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Monday, September 11th

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It's 1104 rob Babcock in Virginia on a Sally today my quick it with you coming up an hour from now we'll get you what's trending also was sad story had a burning man and we have to get to plus. How to get yourself some free booze into a concert months in advance. That's a big deal easy easy easy. Hurricane Irma is moving. Up the coast of Florida and it's moving its way towards Atlanta more inland now after this weekend in. As telling you before rod that I I couldn't stop watching all the coverage all atlas atlas it was interrupted by football I couldn't stop watching all the coverage of hurricane Irma just. See it here and add reporters standing outside being pelted with rain just premium over the loudly and Alia. Absolutely I actually tied to concrete barriers so they don't blow away yeah that coverage that's being asked is fantastic joining us right now guy. We spent some time in Kansas City used to the program director of her sister station 610 sports radio and now he is living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida basically in the eyes of all of this over the weekend a good friend Ryan McGuire is with us again was hired me. At a radio station before December that a couple of stations with Ryan. Mr. McGregor got my boss and mark Ryan how are even and we appreciate the time how are things down in South Florida. Not that at bat a but how how are things now I mean take this back I guess how you guys were preparing because they know you didn't leave while many others did or tried to get out of South Florida. What is going into your decision you know as we're getting into Wednesday and Thursday and Friday to stay in Fort Lauderdale. Things really are able. You know is as a member of the media you know I do. One of CBS radio history radio station data here. Yeah actually had a responsibility to stake Lohse trees war. Because part of our responsibility in this situation has to make sure that we're getting emergency information out to people that finally matters so myself and albeit a program directors at the stations. It's in trying to come to the central. The other is so you know to be honest with you. He took a look at how big score more it's. We really weren't a whole lot of places you could leak you know on an elevation realize people. From south war that kind of out of west toward that it can't and I'm sure you know yesterday they probably will regret that decision because there's the storm. You guys saw it looked like it was headed toward she. You know my handy dead. Cannot and then late Friday or Saturday to discredit your jobs more more yet. Let north laughter that would be well the west side and affordably at its worst in the besides war on right now. So is this thing was get closer and you were start to see the rain intensified eating get what the west side it would be you still got yourself some share of nasty weather over there. How how how did look what does it sound like a mean try to paint that picture for those of us here in Kansas City may not have ever experienced a hurricane. Well and imagine sitting through. I imagine retreating true 88 year a very small or NATO that continued for about 28 hours straight. That sounds awesome. As sounds great to. That matched that basically. They can little world. You know idea. You know were I I would just normal route of downtown Fort Lauderdale and in relation to the weather started yet. Oddly enough the letter which really nice in the days leading after the storm it was sunny and warm. It was just a typical. You know South Florida. You know date award date with the capture. Fair on the making. I'll make it at landfall but the wind started picking up pretty bad on Saturday night. If you are Friday night you'd rather than pretty much. Saturday started to continue to worsen and Sunday it was just constantly. You know windy grave rainy and you couldn't little leaguer out should mean. You know we got wind got. In my area is high is. You know. 8085 miles an hour. Some other parts shop floor our radio station is located in North Miami got a true you know well over a hundred miles an art but. Yeah I not just. You know the Coptic yeah and it's also that Couric changed produce. Tornados. So old it it would kind of an interesting exercise because you know me and my better half American dogs were were sitting in the house disk. Like in the store Wimbledon through our storm windows and and in all certain our our phones are buzzing in the and he hasn't where their tornado warnings yet figured out there and you don't go trigger. You know most secure part of the house which is in the hallway and then you know once we get the all clear legal background and continue to watch the storm and no we repeated that election aside about your war crimes yes. And. That would be currents now on the cloud would we can't mandate traction around and they locked. So. Yeah this is