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Tuesday, February 13th

Is "Dixie" racist?


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Why anything. And don't wanna get up. Looking forward to. I got here. For thirty months after the signing up on tonight's intriguing though he. For underestimate was you. Brandon Graham is you're artist of the day on Tuesday throwback to create. I anti during Iran. Not none in his area and she dances got to use them on the sand see us but guess what. I don't get to pick the artists of the magistrate so I will except I think I must of course Travis takes a many making changes. He's. He's technically part of the show but not part of the show so. Because rods a quote voting member Pete best of the beetle announces he's in the am but he's not in the you don't mean now I would say he's in the ban all really because he's your servant you know is my assistant. And paid the difference. Unit have travesty. Since the green. Or a pop up. Travesty human hero quit. Her wants a while. I morphed into Maria please tell me is out there he's not a British royalty he could amateur players Harris he might tactical. Leave the parking lot mock. Execution. Why because you just said something you're gonna debate yeah. Why is. It because maybe you said something like him now okay. Have you facing the best or that. When there's so many today the graphic. At a Chicago. And then we need. LS is not an answer this first well how hard it is to get a job like W last night this is one of the premier. Television market is and stations in the tub do you remember your arm. Can't stack can use the top so. They were doing Olympic stories Pyongyang Pyongyang. That's on the graphic in the background you know the little boxes over the corner who is older and Jones and they are ever Yung Chang. Somebody changed Yung Chang to PF Chang's. Yes way. Apparently he. And there was little of a mix up the station. The sports anchor Dennis story like a satire story the night before they're trying to say this was. An accident yeah I don't now so funny and then it was mistakenly also used the serious news story ran on Saturday morning. I apologize for the graphic makes up. For a super. Listen to Twitter please tell me that didn't really happen. Other and it aggregates starts with a PN and Jiang heads about the only similar to their from Twitter is the Olympics were held at PF Chang's I would be Olympian that's a producer you're sure epics are being held chains could graphic intern. And Richard. A favorite story and and PF Chang's weighing in contrary to this broadcast we are not hosting the games job. It is so. Funny. Did they invite all Olympic fans and athletes to come to PF Chang's is nations Pierre Chang's bringing the world together in twenty exactly. And then. It's. Did you guys see this. What's her name Khloe Kim he. Yes there's no border home yeah apparently she is. All that end of baggage she 798. Point 75. What's it out 100 okay. I'd name you never know with those scores like you just randomly could amber who DB. That doctor one point 25. Why can't she be perfect right. It was not listen I'm knows no border I don't understand half pipe and. It. This malls or 22 foot high and exercise. Its correctly I think it's. Humorous about this is she's seventeen years olds who won a gold medal. It's gonna go back to the United States she can't. Go to. I I think if you go to liquor store and ask for Boller grey goose or write your nods when I want and you throw gold medal up on the counter my eyes Khloe Kim here take to. Listen to how she answered this question about pressure she's seventeen years old. I don't really think about this pressure pressure is a byproduct of expectation and expectations mean people believe and you I'm a loser. I mean she's amazing what are you doing when you were seventeenth at nine I mean how cool. 07. Not ninety feet to the people get Ira. I provided it does provide a lesser. I knew people ahead stuff that I knew people the ones that. You that's all that's all I can take care of that for his stay here longer back. And freedom in the back of Christmas car. So he is explained so much she is the athlete. Young. Girls need eye out totaling. You know they said today on Good Morning America on seventeen years old to young to qualify for Sochi a Mike she was that good at thirteen right. She was that good at thirteen to tell you I didn't know that that if you're searching for and you cannot compete I don't know. The Tiger Woods of golf back then well yeah I mean they said on Good Morning America she was too young to qualify. For search I don't think there's a village. I don't I think if you're thirteen and you can compete on that stage step on girl is sixteen you have to be at least sixteen years old compete. It. If you're not Tina I'm ancient and a matter what you agree here's why some agendas who compete. Outlook and you what. I how we have to beat back in June 16 if you're looking really NASA thinks that some of those girls hit their peak at fourteen and fifteen. That's Alexei according to Wikipedia. That. To get