Look what you made me do. Look what you made me do. Look what you made me made me made me do.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, September 12th

Best song ever?  Dana says yes....  Will you go see "It?" ....  Pizza Hut GM JERK...  and Bill Weir looks for 'proof of life'.... 


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Fair weather for the rest of today into the overnight to that was a file into the upper fifties. Plenty of sunshine to go around for a Wednesday the high 85 and mostly sunny for Thursday and Friday highs climb into the upper eighties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. 77 downtown 76. Adds the sports complex in 75 in the yer severe weather station I'm will starent stay connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Concert has not sold well. It could be good snow and some nourishment Taiwan. But some don't think their burden on the the deal would mean you too. I can't. I could not go. I loved their stuff in the eighties but I'm not a super fan all the house got you always say. You go for these visual you want to see the lights and the fire I would tell you I've heard you two is an amazing. Visual. Show. Can you say though yesterday. Young man that they're not like. Gonna go crazy with the lights a fire and it's going to be skirt. That was not me. That would have been is that coming yeah Cunningham is it. I did I know no Bruce Springsteen can do that. Whose precinct can do that but no if I'm if I'm spending. That much money. You better. Let's just say a better have a visual. I think the music speaks for itself and it will be a great show it's just not one and I wanted to drop a couple hundred bucks on plus forty dollars for parking bats this. I think that's what it boils down to it's good it's not that good. How how long is it going to take people realize. That the chiefs literally financially rape. I don't know I don't know that it's actually the chiefs organization that breaks in the money for the marketing who's making the money it's the Kansas city's. I don't believe that's too are you number we've that is correct someone wrote in yesterday to say who. Who. Likes the money it's so. Municipality and telling you it is it's not Jackson County sports authority then like now believed I'd believe they own the lot but they do not big handles it to the cheeks I do and other royals. There ego the show is not is not sold out so people have been camping out since Sunday. Prompt yet. Since Sunday why people having camp to get tickets. All like when they do the drop in his right right now trying to eat the general admission tickets. Of people have been camping out since Sunday did it is their tickets left one does not need to camp out. Tenets of people who are from what would draw here I am trying not even remotely surprised to see you come in this room. He's a fan you work everything. Used to wants wine is a super fan I looked it up I want to see how many parking spaces our. Out there at the Truman sports that for 191000. Spots okay. So maybe 101000 homer taken up tonight for the answers. Do them. Humana for. Some zeros it's a lot of money boy and four and beat because and we were talking about this'll be important that if. If people double up and go to a car three it would car. Shave off some math there. It is a truckload of money that 2000. Dollar is targeting working by having it be or programs. Yeah how important are not leave in the royals game right now because those gates open at just now or UTU. See it's not gonna be gonna relieve that royals game just to go to the U2 concert or take a more space here's the other do people are going to be yeah. And Weaver please over. Travis I didn't just break news people going to be out of pocket. It. The royals game all day. And you got your date on thing you know that you next door for a counselor wait wait wait wait here's the thing this stadium is not going to be filled. With a bunch of eighteen to 26 year old sale it's going to be sizzling meal in thirty. Day okay safety do you have. Against forty something your world. Re living there weren't you say that all. Wars and if it was about eighteen year old I'm telling you. All of my girlfriend's are going. And they're re living there's going to be a lot of now. Early is trying to please her out more that eight and attorneys six promise. Or how and why youth. UT's utes you all people. Mail music's better we have to have a conversation right now about music and it's not about you chip. My daughter two weeks ago and wills or you're gonna wanna leave their of this conversation I know you are more my daughter two weeks ago said to me. Oh my gosh have you heard this news song and I. I was a little something okay and I go yeah yeah honey that's great tension starts counting have you heard this song I want you to watch the video again. I hearing yesterday I know I'm late to the party Newton I can not get. It out of my head. And as video. Is. Amazing. You are. Great song and know there's a profit Afro ma'am will stare it is not going to be happy. With my choice of music today. But I'm telling you Dan this is one of those songs that when you hear it right it borders into your skull. You're right I'm leaving. Clinton needs. Mean. It's just film to. Me. That's all I can not stop. It gets in your I gotta I gotta get that out it's you are an awful to hear wig you know video is on me and I got a is it what is Taylor Swift and she is oh. Released 325. Million views right now launch. On video editors are is Shia new artists and she is the most artistic. And I am. I