really it will use a legal experience. Fortunately though fortunately. I would be able to get Shia seem now. Mobile data people would be NFL gains yesterday. If they would do it literally it would direct connection here you'll appreciate it. All of it. Yeah I would. I would I would constantly refreshing Twitter sticky tracker some of the games and Arab member. We had a tornado warning go walk. So you know that made the error happened to grab in the dark and go into the center of how we're more secure. But if you go to the center of how our mood might get in now. Think. Work we're sitting there where you'd you'd like how you do when Maya. And on and I like it. The law and legal corporate due for a lot. I. I'm gonna question your decision making skills but you. You've hired Mike wicket you'd chose not to leave Florida. And your gonna stay in the dangerous part of the house over why I asked. Yeah outdoors for two yeah Brian's rise got some issues there's no doubt that. Want to be among them the worst part about. But that guy who it's. They didn't make it two point conversion. Ever I don't know. However do it ends an extra. And AM right did you guys suffered major damage. Was this Fort Lauderdale hit that bad because I know. We're watching Key Largo into the other places right now with just buildings just collapse the bar washed away at one point. Did you guys have any power outages were with severe. Or the damage issues. So we still don't have power in Fort Lauderdale there's about. Cause it's on a 100000 people in Broward County alone. Without power. He's close to that number in Miami Dade you know Palm Beach County are Boca and West Palm Beach a lot of people still without power. They're slowly starting to to get that back on right now. And the fact that the weather is actually nice to actually right now actually you know. Ninety degrees and sunny in outfit yeah side. You know with the exception of all the debris that's in the world it would look like it you know you wouldn't think there are changing career at all just another normal day but. Yelled damage I mean you know some downed power lines shown in obviously downed trees so. Italians as some various sessions spotty flooding. Depending on what you are an insult or fortunately our area they're not. I know that. Up and down yeah one day. Highway near Fort Lauderdale beach. I'm liable right now because. There's about. To expand that on top of the road she can't write. All that changed the law that the each on two untrue a warning I would I. Well you know all things considered. We looked pretty lucky you know we're pretty fortunate. And you feel badly for. People in the keys right now took a lot worse than we did in fact. You know you can't even get the keys right now the one. And now highway one the only road that goes down to Key West. From from the Florida peninsula is as close right now because most of the roads you're just not passable as it takes some time that. Article and that often there's a number of people that. The number of people that. Opted to stay and achieved even though they were told to evacuate and it's going to be a lot for people and can get to them. Yeah that the other thing guys that stick you know I mean I grew up wicket like you get in the midwest and you know we had to deal with. You know occasional tornado but mostly snowstorms. You know here we're we're for a change. The score and traditional. And you know complex there's so much written it was from that. It's it's scary it's fairly and it's you know it's it's it's very eye opening probably pick insurance here for people in South Florida. Is that. You know that there aren't. Andy in Jeter brutalities. That occurred during the clean. Which is land based on what I didn't hold. You know there's a cause for concern you know people going you're down power lines people. You know what. Driving you know it's you know puddles of water in their cars stall out back and essential. You know right now and the. I'm the cleanup effort sure under way but. But all things considered we you know we we could've had a whole lot worse than that's what we have been getting. Right glad you're safe and and appreciate the of the few minutes here good luck with the recovery efforts sounds like things are okay all things considered does sale an Angel for me and I take care man thinks much. With and I'm glad you're still employed a somewhat surprised. And that you get a chance certainly some of that our Brian week. We can do that we can definitely do that Ryan McGuire. Odd coming to us from Fort Lauderdale he was just on the east side of that the tip of Miami down there he spent some time here in Kansas City and former program director. Down the offer sister station six tenths portrait of good here everything's okay all things considered no power yeah if you doubt lines few downed trees but. On that side of the state better than the west side of the state gas task. Right is the sixteen rod Babcock in forging immodest selling its midday with Jamie wicket here on 91 KM BZ. 