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Friday, July 14th

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When you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really do a lot when you don't remind you why it's what's trending with Damian went in early and they feel like you're. Blood doesn't seem right there on 98 point 01 KMD's. What gets back Monday in his place today Jason Evans after aides on the rock hall hello are a wonderful but I'm having a blast the first two hours. It really does live I don't feel like about my favorite pub right now is two hours a bit in particular hour. Two more than I kind of get home my disappear because that's what we did not visited us or you need to do that that into the they say that but again it's it's intercom policy does not allow any sort of you drinking like that your. We give jobs because they give it away doesn't mean I'm consuming and in that moment at that spine. And I Holland Hubbell I got to what's going on. I'm out of believe me I have like good I would I gotta I gotta hit that target GA I got new I gotta hit that bank the bond. I've gotten older I've got to do all these things these two hours before the the wife and I and childhood two Southern California. Art Travis and need help because a lot of sports stuff turning today and I don't know what any of it is it's ultimately the studio and you've got into a test of art putt. Jobless and. He's the bass player for the Red Sox and he was just that on a designated lead content. ABC don't want anymore. That's a very others well at least you owe him lots of money almost with a million dollars OK in the Red Sox are three and a half games ahead of the Yankees in the AL east keeping track. Cast exporting Casey line. I know that could there. A plane in the US open cup and if they win in the semi finals August 9 the championship will be unique in this. Oh that's exciting I went back. Sometime in August. Let's see you Michael Pineda I believe is also sports related he's a pitcher who is towards DC you know within the tendon in your. Elbow fast enough he would need Tommy John surgery with that and you get these ahead of time there Twitter cook. You are taking a test that he needed to cheat sheets you don't get she -- ovaries Kansas City tour that had 200 that's what's but I think because I it would take forever to care around the sports not so I was alternative sports related that I asked about. No argument there that they're not. But I think there's the big news that a case data about the offensive linemen they came out as escape actually I they came out and certainly talked about yes yes we have you know I've. The I just hear it time to mix right I don't sound insensitive like it's it's great that happened of its interest because it happened like two years ago when he came out I think but he didn't mention it until now what's understandable so because you're gonna get opponents I think you need. Non fans that would grow web based abut. I've I applaud his decision behind it because it's to help I think. And you need to hear about this do hear a lot about. A boys and girls in the gay community. That are in the closet they don't know that it had to come out they don't know how to communicate with their parents or friends or loved ones because. That did you know for example a suicide rate so high rise because. So much for like yeah I love everybody except when they don't meet your standards for what they're doing with their lives were so. Also Bastille day. Which is basically French liberation and the holiday in France and it's turning here because president trump is there that day Ethan if you and ago enjoyed Bastille day we years ago we won't because of my town but look for fraud down right outside the river market blasphemous market I'm very familiar we yeah we've been the last like three years in a row and it is it's just while it is flat so. Some today X it is through fraud that's not I don't consider it to be like a party that kind of places and change. And that's it that's much it's a party it it's not so much it's a like a party but it did it mean it's Bastille day and it's a French restaurants are seeding goes hand and it's just. This is a lot of funds and this is just a really. Indeed it's to sit down spot because the big clear idea that barred because of so many people there. But it's of it's just a blast I got some friends that worked there and we've always enjoyed herself so terms of if that was not a hash tag and it has not pocono. Yeah Africa and its national Mac and Tuesday. So there is that that's all extranet as there's just nothing the world is just kind of sports focused right now on and it ready for weekend after kind of how we think. You did mention it is Bastille day and right now prince military band is playing right now are and they are playing Daft Punk and for. The French. Present looks very happy but trump does not figured he little preview with the play. Again the same. Tim but that's okay. It was not going. He was just buy it but it. Notes and our senior on you. Is that correct that the French president that he can back to yes because she looks like Alfred. Our Jason and for Mike liked it right