KS Court: Teacher tenure NOT guaranteed.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, June 20th
What IS tenure?   What scenario does it protect you FROM?

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. You wonder I've found that. What's it could well. And wanna I don't know I don't know I don't know. People angry at all. Now I just jacked up front to please Ronald. I'm a fine. Music and math. It's going to be any movie that comes out this summer. Yes how so vertical entertainment announced that it will organize the billionaire boys here. I've worked vertical and up in your boys club as in in the nineteen. Eighties he. Yes is based on true story out of the Cy Young wealthy men in Los Angeles who ran a Ponzi scheme. Yes that movie has been done it several times it was like a lifetime movie but. That was a thing back in the eighties you know remember the billionaire boys' club we think of us have went to prison and ask someone might have killed some linemen. And when they were Madoff before Madoff and they were young wealthy. Almost set a bad word. You know that that that kind of young man you won a punch in the face you know drive around in a Ferrari game. All of the guys from I'm. The movie with Adam Michael Douglas I'm sort of well Ulster sort of only. Way more illegal. I thought it was interesting and vertical entertainment the company it's releasing this thing's that it fully support to victims of sexual harassment however but to. It's so damn good now it believes the film's cast and crew deserve to see their final product reach audiences. Olson had filming started prior. Filming had been done in 2015. Audit so they've been holding onto this for this isn't really new material since all the accusations. Rights but it's the first time candle lights. I thought that was interesting the other one that was interesting today. They resolve woozy on the well remember it that woman Nicole Eckert had complained he had. You know molested her when she was underage and working on a sitcom. Well prosecutors in LA have declined to file charges that he didn't. They determined the statute of limitations in the case splattered so did they find that there was actually go credibility debris on the comments he was a rebel. She was credible and in. But they couldn't do anything so there's a statue of limitations on molesting a kid. Apparently in this case. After looking into the evidence they've determined the statute of limitations. Expired. It. And he can there be any any actors left to do any movies in the next few years. Here we wanna that don't sexually harassed I mean I wish you were here yesterday. But an area fan within secure. Joining Netflix this and so that's the bottom accountant Netflix has a new policy. If you look at a fellow employee more than five seconds you have violated there harassment polls OK it's getting stupid I'm get away until the clock. Gets to fifteen and tell you how are 45 seconds stairs ready. And looking you now. Well why don't we talk about things like we wouldn't work now and eyes staring at you like a weird now are staring at me because I'm carrying on there. Did you that was five seconds there's a difference between staring at someone and talking to someone. Can't believe. I totally agree with us when it comes to be awkward stare. Having a conversation and looking at fives are looking at you is not assaulting you simmered down a struggle just looking like it creepy weirdo. That. Comes here. Instead yours. It's a story. You are just asking me all day as you do I talked to. It would be weird if you didn't actually. Look at it because I'd. We've that when someone speaks to you you were supposed to looked yes you are I think under this policy more I mean just the reaper on the other side of the cubicle if he's as hearing you for more than five seconds. But you can't ever creeping out. Isn't now next to nothing amen about. Did you see the updated FaceBook post from a former channel 41 reporter Lisa Benson today. Have you seen it again and it written boards. Hi FaceBook friends wow thank you so much for your encouraging words and support I truly appreciate it. I should tell you. I did not quit my job. At 41 action news I was suspended. And subsequently. Terminated. For sharing a mean. And eight guardian article on my personal FaceBook page. I love telling Kansas City stories for more than fourteen years and looking forward. To what's next casting keep moving. Hash tag mom like okay well hash tag what was the article the I didn't want to know that I don't know. I don't know I can't. I knew what was the name and what was the article that you share Lisa Benson sag might well I I would and she said on her pride they each. So I'm always like what does that mean it doesn't mean anything you don't tell a private page when you're in the news media in my gonna learn Matt. I'm just trying to she say she was fired now is is it. Good policy to fire someone who is currently suing your corporation. You'd have to ask someone hired a mighty heart that's how I wonder if she's. And I I don't know I wasn't embolden the com. Good by agreement it. There's got to be spokesman there says you can not go public with how things went down between us. And it sounds to me like she's doing that on FaceBook. Just told you and this happened in my body Crist is on. I'll never forget this if someone told you look we're firing you here's your paperwork we want you to say you are. Stepping away to spend more time with family the story about the yeah. This is not on our. Anchors that. Forget it as long as. Some don't producer tied to the teleprompter. That he was supposed to say he used items in in his place. I am stepping down from the anchor desk. And stepping away from television news to spend more time with family. Well that's not what happened they wanted him to say