"Lady athletes" = Scott LOSES HIS MIND.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, February 21st

Later this hour-  The president hosts a 'listening session' with Parkland school shooting survivors.   


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. She keeps. Us there. It. It's just it's just I mean that's not the end. These tough. Okay. My meaning decorating the house seat not. Idealism. Class five minute off. Check your article from Christine Brennan from USA today's sport it has a fantastically good writer. When it comes to figure skating she writes Olympics officials need to come out of the dark ages. She's a semi tends to be heard the word lady or ladies when it comes to figure skate. Yeah quite a bit. What ladies. Ladies enough already. It's way past time for the International Skating Union and the international Olympic committee to end this antiquated and sexist tradition. Enter the twentieth century before too much more of the 21 goes by. And start using a word that they really should become familiar with. Woman. Or women. It's women's figures listen to this listen Scott. Winfrey and Decker takes the ice for the US hockey team this weekend she will be a woman. When Karen Chen skates into the ring for the gold in figure skating she will be a lady. It's nothing personal the Olympics just has a different and puzzling way of referring to female athletes competing in different sports. Of the fourteen categories of Winter Olympics sports that have competitions for female athletes. Eight use the moniker. Ladies. The rest six use the term women we wanna guess which ones are which just gets down. You guessed which the women care in the Olympics come to go in. The few. Women ski jumping are women. Okay downhill ski is that lead us women women their okay. Bob's letters. Bob's letters definitely went toe Jean lead me you get your act as far right. It's interesting and you're a woman. Ice hockey Europe and everything else currently. Interesting. And now they say that I have not address if you wanna go down and make it the gentleman and the ladies. Or make it the men and the women. But it's real simple. Whatever we say. We are going to be chastised for at this point what ever has been said. Of the last hundred years has to be at all you'd change. It doesn't matter what it was if it was all women you would be terrorist wise and girl additional senate respect telling us not. Ladies yet just cause we're proud of the out women don't athletes were actually that's all it. We've from your ribs. And listen they don't like it how dare you call me woman and athletes. Because the style guide says it's not as the wrong she is woman as an adjective here call it the Portland. The worst ball is female athlete. The word female has for centuries been considered. Her to order. A distinction between animals and humans. Let's. It's just what does it rot. Our white out it's like please be ignored. Long. If you are aptly. Happens to be a woman in ice hockey here 01. But when they talked about this on the Olympics and your figure skaters you're why is that a question. I punish you. Really see me is a terrible thing to be called. Well you said she's a female athlete or female governor catches the governor. Somewhere you have to have some sort of a script or you never hear. Mailed governor beat every bet you never hear female governor either your making up from the young and exist. Kathleen Sebelius. The female governor of Kansas. Absolutely all mind and act like you would think Kathleen was a dude. And you're making this up what is her name was pat. None of Orange leaders of both words. This is really. Yeah here you guys lady can be used to disarm the supposed threat or manned willingness of a powerful athletic woman moment. It's. And we can absolutely. Cannot wait. And different attacks into that because figure skating is classy and ice hockey is not exactly right. And I was going to get into this let me first regions the definition and there are two for late. Are you ready a woman. Parentheses but used as a polite form of reference tank. Number two a woman a superior social position. Series. Now. Or it could be Tom Jones hit me a favor the men. Back and works right at the man speak for just a minute please I won here Tom Jones and the women in ice skating we're skirts. Right. Very nice generally speaking beautiful outfits. So bear Ford when they're on the ice the referred to as late eighties because. They are dressed exquisitely. There here is perfect their makeup was perfect. And extend and we're just honored our callers a lady yelled I mean. It's. Just curious. The women who play ice hockey. Are probably not putting on their make up before they go out there they're not doing up there here and they're dressed in the sporting outspent. There women. Not the tees I've never. Fall I never thought that the date would come in my lifetime. Where the word lady would somehow be considered derogatory or disparaging. This is what makes people like me go Kris. This is makes people vote for Donald Trump because they hate the political correct course rat. That comes with well I offended but it would. Equals one on the eyes closed restaurants with Larry Butler are affect all lighting. AD is an author and senate. I will tell you this. I used lady is determined and chairman I'll sit in my daughter's made years. Sic my girlfriend's apartment it is I say I Easley is a term of endearment. Submarines and. I'm Jordan. And in shyne yeah. And let me might call them are not jarring. He Soviet State me. I gave myself. Your frozen in that picture show Korean kiss off. Are screwing with it right almost at a bad word. You're screwed with so right viewers your two times a lady are you at any time. As. Not athletic as her competitor. In the past day now. When you. Then very upset with me. And on occasion and I would spike this to be a bit offensive because I think I am just having a normal day and you look at me sometimes and you say this. Can't stand pitcher face. It's brought. Has she ever said to me I can't stand even looking your face. Several times accidentally drank. I'm not make him. What's the matter your breed him. Like rot that's a great point two weeks ago I looked at Rego why so many let me. This is on the assume so. She looks me goes 'cause your reasoning. What