The large, awful monument to a horrifying death still remains.... why?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, November 21st

Someone please tell us.  Please.  WHY won't they take it down?


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KMB easy. Who you know. Del. Okay. I guess soft so I'm really excited over the I was given really credit printed up but a survey of its rating Elena. Attic here who. Office. A man I was votes. Redeeming. Will be that we feud at 5 o'clock. Because today's technically Thursday. Shui to a fasten this Friday tomorrow 5 o'clock to get everybody home okay yes should we. Really appropriate for Thanksgiving. Really. I say instead of because Cain who fastest Friday every Friday yes. Here lately everybody's been through it. Strip. Why don't we do like like a happy Wednesday thing a thing like pull out of my leg thankful when or today what what. Floats your boat today to Joseph can't say your family that's way too office. Of the improvement in. We're losing one okay. It asked me something. Backus family and wives are lame. Excusing it went so I'm really thankful that I guess is in very songs that you manage your answer right back Chile what do you cook this year when Mike. Com. Not much. That with women on the show. That I'm going to Thanksgiving I'm not looking to what I did I supported the kids at Shawnee mission east and their b.s throw in the culinary program. And I purchased 65 dollars worth of pies and stuff on me yeah I can desserts you know land and make a pumpkin cobbler. Pop in constant touch soundscan and most sometime and seared under. Now you're drivers is now we're expecting them to cook for you and I hate to break it to you but. When our mothers and grandmothers pass it's it's over. It's over because let me be honest they're fuel a fuel but still like I can make. I think I can make it Turkey have never done it again but higher production. Where Graham was in the kitchen from 5 AM to 2 PM that's over it's not happening. Sorry. You never cooked a Turkey ever. I don't even have a hand it would go win if it's youth ticket straight on the right if you weren't dramatic stuff. Would it be stealth so no. Would be home date I do. Have a confession. Okay. Shows mothers stuffing is the best thing I've ever had in my life my mother's is you know you to hold me Dennis. I don't know that it can be chose mops however you have agreed to pass her recipe on to me. And I'm gonna try it. Because and Chris loves stuffing. I had to. And doesn't doesn't between stuffing and dressing is dressing shut up and there note softly is stuffed idol. Inside the Turkey and dressing has made on the stove so thank you just mentioned that my grandmother used to always call resting. And that's why it just occurred to me why my grandma Dougherty. Would call it dressing because it in violence at the Turkey she made them separately in Japan and she also used to make a side of oyster dressing. Theme most disgusting. And that woman can. I mean where did that star. Is that a World War II thing remember what the oysters. She called Easter students at oyster but my father and my grandfather loves the oyster dressing. I'm talent. That's one tradition died weather and we called stuffing nose server Izturis. It's drafting what drafting. And just. It's everything to please our. Graduate North Korea has just ram something. From drinking and dancing. Like it's not a bad idea got the first tablet I'll definitely apparently North Korean leader Kim Jong-un keeping his citizens on a tight leash. According to defectors but the leader has now constricted his control even further. By banning north Koreans from drinking and sings heard him sing. Citizens have been banned from participating quote in any gatherings. Related to drinking singing or any other entertainment. According to the Yonhap News Agency. The North Korean regime is also strengthening control of outside information. In our jail right about the ban is reportedly an effort to stifle possible negative impact of sanctions. Against North Korea in response was recent nuclear tests. You really think there's a lot of singing and Hansen go one on over the air mean when you imagine how all the answers can you imagine how awful it must be live there now. You have absolutely. No ties to the outside. You can't. Lee senior thing is they don't know how bad they have it. Eight I mean don't have any ties to get sad little man arrested in Google did it. Home era the they do not have the what do you run good and I disagree that they don't know how bad. That they have it because the government put out pamphlets that say hey. We know you're starving. But please don't eat people and that's key that's actually true if you are gonna need people here's how you should do it. That's bad. Those are they don't know that they have a bad they're starving. And they are given masks to get to work because Matt's legal that's true hard work only work. Can imagine I mean why this little fat man. About how incredible back country could be. If he would open. Us. If you look up and say listen I I still get to be the dictator. I still get to tell you what's going on around here. But we're gonna open this up into the Internet you're going to be able to travel where to start bringing in a lot of money we're going to be like South Korea or make cars. We do computer stuff and he wouldn't have as much control. Correct but no he says I get to be the dictator for life but he still doesn't have as much controls. Would you want controller have you seen that the satellite. Photographs at night with its don't. They