The manhunt is over in waffle house slaughter.

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Monday, April 23rd

And that idiots father should be arrested, charged and thrown in prison..... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. What happened. Yeah I didn't hear an honor. They win on Saturday and we've seen it's going to be your artist of a rock. I I would call it 88 win in well let people over the holes. Because I knew you're going to be. So I brought them this was a three game point total. Odd date wanted to make it four and then she quit. Because I was even injured kicking her. He was injured bowl. Injured bowl winners to always start there wait until I finally tell you what the injury issues. Rock for game total. You came in fourth place. You have to leave so we didn't we didn't carry your total. Rod you're a 313 pins over three rounds. Travis was in third place with 338. Or should say how's Paul Walker right. Data you had 364. Points over three rounds. I was very busy that they'll add Scott parks and 412. Yeah. That seems like a lot you are really good second game release silence he did rose ball yeah yeah rose came through for a now. Before we thank everybody and tell couple funny stories. By the fourth game I felt my knee pop my left knee popped out and it was not good and I was injured. I've suffered a horrific bowling injury. During it was a rip Taylor and who were it was remarkable it was well that's what the doctor said. It was a remarkable evil you into that actor Nokia at. Here's what. My nurse practitioner girlfriend and I have pitcher now. Not only is my left need jacked up Michael hill. I haven't told you this yet there I have pulled a muscle in my left but talks. I hurt your bottom believe I hurt my left. But talks. But to glued is Max in this wrote pretty hot I think we Cingular are left but talk yeah let's be here is where are you hurt your bottom. My ass hurts yes. I will say you. After Karen left my wife came ain't it after apparently have time the step then finished her game and then play the next two young talent as she did she does really well GK well we should get my right out of the gate she ruled to gutter as she sounds very embarrassed. She turns stretches like this. After that it was not the but spares strikes tab of the game I will tell you though Sunday so the things that memorable and called. I was like Orszag my hip hurts and Hollywood Bowl game I like. You are well Travis just came in senate panel that looked up and it looked at mounds. So. Why is that. I I I how the worst shape of anyone and feel fine I texted. My gym instructor who win this morning this is what I wrote. I wrote this that. 0643. There is no way I can do to win class today don't laugh at me but I pulled a muscle in my left but talk at the Dana and parts bowling tournament. I thought it would be better today but it is worse. That is exactly what Ira. What is right back she laughed at her up. Yes I really quick I just got a text from to mean she's going over the FOP. I do wanna clarify one thing because the television stations every single one of them got this wrong. And it's kind of the biggest thing that we we want everyone to know why we do so we had two sessions. Officer whacked staff who is recovering from his injuries after he was shot independence. Last year it was very cool to see him a ride in the wheelchair and bald. And I'm telling you there was not a dry eye in that round he showed up and all next to the plane. That the Clinton Missouri police department had. And one of the shooting survivors. Officer neck and nick was there. And it got heated in the twenty years old. And came with his lovely wife and was able to bull and you know he still recovering from his injuries from that shooting. And I just want everyone to know. We have so many people to thank but. It was so. It may be so proud and to see so many people giving up their Saturday to come out and raise money for those families. The officer who died in Clinton. Missouri shooting him more Ryan Moore and his family came his sister came his mother came up. And I am telling you I hug that woman and could not stop crying and I said this to rank that it. Had to take for her to walk into that room with all of those offices there you know when her son did not come home. It is is. It was just some fantasy and so I wanna clarify because all of the TV stations reportedly raised 121000 dollars. We did not X 121000 dollars we've raised just shy of 40000. Dollars that's awesome. Listeners are sponsors. And I. End and certainly we wanna think Great Southern Bank presented that check to. Officer Morton's scrambling to the chief of police of Clinton. For the officers who were recovering and were injured. And they've received a portion of that money. But channel five channel port town mine and channel 41 if you're listening. We raised just shy of 40000. Dollars or officers injured and killed in the line of duty. It's important to note that last year first year we've raised 4000. And so we. With the help of our listeners and partners slightly better did ten times the amount of money. That we did and our first year and I'm here to tell you it's going to be even bigger next year and I cannot wait. And. Well tell us what you said to me on the phone after we left I called her as were both driving home. I said that was bigger and better than I thought it was going to be an and I told him I said it was almost flawless. Because I was expecting going in. We're gonna have a lot of wrinkles to iron out come Monday morning we're gonna have to get some stuff fixed. And you know credit to the FOP they did a