patent and whatever what happened was he was not in it. Not means we're no longer going to pay you to be here please grab your stuff and we're going to escort you. Nothing on YouTube when you type in crystals on all those years BC TV there's there was nothing on what you two years ago. So he's reading it Annie goes I just wanted to take a moment. This is my last today. He starts reading you can see like his eyes committing an ice in the prompter exposes it. And step. Dad and I and moving on other things or whatever it. Gonna say that. I'm doing. A little. You ought to us and I'm supposed to lie did I on renewed that means they. Decided I no longer delivering. A and is an eight million. It was one of the funniest. Most awkward what did you do a whole. Is I just go. Kerry went. It looks like rain out there Gary. What's this of years ago. Stupidest foreign minister and anyway. So I get a pixel these events and every line and moving on to greener pastures which in fact they fired her. I would like. Okay. Now and I. Tale. In tonight's face Geneva news investigation a peek inside the mind of an acts who think if you. My boys yeah he said they are recently blocking infant like idiots. So and in some things never change right. Lisa Benson needs to be careful. She could get in trouble that. Army. Judge she used to say what don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. Fire me I should be used to say this is what well men don't accept the the buyer we don't know that there that's true that's a fair point. What was the mean that she re tweet went to London now it was a Mimi and what was the other thing I'd guardian article. About why and so we're down. Let me let me read sentences ultimately it is. One inquiring minds want to yeah. I had to get guys like in landscape out the other day they put in some Costas on the east side of our house I just out. 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He's sort of you know. Kansas teachers. Have lost their second attempt. To get tenure back for thousands of educators in the state. Through the courts for the civic gonna continue their battle quoting here from teachers union spokesman. Markets malt balls so. This is a disappointment but it's just one step up next it's ports. Last Friday's decision from the State's highest court was unanimous. Teachers had complaint. The Kansas lawmakers repealed ten year through a dark and arbitrary process but the justices saw nothing in the state. Where the federal constitution or in previous court cases. Boring what the legislature has done. Here's the deal they the teachers argue the legislature and strip them of a right. Earned through years of service without due process. Lawsuit described as swift coup. By opponents of tenure complete with late night legislative maneuvers but it could not convince the Supreme Court. That was anything more than one of the bill democracy. Lawmakers are elected by the people the court noted both legislative chambers voted to end teacher tenure. There is no reason they cannot do that. And no reason they had to hear from teachers. First. Now I don't know much about teaching. My brother was a teacher he's now an assistant principal. I don't know much about tenure. Other than my understanding of tenure is once a teacher or in the case of professorship. Once you attain it getting rid of view is very difficult. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have been known to be wrong on occasion solicitous each teacher is given a probation period. And that varies state to state. During the probation period teachers must prove they're worthy of receiving tenure however. Once they teacher is ten you word it. The principal can no longer fire that teacher now here's the Big Three words we need to pay attention to rift well Al's just cause. So tender does not mean you can't be fired. It means you can't just be fired because the principal doesn't like Q. Doesn't think you're performing to standard. Has some parent complaints. You would have to have clauses cost to me would be the big stuff. Like on only to come to school drunk. The big bad behavior stuff how about having sex it's too difficult course that would be just cost. But what are some of the other things. That would constitute just caught maybe the list goes way far down to. Didn't show up on time to parent teacher conferences I don't know I doubt that that's the case but I don't know. And in what other profession. Are you guaranteed. To keep your job like that who else has that. What. Is the point of having tenure if they can fire you for legitimate reasons. They can fire you Dana for not showing up at your job they can fire you Dana for showing up to work drawn. They can fire you for any number of things isn't battle kind of and your fish. Proponents of tenure argue that tenure. Reasons. And prevents the firing of older X parents teachers to hire less expensive. New teachers. So that if you had ten year in say television news. You could not fires someone like Lynne Dawson to make way for some higher out of Topeka for 27000 dollars a year. It. I've 767798. What's the point of tenure. What does it do. Does it prevent you from being fired. Just for somebody cheaper. Or does it give you more protection I ask because I do not know. And don't all jobs kind of have. Implied tenure I guess I don't know. It now what gives you the right to sue for what's called wrongful termination. Due tenure here firefighter police officer I have no idea I had no because I don't know. And I've never understood either but there is in any job you have seniority. You know of how somebody has to be fired it's usually not the guy that's been here five years know that it usually is or options does because their money thirty years now racked. When in corporate America I think the fifty year old like I would tell you where the first ago. I've 76 sevenths Alaska's of the rapists 5767798. To the newsroom here's Kara marks. And family separation policy at the border has come to an end more next. I haven't riding around town in mine Volkswagen. To wanna look like our love petite one of the atlas. And they set me at one you've come check out some things we want to test ride the jet when anti it's incredible. Yeah the warranty on the 2019 Janet infect all new VW's twenty Tina. Is incredible six years 72000. Miles transferable. Bumper to bumper warranty it is the best warranty in the market today hands down bar none. All of the new VW twenties teens and six years seven to 2000 miles is it transferable. Bumper to bumper warranty and and the way that little Janet right around that timid kids but the jet. 