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Monday, October 16th

Biloxi and "To Kill A Mockingbird...."


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Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it in this is a podcast. Please don't call me okay don't host nation and I know he's given up the number I'm not there. And I don't care. 77 days. Reads you just briefly with the Patrick Klein the aviation director here in Kansas City dissect. This storage is clear from the Kansas City Star today. Kansas city international airport still has most of its original 44 year old water mains. Which means they break frequently putting bathrooms commissioner openings ankles on roads. Baggage handling systems brand new turn of the century are fragile. And in need of replacement. The two active terminals are out of compliance with the ABA. As city officials campaign for next month's bowel proposition. To approve creation of new single terminal case. They are now pushing back against the notion able while the existing airport to go to C. Strategy to spur passage. Of the one billion dollar project. These cities aviation department which runs solely on revenue from airlines and other airport users has the money. To fix a lot of what is wrong with Casey. It is authorized to sell a quarter of billion dollars worth of bonds. Leftover from an airport improvement initiative approved by voters in 2000. There is it 100 million dollar department rainy day fund. Damn coffee treasurer of citizens for responsible government. Which is a government watchdog group here camps. Said not making repairs is absolutely. The strategy. That the city is using to win support for new term. Joining us on the came easy outline is Patrick Klein the aviation director here in Kansas City mr. Klein thank you for joining sweepers. 00. How do you respond to and and full disclosure I've made this argument for several years. How you respond to damn coffee who says that the aviation department and for that matter the city. Is not making improvements to the airport because they want a single terminal airport. Mean I mean I think it's pretty clear I think he's from what was good globally we duke which crop it would never be firm permit shall. While this is just one of many argued that he may make. I'll bet you when you look at the numbers that now we cannot mean and being held and travel permits. He now we can't in the last eighteen months on specific customer service and improvement. I think he needed to tell the story that we're not. Doing and we we're not not doing maintenance to try to get their to turn it to larger get the grouped around the Arab that the issue report premieres. The bill the signal trouble. It and because the main intentions but people talk a little is because our our building geometry at work we got a building next 2200 feet long. I can each and indeed. It's got security war on the middle so. Technically we're pushing eleven million people through 36 per quarter work. 24/7 360 parred eight year. And it took 45 year old buildings shortstop dot break and that's why we spend you know nearly 30% of our operations. In maintenance and we know we can't elect peeking out almost twenty million dollars. Doing things like like adding LED lighting into the terminals. And the electorate. Charting station and feeding into the terminals moving a lot closer all of those. Patrick I take the opposite approach I feel like if we are going to have a new airport and I believe that we will. It is a complete waste of resources time money out materials. To upgraded kitchen when you're about to raise your house I. I would prefer no money be spent. To upgrade an airport that we're about to tear down. Will look and so probably the first is a big airport projects take a long time so. Even in that case scenario where we get aid pardon the election on. On the seventh. And then you know it's more go to work. And we opened that thing up late 20/20 water between tweak you are traveling passengers have to continue to use its asleep for the next 45 years. So that facility to be maintained. And and look at optimum levels through that actually so there are dollars you have to stand. Key technical and and that's why you know burger part that we spent nearly hit 2530%. Of our annual dollar and that and our revenue grew up. Number that would change story that percentage who that would shall you know that is spending nineteen million dollars and twenty K and we may be spending 25. Next year you get the revenues Elop. He's been more your operations portal. So you can't just not do anything you've got and we got the building that we've got to keep on vacation area for the next five years. Mr. Klein did not the city manager even acknowledged in this story today in the Kansas City Star. That the city has to some extent. A lot of the airport to fold down I'm not saying to fall to pieces I'm saying to fall down and let me read you one paragraph negate your responsiveness. City manager Troy Schulte acknowledges after the last five years. Since the debate over the airport's future heated up that this city has been quote frugal. With its capital spending Casey died. Electrical systems for example last overall in the early two thousands are in need of upgrades but the city is hesitant. To pay for infrastructure that would last twenty to thirty years. In buildings may only be around for another five at best I understand that you guys. And and and I. 41 came out about two or three months ago checked