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Thursday, December 7th

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What's Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending losers what's trimmed. On this day with Jamie it would get on 98 winds KM BZ. Washington as the number one trending topic in Kansas City you what I guess line. I would bet because of these problems that we're earlier in the wrong Washington. It is actually the University of Washington Huskies came in despray senator yesterday. And it decided to beat Kansas in the jayhawks shoot out host Kansas posting their old at. I guess turn a bit. Their own invitational yet they got beat by UW it's funny. When you're a true you say your truth rampant every excuse in the book are why you lost. Besides the fact that you just got outplayed yeah why would you it's trying to senator Sam bills so stopped staging lanes at this Britain and Russia played terrible there. Did he lost as many games at sprint center is he has it now that's a that's actually rise he does not. Do well when he comes to Kansas City a blaze that had spread senator. I was the first loss of the season for the second ranked jayhawks they lost to Washington. Walter Scott is trending because it came in this morning that eight former South Carolina police officer Michael Slater has been sentenced in 1924 years in prison. For the deadly shooting at Walter Scott who was un armed at the time was this the one. It was chasing him through the pork or whatever is that sounds familiar. I think regular air I think that was the and somebody happen to catch the whole thing on video room and they shot him Garrett that was a bad one -- all of these too bad that when I I definitely do you remember. A couple of things about Kansas are trending including when Gerald mic not Mike Vick but Gerald Vick. Condo market is trending. The zoo basketball like yesterday. They beats Miami of Ohio 7051 but the reason why I coach Martin is trending. I think the team that played the hardest didn't win the game that was his quote so they may have won by nineteen. But coach Barton didn't think they've played all that well. And Al Franken has trending of course because as we've played for you live in about 10:45 this morning senator at a Minnesota. Has a resigns. A minute why eight women now that have come forward and accused him some kind of sexual misconduct and it came after multiple US senators. Paula Democrats called on him to step down yet this. Been the breaking news have been talking about it a lot. All morning and now here to the afternoon will get some more of your reaction to it coming up. Here and a bit sent it to a guy that's about bats and I've got my list is pretty empty after that Pearl Harbor is trying to get in that more here in about. It's they just Pearl Harbor day 76 years ago the Japanese dropped all kinds of bombs. On not pro harbor and seeing that it is Pearl Harbor day. We are going to be joined by a World War II veteran this gentleman is 93. Years old. And his name is Bob. I believe its roster moment Bob roster much is gonna join us coming up next it'll be interesting to see what his thoughts are because. You know were world we don't think there's too many World War I veterans there are many people to tell the story of the day down to keep. Making sure that we're hearing those stories while we can't absolutely so he's gonna join us coming up next. And a reminder. Tomorrow's the day tomorrow as the finale Jamie. Come out and siesta rod Dixon at Ford and great town for the finale of coats for kids this is it if you wanna donate coats you gotta do it tonight theatre through closets tonight. And drop them off to us I can tomorrow we'd love to see yet it's always a fun day gotten to the whole cast out for today. But if you can't make it all the way out there you can still drop them off at any price cleaners or prime sleep location. All over the Kansas City metro. And he can't do that extra money. 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Today is a very special day in our nation's history 76 years ago the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. And then of course we all know what happened after that we joint world war two and the rest as they say is history but hear talk about that history with us. Is a man was a World War II veteran we are pleased and honored to be joined by Bob roster moment. Here on 91 KM BZMR. Roster and thank you so much the time how are you this afternoon. I. And talk. About. Your life before the at the Pearl Harbor attack because I have to imagine there was probably a lot of anticipation a lot of lot of stuff going around this country should we shouldn't we should we shouldn't we get involved in the war. We're doing all the public we didn't didn't give him on should cost of government knew what was wrong. Let the public mood didn't have a lot. In the political opponents. The world. Course. Even the big shock or not apple. What will meet. So it would look like I know. Just a little bit of your background in terms of where you were when when all of this happened. Little idea. What course to my quarter and one year I graduated my school. I'm. I was actually born when that happened. Susan you you've