you said what is it about me that is aggravating you today and I replied you're reading. Well let me tell you both this not you all are you'll. The breathing that you possess all possess the thing that X mile ride yet. Kelly just said don't forget the time David told to stop breathing. Oh for a minute I hold my breath you can go four minutes. I would have brain damage it would talk like you. Ole times I think you would make more sense if he chose not to for a while. Can I tell you both something. Right now I hate your. I am not I don't confuse my laughter was some sort of acceptance with the crap you're bringing additional today. Our man. That was a real good Dillard's I feel offended. It's called me. His Colin mail address of the day. Female. You know is determined chairman someone tell me it's probably not child barely the appropriate is bullies called white people always all the time yeah I want into the newsroom and I seal the sports guys mobile it's when I don't mean to be offensive. Gym every day because I work out primarily with. Women. Currency that is an okay athletes yeah athletes they're stay at home moms and some work but whatever. When I leave the gym every day I will always them walking up the world Toronto have a good day ladies. Trying to I ask you. I had. A me too I'm just gonna turn right go see hookers. Think and act as comfortable comrades. And slots yes. Live on this planet is so finding do you Galley like you should discount the fact is talking about hook. Wanna talk about the. 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Feet made old ID if you're an athlete you have earned that title and you should be identified as an athlete angles when they differentiate between. College basketball and women's college S. A recent college basketball what I have we have the WNBA. And its hold that spectrum in mountains master the National Basketball Association and on the just called the NBA camp known to us. Is your problem you just don't know when to stop him. In all fairness that is inferior. If the justice. Here are the attacks on Britain could legitimately women's breasts to help and care. As if scared of them compared to. Fat out of shape middle aged man who we that's impressive for two bad knees than compared to the real NBA. Man. It's changed her MB of the candle will be the new name for the WNBA. Is true. He's a smaller ball in the WNBA. Really. Somebody just for that image now is this all you all not. Cracked one you in one problem he made ball sized. I. Don't you negligible ball size 128 inches. Big bull. It's 28 point five inches the regulation WNBA ball. Minimum 28 point five inches and once the MB. Which is one inch smaller. And I know. No let's not. Because we're up against the break are you willing to admit on that when you were wrong in some cases it says a new. On 28 point five inches apart. It doesn't mean you have to go to when he arrived there I mean maybe 29 side I don't. It says minimum women's balls are smaller. That contention. In SP between seven and a half an eight and a half pounds pressure. And how much weight eight and a half pounds pressure. Okay what about the NBA bull how much pressure now. I would think there are look at just don't think about it well I would think their balls would have the same. Or their balls might be heavier. Ball pressure. On him. Eight PSI. Eight pounds per square Hampshire. You wait air. Only thing that. It's cape town's air doesn't Wayne evening. Tried to say the women's ball is smaller than the men's ball in basketball it is. Much as up to. Much smaller. I think elements. One and smaller in diameter off my hands and then the McCain is amber and not meant that she's the air doesn't weighs eight pounds. It's under eight pounds of her you know what. It's time for the news and went earmarks. The president is sitting down with some of these survivors of the Florida school shooting him more next. Writer for lightning landscape irrigation lightning whip and and remember that name you're gonna love them and you're gonna column now because if you do that. You'll get on the schedule first up when spring is finally here we are weeks away. From the landscape season and I can not wait you know they came out a several weeks ago ripped all of the old ratty landscaping out of her front yard. And finally installed for us and irrigation system we'd ever had one we never could grow grass we've got. I Dirk spots and bald spots and we've just it's just a mess. 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The attorney for a man facing execution next month in Missouri says she has very serious concerns about the State's lethal injection method. Following a report claiming the state purchased execution drugs for a troubled compounding pharmacy. Foundation care pharmacy was the supplier of Pinto Barbara tall used in seventeen misery executions since Tony fourteen. Even though the FDA has deemed at high risk pharmacy. Traffic and weather together next. Dana writer for VW Lee's Simon I love that atlas I drove it into work today it's drives so well on the snow on the ice and I just love the way I feel in that suvs. It's not big and clunky like your traditional larger suvs seats seven. And a reminder you're gonna love that apple plays system in the car. That lets you actually put yourself under on the card as the work for you. There are all kinds of great deals at VW Lee's summit right now we've talked about the great lease deals you can Lisa branded 2018 Jeddah. For a 139 bucks a month. 