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Tuesday, August 7th

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John Gibson. John Cougar Mellencamp. But today you're keep working. This hour work. No he has is Taylor looks me as we've been on the air to charges he is yet John Cougar Mellencamp. Is your artists. Are you if you were to cash is why VI KE. Tech said in his 72 hated one year in the running for a thousand dollars with Q were to cash I just saw something. On Twitter. Whether it's true or not. I don't know but I won't trust the source. The source says no reason to lie. You you all may know this all. It's a very famous. Song from the 1970s. By one Peter Frampton. Rod if you will. You wonder why and artists. Tour nonstop and they say the real money is in the Torre nowadays. You got rod Wright he can't make money off write the songs you gotta make money off of playing the songs. In Thompson because there's no money in some owners songs and act Peter Frampton just wrote the other day on Twitter. 55 million streams of baby I love your way. From Ascap I received 17100. Dollars. Well ha ha oh when we read that again rod played that great super hit from the 1970s. From Peter. Frampton just claim. On Twitter. That there were 55. Million. Streams of that song. And he claims from Ascap. Which monitors all the songs get played in various. Places and then they charged them and then they send to the artists and the people affiliated with the artists their money. Peter Frampton says from 55 million streams of that song that song alone. He received 1700. Dollars. Can't decide if that's good or bad that's horrible well it's also a forty year old song. Even fit I 5000003. Cents fifty cents every time someone's listening to it. He would have a lot of money. 1700. Dollars and 55 million people looked at its forty year old son do you give more money if its new work. I don't know that how broad question. That is of course Allah. I don't know how this music stuff works I remember back in the day though. You know when people would go on to record stores and they would buy your record your workers said to your CD whatever. These artists were making tons of money. I mean there are bands that literally made their money back in the day just selling CDs. I'll play one here and second and I know. But there were a lot of fans knowing what. That just made. Their money off of selling CD and they didn't have to go perform live at and that's either good thing or bad thing I mean you decide. But it is completely. Switched. Where now you cannot sell your music on line. And make a lot of money here here's a classic example of a band. That I'm not sure ever to work. That made a ton of money right out of the gate off of one song. Right remember that song KWS early 1990s. They put that song out it was like a number one hit on the Dempster. They made millions of dollars. Guess who has a KWS CD I'd do my CD collection. This guy. I still haven't to this day. I plummeted to Italy you can no longer put his CD it'll company more. I don't hold record. He is a special thing for our special consistent. They're cured cash for the words bike VI KC. Texans seven generated one JC the survey from work there they asked a thousand people what made them happy or unhappy at work. Mean. That was rather interesting. Happy or unhappy at not lose and it's really simple stuff. Flexibility. Now broker real I mean beyond simple okay. Woody Allen a 300 company kitchen yes it free food was number three colleagues bringing in treats for the office 80% of the pack. Mind chatting in catching up with your office pals after the weekend made 74% people having tank. The moments. The faulty piece of equipment is finally fixed. Made 73% why don't stress out when you're not here no one knows what to do with the copier exact and I don't it when it's broken I mean just think paper. Forbes for papers copier and a 83%. Lunch break. And 85% receiving a well done or you think you may box work. Oh wait or go back to that significant receiving a well done what percentage 85%. No well done or thank you for mobile sometime work on was the number one thing that made people happy at work. Really. When was the last time Hoosier boss because it sure is only it Allen when it was last time Allen said. Kerry militia lest we can actually. Why don't last week. Rod who's your boss because of Amy. As an alum. Yeah. What was the last time Allen said nice job do you. And usually deserve that. And. Must. Really you know we don't you reviews anymore which I think is the biggest waste and crock of time in the history of employment. Not here but everywhere. There is nothing dumber than the semi or annual resilient completely or you tell them where you can improve and they tell them where you can improve from them and they can fire you anyway. So now I don't. Go out of my way to look for stuff like you want. Now. You don't care if balances you a nice job man you did you do it good I know he thinks we do a good job because of you didn't. I think we would hear about so the lack of him saying anything to use your way of interpreting a hey good job. Domain if you don't hear from them that's debt. Jim I steer us. The most that I've done a good job when you aren't here. And that is not a slight on you at all. It's just and you know this doing for hours alone is a different beast and it's not my favorite thing to do. And the shows are different when I'm gone and they're certainly different when you're gone they just all our. And so people say did a nice job this week and I'm Michael thanks