got it out I garrido. Sheen. Me and he amongst the times it is sexy as hell nobody has not yet it's terrapins. Pulled jam. Iron reigning champ of what. Trust me. You know urgent need today Travis 300% sort Japan. Watch well they don't fingers being thrown on the senate right now yeah. He is swinging in a bird cage wearing like spiked boots it is these sex and and it it is the sexiest. Most Wheldon video about to go get our browsing history in trouble shooter Amy do. How maybe that's what ten cruises and and collects and then not do in the had nobody Taylor Swift. How can you not love that song. Very easily. Was played again. It's so well I never as a human being me. It isn't. That's. Just dreadful. As soon the only reason it's like she's trying to reload now into more okay sure. Us dial. Oh my god how can you listen to. Which you may need to know. I don't even know what they Nader I. Stop singing the concept of the song I understand as he goes throughout the whole description it's really talked about everyone that dog owner before. Carol from country or drop weight weight. Nobody care guys you don't sound like soundtrack is to a ten cruise video it's 'cause. I did not. Like that tweet on Twitter and the but tell me more about this person named Taylor Swift in this news crawls up. Tell me more in the last of it can all agree wait. I'm going home. Will steer I think you need to give it another world I really do. I tried it twice it was no better the second time. Well known to have my whole day on every quarter hour no we're not. Awesome. YouTube and it. Going to be reached or are you going Noelle I'm not I'm actually filmed for John and stolen from where now thing now but the Joshua Tree they don't get to hear the sound tracking your youth they yeah. I can go out here on the computer in and Poland where the streets have known him. I don't know him well in some of media place where Herman can just listen in Stuttgart I thought. I. With full what are fast approaching you wanna keep the warm air inside in the cold air where belongs on the outside. It's up parts for wind a world you know few things say more about your home in the windows they can be ascetic we beautiful for the house. But they can also be economical and that's what they do when to turn to win two world for all your new window needs. You feel drafts coming in from your old ugly windows. When you won't. 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And it's it's originally a miniseries from PBS of the PT thirteen miniseries and it kind of come up to an hour and a half they're doing this exact same thing. Because this animal bird creatures and come out. Every 37 years so they're be attracted to and these kids are older. But if you 19901990. OK so if if you watched the Shillue. Stranger things on Netflix yeah one of the main characters is in this movie and it makes his movie that much more. Better rights legacy legacy and what you're saying is that the sequel is not a sequel but it's it. Just a remake of what the Tim Curry yes anything does it ain't exactly. How with the temperament other. Shall I invited my son to go with me tonight you know because nothing and says cool like on and it was not as if you want Agassi it was amount and I and I think he's gonna go. But there is a report out today that someone is going around grand view. Tying a red balloons to the storm drain it's. Which is really creepy. And I looked this up Scott. Make this topic I just think it's funny. But it's not funny. But it is funny if you looked this up this happening all of the country people are tying red balloons to storm drains. Because I've seen the trailer right is that what draw yes child down just sort the character it. Via lives in the storm drain that's how he lures kids down guys he called. It was a bit I don't read non and he I don't read fiction and I've never seen a Stephen King movie. Bottom he doesn't have a name. But that's with the kids call is it is with take indicated it is newness is doing that on a name for it right although his aims that a wise yes but it grant you and I have a favorite to story because you don't need to read the story. There is a photo of the balloon tied to the storm drain. And police say quote they are concerns. If I read it and tied to a storm with or without that movie I physically I just after that. I think a lot of people especially Kansas privacy in OK there's a red balloon we RD Hickory to clowns last year right are they coming back. What should I am a storm drama for an hour. Put enough. What's funny is I looked on what yesterday before and the movie in somebody dressed up as he lies the clown is added sitting in a movie theatre opening Guerrero. Oh. That broke out I goes well go to see it it down nine. I mean me and sues police in grand view agreed to do extra patrol. Cult. After one eagle eyed mother. And us. But for now. It's like whole. Police in grand view agreed to do extra patrols after one eagle eyed mothers spotted one of those red balloons half a block from an elementary school. Called down eagle eyed Mulder did these clowns ever do anything Lester did you ever heard one or they just got his walking around. That was my only guesses on why they're doing extra patrols it is crazy clowns are a member of last year around Halloween everybody was driving around dressed as clowns. And that's her you can. No one's down their kidnapping children no that is just a nod to what has become an extraordinarily. Popular maybe. It's gross like 400 million dollars a week yeah it's the second. I think I just hi this weekend you