Man shoots girlfriend. Girlfriend dies. Man will not be charged.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, December 6th

Did we mention she had a restraining order out against him at the time AND he wasn't legally allowed to own a gun?


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Trees after the arrest of today with a varying amounts of cloud cover we cannot a lot of strangler team especially the further north and northeast actually down. High temperatures here in Kansas City only hitting the mid forties the gusty northwesterly and punch of colder air coming in tonight or damage when he if you teens may be found as while. Thursday's high only at 32 of honey you signed him back to twenty degrees by Thursday night. Scattered cloudiness on Friday trying to get her high back to about forty. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more KN BC weather. Right now it is forty fort TCI would have 46 downtown it is 45 at your official weather station. Look like Villa fresh from travellers house. We hope that person that fires them up there in Los Angeles and some. And big ritzy neighborhoods and get into Erika who was that the new bosses tell me about earlier. A problem. Ruble Murdoch. Here's his house is about to burn down. There there's evacuations all over the place to get the 405 which is one of the big highways out there. Completely shut down not a big island time we might look at remember one last time even when. Remember what city am so sorry that remember last time this recently. People stayed at. Too late yes and then by the time they thought I cease fire it's coming at me. It was too late to get out remember we had that story of the man and the woman who hunkered down for six hours and of muddy and dirty swimming pool going down coming up for rest going down and they survived with a there was another couple who tried to get and their pool. Who did not survive and so hopefully. You know I don't around people get Al that is what insurance is for war. I read today their party had his nine billion dollars in claims Kara would not peace is what I think I read what I thought at some online says it's the fire is moving one acre a second. Dead as and they've got these big wins coming and so this morning we had the wind kind of died down right now and then again fifty to eighty mile per hour wind gusts are expected tonight and figure what that's gonna do a fire and he is just going to be. Blow it right across anything that'll ignite willing bank. Story here from media Fox News in notes true. Not flowers wife is gonna file for divorce he campaigns she's out of its shocking said no one ever Dutch born former model. I was seemed getting breakfast after dropping your kids off at school earlier today. Her wedding ring was noticeably missing they were married in 1998 member she filed for divorce in 2006. They reconciled. But according to this story and Fox News she has had it she is out and she is going to file for divorce. I honestly. And we need you can't say anything you can blame the woman quoting here from out hours father in laws are heard that. She is not going to stay with him and working out there not together trying to work as. Am not how do you work that you don't work and I doubt I read over night. Who spoke Cosby's still at and I mean god of that one and I read overnight. That he was the Matt Lauer. Was it's done. About the Sochi Olympics allegation. Because he viewed that relationship. As entirely consensual is remember it was stated that it continued. After they got back from. The Olympics was a Natalie Morales no no no they've never said. You know and she and everything well I know she has but there have been. An endless string of allegations. About him and Natalie Rouse from The Today Show. Am argument is suggests in his. That's why Savannah Guthrie got that job and not Natalie Morales who was technically next and here it is I read this overnight he is weak and broken and ashamed by his own admission one of ours former today show colleagues says. He is my friend he is human and he is flawed. But is he going to use his power to be a predator on women until I see evidence of that. I just can't believe it. And then goes on Summers they are I don't Atticus I don't know if it's here she. That he viewed that Sochi. Relationship as a consensual. Relationship. That does it make it much better I mean I guess that makes it a little bit it doesn't because he was the I mean he was four all it was sensitive as this he's the head of that division. Married yes all of our hearts and lebed's partners merry. And his wife filed for divorce eight years prior yet dom dom. Put them places you're not supposed to put it here it is here's the lord another source with knowledge of the situation so lauer had abused his relationship as consensual. And was quote dumbfounded. By that accusation. Mark off relationship that some. Things not where you eat. Do not prove where you eat. Announced to. Announce his replacement and they. Did you see Charlie rose's replacement on PBS. Now Christiane amen corner currently a mad I lot of only impede. Here's who they need to do now branded. Were assuming of these people don't have any other skeletons in their claws. Can you imagine that interview process gone Cullen beat him then how were your warts too we have here how many checks outside of your wife is. Honestly it's getting to the point that they're going to have to sit down with these people don't second. You have to be a question I don't think you can ask that question and I don't think you are. Could