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Wednesday, May 16th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. Artist of the. The security guest and. Started it was a isn't there. A column or that he stood to talk with real ID amendment wouldn't vote in the segment. Rod and you don't follow the royal wedding stuff I tried not to but oh my god I I do like to watch the news and I watch all the time. OK I have to before you go on your ranch here George Stephanopoulos this morning. Stuart audio Ares I don't and I wish I did it and find it a case I did write. This morning he was doing the George's royal wedding clock countdown thing and he's like it's two days and how are maimed and whatever. And it literally it looks at security goes I just I really just can't. Robin goes. Everybody be so excited. About the royal couple getting married at their store were very excited for them and so happy. But we have a lot of twenty something producers. That are women. It really a lot of our coverage is going to bash. Is like she was apologizing because Georgia's like I cannot stand or as died Wednesday. Georgia's a guy gets real money it's ridiculous having may have liked down right now on CNN. Yeah and so anyway. Rod has left the room. Sharon is interest and historic. On GMA this morning they. Did a story about making miracles to her dad apparently has had a heart surgery some capacity even multiple heart attacks in the sky looks like she's about ten seconds. Mass straw. I mean who does not politics or maybe not the pillar of help he needs to get. A bottle voice in April and take a whole bottle. So I don't know why some approval is my half my blood pressure medication and keeps me from industry. Good times. He needs ball. And he needs to scroll all. As he looks like he's on the urgent. Then they talked about her brother who wasn't even invited to the wedding but yet still went to London no it was or sister or her sister wasn't invited to the wedding vote went to London anyway back in January and has been doing nonstop interviews on good morning Britain. She's she didn't invite her brother or her sister because Earl estranged from each other. Her dad can't decide if he's going to be healthy enough to walk her down the idol. We don't know where mom is she's there okay mom's gonna be there yes and she's. That's what it sounds like she's going to be the ones want to turn around and I have read and I you know I always take this huge grain of salt. Stores that say she's just a golden she's in it for the money and then she has helped. Perry. You Nazi arm band wearing a little handsome W. Run now run from this American. They always say you Mary. Into the U merrier there for him right solved. If she estranged from everybody. IC is strange everybody loves all and in equities so she's having any contact with an upper. Place city really run. But come on can I give some props to the brother and sister who were probably make instant Sunnis could share with the British tabloids 'cause. They pick and. I'm Harry I am running so fast from this polish woman. Your. Mean she had no choice she she was married to another guy for two years. Before the accident I was out I was questions like the super short marriages. The thing. Is that Britney Spears. Cash she's a B rate actress. I. I never heard of make him mark until she started doing here. Good what show wishing on skirts so outskirts. C news. So pat that up. To nine and sold to. The but. Aren't you on. I would totally watch that because it's early eighties the urge you notice our orders. Aren't yeah Big Bang as the out laurel verses Yoni debate that's going on right now and everybody explain this is kind of like to have him early is blood relative area or whatever. Blue and black or white and gold cup tax. The latest Internet debate is this audio clip. Some people very clearly hear the words lore all others hear the word Yoni. And it is each other like we're all crazy because nobody's been temping to play it. Poll it. You just heard oral that Jim and room I heard you I didn't I just heard oral law. Just now I heard. Now I hear oh right. I'm right there yeah. Routes matters a year after you turn under him microphone. Why did I hear Yoni when you played it over ID group the news I don't know. I can't figure and now all of a sudden I just heard or know we argue about that Scott and I at lunch today argue about this. We were in the car on the way back from once and we were he was going moral I don't know it's gone it's clear he ultimately hearing what lies he now I hear right. Well. You. Cute recorded it says that he was using one of those points to talk things and is more. He recorded as laurel. Or captains lycopene deal why did I hear Yoni in the newsroom when she played over speaker but now that I'm listening to remind headphones like your laurels you're insane. That's one or death. When you're just I don't know coming from a guy who's on the Snow Patrol it snow creek ski patrol. It laurel is Denny and sound like yeah on the development it earlier I don't know how you can hear that maybe this into the nuances. All of the language recently just it was Dan and I who thought with oral all dressy all Utley Johnny yeah last year ever life I think John's mind radio Canada. Here's what it is it's all about the pitch because the second wicket was playing with pitch earlier when he raised did I could hear. Laurel but the lower it was it was Yoni. To let you know that's still makes no sense because he would talk and rule possess a like Johnny out. Laurel does that sound like Yani your