KC-area Applebee's apologizes for racial profiling...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, February 13th

Two women were unjustly accused of 'dining and dashing' the day prior.   It WASN'T THEM.  


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. He recovered I have. The Tex lines exploded with rods thrill comment I'm not gonna revisited. It's funny once. An animated funny twice. Thank you rod I'd just stop crime in term Malcolm thank. And weaker U making him tired and you heard about the dog in Kansas yes Angus King guest. Three year old Angus parent her own is not be allowed to run for governor. Why not it's becoming a joke it absolutely is a joke. Now I don't think it's a joke to those teenagers are running if you are some of those interviews they are not doing this is a joke. And how much time and effort and money and what a pain it would be to go to those lengths for a quote joke. I think their run and because legally they can I don't have a problem with them I think that's the only reason they're leaning worse than the last four years budgetary wise. And I'm not making a political statement but it's no secret that Kansas is just about the worst. State. In the United States when it comes to our budget. Hole at a sixteen year old can breeze and that office there because you vote for him and what about it all and figure out school finance I don't have any. From the let me ask you something rotten carry you might have to sit this one silence because you just. You don't have a child in school. Although I'm Trevor hasn't school and you deal with Trevor a lot as straight home. Let me ask you something and I have struggled with this over the years. I've known Sam Brownback for 24 years. I think she's lovely cat I don't agree with a single thing that he has done very stands for I think he's a nice guy for the last seven years I have heard how. Awful things are in the state of kansans. How terrible. Everything yes. I have seen absolutely. No evidence. That's. What have you seen well. It it doesn't directly affect your life maybe everyday. Out well I'd drive the roads I send kids to public schools. I pay taxes. I don't have a pro I think Sam Brownback was given a wall deal I thought it became I think it became very popular. To just blast Sam Brownback because he's an error. Nin and and you know. He it became popular because he eliminated. The taxes on things like small business owners wasn't it. And because of that we've then did not have income coming in to. The states that we normally would have so we've created a large hole it was an experiment. Let's give everyone their money back and see if they put it back into the economy they didn't. Or at least they didn't to the extent. Governor Brownback thought they would have. Have you noticed a decline in the education and your children receive. Because I am not Scott those cuts had to come somewhere and just because it didn't affect you doesn't mean it didn't affect headstart programs. All look up what was cut you you can't have eight what was it at one point something billion dollar hole in your economy. And not cut program. I am saying is I have heard for seven years that Sam Brownback sucks at being the governor. Saying he was a great governor he's not gonna go down in history is a great governor. I'm not saying well let's. What I'm saying is everybody has lampoon. Sam Brownback for the last seven years. Rule the education system in Kansas is it is abysmal its its fall apart. The roads or fall apart I haven't seen. In 2012 this is right Brownback called his tax plan quote a real live experiment if this is just one headline from Forbes the great Kansas tax cut experiment has crashed and burned well now how just because you'd did not see. The results. Of those cuts does not mean other people listening didn't Scott. I'm asking is what was the real impact of these cuts. Where was the loss where did people suffer and I run the head start was one of them Kara. A look now Sacramento head start was one of them. Early childhood education. Took it I do know that had a friend who works in early childhood. Which means I think even the governor acknowledged that there were problems especially with TV corrections department. And the prisons more people didn't lose. Remember we had business owners call Lynn Republican business owners call in and say I appreciate what he tried to do. We need to be take paying taxes like if I could I would. I appreciate try you can you can send the state anything you while I appreciate what he tried to do it did not work. Did you notice that your children's education suffer. I want to hear from a teacher in that regard. Do I want you from a teacher. But did you notice that your children's education suffer I did not personally noticed but I'm not in that class from every day clad I'm sure class sizes one up and. Let's talk about headstart what exactly is. Revenue shrank the economy grew more slowly than in neighboring states in the country as a whole and kansas' bond rating plummeted from. The state cut funding to education and infrastructure to help fill that hole I I'm not saying and again I want to be clear. I'm not saying that the governor was a great governor and I think evidence will prove that he was not. But the way this man was run out of this state two weeks ago. I don't know that he was run out he basically one they gave him he'd barely. Barely. Won reelection. Okay barely. I don't think he was run out I think he has always had higher aspirations. To higher office which you don't ever real and this is certainly the administration that's gonna hand him some cockamamie. Ambassadorship about for freedom of religion or whatever it is. So I you know if it. If he's happy and wants to go to bigger things go do it. The economy experiment here failed you cannot tonight I'm not denying what I'm saying is the way this man was treated. By people in the media by people not in the media. I think is unfair. It was as if it was some sort of up and I you know how that we could easily get rid listen to me because what drives the US economy. Two words what drives the economy. Now. Think of at Emma. The invisible hand. Self. Interest self interest drives everything. Okay protect your economy 101 in college or high school ever took its self interest drives everything