KC man gets down on bended knee. And then things go from bad to worse...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, September 12th

OK.  Is it real?   Is it fake?   Did he accidentally drop it?   Or is this an orchestrated "oops?"  Dana feels awful for the couple.  Scott says he isn't buying it.    





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The seventies into the upper 60s are late evening hours lemon overnight low near 58 mostly clear tonight on your Tuesday. We'll see a mix of clouds and suns of those calls coming off the remnants of Irma. Look for temperatures smartheat at about 82 for a high and then on Wednesday mostly sunny with high temperatures in the lower eighties from chum and empress or meteorologist novel Miller. Cain is erupting into downtown 81 in blue springs it is 78 that you're severe weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ. Dot com. It. Jim Carey have. Other way to jam Simply Red 1980. Your clothes and Knowles six you were the other way 89 there you go get yourself because that's shot. And I commend nine passively ready if you don't know me by now Jim yes. I Jim carry him by the way who's very gaunt. Had a weird interview the other night on the red carpet. What is going on. Him juniors here about this will some I. I've covered a lot of fast and make this the first time I've run and it didn't care. It's on industry needed eight. Now I'm I'm I'm doing just fine. Just you know. There's no meaning dynamic so I I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could finally come to enjoying. And and and here right now. There's gotta admit it's completely meaningless. Well. They say they're celebrating icon does not liberating I like that is just an absolute. Lowest. Aiming. You know. Possibility that we could come up which is like I crimes we do believe in icons. The personalities I don't believe that you exist but there is oh wonderful fragrance and here. You don't believe so icon and the power to make change to think differently to be able to hire part. A good. Shut it down now. Yeah no idea I I don't believe in icons. I don't believe in personalities. I believe that peace. Why. To did you say he did believe impersonal only a minute ago I do believe in icons many believe is he I think he'd like stealing a Joaquin Phoenix he didn't believe in icons but he did believe in personalities. On person beyond invention in disguise. Beyond the red apps that you Wear on your chest that makes bullets bounce off. I believe it is deeply and reliever field of energy and some experts now. Now. I don't care that Jen you've got really dressed up for the occasion yellow. No I got an act out fighting interested. There is no mean. You know we're not here this is a dream teams things happening. And there are clusters and yet he is moving around them. So what's happening to our world I know that there is a lot of news actually is relevant it's not that there's a game it's not our world. I don't know if we don't matter we don't matter how loud as the good news. Any pats on the shoulder and walks look like. He drums free and Joaquin Phoenix interview with. With David Letterman yes David Letterman famously saying well I'm sorry you couldn't join us tonight. I wonder if this is some weird publicity stunt where he'd just. Okay Jim Carey got rich being weird. Royals now granted to. This is a cut above however let's not pretend this was like some serious dramatic actor. Who all of a sudden wind not sell. This is someone who got rich by screwing up the space on camera. Yeah but that was kind of weird yeah it was weird of course it was it was a step above by. Sure his agent was like who do we he. Took it. It. Magistrates who have played Jarrett urgent. Play Jammer in a gym again and again I don't. Know now it just makes you want to now. And catch us I know you want to push that button but don't. Because items through we have to talk about and now we have to. If you're a player loves on in the background that would be okay. Did you hear world bolster yes a couple over the weekend. Chiefs tried to get in game pitched. If the sun. Right East Africa man. He gets down on one knee. And opens the little black belts Bob looks like it's lose park. Today. And didn't go the oil and. The rain goes take two to eighteen. Through slats. Of the bridge they were standing on now. And. To the muck level dealers together captain and to Neil. Mean. Borderline jam and here's the from the proposal would. It looks like it's that was park apparently worsening. Welcome to Brooklyn harmless fun and you know nobody else and got audio coming out and many of the monument. And it family recreation area. Somebody has got a free advertisement. You know it shouldn't have to advertisement is creek all the analysts Eric. Okay she. There has the ring. Through the cracks in the bridge. Now he's looking through the bridge. Is their rolling water underneath an hour or its water underneath so there's there's a well. That goes with this story and they apparently went back to their church told everyone what happened and that nineteen or twenty of their church. Brother and and. Went into the water to try to find it Natal looked every one as they went back with metal detectors they were there with flashlights. No one can find the right either at the universe. Border since you mentioned the church may be the guy upstairs. Is trying to send them a very obvious very loud message. Here's the deal so he says it's insured. But it's not in short if you lose the whole thing it's insure I can hear if the center stone pops right that's what's in store and the ring itself