gotten the dinner. Like that was cool what was whoever. What. Moved quite a shock. Didn't expect and like. And the last group. Did all of them Olympic gold or you want to recruit local of course. I believe. Now Bob. Did you know at that point. That you're going to edit it to analyst and an NB part of this mean you you obviously. It had to know that you were building something for even greater cause. Yeah I was seventeen year rule. At the time. Yeah. I didn't have a much. Who lived on the we have. And I happened to be it and it'll be over in Oakland. After I was moved we'll one who. Want mama want more at all. And there's just opened up and believe that I am alone you know my injury that seventies. I had known errors not. All of the informant that kept it quiet. And I have a chance to do award implement. The original crew on Google and you don't want to be. War. I you know I let alone my mom moved all of one man. Were you afraid when you went and a what was gonna come. Why were. Leave you alone or your on oh. They're all important to. Lose a bit on me. We're joined by World War II veteran about roster but here on Pearl Harbor day. On 91 KMB easy at what comes next you you hear your name called your number called you don't defer even though you're offered a deferment. Well what comes next for you. We're all along download them in the morning. And that's where I. When in the little. And from where. We shouldn't do. Miami Beach. And I don't feel my body Ukrainian army reached down. Pretty well. As does that pretty good spot mr. roster and with it at. Yeah. Yeah we need to do people killed on the big. Football player in the Arab. Grady down now are up there because you run on the most volatile north or a girl hard. And from and I look I took them. On north Korean central motive. In. I don't remember it. Buckled the old. School of gummery and so or. I was pretty good good question ought to unlike the Denver area. So from dueling to Miami to Denver. Where where major your your tour take you to next word is the next spot for you. As the war was rolling on. And those who signed to a group who would want. To. Let's move here and there. You're lethal. A lot of gonorrhea of winning recognition of shall quote. Animal. And animal. I don't know enough about who went forward who. And you're in there about cooler than. All of their daughter grow up Bob intentional or hypocrisy. I want it then yanks nor. Korolev should go with the. Can we talk about Pearl Harbor bang and can we talk about where you were that Uday and what knowledge you got about what happened and what your reaction was to that drug and industries know what your experience related to pro harbor why. Wall a little bit didn't. They. I would have been. Little column on a novel about where I live. They they have what happened. And core group who got their blood. Paired up around that are and a they knew eventually it be going into the would move. I've been doing it aboard. After the bomb dropped this tournament did the did the country changed did you get a feeling of love. Everybody getting behind the war effort. All definitely there was. Well you know you're there were many that you couldn't really you know. You've got to move from the all what kind of felt it I mean. Court that was no big deal program this world for our guys. And then. Well and I'm sorry that manner on and then. We've talked before about the treatment of veterans after they've backed the Vietnam War from different conflicts. As time has gone on and on how do you feel about the way that veterans are treated after they get back. All who. No word out of there and it we're. Didn't look what could that come whatsoever. Newton more involvement. There's. After I do go almost sure emotional life had a chance go to college career. And some other there were some. Advantages. What. A little tired of them online bella doll they but we'll. Howard dollar they earned. We used to have them on line and I saw my I'm not an online and more flawed. It's up up up. Well our goal. I don't know. We'll look that the peak when they called budget who was called the year got quote there's been. Whether they'll leak. Well. As you you you mentioned you went all over different cities in the country for training and whatnot. You go overseas where where where you shipped when he came to the war effort. Well who are old student who will Wear a little Powell Colin Powell in England. And we've got ready quoted they've been down more remote. Called Malone hall of view about sort of and so you could garner enough water at all. Good wouldn't it could be QQ and a it could have Molder of certain. Whether it did at all. And I learn or all of the ball or they could. Neutral. Lending. I know it. On the beat Kim Maria. Looked at all the armory is your. There and they don't know Arab the only evacuated. There and wounded conventional group all of all along who wrote a bunch of no. Laid down. Together. Patent pool unwarranted. And believable if it is amazing the here. That story and and so many more how long were you over fighting in Europe. What follows will work. Dual war little roller there and nine. Took our bill let them feel moved and we're all gonna go to. The move puts it picked. Up by the time