Kids + Being the bully = Parents go to jail

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Wednesday, October 11th

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Every Wednesday happily to the weekend. Don't forget about our keyword cash not surprising some reason to the wrong text line gave it. Number I believe it I believe that worked this hour is long LO NG text in the seventy rating at one end to the regular text not one that's packet ditch anyway I get when a thousand bucks I would encourage you to send it to the right place also out. Should parents go to jail. When their kids bull. That's the question on the table right now it 5767798. Or text in a 22980. Keep in mind. Big of a bullying problem we have in this country right now and a lot of you say it's not that bad or it's no worse than it was I was can't but the orchid was that we have Internet now. And kids can't escape it and we've got more more kids the commits suicide. And and we've got kids are being bullied into it. And so with that in mind we have a community in New York that is going to punish parents if their kids. Are caught being a bully and the goal here is to prevent future bullying if you're that parent who thinks Mike Kidd can never bully. Perhaps now you're gonna take a more honest look at your kids' behavior. The stories out of WI VD north title won the New York parents there could end up behind bars. If their child is found bullying others to come on counselor hopes that you all and up bullying. All while helping to end bullying by holding parents accountable for their children's actions of the child was cop bullying or attacking another student. Their parent will pay the fine or do the time the kind of council passed it unanimously. Other parent could spend up to fifteen days in jail. Pay 250 bucks or bows out that's the fine is fifteen days behind bars off to a dollar fine or both and that's the Max penalty here's how does start it Victoria Credo is apparent whose son was attacked by his classmates in June. It happened off school grounds that it did push the parent to do something she said that she'd found that other parents complained of violence. At that middle school as while also they started a FaceBook group called north title won the coalition for safe schools and streets. And she's hoping that this new rule that's been house or a law against this disease city law coming counsels of a thing to me and a that's cool border that's a lot. I've been on the last on its as I think the teens have figured out they can get away with it and that's why they are repeat offenders. Maybe now it will give them pots of Kansas City lot which is weird to me but the mayor are Pappas says. The city is not trying to focus on punishment but more so prevention and that it teetered toward repeat offenders. We this is not the only time that we won't punish parents for something accused Iran. The most common example that comes up and schools. Is truancy if you have a kid that is repeatedly missing from school we have anything cultural and seek ports and that is. A city court thing that's actually where parents can be fine and punished. For not getting your kids to school because we think parents ultimately that responsibility lies with her it's a kid there. For kids not there and under eighteen and that's on years so we already do this it's not unprecedented. But we don't about this very often in punishing parents for their kids being a bully now we don't know exactly. We could find the actual text of a lot well. We don't know exactly how you define. Bullying here for the purpose of punishing parents. 76. The that the bullying that is and again I. I don't know where we draw the line at when it comes to bullying and being picked on like we all were we to have the Internet grown up like you said. And does that fall into line on all. She is it an effective. Line. Of cutting down on repeat offenders a bullying my initial reaction to this. And this comes up a lot is that it feels a little symbolic to me because. Fifteen days in jail and a 250 dollar fine OK it's not nothing. But if you really it's I can't look at the same is like seat belt tickets. There are some people who are never gonna Wear their seat belt no matter how high of a ticket price you put on it. I don't know if this is enough to get a parent who doesn't have any idea if their kids a bully I don't know if this is enough if the threat of this. Is enough to make apparent suddenly look at their kid wonder if their bully. However. It doesn't hurt to have some other accountability that goes beyond K now I hope you were also punishing the tit. For the ball right and that that punishment. Is worse they both serve jail time mom and dad your mom and son jail time together. The problem with fines for kids that age is that parents are gonna pay right so I hope you're also. To me this is kind of publicity that it seems like an extra Marino way to go about it up to fifteen