well. Crafty ways to do it could use say in light of the disaster. That was your predecessor. Are we gonna see something like the blue and any skeletons in your closet that you would feel comfortable. Cheri and I don't think you can back I sort of answer that. Honestly I think there's a a very interesting way you can word question. You how would you weren't against Roy Moore. For example if you were the candidate coming in and I'm the head of news and Coca. Tell me about your career and senior on television and into injury time to. We had. What many people would consider an embarrassing episode here today issue. If we word hire you. Would we have another embarrassing episode. Here's the problem with that you're not how he's going to say. Yeah well that's not know if it's going to say I need to be honest. This happened yesterday years ago with an. They wouldn't say yeah two years ago I'd banged him in turn in there was a cigar involved it was weird it was kind of like Bill Clinton back in 1998. But they would say you know what let's just pretend that this interview never happened. Because I'm afraid that might pay. Okay and then they would just get up and walking out no one is going to do that was up for that job nobody they get it does help that jobs knows that they're gonna get out. Cats. Going to work every day while dealing people like if you sinking round out our eye and tell me to avoid. Most of this problem they need to hire one. And all on the morning news show I'm just saying and you want to avoid. You want to avoid impropriety. Between a managing editor male and younger as Texas things you've ever so. And it and does attack and Hewitt. They're gonna hired their marriage I'd say they cannot legally ask the man about his sexual pass and he is not going to admitted and neither would you. And they're not going to interview for the job if they think they're gonna become the next Matlock here's soothing. And by the way I I deplore the idea of an all female newscast and and here's why. He is not uncommon locally. For their. It is not uncommon. For it to be an all female team Ahmed desk weather and into female anchors channel mine does that channel five who's done it. Can you imagine if there was an all male anchor desk people would comply. When were his words and through to the they have out and the weekend now. May at one station where there's not a woman welding at a single anchor on every week and now that's. Think they rarely like on channel nine they have that Kelly Gibson whatever name is. And then I'd Jennifer McDermott. Yeah it's it's all female but there's only two. Or than they have level Miller doing whether. The balances out the female. I don't know I don't know how you get around the legal issue. With asking someone about their past you can't do it here's to you put on this issue. One of these two men assuming they have no more skeletons in their claws its. Paris Paris method that. Okay yes Harry Smith Harry Smith or Brian Williams. I agree is that Brian Williams you Marty know what you. Yeah there's always gonna bring Brian Williams back because it does replacing a guy. Who has a problem keeping his battles and a guy who can't tell the truth well you know what right now Brian Williams looks like Apollo. Definitely I at least I didn't do. All they have fudged a story about a flight into rockers so but I mean bang like five women at Sochi. Brian Williams of six same time completely agree with you I don't watch and it's funny during the eleventh hour at ten. He studies out there and I wanna what bothers me. It really bothers me if you need me to explain that now you just need not be called. Eleventh hour when it's her to tint. To our Brian Williams. And number you lock asterisk. Day. There. The show airs at 11 o'clock eastern time so it's the eleventh hour there. Really bothers me whoever was in that room like what are we going to call office. You never heard the term the eleventh hour gap because all of those people in New York in the world revolves all end. We're eleven salary even though in Kansas City are going to be ten. Those people let's flyover country care what would you Tupac California. Might jog the 8 o'clock hour. Care have you heard the term in the eleventh hour yes yes. It's a play on words. But it airs at eleven. Easter. Rights. And the eleventh hour is eight. You what they should've called it here not quite the eleventh hour they can't change. I love him I would they bring him back I really didn't. I think you'd be a great addition I think America loves a second chance alone Tiger Woods. America loves a second chance he got beat down he was thrown to the wolves he's now anchoring 11 o'clock at night 10 o'clock at night. On MSNBC. He's just key he still has a job that I need a great comeback story. Bringing. Only let him do entertainment is. Harden he does Harden is on the tenth power. Q a. Hey now's the time to get on the books with sealed once Casey get your garage Florida haven't come out. But that permanent polymer decorative coating on your garage floor. It looks great and the mentally it is so easy to keep it clean in fact about a week ago. After it had rain we had some moisture on the cars backed the cars out we just took those push for an. 