great job of organizing gets in you know put in. I I don't even know how many hours yeah we promoted they organizer that's how it works to answer course on the tax on we've promoted. For our names on it they organizer. And every penny and and I was just in with new boss. Right before the show and he wanted to know how to win and everything as well it's really nice when we raise that we've by we I mean everybody who showed up not Damon parks. As it's raw and as we raise 40000 dollars for police officers and our boss doesn't make it. Continues so it was just it was you know yeah yeah it was good if I said but I said I need you to have my back I cannot let. I'm and the answers I cannot let downstairs get their hands on this thing where they won't screw up they always do. I said this is organic it's natural and all the money goes exactly where it's supposed to go I don't want anybody from KM easy other than. The five of us. Getting involved in this thing I Gregory. So thanks to Great Southern Bank. Who matched to blame donations and present that check to the the families of those officers in total transition management a greater Casey public safety credit union. 88 Casey moving and storage was there stolen Casey was there. Crime scene cleanup guys were they are all they got story like every time. This community prayer I I Scarlett the CMOs to see her idols guys heard Karl so it and they came out. Cradled messed it Alain I mean it was just you guys are also lovely and so amazing and I did not realize what an emotional day it was going to be and I was really. Emotional no you were you lost of got out so just thanks to ever won again and it will be bigger and better. Next year that's. I was getting when I'm talking to Dave on the way home were just kind of you know what we've done better what are we gonna do next year and then Dana goes next year. 100000. I don't like I've struggled. A hundred. Like the goal. And record. Park lane is simply Zantac. I managed the staff the them the place that sells everything about it was great and they were super nice. And yet it was so much fun everything about it again and park planes cannot say enough about those people. Some want to know if parts one wiser assign on the front lawn on the radio station. That system are sucks at bull. Condemned as a sort guns and nail here's. Areas the way it is and letters and I lab here here is Kelly came over your morning and I can tell us what was going on which is like hey we gotta go to target you wanna go with me. I'm Mike now. We go to target. And news targets are your other son Gary turned down. Johnson drive Jews don't know don't don't go down Johnson drive too many police. If I go watch. It goes to it he says simply just huge raiser for the cops they can get mad at me use you need to go to Shawnee mission park. So I'm like she says settle them down. So I'll get raided turned down Squibb I don't know why could've taken it if I could have run out and just wrapped around but she says no and you need to go Metcalf nor. And I don't like us all I. Exactly right I looked bedraggled is going on your acting completely weird and then. I finally take the exit onto Metcalf Norris. And this is my reaction. Speed chase of course. So. Oh this week it's like here. I'm like so at this company called signed ships. And they put a sign in Erie and you can see it from space and you can see this thing for parkway and it says Scott art slots well. I'll give you run five bucks would you rather take on the words at bowling into. I think you're gonna handle that but it. I told a nice and possibly in the sciences products. Work. This is a does the company care. I. Asked her forget his term care. But the funny thing is she was so confident. That she was going to beat me on Saturday windy or that signs up part searchable in for the front loss win Friday had you won yet. Did you lose. Well. Here's all the not. Technically. Oh we've played three games I agree depend total three games I barely lost I'd be the first game I losses and Don I'm announced that Gail I have the numbers are in for a median. You beat me in the first game 129 to 112 might be in the second game 169. To 120 years and you had a nice second day and in the third game ID 131 to one of my. Acts. One knows all. Or emotional. I was an optional. When you lost sport twelve to 3642. Out of three games beat you I will keep that trophy and there will be no asterisk. On that trophy. We'll see you next year and I cannot wait well you know what. For the next 365 days the kiss Kate will be a dirt with eight years of boating trip gain. As long as you also Internet with Dan gay before. It's. Yeah we went into. Jasper is this last week and had a lovely dinner you know on the asylum Jasper and always. Brag about Jasper spring menu and you really need to check out that spring menu let me tell you. They have if you're planning on graduation day in her family night out with a friend date night any of that. Go to Jasper is now we got that little side backroom makes me so happy we are full dinner. And he is saying this fresh char grilled oyster ditch in a buttery mixture of garlic and fresh herbs at sprinkle with our motto. Is one of the best dishes they have ever had. At Jasper and I cannot wait to bring my dad there he's an oyster guy not an oyster girl but my dad loves oysters and I cannot wait to take him and and try that danced local asparagus is back and do not forget. The biggest baddest Fred Flintstones looking pork shank you have ever seen acting is slow roasted six to eight hours inside of adjustments commission. Unbelievable and for dessert. Lemon cello kennel. Do not pass that when they bring that dessert cart by now to make your reservation at Jasper 8169416600. 