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket to be modest silly back tomorrow after her long vacation rob Babcock and got what's trending coming up at new later on today again thanks to. Our Ryan McGuire for joining us from Fort Lauderdale. Were just talking about this before the that we came back from break here. Today's the first day school in Houston for the it into the school district in downtown Houston and it mostly had to delay it because I called it. The deal they started at least a week or or two weeks later than we do here because they know they're not going to have snow days to make the field not in Houston I do now know days gone on capitol now are part of the country not obligated to save in Fort Lauderdale to tell us that you did a they do the kiss of back to school we had they they were supposed to start right in the middle of all that. Harvey pound in the the coast there. And anyway yeah we're just or is gonna put that you know and stay home. Apparently. And it is one is the kids can get to and from school the schools are not. Damage anyway and obviously they they took precautions for all of that. I have to imagine if your parents. And in broad year parent if you're up eve did not only worry about recovering all of your belongings. Dealing with insurance. You know making sure there's no watering your house scheduling of the repairs on your house picking at work all your stuff player houses rebuilt. On top of watching out for a child I have to imagine it's gonna be in seeing our hair you know what you went to a concert and all you have to focus on was. The show and your son rise and that was and I was too much this. Does Wear me down up up up up area like it. Now it's true it's it's. It's one of those things that. You know you just you you you have this extra thing in your life you have to deal with I'm surer. On one hand. Kids going back to school and being gone you know from eight to three or whatever it is yeah his is at least some kind of normalcy back in your life and a little bit. OK now I can look at this and not absorb power he is or whatever. But we ordered the same title I was as they didn't. His first day of school my enemy it's somebody in Florida right now is going really unique 32 number two pencils really. That's your concern right now has 32 and number two pencils. Now you know what I need I need it bad and long mine floated. IE might buy houses over their Robert Byrd used to over here but it's also street to reader. It's that the news cycle in this country in this world I guess is so quick. We don't Houston anymore. I mean we we don't we're talking about Harvey we're talking about Irma. And and we're looking at police say what's happening with Jose next whatever is behind Jose. Cock Conte Conte was the one in Mexico that was kind. In those coming through is it an analyst that we don't care about it. Because maybe that's the wrong word for it. It's quick it's amazing how quickly our efforts chipped it been talked about record setting rainfall drowning a city of 68 million people. Or like our debt deal news let's get on a Florida. Let's talk about and now. You know Scott parks always makes. I'm sorry I just there is a boat so standing on its score we're looking at have been out of Miami you have me it's Judy just caught my attention there is a boat looks like it's no where near water at the sales and he's it's not even on the trailer now that is a sailboat that must've come out of one of the rise bodies of water whatever it may abandon. It is now. The tennis court excellent apartment complex. Thing yeah ye yikes said there has done vote not sunny Saturday that's about. That's a boat on the tennis court at. 08. Moving up on getting back to Houston and know that it adds. Parks always has he has this thing that he says. You know the first three letters of news is new and and it's no longer news to. Harvey oh really knows yet there still clean in the addendum. Yeah. Yeah they're still cling to that and we're you know we've. The term 24 hour news cycle comes up alive. 24 hours is way too long. That's like six hour news cycle. At bats and man yelled on and so it's it's constantly you know if something happens only four hours ago. Who cares. We talked about yes. We don't care anymore and and it's true and Harvey is is a prime example it's always hurt our entire week. And now. Well I can't hear Houston. Went back down there and sign target but we did Houston strong right Rhonda. And interest on gap right. And it's an and it's especially because had. And happened. I think we would still we talked about our look but the fact that it was justice that next big thing I am right behind it right to gap immediately afterwards and it was a bigger storm. And you know first concern was it's headed for the same place yeah and then it became. We don't care or was added hours ago and now you know. Wiping out Puerto Rico and you know hitting the Turks and caicos in the US Virgin Islands. And then it's