The Ketogenic Diet 101


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You're listening to the wellness advocate with doctor Kendra pierce. Hall of the world paying her. Now here's doctor Andrew pierce. The morning he's the city doctor cantor piercing here and you're listening to use the wellness advocate and and I have with me on today's show I have Troy ain't here in the studio they're very. They and then I also have my good friend Ryan. Hello Lou how are you guys. Then again to say it's a good morning they're dead. It. So today on the show and we're actually gonna talk about nutrition and specifically we're gonna talk about the Quito Jenny diet. You guys heard the kids in a day it. I have. I have it like all over my entire knew he got a look at. Everything is about you go to you go to you go off I have a product like that I would go to battery that we're talking about Ito diet that element that is. Honestly I I feel like some of the things like yet feel like like and it that way already. But I'm at bat agreed to talk about what I did it Y eighty is it good or bad thing I think to adopt them. Act and I want the tectonic his you know I actually have a lot is and family members and even patients who've asked me about it in two. And have done it in tried it themselves plus the right is all over the news it's it's on face but it's trendy right now. So I want to talk about it when I did. Debunks the myths about it because there's some bad press out about it as well and I've done quite a bit of research and even from personal experience. And I just wanna talk about right how it works what is it doing in your body. Who who would it work for who would it may not work for. And win you should do it and just really touch on all of that answer those questions that people may have about it. And you know it. Doctor gave her one of the things that you know I'd like you can about this subject here in and really why you guys up but just swell going all lined. In the Kansas City area it's good that the kind of up the Q talk about you know widget. Really elevating your help elevating the way you live life or really elevating the weight well it is. You Richard I know why we can launch this show to begin with didn't. It is amazing that he. It didn't taking off like wildfire right. Right in jest yeah you're totally right ran away and attacks on you know why I do the show. And is because I wanna advocate for what's healthy out there and that's why it's the wellness abdicate and really educate people. And I really feel like and it's huge any diet and in doing a diet like this can be very beneficial for your health. And there's all kinds of benefits for it and one of the big. I wanna deep bunkers is and I was reading in the US news I think I even saw it on like. Good Morning America or something one day. Talking about how they're ranking diets and that he'll falls last and you know it's in they have all these reasons why it's not exactly the best for you but I wanna talk about why AT and be very beneficial for you and it debunks that. And today wanna show 'cause there's a lot of people curious about it. And the thing is is aching again. And results fast as far as weight loss or is that a clean but he can actually be very healthy for you inside your body. Matt Howard what I heard about that though it is. Did I know there's a lot of weight off I'll buy it though he did you go die at any weight loss diet or at least get a healthy. You seem healthy living diet. So is actually bull that's one of the things that you even like US news he was saying you know ranking at last actually ranks the highest in faster results usual drop. Sat in you'll drop weight actually very fast on this diet mean a lot of like old school Quito diets of humor you guys have heard ads and think that Atkins Diet. Right gore won the most popular ones like in the late eighties early ninety's. That's basically a low carb diet and actually further and for the late person up there Quito Jenny diet is a low carb diet. It's basically. NY. Yeah that why do US news why did it raided so bad I mean get I have heard a lot of bat bingo well low carb diet. So one of the reasons they said it is rated so bad was because it they said it's not sustain. It is hard for people to stay on long term. And I totally get why they would say that because. As Americans we are addicted to sugar. Where addicted to farms so. Dense that they're trying to think how can Americans stay off of cards long term and be very typical rate. And but what's cool about the Q did you think die if you do it correctly. And that's when things they. You in our office our physicians can teach you how to do it correctly you can actually use this diet to break the sugar addiction. And honor almost just like you know Ed. People who are addicted to cigarettes. And addict to nicotine vetoed you can break that addiction it's it's very difficult but sugar ranks right up there. You know with addictions like that we are seriously addicted to sugar and is so unhealthy for you and inflammatory and causes almost. You know all disease