it's you know I don't like pushing the buttons and no I don't like this and buttons. But I don't like have some need to hear to have that. Egos are so this isn't something and when it is some work all you say what do you want in your work nabbed in at least. It. It. Me. Now. It's not now gives me the flip side of that so it I don't need someone saying she's such a good job and it at all. But you'll also domain if someone comes in and says you will. Really sucked today. Then that dries degrees. The opposite reaction is way more. Impact full impact full that would have been just for randomly somebody say it didn't object that accurate. If someone says you did a horrible job at your job today whatever your job is doesn't that drive you crazy it would certainly make me second guess myself. As you are mere care to anyone anybody if someone says you use sucked it. Being plumber or. Teacher or any of that stuff really. What do you. What do I want and I'd like to get appointment desk perhaps now are into. Anything like Locke we can't just be with Nadal for how why can't she walk. Because she's facing right now I'd like you see these people outside blown around exercising and and never never been pregnant. Will be sweating okay lets you didn't have to do the news every thirty and yeah affect what would you do. Well had that option but. Neither are good target yeah. Would you target just walk around I'd so yeah. Start out there that's what you want you want thirty minutes to walk around pipes you. Who's on the newsroom right now wind Baumann Rebecca. Now when no. One is. It's weird. I can have one under the 430 you know but if he's cleared if you had to pick really it would be a small brain yeah or. Fit. Let's see things. But I don't want I we have free food around here I don't like I don't believe she said sued. I think for most people. Food is at their for everybody. I mean c'mon we all like it when someone brings and we get a ton of free masters like there's like Hershey's Kisses out there yeah Michael that's. Cycle in one of those and that's what was on my desk it's always on. What's interesting that nobody said money. These are really simple things that make you happy where these are not want more money okay. But does not trump all of those things you almost have to. I agree more money from more time. To yourself I think most people would say time is of the sizing your page I think people say it would rather have time over money on say. If you have an extra week's vacation and you say people. In the world. Home. OK but this one. There are a lot of people of the world that would just like toilet paper. But that's what are today would you record a four day work week or have more money. Money. Would of the board work week is same amount of money ha. I'm out of conference and so I think the thing. Sometimes we just did this which which country it was it was rant I appeared out of France when he does that. Just went to four days seen in weird the two guys on the shows that I would still work five days a week with more money. And the women want afford it workweek with the same among them. Now where I would rather have it with my with McCann now prince is a thirty so I prefer the forty working same amount of money you make the right now at night. So wishy rod and I just say it will continue with the five day workweek more money please. If your. All I wanted to take into. I think Netherlands has supported workweek here watches watches him let let me do like a little in since we have a two for two OK. I'm gonna throw this on the table I'm your boss. I'm going to give you rod carrot and Dana each. 20000. Dollars more per year. Don't I don't know that's too much. I'm gonna give you 101000 dollars more per year. 101000 dollar and 800 dollars more per month. Or one extra week of vacation out of money. Two extra weeks of vacation money. Ten grand is not elites in grand after taxes come out would you really see that your check. Is it a hundred dollars for every 101000 person this once it's one. That's a mortgage. It. Now in that case because that's stay or. That 101000 dollars is daycare. For me now give me five years now and politics in a time. Com rod extra week 101000 dollars what do you want with the money. Is it is editing my past well some that I want the money. It's divided by 52 weeks out of the year 26 weeks and a relatively. All the money. It's got parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. And Norplant physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. There advance chiropractic and medical techniques are individualized to treat each patient's issues I became a huge fan after meeting doctor Kendra. And torn her distilled. Nor plan physical medicine will set you on the path to healthier. And happier you. Schedule free consultation and nor plan physical medicine dot com. You don't you're talking about 41. And so they text look sort back march. But yes the community of Plattsburgh Missouri. Voted. The scoreboard at fort three. In support. Of a four day school week. Monday through Thursday. And they didn't do it because they wanted to save energy your turn off flights or anything. They did it to retain teachers in their small town wearing only a district has a 25%. Turn over rate. Annually. With their teacher ranks. So they thought if we go to a Monday through Thursday schedule. Maybe we can keep teachers longer. Now it sounds great. Let's send the kids is go longer appear in the day. But they only go Monday through Thursday. Sounds great unless Europe and that doesn't work in the district