out four or five months ago when I came back with my girlfriend from Atlanta. And with all due respect I was. Im terrorist. By the conditions act case CI. And I said it is a done deal we're getting a one terminal airport but this city manager in the terror graph not admitting. To some extent that we are allowing the airport to fold down and not fall apart but fall down. Because of the prospect of a new terminal. Will probably depend on how you take separate complex that slips you an example. Probably got a water main break in front return will be. The on the creek wrinkles so we got it templates Nicole yeah block off traffic. Mean and normal kids siege. The other a couple of different options your option may get in the action. He'll work till the sinkhole. And then and then ultimately up to traffic issues possible chemical actually. The other option is he and if you look at the Asia why. In in. And sometimes you what you might do you either play a hole where despite occasional wanna change a leak here to a leak here and then you know have in you know over the next couple marched. Starchy thing leaks on 45 year old plight right now on the road. So in one case you can say you are our problem. Yo. I think is cool but at the effect on here not just gonna go in her play the whole you know kind of across the board. We you know that in the Indian chick five years from now you may be in new building in chokes everything that we look at you gotta look at quickly. What do you need for the next year for years. Where he courses where we going to be on one now project median five and forty years. So wouldn't he like he won in Rania are select group. Just because. It doesn't make it felt like we potentially drop spending which is not a cure what we're doing what were awarded every time you never emergency brake like that. You gotta make a decision like this to the emergency brake. Where it's something I'm gonna wanna go ahead here up all of that and then putting new and in a lot of cases in this in you know especially around the underground. You don't want to hear one of art and fiction all around the whole local. Obviously one because. You've got he got the rubbish torn up for work next industry department Q you know in four years and you may not be using that walk anymore. And argument ahead with a friend in my earlier today was that. An. Missed quite tell me if I'm wrong and and I think you might. That Casey guy is intentionally trying to make it uncomfortable for example let me give you two examples of occurred. Job it wasn't long ago. That you could buy a beer. From the vendors inside the terminal while inside the gate while you're waiting for a plane you could buy a Budweiser or Bud Light. Those are no longer for sale inside the gates at all unless you go up above. Two that royals club or whatever it's called. You can no longer buy a beer in the gate. Also the carpet. With a all the respect doesn't look like it's been vacuum in months. OK so the club that we can edit and rightly server so if you are clear to anybody keep the easiest way to get a hold I mean we are. Bare spots and you know I wouldn't get the water workers from a man has been out here what 45 years they take pride in that bill and so are the work. The toilet or not a standard you know a quick tweet or something out social media life act PTI airport dot com. I mean we'll give you get dark energy in and that's what we get to the quickest route. Couple retreat he got an issue with that story that you've got an issue with you know Clinton in a certain person tracked shear or whether it's the carpet you've that you need to start there. People a lot of media interest so that people have specific search really helpful. The problem through that conversation that people don't have shouldn't just like what was it slip it right down slope. And now publicly in the bigger with the beard is what we what we and we've done it in probably a complex area where we split the Mexican restaurant. From BP pre security to ball security. And then we'd done the same thing with the Americans Easter is about like. That was pre security where you can increase security. And about what what you would in the near term security your whole religion wasn't available to you. When we when we completed the whole we moved American into ninth over. We flip that around. So now all the passengers airport security at action at that bar restaurant so they should still he should still be like beer in the Butler reports article but still called Butler report. Mexican wrestler I think demeaning may have changed but you. So I'm not sure which hole manual and that the public worker to leak applied to virtual rooms and unify the bridge period that depending on which. You know airline you lie to you may have a different spiritual shop Lester American American adult or delta united so you know. In into the kill you don't you don't have Beckett went terribly it's art security. Everything's open. Patrick climb the aviation director for Casey I thank you for your time and thank you for input and a and your thoughts. Richard. Is in the newsroom at 767798. Story in the star. And I've been making this argument for months. And after Klein obviously discrete elements in that city is allowing Casey guide to fall. Now. So you will approve. New airport next month. I may be wrong he may be right. I've 7677. ID to the news or Caremark. President's son throwing his support behind Kansas later who wants to be governor more coming up. Right battery