it was potentially gonna slam right into Miami it kind of came back door and hit the westside look southwest corner of floor. And I'm looking right now look of the Orlando sentinel website. They're talking about Jose. Is predicted to do a loop. All right so where it is coming off the coast of Africa right now are right and it's on its way and its way out there. But it's predicted to do a loop. And then if it does the same thing that it's expected to do on these things changed knives no I don't. Where they could be right over Turks and caicos and potentially hitting Florida by next week. We can be seeing this all over again from those senators Olympia wow big cook now anything can ride it change with messing with us. Whitman. Earlier last week we were talking to Jennifer and there are more our meteorologist. Move and we were talking about the direction of our minded as it turned as a go astray you know and what don't change that she was talking about it depends on high and low pressures and all this as the which way contrast right turn. And at the top and it's down there. A slap in Puerto Rico. And she's talking about whether over the. The Tennessee valley. Was gonna affect which way it went yeah right that mean that I think that's so weird to me body and thoughts I'm not that Smart. All right out of buried booze and get it at a concert. I'm months in advance any one KM BZ mid day where it's Jamie wicket happy Monday to you what's trending and a half hour from right now rob Babcock is in for. I Jamie money selling. Did you see it by the way he's the movie it yet did you take no that would Audi is terrible guy and I would like to see it but I have not yet. So we were wondering. All summer long b.s are gonna be a blockbuster film that that helps out Hollywood and we mean you've probably Reynolds stories rod and Hollywood having the worst summer ever especially. You know with nothing really. Nothing really hit and we do is never of this massive movie that took it all these it was or another fast and the furious movie did something or not. So here is huge marvel thing and you had them under woman release that was great that was great but it was certainly it was before. That summer season okay. They're mine there's no Independence Day yeah there was no summer block the most mommy's out the last couple weeks they're really hasn't been a release at all no I mean nothing that everybody's talking about even a flop but it came out this week and and it. I don't understand this and I know some would different movies are different. We've been hearing about this movie for like eighteen months to get we really happy that the clown killing yet year ago. It's been this huge build up to this film. And it was a huge film anyways so a lot of people it's an iconic film either you loved it or hated is war. You know Tim Curry's penny wise. Major -- whatever it is a I had an iconic film and everybody knows. The fact that there remake of it and and in practice that we've had eighteen months high yeah. It ought to be huge. It's and I thought it was going to be key. His stormy pattern Ellison is a horror movie a movie that's gonna draw a lot of people and especially during that first weekend I didn't really know like I. I don't edit it before but usually it's. Something you know either subs and anticipated war. It's how we relieve sore or Friday the thirteenth release or something special. It had the third largest opening weekend evolved 2017. I'm more than Spiderman homecoming which I was earlier this summer I think in June. I haven't heard a lot about that what it came out it was really good eight dollars rates. It was I mean it would talk about throwing a wrench into the best comic book movie of all time you've got Spiderman in there and you got Wonder Woman that are old are you out here. And then Thor comes out in November. That's right or rag Iraq only Beauty and the Beast. And guardians to earn more this year than it during its opening weekend. It may not hunter and 23. Million dollars as of this morning. It was the third largest opening weekend for any movie this C this year. Outside of Beauty and the Beast which was very good. And guardians of the galaxy two which is may I had no idea. And I add this up on FaceBook. And some of the reviews from our listeners on FaceBook Rhonda said it was good but I would classified as a comedy channel or. The colts it scary at times but also super funny with him now you if you go see it and it's funny. That would make it make it that much better from me and I would love that. Part of what was great about the first one is it had some funny moments and. It by the way the original I think it was on 46 times this weekend like it was all oh. Different channels and different network everybody was airing it over the weekend was like Erma football. It and that was all that was on TV all weekend law. Well let's just like every time a Friday the thirteenth pops up on the calendar I know that I'm gonna get me a Friday the thirteenth you're