169416600. Protesters Casey got out. I. 5767798. They have captured. That 29 year old waste of human flesh and oxygen Travis ranking who allegedly. Killed 4 people early Sunday morning a Waffle House. In Tennessee. Earlier today police report they found an empty laptop bag. They believed belonged to Waffle House shooting suspect Travis rank. The bag was empty except for hand written ID card during rankings name was found by a resident not far from Rhode. Police are sure he discarded before after the shooting. A ranking is believed to have been in that area on Saturday night. A police took Travis Ryan king into custody with in the last few hours. A source with knowledge of the investigation says ranking was rested her would line area. Behind an apartment complex. They tweeted out a photo of him in the back of a squad car moments after his capture. In an abundance of caution the metro national public schools. I have canceled all after school activities today that was done before he was capture but it was because he was too. I'm on the run here are some of the kickers. He. Had stolen car last week allegedly they don't know his motive. And on two separate occasions including one time last year when he was. Breaking the law near or at the White House. The Secret Service to hook his guns away from him yes or guns at all yes including the AR fifteen years fought to have used. To kill four people at the Waffle House and wounding several others which is odd because her first thought was if they took it away. How does he then use it to tell all of those people the Secret Service apparently recognizing you can't is confiscate guns took the guns away from him after he was convicted. Through the FBI and and because of him by the way he has some serious mental problems waved him. They gave the guns to. Travis Ryan king's father. And parent. Who then in turn gave the guns right back. To Travis ranking this Seacrest are promising he would not. The Secret Service. And at the guns. To Travis Ryan king's father. And Travis running king's father gave the guns back to his son this man should go to prison. For the rest of his life. This is Nancy lands. All over again. This is Nancy lands up all over again in 2016. In the parking lot of the CVS. Ryan king believes singer Taylor Swift was hacking his cell phone and stalking him. His family told deputies that you've been having delusions for almost two years. They finally convinced this kid to be evaluated. Deputies were told the family was concerned about him because he had been talking about harming himself. Ranking agreed not to drive away from the CVS parking lot so he would be taken to a hospital for an evaluation. But said it was against his will. In 2017. Police were called after a man identified his ranking drove into the pool wearing a pink woman's house coats took off the Cote and was swimming in his underwear. Like guards told him to get out yelled at them got out of the pool and displayed his genitals to. The lifeguard I am reading now from Esquire dot com your son thinks pop singers are after he gets naked in public he's sent to a hospital for observation. He gets busted for breaching security at the president's house. The FBI drops by to chat the local authorities take his guns away because let's face it he's acting strange. How does or ray bursts thought. Not to suggest he needs timeout from the pressures of daily living getting counseling. How do you give him back those guns and the author says I confess I do not understand gun culture I do not understand these people and I never well. The blood of those people end up Waffle House and are on Travis Ryan king and on Travis rankings. Father. You know you cannot be a responsible. Gun owner. And defend his father. You can't. The guns were given to the father now why isn't that the Secret Service is showing up your house to give you your son's guns. Is it because your son is nuts and then you give those guns back to him. And I ask another question why eighth and authorities have said that the father had the legal right to take those guns into his possession. Why give them back to the data at all on his words you won't give them to his son who is a lunatic. I don't understand it you really want that anyway you can say all day long. Well that the dad didn't do anything wrong as a dad has the right on this firearms. We're really going to trust the word of this stabbed in handing those firearms over because authorities did. And look what happened. You know maybe we need to be more servers about this stuff. It if you're mentally. Not there. Clearly Travis ranking is not mentally Taylor Swift is hacking your phone you drive a car into a pool and swim around women's clinics. You don't get on guts you're nuts. At 767798. And they don't get given they're not given to another member of your family. The government takes and that they destroy them. And to help with the headline. Government confiscated guns well finish the headline from crazed lunatic who drove car in the pool with women's Pam song. I've 76779. Make you cannot be responsible gun owner. And defend this off. And that's what those of us to own guns it's what we always were responsible. We just want. Responsibility. You can't defend this body you can't do it. Newsroom Caremark. Grisly details coming out about that band that mowed down pedestrians in Toronto more next. It's happened almost all of us knock him would have us to notice in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair. 