processes in the body you can rely on eight. And to sugar intake so cute I can actually really helped break but the thing is raking in the addiction. And I can go. A sign that. Big top I mean I I personally ever to pretty much all sugar from my own personal diet and eating is. Challenging. On a daily baby did you make sure because almost. Everything has sugar I mean even down to check out I mean you guys I mean he can't get that edge (%expletive) I mean they're stole everything has. Sugar in it and I added sugar and add more so here. Right added sugars even spices you think oh like this and spice revenue put in my chicken unique to New Hampshire and it means you've got to be a serious label reader. And to avoid sugar yeah. I was Renault article moments ago they talked about how church just is as addictive as cocaine. I mean raising the dividend brain scans on people and watch areas of the brain light up whenever they ate consume sugar and in carbohydrates. So what's cool though is with the key budgeting diet in your actually switching your body to burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. You can break that addiction and that doesn't mean you don't ever have sugar ever again if you make this your lifestyle your body beak can become so efficient at burning fat for fuel. That you can't have that slice of grandma's pie that she makes and an actually not even get your body out of Quito assists. And and be able to go right back into your body is so efficient at and burning fat for fuel and as far as an abdicate in median advocate. I advocates for eating anything it. I love. I'm a foudy. And life is not worth living. If you don't get to have a slice of your grandma's apple pie that she makes the most amazing I nation to have that. But it's all about moderation and switching your lifestyle. And that's way. EO we can help people do we do in our office all the time to sign a big proponent of new chip nutrition is essential what you put your body is essential for health you know among other things we do you know chiropractic dampening the cause of conditions. Nutrition is important and what's sad is most doctors don't put emphasis on that. And there out. I mean. No they they don't and I you know I think a lot of people lacked a raid to win. Hollywood grabbed a hold of it diet and I know that that at some what. Happen with it yet diet and I mean I think the really amazing things like Melissa McCarthy huge pre embryonic either diet you lock. 75 pounds on it. How hotly buried on it you like I Tito died on pan cook. You know. I know I hate or you're relating to do what I role in the back of their head -- year Hollywood you know people are doing that but. I bigot because it. Most of them. Out nutrition at may have. You know personal trainer and you know these guys they're all we've on the aisle that are awed. The bad diet and about exercise and it I mean they're all jumping on board you know that you don't Curry's. Right and actually more and more research is coming out they really doing aiming controlled studies showing a moderates even high carb low fat diet and compared to eight Quito Ginny diet which is if he didn't know is. Super high fat. Low to moderate protein. And old very very low car and so you're going to be getting like sixty to 80% of your calories from fat. Twenty to 30% from protein and about five to 10% from carves. And in so they've actually done a lot of research comparing knees and showing the extreme benefits of the key to originate diet in eating high fat and we've just been backwards when it comes nutrition in here in America for a long time I mean the standard American diet. For ever that is preached low fat. And got high cards and he seen the food pyramid the whole bottom of it is all greens in carbohydrates. And look where it's gotten us where one of the sickest stationed out you know here and then in the world. And this is what we've importing EU they say fats cause high cholesterol they say fats cause. And high triglycerides. Indy needed decrease or fats and they've been. Do these high eight. Carbohydrate diets and now we have some of the worst cases of died. Obese population. High cholesterol. So now the re enter and knowing the opposite actually fat does not cause and we'll touch on this and the next segment I wanna talk about. And here in the next segment we're gonna really get into what is the key did you think diet how Cannes and Venice that you nasty bunking some of those those Mets and here as we didn't the next segment so. I mean there's there's a lot of talk I don't I. Yeah we can dig into that an end and make sure and I know you guys put a lot of that now all the line on Facebook and you got it up all your web site. If you guys go to ignore when physical mad at Ben on FaceBook or north and the diplomat at the dot com. I you guys put all of that out to where people can actually take action and didn't they know what I eat I eat yeah you're great by informing the community. Right so and if you do you go to our face a paging go to our website and are even coming into the office our physicians