there as there is Alfred. You know Eagles. French president. To just intrude or something is always like like back I come on in the car is. Imagine this guy right here actor but look at them. And now imagine like it when you go to the the boardwalk and regulate the caricature of an answer right now imagine boom right there. I. Look at the year. Look at your vote. Here is I'm just not about this I. I disagree I disagree I can I get a web person to put those two pictures together you got what is over here because they really do they look like. I think Alfred. Backtracking and I'm not saying this guy and he did present it looks so much alike. The Eagles smattering of freckles across his nose and I think he's just fine on his own about the for a stiff was mom I know he guy you know there among more. Are so because I know you you know since yesterday and threw it fifteen questions for him. Again there are right answers to NASA and Travis will attest that there are you can be on my side are you can be on what that side. The goal is to be on mice could mean Google is not imitate him because nobody wanna do that that's that's not something or even for soldiers and next it's all fourteen ranking and easy. 1219 midday with Jamie and wicket on a Friday is this today. This the run DMC mashup. Is that like the greatest national knowledge is instrumental. He had August it's just does the bumper is a version that Susan Atkins does afternoons on the rocking out on our end of the building today a lot and it down here panel. I'm having a good time. And have a good time tonight starting bond that appear again we we know each other pretty well we we've been at a time together in party. As we share the same agent so. But I've announced comfort for awhile and and he's responded to pass to hang out when he had. Our so just because I just yesterday I Hannity our listeners know you're listeners are familiar with some of the subjects that have come up on the salary Miley well grade school teacher called the hearing Casey's so yes she's found a note and amusement punctuation so score. Got to fifteen and just how you do it took urging our proper traffic flow. It's just proper traffic incidents we are this is your friend and it's this is why we don't do the others that most important one. We got the bonus we also if you don't have to we avoid islands altogether because the back roads you you've given them the more chance to see. Like real life. I thought you were trying to avoid policing can drive bastard that's usually about it to Packard that's why I know I know I mean you've you're entered dodge and accounts human loss traffic. Yeah like yeah sure they got it sorted out as garnered. Rick beer or doctor pepper grip bares all again all the way is this is get. CI one terminal or leave it as is because it's so convenient. You know I I used to be in different opinion on it until I got the actual tour from a cat named Justin up there I saw the underbelly and so the insides and outside everything and so it's. We need to move forward on something there for MCI case something to improve its. I mean it's falling apart bottom wise it's falling apart on you and at one terminal because you're not saying it has no there's no you can't you cannot leave it and I know that. Being here and growing up in Kansas City. I know one of the things and it Steve could ask you about this case he started two on one of things it's all hard for Kansas City and both sides of the state line all the different counties. Is changed oh lead and we don't we after we. Street cars the greatest thing ever happen to Kansas City out sprint centers of media we love power line yeah but before that change aspect is really hard for Kansas City and again. We've we it to be do I like when I had when I imagine change happening Kansas City IC metaphorically speaking like a kid being felt fighting and kicking and screaming being pushed and NB Mike tossed in the toilet hole. People thought was perhaps just. You know that's kind of the same brand and weird things members but isn't the latest on that violate real fast is that councilwoman Julie justice now has started to propose actual ballot language that was the question was. What is the language going to say that voters are gonna vote on in November and she wants it to say private finance I I did read some of that and what it would is eight. Because I think that's that's you know a lot a lot of opponents to it would like we don't want to pay more taxes for a don't do this do that bad then they're saying what was going to be privately funded happened. But it backs and how it. But that's gonna come from that's not that's going to be public money that's going to be ticket fees for people who fly. But it's gonna be user fees that are sex drugs death and taxes are all part of tired and we allies. Are chicken nuggets for adults OK or not okay. You know why I chick like. I mean McDonald's chicken. On he a lot of fast food. But I do make up a little chicken targets and home because we get him for the little one but I like Travis are taken an answer that's a political answer. I don't fight. We at the other end sounds like he's chicken nuggets and I have no problem with yeah