hearings you're not changing your pitch it's just you talking in a higher tone. A lot of people writing and saying I just heard on this on the show this morning when you when I heard on TV it's at yum eggs now on the radio I hear laurel. I haven't heard yon the once in this whole thing negative. Now he says laurel Mac. I am right there with him and I this is the same recording played on the news or that we were both hearing Yani on. OK let's I'm gonna go out and listens to this in the newsroom and I will make the final columnist has maybe done some communities from I don't believe everybody should think that's those are two completely different words they don't on the seminal that's absolutely correct it makes no sent. We're the same ones that feels like Michael for once I know. This is thought. The dress I understand because of photography and lighting and pixels and shades intents and variations of Hughes I get that. But law roll them sound nothing like the commercial break and going out there and his remarks sir and I'm going to listen okay. If you hear it was somebody says it's the difference between analog and digital. I got. I recorded this in the newsroom and I'm playing at the news both our distance of twenty different speedier and I'd pattern now. I send the difference I mean it would be like saying any random word and thing it sounds like soccer as. I want know everybody in the text line is either saying I always heard laurel. And it sounds like laurel now or the radio. Or I verdict earlier today and it was Johnny but when I hear over your radio sounds like laurel yet one more time. Our I wanna hear from one person who hears that over the radio. And here's Yani. Because when we played in the newsroom it was yeah on yeah it was clear I'm down right there with you. It was clear his name is laurel okay that's the quiet quiet and peaceful but that's going to. I wanna hear from. Somebody who still here's Johnny when we played over the radio. And don't call and I want take your phone just if if you heard Johnny over the radio. Because maybe they're somewhere between your computer and the airwaves and somebody's car stereo. There's the trick where you hear. To find its study on. State 3135 I heard on this morning and oral this afternoon. Treo 66 billion. I believe folks are hearing I just can't comprehend now. I was shocked when you when it sounds like that's now. I don't think that is the same clip that you played to me about it and every hours yes. Did not change. I hear ya on on TV and oral on the radio. It's even more. Melanie your Laurel and Hardy. But it got to. Get out. Get paid out in the Alps. I mean euros ten point. 5767798. Michael Maggie for Michael MacKey. Filling in for David Wright I'm Scott parks Caremark to rob Babcock and KM BZ. If you don't look like ivory and. From the sex line I've heard. Johnny all morning I hear moral now mind blown from the text line all like your shoot me in the head with a I. All right now you went into wickets page yes where he'd drop the pitch 30% yes let's listen now you know. Yeah Annie yeah. Came down here and yes yes played the original. And do that. Yes. Okay that's Lori that's clearly long race. Yeah me. So. First how it. And can't my hand hurts me that stuff. I'm really need it sounds like he AME. We're getting Zia from room and I. Wow I'm a forty sexual man just and how do you get he. From there. Housing and a year from. You or me. Here and I know run Harry Ron left but for the love of back for the love of Christ get away from this crazy American woman and her family runs on the run your mother. Is the queen had to stand now office. That's why every. She's been awfully. Commence an item attacks I was trying to argue this that may gamer girl's not. She's half black among black. She's like the reverse Barack Obama. Let me or as late may in her. You had to answer is mini strokes. Being. Mean a number of and he can say that causes stroke and a Bosnian series. It was just one really bad when I'm home and ran ran what did you sell like when you went to the front desk of the hotel. Well now it wasn't when I IE. The only reason I knew I was having a stroke is because I walked up to the mirror and traders and ABC's. Where events are and it will in my head I was think ABC yet she is fast as I can possibly say it but all the listening and a man out with. Boo and and that's when I realized I was having strip club and one. Did you hear it all. Your head you're wearing ABC but in your ears hearing. Para. Borer zone. And so I called 91 line. You know they were like well we know you're at this hotel although we don't know what room here and see you're you're drunk. Now now they knew that something's wrong I just had to get a lot at this point estimated become it was a whole thing. So wind Bob's answer story. Or sort order near death experience but let's get back to war against us and down hole so. Apparently in New York Times just to this thing where you can change the pitch. The laurel to be any progression and you could actually hear winning changes. So like it below or and you're gonna hear laurel and higher and they and they keep yours for nearly don't. Yeah me. Richard knew him. Would suspect we've shared online or are tough to miss Kara marks it as an explosion days spine California will have details next. Oh. I. Michael magna from. From like a Mac aids. Going in the right. Could beat it's nice out which we do that's others that is rest so outside and now. It's. Hear from the New York Times Luke Heimlich one of the best players in College Baseball heard this