right. What would you do. If you. Sent your first grader to school Monday through Thursday but you worked at the sprint center or campus you. You would have to find daycare on our brains one day a week. But if you have a kindergarten or first grader and a sixth grader and a high schooler. The high schooler stays home smokes weed watches the kids it's mostly. It probably is a model. That has cost some parents. Daycare. Probably. Somebody says lathrop Missouri and of those true or not but they say late term misery. Is four days a week for years. Our costs are bigger part it's Tuesday through Friday. The school provides free care on Monday is sort you really sending your kids to school that on Monday. You're only doing it to retain teachers pass. But the kids still have to go somewhere. There's somebody else says everybody likes it. Okay what do you do with your kid on Monday let's say it is Tuesday through Friday. What do you do with your kid on that Monday. Why don't we all I don't we don't work Tuesday through Friday. Take Saturday Sunday Monday off. I'm 767798. Skits of the newsroom here is Caremark. Now I'm KMB Zain. Lawrence mom accused of trying to kill her children will go through a mental evaluation more next. Did you write your doctor take in the center for nutrition and Lee wouldn't 135 then wrote a my girlfriend's down more than fifty pounds I dropped twenty before I went to Mexico I've kept every ounce of it off. Medically managed weight loss he got to give it a try if you've tried everything. If you're tired of banging your head against a wall. Tried medically managed weight loss looks cool be back concessions soon takes some time for you. With the kids go back. And check out doctor Tate go went for that first free consultation. And see what he can do for you maybe for you it's a thyroid issue it's a vitamin deficiency. That's what their their did you get to the bottom of your weight loss struggle give doctor take a call now on 913814222. 9138148222. Ortega nutrition dot com. Your talent Dana sentient. Ford 31 in Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks or a woman from Columbia Missouri charged with intentionally driving into the Kansas river and warrants. Killing one of her children and injuring another and will undergo a mental evaluation. 26 year old Sharon dingle line is charged with first degree murder. She in her one year old son survived the the body of her five year old daughter Amaya was pulled from the river on Saturday. A little boy remains in the icy year old. A tragic discovery at a compound in northern New Mexico where eleven malnourished children living in filthy conditions were rescued. And emotional news conference today taos county sheriff Jeff for Nigeria hope Griff announcing that they have found remains of the young boy on the property and those who. And turned over to the office of medical investigations. No positive identification of that child has been made this time when. The men arrested when the children were rescued last Friday was wanted on a child abduction warned in Georgia a boy had been reported missing. We'll check traffic and weather together next. 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Because of the heavy rain we had this morning we'll see some patchy fog developing that could slow you down for your morning drive 65 in the morning afternoon high of 89. As a follow bliss since guys become mostly sunny. Winds will be light tomorrow not much humidity 93 on Thursday. In about 92 degrees on Friday the partly on these guys. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. It's eighty fiber in RG CI 86 downtown 8780 or official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the F intake is everywhere you go. ARAMARK certainly is 981 KM BZ. See you might even do that combat million content that isn't any and none of the government to give I didn't do that and got no you can bet is that any. She's a throwback to the savings could. And Paul in St. Joe hello Paul. And there and he died that I really appreciate you get some. Under we're. Who serve or question. Every order taken at about doctor real quick. We have a lot of problems across the united day where sports. Which shooting. Where that money to fund the schools. Where it what to do with the teachers at the schools. Start shut down. They need a world where most people need cheer right now I think. It is they need to get home school. I have three kids. Will be at our schools. Are behind that computer most that the with supervision. Of cameras that are Bluetooth to the soulful. You can keep track of your kid it's what they're going to monitor turn them. Let's stop on school. 812. Key to monitor on them on the hours that the behind the that computer. They have been in school. For all of squirrel. Great working. And that's what my opinion is you guys have. And I don't know trouble off angle out. Not am I understand your interest and your enthusiasm. For home schooling but you would agree not everybody can can do that. Well. So be. Under again being. Under blue collar. People out which are actually the backbone of America. Those kids' well being focused on war. In that class lecture room. In there and with that. And stuff they are it's not like segregation to me. But they won't be much the people that can only go forward. Kmart where answers to that might. And admit women you're confusing me her poll. Are you saying we should all go to home schooling and get rid of public education is or where you're arguing I'm confused. Walks. Away and territory in the late excited you don't