is not. In short all that's that may well. Not sure. If he's out weightless money now than if he goes ahead gets married in the against divorce Esther cut your losses that people are asking is the joke. Is the video real or is it possible this is a hoax let's be honest I watched this. She says it is absolutely unreal I wish it was. Maybe it is maybe Israel. It just seems to me. As I'm watching the video. He gets down on his shields. The ring he opens up the box and the rain just pops outweighed too quick those of you who have engaged in boxes. Know that the ring is embedded stuck. In the little yell right. It doesn't just fall out. And I'm not entirely soon after the ring disappeared there were all of the water search. Still. At night turned to dark I grew I am a son of a son of a jeweler and I spent a lot of time growing up in the jewelry store if you have the right size ring in the right sized box you are correct. However. It is very easy and quite often a mismatch occurs in which case that thing will fall right out. When you're holding it up yes. When you're holding it up holding up the box your holding the boxing you opened the box yes the ring just falls out yes no yes. Op. Yes Iowa. Go fund me pay it says the numbers ring replacement was established today. As of 3 PM it had zero dollars for it's weird the ring magically jumps out of the box now. Didn't Joseph did she says I've a roller coaster of emotions I'm happy and excited we're finally engaged and saddened ring to show for its mean. And I know god will work everything out just use a garbage bag twist tie and get it over wins Jesus. Did she actually accept the proposal. Quote we never got that far she's choked. I've always no ring no yeah is amber yeah. Rick I. No ring no yes. It's a sweet photo though. He's on bended knee Dana I want you to watch the video again Kara I've seen it. I did not think they've made this up with like a fake rain in say they mated up I'm just saying the ring seems to fall out really fast. Mean let me make it being that makes sense it does all right now. It does all of Miami Heat gets down on money and then them out it goes he barely opens up the box and boom. There I'm not saying it doesn't fall. Through this last. If a hoax they're saying this would be some dime store fake ring. Or something so that they can raise money to get a real ring. That seems like an insane an awful and not rough is through. Its plot it flies right out of the box that I see it. Watch again it flies right now but. And he's nervous you know nervous. Bowed to make the biggest mistake of his life. I'd be nervous too. You know I read your FaceBook where I'll honey. Are you will stare at levied here. Looking at but I slept a little bit bitter summer just a bit out. I believes in civil countered I don't think this was staged I don't. Correct terminal and look at what wolf well look at it during the break that OK okay. Dance gonna put it on our. FaceBook page so you tell us what you think does the game easy FaceBook page I feel bad forum. Right here for doctor take in the center for nutritionally wouldn't 135 that Burrell also a location in Lawrence and if you have not called doctor tank. What are you waiting for like our listener Karen who's down 55. Towns. She wants to lose forty more and after I saw her let me to area I have no doubt in my mind she will reach that goal of more than ninety pounds weight loss. She loves the service she loves the program and you're gonna love to staff just a great group of people there to help you. Reach or personal metabolism and health goals called 9138148222. 9138148222. Mentioned Dana you're still gonna get that 100 dollar discount right out of the gate. For delicious meal replacements top of the line vitamins when you sign on with their optimum health program I'd won 38148222. Or take nutrition dot com. Tellem Dana sentient. We got mark Alford and her eighty. Soared to a source. Now I wanna show you this video all right prominent place in the audio with the big this is the I heard you talking about this is the proposal right. It looks like it's a bridge in this park is that right would you guess. It. It levee before a player. He barely opens the box in the boxes open maybe a tenth ride when the ring falls out. It looks at falls out of the side of the box like it. Set out of the side like he'll let me be the judge let me see this thing OK okay. Goes her crown. Look at that expression he could be starlight theatre. I'd tell you play. Yes. May first of all you think to a. No it was going to fall pretty hot or they deserve cottages several time. Oh. And get him artists stand interrogate right now not daylight it was part of what they do click bait for the star Mark Washington down to. Paul. And the Eagles lose handover is now. I. I'd be brought to you my bills number jobs bridge. Well they do it they did go in the water to try to find him and couldn't find policy that in its landslide wanna see them what that commit their. Grant at literally put a damper on the engagement that they had twenty members from their church cannot lot. It's much sealed water thing. Morse well I thought you where do you think it's probable that it had to have gone to and why. The Arctic until mr. fifteen seconds of things not going to be at least pick one if they call it loose cannon. Critical rhetoric was passed at. This does there. I will do any or get on. For that video now okay we'll do we know they are yes let's tracked him down. The person that I'm mart would also have to guy he get this guy and I. Maybe he's ready for an actor yeah. I feel terrible for them home it's set Dixon