we've done and all over the country that is typical cold blooded cold weather. But were you ready to go fight in the Pacific. Or. Unbelievable. Mr. Ross meant I wanna thank you so much but for the time and you're a busy man and tear your grandson Jake. For reaching out and getting us in touch with you it is a very important day in our nation's history on Pearl Harbor day we think you so much you and the rest of your Brothers in arms. For your service and think for a very much for joining us here in Kansas City. Well whole globe and there. It is that a little also. 00 I I believe there are a lot of people right now is sitting in all. And I know that you told your grandson how much are we going to be Pena the check is in the mail sir. Well. I don't expect anybody. Think it's a you have a wonderful day now. Aren't. You thanks. World War II veteran Bob roster many here on KM BZ it really is interesting on. To talk to somebody who is central war and see what they're willing to say about it on about retirement a Smart and as items in Vietnam and never talked about it ever and Hillary's I know anything about his experiences. The letters sent my mom was there and it's always relate. It was handled it really delicately because on they have seen things that we cannot even imagine and that I presume that doesn't get easier. To talk about over time and so it's were really unlucky via the your stories he is ninety. Three years old. And he will. Turn nine before next week some forgot to wish me happy early birthday he turns 94 next week. And we thank him for his time again his name is Bob roster and we appreciate him coming on here on Pearl Harbor day it's midday with Jamie wicket. Big story of the day. Al Franken resigning. His speech just before 11 o'clock on the senate floor look at that more on that for you coming up the 1 o'clock hour. The big story nationally. That we were talking about earlier today. Or is the California wildfires and so really upset. That I saw. On her FaceBook page are opposed to the story. Last night about 2 o'clock in the morning. It was a link. How to help Southern California wildfire victims in you and I ate you know we've we've seen this everybody's that's appeared. You know paying attention you've seen the how to help. RB victims out there help northern California by victims out Al Mexican earthquake victims how to help Burma Maria. Now we've become pretty accustomed to having to Texan a number of Ted donate yeah that's the Red Cross right exactly. So I put the link. Yesterday or early this morning how to help Southern California wildfire victims. And the answers that many people collect. On the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ really upset me. I really hope that this is not. And I don't FaceBook it's like I've I've got a degree in FaceBook. Are on Alex actress. FaceBook is. Eight play. FaceBook what it comes to placing a radio station or any sort of group posting. As opposed to may be your own personal account people eat out now is is basically where you can go and say whatever you want because you think. That your on top of the world and no one's gonna come after you and for the most part nobody does. Com. And and maybe it's a place where your true colors really shine. And I hope that's not where your true colors really shine if you are a resident. Of Missouri. Or resident of Kansas. Here in the Kansas City area because. I don't know if it's because were a conservative part of the country. In California is deemed. A liberal state. Which some of you are awful. So what you are terrible. All of you like to think it's the minority of very small minority first comment. Again how to help Southern California wildlife victims isn't this fire has been raging for three or four days now. Has gone over to thousands of acres. People are losing homes. People are losing stuff. I don't know there's been a ton of people have lost their lives but they're losing everything. First comment LOL laugh out loud. Think it's a joke. To wanna help other Americans. Because they live an estate it tends to lean left. It's unfortunate. Yeah welcome back to that because thing here sack mark writes. Best I bet if we pissed on California it might go out. But. It it can be just because. Someone has a different political view doesn't make them any less of an American and you. Like if it it about a block a bite marks house and it was on fire and animal a bleeding heart liberal. And he's a staunch conservative this house is on fire I'm doing everything to make sure that house is no longer odds. Connor right wrote because there's a picture of the church in the the link that we shared. There's still a Christian church left in socal. That has to do with that. I act like only your only gonna help out of bees have a Christian but do you think mean yeah I do I really do think some of these people read it like I I believe. Tommy. Once secure with smothering it with liberal tears. I hope this is not. Missouri Kansas Kansas City. This is how this is not the midwest. As somebody pointed out of the tax message. Are the tax line. Jim writes forced the illegals to fight the fires they put it out they can be fast track for citizenship. If not they go home and a box. What a excellent