The legacy of Tom Petty - a Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer

Kansas City's Morning News
Tuesday, October 3rd

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To the news lying we go Howard Kramer is the former curatorial director of the rock and roll hall of fame. And as I start playing here comes the sun powered Elena looks at me and says. Why are you playing this at night. I think we lost another of the generation. That was inspired and began his career because of The Beatles Tom Petty. And furthermore he said the told me personally that torture and what's best for. And now it's really interest in the report that someone took or that they were they were the closest occurrence. Unfortunately it is until someone dies then they start playing their music that you realize how many songs he produced in his lifetime. You want to incredibly prolific you really really good copy. Of some great. In in between records but that bitumen normal that you are cordless. Thirty years. One year. But it return put our record the worst quality materials at worst it will Wheldon Sloan of Q you were ordered their verbal play and his vision as an artist. Crew in your career yeah. He's trying to achieve adequate. Phases in his career did you have those because you know there was Tom Petty in the heart breakers there with a traveling will berries with talk about how he evolved. I think that the heart breakers on the one consistent there'd be these scratches all the social worker a couple of per unit under the party he. All moved deeper I would compare him to believe there's at least one other. And that the Wilbur were told mark do. You keep building toward being. But it would. Being a leader of the day I think he saw himself as that from day one with a group move toward a so huge California. She didn't reassert its control so it will be barred bared and are actually coach here that don't like it there at the door. And they all Taylor. So that a lot about what we felt about it but there are ones on the build upon the songs in the music group wanting. Whether there remarkable. That these British invasion rock of all the sixties blues for the blues soul. That's what informed everything here and certainly being regard from the south battle of orbital. How are Kramer's a former curator of the rock and roll hall of fame please share your Howard. And Tom Petty come out of the closet story. We'll be ignored Turk who worked there thanks. I was working Burton has tendered notes for dessert sort of course. Or an exhibit there and I want to topple the colleague Joseph didn't want sanctions trek will be really central. Competent. And we were looking quite simply that one point com certainly take your. As one of our follow him and it was you know it into the bedroom and it walk in closet. And they're very safe and he opened the Passaic and polls out this. It yellow messenger what are on your campus massacre back here. What's that that's what handwritten lyrics like open about it it is which up with. Hundreds of pages of it handwritten lyrics from every song from sentinel. Well the legacy. Of Tom Petty Howard. One of the great American rock it'll slow orders not equate somewhere law aren't sure what a great block. Art and I need that in the sense that. He believed remarkable you believe in the redemptive power music and he brought. Along with the jury to into the audience the musical stair. For many many many.