and Ruth Saint Louis no way to. And they were ready to take the ones and. It. Is that Crist proposed to you not just Harry engagement anniversary and he took me back to the restaurant or happened. And I still only about one thing and tell me if I'm office lists at Tommy camera there. He proposed with the for a let him down the river market finds love him. Very small intimate restaurant like your neighbors are next. And he gets boring and a series this is a deal the and I'll never forget he was wearing blue. He does deal when it's also done work eat more at why that time we we had the waitress take a picture of us. The tape next to us said. That was so oddly love scene that we watch the whole thing and I thought. And yet did take a picture but that didn't DO. Take a picture. I still able. He's got him for the and Lehman they were closer than I am sitting here right now and some it's to sneak even do that. And proposes and Chris could not get elements needed about us he said were the last column of an accident lets him work. Reviews to. You need surgery from a football lottery literally the this then you try this is you me and everything is only if you're proposing I don't like sitting right next it was. On the on the table no. I think 200 dollar deal dinner they don't wanna ideal candidate feel my knees I'm still gonna get down in Miami. Well. I'm. To propose out able to get back up if you don't know what askew as we're having a discussion about this and you just drop that nugget on Kansas City. Mr. I and yeah. Are getting there again. It. Need to set win win. Rodney win I take it down on my knee I'm getting down mining or something that's it's you know. Where you got skinned up knees and salty lips. Up. I. Asked us to. Mean I'm sorry I missed out on the conversation and I said I if I don't. Mikey and getting down on one me and so it's it's it's stead I hurt it acted today. Percival. He's done it's lives Oregon is on its. Third time I'm not doing that again Tuesday. Identification. In a murder case more next. Boy fall is here you can really feel it in the air in the mornings and now is the time to call leave garbage Kidd in now once the leaves starts falling they are swamped. Putting out and switching over those doubters systems. 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So far investigators haven't released any suspect info case. Georgia officials say at least one person has been killed by tropical storm Irma in that state. Georgia emergency management agency spokeswoman saying today the one storm related death has been confirmed in the worst county. That's about a 170 miles south of Atlanta. In Florida an estimated 65%. Of the state is without power right now as a result of the storm. On Wall Street the Dow ends today up 259. Points NASDAQ McCain 72 the S&P 26 higher. Traffic and weather together next KM BZ news time 532. You've probably heard by now that Time Warner Cable business classes now spectrum business and they are making the best business Internet voice solutions even better. For starters they've increased their Internet speeds from sixty megs up to 100 megabytes per second. And they've lowered the price to just 4499 a month when you bundle with voice for only 2999. Month. 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The evil have something horrible. Think it's me insane and someone just wrote in an at great idea. Drop a weight on a string. From the exact spot on the bridge with a ring dropped anchor. And the ring should not be far from the weight when it hits grant. Not a bad idea how about talk to ring improperly. And so arrives. He was is still being nervous. Our proposal Leisle and let him wake up the suspension bridge. It. Sorry tell me and I propel that's part of the story at the moment gone Dana let's at this beautiful setup that's all right. I want it. Propose Alessio yes a foot bridge that goes over the brass is reverend wake it was a prototype for the Brooklyn bridge and I looked at first to seek it worked. And now people walk on it used to beach you know out cars and cattle. And the footprints and ask for Bridget is kind of a big deal they're not propose to wrapped in. A figure she said no I just threw over and Kenya did dropped a ring. When your fumbling for the box. I think it is. Very foreseeable. That a man who's nervous is getting down on one knee with this tiny little box. The ring finals of all he barely opens the box and ruffles and I was really nervous first time I fumbled for the box. He is opening the box yeah ring falls right now it does it falls right out of the right side yeah this is reaction expect. When he looks at the camera usually just use loops. From the checks find the weight on a string ideas go to with twenty people under that bridge moving around looking for it it has shifted or sunk or floated down the riddler tell everybody what they've done sense. Also starting bill funding paid a. I yourself. Now come on sponsored by Hillier. No it just remains of Scott I'm sure your proposal will be lovely and unforgettable that is I'd sure hey I got how well here's what you can use here there and a few other fuel for your. Assisted I didn't say it. Cigar band right here and we want to act very cheap. The Denver well terrible and if you lose it right now are now in it will blow. Across the bridge you won't sink to the bottom so much centers are reminders that I have no. That's not the best next. I love when people living in married not once but twice. Try to lecture other people about being fake relatives. Cook. To Shea. Just heard in my house military might and his top eloquent its first six