have no electricity at night that's not living. We might can. Speaking. Not living I'm gonna do a squirrel here from. And there's a spoiler alert involved. There is a new movie out and you can rent it on DVR right now on demand. Called everything. Everything and it was also a book and many of your middle schoolers. Some high school but mostly middle schoolers have read this book. And my daughter badly wanted to rent the movie last night so we did coach Karl and I speaking of not living. Am offering it warning about this man. But it contains a spoiler everything everything is called everything everything and so my daughter points out. That it's about this girl I start watching it who has like the bubble boy disease. And she cannot leave her house she's never left her house they issues very nice house in California she's not allowed to leave ever under any circumstance. If she gets bacteria around forget six a scorer. So you know you mentioned not living this is not Clinton. She is in house. And in a boy who's in next nor. This is like a book Eric always care months ago and the boys starts hold up signs what's your name. She does have limited access to a cell phones so they start texting back and forth. Low hole like every teenager in the world. She's now that a boy. And what do you think she wants to leave the house she wants to ghosts. But obviously there are complications because she has this rare illness and if you look at it as a bubble boy illness she cannot go outside. So the school along just fine and if you're wanna watch this. That's fine beat you need to know what's coming. Because the end of that movie I was half paying attention and I'm like you have got to be kidding me. Here comes the spoiler alert turned on your radio if you don't wanna know what happens and this is a teenager in love movies of your adult you don't care. At the end of the movie she runs off with this boy. And they have two days in paradise she's in love she's eighteen. She's legally allowed to make her own health decisions. She comes back she gets a call from the doctor and finds out. She. All. Yeah. Lol hello Psycho make linens Psycho Psycho mom. Didn't seed that one coming. So it be like. She she. My daughters take the way she still loves her issues her mom I've read her book and I got. Get a hold of the person. The moral of the story as she was never sick the mother her rock star. Of her in higher. Light just so. Really similar to that case in where was cast. Of eight Missouri. Rhythm of the dark killed the mom because she kept faking that she just has it was handicaps. Mike who is this kind of. Salary and medical often. A teenager to meet this Boykin and they'd leave on the table the fact. That this. Human being has robbed this child of every year her life. Your kids watch this move. Walk around think. We're pumped up. I couldn't. That sounds just like a book that I read. Achilles skip a couple of months ago when all this museum in no where's this scene where they are holding this woman off in handcuffs. Because I didn't I didn't see that scene in the. Senate crime. Crime was coming two and she even go there that would be severe child abuse and neglect end. I'm not elect. 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Thanks to some of the folks in the legal department that WG Scioscia also grocers they gave me a coach to bring you got off to date as well. Can help out culture can do is going on right now I realize it's only I realize it's a lot I realize I temperature it. It beat but when your black activated when children. Get the win a couple of weeks it could be counter parties or their state air. Haven't we had kids that need coyotes all across greater Kansas City and that's why would you coach for kids. Every year what you can spare odd box or fight coats we love to actually buy it help as you go to any pride cleaners location. They drop up a code anywhere crossed cricket he can't you out right now between now and 6 o'clock tonight. With a chronically at all that Johnson dry applied for coats for kids Egypt record is 981 K because. Some. His club off its music scares. Just before Thanksgiving last year. Shlinder bonds had a plan to tear down the route Friday Kansas Kansas. It's going on with that nearly a year later the seventeen story water slides still peers over the hills of western wind I count. Visible daily reminder of the death of ten year old Caleb swap. Who was killed by the slide. On August 7 2016. Chris cam war. Kansas City resident who works at the server office near the legends. Said he sees it every day outside of his office when. At times on his drive into work he will take a different route to a void of the world. That is your first thought in the morning ciskei and lower its address. When shlinder bond opens again for the 2017. Season 2000 gentlemen eighteenth season. The group water slide may still be standing as a grim reminder. Of last summer stretch. In the may go through the history of what happened with the group. Is taking so on the investigation why there we know what happened now. Everyone knows what that says Jennifer Montgomery a spokeswoman for the Shrum Schmitz office the case is still being reviewed. No additional information is available this time but here's understand. They of the photos via the measurements they have the outcome that they had every bush Y family has already settled settlement 120 million dollars. I do not understand. Why that's stupid ass slide is still up and I drive up there every once in awhile. Kelly works up there we go to sporting games are two girls sporting games. I see it and