I do I fit in it but I don't I don't get them from fast food was she says to an industry with its ice chicken and it's a photographer Joseph and only now and now know. Chaotic at the my I got scared of regret for dinner break. It's a Brett did. I mean. He eats cereal for dinner my god you know if that's good I'm when he needed. Ari yesterday we did its were purple and to a halt its attacks on those forever yesterday. What are you dip your French Fries and yesterday was national French Friday in tweeting about this also yet yet I caiso outlooks I know that it's got parks would not eat any French Fries yesterday he would have freedom Fries the image not a number but I. I'd like to put together demand days the spicy mustard and the catch up and make that and so what does that and the tasting light fantastic book. Figurehead fan I. It's going to be what it's like that and his like has now and it tastes like awesome so you said mayonnaise ketchup in Mosul and mayonnaise ketchup spicy mustard I'm I pride probably shouldn't and I secrets. As a spicy mustard I don't yell monsters that you can do it you can do it it's been done before I just person like having these spicy mustard and first you're you get little rim can he put in the the man is first in the new put on the road the mustard he. But on the and depending on top that's what I like the put together again I don't experts I have been doing this is great school. Guy that you would put together a little spoon and he does. If you figure out. I was trying to knowledge it's fantastic. Taking the most fried French fry and using that is in Asia you're you're totaled but you know you know and into entail team needs it may be the kind of guy that likes a little more ketchup in the air over the spicy mustard garlic you can do that there's. There's no wrong answer for that secret sauce it's fantastic. Our I need to renounce the word for me that follows country club like. Bank. Now what's the word country club the big place in Kansas City the big area of town plaza club say again country club plaza a prison plaza. Well Heidi is a UN plaza on the plaza. And when I'm making fun of people at the ball up and say I do not wanna go down there where it applies. You know like that's I did. For me in conversation. I don't ever bring it up because I never got. Like for me this southern tip of the city now where's Laurie at. It any year you know this is where this is as far as how he got exactly this year yet so but now I use it it's kind of like duke called Missouri. Missouri. Missouri that was fairly well I mean really if your politician you do Jay Nixon duties run that commercial that talk about. Some some some new Missouri but about a mile Missouri. Like it again so it I think it's it's your right to endear it to the people in ways other misery and absolutely as a cult absolutely so yes when I onetime madam. Do you wanna go get a call to on the political analysts say he's never charge of that area those words ever got her out yeah or party when I go to Cheesecake Factory on the plants and a guys okay. Prediction what happens first. Missing gateway redevelopment or street cartoon the plaza. Hopeful he'd disregard this mystery car at this first. I mean that good missing gateway things are going around like a decade since I've been here ten years it's addition moll was torn down before I got here. Guys need whatever reason they keep going through browned and around and around and around so I suspect the street car will probably hit the plasma. Plaza that I have the plot plot. Is to say that there's too much out effort what how do you senate plaza plaza. Posit yes rob them. I have to make an unnatural but on the plaza I think mine teams have everything on top of it but the more I hear you guys him like device he plans are problems I'm going to apply. Hybrid club the political action plans once the pilot plant yeah. Most importantly excellent that Jane you must be from Kansas I'm from Illinois so it doesn't it doesn't make a difference I Illinois now. How well marveled at 100 is we'll do more of these coming up next on please does you'll remember the day that Mike wicket on had to fill in the states on a map and failed. At a really important one I need you to walk over the map that is on the wall over there Jason can identify for me West Virginia. West Virginia that was the wine that he missed labeled on the map was West Virginia I need you to confidently. Without studying at walked over there and accurately identify for me the state of West Virginia. Or tell me what color it is over there. It looks like it's pink it's the pink jacket that they tested that West Virginia. What kind of person I went. How he would feel the State's it would help and he missed he he got up in this West Virginia OK so you're at a game that's our. It. Look at it a couple of things also like Stater tipping it we'll get to the tattoo story coming up now while it's always your speech lousy or lazy but up up. It'll easy. Nick. Out man I loved it though Lenny Kravitz. Did you here's a story about his toilet get back to. Now so did you ever hear this is Jason Evans and Ohio's and vice rock art and so so a few years ago he was like out on