know. For a free art movie yet for rearm via. My daughter went to see it we had to go in and give them permission to get in they actually made as a way that they've made it made you made her. Seasonal and they apparent go in with them senator Olympia. And say you have our permission to go and watches them. One of the moms continued a balloon is one thing ha ha it's funny but to go to the extent of dressing like a clown. You're really either trying to frighten somebody or cause harm simmer. And it's hammered always gotta have ever been to or Dana you guys ever been to Alamo draft house. I have not and I'm so sorry to say that I am I on wind yesterday in the most theaters are like oh you know the mayor there does doing this and right now. Okay real quick and I didn't always it is not illegal liable. Or. Hugh Grant you is that I need for that. Is that the final line of the news story connection that big it is not illegal. It or wait wait wait or get dressed up like a clock at that. Regular Americans you thank you grant you really I'm not making a close look at it this topic but it is dominant you've brought it. Alamo draft house in one of the stories about it it talks about Hollywood trying to figure out why we're not getting more butts in seats right now to see these movies. There is an active debate. Over. Alamo draft house policy do you tell people no phone as someone else came out Scott said that policy is what's killing. Theaters that if you open it up to cell phones for everybody. More people would go and sit and watch but I don't know that I that. Reds and parks is never seen the green mile miseries stand by me the shining. Or Shawshank redemption weird I have seen the Shawshank redemption to just say you've never seen Stephen King. I've seen Shawshank. With a new line. Is that Stephen King movie that cranky. And I've done. The other ones and our partners are still seen more than make. Him not seen screen. Is wrong with you. To the newsroom Worcester the priorities of the White House more next. You know something's happened almost all of us and knock on wood happens to none of us in the future but if you do. Find yourself and cards remember the name deals collision repair in blue springs they thrive on making sure. That you are more than satisfied with work that they do have an up or met with dale watched his crews worked the best in the business there work by the way guaranteed. As long as you on your car or truck. Get it fixed right the first. 8162. To wait 1855. 162281855. Online deals auto collision. Dot com. Dale's and loose bricks taken care of cars taking care of. The White House says it will soon release legislative priorities first glanced over all the nation's tax system and to address hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the United States illegally when they were children. White House legislative director mark short says principles for the tax overhaul will be released quote in a matter of days not weeks. Says the White House will be putting on its priorities for doc a in the next couple weeks. The United Nations says it is airlifting food to Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane Irma. UN spokesperson says the World Food Program is flying in some twenty metric tons of high energy biscuits. That is enough to feed nearly 171000. People for three days. At the half hour on Wall Street the Dow is up 45 points NASDAQ twelve higher the S&P up six. Traffic and weather together next KUMBC news time 233. We up. The Denton Jesper is wine cellar on track and act opens girlfriends and it transfers like us to get time. Whether you want to do a girl's night it's perfect for a date night the place was packed with couples. Sam it's just going out to have a good time let Jasper cook for you. You know I mentioned this was the last week for tables had lots world theater when my best friends at number at. And for her birthday she wanted to go in and try the table side plots world theaters so we did that. You have one week left. You know -- get out it's made a season here and so it's not gonna be around forever in the got to wait till next year so if you've even been thinking about going into Jasper is this is the week. To do it what a great time. With such great I'm assessment and again that is up. It tells us for data center and their. 8169416600. As the number 8169416600. Or Jasper is Casey dot com. We have some high cloudiness streaming in across our area and that's actually on the back in circulation of what used to be earn that. We're not expecting any precipitation but just the sunshine filtering to the clouds for the rest of today. And for a high temperature near eighty years so mainly clear by the overnight hours or low falling to the upper fifties an abundant sunshine for tomorrow the high 85. Sunny and warmer weather Thursday and for Friday highs upper eighties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. 