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It's the latest effort by the city's land bank to find a way to fix those properties and get them back on the tax roles instead of demolishing them at taxpayers' expense. 25 homes are up for sale applications are being accepted until the end of may. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Tyson if you or an aging parent is looking for a fund gorgeous retirement community silver crest at deer creek in south Overland Park. And silver crest at college you view. Wanna see you. Month to month apartment homes are available right now. Gorgeous wooded views 24/7 on site security and all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. This is a carefree lifestyle without the burden of maintaining a home. I have three meals a day housekeeping travel all that stuff in beautiful southern Overland Park. Staff members who have been there for 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartment homes are available now for anyone over the age of 55. 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The radio dot com app is the official at home of KM BZ downloaded today it was into us anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks her name is 981 KM BZ. Okay. Point 76. My anger and frustration would this man's. This. Things that. Is so frustrating because Travis. What's is that Brian king and king thank you. Had a history of issues so strong. Was he is alleged craziness. I shouldn't say that word a mental problems sorry. Pop. That the Secret Service even came to his home and confiscated his guns. And people are asking for us to clarify that so I well I I understand it. There was a chain of command issue here. The Secret Service nailed him for trying to breach the white house on Scott and when they arrested him they alerted the FBI. The FBI alerted local authorities. And in the end it was the local sheriff's department that came and took the guns are just there were three agencies involved as there usually are when you. Threaten the president with. Multiple agencies became involved usher and the local authorities confiscated the guns and then turned around and gave them to this city it's dad who. Who gave them right back to his son wrecked and one of those guns was used to. Slaughter. For people and wounding several others. At a Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee over the weekend and if it hadn't been for the brave action of one man. Mr. Shaw junior that's right who charged that the gun ma'am. As he was preparing we think to reload his gun. It could have been a lot worse. Would have been a lot worse. This man had no business owning a gun. And we always talk about that you know with especially people like me who were right of center which it would there's a mental health component that we keep ignoring. And we have to focus on the mental health as well and for those of you make that argument. You have a lot of my sympathy I agree with you. There is a mental health component that is involved here that we have to take into account here at the system worked the way we wanted it to. There was a young man and Travis Ryan caring. Who allegedly was crazy he thought Travis or Travis he thought it was swift was stalking him breaking into his phone. He decided it would be a good idea to. Charge towards the White House White House he drove a cardinal pool wearing women's pales and then started swimming around. I can already hear the oracle it's learned my jokes are OK fine but it's not normal behavior let's be honest with one another. And the Secret Service and the FBI since you've but it scares guns away from him he's nuts and they do. And then they give the guns to the dad who then turns around and gives it comes right back to a son the father should be brought up as an accessory to four counts of first degree murder. I agree however. I don't know that there's a law and they should call it the Nancy lands a law. That if you know your child or your relative is so far bought. And and his family nil and Nancy Lanza know. And it. Turns out that you facilitated. Their access or directly. Handed over access to firearms. The law should state. You are just as culpable period you can order for me oh I think people argue against settled a long PM in Kansas City hello Pam. Yes good afternoon guys happy. Congratulations. On. All of what you raised for the police officers failed. We didn't do it they did it but thank you on on their behalf says thank you. I'd say I I'm not disagreeing. With you guys that I do have a question that I hope will springboard for government. Why did it if you you'd think it goes down this road. And and takes the gun from their family members given justifiably that I was not. What happens in the event that if they're allowed to do this well was stop them from. Keeping me. All of my cousins children. And if there's violence given the fact that he has spent time in jail. Well personally I manpower. Pam you're arguing that you should have the rights on ago and are you. No I'm not suggesting that what I'm suggesting. Is. It doesn't now it will be burglary LB card that is it will be. What what are what are violent crime that he did you may not mean it has to do it again. That world that old. That will say okay. Pam Pam let me interrupt for just moments I make adjust to set the record straight not in every statement in many states. What you just described is called a felony. And films cannot own firearms in many but certainly not all states. And that's true mindset is not able to own a gun. However my point is is this is if he's not able to of again and I were able to buy one. IC are saying if there's one