visual of the current Olympic cycle in order to compete in the twenty wellness the 2016 Olympics a gymnast must have a birth date before January 1 it has gone. Points out that rod was pharmaceuticals distribute. Look at this picture the cash is looking straight down she's higher than the trees now. A little bit of that is with the photograph was taken one man is amazing she's incredible. Soccer team it was. Simmer down 8399. School was 98 point 25 not 98 point 75 isn't this a reporter asked. Why it's about then and when Iran. Who was fifteen at the 2014 Winter Olympics when he won. A silver medal in the half pipes were Japan. It's a very tough position to be and I know young snowboarder. Myself. There are five. Fifteen year old olympians this year Gordon NBC sports and for sixteen year old that he's had yet to be six with a calendar year. So you don't turn sixteen and 28 exactly. Makes. And so proud that's so cool how does Olympics lasting and I want it to be every two weeks. No it is every day for two weeks. We look up what's on tonight. Shore. We also had massive. Scary wipe out again. So loose Kara I watched the white out where that yes because they said before you watch this please note that she's okay. I always bad when they started off I can't they just before you watch is pleased that she's okay. Her name is Emily Sweeney. And faster they going down that thing because when she wipes out and he's seen it she looks like she's in a mid air car crash on 435 there's like sixty miles an. To her feet at that all you can tell she's just herself to. Pass the ball. Is it looks like they're snapped off huge now and I cellar today standing and talking. And she seemed normal and she is talking about there were going on Gotham tonight we're gonna get the Joker. So he's got a concussion she looks like he has no idea who is a return and it is is 24 years older name. I Sweeney. 24 years old Italy Sweeney had difficulties and curves eight and nine before the crash. She had no broken bones which how to help that happen that Ayman al-Qaeda. Was about. Opel hole. Now watches when he said the big curves on the track quote just got away from her. I know I cut a good amount of air going into turn twelve and I just couldn't stop. See here's the problem. I'm watching a news report but you have to yeah in singles like NBC and let you watch him are eager to crash video. Game. How to she'd have an April compounds. Like. Schneider knows. Forget the music it's just. Carol and again and go for it takes a while it's issue was able to walk toward the finish about ten minutes after the crash. Albeit very gingerly and with some its systems from her. Teammates she lost control around curve nine which is the track's most treacherous spot. And then begin screening all over the track she landed a lot of sliding feet first up on one curved toward the track roof. Before she was thrown from her sled and eventually. Tumbled to stop the ever died on the liberal user users would be surprised at number. She's donor on the corner news. This was or you'll see it try ash is trying to stop it yet. She's doing fine so far. Oh hi there she's trying to stoppage is gonna feed down. All she's. Shoot. Use your words yes there's been a good and our X. It is the eighth anniversary of the death of Georgian loser note dark image rollout for getting beaten navy user or does exactly how you say that name he died at the age of 21. In on the drastic I think they're training rash. Hours before the opening ceremony in Vancouver. That was the first at a major league's competition in 35. Years. That's hard to believe but I'm happy to hear that. Oh here's some nominal like this is the most spectacular crash and recoveries him in with a history. You look at results if you Google. This all Winter Olympic listeners quote Scott if you want something safe play chess. But look at this cap. And. The older and keep taxes remember the old opening they used to show on TVS's. The thrill of victory like a lot out of work as fresh as he had that he was coming off the ski jump. He ran that was more. A moment when you're in midair that you're like this is not. Going to know it well you going to say that you just go. Home off. It. All. Agree on TV tonight's figure skating. Women's Alpine skiing. So is men's snowboarding. Who. That's on NBC that he'll watch NB CS and then you get the ice hockey game that was today mixed doubles curling. Okay and figure skating to Canada win the mixed doubles already. And people get their cars blown up in the dark gold medal match. They just won the finalists to get to the gold medal match. Went to Canada of course they won their surrounded by ice there did all the ice stuff. Speaking of ice I prefer driving my. Volkswagen atlas on the ice because it handles so well. When the weather is bad outside we love Carson much we're looking at one for our daughter. And they have great deals right now Volkswagen Lee's summit for you. You can Lisa branded 2018 Jenna asks for 139. Dollars a month right now 130 I don't. You could buy it and save four grand off MS RP 139 dollars a month or four