tour or whatever and but he had a place. And so maybe that amateur the New York City. And I guess. It's toilets are overflowing when he was gone or something happened and it just flooded his floor like his. Loft apartment whatever and then started going down. The people of whom below eats. But above Abby amazing happened yet miracles. It yet happened yet there and then countries in the video his pants ripped. Up. I'll try to keep you. Feeling here is real easy act. I get your personal Friday problems to to back coming up after 1 o'clock tells we will talk about the story of a guy with a tattooed face I think I'm most offended by what taxi says we'll talk about that here a couple of minutes but. You stand on some really critically important issues to the show I could definitely tell root beer or doctor it's the color of the week. Sometimes you think you're gonna talk about it for thirty seconds is there an hour later you're you're citing a repeater doctor pepper debate. Our compelling reason I. Very strong feelings about the city of Saint Louis and I would like to me oh where you stand it would possess and the city of Saint Louis. We. We took the train out there a couple of years ago and went to city museum of the city museums fantastic. I think that I'd I actually had a did commercials for Anheuser-Busch and a year ago. My dad had him at a at a portray a bartender and training video and a shot while after it out of our beer. I liked how likely consume large Soledad they've. To me. I like the factor baseball stadiums downtown and I I am impressed with with their master and in the city. I I like the fact that at least to me it seems like they've tried to do their best on retaining a lot of the history. Of the building wise architecture wise I heard on the way and like. Johnson county's trying to buy up fourteen homes around the only prison or jail and for for park for parking lot which that's I think that's whatever biggest things in Kansas city's that we've we've done a really good job of destroying so much of our architectural history. That was developed by some incredible names and past. You know I mean driving multiple highways into downtown in the route ago in terms of like. Having it at center court so but in terms of like would ever won one of the leaders. On yet so no I sort of thinks it is is kind of garbage yeah and other than the stadium being downtown and hill label yet because I'm Italian like tell you if you. And the north and neighborhood enforce park where the impasse equal restaurants I think that city is sort of just not necessary I've I've I've Felix people in Saint Louis like to portray themselves like. At the end of the East Coast yes all sides but for that but Chicago is the start of the midwest right you don't try and like it wants to it's meal reminds me a lot of Boston. I like to history of Boston Terrier got us here complex I can clear complex attitude of Boston I don't like that. Just that edge to it is just really an appealing to me at least Boston has a redeeming qualities now. Boston has history Pozen has earned it a little bit suit is not it was does not deserve an answer I've. I've known guys that aren't like them via theater business thing in terms of like putting on shows concerts you know make that doubles and no Micah. A record exit. Exacts a record as a record label guys and couple few album had when they got relocated from the coast or whatever. Right well these Saint Louis is the biggest Midwest City should go there and and I numerous ones have less Saint Louis bagged up to come to Kansas City Brazil like. You know you guys don't have a downtown stadium and a master and is coming along but like me and you have that everything well all that art give art art is big lake in Kansas and he was first Fridays and restaurants rental like kind of today they found themselves having more fun and staying here in the like forget it I'm gonna move over crosses state and the depth that so. Right yeah yeah I'm not I mean. If if if I had my like. Will probably go back because we would like to deter a kid loves attorney Stanley you know would probably go back at some point to seduce city museum again because it's a lot of fun and then you know I think my back gets really desperately needed and I will say though if they get that hyper loose thing where you can go to can't you can't city's Saint Louis. In only 3045. Minutes a degree exit guide to Buick it was so it's a once over there and come back you know but it. Yeah out that would be the only reason got to go I say it was some times because I'm from northern Illinois and that's where a lot of my good friends are in Saint Louis is the logical meeting spot right. It just for for Nolan have to drive seven hours yeah that's the only place to go spend an overnight unless you're gonna Hannibal Missouri which is good ones right now Joseph little Mark Twain stuff once in your life and then your kind of dominant. Skinner tip or restaurant we have this big debate the other I don't know what's starting Ahmet 20% new York and man yeah. That's I mean I were to pay him a balanced and and at a bar I've worked as. Busboy and the server and all that stuff and toy ever since pretty