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And into tonight to because of the soupy air mass in place because he's heavier rain I 85 overnight low or not you've fire from 65. More showers and possible thunderstorm for tomorrow mostly cloudy the high 75. I'm staff meteorologist at a pretty era Mauritanian easy whether. NBA right now accuse CIA it's eighty in Lee's summit 78 and your official weather station. The radio dot com map is the official new home of KM BZ download it today listen to us any time anywhere. Kara marks or news NBA one KM BZ. Or. All. And then mountain. Well in a little. Okay. In looking. Yeah. Us news. Lead Kansas Supreme Court. Has ruled that teachers in the state of Kansas. Do not get tenure. I'm curious. And I ask out of ignorance 576779. It. What does for a teacher. Ten year provide it. Because if if your argument is and again Scott immigrants. Well that they can't fire me because I'm. 55 years old. And I made 55000 dollars a year or 60000 dollars a year and wanna hire some young buck out of KU. And pay him 25000. Sheer well that would constitute. First what age discrimination and wrongful termination. So back camp. Several people are writing and that they're both at. Will. Right tort statements what's importantly a union as well I don't. I'm not gonna say there's no point of that because I belong to the union miners Ayers when I'm saying is if if if the state is an amateur about Missouri. But it's a state is an at will state and Kansas sales. What's the point having a union. If if if they can fire you for whatever reason they wore. Then therefore you don't have the protection of the union. I thought the union's job was not only to negotiate on behalf of the group. But also to protect you if for some reason the man came after it. And wanted to taker job aware for. I guess your quickness your question is why do we need it and does it even really help. And I think those are fair questions why do professors have tenure. To protect them from what because they want to be able to speak freely. And published. Recently. With out fear that their thoughts ideas and opinions will lead to the loss of a job. Am a teacher and high school level. Is much more restricted you would argue that's on on what they can yet say yeah I. Actually student body a teacher in high school cannot come out and say I hate this president. I hate guns I think we should round up all of the guns it in high school. Now in college professors are free to espouse those thoughts with out fear of retaliation and I agree with. You and I are. Allowed to a certain extent to. Espouse those thoughts. Whether they be pro gun anti gun pro president president. We don't require tenure. We don't have we don't have tenured and we have personal service contracts that's different. We have TSE's and so legally were protected in that not. If downstairs if you sense something in the next five minutes. That. The guide downstairs thought was over the top. Inappropriate. Whatever I don't care if you're a contractor doesn't even expire for another three years or two years whatever it is you're going. But yet on a daily basis Hugh and I say things that may downstairs doesn't might we don't. But we don't require ten year someone just heard and I tend to agree with the Scott that more than anything it protects them from blank principles. Panels prince of pals. So that if you were to school where from time to time the principles come and go take another job someone else comes in. That principle for what ever reason just doesn't like you. It theoretically it's called the real world protects you from someone coming and with whom you have a personality conflict you do a great job. Kids love that parents love you your teacher of the year but some jerk comes in and decides he wants you out. The erratically tenure would protect you from that scenario. What. If it wouldn't and why a habit that's our point yeah. If if you worked in Kansas you're an at will employee. So what does tenure really protect you farm. And and so it must protect your from something where the teachers and their union wouldn't be fighting to keep. I'll hear it is here to hazard is serious tenure allows teachers to fail the school board president sun or star quarterback. There is a lot of pressure to make sure certain students remain eligible target certain grades tenure would protect you there. And I would argue everyone should be protected from that. Scenario of firing. What would we ever heard about a teacher being fired for failing tall order on it's not necessarily tired. It's pressured. It is. Let's have this meeting is common that powers and old wives to. I think that happens I'll let. Me read you only need the star athlete to do well this year you don't think that happens. Early don't. In small to counsel all America. Okay in Texas looked me in the eye and tell me that unknown on the line we're talking about Kansas you said it never happens and save programs and taxes. US have been happens here and the weeks ago. Let's go to Tom in Overland