grand off if you buy it. Asked to see my card the award winning 28 Tina assessed that's just to 79 a month on at least buy it. Again they will knock off 4000 dollars off MS RP. And remember most of the 28 teens come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable warranty. Bolts wagon of Lee's summit you wait for and it VW Lee's summit that you're telling you wanna see Dana's car. Yeah. Pain. Yeah. And it's. We. Yeah. And it's. I feel it. Okay. John Wayne when asked sitting on the news Bronfman's. We need you prepared to put your head into your hands to local story. Today. I saw it coming Estrich. Like an asteroid from outer spies. The female giraffe. More earlier this month of the Kansas City zoo in muck. Eric that does in this deck just to make him Gracie. Headphones are working in this is driving me insane. Anyway I am. News team can somebody bring me some headphones were please thank you. Say hello to Dick's garage don't talking to August and headphones because I can't. A generous long time camps cities whose owner I'd donors stepped forward to name. Generous longtime Kansas city's new donors stepped forward to name our draft. According to the zoo. We're happy to announce that they have chosen the name Dixie. Tank for this precious girl. So donor chooses than it right apparently didn't want among. Coincidentally entertainer Dolly Parton last month dropped the name Dixie from her Dixie stampede dinner show in Branson Missouri. Out of cultural sensitivity. Amateur routes. Quoting here we also recognize that attitudes change and feel by streamlining the names of our shows. It will remove any confusion. Or concerns about her shows and help our efforts to expand. In to new cities. Parton is quoted as saying and I quote Dolly Parton stampede is scheduled to re open. Stamp every towards. Ceased and Dixie high. Cents. The name Dixie is apparently controversial. And people are sent that to giraffe at the Kansas city's zoo. Has been named. Exe. Why would that be fraud because Dixie refers apparently to the south. Look up the definition Dixie is some time use some times. Seen as a racist term. It is. It's minute to minute sometimes. And how you're using it gore locally in. I Dixie is a historical nickname for the southern United States. Especially those states that compose the confederate states of America. So if you were to say may be named a draft Georgia. Would that be controversial. Georgia was a confederate state rod if I'm not mistaken. Death Iowa. And the giraffe Carolina. Students of some southern universities were Dixie was a staple of the number of marching bands. As and the song ma. Led to protests you receive Virginia that Georgia Institute of Technology to lane. The president of the University of Miami. Band the songs from its bans performances. You move in Canada. I can't take it here anymore I honest to god. Is almost becoming embarrassing to be in America. The interesting thing is Dixie and Trixie and all of those are there actually names. I'm sure there's someone listening right now and her name is Dixie or her mother name. Mother's name is Dixie. And so if we name the giraffe Dixie. Somehow that is a confederate. Throwback. I have a feeling the donors weren't thinking about that's. I have a feeling they just like the name. Because they named another animal tale if you read that story. Turkey ovals and it's like Dixie and Trixie I I read this last night it's not Trixie but it's something and that. Mean cash in that pattern of name. Yeah selling Dixie and Mary it's like Dixie and whatever. And so they named exe was mixing any two animals and I don't think they were thinking about the origin. Of the song or that term or the confederacy. And is not only only only in America. And the naming of a draft be controversial. 5767798. To the news or Kara marks. Some questions about background checks for some key White House personnel we'll have more next. Boy we love those Brooklyn and seeds and duvet cover do not forget the duvet cover it is amazing. I started sleeping better that night that Brooklyn and dot com box arrived at our door. We love those sheets I want a second set to be honest. 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Thirty wanting Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our Republican senator Jeff flake from Arizona says he believes the White House mishandled the rob Porter scandal. The senator says he and many of his colleagues have now got concerns about some security clearance procedures. Is concerned I think a lot of those are concerned. What has come to light in terms of these background checks how long they take how long somebody can be in an interim status and still have access to classified material. The FBI director today told senators that they submitted a partial report on rob Porter and margin in the full background check in July. Follow lobs were turned in in November and then again in January. The White House maintains the background checks were still underway and Kansas City Health Department has gotten a grant to help on victims on domestic violence more than a million