and our team there are really great at helping guide you. You know with this and so really Irene courage to stay tuned because this next and number gonna get antsy mean even deeper I can talk on why you know. A public Catholic US news say that it's the last I mean we can even talk about and no maybe one of the reasons why a greens her in carves Ers so. Advocated for. And why they would rank this diet lasts you could be that there's a lot of money behind greens. And and this like that so. That's getting seriously sidetracked so please stay two and A you know as we head into this next segment and we really get it's the science at the QG diet. Who's a four Howell works when you should do it how can drastically affect your health. You're listening to. Doctor can get your cynicism wellness app can name me one iniki. You're listening to the wellness advocate with doctor Kendra pierce. I. Now you. OK welcome back Kansas City doctor cantor piercing here and your listening to the wellness advocate I'm still here with Troy a and and thank yep and try and no who bailouts that OK so last as segment we are talking about the Tito Jenny diets and we're talking about. And how Quito sis can help you not only lose weight but actually talking how healthy it is for you. And and compared to other diets and actually debunking that met for years and years and years merits hold that. Lol Sachs is the way to go and that carbohydrates are good for you I mean even that the standard American diet which. And is abbreviated SA AD which. Is sad you know really bad right right if you can read and they've actually been wrong I mean and really seriously wrong latest and it's caused a lot of problems and our health. Here in America at that standard American diet being mostly green carbohydrate based down the bottom of that pyramid. And and actually. Showing how facts are actually healthy for you and that trend is going towards that and that's why you see. He did you think diet you know in the news you see it on your face the feed in your social media and and people having really really great results when it comes to as medically weight loss brain I know that earned. Where van creatures and and losing weight is something that. Is gonna really grab people's attention. But actually I wanna talk about how it can actually be even very healthy for you as well. So and act yeah. What I would hit acted you're you retain during the break and I thought that was really important. It is the idea of information and the body and I figured that where. Among the fuel. You know they they beat these you know kind of fat diet and that I think automatically what people. Correlated with Renee you're like you know diet taping go get it to another fat diet but. Really. But Clinton being important nation enough bodies. Being that cause the pretty much every kid this year and you know or are you hit certain do you really like you said. End from inflammation in the body and most of that coming from about that we're meeting at that right. Right exactly so one and one good example of that can be and like a heart disease or you disease of your arteries in cardiovascular disease. It's actually a high inflammation in your body that can cause irritation to the arteries and cause plaques to develop in cause cholesterol to stick. EO two arteries and cause that or even make the arteries brittle. And and cause high blood pressure on pressure and cardiovascular disease they know that inflammation causes that. So if where you know just using that as an example talking about inflammation in the body. What causes inflammation what's an inflammatory food with an anti inflammatory food. So we know that a lot of sugar this very pro and inflammatory. Carbohydrates are inflammatory if there and simple carbohydrates or is unfortunately what most Americans gay in their diet. Now the key to Jenny diet is actually very anti inflammatory. And here's why because you're eating very low car seat you're not getting any of those bad cards in sugars basically eliminating sugar from your diet. But you're getting a ton of fat and I think that's what's hard for people to wrap their brains around has been just been top for so long. That fat is bad fat is bad but actually threat is good and it's essential for your body. Your body your all your hormones you know your hormones regulate almost every process of your body. And hormone that is needed to create hormones their precursors to hormones so if you're reading extremely low fat near Diana. You can have low testosterone. Which can ties conditions like low libido so fat is important. Your brain needs cholesterol your nerves neat cholesterol. And in fact the provinces has got to be good fat and that's what's cool but the key no diet can do it correctly. It is good fat that you're gonna eat like coconut oil spills and lake animal fats that are good for you. Not oil seeds things like that. And those are all anti inflammatory mean I can get into the science and it and the different types of fats Omega three's a mega sevens of mega nines which are super healthy for you and