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I can't tell him I was a square button that said it juice Newton with her photo on it and I wore it like it's not about backpack. I wore on my shirt the next state school group. And I didn't have a difference or graver UN. Fourth grade fuel executed just news that bulbs and oh. I took the time she wanted to double horns have on children. We have great. That is up he's great seats and bonds and module is quite good shot ever you can do it. We're minding your business and want to Bon Jovi and out of nowhere like every day and the song and shot to position goes. Insert a double warns now at a point one in and then I leaned in and see him. Paris. Double on its obese no. See the thing is everyone around her was doing the same thing like god you don't you don't you. Show us. You double worn this. Now. Sometimes I tell the day by the bottle that I drink some times when you're alone all you do this thing. And that is broke ground. Would you double more in the show. Yeah next and saying oh. Yeah. Some. These days when David's not here and I just have free reign on the show them to bring Davidson from. Some of them and we're going to go over workers and four hour. Going over bans the double Warren and bans don't. I don't double warned Bon Jovi and I told you we're rock fest. And polio that means I kept flashing at Levy symbol and since it's been slow it's. Going to pick out a spark. Us. I. Terrific. Ensemble for the death. I love you and I'm rocking actually. 12 refiners. You. Com for all the broke paying her. We know. You just waits. Compared to do is vivid images found local story we'll get to this and just moment. And I am. Team. I can tell a funny now how did not know it because it's at it's that it's sort of a Debbie downer. It's about a young lady getting killed our boys home. And he is not going to be charged in the death mom is furious. Mom as fears. Get tremendous. Opportunities and care. 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Or kriegel messed diamonds dot com. 332 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or delays around downtown this afternoon with the lanes blocked on eastbound 67 B under Bartel hall they are to tow trucks on scene trying to write to semite it's on its side. Mota out warning drivers this could last into rush hour Jay Edwards will have more coming up. Our plan here is to try to stop this fire because before it becomes something bigger. California officials giving an update on a wildfire burning in Southern California near Los Angeles Alan mayor Eric our studies is this curve ball fire started around 4 this morning and more than 300 firefighters are on scene battling those flames. Check traffic and weather together next. KM BZ traffic and weather together here's Jay Edwards. I temperatures for the rest of today really not too far from where we should be for this time of year generally into the mid forties. We will see some clouds around here or there and we can not allowed a few sprinkles and disturbance rolling through pretty weak. Frank cumin into. That French going to be ushering in some colder air by tonight we dropped to about money and really get rebounds maybe the low thirties I Thursday afternoon with honey assign. Back up to the low forties on Friday with a mix of clouds in sunny and Simon. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different Arum or K in DC whether. Our 43 TCI 43 in Lee's summit 44 right now in your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Kids. Hope we'll it's Wednesday met. Wednesday afternoon. Sore here from the Kansas City Star. Jessica peppers believe that her ex girlfriend was doing her ex boyfriend was dangerous her mother Carol peppers. Said that are 32 year old daughter for told her own death how it would happen who would do it. Suggest a peppers to a friend one time the next time he sees me. A blow my head off. David love did indeed shoot his ex girlfriend to death. How about three months later her mother has learned that he will not be charged. In her killing. And David love. Was not allowed to possess a firearm at the time because they've protection order filed by his mother was in place according to court records. In the days and minutes leading up to her daughter's final moments Carol peppers of independence that's the mom. Said her daughter had been texting and calling love in an effort to coordinate retrieval of an iPhone. And a laptop. But she have left in his home. Kansas city police wrote in an initial incident report. Quote the suspect was contacted. And stated that he was asleep in his bedroom when he heard someone breaking into his residence. And he pulled his gun out from under his bed. And as soon as he saw someone coming into his room he shot is gone and love told police he had not recognized. His ex girlfriend. Jessica peppers suffering from a gunshot wound was found by police in the bedroom and a whole way with a hammer in her hand. According to police reports. She was said to have entered through a broken window. Her ex boyfriend told police he saw the hammer. And opened fire. How do you see a hammer. But not the person holding. When I am you can see is so wet theoretically. I guess I'm not I mean it's he he was asleep so. Presumably the lights were off in the bedroom. And depending on what time of day it was she entered the house. Now should she have entered the house. Absolutely not she knew this person was dangerous. Worried that this is how her life would end and a laptop and an iPhone is not worth. Going into someone's house even though I'm sure she'd been there a thousand times before. Yeah this is a boyfriend girlfriend situation Scott she was knew how to get into the house as you want. He was not legally. Allowed as aid is he prior Fallon is that why no restraining order because of the restraining order was not legally allowed to have. They weapon. Still. No