months. It was so. I don't know what that's supposed to mean by the time he proposed when he's had a professionally cleaned that's disgusting it was a sweaty I carry around for six months. Wasn't sure. From Texan Roger dog. Up. That's rough and Fred now listen Lee's summit underwater dive and rescue now. Has just set paid. We can get somebody out there and scooby your block. The problem is as we got nothing better do you like saving lives will command and let her around like we've got flash flooding and it's on right now we need ranked you know. You buy this idea. I do you have a live shot and show you so morning rubble. Took thickness you. Speak up except the time and that's what have the Internet is easy. Money they've Dana for the early action I mean all of online data. Got this thing. I believe. And no I have lost. And old. It's on it. And biggest need that you want to believe the story goes says something about your character well problem I just think they'd go yeah but I am. Okay wait now so I can paint the picture there on the bridge. Assist suspects birds but it's like a bridge over the the creek in in this park. He's on his knee she has her right hand over her now he is opening the box now he will get the box about it and the way open. And a ring will fall out the right side and write down a crack. In the bridge then he will turn on both knees to the camera. Somebody's building a dead end and he'll just go hall. And he'll put his hand over his mouth like well it's. This is now please. But yes we're thankful that silly dropped just like. Those slats on those boards are varied. Narrow which it probably is it took probably two or three ticks. That's what I don't buy if they made it over the water something where he dropped over the lands maybe. If you dropped rain that it would magically disappear into one of those one. Eight of an inch crack should about a bigger lineman David lets you know they got a two apparently high. I I yeah that it won't Alter my Dana test has dropped and 8000 dollar ring it was three. 3000 dollar ring. Down a crack. Is that the face you would give all. He has no place. No he doesn't he has old 05 meters. Is terror honey I believe and I feel terrible note I think that you know well. For real just set forth real old and that makes entered. I didn't hear that part a filly came from. He's added all the five dollar ring felt. I'm a quarters that thank you need to add the machine and even though it fell through the cracked they're not engaged. She said she said yes but she didn't really get a chance to answer the question because in. Yes if you mess. The rate has ensured he says for. Loss of stone but not for loss of rain which is a couple hundred bucks it's cheaper now. If you don't insure your jewelry that's on you know it's like but I don't busy diamond is the most expensive part correct the ring is nothing. The goal the gold on a woman's wedding ring is probably a couple hundred bucks aren't so when did you say balloon boy it was a hoax. That was a whole lot yeah trouble the nets. I thought you lost your stones when you got married who. In the words. You know ordinary everyday balloon boy has the death metal band now yes rod do you play some. I heard this William Von Meyer at a go mart. So cost over. She is just like god hates. His dad they did something yeah this is depth middlemen to just post that the TV that's how they got busted like on Good Morning America. And premieres was to do that for the TV. He's got a dutchman and is when he gets here. Ignored them stay. Every peace plan. But it just months out in the jetliners is human definitely had. The best part of the beauty and the yeah. And Bonnie now. Balloon boy now what. That really it. Balloon hit the screen. Rather that. Preserves bodies that rabbit that's totally. This is a day and parks public service announced at a howling into the game and parks program. It is requested that the following expressions not be used during normal conversation. Bull bull. To shoot stolen porn shoot. Should load pilot boot sector and do. And don't give me that do. It piece of shoes and a brick I have to take the smells like it's done she lose she. The head crazy is as the mouse rat. Brains. Porsche floor I don't giving it. Thank you for your cooperation. Now back to Dana and parks. Hello Clinton's Jasper Saturday night with some girlfriends had a great evening took some and home for my husband to go to the little dessert mound for the kids. And this is the last week for. Table side mozzarella theater. So if you haven't done it I offered to send them in good get and this is the last week intimate a season's winding down and so I was just talking to wanna wait waiters Saturday. And he said does that get them all to get his dad so if you want the table side mozzarella theater go now you get with an appearance of list that is compact. Give Jasper call for your reservation what you want to date night girls night out like we did Superfund or business party that got those little cyber and you bring in bring in all kinds your friends. And Jasper will cook for you 8169416600. For your reservation 8169416600. Or Jasper Casey dot com. It's a fire at his big. Kansas City TV media. You got that right to know I'm leaving. Dan wind bomb and mark Alford offered him line bomb. If you get a car wreck Cole got to severed yeah tennis. Offered that line emblem. Hawaii. What is that. Exits are old and here we get arching goal are all going okay and why you have jingles you can get a shot. When all I don't think that's right. Actually you get the the the thing before you get shifts right. If you got that