days in jail and a 200 and it or 250 dollar fine because your kids a little jerk or not extreme enough but again don't down play ball not maybe kids battled jerk maybe kid is on you know pushing other kids were suicide. And this is a weight that parents attention the probable that isn't after the fact right you're punishing a parrot for bullies it has already done. Not preventing kids from doing marble what you're doing is you're pushing the pair to say OK what I I it's not as severe as I thought it was. You know a little Tim he's got a black guy in your bat he's being bashed on FaceBook or snapped chatter whatever. I would go right to my son or daughter and and make them understand right you will cut this bull crap out. Because I'm the one that's gonna have to pay for this I'm the one's gonna have to go to jail for tests are some parents who don't think their kids can ever do of course not my Angel on your Angel there are some kids some parents are just going to defend their kids no matter why I 767798. A new anti bullying law could punish and find parents should we do that around here good idea or a bad idea 5767798. Nathan in Wellington you're on 91 KM BC what's up Nathan. What do you think the only ID anti bullying law they could put kids parents. In jail or 250 dollar fine. My only count my only court fear is that what ever happened to. The entire school bullies all of them are gang up on that one again and they figure out that this is become a new law. And they start doing like what the Salem witch trials those. Expect strain in the moment that that diet that big bully here and or go to them and restart haven't. Black diet the biggest boosters have stop like that. I don't I don't follow. Let's. Like for. I don't think that's the big concern here is that the kid getting picked on is going to. They're going to frame to keep getting picked up I look kits are. Kit capable of Eddie maple yet kids during an advocate for cancer at a capable than anything. They have vocal they appreciate it let's go to. Rick is it Richard. You're an oil rich are iphones it miscreants as a as next reviled in their my apologies richer and came besides ABBA. Well I got a question Leo you have a parent now that you don't OK you advocated bullying correct. And they put me in jail correct yeah and buying me them. OK so my retaliation that is I'm gonna Littlejohn we hear it coming you know there have been great go to jail. That's not bad that's not gonna come up Moby Livan how a lot of impact and then I did put and you offered child abuse brought my own kid you. It could could completely went differently you're not you're eager to you could not beat the hell body your child. Well I mean and that's the way to get the point across to him you know. Because you're probably they were taken of that box that's not good enough these kids anymore I mean they did they know. The law stand behind them you are an old little kids. Sure sure and it is you have kids Richard. You. Held. Out of thirty odd retirement date for when they were growing up did you spank him the jig in my lap on the yeah see the problem with that I I I think it's all right but did. I ever meet them no no I never ever bit. But you know when they did wrong you know they don't panel and. And and I think that's the right wing again. I. I knows this is corporal punishment I don't think the the options are to do nothing or beat to hell lot of them I think there's a talk. It has to be had there's a respect that has to be had between parent and and the child. And some awareness had a time I think is the goal here with the goal is to be more aware your kid is doing and social media or what ever so that it doesn't get to this point yeah. To preventable not punish it after if we are fortunate to have children American to beat the hell out of my son or daughter but they will get a spanking on the but if they needed but again separate. Well at all until just in the options aren't. Take away the Xbox or bloody to keep it I think the point that you just make it. What sounded in jest wise if you put in jail. And give me find my kids bullying that I am going to be my tip for the bullying and I go back to a bit extra media outlets things have to happen to limit their. Mean what it's Oracle's Richard thanks for yours Marreese Sarah Ashley stick right there it's May Day with Jamie wicket is that a good idea. For parents. To either go to jailer facing big fine. If their kids are bully I've 767798. Text into to united zero your calls next a 91 came BZ 91 KMB easy mid day with Jamie and wicket 5767798. Parents in. K here we go. North tunnel want to. Show confidence is in New York. North title one died others and on and dog and a New York but north tunnel Wanda. Could have end up behind bars of their child is found bullying others becoming council hopes that a new law will help and bullying by holding parents accountable for the children's. Ax stakes get up to fifteen days in