married you eat it up. It's thick and exactly. If he saw it let us now texted at 2290s or 22 manager of your give us your review of the movie it because. Most of the FaceBook page suggests that it was DC and Chris he said it was great not scary jumpy penny wise was so good Gordon said it was great. Kimberly said it was OK. Congrats on a sex are telling me it was biggest let down they've had ever experience really there are. Powell. Right. Him. It there and it's funny because of what he has thrown different. Reaction to movies when they come out like everybody has a different. I think this was a great move really I thought it sucked right it's it's one of those things very subjective. And not being. I'm not one that's going to see it I don't like scary movies I don't like being scared I don't like jump scare I don't like any of that stuff. I'm not gonna see it's a rod and and need you to review it for me I think Travis is going to night. Yeah I definitely want to see it. And and like I said he aids. It's justices the the the build up hype of it like I have to see this movie rights to I got to know whatever is talking about it. A look at a grade you know you talk about that. I love that I hated it thing we yeah which is you know it's a personal taste things is one of the reasons I love music. I can listen to something to be like. My life rule would never have been the same had not heard this piece of music. You hear the same day ago. Right because you and I talked about movies a lot and you and I. Outs of people trashed the Batman Superman. We came LE two years out of those guys like that I didn't it was the greatest movie ever and I liked it I was gonna have some really cool stuff and I was fine you know now what I put it up there with some of the other great comic book movies and all but still you know still all right. Still I was up late last night not sleepy and preparing for the show today and right yeah show prep you did I watched. Yeah. The original back I say the original my original Batman Michael Keaton bat man with Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Bat man 89 years old watched that last nine nights and like Patrick Clements early like the program. How good Jack Nicholson was because we're all about so Heath Ledger Heath Ledger thank you. All of my he's glad that he played so well as far as suggests. Easy Jim. Heath Ledger. Was terrifying as the Joker but Jack Nicholson was chest. Lunatic yeah he was like that was all things you had no idea what the joke was gonna do and then would that I was asked people who have seen these. Better Joker which one Heath Ledger Jack Nicholson I don't know the right answer I don't either by Adam. The the the thing for me on that is Heath Ledger. If it was the real story you know what I mean if if that actually was a villain in there and I imagine it to be like Heath Ledger played. But the the the comic book Joker brought to life is Jack Nicholson. I could I can agree with that that that the psychotic. Insanity that was portrayed by by Heath Ledger. Was one of those like. Man he did like it's a different world and he played them. That insured letter was the Joker was pretty decent in suicides that was why it was different I did nothing more yes I'd like to see Mora. But yeah but I like that modern twist on it that you know just lunatic super dark and a kind of slide B. Yeah that kinda feeling I got from him in suicide squad. And that's why movies to me are great because there's so subjective you have a different opinion that I do in his everybody on the tab finally I mean this attacks. Wonder Woman was a big letdown character development took way too long. I completely disagree with gas I don't know if you watch the same is I did may get it likes the same movie as you did. I Wonder Woman was fantastic. Gas absolutely fantastic and plays into OK now we gonna see with the Justice League movie goes. In in November oh. I think the movies are going to be better at the end of the year they're gonna make up that the disasters for the summer that and it happens in the we'll look at Star Wars got a strong words nicer out of that show we've got a remake of death wish which I don't easy like remakes but Bruce Willis is don't play the Charles Bronson role. This all really yeah this this is going to be big and another one's gonna come out Christmas Day is the story of PT Barnum. With Hugh Jackman called the greatest showman and it is going to be fabulous. I thought did there's going to be three riot in the year I think it's got to make up for the but the lousy summer. And I think yeah I think justice Lee hits. November November November so that's going to be yeah you're right the years gonna go out of the tunnel blockbusters yet. Blade runner when he 49 new blade runner movie I ever saw the original site don't really know what that's out ruin never. Would. If I never saw the original blade runner citizen. Mr. Butler but sorry I feel like I let rod down today. If you if you know nothing about this this