read to unify command on we talked about this and at 10 o'clock hour stark is a pretty frustrating way to start the day and from where I say I'm kind of confused by it Colleen I eve I'd but I don't I'm looking for the reason if it's. Because there's no reason you give me where this is okay if the reason is you're being twirled it does make you upset I don't understand why someone wants to do that don't get the psychology that. And it's because they genuinely. Believe that I've arts and that it. Celeste talked about this in the 10 o'clock hour we got about to this point where we talked about building and you read these tag you redneck of FaceBook and YouTube supply. Because let me read you a series of tax that we got into a car in response to us upsets that does is we laid out like is it. Because you don't relate to California is it because you think there'll rich people said that I wanna help them because there'll rich and girl lived in all Hollywood right. Given reasons. Here is one outlook is and has proven to be a mental disorder with empirical evidence to back it up liberals are scored and a disease on this great country. While while while. I am a bleeding heart liberal and I cried when I saw what was going on in taxes and I would have walked off my job and gunned down there and help if I cut it good for you man here's an excellent I hate to tell you but the liberals hate conservatives. Morton's there's hate liberals when it comes to postings really because the 12 Texaco was liberalism is disease on this country and others yes there are significantly more Republicans than Democrats controlling agent tribalism and lack critical thinking this has been literally studied improvement. It became a fight about politics and that's sucks. And it's so common. It stinks that we are at that point I don't know this every liberal. Will say conservatives are so much more negative and every conservative will sake I Democrats are shown much more negative. What it comes to people losing their houses and losing their land and losing their earth beings and potentially die union. Can't put away who you voted for last November can't put away your eyes with her sticker or you're my hat can't put away. And and come together for a state that might lean left more than it leans right. For the record there are more registered Republicans in the state of California than there are in Missouri or Kansas. And probably combined. I don't have that math but there are more than in each but see you actually take time without I knew I didn't. Op most people are not going to seek out information before forming I would. I was to I have friends that live in Houston I was devastated by what happened army I've made my donation and lord knows that states never gonna turn blue. You don't like is there they're Americans. So here's one this Richard. Again I put the link. Of how to help Southern California. Fire victims. Richard writes the best help would be gasoline in the whole state needs to burned to the ground. What is wrong with you what is wrong with you. Somebody else wrote I don't remember a good thing Cali is done for the US saint Lyle all the wanna do was whining cry about everything. Jerry. And I hope this is not who this this city years. And I'm not even get a radio I'm Natalie you look at the tax and no break because there're couple things that. I go forth about it do you given attention or do you not because I think it's it's important to note that this is happening it's important for listeners to note that. If you're not already aware that this is somewhat the conversation is in this country. It's out there if you work our FaceBook page already and I also acknowledged that talking about it. Gives those people more fuel for their fire again I don't get the reason I I don't understand why you're looking for fuel and wire looking for things to be fired up about. Because a look at some of the most random crap that's coming under tax lines some of the most hateful ugly. Words I've seen in tax and think what's your motivation for. Stock Stephen Kansas City steadier and came easy. Say good morning I think he'd called him well. Part of the problem right now is. Is are these. And I don't wanna put my Mo whatever that younger generation. For our many years today. And raised right they don't have a proper ideals. They don't understand compassion. They're all about themselves. And yes it may be elect their. Premier right I don't know. Diet they need to learn. You know sometimes you're gonna need help. You can't hate ever by the. I like something out really quickly wicket in Cerritos GAAP are you aware of the ages of the general age range of people that are making the comments. I have an art I mean. I looked at I thought I'd idol FaceBook because I don't Lehman because I think the way you'd hide. Aren't your comment. I agree the that the we have the I don't have the exact age of these particular people that are making these when you can look at their pictures and know they are not their most likely all over the age of 35. And we have the numbers of who uses FaceBook persons who uses instinct members as we uses Twitter. And the older that FaceBook has the oldest users' Twitter and snap Chad have the youngest