and so when you tell the business owners you'll have to pay taxes. Or sign that. You know what happened because of self interest after that law was passed its hilarious it's not but it is I imagine they say the money people went out in droves and started. Opening LL season and the business my name's stay right and I can. They. Text anymore in our business I'm. Saying he couldn't have handled that I'd say is that's why. There were so many problems and I don't remember the number more people opened in the state of Kansas the last couple of years. Quote I'll ill see business. Titles. And paid the fee to open that business and I say that in facetious air quotes. Because they know they don't pay taxes and so someone thought people were gonna do good. And make this better for the economy they don't understand it's self interest stripes the economy. And I'm not saying that things couldn't have been handled better what I'm saying is I did not see. This doomsday scenario at my kids public schools. That everybody to. The state refashion the school funding formula and closed and consolidated several school districts good school funding concerns about half of Kansas has budget. I will find your statistics on early childhood education or god forbid they heads start all got bitter they consolidated some school districts because I've been. Complaining about that for years. So that was the solution to the problem good. We have a 105 counties 305 school districts. It's ridiculous. I'm not getting a man horse to pleased. She's a horse has been beaten to. No it happens but I wanted to talk about anger but I do not think. Well how we get a. It goes to show that that the idea of running for governor in the state of Kansas has become a joke we have 44. Is it. Six us six Scott if you're an engineer working for a company you would pay individual income taxes on the money you made the viewers self employed freelance engineer. You're now one person business. Who contract with the company instead and you've paid zero. In income tax cuts not saying that there wasn't some problems and some loopholes need to be closed clear. What I'm saying. Is that your life did not change under Sam Brownback. You were life did not become worse under Sam Brown don't you think we all become worse after cuts to things like early childhood add. Which is where we need to be focusing on these children at early childhood idol has is that pre K Head Start Programs. Help for for parents wanting to do right by their children. Those critical first three years. That's what was cut and that's the stuff you don't seem fine as you have a fifteen year old a thirteen year old I would expect you to see that. But if you and that world used sought. What I'm saying is you would think. That what Sam Brown bagged it was literally throw this state to walls. And that is not true. Your life didn't change. Your life didn't change and my life didn't happen Scot in ten years when we have a bunch of dumb comes in and around has known about childhood and it. Here's what I then I would argue is every one. Was affected by the I'm not. Tooting Sam Brownback. What I'm saying is I think it became very fashionable. And popular. To talk down on him because everybody just like to beat up on Sam Brownback. Again. Not to repeat myself for the third time what you need to say is that this specifically happened so that. I woke up one day and I was missing 101000 dollars liken him a mortgage can't say that. What I want you to say is you don't like Sam Brohm do you think he was a bad governor but you don't have any reason while the best. The best analogy I can give you and your forgetting and I I don't mean to. I love Bill Self I looked at debating it looked. Coach Snyder. Those were the people that when how and call themselves LLC is god. Among the highest paid coaches and state employees and state okay. Then did not have to pay taxes on an income and I I will call David Beatty the former K for bucket coaches went and did it at eight or. Car sorry at 800000 dollars a year. More than two thirds of that pain was channeled to an organization called DB sports animal hills C can't. You would do the same thing at some of that goes back to self interest in her. I would love to help against economy but I'd rather have more my I am not saying there aren't loopholes that need to be closed but I think it just became fashionable. To talk down on Sam Brownback. And I don't think that any of us have really noticed anything different in our lives. Except that it's fun to beat up on Sam Brown. I just think. When it comes to experiments and he called the surreal life experiment. That may be the economy is not the best arena at. To be trying things for the first time I'm 76779. It. And let me tell you if you or an aging parent is looking for a funding gorgeous and affordable talk about money right now affordable retirement community. Silver crested deer creek and south over on park wants to CU. Affordable month to month apartment homes are available now. They have gorgeous would it be used 24/7 on site security and all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. Three meals a day housekeeping services travel in the heart of beautiful southern Overland Park of the A staff members out there who have been their for 1020. Years. 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And so you wouldn't have seen that you know to the shot emissions are gorgeous structure has Soto or blue valley suffer I don't I don't think so maybe they did I don't know. But I found an old. Los Angeles Times article that went to a small community called Columbus. Kansas. And look this is trumped territory there okay. And they did a great article about Columbus Kansas population 3300. And what those education cuts meant for their tiny school district and again I mean I think people did feel it. Because you didn't does that mean it it. Didn't happen absolutely not you agree with that. I think the end result is the same this experiment. Failed badly. I think one of the problems with the state of Kansas one of the issues Tuesday kansas'. We see Kansas IC Kansas as. Kate Peter Johnson County. And it it's not most of 95% of Kansas is tiny small towns on the side of highway. I mean Kansas cities the biggest you know Wichita. Some peca and maybe Lawrence but