want. Shootings that are going aren't. And let them all or hang up. I understand your point about the school shootings and and that has been a horrible thing that has been going on in America since the 1990s. But how are we going for example. I would not be able to home school my children it is. Is it full time job it would be a full time job and and the people that we know who have done it have won parents generally in the home. And that is their job is to be the teacher. And so if everyone was gonna do that one person in that home. Would have to stay home when they not. Okay well I sure what is wrong way that there's going to be teachers without a job. Which would create more chops. To replace little. If they were. To record at home. Also now but wait a minute but then you have to hire now. Them now I don't just pay a small seed to send my kids to public schools. Which I do through taxes primarily. Now I have to hire someone to come into my home. During the day and teach my children on computers I can't afford. Release schools. Already supplying. You're art students where tablets. Is. OK he's over there that the get the ship that's there around. There were postpone school. So why can't beat each crew but he. And goes. Sioux Saint Paul and listen in a utopian world. You know could everyone stay home and facilitate. Them. Or supplement with with what a school would provide some you you could school your child at home at navy. I don't have the temperament to do that. I have four children at varying ages. Along the school continue on. There's no way I can home school those camps there's no way. I think it's for some people I think it sounds good on paper for others and I think it is extremely impractical. For most. Families and. Who goes out when it went on whether that's the one right for the husband doesn't matter. But take my my situation right. I I make a decent living. No doubt about it. I do not have I have a girlfriend but she has her own home. What am I going to do with my cute let's bring in hair. And you want. Spent all day running back in force to back off was going to ask Sarah that's not correct payola bureau back in Napa commercials are about and I got to go to breast apart Bobby. It doesn't work it's not it's not practical. And I I I think he started going Downey socio economic conversation went down a socialist cumbersome well. The government starts jamming out everything you need to provide. And let's be honest. Or that some parents in America who should not be home schooling. Yes. I mean every time we hear about a kid. Stored in an addict quite frankly Scott and that is all under the act are. As parents in America who should not feel like ode to home school so what do you do that. US animal makers to get on school over the you know and she just looks like this they provides sport and an education he has provided some cases breakfast. In most cases lunch. When asked Google to share the school before school care. Paul I love your passion my friend. And it sounds good on paper I don't think looks good in real. I'm Kevin Lee's summit hello Kevin hey look what oh it's good to hear your voice of an event. Slave like work while their younger days. Wet I got weapons were you a quick one Hillary wanna backlit the government got forever our number one would take CommVault. That you know you're cute about it go to college Abu Dhabi airport and major white who. You always think about multiple in my group. Are right the other thing where. We W. PB so our feet and ran longer than they do today. So when you talk about the music industry with our television unit and we're spending by government episode. Per season and in all and the be so now you want you to get thirteen. There. Are there everything was. If you have forty school week for kids or teenagers now they can go to work. Up. Yeah but now but if they could have dipped for the big ones who fortified they are what is it that would do if they don't have those that are brought it into gear. Can you debate it may actually network or other families or they can go to Italy beat couldn't put it worked at data. About a good book but Kevin Kevin what your forgetting here is what about the family okay that works Monday through Friday. I it pays their taxes to provide for public education for their children and now has to find extra money. To pay for somebody to come over my daughter to come over. And watch their kid on a Monday when they otherwise would have been in a public school while the parents still has to go to work. I understand which your fans that without pat and ultimately get to Luc Richard well. You also generating responsibility your opportunity income also what it teenager who has nothing else to do as well post sometime in May be. A bad thing with the kinetic but the big picture but sometimes often sub economic data on the liberal side of that as well. If it wasn't for him before we would be working seven days a week where there will be there and reported the reason we had very differently. Then why do other countries have Saturdays and Sundays off. Maybe if I don't dated they're part of maybe. But may be both countries follows two wins here before it helped introduce the introduced the whole process of having certain credit for America. Our pay Kevin always great to hear remorse for I 7677. Nebraska furniture mart is turning 81. 