users we know these for a fact because every. The radio station targets things differently based on male female and ages. That's just part of the reason we invest in things like. Tracking who's using white FaceBook users tend to be older. And that's the reason I I pointed out let's not unfairly target the younger generation windows was people that were not necessarily younger to these are millennial. These are this isn't Travis writes. These are these are older people I mean I don't these are gen X Ers. Yeah I did those balloons actually like California. That's true you liberal idiots like California. Is something Travis when you went to ask is this a lot and unfortunately you've been labeled something that peep a lot of people think is lazy and and you don't have good values and you just on social media and you think and things OK so when you hear comet like that would he thanked. It's pretty annoying. I mean that's kind of only way I can really put it point it is it's annoying that just because her millennial was and that routes lotion media. That word young yen according to everyone else that are older dumb. But you're the one who also raised as well. The tip to Steve's point. It doesn't matter it's a right or left there in their needs to be more respect. The needs to be more. Patriotism. They're needs to be more love for your fellow Americans. On all fronts but to see this disgusting. Old crap org suggests on California. They'll put the flames or how can suggest. Take a moment applause and dot before you lose something like. I just don't I don't understand the need to react to everything and their. Earlier if you hurt yuck I mean there are more young people getting involved with politics now than ever. But there are still if you compare generations colonials whatever the hell generation I am gen X baby boomers or whatever it's still the mind nor. And it shouldn't be about politics it shouldn't it should be about everything is about how it sucks that you say edgy but you're right we learn it every day. Steve thank you for your phone comment appreciate it because when someone doesn't like something and I mean you wing as you get the slot and video on when someone doesn't like something you say me. Mike what they call you lived art and they go after your politics aren't subject as regardless of what nonpolitical topic we're talking about. If they don't like what you're saying. They think the biggest way to let you know it is to insult politics with me giggle after personals because when and attended pork. I get called names like Jack call this is wired Mary that's kind of crap I guess you'd call click tarred and an actor politics at its socks it is shouldn't be that way we like. I don't hate conservative people. If I did I would hate Scott parks and I don't hate Scott parks. Do you use. A on we really how they conservative equivalent of what tart like there's no word that liberals use. If there is one till freedom tell me what it is because we never hear it. So I don't know what it is I I just. I'm a midwest guy. I've lived in the midwest for most of my life. All of my adult life I was in Michigan I was in Wisconsin I now live in Missouri. I've been all around the midwest there right. This is not midwest values to say which is on the flames and burn the place down. Aesthetic that Christian way to think about things that and I know these just FaceBook trolls I should let him get to me. The first thing I sought 7:30 this morning when I woke up. And as one time to. And I believe that there are more good people in Kansas and Missouri that listen to us. And these jackass is on her FaceBook page so we've got all line up well. I'm sorry wasn't looking. All right. Henry nick. Alex everybody. Stick right there is this way things aren't we because it's California and it's a lot state that is what I've learned to the ground. People idiots. Take your phone calls governor next year and came easy. We're praying for her. Again all of those who are affected. But painless so for our first responders say are truly nobility. It's posting. 81 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket we are taking your phone calls just it and it it it is just about the reaction. That we are getting right now or we initially got. Out of the gate. If you're just joining us posted a link overnight 2 o'clock in the morning something like that. How to help Southern California wildfire victims I mean we're talking thousands of acres. Thousands 90000 or something it's like forty miles of earned at California 200 homes destroyed. We've got tens of thousands of people evacuated tens of thousands of homes out of power on an eighty mile an hour winds. Not helping firefighters contain. So the first response to how to help the Southern California wildfire victims LO well. Another one at that if we pissed on California it would go out. Another one. Were the illegals to fight the fire they put it out they can be fast tracked for citizenship if not eagle and a box. Tommy writes smothering with liberal skiers. Richard writes the best would be gasoline that whole state needs to burn to the ground. Justice and I know this is FaceBook and very aware that these are trolls. But it sucks that these people feel that. We're Americans first regardless I I know. Kansas and Missouri lean right and California leans left in the coastal lead on all California's Hollywood. That'll California's rich. And you wanna kiss on the fire. It had to put it out. What's wrong with you people not every one most people listening I'm not talking do you talk to these idiots. 