every time I see I think about that little. I don't understand why the investigation can't continue. With the slide gone because guy. They have investigated. Every square inch of that thing. Over and over and over again you're not gonna build a slide it against the terror round multiple agencies have investigated. Multiple investigators. Have been out there. I agree with that things get hot and they've already settled with the family for twenty million box. How many measurements can hit. The kid died because he was in the front and two heavier set women were in the back. That's not light. Am there were some questions about the news straps. And the velocity. And the physics. But my guys just don't build and others like him again and let's move in but here that day. Mark and it's it's a monstrosity it's monstrous sales got I heard on television over the summer. Yeah they're trying to get families out there. And I remember thinking. I just cannot. Ever think of one without the other. And having that slide stills in. Or something doesn't help this was the first summer I remember she later on actually doing active advertising on TV. That tells me people were shall. Newsroom Caremark holiday travel already under way and more coming up. It's up parts and there's no need to wait any longer for Black Friday deals because you can get a headstart and rescue efforts. Discover holly deals on furniture and flooring plus shop appliances and electronics all of it on sale. You can stretcher hauled a budget with thirty month financing. 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For the Wright family headed from Michigan to Illinois this Thanksgiving trip hasn't been easy not a draft pick out of tracks we've head grade we've had snow but after several hours in the car just outside of Chicago the sun came out late in the afternoon. The traffic freed up a bit cute says the trip is worth it to get to my daughter my granddaughters. Like big band on. Great great. Bryan -- ABC news Chicago. Not get a check of local traffic coming up here in just a couple of minutes. Other one park police are looking for two people accused of breaking into someone's car in damaging and inhabited a gas station near 1363. And Metcalf last week. Police say a man walked over to the victims tracking connected and then a woman walked into the convenience store bought a few items and then went back into the car. Broke up the driver side window and stole several things. A couple left in a red F 115 called the tips hotline if you know anything. 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This week and are any nuts and bolts store by this Sunday for a chance to win a Weber grill remember visit shop nuts and bolts dot com for all deals. And the location near you at nuts and bolts they are you'll. Hometown hardware store. Mostly clues. Guys this evening and temperatures will fall off 127 by midnight nineteen when you wake up tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies continuing high temperature 44. Thursday not quite as chilly in the morning 34. Popping up to a high of 57 degrees 67 on Friday. Then heading into the weekend after Thanksgiving Saturday and Sunday both days highs in the fifties. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Oh man I'm good. That you can still do so in people don't do that Canada I don't know where. Scott left this is gonna come back I have no idea. Okay just that I got to go I'll be back comic. So. Maybe you should does that you should clarify like go to the bathroom or go as in the nineties today. Yeah and on for the afternoon. I don't know. Part time gig well. We're talking about Chrysler bomb. And a story in the Kansas City Star the root still stadiums. They are still doing. An investigation. Don't know exactly what that means. But people are growing sick and tired of driving by. That place. With that slides still standing. And I understand this is a criminal investigation potentially. Certainly was at one point a civil. Investigation although shorter bond settled with the Schwab family for twenty million dollars. Why does this stupid slides still stand. Why can't they just hear it now so virgin and I don't remember this story and I apologize. So help me refresh my memory. They ride in. The investigation from the lift that flipped over. While they were constructing the performing arts center. And someone died lasted seven years. Street journal that death. Services timberwolves still stands after a death on a leave the slide topic along. I would remind you that the investigation into the timberwolves found writer that the young girls stood up. Tried to stand up on the timberwolves. And was killed. According to your thinking we should probably turn on sandy hook sandy hook was torched at. Nice analogy. Sandy hook was torn down and they rebuilt to the school that is sure. A construction accident at beef then future home of the Kauffman center for the performing arts killed one man. And critically injured another. When a portable boom list with a basket on top toppled over. Just north of the construction site the workers apparently fell from the basket on the way down my cannot. One died at the hospital. And the texture is reporting. Did that investigation. Took seven. Years. I some is two point the other two ladies are also suing them may have something to do with why it is still stand. If you want to weigh in 576779. Day. But we all drive by or at least most of us drive by at least at some point where do you go to. Sporting KC games when your business out of legends with the go out to the racetrack whatever. But