77 downtown and at the big airport 76 at your severe weather station. I'm will stairs stay connected would news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Spirits that we are here I was actually give this jam stats are down. Wow hole. Understand that is a big lead for me to take. Is a jail. It is also significantly harder than most songs like give that. Labeled it's harder yes as in hard rockers as a drumbeat. It has electric guitars to me. Now locked. Lot of key port. As you're about this that Pizza Hut down in Florida in Jacksonville. That threatened to fire employees that dared to evacuate from hurricane amount. Believe Ellison. Get it if you're a nurse. Or your broadcaster and you're expected to give people updates on what's going on. At triple a last year did you see them on your morning and sorry why we're seeing signs of proof of life. Your land sea and Chris Cuomo. No John Berman yes it works it. Lie and so now hostage taker. Were you coming out or houses he just saying you know they heard chainsaw as there are seen you know prove her love lies where. Tim knows. That proof of life like six times I was at my kitchen night goes guy is going to lose. Ever Lennar. I digress. No let's focus on what's the correspondent Zain you're calling about yesterday as the worst you give them an F minus I thought as it was Billy's something oh no no Bill Weir. I think that's so what's the proof of life. Bill Weir did that. Travis if you can find anything regarding Arabs do weird WI ER. Bill Weir I approve of light on YouTube or something. He is so dramatic. So overly dramatic. Hi before we sit here we had a shrimp tacos and for cold beer. And now this is. She's gonna. Show this. Year as. It was in Tiki bar. Night. Of course that it was like the more you put this and I mean did you expect mr. where your. Of course it's gone. Yet dum dum. So anyway this Pizza Hut. By Travis viewfinder just play it at well. We have crucial life. Or hostage. Situation. Oh. Here's what they posted on their door to all team members. As hurricane Irma approaches floor I want to send this note. There. Our number one priority is the safety and security of our team on why my feeling however coming on here but. We also have a responsibility. And commitment to our community to beat there. When they need us. With that said I and we need some guidelines in place to ensure both of those expectations are meant one. As a general rule farm we closed stores six to twelve hours before the storm pets. Or the night before. Let RGM. An who urged yemen's. Let GM know if you plan to evacuate and when you plan to return after the storm. Sub have. Evacuating. You'll have a 24 hour period before the storm grace period. To not be scheduled you can not evacuate Friday for a Tuesday storm event. Failure. Did you see why failure to show for these ships regardless of reason will be considered a no call no show. Please prepare now. We have plenty of time to prepare do not wait until the day before the storm to get supplies you need to make sure you were ready now. Expectation. Is that all mediums. And that's in them. Shift manager. Workers schedule until storm related she. Our team member at city. Remember so it is at all team members worked their schedules until storm related store closure. Again feel to show for these ships regardless of reason will be considered a no call. I found it. It's on Twitter if you go to Twitter Travis and type and proof of life. And then go down about four to six hours ago it's Bill Weir someone treated at him stop saying proof of life. This is not a ransom situation. Room if you go to morning express with Robin Meade they treated. Bill Weir CNN and crew looking for proof of life. It's dummies that it's right here. That's him looking for proof of life. It welcome home an awkward. It's billed we are CNN WE IR will get it up because he said it about here's what's funny he didn't say it wants. He said at about nine times. Bill Weir I'm starting to put in. A minute human goes on your high. It is I am proof of why if he's gonna find those people. Proof of life. Tennis and knowing that I'm unclear as computer. And telephone I mean I love Robin me I really do. But I would choose another. OR GM as regional general manager maybe okay. Every one involved in that and I should be fired and if that is a corporate policy. To make a bunch of seventeen year old kids stick around in the storm which first of all who's gonna do. I mean your daughter works and it retail type. She works at a food service establishment gets her. Our GM sit terror he knows there is an EF five tornado bearing down on Kansas City. But you had better stay here and deliver pizzas. There's not a parent in the world it's going to agree that it's all teenagers working at pizza and I'm not saying that but it's going to be someone younger more than. Likely. Someone making not great money more than likely who depends on that job. And that is why I'm so angry about the latter. From the Tex went from Thomas shocking parks is going to side with the business and three to. One park Sox. Thought Thomas I'm not. This is the dumbest thing I've ever hurt you work for and I'm not taking away from us. You work at eight Pizza Hut. Yes. On Sunday afternoon your job is incredibly important. Your job is important when there's not a hurricane coming. But when there's a hurricane coming. And I want to evacuate my seventeen year old daughter. I'm going to evacuate my seventeen year old dark at your business can sockets here here's the other big headline we're missing here Scott even if one wanted to deliver a pizza. During Derek. How are you going to get through the streets that are clogged with debris. And underwater. Two delivers even if you wanted to go to work and you want to provide pizza for people how you get to that. Our GM's stance for restaurant general manager all right stand by for personal life please. I mean that is. That's truly what we're what we're rafters to go to and and check on life proof of life. This bulletin board and hear what must be just incredible stories. Riding out there went down here in the front of it or coming out of more hours now captain let go. Saw the tape I as well just stop and I don't really want to let. Let