Lots of you asking about this call. Oh Vicki.... Ohhhhhhh Vicki.....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, May 17th
Vicki does NOT like illegals... just so you know....   unless she's hiring them.    Then, that's ok.   In a pinch....  

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Vicky in Kansas City hello Vicky. I Vicky. I'm. You. And I'll. Well or Vicki Vicki Vicki take take your mouth a little bit away from the funnel because it's it's your very I'm distort. That's. That's. You opt out and that is referred acute thank you. It out on. Yeah I I copied it and I'll city. In eight. Oh earning higher learning English or in any source. And let mean weird they say in the it's play it at teen. She'll bring her or hate her. Gracious why are. Are they common enemy and error. EU only happening in the airport. All Turk. Who eats. Our heart aren't lingering. Debate in the long alias and an. I'm colonel here. People at all. They are in jobs that we all that they do know any old. Early on and upper edge where. Every. Sport or. All and then contract. And they. Should go. Work. I will. Work one for one dollar and how war. And now one. Where. People eat. At me. It here at nineteen a well. Broke in each. And I live in. Them out along with eight more. Our old. Our. Old. And I quote moral and right now and it. And when you think parents are urged me. You were in the EET and arm. And her long years in the direct your life. Term. But my dad never even bothered to try to learn. But big question we got pollen they. We got Colin several months ago and he owns aid tiles laying business he's a tile layer right. And he says. He can not. Find. Anyone to take that job and if they do they show up they were a couple days and they leave and he said so I understand. Why there is some attractiveness. To hiring. Someone who might be here illegally he's at I've tried I've offered fifteen dollars an hour and I jury of his call Scott he said I guess not. Oh. And for Dayton she'll. Terminal man. He backed not old. Back tomorrow. It acute I got to move on we got a good break let me ask you one quick question. Are you opposed to illegal immigration in the United States. Oh ball. You need I'll. I'll poke you opposed to illegal immigration in the United States correct. Then why do you try to hire them. Don't normally are. Born in a real error here to. Let any. They aren't they here. So why not use them. There. Yeah. Then argued not enabling illegal immigration in the United States you're giving them a reason to come your Alter them. Sanctuary. City is not sanctuary says no. Vicki and I I think it is. EU you cannot have your cake it needed to Europe pose to people being in this country illegally but yeah you hire them. Okay.