jail pay 250 dollars war. But now we don't have how they define bullying but the goal here is a repeat offenders who got to cut down the kids that are found to be bullying. Multiple times. I find it really interesting and you could read the story in our FaceBook page 5767798. If the child is gobbling attacking other student apparently pay the fine to do the time according to a law unanimously. Passed. Uniquely everybody in the common council thought this was the way to go right. Boy this year is it does this get the just get the message home to stop bullying because mom and dad may have to pay a fine or did time. Erica men on the tax Chernobyl got a calls here on. And view. Hack your first concern as far as text is concerned is that if you what about single parents. Who then. If you put them in jail there not in the field work that strengthens the argument by the way right we'll explain that or that's your biggest concern is that while the parents gonna have to miss work for. Why first be concerned about your kids bully. It it's so what are single parent and you have to miss work that's the idea is it neat. A punishment. Is only impact full of its real if it hurts that. To me would strengthen. The argument that you need to teach your kids not to bully because you can't afford to miss work right. Little Timmy you I have got I have to miss three days of work because you're a jackass on FaceBook indicate as a black guy. Now I gotta go to jail because of this or I have to pay 250 dollars about a single mom little ME ST it is baseball equipment or is new calculator. And I can't get that he's you'll stop bullying. Figure it out. Here's taxed I have fortunate what do you do with the kid that you say stop doing that and they say go blank yourself. Speaking from experience kids' test every limit they can hear I'm not parent that you got to act like. You're ready. Writing. It's that's that's the stump 45. Each for its find ways to control then your. Reason for not liking this law is because what if I can't control my kids. Not parent says figure it out. What you tell the kids don't steal the car. And they steal the car are you just say well it's just taking control everything don't do them for you figured out. Would this be a good idea TV thing it's a good idea network. I think it's. It means more teeth if you're gonna make it you know hurt it needs to hurt to meet this doesn't have enough teeth I do like the idea of making parents responsible for their kids' behavior. I don't know if this is necessarily the why the right way to go jail time and a fine now. I can't wait to see the first parent busted for this I'd love to see that walk to jail gas. By 767798. Marine KC your next up a 91 KM BZ ivory. Kind of line to commentary that it could I even elders and it where kids. The kid I was not able. I loved everybody. But it is a grade I fell into you know girls are writing it now. And that Internet thing about another girl and it or whatever re out like Ali actually now that and it it she got pinch our. While a girl battle that window and of course look like a public option into the future. And we are in trouble that we should pat. And it was mortified and all apt to just apologized urged that we never ever bullied and. But for my arm to go to jail because Cairo. An inch power and being on Indo. Seem really intent to. To me that difference that we don't know exactly how they define bullying brown to me that's not bullying to me that's teasing yeah this this to me goes to a different level than just kind of. A nasty note now theater try to get the cyber bullies the other trying to get the kids that repeat offender driving kids to suicide if this is repeat notes and and neck and that it's a good it to good question Marie we appreciate the phone call 5767798. Ash earlier on KM BZ was up Ashley. I have not matchup I'd together have a great day. The big problem that I have went says that you're gonna get some parents out there who are bullied them shell. And that's where these kids have learned that behavior and some of those parents are gonna have the money and there is gonna keep packing it and not care. And then the jail time to me is not enough if you really wanna get a handle I agree with you Jamie and ally and that should not have and that piece. See you got carried out there like me that if I ever catch my eight got my kid to bullying there would be held to back. Ashley Regis yeah. I okay five children as the mother of five kids. A lot of a lot of parents are texting and saying you can't possibly. Preventing kids from bullying sometimes there's no way to know if you're it has bullying is that tree five kids their way now handle on it. I think that's complete crap and that's cop out as a parent I'm sorry shape I taught my kids to bullying and it happened more than once I would be taking them burn it to the police station so that they can see what's gonna end up happy it happened change is that type