the but it does a vaccine or something about it just Iceland shot though it was crazy. Here's what you know it's only half affected I know it even now I mean it's their best guess what I tried this. Now him well why why why did you include your old or in firm and your vote throwing the concessions and but I don't like. So. I. We're getting it and so I was there and I am aren't suit me up. She got a flu shot never never never I never had won re yeah I never have the flu. I guess majority it's Floridians and things they not come up to channel four bit they insist that they give it to me in my hip. It's always sought to make it awkward for the next day actually the single day. This anniversary week of me catching 81 and 12 2000. The bird flu the Swine Flu like I was calling it yeah I had book rather than a week we deliverance. Is that when you're meeting. No no here a cottage here you travel the world. That's right and I thought ports are applied to do mission work but it yeah and you caught Swine Flu here in Kansas City. Hugh I almost tried to make that happen. Now it was everywhere a bad guy oil doesn't I didn't do. New mission workers you don't believe in Jesus. What I did humanitarian. Eight what is that to humanitarian work in Michigan usually the word JJ is usually where admission is used for missionaries operations. Mark you know like a mission from god to help other people are missionary at. And he's assigned humanitarian. Answer that's what it is you know it is and that's my god gave me this once we're taking digital edition. You take a position on on your mission and so on how to missionary position exactly can I tell you about my or Nancy you know pleased. And I loved it here vagueness talk about the effort he play clip original listening report. Ha ha ha. This anger at the plate sooner they pass the plate I that's awesome stories about that they pass the plate. Amongst all the evacuees staying stop it now you'll I don't know all asking will die as they get journalists in its outlook journalists they don't have. Tomorrow I'll listen to him twice today marked turn me on Joes junior at all I SC. And I had a big war and so is asking us all I don't know it was a real star finally. Say no way though that is fake news. Asked the plan will probably an onion Atlanta's it's a pretty buckets of vertigo line until listening dropped of letting. And I have no idea of any. I love the yeah. Iran's I did pass around the lens didn't play. Today even though the audience consisted of hundreds of people who have lost their homes. Longing and blunt don't disarm a legitimate source there's video of it don't you know GW bush and it is only refugee. App Nazi that could you got to deny and that that actually work. This are getting again until all the UK. Thousand dollars and experience. And it is a modest prosperity starts now. When you. You go. Figured I'd get a new pals anyway when you get you temple you're getting a brand new house he does not reach that that's not right. It's not noticed that I immigrants dot com. Most humble day with you might do well lol yeah I don't know phased out overtly you know god all our ops I mean times dot still closed its visionary doctor guys in his zones tonight I've found it on agree with me dogs. I don't dot com. Deputies. And it's so. It's set up a bill Monday that. Mentioned this several hundred evacuees in the audience yeah I hurt my watch is important to listen to the apartment they said. Nadia ads don't feel that it. Now. If this still want to. You know that's an act of worship to yup. So they wanna get let him did not an active work I get into fitness. Watched him that that whole O I didn't today than anything and I was it in your partner debater and acknowledge that yes and well did you not have. You heard me but if you had your wallet. Don't feel obligated to get them but if it's in your heart we need our carpets cleaned you see how many people are grappling game tramping on his answer he rescued she eats carpet so clean themselves answer. There are always plots out all itself. It's not re dating I mean one reputable source unknown madness. Doesn't win Democrats docked there are hundreds of refugees but thousands of people in the audience who had not lost anything there I go. It's people yes then we got our eye on gets back straight. Forget who offered him lined vomiting are seeing that we got to be the actual that's right I can honestly I'm going to be honest three hours of honesty and it's very well Alford painful months and Babcock probably have our producer of the finest men aren't on this day yes all of his life. After. And now. Now that's an endless takes it right there at the equity and often wind up in debt to. Could you got sick it. And newsroom rub off wrote about so let's go out what's up man of we have our producer vivid fighters and an all American grit Radwanska. By different it goes into right items up parts and god will. We're all back tomorrow to walk. Agree I cannot city coming up next Alford one bomb and that Iraq. I'll loss and it's a great talk show. But he now on Giambi easy to clean up in Florida continues will have more on this coming up. Did you write your get rid of the programs or it would very low cost life insurance dot com September is national life insurance awareness month Stuart. What better time to pick up the phone and give you a call. Absolutely data were happy to help the listeners with a life insurance planning a quick statistic. From the 2017 interest barometer steady 84%. Of Americans say they need life insurance and yet only 41%. 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