we've. Goal. Driven by shorter. We've all seen sources why is why does this when Bobby more than others problem because. Every time he see you think about it dead ten year old kid with that with the Kaufmann senator for example. These were grown man. On the job not not saying that their death was any less significant because it wasn't. But they were grown men at war. And a maximum of. My guess is there was an OSHA investigation. Sure than the insurance companies start suing one another over. Is it. Construction company's fault is that the venue whose fault is that the city's fault is wizard Kyra Raul asphalt and I don't know I just think. It's gone on too long. It is a concert for for a lot of us because we have young children. And I think not to internalize a but I guess that's what a lot of people do myself included. I just ask about it retirement and his whenever time when you drive by you saying. You know 810 year old boy. Was riding on that rise. And look let's not sugarcoat it. He was decapitated. Let's call it what it was we all know the truth about what happened there nobody wants to say I'll say it. And it was a gruesome. Awful death. So different and it's an easy fix just don't go well. I think your point is Scott is that it is such. Eight how boring literally a towering monument of death. Of what happened there. And don't go don't go where I don't go this letter while I haven't been to slip a bottom probably five years. But I go to sporting KC games. I go and have dinner at the legends on occasion. My family's been to the movies that are. Just wrote and and they meant to say assignment a change it. The high it still stands the old high it still stands. And I'm sure catwalk and I'm sure they have these conversations. After. The in worst engineering disaster in United States history maybe stones. Outside of 9/11 it is outside of nine Atlanta wasn't an engineer is still considered. The worst engineering disaster. In history. You're right this guy walks came down but the building remained. I'm sure this guy walks are wrong oh god I'm sure there are people. Who said at the time the building has to go. I cannot imagine a more gruesome monument and that DeLeon who owns it now Samaria and now it's changed hands her or its know Cheryl Bryant I don't hear a lot of guys. I'll tell you this I can't walk into the lobby without looking up thinking about aidid's the second I want and I looked over to the right and up. The second lock in every single time I think yep that's Burleigh is however. I'm not saying you remove or tear down shlinder bon I'm saying tear down that damn slot which is the equivalent of the sky while that's right you're absolutely right. They left the hotel you leave the park you teared down the heart can't created to keep sugar Bob open just tear down that damn sly. Because every time I drive by and I know I speak for tens of thousands if not millions of people in this town. Everytime I drive by that thing I think about it did ten year old kid. And it's to the point now it's driving me nuts. Just heard an ask if there are people in this city that would still ride. That slide. If it opened back up and I bet either 101000 or more who would go on the tax on commitments. That they would write it yes. I I I need not remind you we even ran stories on this radio station when they were testing it. That said there were rats that were flying off. It's to people wrote. Which fixed script could go. Expect him. I 76779. It would get to your calls your comments here in just a moment I don't forget them with few coming up right after the 5 o'clock Newsday right rob Babcock. I'm Scott parks cavium v.s. To. 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And Johnson drive coats for kids right here at the pride cleaners location are logical and at my permission came in dropped out as one of lieutenant colonel David. Is it lacked name from baker he brought in the big. AGCO to drop at all and then taken a page from park they'll just came by debut at a a coat drive in their neighborhood over the course is quite skeptical audience five huge part they. Big bags full coats. For kids this year coach circuit lightly injured ought to buy wholesale matters cold and also batters he cried cleaners and Earl Everett here. And Benjamin Franklin plumbing ditched it for so many others all you need to get it would just. Too boring as many coats too many kids as we possibly can't Marty critical partner in crime cleaners location. Across greater Kansas City could drop off a cold Turkey. Right now a couple more weeks left but we really need to Google it would put great so far at all these coach come. I hear a lot of Kelly is definitely getting easier to not magnets are gonna drop opera coat you could have a freshly chewed magnet if you want who want. But come by the ball and Johnson product code circuit. Lie by the UJ Becker on these are you want him easy. 18. I 767798. I'm over one. The defense we news coming up right after the 5 o'clock news Chris in blue springs hello Chris. I aren't that far in your standards. You know I don't harbor girl died in that several walk on. I don't think you're mayor made a big deal about carrying had down. That Eric Holder. Is it a couple big Kia. Locket that all caught behind it because that's. You know I elaborate somehow walk around that they are eerie feeling you know it is due date retail and people are locked himself well. This guy wants are no longer there but the Aggies certainly the lobby looks much the same way as it Detmer. And they artery histories that are currently can't say that memorial in the back of