stand. My parents on restaurant so I analysts of the Jeter or wait staff and what they go through and and I thought quite but I do restaurants quite a bit out I don't always assumed that if there's a problem somewhere in my experience it's not always the waitresses fault. The kitchen fault is is not her fault. Yet but when it's their fault him or her as the server my. She takes the ball game gaps yen does. Do you tell your take over I do you tip your over driver sometimes can a couple of dollars sort of thing you have you always because a lot of us when we first started with Hoover. Because they don't make it easy you know a lot of us didn't they're gonna start. I think adding attempt they opted to go out there and before we we've that we Sue Bird like we used Hoover that we use aired in the instruments everything that we use we travelled shortly that. And and any time we've had some really good uber drivers I mean we tip pressure it's it's you know but. And the same breath like. That's ahead on student I like hey man that's the oncoming traffic spot you probably shouldn't put I don't. You know. I'll do you like it when you're over driver is chatty or do you wish they would just give you some peace stands on the new. Attract yeah I'm currently being he's kind of girl to depends on the mood it is important in front of I'm coming home from the airport. If I've been on a trip and I'm 25 minutes miles near port I need that time. Kind of just decompress shirt but I'm not. Going to tell them to stop talking to the body language says so much says Jack like at America's eyes and in it you can even just say kids being enthralled your phone put the headphones on and and or take a call have won only act like I'm calling all caught. Have you had like a terrible. Ride in over night yet. And yes yeah yeah he's he's what's terrible OK so hit and run well. Where else. I'll yes I'll on the weights you the announcement picked up my house bump. This guy didn't have a GPS he used he put everything on a notepad home goes I know our ongoing order order guy. And he's looking down at his notepad and he does relies and he succumbed to a stop like it's the red light he keeps going. Going in he runs into the back of this par. And it puts it like a medium did in the car ahead of must master what is it to his car. That's of the guard pulls of the right and he goes legacy as a talk to me so he's keeps going site. All my guys and then I was like. I'm pretty sure we urges and hit right now and then he let us army drove off. I I've got to call another witness nothing like that but before Hoover I was kidnapped twice by taxis. Excuse before Kansas City Sanaa have an ordinance that you did it would take credit cards okay so twice I had I had taxi guys who run the meter ambulance got to be cashed argument has won him call the cops. This that the we're out of them Westport. At the quick trip and and fortune I was able to like buy a pack of gum on the give thirty dollars and houses come from power and light. I too was forty dollar tax known as stooges let my daughter I think he's gonna call other accounts it was a big do you ought to pay every good jail might. He won't take my call hard leg and then shortly after that. Shortly after that these are put signs of that where it says you know if if if your driver refuses to take your your credit card debit card call this number. What one guy cash cash cash is I would becomes part to get the 7-Eleven. Pour down rain and I'm this I'm mad I got to this point about and I dropped it outside it only starts where edited out I'm like hey man up. Up yours buddy you kit that you grow up. I again it should be like a ten dollar taxi rent ring and the meter and I that you guys have come get it I'm getting prince says that the far right. I generally liked most of your answers to this cluster we're gonna connect that to inanimate thing at some point I'm like you pass on the flip flops thing. I'm that'll let that down I don't really were flip flops he's our sandals or hi Hawaiian sandals they I think they show goes out now I need to get my new dude that is Cuba February. It just wears like one dollar old navy flip flops. At least. Well stylish doesn't or I want but there's an element of the comfortable. I got I got I got married to get married these things why isn't that I that I. It's feels like a jerk doesn't have criticized his she's got mad dog guide school some. On the stated that it got to that Erica it's a total 400 I GB you'll get your first world Friday coming up after 1 o'clock and we need an active and talk about. Can Iraq as well and whether his political aspirations are serious more next on QB it's a forty tip. 1247 on Friday and midday with Jamie and wicked sell its data parks coming up after 2 o'clock first world Friday comes up apple want to get those texts coming and here shortly Jason Evans Deion afternoons on Iraq this year. Kabul I am I think I've memory Tony flow in the miraculously melody makers. Can't you just played them now. That right there if I understand correctly the meat chicken and look it up. Believe the first band that they ever put together was called Tony flow in the miraculously Melanie makers that's what