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A lot of business publications have looked into this which companies have done it which countries have done it two hours of forty work. Eight hours a day eight hours a day third day workweek war there was a company called. And this is interesting because it's worked for some and it has failed for others and there could be lots of reasons why please help Russert design. And they switch to afford it workweek and when he thirteen okay so instead of working on Friday's. Employees schedules went from 6:30. In the morning to 5 PM Monday through Thursday. Since that running off I worked at a place in Dallas that did. Four tenths. He still works forty hours in a week. It's who worked for tens and you were off Friday Saturday and Sunday how to work out it was great and we got a lot of work done. You talk was the first state to enforce four day work weeks among state employees but that program lasted only three years. Then there was another company and they tried it. And and they pulled back. So they did it for three years. The place was colds. She was an online learning place. They did it for three years and in the CEOs stepped in and said no were having metal do layoffs. We're gonna go back to forty hours he says quote monitor or front yeah I says we were nigh eve it was hopeful. But after laying off nearly 20% of its 104 employees. They implemented a five day work week he said he could not reconcile. Laying people off. While letting others work 32 hours a week. I mean could cities and counties and states beat justice productive in four days is five. Well I mean take the driver's license bureau here in Johnson County for example they were all on Monday it is. Number a little Leah and what does that lead to more lines. And good people the point where they had to set Monday hours in the summer. By the way thank god I went to vote today and if a mission compass which ultimately tonight I'll never be sold on us on the radio again. I went to vote today. Only to find out that my driver's license expired two months ago why else. Hall you know what a pain it is to get it reissued. Now. But that. I wasn't paying any attention. It's on your birthday every. Eight years okay. It was a pink. I go to vote today the lady's presence here. The ladies says I can I have some picture ideas insurance whip up a driver's license she scans at under the new bar code thing that they've got. They get your ballot NGOs OMR parks areas choose your licenses expire. To which I look at her go. Up the meadows oaks hearts are. I am Tony in nineteen. One more year. So what do you have to do now warriors or go to new life here's an idea I think this happened to be wants as many years ago. They make it painful when you make that stick so to pay I didn't pay any attention I think you have to read. Take the test I think easily now that I got the new glasses no problem. Give give me a look up a question even flying. Passports. Okay. And our troop was in early June my license expired images and so I was still technically street legal. Man women rod size or some cause she EC. Drivers can we're knew their licenses every 34 or six years depending on their eight she really understate. From from from from. What you do have expires. Okay in most cases you can renew your driver's license by mail or in person. You'll need an extra year renewal on time aim or you have to retake the written. And drew right. Yeah. Obvious now planet fitness. Park in between accountants her. I am not. Read drive I told you I knew in Kansas if you let that sucker expire it is a change. Of I think you have to. To all of that stuff again. Or so. Ago. You're it is illegal. If you are you can be detained. In force it's. You know the requires drivers examination and X. It's don't want. To. For review licensed past or expiration date and one. Rot there's one dollar. And borrow a dollar yeah. One dollar. Mark at the wrong trees and ask for their buck. You can verify your identity with your expired license. But you need of a statement from another person living in the same household and I don't have anybody else okay. Under what system is that not faulty. As my friend Bob Hayes is saying my name is okay. You need a marriage certificate which you don't. Banker finance of document with your address and utility bill. Then to pass a vision exam. It's applicable fees. He let it he let it expire. It was XXX. I found out wanna would you vote today the my driver's license was expired. How much. Two months. I'm gonna sneak in to that office. When he goes there with his paperwork. I'm just gonna when he. Gets up there. Like now searching C 4136. And I'm gonna scream. Yeah. Don't you were to cash is is it un document it's because what you are its class. CL ASS. As in class a or receive. Or do you misdemeanor class. Messaging data rates may apply Texan in the seventy rated one year in the running for a thousand dollars. Your keyword this hours clock 72 rated one newsroom Caremark. Happening now I'm KM BZ only a couple more hours for voters to cast their ballots in the primary today and more and axed. Close ones right now because summer is here and you need to protect those outdoor areas of your. They're experienced team come out clean unseal any wood or concrete surface with a clear penetrating permanent sealant. Imagine the cost of replacing your decked driveway patio seal once Casey helps eliminate those worries because they operate 25 your warranty. Against deterioration. And how about those cracked and staying garage or basement floors that got you covered there. They'll put that permanent polymer decorative Cody down easy to clean non slipped texture will really bring that while factor to your home. 169423927. 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