576779. Makes it a midwest guy and moved to Kansas City back two years ago and take to hear. Did it to see this I hope this doesn't represented most of this this area. I fear represents a large portion of it but I hope it's not a really large portion. Nick in Kansas City thanks for hanging on Camby soon. I had a bug and it. I I they are not millennial. That way you know that not all Maloney. Just I just about Travis is this pumping in the producers studio yeah. I'm surprised. That you are too busy playing ha. I ran out of Myanmar beta exam. Yeah. I expressed. My baby boy aren't you on there and you. Thank you. I I grew up in Idaho. And obviously pretty conservative area like you said that very thing you lean right as well. IE agreed that the people are very. Drain minority I think they're just trying to get a rise out of people and how that guy. You Burlington I apologize if that guy made that prominent UAE and Saudi. And he might be in the basement with you nick play and halo. Exactly. He's done a little banter. Out. I I I I think if it's completely ridiculous and not treat these people like their citizens at the same you mean. I'm at the end of the we you know protect this country has come together for any reason we got canceled a crucial that those folks just the same. I'm so you act like that are up political Philly a mention of any bearing on how we treat each other people. It's I think one of the biggest problem nowadays and trying to get like these guys talking about my meals. Yeah doesn't know mean active player hours out of my body. I guess like little insert then beard and I've got friends that are fighting the fires right now in California and they say you know they're lighter red. And they didn't hesitate to go down and help out. Nim hey thanks for the compliment appreciate it and get back playing halo and drinking your mountain to. And you know taking your zip car and not owning a car not in a knot and getting a house. Sensing an outline how Ira and my money on travel. Conflicts of residents and it's the proposal ideals here. When everything neck and Paula get into New York Knicks go right to the first caller every time nicks here again letting you know it. It's not a FaceBook page and again Jimmie I know it's not every one in Kansas I know it's not the majority of people in Kansas or in Missouri. Put that that the the hatred that comes out for New York or California or anyone on the coasts. From people around here who think their their terrible humans because they're Democrats or vice Versa. This is not just. Pointed at that they hatred towards liberals it's the same thing I write not everybody in the flyover states. Is a racist conservatives are right. It goes both ways. A fire in Kansas a fire in Missouri a fire in California. A firing North Dakota or a hurricane. In in Louisiana. We should all care about these things because we are Americans. I can't wrote click yeah I don't know where we are to mar our. You and an early at a news here. So at this time tomorrow we will be live from Dixon a sport in great town in fact the whole day will be Allen's check will be out there in the morning animal Joyner at 10 o'clock. And then Dana parks take over two and go until 6 o'clock this is the finale of markets for kids drive yes we're at the end. And we still need your help I am pretty major away and so we have one night tonight to go home and go through your closet. See what your kids about Rollins see what you don't need anymore because we need the adult coats Stew and bring those out to us can't get out there tomorrow. Any right cleaners location or any crimes publication but it's got to beat the fort Maher or or targets. It's tomorrow they go around the pick all the coyotes tomorrow night they clean I'm clean abundant amount I mean there's all different kinds of all the Casey no Casey came all the kids that. Need coats and just as you may have given one last year Gillick well I gable and last year its current assets that it's pretty and you're Needham every year. Yeah so it is dead and native of all sizes if you're an adult you like I got to coach but I'm I'm 35 guess what there are some tall teen agers and there are some tall teen agers and a that are gonna need those coats of tomorrow is the finale. And don't forget the big money Honeywell challenge for you Kansas City we need ten Casey businesses to step up and noted a thousand bucks. Your donation will be matched by Honeywell of Kansas City if you can make that donation call 9137443743. It's 9137443743. In the rotary clubs of Casey by brand new coats for kids in Kansas City how cool is that this I took the dogs out this morning holy war is that cold I left my current car last night and good and Warren. And where in the thick sweater no my cult start. Winchell that he six eyesight is seventeen degrees and I looked at the snoring imagine standing outside for the bus.