Park hotel. And here the basic that she did it again. They're protecting incompetent. More alarming. Is paying members and it's all about the money. Unfortunately. We allow ten year and only history. Company Saturday and back at children. And indicated. That a year and. Not after sleeping with a student you're not suggesting that time. The union it. We'll be anything and power. We keep making here in this school no matter and a violation of these are all my guys yet that you're pretty and all the time. When it's criminal behavior Thomas got an idea what it's criminal yeah. They haven't you know. There are people and the annual Buick could play as long as today are continuing to be cute paying member. You're you're telling me that is 55 year old. Taylor ride sleeps with sixteen year old Tom Smith. They're going to fight to keep Dana right employed at high school as a math teacher. I'll. Be very boy. This. And I. Speculate. Yet that their job. Unfortunately using it to protect they're not and they look at HR burst your. But. Lately there after that it. Are there at the bigger thing that has exploded the text line is not being able to sales students happens all the time happens to me. That happened to me it happens here Makinen in the school with its athletes. I think. It's not. It's not necessarily out in the open where someone comes out says okay so and so had ace. 33%. In English but magically because of some extra credit. This athlete ended up with a sixty point four I think that scenario happens more than you are willing to bully. Rob why would my grades not if I was the starting right used to suck at football at all. I love you but you Obama I was the starting right guard for the call valley league champion Lansing line now the ball. I'm 18 am against who and they are six. And there Herman gains in other teams went. Three. We had colleges get in trouble for that she's openly. For changing changing rates. Well now. I Zagreb Texas it it's just the thing. I was a starting right fielder for the Lansing high school baseball team rods at the team that never wanna game we won one game against a Soto and lost nineteen presented the data so the and so there are less. I want to be on the record out of there at a bus. Are a lot of people using not a language that I cannot repeat saying Tom. Is absolutely. Delusional. If you commit a felony. You'd just becomes well is matter. And union I'm not going to keep your job you and the unions not. Hi Jeremy Case he Cahill Roger and I aren't well. So I have I'm accusing Casey two directly disagree with our. Are our teachers union you know they negotiate a short on fact. By the biggest thing they do obviously we you know we don't have. You know we can get fired at any time gravy and then as a teacher I'm so. Now women but Willie German then why is ten years so important to you if you can be fired for any reason at any time. Why is that teachers union fighting so hard to maintain tenure. When you edit as the warrior like keep. School board president sign from getting you fired. It's it's. One angry parent. Orders from the like that and is getting you fired because one parent decides to compliance. Or rallied three or four other parents let you put them. A complaint against one teacher. That happened. I mean we would not believe in not time. Your question just yes or no in the we got a good break we'll have you ever in Africa can year old Wendell settlement that is that is thank you. Have you ever been pressure. To pass a student. Simply because of their athletic and you know. In Europe high schoolteacher. Yet diplomat. You teach in Lansing or some means they can. Now don't asked Emory teaches. You know hearings that I know that I let's please I was trying to because joke about the wincing athletics. Right. That's his only year low relive your glory days everyday on the stroke now because people now well first I don't I realize. I saw eight Rodney. And eyes that I was the worst player on the team. Do you still Wear your letter jacket from time to time Yasser now only wanna make it. You know the right higher. First attaining the rank higher then re detaining the right higher. Is such an important thing if you are small business owner on my best friends is trying to hire someone right now it is tough to find the right higher. And it can be so important crucial. To make sure your job post reaches the most qualified candidates when you're looking. You tried posting on job boards but you ever really know who sees that. 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You know how she mr. the world until urging your watched her as they. Not in it it actually wore it and you know. The college she. It in a DY well. And unity are tired. First sport bike with. So I went to the rule. That out as an app when he came about that they were trapped are. And there are Hurt Locker. Oh. I will she get that one issue. That yeah. She was that break and option. Sport she. Supreme Court. It cracked country. And soccer on our op. And more than a minute sir I guess your reaction re angry were you. I'm very angry you know I'm finding out about it I'm in the hole. Back. You know they're doing their job in educating my daughter he believes that our athletes are here. So sure Ellen I and a real quick she would bring home good grades like let's say a's indecency is that when it came time to take the AC here SAT she bombed because she was not prepared. It. And what agree should she have the house and you know probably probably sees. And work where she now she and colleagues that you already yeah she did she oh by. Additional. Began or were all hurt. A Amanda thank you for being honest truly. Skits of the newsroom here as Caremark happening on KM BZA search underway for a missing woman in Belton details next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.