those are in those. Fats and oils I talked about than those Omega six's. And and a mega sixes are very inflammatory. So what are some of the benefits of reducing your place in the body. And both you can reduce your inflammation in the body and want a lot of people notices they have more energy and they feel that her and but they have less heat and so inflammation causes T and and that. Really hits home you know with me in my office as we treat a lot of teen and we treat a lot of knee pain back pain neck teen U being a chiropractor. And sometimes just deep crease in the inflammation in the body specially with diets one of the easiest ways. Teen decreases dramatically. In the body can be allowed to heal without having to deal with inflammation known. Your body cast able to deal with with the stuff that's that's coming at it and if you're putting a lot of inflammatory foods in your body and you're getting. Your body is constantly under state stress and inflammation you're gonna get sick. You're gonna be sick in your body is your body can focus on healing what it needs to. So if he can decrease inflammation and eat an anti inflammatory diet which is weak cool 'cause that's what the key to Jenny diet is a graduate crap right. So I mean well let's talk about I wanna make sure that we don't drop this you guys write this down that we talk about what a good Q did you think diet is compared to. How you can really Maceda. You act. And that that hit a day that sort it can you've been beat her or me you know I know for other people it. I've heard so much like their standard there's targeted there at the local kid he act you'd you know you don't diet that. No doubt they would love to hear more about how to you're right it didn't you know lawyer people go wrong with it. So the biggest thing is making sure that you're getting organic food. And in eight Erie. Utilizing healthy fats because this is a diet where you're going to get you know 78. In there between sixty and 80% of your calories from fat. In your daily intake and then your pro teen is gonna be moderate hello. And in your cover patriots are going to be very low so the fats that you need it's important that there are healthy fats so examples are helping healthy fats are going to be like. Mono unsaturated fatty acids which are super into inflammatory those are your. And a mega sevens and nines those are like pat. Oil's late day in CT oil which is derived from coconut. And also you're gonna get your act so that's like. Coconut oil those are saturated fats that are actually good for you as well. You wanna make sure that you're not utilizing keep a jetty die as a license to eat really crappy. That's. Great like as a license to just eat a ton of cheese. And then and a lot of dairy he. And and hydrogenated. Oils so that's what you really need to look for on labels in order to hydrogenated so hydrogenated oils and an EP. And like. Vegetable oil. Canola oil they're super height in mega success annual increase inflammation in your body. I make sure your gang Omega threes like fish oils and fats from oils nuts seeds coconut oil. A grass fed butter yes but terror is good for you. Grass their daughter is actually extremely good for you has all kinds of health benefits though that's honest I can really help. And but you can't have these trans fats and those are the ones that are bad and I don't know if you knew this but. If you eat trans fats it actually takes your body 51 days to break it down. I'll think it's gonna stay with Gil Lyle seven. They leave three stressing. Not. Yet reached. We kind of lead me in Q. You know somebody go to their doctor and hey hey you know doctor said hey. I you've got you know hole high cholesterol or you know can how many people are on that it right now. Bright and very good point and real. Yeah real idea. And most definitely and actually I wanna really touched on this and on the next segment and actually has a really good story in a personal experience about going to the doctor and getting high cholesterol. And the advice that he got what he can do so I wanna touch on how that affects as well. And if you want more information on either the Q did you think diet you can always go to our FaceBook page in north and physical medicine you can hit up our web site north and physical medicine dot com there's a lot of answers when it comes to that. And the stay tuned for our necks and because ray hit even more on this here listening to doctor Kendra on nine. Listening to the wellness advocate with doctor Kendra pierce. Hey welcome back Kansas City you're listening to the wellness savage then this is doctor tender appear sent and I have with need Troy here in the studio elevator bank and I also have my good friend ran. Hello. Ace so and we're talking about the huge in diet that's who we've been talking about today because it's all over the news and and it's all over my FaceBook feed and everybody social media end. People are curious about this because a lot of people actually been dropping a lot of weights and aesthetically emitter really works. And that I wanted to talk