the first time that's what you'll get and always did with whole cell batteries 605 Kansas avenue and KCK. Big batteries batteries media matters they have a huge warehouse with every kind of battery you could possibly imagine amid god and also about it. And it battery need to big batteries for things like your RVE your pick up truck yes your motorcycle right down to teeny tiny batteries for think she might not even a thought about yeah. When that point comes in your life for like where like a battery for that thing. It's wholesale batteries. Also batteries 605 Kansas avenue and Casey case the right battery the first time. Avis is Caremark sir you're listening to the day and parks podcast on KM BZ. I do the news and whatever opinions you here on this podcast don't necessarily reflect that of the newsroom. Let's face it these two don't let facts get in the way of a good story. Or thirty Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks are Donald Trump junior will be in Kansas on November 28 for a campaign fund raiser helping secretary of state Chris coat pocket his run for governor. I'm not currently is vice chairman of the president's commission on election fraud about calling it an honor that from junior will join his campaign. Better weather is helping California firefighters beat back fires that have claimed more than forty lives and destroyed thousands of homes and other structures LA fire department captain Rick Crawford is helping in Sonoma County we. Turned the corner weather wise for sure. As far as containment numbers we're at 50% right now and we'd like to get that number and 70% before we officially say turn a corner we yes we're effectively turning the corner today. Crews are still looking for about eighty people traffic and weather together next it's 431. You Mallard satellite jacked Yemeni evening plans a centers are going to be cooling back into the fifties overnight lows tonight are gonna get back to about 46 and are mostly clear sky on Tuesday a lot of sun. We're gonna warm things up to a high of seventy degrees then on Wednesday more that sunshine a south wind and high temperatures. Around 74 degrees. From Germany firstly meteorologists know Miller Kenya's let. Sixty in our case CI 68 and only a 69 right now and yours official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with Newsnight DA one KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Yeah. Didn't and here. Mammoon. No one. Yeah. Travis and it was sort of region and. I was shocked bride. You're sort of literary guy you like to read a lot of books nowadays. Welcome to jump in here at some point. Odd day and I know you loved to read books. A Mississippi school district in Biloxi and believe you have. And now a matter of blacks. A Mississippi school district in Biloxi is I don't leave the Mississippi State motto is literacy gave everything. Reading your own level. You'd be it will be me. A Mississippi school district in Biloxi has just old harper pleased To Kill a Mockingbird. It. From its middle school curriculum because quote it makes people feel on comfortable. Scott have a follow up question like that I ask who predicted this kind of stuff no pork that would be me one and oh really. Yeah. Really. Are one. The telemarketing bird this is hardly the first case of increasing sensitivity at schools for instance last year. District in Virginia removed copies of To Kill a Mockingbird. As well as the adventures of Huckleberry Finn when a parent complaint. Indeed both Huck Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird are among the most frequently challenged. Books in school curriculum over the last decade. This is largely because both books do contain it. Racial slurs read at the end word has but if you read To Kill a Mockingbird in its entirety. You learned that it's an entire book about not judging a man the color of his skin both books do use hateful language but in the service of a humane message. They have enough depth that their meaning cannot be summed up. In a sentence or two but they certainly are not racist works and expose the hypocrisy. Behind bigotry. OK when I they are also powerful works and entertaining enough that they've encouraged a lifelong love of Reading it. In countless students rock and Dana. When I stopped going to school. It was kind of a source of embarrassment for me. Because I felt like I was smarter than most of the idiots around me there were going to college but yeah I hadn't finished high school. So it was one of those things Ozal barest about ready to finish. I am well aware got I was there. The point is is that the win ever talk to somebody and something would come up and people would say well man we've read that book and school. I would freak out or read that book because obviously some that I needed to agree because you wanted to. Prove you were not a dumb. Rise and you know you weren't dumb exact you knew you were very Smart I've always said. The smartest guy I've ever known but never graduated from high school I just I I felt like if there was a reason. They were making kids read these marriage age from Maine read To Kill a Mockingbird. Array of hawks. It's Sawyer I read. Romeo and Juliette read tons of books because every time someone would say to me. I we read that book of high school. I'd freak out or read that book. To Kill a Mockingbird was one of my favorites it is such a good book and it's such a wonderful message. You know homer Simpson's that read whole book he gave me no insight on how To Kill a