movie about BP PT Barnum look at the trailer. It's an emotional trailer it is what it is going to be very musical results to be very very excellent poignant at the same title in India and is fascinating still isn't the guy is amazing that he is honest there is and we Bruce they're frauds are not present but upon. Old Zach have that cap on who doesn't doesn't crappy movie to be just a really good ability. It was a scrappy living up on me and he does a good maybe it would kind of redeem him he's going to be in it. Very cool well you know I just some agreements in this on the sex was on previews today for the new king's men. I guess the original first I got all those good buddy John told me I have to see ya. Asked does this joke is on Netflix or who lower arms and it is who right now. It's on stolen and that also coming out in October. Another media Halloween movie for. Boot to vote today. Not gonna see that went. Data obviously a synopsis is Daryn it's 114. Three mid day we Jamie wicket rob Babcock info or Jamie Monticello in my quick it with you here on a 91 KM BZ. ID one KM BZ mid day away at Jamie wicked Jamie money selling my quickest and that is rod Babcock in today for. Our Jamie she's back tomorrow. And today is 9/11 if you like to give us your thoughts your stories or on her FaceBook page. And let us know. Where you were sixteen years ago today we'll read some of those coming up next hours go to FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. You're burning man. Tim and I missed that I won it like for so long ago and every year. As it would get closer because it's actually use the that the week of my birthday. And so like every week is that we get every year or others it would you're closer I would say you know is it. Try to talk people and to go on notice wanna go and I'd never mated and now I think I've aged now. Eat eat eat eat. Eat because I happen less than a desire to spend a week in the desert. Also when I look at pictures. I think. Posed for kids now. The other thing is when I do you see someone that looks about way is it just looks writes a fifth set. And space. It's a bagel gathering in black rock desert in Nevada and if you haven't seen it look it up. And people there's no money exchange everything is just brought in given and traded in it is the it's it's it ticks distrust literally. Go ahead and in the states described as an experiment in community an art. Influenced by ten main principles radical inclusion self reliance and self expression. Community cooperation civic responsibility gifting. You modification participation. Immediacy and leaving no Trace. Leave notes are not that big deal got all that it's literally just a spot in the desert. They go there every year and it becomes like a huge city here in this week. And it's it's just bizarre and yeah all things and leave no Trace of right they're gone you don't know they were there you pick up all your garbage that you win is a U haul trucks sent to go there and a carrier geared they want you have covered the word you all on the side re like they do not want you advertising for anyone or anything it is. 100% community. As people they get up every morning and make pancakes and Hanna now. I don't know how you charge people to get into the desert. But. That the thing used to be free and if you wanna go over the entire week or however long it is. It's selling 425. Box it's outrageous and itself I mean it sells out if they can sell out its wildly popular now on the final day the Monday. They have this giant wood statue. And a bird it in ethnically dads if they burned dates but Alberta man. And the like are the thing man and it comes down. Or sadly. Some idiot. Rushed. Past layers of security into the massive fire that is. The burning man signature ceremony. Any suffered burns that left him dead authorities are investigating still the death of air in jolt did you actually ran into the fire he broke through two layers of security. They had a perimeter. On. And they're about 50000 people to bid they they had a problem getting him out of the blaze but he rushed in to. Because parts of the burning man had fallen on top of him so they couldn't get into until it kinda burned itself out. He was airlifted to UC Davis hospital burn center died a week ago the sheriff said the doctors confirm he was not under the influence of alcohol. That doesn't confirm that he wasn't under the influence of anything else. GAAP. Here's the thing. You could take buckets. Of acid. And it's not gonna show up under normal drug tests true soul. My guess is. This guy I was on buckets of passage are thrown into the fire running into the fire. He's he lives in Oakland he's at a home and OPEC Almonte hey you area is not gonna works out there you can't go straight you don't go fold and areas are geared around here. The sheriff's office said the attempts to rescue Mitchell were hampered because part of the structure was bawling as they were trying to get him out rescuers had to leave him. To allow the structure