about. Not only how it can help you lose weight but how healthy it is for you as well on and what he can do for your health because and a some of the news. In media out there. They kind of docket a little bit you know they say may be it's not sustainable because you know Americans we're so dependent upon carbohydrates and depend upon sugar. That we just don't think anyone can maintain that for very long period of time and and then also. You're a really healthy for years were so stuck on Leno. Fats are bad you can't eat a lot of fat and that's basically got to keep genetic data is is eating a lot of fat. Yet or they give me eight dated end date I get really you know or does the matter do you mind as long viewed. You know kind he did there that and you have hampered the vegetable yeah I'd make it kind of all Dow way Howell hit at all. Nutrition is in your diet without adapting new on the last leg made. You know hand diet of bad things like cholesterol and you read that. Tori had a great experience bit. Yeah now and actually tweets that tell how yeah do II yes though about a year ago I go into my primary care and and I did my yearly wellness exam you know that you do every year with your primary care. I go in there and an admin blood drawn before I went in and then doctor told me he said you know obviously your cluster are here is really high we're gonna need to get to you. You know on the Staten and I was like well you know I know stat there's bad press about stands out there and I said. Up is there any way that I can you know try to change my diet you know do something different sides getting on us that and he looked I mean you said dialog never decrease. Your cholesterol. And I just I was dumbfounded when I was looking out of respect that is not true. Yet that's not very good experience and I don't think all doctors believe that no I don't lie and I don't I. Newsreader and as hard director Browner on a doctor telling you that that I've I was wonder like if sometimes doctors. It it's really hard to get people to change their diet especially if they don't have a lot of will power motivation. And yep this the united just decision that you're one of the hosts. And are probably what. Are your audit act. A perfect and actually and more science is shyness that it's not Dave for a long time they thought fat is what caused high cholesterol are high triglycerides levels. But that's actually untrue they're actually finding that. It's sugar and carbohydrates. That cause high triglycerides as your body. You eat in excess of carbohydrates more than what you burn your body converts that into stored fat and triglycerides. And that's what raises your cholesterol levels. Injured triglycerides. We knew eat an excess of healthy fat your body will actually switch and a burning fat for fuel. So what's kind of crazy is carbohydrate is always been considered like a feel for a body carbohydrates she energy or that's because your body really easily converts carbohydrates into energy and for quick burst energy. For what you need in the moment. But if you're living is you know American lifestyle where it's mostly sedentary. You only can use what you use an in your gonna store the rest of it as stored fat and actually and studies are showing that this stored as fat you store from excess carbohydrates is actually. Unhealthy for you as compared to the fat you might stork it is eight too much back. Mean if you eat too much of anything your going to store right if you with you eat more than what you burn your going to store. But what's cool about the Q did you do today is actually. Increasing your levels of healthy fats in your diet. Drastically decreasing the carbohydrates switches your body into a fat. Burning machine instead of a sugar earning most people are sugar burners they're body reaches to sugar for energy. If your body starts reaching to fat for energy. Fat is actually more calorie dense in a more sustained energy so it's great for a long term sustained energy. Cards will give you quick energy and then you crash you guys inexperienced right right. You are. You crash so. Switching to a fat burner will actually. Whenever you're in a calorie deficit your body will burn stored fat for energy. And you'll drastically lose when we see results and with patients and our clinic toward you have personal experience with a string. Everett recently in the last what nine need 120 days and down forty pounds to switch into the you don't have it right so. We don't know to me like I'm feeling good this summer collate grind Mattel yeah. That's great. You know it. We nick heard that it now now what I'm seeing a lot of my mind you you'd is. So like I he you don't indicted but then a lot of people talk about being in you hold that. How Howard though you interlink what does that. So basically she's Tito's justice means that you have the presence as key tones in your bloodstream. And end key towns are a source of energy. And what happens is and people feed that. It could be harmful because a lot of people when they hear the words he tone their thinking of diabetics. And