and certainly it's most controversial strode to the mound doesn't Wear a patch Abdur with his cleats. Lined up for his first pitch. The home crowd of nearly 3000 miles and Georgian black colors of Morgan State where he plays cheered. They wanted to victory against Arizona State one of the biggest rivals. More than that. They wanted to performance that would hark back to a different time. The time before anyone had heard the Heimlich 22. There hero. Had pleading guilty to a film. He's he's the star pitcher foray for organ state. Projected to be one of the top picks in the Major League Baseball draft. They hearken back to a time. Before people knew he had pleaded guilty to a felony. Sexually molesting his six year old niece when he was fifteen. All I got your attention to whether big follow. Otherwise this game and cost stadium seemed completely normal as has been true all season. Which is unfolded and a surprisingly ordinary way the beavers. And are again among the elite. They have a good chance of making a back to the college World Series next month they may even win the national championship. But given his past the question remained why it was Heimlich even on the mom. It is series of interviews of the New York Times this week and Heimlich flatly denied committing crime that he earlier admitted to him. Saying that he pleading guilty to quickly dispense with the case and for the sake of family relations. So Heimlich when asked for specifics about what may have occurred between him and his knees nothing ever happened. The girl's mother. Whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of the victim and then set her daughter's account is that your. She says there's no way he did it. For her daughter's descriptions of abuse or quote very. Specific. So let me ask you this. He is going to be one of the top picks in the Major League Baseball draft. Name is Luke Heimlich. Like the maneuver yes. Plays for organ state used a picture. And it's pretty damn good. But when he was fifteen years old he admitted to sexually molesting his sexual things. Now says he did not. Should this cost of a career. This can't help but I think as a follow him around it ad nauseam. For infinity and beyond. Somebody says this crap does not matter that his past. It's just another example of someone's past holding them from their future. Because people go digging and bring up the past leave this crap alone. He has a pass so do you. His might be bad doesn't mean he's a bad year. Somebody else writes in I don't care how good he has he does not deserve this privileged pull. Now and forever that deserves it. What you do when your fifteen. Does that carry over into when you're an adult. I ask out of ignorance because I don't know yeah I've been formulated my own opinion. Fifteen years all. When I was seventeen years old full disclosure here I was not. The Angel what I am today. And medium three friends trash and by trashed I mean we destroyed. The leavenworth country club. Golf course. I won't say who those three friends are because to them still would turn out. But they know. Mean and three friends got drunk one night everybody's house Larry to Ireland Gerald Larry Darryl Darryl much. We are really hammered one night won't we got him. And we found some golf clubs and a garage we decided to go play low golf from middle of the night without a goal. Narrative it's all over the golf course when my god. We Boston. To him. We Abbas video cameras are well worth country club said we won't press charges if you never step foot on our country club again I never have. Your eyes and almost certainly haven't. It was horrible and Ers missed or borders my father was furious which. But said that that does indiscretions the help your heads for the rest of your life. The fact that Scott parks was a vandal. Should that keep me from being a broadcaster for the rest of my life. The lengthy. And let's face it impressive. List of things I did illegal. In my life. And wrought by the way can I stop for a second. Your list. If you wanna call impressive. I think another word for it is incredibly. Lancry. And even unity very honest with me privately about the things you've done in your life indeed and and it's bad. Rod it's impressive. In appalling. And I would and I want desperately to say that you know what you do in your youth does not. Necessarily reflect who you are is that adult. What you learned from your list. That's the big doings of a sexual molesters. Six year old I mean but we know is how would they find out about it in this in the first place because our most juvenile records sealed so while I'm. I would imagine because the aunt. Is stool or as a by death spiral where I don't how that worked out. The girl's mother is still furious says I'm sharp peak I imagine she probably did. And you right guys and it's a fair point on the on the tax on you can't compare. Whatever Ron is done in his past which pad. Op and trashing a golf course to molesting a sexual child you're absolutely right. And I wasn't trying to an insulated if you took from Matt but I was trying to compare. Those two crimes I'm not. And if if if it seemed like I was doing that and I apologize. I was wrong. I'm not when I'm trying to do is. Draw. A comparison I guess to what you do as a child when you do. Prior to adulthood which we've all agreed to society's team. Cannot be held against you in adulthood that's all I was trying to sell. Now what's this guy's name Luke Heimlich the rod you and he's. Going to be the next big baseball player will be yeah enemy and he is a piece earlier prospect