charges. Will be filed in that death. Let me ask you this. The police. Not the suspect. The police. Say that she entered through a broken. Window and. She didn't have a hammer in her hand. When her body was found in the hallway right outside of the bedroom or should this is scare. Your era follow me here. Dana put yourself in her shoes and and I'm not saying my god I'm not saying she deserved to die she did not deserve to die. However. If you are in a relationship with someone you fear is so dangerous that you have even told your own mother. He is going to blow my head off. Would you go to that house along. Would you enter the house through broken window I would not would you enter the house with a hammer I would not this is a series of bad decisions. That led to her death. Would you say hey you have my iPhone by the way how's somebody leaves behind an iPhone somebody's house. Almost defies logic in and of itself the laptop at the laptop I can somewhat understand. But how someone leaves they're following behind. I mean about your phone. Especially when you're 32 years old and that's the only form of communication you've really ever known your whole adult life. With all due respect I'm not by in this war what makes me sad. About this case. Is that he knew I believe exactly. What he was doing. Knew exactly. Who he was shooting. And there is nothing that can be done because it. And he concocted a really good story but let me ask you this if your daughter has told the issue is afraid of for export. To the point where she has told you and told friends. He's going to blow by at all. You as the mob more have gone out and filed a restraining order against the ex boyfriend. Which you play your daughter go to his house walls and rentals no of course Adam beat her side. But she. Was an adults' daily Europe 32 year old woman. Are all doing is poking some holes in the store I'm not saying she deserved what came our way because she did not. You're a 32 year old woman and some hot salt. You left your iPhone at your ex boyfriend's house that you despise hate and fear. Hi you did it it is. You've told your own mother big juicy. That your petrified of this. That someday you know your demise will include him putting a bullet in your head. Would you go to his house along. Would you enter through I would rove probably window I would probably ask someone to go with me. Light my guess is she didn't think she was found and usually gonna go and you would get a race. House and Dana you would call him and say I'm outside. Would you please bring the iPhone in the laptop outside. You wouldn't may be even goes so far as to tell the police where you were going and have them present yeah. Because you fear this man he's dangerous to you he's so dangerous your mother's taken out a restraining order. You would call the police say. Grown over today love sells. You know David love. He's the guy my mom got a restraining order Ron he's got my iPhone is coming laptop I'd like for you meet me on the curb cause for it yeah. Here's the deal we don't know my guesses she had been trying to contact them all day I want a step back and my phone back and come and get my stuff. My guesses she did not think he was home thought I'll just come in the side window like we always used to do we got like our world's window in Canada. She entered through a broken window we don't know that she brought the winner point for point Jim Hammer ago my guesses she went and well they found a hammer whisper. I will say that I'm not going to say she had. I'm not saying he pulled off the perfect crime that Nan. This is a wake up call to anyone. Who has ever had a relationship goes south. And you want your stuff back. One of the attorneys is quoted in this. Articles discern. Who says we are getting back to the wild west citizens are more emboldened. About what they have as gun rights. And what they can do to protect themselves. And I gotta agree with that if you ever had a relationship does south. And all of your stuff is that your exes house. This outcome basically means guy. You'd better not locked into that house stuff back that's probably right. People didn't care that somebody. Price at property listening has been there where your stuff is your ex girlfriend's house your ex boyfriend's house you want it back. This case says to me. They darned near have the right to shoot without entered their wells cons and see you but if it's Europe property is that somebody else's house. There are better ways to handle this thing going in through a broken window. I'm just saying everyone listening. Who's ever had a bad break up all your crap is over at his house. Listen to this mother and what happened to her daughter. Iowa's coach who's Scott and excelsior springs Haluska. You have I just wanted to point out the fact is that. If it would be impossible to bet it will put him Ernie. And it was it was broken by the way it was well. I believe he got to look at. All the scenarios about it really blows and it it either at or GWB result. Nobody in right by it would era home where they do that parts of panic. You arguments in the back specifically noble why at all. Yeah. It is a string of really. Bad decisions. By Jessica. Peppers. But it's not like to me she was sneaking in in the middle of the night with a burglar mask on and I know that the law is not going to see that distinction but. Scott I'm telling you every single person listening has been through this in college where your boyfriend has your TV. You've left your laptop your girlfriend has a bunch your clothes you want your stuff