Mockingbird sure talk to judge a man by the color of his skin underwear is gonna come in handy. So I. For this band that book of all blocks. Is in salty. It's. It's very salty but it and I remember that it's basically saying you people who read this book Smart enough to get past the war in note this is about right and and I. Remember years ago and eighth grade reading the adventures of our callers said. It was the first time I ever saw the N word in print. And I remember. We had just landed in Heidelberg Germany were still in temporary housing. Waiting for a house to open forums on post and I remembered and taking that book to my mother was an eighth grade. And I'd pointed out my mom. You know this was a word that I knew about but it never heard somebody actually say. And here it is important. And my mother I'll never forget my mother looked at me. Being from New York yeah okay its use sun you have to take it in context. When that book was written finish that book and you understand the meaning. Of that. I'm like whatever Lloyd knows right at him right and I finished Huckleberry Finn and you realize. Yes this is a time locked piece of literature Karen. But it there's more to put them and and two routes point about To Kill a Mockingbird. Yet they don't tell you how you actually kill a mockingbird. I kept looking they hurt that data does not and it's not a lot. They tell you not to judge somebody by the color of others yet but we have become such a politically correct. Society. That god forbid something like that is in a book and we can't happen anymore. Did you wanna say pans he asked yes I did rod yes Baghdad we've become such and sees. That god forbid the and word is in a book encourage. And would encourage. My daughters to read Huck Finn and kill a mockingbird. AM Great Gatsby. Which is not nearly as racially insensitive. In other words there are many and words in The Great Gatsby. But these are. In modern American. Literally. Literary. Master. OP written today. Why don't. Twelve years a slave was jango and Cheney was released this year's slate was a memoir. That happened. Twelve here's a slave happened. Eight we just interviewed a guy last Wednesday. Who wrote a fictional account of Vietnam. Where I'm assuming I haven't read the book I'm assuming he talks about killing people yes. Based solely on the uniform that they wore or the slant of their Oz yes I am I wrong now. But yet god forbid if anywhere we read the N word and in the end to find out that the true meaning of that book. Is don't judge somebody based on the color of their skin. We have become a what books are we going to let our kids read now. What books are safe I'm trying to. Remember. I got the list from my son that they were reading an English and I remember all I remember. Was being so please okay. I know one album was the kite runner. And that is a fiery. Difficult. Subject matter Scott and I said to Jack that is a fantastic. Book. It's tough to read it it is it deals with sex assault. And indentured servitude. It's set in the Middle East wind is so they're seventeen and I remember one of the themes of that block. It you talked about being uncomfortable. All of the books by the author will make you first of all thank you cannot you live in the United States of America every single day of a lot but don't. We tell ourselves that education is supposed to challenge you it is supposed to make you a little bit uncomfortable. Right. Sir we tell our kids who never wolf fragment from but. We tell our kids read these books. And watch these movies. Like Django unchained. Like twelve years as slaves. There's something to be learned here. Watch this movie and learn. And realize that we don't live like that anymore. But don't read the blocks. Whatever you do don't read the books just watch the movies yeah and let me assure you. The N word which was when we were growing up. Was only said when you wanted to get your ass kicked. Period. Is said by your kids and said by my kids or at least their friends on a daily basis. That were so elevate able saint EU is not the same context as you write in to kill Martin fruit and a nod in New York. It's still the same Dana. If you didn't set if your kid came home and was drop in the N word with an a not an ER you would still be outraged. And rightfully so. That they can tried to water it down and milk toast at all they want. That word with an aid not an ER is said. Daily by white kids in public schools around America including blue valley the Soto and the Shawnee mission district. Period. It is said with such rapidity. That it is almost lost its about. It has lost its insult. Because every kid is saying it. White kids referred to their white friends as and with an act. They do. The word has almost lost its insult with the younger generation. And here we are now. Where we can't read the book to kill. Mockingbird. Because it makes people feel uncomfortable. When I ask you this. Who feels uncomfortable. White people. People because I guarantee you it's not black people. There's so much white kilt in America. I can't MI can read. I have no problem with him listening listening to those lyrics. Where they refer to women as a or their friends is an am. That's fine if that's a world we're gonna live and that's fine. But don't remove these classic works of art. It's ridiculous America. Stop. Stop. I 7677. Oh whoa whoa this this Travis no I would not be Dana's assistant. You're listened to the NM parks. Man fall is here you can feel it certainly Philip this morning calls sealed once Casey now before circuits. If you've ever. Even thought about permanently washing. And protecting its rival. Your power to act you're fencing we have had seal once Casey. To all of those areas for us and you know what now and half were about an postings come with a 25. Year warranty against deterioration. So that came out they permanently power washed sealed. And protected our driveway. They do it one by the way. We had depart in the street just overnight because of your brain and that was it it's done and it looks gorgeous and it is permanently sealed and protected. They also do your garage floor comes in right vehicle collars with the flakes you're gonna love that eyes of the wind across or let's. 