maybe geeky about heal acid doses. And I wanna just explain the difference between that because. I don't want somebody who has diabetes afraid to do this diet because it can actually really help people with type one or even type two diabetes can be a good diet. For them but let me just explain a soap. There's nutritional Quito says which is just the presence of key towns in your bloodstream because your burning fat for energy. And there is a healthy level of that in key towns are actually great energy sources they're great for your brain studies have showed increases focus increases mental clarity. And but Tito passage doses is where there is a dangerously high level of key tones in your bloodstream and actually causes your blood to be aesthetic. Any can be very harmful be hospitalized in cries of death in multi system organ failure. That happens. It happens in diabetics because they specially type one diabetics because they don't have insulin. And good insulin regulation their body and with out the presence of insulin. Jones can get out of hand and cause a dangerous high so. If you lake UN that as healthy and patriot CE don't have diabetes you produce insulin the way that you're supposed to your Quito it will never get out at. Did at a dangerous level and less years you do something drastic like in Major League de hydrated late. And our drink too much alcohol or something like went away your right which is dangerous anyway and so. Heal acid doses will only happen it can only be dangerous. On acute sitting tight for diabetics if they're not regulating their Pletcher in fact it outright can be great for them. And as long as they're monitoring their blood sugar levels and their insulin. And type one Ian tied to. Because I too. Even and and nineteen not be made efficiently as you well and Taiwan they still need be under primary care super old gap especially I mean do you keep originate diet you can do it on your own but I do strongly recommend actually anybody be under. You know talked to doctor about it. And my office is great has a lot of knowledge on that as well but if you're type one diabetic or type two diabetics in years thinking about may be doing this diet. Talk to your doctor about it first and make sure your your regulating you know how your body is responding your buchert levels in your insulin. They can be very beneficial for you just can't be careful. Awesome awesome and I know you guys both so much stop a bit on eight look on your web site. If they go to north and physical mad at them they can track all that stuff right YouTube video of all the time do. Right and I do videos and I actually am I love to cut. And I love to eat food like I said earlier an acute that he. And and my husband and I we wanted to keep a genetic lifestyle and we don't need a lot of cards be a high fat healthy fat diet. And an I tell you that it is sustainable and it can actually be very rewarding. I like to cook I like my food taste good I like to keep it interesting so I'll post on our FaceBook page recipes and pictures of the food I can't let you know. Where invited my groceries GAAP and just helps people out I mean you know I thought a lot of people to start you know developing my pepper try and you know good recipes and in foods and it can actually act you know when you're reading a lot of fat food can teacher really dead and you'll quit find out they you don't need cards. And and we knew you rake that sugar addiction and your body starts burning fat faux fur fuel. You'll be so satisfied you won't crave sugar anymore it's insane because I will admit I mean I've been addicted to sugar before of NB eaten at the standard American diet. And ends when you start to switch your body Indy Quito assists. It actually be hard I mean. Any time you're addicted to something in you take it out of your out of your system your body can go through pre beans. The people of heard of the car flew. And or they Tito flew again and many there. Yeah I. And your body will start burning fat for fuel in obese and be like smooth sailing again naming care. Doughnuts on the honor someone brought and honestly office the other morning. Like math. I don't need it yeah the first couple weeks that in Iraq. Right but when she's a government actually very easy in sustainable that's why wanna make sure people know when he read those reports in the news outlets not sustainable and no it totally edgy diskette to get over that and the thing is as once your pacers burn and that fat for fuel. You can I'd hate seeing the word cheat because I don't want you want to feel guilty for eating. Something that they are right now eating something occasionally bit. Even if you do have a high sugar and content meal or snack. Your body will switch right back end to burning fat for fuel because that's what it's been trained to do and it's become really efficient addicts he can not occasionally enough room and everything. And and now I wanna talk about in the next in the next and I wanna make sure people know how to do it right how did you and the Q did you think diet. Healthy because you