of behavior continued and I would be that had a parent if my kid steals a car I call on the bleached. End I don't think the kids understand what it means for you to miss work let's say they work at a job that you worked out early you have to era when I noticed you're not a salaried employee. You can't miss time and if you are salaried employee. You think your boss gonna wanna keep you around wary of to go to an all I have to go to jail for three days yeah are fifteen. Or fifteen. Well I don't cost somebody their job for sure. Thanks actually let's talk to Daniel seven Iraq 91 KM BZ woody like jail time any 250. Dollar fine for bullying their Daniel. Well I think it's ridiculous and I think that are those are used to it I think you're gonna win this in court maybe not the city level but when they Q and I think it'll be struck down. Let my main thing that schools will be collect social environment for kids that how they normally have at all. Throughout the need for public schooling and if this little experiment how we get away punishing someone else for the actions of another. We really mean by social experiment and that's the point public schools. So like Angel like it. And everybody I talk about public look like a delicate social interaction. And the point of public schooling is to provide everyone an education but you're allowing them all that interact with other people from different. Perspective and a walk of life. And so whenever you have that you're teaching them how to react to other people. If we're teaching our kids that hey I'm making you feel uncomfortable or they're being viewed free catalog them. You know that person's in trouble but the person who will be seeking that person who wanted to get in trouble either. It's it's it's paddling on kid do when something is different than a kid bullying someone to the point of. Depression and anxiety and or worse and I think that's kind of the big problem I think it is that. There's a difference between teasing and bullying Deanna and we're talking about. Bullying but all seeing is a real thing went you know if it is your kid that was attempting suicide. Because of bullying you be taking it seriously but I think his point is valid to what's the punishment for the kid who's doing the bully first agreement that honestly and this story I mean doesn't mention nap but for sure there should be punishment for kids that it all thanks candy absurd thanks Daniel knowledge go to candy and came easy eye candy. Andy is god art of skid dead Jolie in Garden City upon KM BZ go ahead Jolene. We are part big time. At dean but what did it. What they all aren't beat. He. Didn't. Know. We. Are. It. Eat you are grown adult. So you or them and I ball. And Julie what do you say per what do you say the person who text Jamie and said. I have four kids you can't know everything sometimes they just do what they deal. They do exactly. I don't whine okay. Shortly telling her why sure actions you're actually be. Seeing. There are consequences. If I might try. A school. Get in trouble. Two. And are. Now a joint thinks the phone call for sure it's gonna do is parents that did not have the bullying conversation with their kids before will now or your calls coming up 5767798981. KM BZ mid day with Jamie in wicket Jamie money selling my quick get. Asking you right now 5767798. Is it right to punish the parents with jail time or 250 dollar fine to prevent bully. It's happening in north tunnel Wanda does is in New York the City Council there is passed a law unanimously. That would give a parent. Up to fifteen days in jail and 8250 dollar fine. If they have a kid that has been found to be bullying others the goal here is to prevent the repeat offenders. And we're not talking about teasing and we're not talking about you know notes calling the kid a name were talking about real obvious. Bullying of another kid. And we're talking my parents that should be held accountable for their kids' behavior. Again we do with truancy and we you know we take parents to truancy court if they don't their kids to school so it's not unheard of to punish apparent with fines or jail time. Because their kid is it doing what they're supposed to buy 76 sevenths. I. I did it pretty straight ahead partner. Forget about going into. You know it also. Assert expect it to be geared for it get addicted to build the issues beat out there and belt. Where they littler and a lot of other situation. And target you know. It gave. In the later everyday and. I I I see what you're saying as as an an after effect but I think there are a lot of kids most kids they get bullied. It's not a good thing to put it different IC recently you learn to stand up for oil maybe learned to fight maybe learn to fight back. Maybe learn to not put up with somebody's crap. The word enhances tenable raw weird word to use about it but I can. I can I can spin it annually say kids can. Those things in other ways to use them aside you know