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A mix of snow sleet and freezing rain officially switching over to mainly freezing rain late tonight that will linger early Thursday then eventually some drizzle by the afternoon. I'm staff meteorologist Chad for narrow more Katie MDC web. Our 27 KC I 28 degrees at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. I don't feel free to be at 54 street grill and bar is in the same joke this Friday 48 hours from right now. Be an honor and a privilege if you would spend your Friday afternoon. With just 54 street grill and bar in St. Joe. This Friday the president as we speak and name and I were just watching a little bit of this. During the news right. It is holding in listening session. In the white house. With students and parents. Primarily from Parkland. But not exclusively I understand there are some people there who were involved in column by nineteen years ago which is. Actual students from Parkland reference column I'm nineteen years ago and it Dominic got he's right it was 1990 on the. Here's and that's why they called this group has since the mass shooting generation because Scott they have never known and and you said this. About your daughters they've never necessarily known a world that was not at war. And they've never lived in this country when it wasn't good but that's a little abstracts. Because and I'm not diminishing. The work that goes on in Afghanistan or Iraq right now are seared the things that are happening in Syria. This is at their doorstep and so I think it is appropriate. To recognize that these students have never known a world with Al shooting drills they've never known that from and so. It's very interesting for the kids speak a some of them were and there are some of them were in the room some of them saw their friends died. The parents are there the one thing I'm gonna say is that they are all being very. Open. I think hmm and very honest no one's yelling no one's fighting the president is listening president hasn't set will he hasn't said anything. Since the kids started to speak it or not they're not that I know that they're angry and they're hurting and there's pain. But they're not offering up their suggestions and those worries in an angry manner more I I just heard one of the fathers saying. I was getting text from my son and he's there is fifteen years old. Hiding in a closet and he said I don't know if I'm gonna make it I love you and in his phone went dead. And he said I did not know. For a substantial amount of time whether or not we were going to get her son back and you cannot imagine Mr. President what that is like as a parent. A knock him the president not so that's says this is what happened in America and so they're saying let's come to the table let's talk about it. They have to talk about it I'm glad they're talking about it. I don't know that. We have anything to add to what they're saying today. Our sources on the text and Detroit go to Parkland I believe the answer to that is yes I know you went to. Certainly went to the hospital. And met with some of the students who had been. Injured there in Washington now. There in the White House. But I would say this. And I have been in the past incredibly critical of president and and said some things about him that many views supporting them. Would find unflattering. I will give him credit where credit is due and I try to do that when I think it's certainly warranted. And I would applaud the president right now. He is sitting in the looks like a wooden chair in front of the fireplace and a figure in the Oval Office but I don't know. It's hard to tell from the video that we seek. But the president said that this was going to be a listening session. And he has certainly honor that and I applaud him for this. The met at the mayor mayor of Parkland is speaking now the president is sitting there and he is doing nothing but listening and I applaud one. The dance and I love this that they're passing the microphone his that if there's time at the end. To come back I would like to speak but we are here to reserve this time for the students to talk to you and we need to keep this about them which I thought was lovely. The other little tidbit is so much is coming out about Florida and the survivors and the heroes on that day did you see I believe four of the people who were shot and I don't know how many of those died. Were part of that school's ROTC program. No one the wedding kid will certainly am an hour to enter the jail or Jesus lost his life. I read this morning that West Point military academy has. Accepted him posthumously. Into their program where were talking I think he was heard yesterday. There was talk. Bearing him with full military honors. From them. Yeah. I 767798. I will say this was reluctant to bring this up but since we are talking about Parkland. It is an even Marco Rubio said today that this is disgusting and their right. You can disagree. With the message that some of these kids have for the activism and they have found recently. In light of what what about her high school Douglas as Parkland. But the conspiratorial. Web sites of the world I don't know info wars doc comes one of them would not be one bit surprised. Column. But they're now saying of this David Hall HO GG. David Hall is a plant. That he is what's called that he is what's called it crisis actor or. And that is simply not true I even heard one of the teachers at the high school doubles high school today saying. I do not have him in a class but I am well aware of David Hogue is he is a student at our school and he is a fine student at our school. But this is what happens when someone has an opinion that you don't agree with an and you may not agree with that that's fine. But when you hear somebody's opinion. That you don't agree with instead of engaging that opinion New York counter opinion or with your own facts. What you do is you kill the messenger not the message. We for the quote you have the right here on opinions and I'm not ranked heroes. And each side David could could point out any number of things and they are facts. Now it's these very sacks but some people will look on and say well I understand that but here might. Counter facts and this is why have we what I believe just like David hawk and present his and it is why have we but I believe. Were going to have another gun debate in America term that there there is. You and I talked about this two days ago. There is something different. About this one and I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's because their teenagers. And they're using this as their opportunity to take their voice. Where is with sandy hook you generally have that these were elementary school kids. There there are some thing. Patently. Different. About this story and their is going to do you regardless of which side of the gun debate you fall on in America. There is going to be a gun debate in America and it's going to start it is it has started. So I'm going to start right now it's already started. And I'll be very interested to see what happens on March 