can't mess that up and you can't do it unhealthy so I wanna make sure that everybody knows. How that works. And and is this just resonates with you and your liking Allah do things healthy like this like I said he go to our web say you know north plant physical medicine back Connie can check us out on FaceBook in north and fiscal medicine. But also and I guess I like to educate the community if he can't tell I like to talk about the stuff and we're doing it dinner with the doc. It's gonna be on April 24 it's a Tuesday at the zone Eros. And it's at 6:30 PM. And are Meserve and dinner healthy dinner and end you don't ask me questions we're gonna talking about stuff like best. So stay tuned for our next segment and this is doctor tender Peterson Millicent the wellness advocate. He's okay. You're listening to the wellness advocate with doctor tender appears. It it. Yeah name is an yeah. Welcome back in the city and you're listening to Obama savage head and says doctor can drag and today we've been talking about the key energetic diet and I'm here at Troy and also my friend Ryan. On the line with us the aid. So and earlier in the east earlier segments were just talking about the key lieutenant dike is it's been all over the news and talking about Powell. You know how it can be and how can be good who should do it shouldn't and he and actually I didn't really. Mention like who shouldn't do that we just talk about how great it is because it can be very healthy for you and but it's a lot of people want to know like and can I exercise. Right I guess and on the kitchen and diet. An answer is yes he can exercise because you're using fat for fuel and that is a great source of energy the only time where maybe wouldn't be a good source of energy if you're doing some intense training where you need like. Energy quit like heroes football player and you need to have bursts of energy oral across. Anything that your nanny is very short burst of energy that's for carbohydrates are better fuel. And but if you're an endurance athlete but even those studies with and cyclists. And and long term endurance athletes they had more sustained energy on key energetic day using your back while you'll. And then carbohydrates. I. And I think it is clear to me I mean determine everything that I've been everything met up hurt did it clear to me that there's is no doubt. It's a healthy. You know. I hit even using the term diet because really it our all life out eating pattern right right play I dude he all the time. Mean minute he'd get that everybody does now as they got to pay the outlook or you know what to do it it's a compact and eye constantly. You know there're there're we're seeing what they're you don't rinks or you go supplement. Indeed that net the theory or trying to get the back problem what why are they pushing knows what what does that have anything to do with it you know diet. Well and that's a really great question and that's the thing is Tito is becoming extremely trendy right now because like we talked about earlier you can get really fast results Diebler dropping weight very quickly. And and it's fun because you get eat a lot of facts. And NA can help satisfy you just like Troy easily lost forty pounds forty NN right so. It's extremely trendy and I think that's when these companies are jumping on board with these supplements or you know they're trying day. And make some money off of Minnesota saying that like they company you're talking about like they sell these exotic is key towns. And necessarily bad for you can actually help you wanna keep originate diet is that something that you wanna do. And it can help launch you into Quito says so when are we talked about you when you start to break the sugar addiction you eliminate sugar from your diet you'll have withdrawals. And you'll. You'll feel sick they called the keel flew here exotic is key tones can actually increase the key tens in your bloodstream just by drinking them minute. In a dream and help curb that side effects of that Quito flew. So that's where it can be get IE if you're tough now like I can tough through this are I'd like to feel the pains like a member how crappy I feel when I said. You might push yourself through that. But you don't have to you can you can take these supplements whatever company and I mean I've I've tried an end and a lot of the different lines are all pretty good. And just whatever you feel like as I don't want it and one of boast not any wind and these are different it's just year taste some of them don't taste and answering a deal. You know it just depends. At and then you earn your money on it but you don't need your body will enter into a fat burning mode and turned to toe to Quito sis on its own pick and help assist. That makes sense right right. Totally make sense yet and and that's why like what you were talking about we. You know doing that whole you know. And this switchover light I'll change. I did it differently in May in somebody's body you know they if they are up from you know diet eat. Eat that they're suffering from information pain in the