a lot of negative things and let it more more I think about this and think the focal any more I think about this. I don't like it. Punishing the parents because maybe we just have a generation. Of of parents where'd. Everybody every good parent. Like your raising your kids if you're a total do wish him. And you are being to people. And you know take care. Raising a kid to fall in line with apps it fair a lot of view on the tax line are saying things like. Bullies who are parents raise bullies and net. Now I don't know how much the threat of jail time and a fine is gonna change parent personalities. You know. My guesses though so that's some of that you're not teaching your kids not to bully because you think it's okay let's go to Johnny in. Poll earlier on 91 KM BZ what's up John. I am concerned about buckle under guard should you know these bullies are are not a good but I agree. You know when you at all. It's a great election an exact. I am a wall and a judge and go by. Other bear. Art our legal system at a black and white should there are no. Middle ground. Adam I don't know I agree with that but I understand what you're saying it. And who determines what bullying is who determines. You know what what what what that but food service if he gets six days in jail determines if you get fifteen days in jail determines if it's a fine no jail time lead. That's to me where the leniency or the discrepancy he has. Yes that where I ever eager byte determined what bullying. Is part that boring that child. For this. I headed let that. Mum I'm Lori and exploring now and retire. But I had a child and for himself. And I yeah well willing to wait aided Hezbollah. Anti via. Now. Zero power is a terrible sight. Of big boat it was funny then an outpouring. That if he was if he was legitimately standing up for himself and didn't seek out the violence that's wrong. Yeah well. But saying that where where these are all have. Beat coach. It's been triggered a lot bloodier. By our embodied in these. Part of what going well and bite eight. And a. But in this case that the good thing about it being a law. Is that you have to define the bullying ahead of time because you can't impose punishment on something. That you don't clearly define ahead of time so at least bullying is going to be clearly defined. So it's not. I mean there's going to be a little bit of room for interpretation but ultimately a judge will decide that not a teacher or principal Debbie rather have that yet. Well no I really what I'd rather have but can you give up. And bite your dad Jennie on base but it's. At that but that's an old school mentality. It makes the phone call and thank you for your service and we appreciate that very very much. James and blue springs are next up on 91 KM BZ. I. I James you're on air. I I hit it like bowling. Joke that. A lot. Oh my body art but. I'll go out. All. Shut. It off and it all or. How it. Real world. Or whoever. That somebody. Are back on how old. You act then it. They're a court are there. My. Whole life so we about the text earlier that sad. I've got four kids and sometimes can't control dominate as do whatever they want and then we've had many people respond to that. With things like the structural frequently pull up onto the mom of four kids stop being their friend beat apparent discipline them and stick to the punishment you are the role model. Somebody else texted and said we have a fourteen year old daughter and thirteen year old son anything they do online we can see we monitor it. We believe that parents are to blame for the way they are raised. You know people aren't. Important. To. Help. I. 00. I. All. Well. I don't walk out it. I tell. Oh. Your friends. I think it is terrible. For James to say anyone. That. Gets bullied or can't handle being bowling is a coward if they're two per commit suicide. I feel to I'd I'd like to talk to the parents of the student at least some at North High School two weeks ago that took her own life on a Friday afternoon because he was bullied. I don't think Decker was a coward I think Decker Earl made the wrong decision and I feel operate a horrible for her parents. But she's not a coward that that's a disgusting thing to say on that is not uncommon opinion about suicide now. These you teach your buddies at work and you you Josh with your friends at work you sound like you're in your twenties or your thirties. Vineyard nine. Or your twelve. Or your fourteen. It's a little different your whole world. Is that group of friends that you go to school with and the outside groups of people at your school it is different. When you or an adult. And if you don't get that your account. As an adult you're more equipped to handle it as a kid you don't know that yet and again. These kids are growing up in a world that we did not grow up and the kids are growing up in a world where they can't escape this they go home and it's still existing 24 hours a day online yet. Now is apparent