24. Where apparently. All these young people are going to march on Washington. And they're talking about doing that in cities around the nation. Did you not tell me the march 24 is a Saturday. Yeah out there is a march in Kansas City. And I'm an attend. Is called. Marched for our lives Casey. And marsh relies kissing. And they were crowd funding last night. To try to raise at least enough money to handle the permits. That it's going to take which had come much a permit cost that kind of thing troubles on about yet to get this taking care of march 24. Speech just chew chief. I'm not sure where I assumed in the past but I don't wanna say that such as don't know yet he doesn't say here. 5767798. Years one way and somebody points outs error makes the argument scarred your real you know with the differences when this when trump is in office. Thing. I there was incredible outcry after sandy hook. And Obama was in office. And let's be honest Obama and Biden dropped the ball. Even you admit that I hope horribly. Horribly. They dropped the ball up was it under his administration or Clinton's that they allowed the assault bans weapon to expire. We've that was under bush. And I think that I think we on that when Scott I really do. Ought to look at I think it's Clinton. And I don't go back in and walk and I I just go back to saying. This is not a Democrat issue this is not a Republican issue we have failed these kids. And eat anything that we can do to just start that discussion. About ways we can make this better ways we can fix this. 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Waiting for me just across the bomb us he's been taking us this sunglasses asking. I gave him months. Always it's you. It's subtle things go home. I can't hide the city kids. Snow. Normal attacks with the men and you disagree quite. 8503 writes I am I the only one who sees this as nothing more than an opportunity to further an agenda by exploiting emotionally shocked kids. What are you might be able to have him make that argument although I would disagree with you. When it comes to the kids being on TV and etc. you know on the CNN and MSNBC and fox. This is the president of the United States. Who is in fighting. These young people in fact they just had a a young man speak whose brother was killed last week a week ago today. In Parkland Florida. The president is the one who invited these young people there I applaud him for this I applaud them for actually airing at one. And I applaud the president. For sitting quietly and doing exactly what they said this was going to be a listening session the president has not spoken one word not one. You know the young man his eighteen years old who just spoke I just. It's hard to. Here these kids but I think we have an obligation to hear I hear them and I do believe that. And he and his. Biological brother survived. His best friend was kills against the cage who just spoke. It's hard and he mentioned the text thread between he and his brother on that day because. Sam was on the second floor and his brother Matthew was directly above him on the third floor. He can hear the gunshots and his brother was in the same room. Where so many of these kids. Died and I looked him up on Twitter his name is. Samuel sites easy I asked and his brother was the one in the room where. Think the kids were dying here and detects thread reads as follows Matt who's in the room says are you okay. And Sam replied hopefully just know I love you I love you too forever and you're the best brother. We are going to get through this I promise. And then there's upon us. And the younger brother Matthew writes Sam he says yes are the cops here my teacher died. And Sam writes yes are you OK I don't know. Reply he is sitting in the doorway. Sam replies don't do anything don't do. Anything. Matthew please answer me. Are you okay. Reply yes. Older brother please just stay hidden please. And in the thread goes dark and I read that because he had. Alluded to this during his and comments to the president I was curious what that threat was about. He's very emotional today and I understand that. That someone might see that as exploitative borer. You know they're just spouting off talking points. I think it does a disservice to anyone who has survived a violent crime. Ten not give them a platform. To talk about how they're feeling. And it and to say that these kids somehow all are enjoying this limelight I mean Mike Hart Scott that. That detects between Ann and their time stamps for you conspiracy stickers south there they're time stamped. And Sam's brother watched his teacher died and Sam didn't know whether his brother was going to come home and there's another dad who was talking about his son whose phone died. During the massacre and he set I didn't know if I was gonna get my son back I did seventeen other families did not get their loved ones back and so. I think we need to let them speech I do applaud the president for. Listening. I hope something comes from this I really hope with all my heart something comes out of this. It's it's easy to be cynical after so many of them. But I hope something happens here with this president because the president before him. And Eileen of that man. But that president failed these kids. When it comes to guns and I'm the first one so. Had a good time if we're going to be fair I don't believe Obama had a quote listening session with no parents of Sammy and now I'm sure he met them at the White House and but I don't believe he had televised. Listening session there this is a collective failure over many years tried. I believe it was bush in office during. Column I'm trying to vulnerable when it was clip was Clinton column nine month. This is a collective American failure is in a political failure this is an American failure. I've 767798. You wanna way am I would say a couple calls ought that we are back from the news. But. It's it's a fascinating watch these right now speaking is a man whose daughter was killed in column on almost two decades ago. And to the textures is sir talk about the clintons or are you afraid column on letting go info wars star commas where you need ago. Give him operate this is much more important. Good night cheeses. It's into the newsroom here is Caremark. 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