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At the box case he went all the way Elway to go to Michigan from Kansas city's image now I don't know what they their there. So I get this text. From shot on royals'. News anchor at channel five who's left Kansas City to go be an actor in LA so these two are sitting there. And they strike up a conversation because they were both root for Chicago one point. Embroil us as well in front Chicago that I I lived in Kansas City for years iconic consider Kansas City my home and my body Nate says. Oh my god I'm from Kansas City and shot like don't play those to you Dave Wright and shot about fell. Off his stool calls me and says you'll never believed. These random guy that I just ran into the you're just with yesterday. And Scott what are the thoughts and this happened to me three or four times. In my life or all in Chicago and run into Joe's brother in a bar and neither one of us knew the other one was. Here when that happens. Weirder to go to Michigan Indiana again. Go to college first met I'm Chris and I we're going to Chicago and I laid us over in. Minneapolis. Yes sometimes you just have to take the flight that's available maybe he's flip from Kansas City to LA and laid over. To get smashed. Maybe laid over in California because recreational has legal. You're not focusing on the crux of my story focusing in the finals if your switches California a state of ten bill people. One sitting at the bar next to another guy and he's like. At the end the conversation that I used in Kansas and its long story and my buddies like I live in Kansas City and they both Nellis and I'd love those stories I left them. It's like to Kevin Bacon game Scott you're always one degree away from someone who knows someone knows. Andrew Lisa. Mental anger. They don't know a woman thing for us. They get they. But ultimately. The last segment we talked about you know what can we need to read in high school or what what we talked about. I mean they can I graduated in code you probably on a mission in Portland. An iPad probably the most memorable. I've ever there. Is a good theology and on the first day our he's here and ultimately are gonna cover up a lot of they're doing that and that means that. And it might we. There and about a night like tension and then you're gonna get implemented I'm going to end up what we talked about it. And I mean we had like every day in Europe and India and I've been operational and I'm. You know and allegations of sexual misconduct what ever argue we talked about absolutely everything. And he didn't I'm a problem. When you get out of here you're on your own. And I want you guys are getting it goes a bit now. That he can start forming opinions. A round the people you know around people that are going to be you don't in the light that you're going to be brought. And that's what you did that give them perspective. In this pretty heeding the call eight days or anything like that he'd been you don't want them to get that it had. Double duty and pride a couple of times. We have some really good moment there couldn't out of people could bring underdog. Believed it it would have been would have been wrong or are otherwise. And it was my ball. I'm eighty I learned about them upright and all of that it would probably the most real education and I got our. If god forbid you remotely defendant. Home. Some misses a think she's talked about the Rose Bowl level when acts like he knows about sports it was the Rose Bowl Michigan played Indiana in Indiana. Somehow they think California. Like his travel itinerary percent I don't know why they were there they Wear. Q would catches camera CAA MER eight camera Kara. Texan in the 72881. Have you ever been somewhere in another state and run into somebody from your hometown like weird. I don't like you do. You'll you'll have a talent for it happens to meet all the time. Camera CAA ME RA Texan in the 72881. Let's get to the news are leaders Kara marks. Happening on cam museum Missouri lawmakers under fire for a FaceBook post on morn next. It falls here look around the are already leaves are falling but where are they following yes of course they're falling in Dartmouth are also falling on your roof. And in your daughter don't spend your weekends up on a latter did good amount with clubs on your hand spending time away from your family call a guard. Let them take care but can guarantee you get rid of that latter and you don't have to spend another Saturday afternoon on. K guard doesn't amount underneath two rushing they're custom made and take our handles 40% more water in the leading competition. Call now get 80% off installation and of course 0% interest with no payments for eighteen months. 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