to all and provide for rescuers safety before the eagle back into the flames. And extract honesty her air in front of the ground and air line is that unbelievable. They also add that investigators are having a harder time gathering information as festival goers they were leaving the site again. Everybody now on and Aaron Andrews first cause the last day yeah and another thing is most of them work trip and they don't know what they saw for sure they do and half but tie it in ran into the fire I sought some dude comes up to you would start asking questions about last night like I got ago. Yeah so on yeah theory and I mean this peers are gonna find out Mercer all my god. That picture from CBS from last week is unbelievable it's a guy like lit on fire. That is a frightening photo him. So or immerse you go to a festival where there's a giant statue of the man that is being birds do not running after this is your public service message. From 91 K and easier. Okay much better concert news. This guy. What was his name Alex. Something doesn't matter that you picked up you know I'll I'll ask you don't know Alex and neither do we ask so what they're made so Alex diamond. Alex diamonds a leader great named Angela does there in New York. I guess every year they do this big electoral arm it's called electric zoo yes Matt says it's yet dead mouse in Mac cast. DJ DJ it's all electronic music dinner is dead husband. No gains aren't allowed to play underneath all I know of dead now she is the most I've ever listen dead still little runt so it. They do this thing every year so Alex and his buddies having gone in for like four or five years that road now. Everybody knows booze. Act festivals is experiences. Like eleven doesn't go to the the K early hill and arrowhead the title nine dollars a year and a dollar beer. So anyways Alex and his buddies get this great idea. About three weeks before the show. They sued the site of electric zoo. Say they have the same place every year. Some vehicle Randall island. Some origin story yeah. So anyways the point is they go out there they buried this big bottle like water bottle of vodka smarts that'll save you few bucks they let them link it to lead. I got like a sports OPEC argue would take with you go work now dot Agilent network out. Yeah like someone might best. Theory tape went if they powered to work out. So anyways. They go out there they dig a hole the bear the vodka no big deal three weeks later they go to the show. Their at this they've they've marked it GPS Hedo GO Cassie stylist and where is it. But obviously that toughest part was getting him out of the ground without being caught all I would imagine it's difficult they had to like kind of huddled around and then quickly dig it and then they had their vodka company and we waited. Married to get caught doing. Now what's the worst again to take it for Donnelly and you just brutal remove. I mean I guess that might make you leave but I doubt that. And you can totally feel like I just was dig a hole. And I've never found them to do anything like it would you do that lake we just had dance festival at the in sugar creek over the years the weekend big electronics last year in any city. Nineteen and 96. There was a Lollapalooza they came to Kansas City on the last volatile loses there right and it would it traveled. When it was still traveling. It is is that sandstone analysts is for whatever reason that year that one and only year they had it at Longview lake. Like next to the water OK strangely. Like literally. The day before. This. Some we were living in is Lee's summit which wasn't far from there some bodies out of my house. All dressed in black with like stocking cap on. Which was weird for summertime. Problem and I am like what's going on tonight we're gonna bury beer. And a lack of our lives that. Were going to be very the year. It's only as well. And I see like yoga instructor and there's bags of ice and there's two cases of bush and there's this plan. We're gonna be very dear and so they'd they'd go out too long you wait. Took awhile to figure out yeah this is gonna have to show shore. So they go out there and milk the night. Did all like cut the grass. Hole they put eyes and beer in the hole. Philip baca put the cut grass on top trying to make the result tonight this is all of a new cover of darkness at 2 o'clock in the morning as is done. And after so. Weighty and happy and anticipation of this midnight run no. I don't know. So there there are trashed and though and I predict the holder of the beer we get to the show the next day. Like keywords Beers and there's this this whole discussion for about thirty minutes of outlining the stars and start figured out that rotates that is where the beer is. Right under an entire row of concessions to infect up. So court. Asked this go. My efforts by for it TJ is over their baggy this guy. So let him go behind the counter own know it all under his bruised the guy keeps going to leave me alone. And he's right now. And you.