the building where. Nobody can he would have been a terrible in Arctic that you don't know arguably you know a part availability almost 200 RP. While. You're you're right whales at a 150 I think I'm. In order and was not. Ali was not politics. I think it's one thirds and it was about a 115 to return job by. In regards to the timber wolf there was an investigation that was done that suggested this occurred in June of 1995. It was a fourteen year old girl who fell out of the cart. The investigation found that she had on buckled herself. And tried to switch seats in the middle of the rock. And that's that's her. I mean we'll let you know as. It is what is coming. I think. And our Power One 114 people. Died it was not too. Not to minimize any deaths involved in the high collapsed however. And this has always been one of the arguments about putting some sort of because the buildings still stands keep that in mind OK because. I think it's assured to now if I'm not mistaken. But keep in mind for small shirt and had nothing to do with height collapse in 1981 camp. Their job is to get people to pay a lot of money to stay there or eat there had the pepper corn dot club or I don't know disguised. Still exists at the top. But. That's their job. Do you want a reminder every time you go into that building. To spend the night. By the way has your walking in the front door to the now church and a 114 people lost their lives in this building on one of the most tragic engineering. Faults. In the history of America. In 1981. Have a good avoidable faults. Have a good rest thanks for coming. Here's rebels say about the hotel. Most people book house got out of it on line they book on line. I'd say 90%. Probably more. Of people who booked at a hotel and Manila and out of town have no idea they're looking for a hotel downtown. At a reasonable price reasonable price let's look at threat by crown center it's got to pull. Me should we. Z is right across I think it's 95%. Because how many people locally spend the night in a hotel downtown. It's not often that we do nurture. I. I guess Chris and I once or twice and. By the way I think 95% as. Low low eating it's more than that would not have any idea 99 point 5%. Do you not remember the Skywalk collapse in nineteen. Anchoring. I would bet most people that book. The overwhelming majority data that book at that high now assured him wherever it's called I have absolutely no idea. And let's be honest without trying to be dispersed. Don't care. When your booking online your your best drain your looking for comfortable room in a nice hotel nearby readies. It doesn't bother you that. 36 years ago a 114 people lost their lives and cyber. Are you let me ask you questions. You're going to Chicago. During take the kids up to Chicago. Or doubtless. You're gonna go to doubles. Are you going to not book a hotel room because a large number of people lost their lives there. 36 years ago. I wouldn't even know that would point is I'm Julie who would you know would you care. I'm not saying your heartless would it affect your purchase all of that room for two points. If it was thirty years ago and by some chance there was a reason for meat and note that. Probably not and I don't fault them for not putting out a mark I think there needs to be game markers some where. But I don't think it needs to be out front and that's not to take away. From a 114 souls or loss that night their buildings outside is in its outback. Sure Tim had nothing to do think that was a high yet. Hotel all the time. Is Sheraton going to say hey. Let's put up a reminder. The 36 years ago people died in the hotel that we didn't own at the time. I get it in the answers. I mean if if if if four people were murdered in my house and Roland park. Do we need to put some sort of a marker in the front yard that said in this house exco parks Helms well one homicide in one home while tragic price at four. One mass shooting in one home is not the same thing as a 114 people I understand but but and it may be an apples and oranges kind of argument. It would be a pulse nightclub pulse Mike are not OK art fair all of those people who died waiting three hours for help in some cases. A new owner comes in it's no longer pulse nightclub it's now way it's an Applebee's. Do you put some type of marker as people are entering that Applebee's absolutely not this is the spot where all of those people may be on the corner there is some sort of a memorial. You know it's it's fascinating to me the way Americans memorialize. Everything. Every thing. On this spot. Here's what happened. Terry you're gonna want harms them and when your next hour hour and we love Portland. What these moms look like one month after giving birth. Mechanic. Took amateurs and her remarks. Happening now I'm KM BZ one Madras city is trying something new to cut down on smoking will have more next. The right battery the first time that's you'll get and always. Would also batters even up their to their warehouse many times ran to pound his crew. Have everything you need. Little batteries medium big batteries there warehouse says every battery known to man also about six of five Kansas avenue. In case you care any better you need for any reason really really big batteries like big. Business back up systems batteries they have those the kind of a hole in on track. Tiny batteries for things like you're hearing aid and then your motorcycle your truck your. A whole cell battery is charged right up also batteries 605 Kansas avenue and KCK the right battery. The first time. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.