in theory yes. That you make it huge quantity there's a gigantic mammoth difference between. The vandalism and child molestation. Yeah yeah I mean it's boat and that that's just elect is that I I hate to think that. I or or most people would be judged by what they did in their past. And less what you did in your past was. Is sixer was basically raped your six year old knees now. Rod needs a clear air in its muscle would use your god now. Hear him. And we sent out and I'll say this. These people chose to participate in routes crimes. Then it was a fair. I I. There are no no there was no violence I knew people that had stuff and people that wanted stuff that's all right that's where there you were. Indeed. A broker nobody got beat. Nobody got down we know no no. This does this guy gets to register as a sex. Imagine not only 51. Right so. Basically. It he has kind of a Derek saying clean slate. If it weren't for the fact that his aunt his brain a separate left but you just made a good thing Ares make a point when you said. It was business as usual everybody was cheering him that was it. But this thing is gonna follow. It's gonna be haunt and here's why people were cheering him on. If you can throw a ball. Catch a ball hit a ball put a ball through a hoop. People do not care what you have done truth has actors. You can win. For whatever school or city. Where team. That other people were willing to cheer for. They will not care and I remind you all of two names in this town from about 1990s early two thousands. Mark van over. Bam bam morals. And remember those names because I covered their federal trials when these two members of the Kansas City Chiefs. Where using. Her car sales to ship cocaine into Kansas City to sell to your kids. And I haven't seen. People fleeing the Kansas City chief season ticket office because of to mark van over and bam bam courts. But these two moron idiot losers. Went to federal prison. Because making millions of dollars running a football opened on a football field. Wasn't enough they needed to shipping cocaine. In car use cars. And they went to prison for that. Nobody cared because to mark van over scored touchdowns and MM more score touchdowns isn't Michael Vick back. I mean. Michael Vick is not only back he was a quarterbacks consultant for the Kansas City Chiefs in the off season prior to last year ago this is a man who Hong dogs by their hind legs and electrocuted them. If they didn't perform well. This this little guy though he is now denying it I mean do we believe it I mean. What if what I don't understand why a fifteen year old in his right mind and well obviously fifteen girls make. Rational decisions but why would you. Commit to something. Back in the day. In the interest of getting it you know at phantoms. Tonight create a family squabble. And then years later no it didn't happen to ever happen didn't do it that we believe. I didn't. Great point Tyreke kill was abuse of or was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend college. Of that tiring kilo. Anxious. If you could run a ball catch a ball rolled more notable people love you no matter what. 57677. On it. I'm. He's and I. Coming your boy have a cigar you can go far. Buffett and most autobiographical. And. Pink Floyd. Parks department Michael MacKey from Michael MacKey the on. Fulfillment today mark Alford from fox will be joining us from 46. This afternoon. By the way this woman. Ten kids rescued from California home subjected to waterboarding and other abuse there's mom. And it. Is is its centuries. Stats. What's up with the under the IA tattoo on your face. That looks like official you're trying not to get a job. Waterboarding who who waterboarding. Children of her other story now. Or ten kids and house here and all all I'm still. Stella she's excited. The parents of ten children rescued from what California authorities called year's law. Ovals bombers reduced. The issue after which there. The parents of ten children rescued from what California authorities call a years long abuse. Are both in jail after their mother was taken into custody. Today. And her bail was set in nearly half a million dollars to reflect the seriousness of the charges. Prosecutors say the children were subjected to waterboarding. Shot with cross bones. And head scolding water poured on top of them. Prosecutors have charged Einar Rogers 31. With a nine counts of felony child abuse saying that she caused the children to be in a situation likely to produce great bodily injury and death. Rodgers did not and her leave but has previously denied the allegations that children aren't her husband Jonathan on. Faces multiple charges of torture and felony child abuse he's pleaded not guilty he is held on five point two million dollars. Judge William Petr gas agreed with the deputy district attorney's request to set bail. And at least 495000. Dollars. Of course. Nations did nothing wrong kids so it's still a purple. Rogers told reporters that she had one prior interacts with child well welfare officials. When her mother had mentioned something prompted a home visit. Oh. Took pictures of the kids interviewed them individually. How to. 1010 kids ten kids. That the state will be taking care of four. Interest. It's stories like these I'm not kidding you that make me believe in forced castration. These kids are going to be screwed up their whole lives. That's violence. Script I'd almighty for Michael Maggie thank you for coming and you preacher mark Alford for fox for takes a seat just moment. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.