the thing you can do about that is keep your kid away from a phone keep them off the Internet or at least monitor their use that goal of this lot is to get you to do. Could change topics will bring this back in 1 o'clock hour you wanna jump in will do so again at 1 o'clock hour. Coming up the wrong way to celebrate a football win for your favorite team this argument Travis celebrated I am an arena same game same teams different bed. Titles though. An embarrassment for the United States happened yesterday. And embarrassments. They would it is next a 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ meeting with Jamie and wicket. Jamie not to sell he might quick it was trending coming up at 12 o'clock. Cell. There is a national embarrassment yesterday and I don't claim to be the world's biggest soccer all right everybody and others Campion everything and just I love sports I played soccer is a kid I've you know I've watched soccer is getting given a chance I tried to given a chance. I've got us at to soccer borrowers and whatnot just not my game. But I do wanna see us do well in soccer like to mean that is pretty important to honor to everything I want our you know bobsled team to winning gold medal I've never it's seen a bobsled run outside of the winter games in my life. We didn't qualify for the World Cup. For the first time since 1986. Take I'm not be asking questions on how to deal is. On the heels the world. It's. It's it's hugely giving up is it's like the Super Bowl it's bigger it's worldwide. I mean super bowl of the world everybody gets Super Bowl the world they apparently it's the Sox understand soccer outside the United States is the most popular game on the planet. We don't find it as popular here even though people tell me it's been growing for ever but we just. Our men never never really compete when it comes to it and I don't know why other than. By the time kids get high school. Our youth soccer probably really good by the time kids get to high school they discovered football they discover basketball. They need to play baseball they discovered girls. It hit all of these things after World Cup is only for men. I know our women's World Cup is won the thing three time OK somebody was saying earlier that you qualified to do it well it's our women are the are are really good weather were the best to Wear in the conversation for the best went. I don't know why we have 300 million people in this country. And we are never the big boy table. We want to I've this year for the first time in thirty years to score points like you get points for a win points for a draw then there's cold differential is kind of an Albany aggregating them. And I don't I rolling toward aggregate. Up. A lot of formulas but we lost yesterday to Trinidad and Tobago on. Pays decent with geography UK where is Trinidad and Tobago honestly. I think it's in. South America. And the Caribbean somewhere it is north east of Venezuela. That's right just off the coast of Venezuela it's not paying that's what I know about treated and today I don't know like today. No it we certainly people. I'm gonna guess that got five million point 36 billion people in Trinidad and today not even close I mean that's how specialist in the population of Kansas City right. Far right what population of Kansas City. Downtown lake. 600000. Like Bentley I believe Casey no proper is 450 okay like Eric but it and then and surrounding. Metro. And it's two million so. We I don't know how they beat us I I really don't mean it is. Our. Ears he's demeaning him. Is possible that we have a lot more options to saying and so trip and Tobago can say we're gonna pick this sport traditional. S like baseballs are past time we we doubt we're football players. To be divided between all of sport basketball players were baseball football players. In places like Brazil. And Spain. And Germany and everywhere and Trinidad and Tobago. Soccer and act it is this embarrassing for the US it is it actually at a scale yeah. Because the world is gonna be watching this event. And by the way it's in Russia so you can make your own jokes that you want. Earl. Played in Russia and we are not invited. It is embarrassing because we have always believe we're the best and we believe in the united soccer. But just general mood and we believe we were here on the way up in. And I'm not gonna lie. I was kind of looking forward. To watch and world I was gonna go down the power and light you don't watch soccer but I what you're but the pictures I've seen of the World Cup at power and light before I moved here. It looked incredible like the crowd looks crazy Disco party with people not necessarily why that's an environment I can appreciate got a bunch of right now my favorite sporting event I count that. Still there is the same but it's an embarrassment for this country not to be invited to the world tournament like this there's other tournaments and stuff whatnot. But this is the