dollar grant comes from the US department of justice and housing and urban development. The Health Department will use that money to help police and other metro groups or raise awareness and organizations that help abuse victims. We'll check traffic and weather together and act. Just stay right here for doctor Tate in the center for nutrition and Lee would add 135. And relic popped in their over the weekend with my daughters picked up some new shakes my. My girls. They need my six McEnroe likes to get out of my shakes your beloved chocolate shake the finals it's it's chocolate is my favorite. They also have a new little chocolate sandwich cookies. Packed full of protein and they do not taste like cardboard hand to god I had several of them over the weekend. Get in for some of those meal replacements for top of the line vitamins and four you're free consultation. I'm down 21 pounds my girlfriend's down more than thirty pounds she's down more than 31 inches. Since she first walked in to see doctor -- I think I'm gonna lose about ten more. 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I'm Kara mark sir stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Yeah. Standing around. And name your figured it was grace us. Porn. On a throwback to the eighties. As is and then. Trixie. A nickname for Beatrice. Dixie nickname for. It's not actually I was looking it up. They don't know where the name comes from they have three suspicions. A guy named Jeremiah Dixon who surveyed the Mason Dixon line and that separated the north from south. They also think that might come from the notes that were issued and wheezing and a money. From the citizens state bank apparently the word Dix. Is French for ten. Okay yeah is that true days. D.'s okay Dix d.s. And also it may come from a guy named mr. Dixie. Who was a slave owner on Manhattan island in New York. And paranoid. But a slave owner. But where slavery was legal until 1827. The. Baby giraffe. Open. At the Kansas City zoo. Has been named Dixie that apparently because no good deed goes unpunished. In this town. Naming the draft Dixie has apparently become controversial. Because Dixie refers to the southern states. Few times and I wanted to throw myself out of a third story window like I did. This is going a little too for. Charles is Charles. I'd. To. Well I. It like Olympic. You know it is like to partner. Five period it will we're not predictable it would have been lurched gold total there. 210. Are. Possible. And that's that's cities. Let's go to our or. Is it. Yeah I would articulate it and you move there because didn't have a record of jeweler broke through a little girl happened. To its two girls are. Know. You're very good order there aren't a lot of grand kids but I have children I've taken them to the zoo. And it's not the violence and drugs. At greater. Isn't. Well. I don't now. There were some problems a couple Summers ago with where women on free day freezing day incident and then they changed freezing day to be back. Is it based on sitcoms of the now. I have absolutely. No problem taking the children over there I'm going to starlight tonight let me assure. And I am assure everyone else the Kansas City zoo is saying. Charles god bless you I I'm not sure. God bless you. The Kansas City zoos. We had some problems a couple of years ago on freeze zoo day. But the Kansas City zoo is not filled with the violence and it is not filled with drugs. That that. Charles jobless it is them giraffes name is Lindsay. That's where this came from momma to wrap his Lizzy said Dixie coming from Lizzy is cute I think it's cute. And I tell you I guarantee you. These lovely donors and I'm sure they paid a lot of money. For the naming rights to this baby to wrap in donations two hours sure sure I'm sure there is no. Intent to ruffle anyone's but is this in fact I as I think you pointed out some just texted me the same thing. The name from relative. George in Overland Park hello George. Definitely use year. Yeah and yes I would absolutely support everyone's supporting does do it's a great place today educational place. Ballpark is a wonderful place to hang out on good too lazy summer afternoon. You know that's part of that stigma about eight C Mo you know everything west of troops during Easter truce rather. And I get no it took them beautiful spaces that they're great people great environments supported wholeheartedly. And I absolutely agree and I think she was confused is is calling this what parks and you know when calls at bat and I don't know it was a call that prior to being called the Kansas city's zoo I don't think. To my knowledge it's never been called anything that cancer is. OK from the checks and whatever that name sucks that you ratchet up an African name. Not a name that represents the American south giraffes do not come from America. While. I thought I really wanted to throw myself out of the third floor window now I really wanna throw myself on the reform. Africans a rap name from Africa. Ask you this if you Madison would be if we want it that this is our new draft. Go to. Everybody would