house because he lives with you come after are I just can't there's no way to police that. There's no way to police that and you're law abiding citizen. And that god is yours there's no no way to police whether or not someone leaving your house should have access to a line. Around and wait a minute that therein lies the argument and again I not to be the self righteous responsible gun over on the show but I will be. I held a gun in the house but I am the only one who has a key to it. I wouldn't be stupid enough to allow anyone else to have Mikey I'm not suggesting I want one. I'm just saying that if the government goes down that road. I is that what this is the families of these people. Constantly under surveillance for west. Or west somebody else that's for what. On a pair of elders I think you're going abridged who they are hard to debate asks and the argument I hear most often against something like this isn't that necessarily family members are gonna have their rights taken away. The argument I hear most often against this mental health gun issue. Is what happens when someone like mr. Brian. Registering whatever. Goes into therapy. Gets on good medication. Gets a doctor is going to that doctor is actually taking his Mets. And is now a quote functioning member of society and does that person did not have the right. To protect themselves. Are you only stripped of your Second Amendment Rights. When your actively thinking Taylor Swift is up to get you through and then a year from now once you're you know with these Mets they're throwing darts at. Wall once they figure out OK he seems to be more stable now do you get that right back and if so that helps police is that. What is your fine on a Monday and you're not on Friday. 767798. Nathan in Overland Park limit them. I say it isn't doing well thank you. You know to actually I'm I'm an urgent and we are Christian alone practice in Oakland park. And you were an acute psychiatric hospital. And we'd have dealt with issue which you talked about like basically where dozens. Of our rights basically stopped. For the betterment of everybody else. And we struggle all the time to try to figure out ways to. Basically quartet decided that the line for that is live now. What are your chances of actually hurting someone else or hurting yourself. If they can't show that players. Intent are willing to hurt someone else hurt yourself but they won't entrench. Well let me ask you this moment what if two years ago. Like in the case of an Adam Lanza or this Ryan king kid two years ago there was threatening to kill himself. But lately he just think tape he just thinks Taylor Swift is after him. This is our problem was mental health and guns at what point do we. Exercise the right to take them away and then if you get it that there is to get medication at what point is it decided. That you are okay into have a fire arm again and we just cross our fingers that you keep taking your Mets. Well that's basically what we do with people like epilepsy and driver's license. I'm you have to be on a certain amount of their medications or an implant the device is or something along those lines for it to try to six years. Without a recorded eater. And then if you can demonstrate that you've been compliant without and it's effective. Your locality. And decreases to the point where they didn't think you can have a driver's. When the there's not a correct my brother's up once we graduate six months. My guess but I understand it's a good analogy and wine and. And my theory from seizure in my in my year in my my brother is like my brother is required if he has seizure he cannot drive for six months. Right but I think you have to be seizure free for. They're that you leave an extended period. Let's target distract you or your yes it's in their districts it's a good analogy it it's a good analogy but to me it's as very scary analogy. Because. I think with mental illness there is a component of self. Reliance. And it especially if the patient is over at the age of eighteen and we've heard from these parents got you cannot have been committed that they only. Will get help if they want to get help true. True but to his analogy and it's it and you're right it is a good one there because with my brother for example let's say for tonight. In my Brothers driving it takes is medication on a regular basis. My brother has him rolled to a mild form of epilepsy. He hasn't seized in I think fifteen years but my brother c.'s tonight. He's not under any other than legal but. Those were commitment covers government's monitoring his brain activity is not if seizes tonight and his wife takes care of heaven you know he sleeps and often wakes up the next morning. He's not required to go to the government say hey by the way I sees last night. Close to technically yes at the issue with mental illness is if someone is in the throes of mental illness. Are they not the least likely of the least likely to come forward and say. Hey and by the way I do think Taylor swift's monitoring my activity but I did go to the government and tell them. I'm not feeling well. And we're losing track of the larger larger issue here and Matt is that this father. Was outrageously irresponsible. And should not shark recently to respond and am to my point should be criminally charged. Until we put teeth in two don't just keep handing guns around to people who don't need them in their hands. What we. We need to get serious America it's time for a come to Jesus meeting. Am I okay with a gun in my house yes. Because guess what I don't think Taylor Swift as anything more than a nice gal who sings crappy