it called yet. Tony flow in the miraculously. Majestic masters of me excuse me that was the that was a Red Hot Chili Peppers for the became directly peppers they were called Tony flow and miraculously majestic masters domain. It's a long name for a marquee yeah so they shortened it to Red Hot Chili Peppers I think that's a. I look into things look see I learned from you today bug your sugar I. And back into like I don't know how to spell that I don't know what I'm doing there and Goer poured what four and a half hour. Signed up all kinds of things with you hear me OK so on Iraq. It depends on who you believe but he. They beat is thinking about running for office. And it just depends on who you believe. Because some stories of said yes he's taking it seriously and someone said note this is all just because of an album coming out or something like that. You know this is the new norm you're you're gonna have you're gonna have celebrities. And Bieber gonna go oh yeah exactly Donald Trump. Now. Ronald Reagan yeah. I blame Reagan for all of this now the audiences like. And the right sodomy was he was an actor for the longest time and again the politics so so rocked. Allegedly. Is thinking about running for US senate seat out of Michigan and the storage and for me is out of the New Yorkers 47 years old is from Detroit. And on Wednesday afternoon he appear to announce that he is running for the US senate seat in 2018. There's a democratic senator who is up for reelection next year. And he would run against her on Twitter. He vouch for the authenticity of a website that features a photograph of him. Seated next stuff but a trophy case a freight replica of the declaration of dependence on oil painting of George Washington. And it asks are you scared and then you can buy a T shirts and hats that saved him of the nation yes Kid Rock experts at. As of Wednesday evening the FEC had not yet processed a filing from him meeting we still don't know whether this was for promotional reasons. All or if he genuinely. Intends to run for US senate are mr. Did you notice the Kid Rock for senate that link you click on that brings up which you talked about in front about and has that. Did you click on the buy now brings up to Kid Rock dot Warner bros records dot com. I mean it's good to me it seems like a great marketing stunt because people are going to be having this and wearing a minute shows and write all that stuff. I don't I'd I'd I'd personally don't see him going through with it I think I think giving he's watched you know rule with a 45 president has gone through. And you and I says that we first start out where the year where the when you become president you become perhaps most hated person and how most lovers right in and an American means that there's dues. There's there's. Have to do what is not to like you you know and this. But it's Michigan and I don't know what the climate is their right now I'll ask ourselves. Is he popular. As a possible political figure there it. He really wanted to do something like this if you really was sincere about becoming a senator he would be in Flint. Figuring out sir what's going on all the law unloading. Just mountains of bottled water to people and trying to get that situated because my understanding. And I'm now from Michigan this is that we'll talk when we're going to wreck but my understandings of Flint is still in a mass of water crisis and that and and it you know. We get caught up in about you know this and that on the television there's certain things to pay attention to the next big. Problem we're gonna have is going to be the water from sir because do you have like a drought in California but. Nicely QB just sucking up all the watered to sell TU record. For a two to 300% Marca. And that's gonna cause some doubt will cause some serious issues is kid rock's career. These days well he you know he's he does free time. Well you know he he was part of that whole you know rock rap sword in his breakout album was 1998 double got to cause that was. It ought. I've always appreciated the rise of cute rocky first came out like her in the ninety's late eighties seemed times and allies is that all sperm is an article from this happened. No Eminem's from from sorry that I'm horrible and that's OK that was totally but no eyes Vanilla Ice when he came on the scene was exploded and incident. I think his Jive Records was like oh we await let's get this kid picked up and then they dropped him just as quickly as they analyze compartment drop so then he's started top dog records which is his own label pewter active in the east any hammered out like 23 albums on his own he was there. He Teague hit higher promotional kids in the neighborhood by basically paying him and we didn't beer and stuff like that so they would be to start selling merchandise he really understood like. It's not just the music right on what mouse and so he rose to an he had he had. One last shot that was a double that a cause. I his his given name is Robert James Richie Richie. That his father owned the only. Ford dealership and Romeo Michigan pretty well to do a kid kid. Chose to go live in poverty and live in the projects we could learn about the streets