one and we are not there and that's an absolute embarrassment and speaking of embarrass it looks. No. All we lost a whole game go visit Costa Rica. Recently added New York a few weeks ago that either no we lost Coastr Rica we lost Trinidad Tobago. Think about that I think all of Costa Rica and all of treated and Tobago could fit in Kansas City, Missouri and we can't fit from fifty states we can't put together a team if we asked to China. That I can understand that people that we don't think they're very good soccer but I wouldn't really know what really good ice that's. We have been lost to England yeah we usually do or Spain that's a soccer play Brazil and a ton of people in their really traditionally Argentina. Trinidad and Tobago via what is the what do embarrassment. And speaking of embarrassment. Fox sports. Out bid. ESPN to carry. The World Cup. They spent. And make sure I get this 200 million dollars fox paid to lobby ESP into the 2018 World Cup TV rights. And now they don't even have the home team pop. That's a 200 million dollar gonna fall off. That's right two dollars more 200 million more they paid 400 million dollars. For the English broadcast rights for the World Cup next year ended 20/20 two we are Al. We are out for 2018. To screw up when is this game. Would you when is the world the tournament begins and in the spring I believe and question its games. Ball over is there interest in the US in watching the World Cup even without the US. It's growing at it's it's definitely some money on their part well now idol. Diehard soccer fan that gets the spot soccer channel. That watches Manchester United take on Barcelona. That soccer and is gonna watch Argentina vs Trinidad and Tobago. The casual soccer fan probably will carry as much because we are not in and the free soccer fan AK a meat. I'm Jeff right I watched five minutes of World Cup action. I it will be ot we'll have done in the studio two is because at the World Bank but I'm not connect I don't care I don't care about Brazil vs Russia who gives a rat's behind it a textured teaching does that not one person covering the Osmond soccer teams story today is mentioned. That one Google's Trinidad and Tobago scored with us kicking the ball into our own goal an own goal moves. So this is really that's really embarrassing sleep in and they were down to nearly half they lost two to one. So one of those goals was on her own of our own foot or head or whatever he liked. Kids the record business insider writes. If the US made next year's finals. Box would have gotten a chance broadcast three group stage games for the US side. Well there will be played interest in Russia 2018 it's no doubt disappoint both American soccer fans fox the US will not be part of that competition supporters had hoped. This World Cup would be a swan song for some of the players. On top names I've actually heard of Tim Howard Clinton emcee Michael Bradley. Is supposed to serve as kind of a coming out party immediate passing of the torch to some younger guys. 200. Million dollars. And you don't even get the home team is possible. So they just assume they just of course were again because we have for the last thirty in the last time they made didn't make them who the World Cup Reagan was president you were barely alive I was five. It was five the last time. So maybe this bidding process needs to happen after her. Don't know entries are now it has it has happened this has to happen now for an advance so they can secure cruise and travel to get this because there's like three stadiums that it'll get played at the organize all that. Like the Super Bowl is 34 or five years out with a broadcast rights activists apple right now yeah. They put him up for big states who's gonna throw 400 million bucks fox did. And see you later. It is an embarrassment Bellamy. Imagine if we didn't make like. You know the the world basketball championships. We were supposed to make the basketball championships the greatest players in the world. Some reasons that my five year old granddaughter doesn't kick the ball trickle. He should play less than it. Should play last night. Soccer fan is upset. In other a lot of passionate soccer fans in Kansas City that woke up this morning if you did watch it is like my Twitter feed last night was going off but out there down two nothing and half. And a good friend of mine is huge soccer fan you said Americans soccer is dead calm Danner. Stories to today about the economic impact this is gonna have in the US to in Kansas City the fact that we because this is such a soccer town. And this is gonna water down the buzz or that yeah it I don't know if it will watered down the buzz sporting always will be a popular team but man. Bar is in downtown Kansas City right now or angry because they this this would have drawn. Hundreds if not thousands of people to power and light and Westport and other soccer places to watch games. And we have to Trinidad and Tobago.