. I've matured a little bit away illegal until two hours before I love that. There hosted by night Vern you're invited Conley Gregor and Floyd Mayweather I'll be here let's hope it's a quick game royals tried that tied. Tito Francona is gonna screw it up I think it'll give you is that show right here. We do actually that we do have the technology that I needed to do from the clubhouse true and he is run back and forth here that you are aren't able to kind of McGregor Floyd. That there might of but he went out of a really good point. Kind of a Gregor got a better chance to get disqualified they need us to win. Because it simply may snap hold and kick and go back to this the much mixed martial arts isn't making this is straight boxing yet. No I mean I'm really good at ping pong but I'm not trying to have face every Williams at tennis. I don't I don't get it I don't see how this could be a fight the only way. I think this is a well it's going to be entertaining the build up is going to be off most entertaining thing ever is more X I don't like to me it's more exciting than the Matt Mayweather Pacquiao fight. Yeah we don't know what's that that was just too late it was exit it was 28 years too late ride the buildup was fun I got excited I'd like to that fight is that was that it was technical good fight in boxing. But if Europe just wanting to see two guys beat the hell out of each other. That was in your fight yeah I just I don't know I mean I was solicited a Max Kellerman who look I know you know boxing he goes on talk about why isn't boxing he would not any eat. Spoke about how much he respects kind of McGregor and his skill and his will in his heart. And any mention that he won't land a single punch against the greatest defensive boxer ever. At Serbia the only way I think that McGregor could win because. You see what's happening in Vegas. But Smart money is spent on under. Nine and a half rounds a lot of I would even if it goes down well but Mayweather is not a knock down I know it and it. McGregor is a USC guy so he can take a beating that I threw I was surprised to see that that money's on the under. And tons of money spent coming you know McGregor. Only and Vegas they're not. Losing business a line. The only the only way I see it happening is if a boxing is just crooked as all hell yeah that yeah Timothy Bradley fight oh yeah that or. If Mayweather go any less than did the right to get it Mayweather goes up can make an 175. Million dollars if I lose on the scorecard. How much would I make in the second. The rematch 300 million dollars for a rematch at least having the guy that I was listening to earlier today from Vegas that he could make 500. Dollars. Half a billion dollars. If Billy were 27 minutes right for. So I mean extra minutes look and he brought up a great point you know Mayweather just open because he's a classy guy I just don't know strip club called girl collection. In Vegas. At apparently. And spending every night out there hates them maybe he won't be in good shape McGregor. Who knows he's forty that's at any time on the circus that you're you know you feel like Floyd still thirty to forty right. And it you know stuff stopped working at four mandate maybe there's a hitch and maybe McGregor catches and I would love to see McGregor not its box right 11 punch catches the wrong spot lights hopefully it's so quick though I bow to be here 46 the previous every single week yes so now what the awesome we'll do it again next week thanks Josh for near premise that Sports Radio. Royals three game series the Red Sox and in the jays. Other two games under and here we are June 18 happy Father's Day having other's data pop Vern. To my dad who may not know how to actually download listen listen to it on line east beat this no idea. I'll do it again next week pervert a Mike wicked thing to listen have a great week during came easy.