and that he basement of his daddy's a look. If 5000 dollar loan to finish his album doesn't take off I will quit music and I'll come sell cars you. And then double that cause went like eleven million copies and he paid his debt back in and gags actually and it comes up and and it shows it shows have always been wildly entertained for some ever saw him was at Granada. And Lawrence a solemn again down the road in Houston at the astrodome has seen its friends and a couple times and seen and that meant when. It is interesting when that you know I think like. Punk rock huge it was in the twenties seemed to become like super conservative. Four men and edit it out weird which happened some like before via mail hope hold on my punk rockers. But so you know for a guy that's unabashedly. It's sexist here and there. May be a mid besides and is that definitely a party have been known to him by just by the if you can't like celebrity. As the problem people like the name but that he's he's also had to recreate himself a few times because like born free was is more country sort of album and and that's stuff I think the wolf plays out of their plan anymore but they were for awhile. All summer long samples show. Leonard NC Von. But I think again. If you really wanna make an impact yet you could do this he notes he picked up and you know talk Brady is gonna have congress writes about it. Yeah they want it is impacting your state didn't you would go to. Drew go to Flint right and and and make your announcement there with. I'm making announcements around here's what I'm gonna. Do it for you got to donate you know whatever so we get the auto industry now thriving air again and I mean I think I mean. Auto industry that I think that ship has sailed for talking about how how international these auto makers are more you know. I mean you got Toyota's that are manufactured in America and you've got. You know chevys that are made it happen next I it has an American name on that really the parts came from somewhere obviously but there again you know most will view the of the number one retailer in the and the nation is what is as Wal-Mart and most of us have come shipped in from China right so they listed Arkansas the most of his made my my favorite always is every year -- needs an American flags as heckling I wanna tackle in China I. Yes it's made in China shipped to Mexico sold to Americans so we can go USA US AUS cheaper labor out. In the way where it really just rocks and yet like yeah out what do you think the chances he runs. That I can drugs NIC peace receding into it them. Who's like on the rock for president now or get rock for some would say probably Kid Rock rescinded but I would put it. Going to the wager wire I would put I would put it. I mean I would say it's probably refer to these wind eight to one shot the kid actually does run. I mean I I hope he does I'm out just for entertainment site. I mean it's something we'll go live what about Jesse been terrible just human term was also a navy seal and there's a little background you know I mean I can I get it he was as a showman and and the wrestling world and all that but are you wearing a hunter Thompson my hands up doubters was there senator named hunter Thompson out of who was also an actor. Now I'll yeah Aaron I don't think your face for lawn order but he was an actor first and then. And it anytime Fred Fred Thompson but Fred Thompson yeah yeah. Yet unaccounted run for sheriff and in Aspen and they've pulled out everybody to make sure you could win nice yeah our. Coming over the next hour we'll get to first world Friday also talk about his tattoos story and I've friends and Alabama's I follow what goes on there and they attempted it and and passed for brief period of time a ban on some thing. That we drink that when you ask me we're going back for a youngster when he drank and I sat right through these four main things. In order to force saying that is my drink of choice they tried to band in a kind of backwards way. Didn't last very long but if you think Kansas has real liquor laws Li TC how Alabama interpreted bears. So easily for vacations right at the personal Friday problems well I think that we cannot I I know one that that's hard to being talked about over here. In in in sunny Johnson County great sent us to look at your personal Friday problems also we have time today ninety's trends. That should come back there was a piece that was done about that so you now the type rolling jeans and whatever. To come back. No ha well now you would you what was here in the ninety's for. These. Glorious house wonderful I mean he's he's got for those of the have never seen you aisles at a bigger cattle are happening again in my beard the well when I've lost in my head and make up in my beard. Is that it's not yet the coverage on the you have I'm always had the most the time I need is a need to shave and all that stuff but yeah. It's one sport I stressed as I thought well I'll I'm sure that's all about it zero. Our Jason Evans from the rock in for Michael against while the DA gets a first wrote Friday next Caremark Susan and user. Having now I'm KM BZ a deadly week on local roads will ham details coming up.