KMBC's Donna Pitman joins us to talk about local victim of the Las Vegas massacre

Dana & Parks
Wednesday, October 4th

A Go Fund Me page has been established for KC native Kim Gervais who was wounded and paralyzed in the Las Vegas shooting. She lives in California, much of her family is here in the KC Metro.  


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Listening to the date and parks podcast. Don't. Eighty. Your name. O'Donnell hi Donna currently. I think our guys les Steiger Stewart aimed it broke my heart. It built spoken line you know that was probably well beyond what each of you look at Oregon has that it. But if there's Bloomberg tripping you should look I think we think talking about Kim bulk. And and be good front page article for the fact that such a tragic and look at that because we felt when he saw little trigger and not just a person who. Shot brought everything to the person who were on the political crap or. Definitely thought she'd agree admiral car chief controlled than at that dot org granddaughter and local companies like hitting a little you know by a little little black troops. Lived on her and all their life forever changed. Well and it's my understanding the family all lives in Kansas City but Kim lives in California is that correct. Their daughter for the California as well formally start campus should not and whether he'll. I would influence from elderly or they don't want to get. That they appear brother thinking this idiot and he or fewer. I'm in Germany and let them work and then how old she got in touch without backup now got a chance. You are open. And that quite quote. That you should separate the gonna flop says. Sheikh fact with Jenny called actually not. Finding can't because the structure well. Kim had the not taking pictures they're getting out and you know in the loop hole that can happen. And threatening drinking your mantra Scott being that I think I'll call your mom's files and it's not our. Certain to call the phone and called the lost a mother and daughter. Rebecca grab their granddaughter right outreach. I don't know who you are adequate for a longer amount. At all. Islam and one shot and she took the land I changer that couldn't trust you. The mountain they couldn't find camp because it all came out the pro you know that can't get there or sheep that got what I let someone else. Sheila good trouble. And I thank you out how fortunate that the stranger. I don't know exactly what you would put in the car or truck that. Let's first go to Chile that was actually the current strangers and living in Connecticut topic is nowhere to got to look out the cadets. And sadly the woman that Kim was with did not survive the shooting Donna. We should probably shouldn't let. As Q3 unemployment and the organ actually exclude libel even probably AirTran says. Let person or country track and actually let him for being too vocal chaotic scene they couldn't find them because. Russia no doubt that they show the local he would Padraig and Luke. And beat them personally. The outright ban do. And actually went. The Spectra that this planning and let the record I think I think it's gonna be talking into the afternoon. A little extortion cannot afford our. That's good shambles well it's Donna can I program rightly an ice ice set his earlier days raise 141000 dollars which is wonderful. Out of out of a 50000 dollar goal and we know there had been I think it's three million dollars that's been raised. For relief in Vegas but these families Donna. Think about this if this was short monitor you are now basically stuck in Las Vegas you can't work. You where are where it is today he's we were gonna have to get hotel rooms I mean. Just logistically it's going to be very. The more support the emotional cost ND. Actionable. Fiscal cost of being with her to see her through this recovery you cannot even imagine. And conduct well a lot of people and let god forbid. And it. You're in the situation you don't it's so hard to comprehend. What you to get ahead and very well at them very eloquently. And who were at. Other things that are intact in their twenties and but I can't secure a hospital or being in church. And people think medical built but beyond what looked at the sense that fortune we don't get. All the things that you just mentioned. Well look at virtually the financial future but did she know what happened to her. Does Kim. I've talked era or that it England hurt my country finish what he can bench. Conversational heard this morning until. That I talked shook. And the helicopter current Paul Lawrie additional well now actually catch. Him. And while it it's interesting you say that someone was her. To the hospital because CNN right now's talking to that marine who we know member of the marine that stole the truck. And I was transported I think thirty people back and forth from that essential war zone. To the hospital and I just hope for the family that at some point. I would wanna know who helped my mother I would I don't know who isn't and so hopefully at some point and are you really stealing your truck an immense in dollars and how he's out what was keys and I love it. I'm down right wet. Bar. Our preparation for ask forgiveness but I I do hope for them I would wanna know there are so many you know on the positive side stories of heroism and and people like this marine and then we don't know if he helped camera not that somebody did. We saw on using the video Donna of people putting women and we'll barrels to disagree they're literally. You know cargo they were easy pieces of the sense that. The metal science so I hung from the family and I think that that would bring some measure of comfort to them to know because he whoever did that likely saved her life. About the brits let her life and and I can think he'd be back here route that I think our first and in it or anybody could anybody hit first and intricate black. On that note that the if you could direct the police thought a bird. I'm walking away from my one year old Cuban outfit but yet not all at the police officers. Unilaterally and how you're hearing a shot fired U. Walking through you know we all would goat farm and and hopefully crowd have their effect and then and let I'll let you got these. Go without a circular because the like yet but they're reading and she'll. I compliment from gentlemen thanks for calling Colin Manning won't let it. Listening to the date and parks podcast.