me let me in proposal lies what Bill Weir is the most melodramatic. Bagram rugs in and and what he did this morning was he got on a boat. And in Miami and they were it was like a fishing voted tourist boat or whatever. And they were gonna go down to the keys. And surveyed the damage yeah and he was really excited about it goes step by capt captain bam bam. Was the guy he was riding on the boat captain Bambang. And they were relieved but even want loses signal and he was kept bam bam hang on we're not rating go yeah there. Anyway back to the studio Bob Obama block captain bam bam we're not ready yet. And he is so over dramatic. Melodramatic. Go to the today. Okay let me I mean that is. That's truly what we're we're rafters to go to and and check on life proof of life. This what will look at before and hear what must be just incredible stories. Riding out there went down here in the front of the board coming out of more hours now captain let go. Tyler Marat. Oh I just lost my us satellite photo try to plug it back in here. We got here yesterday. Help but again we're at home I would rather. I don't know. Well. He conceded the hole off the rise in the US. Is an innovative ways sighted management is that connect this. 43 and habitable islands of course the keys are hundreds of little middle inhabited islands but those are the ones that matter over there. We're gonna we've got that the neo once we get to America you know attempting we're gonna start making sure excursions to to evaluate the damage. Built here along with captain that you bring him aboard with a team that's yours anymore rob and lost you in my bones about that. Ariza will be interesting to see going fines. When I tell you forgot the little mogul when I tell you he used the term proof of life fourteen times in his wife's not once he found my hand. I am not making up that number he said it again. And again. And again. Scott goes not the Duke's Greg you're okay. Have you heard yourself. You know. If you think Scott. Has supports if you well. I. That you. Used that term through. Life snort captain Babbitt and we'll all right editing he was captain band. I am sorry. Hey speaking of hurricane relief you drive your card to Christian Brothers automotive just love those guys five locations all around town. They are right now donating five dollars as a corporation to every. For every single credit comes through there donating five dollars to hurricane. Relief and if you've ever been stressed out about where to go for automotive repair the stressed out no more Christian Brothers automotive is it. 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You find out. Here on CM it is the most over dramatic. I mean. He makes me embarrassed to say I have a journal I think he's he's sell. Into what he's doing that he might now be my favorite guy on TV. Because it's so funny it's so act. To do it anymore Travis every night and looking for Bill Weir proof of life I wish I had taped it. At that time think things. I did because. It's completely gone. Look at this. Gone the entire bar. Right here where I sat and had shrimp tacos with my crew out the live shot and hung out with these amazingly warm gracious people it's gone as are. Are talking about or bar that he had ought it act rewind the tape he's like really upset that they Tiki bar is gone. I had shrimp tacos here we'll some of the Eddie also says it has taken me up only in they have seen in 25 years and some replies back when he five years relief. Wrote treason there in your comparing it to a Barney goes. Well here this is the second most insane. Here click play. And a bunch of very festive. Q last residents who are debating whether to evacuate or stay here that that I'm determined to stay holed up inside his bar it changed his mind. Good they did. Because. It's completely gone. Look at this. But on the entire bar. Right here. Well I sat and had shrimp tacos with my crew out the live shot and hung out with these amazingly warm gracious people. It's gone it's been shoved out by the storm surge. Into the in the side of the defense of the neighboring. Businesses here this wasn't a bar. It can see they tried to board up well with plywood but the but the storm the winds blew through it. And then inside the restaurant shoved everything up against. The western wall of this place. And. And others and proof of life call. It's all down and knees and. And it on the line Bill Weir is the real life and Baxter. I think he is so bad. It's not his own did you ever produce. Anything else for that matter matter you don't have to be a chicken to detonated. A proportion. Criticizing a multi million dollar is one thing. But to publicly attacked individual work that tiny television station elect simply doing the job and it's nothing but sit. Bullying by an arrogance not be. Now OK and I'll let you sports. I'm come judgment another wave of. Or to Baxter's. And so much elevenths I really do you may or how broad interest dog died now. No he's just trying to make a little TV magic there and I got he's over doing it he's doing it for a fact it's so hello. That come on over I want you to see this marketers have to go on and on. Anybody that's. Oh wait for those who knew who champagne at the this person's bad news. But as bad news or run out here that. Just heard it I work in retail. They were listening to our discussion about the pizza it. Hi which by the way is in trouble corporate came down with a Ameren said that is not our policy choice and the and the excellence at. Action was taken. 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