songs. I don't think she's stalking me I'm not jumping the fence at the White House. I can be trusted with that goon that I keep locked in my home and there's one key and I have a this father should be criminally charged. No ifs ands or buts about it. We can not those of us who are Second Amendment supporters who own guns who claimed to be almost Baltimore on you don't have the right come after my gods of which I'd argue that with you. We can't sit here and make that argument about what. In short looking at mental hurdles. Think about it in the garage where mr. look at mental health and then when the story like this one comes up we are well groomed well. Where what what happens I am mr. stop you there though I don't know that there isn't applicable law. Scott I don't in their needs to be Dan and I won my last say that absolutely I agree with you I don't know that there's an applicable law. Some races yet their egos got of course you don't think you're crazy and you think you should be able and gone but when other people get to decide. Well first of all I'm not running around driving cars into pools with women's underpants on. I'm not jumping over the fence at the White House. And I don't think Taylor Swift is out again. When you've got those three gone and the Secret Service tells the FBI who tells local sheriff. I think we need to take this guy's guns away he's not stable. And you take their guns away. And you have to take your guns away if we're going to make this argument about mental health. I'll ask you when you talk about mental health care can't until and this rep for. Senators from the Tennessee bureau of investigation. Tennessee Highway Patrol and Tennessee's attorney general did not immediately answer questions about the legality of Ryan king having those guns. And Tennessee I'm telling you I don't think there's an applicable law. Ownership. And I'm the last one sentence anymore loss. 576779. It. Simply the best for less pay at Scott Parse when rob did you know. That window world windows are one of the two windows with the good housekeeping seal of approval. Rank number one in the number of windows sold in the country by qualified remember my exit and windows and win the world don't just look amazing they keep the cold air out the winner. And the hotter out in the summer and that's when he now. Make the move today online at windows Kansas City. Dot com lifetime warranty that covers all parts glass breakage in labor and windows from wind world use a double strength last. That gives us the strength not commonly used a replacement windows call for free on estimates and 81679908. To zero win two world now offering eighteen months Amos cash financing with approved credit. 81679908208167990820. Window. Simply the best for last. It's. September 18 and starlight theatre Siva. And police. What are in them. Art sold. We have. Obviously that operation quiet probably firearm that was used in the wall out shoot I do. Yeah okay what are not a person aren't Jerker I. But but but they are if you lay out if you look firearm by. Ought to start as in don't touch it it's just sporadic with the law and discovers is. Our toy so let's look at are we have three different agencies that try that contact the FBR secret doors and yet yeah. The local or are that it got great music fire. How many feet there are an idiot in order for shooting. It he did they go through. And that I still bought a farm subordinated some actually atrocious. It doesn't mean we don't try to stop the next one. And there was another incumbent next at RB one. That point that we need to work you said that there's no we will have little responsible insult our motion community. We need to take responsibility for what we do this iTunes. Yeah I agree so then what would that do that debt that was OK if you know that your son tagging issue I know that are having issues. Mark would you like Cheney arm you know arm to figure out what six is well that's what would happen. That can't be bought it. We have we have issued are so we have issued between the guard or shooter okay. Unfortunately that app and are they are very glad that there wouldn't walk I'll shoot did. It would break that up to the guy Eagles took him down so it would it would save a few more light that. Eric. I'm lost on your point I mean those deported to everybody wants to everybody should trust the government that. Kate there in there that trigger farms are real and keep our Barbara the government. So that at this point we will. Well no end Eric in this case the government was right and didn't fail and took guns away from this young man who clearly had. Mental problems. And then his father gave him those guns back. So that Wyatt widened eight GO by the need you have alcohol tobacco Bartlett and become and what manipulative decades. This guy's crazy and why did they actually like just. Prompted far slightly to. I I think this year there's no law and the father had the legal right to take them under Tennessee law that's what I've read what I'm hearing you blame the father at all yet in all of this blaming the government. You're saying. The guts laying on the ground and shot people you the first words out of your mouth there with all due respect should have been this father should be imprisoned for the rest of his life. Yeah you should be I would I agree with your wife and I have to force you said that. Of course it. That are well your of your three minutes into a phone call yeah. That fingers newsroom care marks. Happening now I'm KM BZ investigating a potential terror attack in Canada this afternoon more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.