joint you know up like that which I know you work constantly being in practice. Right so. Here's the thing is the key testing day is a very. Anti inflammatory it's a basically anti inflammatory diet that's why we've seen success and not only with weight loss but just overall health and wellbeing with our patients if they're suffering with chronic pain we treat a lot of neck Petri backed peace tree. Chronic migraines knee pain when you introduce an anti inflammatory diet especially one that's easy to follow can she get out have lots of yummy healthy fats. Preceded it decrease in pain which is great not obviously we sought to find the root cause an underlying conditions causing it. And but we when you do that anti inflammatory I edges it only health has an adjunct. One of the things that can even help if if somebody if you're feeling and healthy a fear having you know you're suffering with something like chronic migraines are paint. We a lot of times do you like the food allergy test. Here's the theme is sidetracked but and one of the reasons why people feel so good on the Q didn't diet is because it doesn't allow a lot of the foods that most people have high sensitivity steel. Or allergies TO. Grains in gluten as it is not on the key lieutenant diet and it UC gluten all of the news is gluten free idols you know in the stores. And eat that's probably all know someone has a gluten sensitivity right yep. Over here of course I hear all the time. Right so you're eliminating gluten from the diet so that's very anti inflammatory dairy if you wanna be a purist on the Q did you think diet. Dairy isn't recommended though it can be. Ray can have a cream and and you heavy whipping cream and stuff like guns and cheeses but actually some purist say no dairy and Jerry's and a lot of people have high sensitivities the dairy as well. But what's cool is. Just doing they keep it in the diet alone you're noticed benefits but in our office a lot of times we elevate that and we do an IGG food sensitivity test which is a lab tests as just a finger prick blood test. And the senator lab and it tests your blood for. Allergies to certain foods. Majority of the time it's gluten and dairy that we see come back on that. And food sensitivities like that. It increases inflammation in your body even though it's a food that may not cause inflammation and someone different and a different person but in you your body has an effect. So and making cause chronic migraines chronic fatigue teen. All kinds of problems so if we get that test back. And then we put. Our patients on Akita Jenny diet. Minus needed a particular food they have an allergy to dim their results are too drastically better late in Staten Andre. Just the knowledge and knowing that why you felt crappy for so long and then. I just I'm your walking around with food allergies that they may not even know they have been I think everybody or relate that now hi you know where they're going yeah. You know shock when maybe you didn't pay most Allard eat art not anywhere close the back lot. Right right so. What I wanna make surety of his we don't have very much longer and on today I don't. I wanna make sure it touch on. How did you accuse any diet and how to do it healthy. And and then how you can take action and even more answers and if this sounds like something neat that you wanna do that's gonna benefit you. And number one. What I again apologize and tell you your read in north of doc is our wherever permanent. Yeah and so where have Tenet at dinner with the dock which in this should be a great way for you to you know talked to me and ask even more questions about it and it's gonna be on Tuesday. April 24. At zone Eros the greenest city in Derosa and starts at 6:30 PM if you wanna sign up for the at a register for that. Though too and beaten collar office directly and that's 8164524488. And and he'd go to our web site north planned fiscal Madison dot com he can go to our FaceBook page in north and physical medicine. And I feel like as the key imagining diet is. Herman has a lot of questions about it everyone is curious about it they wanna do it and we don't even have enough time in the show to touch on all the benefits of it. So I encourage like is this resonates with you wanna know more about it you've come directly in our office and sit down with one of our doctors and talk about it and we have great plans to help assist you even come to our dinner with a knock. And eyes and make sure when has a way to take actions I feel like there's a lot of people who wanna know what they can deal. Ray when it comes to this so I really wanna make sure that if you guys have questions she you can take action on that and love and appreciate everybody for listening to our show. We're gonna be wrapping up today's show and stay tuned in for next week. And we're going to be talking about regenerative medicine and stem cell only taking every night and know about stuff and nearly sound too. The wellness have a cat and Doctor King appears and I 91 team easy. You're listening to the wellness advocate with doctor tender appears.