be mad that's terrible that's racist. So it was a Dixie that's terrible that's racist but can we name Steve. And don't report. It missed. Are you supposed to name an animal from the region of the world of which they come let's say for example. There are dogs out rod here I'm sure a lot of and have a German name. You got names aren't true. Or Eagles. What are yet. There's an Afghan dog out longer Afghan death added yeah pounds Afghan account I mean baseball's may be named Ahmed. Mohammed. Or can I just named Max. Or second to be offensive. That is silent as president. And said. Let's is I'm currently working on an older black woman's house her name happens to be Dixie we are listening to you right now she thinks this is well. You'd tell that sweet Dixie to call Michelle right. Julian Spring Hill Q hello. And am I grab let very lovely. Person named Dixie. And I still have my little man now from when I was very Yang and I don't know it's Dixie or Dixie at 21 of the two but I guess in order to be. Politically cracked I should tell my grandchildren that it's. Next week now and. What any you have your mouse and when your little kid picks. And Dixie or a capital right. And remember. This. Is still have them don't have my own math stuff. Like on the inside yet. Adding I'm sixty years old now. It's it's stuffed animal. It is that time hi my grandchildren has played that that a little bit one of its eyes are missing and I'm glad to hear that and people. Are impressed with our due because my daughter. Just finished working there she had a baby and is now working there on that. And consulting basis with the elephants that she worked there for a few years with elephants and a citizen now. It's a wonderful place and the people that worked there are Leslie especially. And I don't take issue with what the previous caller said there is nothing wrong. In fact is many things is great. About the Kansas City zoo they are not client I am not doing this because I am paid to say this. I have always been impressed. With the Kansas City zoo and what they have done in recent years is nothing short of amazing. It what that man said about the small park zoo is absolutely falls it is a wonderful place to take your family. And give him no credence. I'm old enough to know that it was called the slope part is. And I grabbed in the area and around. It's always been a great place to take kids than go as the ball that well I taught there was a bit Santa there for a while. All well I had no idea Juli thank you it was calls what parts and it up from the text line I do think. They should renamed the giraffe like it or not the reference is offensive to some and should be removed from my god that they write in southern Democrats were the confederate states remember they wanted to keep slavery. And they began the kkk. Equipment on literally. I cannot deal with fewer America. I swear to god I mean they're gonna go to Mexico or Canada I'm I'm out I quit and attacks on Scott I'll go with few yes. Pitcher kids give you all out here. Since said this is America's it was more air. Fight. Don't tell trump well but but let me let me tell you this. Two to that point should people be named. An ethnic name from where they come and now I meet your part Indian shall we give you an Indian name group surmount them now. And exposed they could have they didn't. Parks or else Scott that's about example but if your mate if your last name is. Wrong. Should you have a German name and a German name only of course it's ridiculous like Josef with an effort on things coming out it's a portly stupid argument that just because two wraps. Are from Africa but they have to have an African name and is the dumbest argument ever. Soldier from Russia. Or Poland. Her last name is the cold ski. What's your first thing's supposed to. Had a near week long is the dumbest work this argument ever 57677. On. Hey call seal once Casey now and get on the schedule for spring heck it's a nice day today they'll come out clear out that garage for help the output that beautiful. Polymer decorative coating on the floor we have on our floor in the garage and it is amazing. When it does rain or snow it is so easy to keep it clean even with all the muck that comes off our cars. It is gorgeous it is a non slip texture you're gonna love the way it looks and if you're one of those really the Newton some bad words that. Well what are those people that really likes things a certain way is to say that with your garage. Call seal once Casey you will be thrilled. With the way that garage floor looks and hey don't forget check them out and all the home shows coming up they'll find my friends that still wants Casey talent data center. You're still gonna get that 20%. Off. And out once it gets ice wrapped and add to your fans and your deck and all of those outdoor indoor concrete and wood surfaces to seal want Selig and forget it. 8169423927. 