back she's like now come get. This should scare every single person that is ever had a bad weekend. Should also be a wake up call to people who have had bad breakups but there are other ways and better ways for you to get your stuff. And it doesn't include going in through broken window. It includes. Standing by the curb. Or meeting at a mutual public place like a McDonald's yeah and swapping the items because he sounds so reasonable. Well then maybe you just eat the iPhone. Is it worth your life. Of course of course it is. She was. Apparently calling him in other ways as yet another phone somewhere somehow hold. It's. Again I am not excusing her death I am not but if I am a prosecutor I don't charge him either. You happen to know you don't he say he is a restraining. Shorter guy. In possession of a gun almost keeps saying felonies as I don't hate the idea out of LIS and gun but a judge so where role than he was enough of a threat. That he okayed or sheet okayed. A restraining order. For this poor girl he was under the impression that the restraining order had been termination aren't Hogue is no excuse I am striking art law I understand your point. Here's Ellis pretty darned convenient thing to say after you shot and killed someone. With a gun that you're not supposed to have all. I thought I could have a gun. I thought it was next week here's what else I don't like. The idea that someone can go out and get a restraining order against you and it robs your your second a member right out yet I will give you a break I will not give you one. So you man who is actively beating his wife and children we know god do we know that he actively bead of her you just said. You just said that you are against the restraining order. Taking away your Second Amendment Rights yeah. Unless you can prove that he is truly. 88 literal threat to our life what how would you draw that litmus test for your dog I don't know I threatened to killer speed it up and where do you draw that I don't know. But do you do you lose the right to defend your own home. Because. Somebody takes a restraining order out against our you'll wife beater I'd guess is he do we know this for a fact. Judges. Do not Joseph got his huge giant a piece of paper yes because you're a bad break up. And and you don't like these date some who'd she got the street so I. Want restraint that's like saying a judge doesn't just sign off on a search warrant of course they do you have to have evidence. Of danger Scott for a judge to say we will give you an order of protection. I would love to see with the evidence was I'm not saying that a restraining order wasn't necessary when I'm saying Dana is. Having a restraining order put out against you is one thing. Obeyed a restraining order to stay away 500 feet whatever from this person you can't make contact cell phone or otherwise. With this person that should not rob you of your right to defend your own home you know how much more likely a woman is to be shot and killed in the weeks after she finally decides to leave her abuser. Her threat goes up at Dana financially he didn't seek her out she sought him out I'm not talking about this case we aren't talking about this case and that's where the the story lies. This is a horribly tragic story you'll get no argument from me but this woman Jessica peppers made a lot of really bad decisions. Our law. At all. And it cost her her life sadly and that's unfortunate. But she made a lot of really really bad decisions that I know you would advise both of your daughters and I would advise my two daughters against. I 7677. On. 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They've had this been for the bulk of the time. The I didn't agree with you that. They should be in the I was number restraining order. What do you want but we doubt that Hillary. My grandparents passed away by an error that they are. A while without all the more. I'd fired that. And act like it's not even allow me I'm on my grandparents' property. But like he'd been there when you were able order that. I would are absolutely. We're just having that file on wall until turning water sitting here out at you let the let them. Yeah. Like they did not. Now let me ask you honestly. Was that restraining order Warrenton where you. Back then in the throes of a horrible divorce. I was and it. It needed to be in light of Brittany and I would call that I'm a liberal. Okay thank thank thank you for honest. Yeah I mean at the hope that they the other side she brought that in order. To. But penalties. There is nothing. It it is and it's a good column thank you for your honesty Tony but for him to walk with no time. For killing the partner. Who had a restraining order against him is astounding. To me Scott. It's in the news or Mears Caremark. Happening on KM BZ big travel troubles downtown more next eight Scott parts removed. Watch as we all know that getting them perfect gift can be tough. Especially this time a year but it doesn't have to be not anymore you've seen the crowds at the mall why bother. You can get the perfect gift for the holidays with the just the click of a bond. Movement watches are amazing I've got one just gave one of my nephew is a gift that's how strongly I believe in their product I love my movement watch it is sleek. It is stylish it is better than any watcher in front of the store. And movement watches started just 95 dollars at a department store for I can watch. You're looking at 40500. Dollars. More than one million watches sold in more than 160. 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