8169423927. Or seal once Casey. Dot com. I link. I Kansas City you have a major. She's she is very cute. She got a big tough thing here appear. And somebody donated a lot of money to the zoo and wanted to name her Dix apparently it's a family. The lovely name both. That of course did not stop. And some people in Kansas City from getting their panties in a war on the name of their very racist great aunt. And apparently the name Dixie. Is racist. Now. You know when it rot yes. What am I good at doing predicting stupid okay. Here I ago. With the in a week. The money will be returned to the name will be changed I don't think the money will be returned I do wonder Phil changed and all those things a name or they'll make it. You know some than Dixie you know army and the added name to write somebody on the tax president suggested maybe we we've changed and aimed like a hero. Blockade that. Where is my block area. We know we're lacking here today. Those are the names bleak. Are you what you'll do it there mine. I. Liked to wanna go to warm and it could recall go to war known on the radio. The week. You can check yourself. Let me ask you this from the text line does a great change in name it they're gonna change the name you asked the question. If something is from Africa like this to rest you have to get an African its costs are copies are. Well we don't approach ramps in Kansas city's. David do we grow black people in Kansas City as we do. Access agreed to grow this when in Kansas. Injury Hollywood aren't on here that they should consider Sergio here. It's an anchor dragging. People. Here's the question from the text line and it's a good. If you adopted baby from China grove just hang here it's a fair question Scott. Do you have the obligation to give that child. Day name from the air homeland. If you well. Don't look at me like I just answer the question wrong. No. It if I adopted a child from serie China. France adopted the most beautiful girl named Mary. I. It name my child a typical American man. Whether or beep Mary. Worse for four. From the checks and we need to get to Dixie cups. Tomorrow's exam is a good question occur nobody got upset about Nikita. Nick Quito and named a polar bear Nikita nobody got mad about that the Russian nobody's like gather as a red army's. Johnson. Joyce in leavenworth hello Joyce. Cairo. Yeah. I didn't look any secret about that they are out. I am I like they exe personally. I'm. When I got attacked and that is you know we acted in our animals. A rule that country they came from. That means that while I make it in a while. He came raining and American name like Abby oil. And Shalala named Andy. Are there. Now though when it came with that needs to do with Maria sway. I EC IEV I speak quarry and if I record their character and lonely because ballot and they're able. Not only got a little. Don't you be a little racially insensitive. Right now though. I'm sorry to the chains Abby and right away. And now I'm bartender and Barry. Thank you for the call it's. Always wait don't don't. How many how many chew well you know I you and her name is abbey and why. How close. Can we change one of their means all out are these. Rotten ones you'd change clothes name to I'm. I'd. Like I didn't change his name to the pull out. Sorry I guess that I named her right there yeah you're. From the text right Ivan is different from China is immigrant parents named him poll. What are you supposed to mail. I would I would to school the Vietnamese kid named Wally. Honestly in the first emblematic of his eye camera which remains a while we always know it's nods and a very long only. He went smaller with all due respect don't you have to give him and and I user quotes here and American Amer you set them. A young. You urgency and. You. Know talk is. You set it back. Am I wrong. It was they're not the girl at Shawnee mission north changed her name for fear that it would set her back. Her choice. You can take you adopt a baby from China you have to name of Paul because if you don't it will quote set them back. Let's think of another way to word what you just said. Let's is just you got thirty seconds. That's a bloody all says some silly ass name. This whole class is don't feel not rat that's what I'm talking about. Yeah right tell you because I'm living completely forwards from the comet that just came out of his mouth. That I did go through drive surfer Diet Coke a couple years ago. And the woman handed me the drinks as an usher they think you and I lifted her name tag and in a trillion years I would not make this up hand to god. God lover her name was aerial. Which is a nipple. Well it's the region around the nipple thank you biology and that's where the braille writing this. I want the last three minutes back. I I can the last three minutes back. It's happening now on Camby easy via Odessa school district has warning about an attempted kidnapping we'll have more next. Right here or create Oltmanns. They have been into does and since 1970. Don't its fifth. Feel. I diamond for your sweetheart. Silence Simon. Just typical I'm going in at number is 91366969. By private appointment only 913660. 96 or not or you can go to kriegel managed diamonds. Dot. Com. So let's got an extra listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.