that's this man I mean everything else's. Johnson County in Johnson County was affected much differently than the entire rest of the state. And get out in central Kansas. That's a whole other world out there Steve Jamison is the principle and he says quote or a little bit what's the word I wanna use and a little bit back woods were rough around the edges here. We are hard workers it is high poverty. And sometimes in poverty you have a sense of helplessness so he believes wholeheartedly. In the importance of pre K education. His pre K funding was frozen at 2013 levels because of the cuts. He can only enroll thirty kids in that summer pre K program has a waiting list every year and it was cut again this year. And so there's one. Example him. I don't see blue valley cutting pre K necessarily. Because I aging goes to pre K and through pre I'd bet the answer is no all of my children did did I did not. I know I did I started in kindergarten but we know he's rushed her preschool but we know Scott those. Years. You know age 1234. Are critically important for a child's development and especially in rural areas in areas where you have higher poverty. As the lower socio economic and educational levels with mom and dad. It will help those kids if you can get them in a classroom. Setting earlier to resuming Caremark a wild shooting in downtown Chicago will have more next. Dana right here for sealed once Casey look we got a nice stated they call seal once Casey have them come out. Clean out that garage and have them do your floor permanent polymer decorative coating. It'll make you clean that garage and I loved it we got totally organized got everything out of that space. And then seal once came in and put down that permanent polymer decorative coating you're gonna love sealed once Casey and remember. 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Family and friends that China shiny star preparing to say goodbye to one of Iran Alex Carney who was one of the three students involved in Iraq in Prairie Village last week is being taken off life support today. He's been in a medically induced coma since last week. On the caring bridge website family spokesperson wrote the injury to Alex is brainy is too extensive and the medical team has done everything they can't. The two other teenagers in a car with Alex at the time of the crash will recover. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Boy do we need the plumbing pro last week came home there was some water on the floor or water on the floor. It's coming out of the dishwasher turns out we had a Claude underneath. I mean to lay underneath. The dishwasher and I called the plumbing pro I say it's Dana do you guys do dishwashers. There's water everywhere I'm not sure what to do yet they came out and fixed it that's the second time we've had them out. 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Temperatures taken nosedive by Friday behind it cold fronts not expecting precipitation. As sunny yellow there Friday the high closer to thirty CU. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more Katie NBC weather if you bring on TCI it is fifty downtown 48 and your official weather station. Update and sort. Broadcast. Three employees have now been fired. After a Missouri woman posted video on FaceBook that she says but demonstrates the racial profiling that black people American deal. The video is recording of her and her friends encounter with the police officer. Atmel security guard and a manager. Applebee's restaurant at independence mall Saturday. Quoting here from one of the women. This is what black people have to deal with the if you want to know. The women were eating dinner there when two officers approached them about an incident that happened the day before a diamond dash. In which two women apparently resembling them. Letter or not resembling them let me just say and just remove from the story. Left without paying for their food dine and dash however women say the servers description of the dining dashing women was. With few details other than skin color and body size. We have not been here said Asia party. In a statement released on Monday evening Appleby said the restaurant's manager. A server. And another employee involved in the incident had been fired. After an internal investigation. The franchise. Which is located at independent senator is now temporarily closed. In order for the team there to regroup. Reflect. Learn and grow from. Davis. Applebee's also said they're reaching out to apologize. To the two women and. They shut it down which I think. I think that's the wrong decision oh I don't I think that's a good olive branch like we screwed up so badly beaten. So badly. That we're going to shut down and reassess how we can do better what what I figured you might be missing data. Is that what happens is the bad actions of a few. Hurt. The ability to make money for the man. There are plenty of employees about apple trees. Who rely on that job to feed their families sharp either rancher pay their car payment coming in player we think we're working at the time on the floor when this happened three were fired how many do you think during the afternoon in a dead mauled its about to be closed. Well but how many people who work at that Applebee's were actually involved in this instance. My question is Scott if you have a staff on the floor of eight and that's being generous. Inside of a dead mall an offense malls dot. It's gone so let's say you had eight people on the floor which is being extremely. Generous. You're talking about the raiders waitress three of those eight have been fired. So I think it's right for apple is to say we have a problem. In this store. And we are shutting down to address it. What about the cooks in the back what about the other waiters and waitresses who were not involved. Who are now paying a financial price for the actions of those three and and that's unfortunate. It's unfortunate. But they were not. Only wrong. They were soul. Wrong. So wrong. That I think this is the only just conclusion and I will say office I'm gonna give this to Applebee's I don't know who runs their crisis management corporate program over there. There apology. Was spot on it is very very well written. This is how you apologize as a corporation. When something goes terribly wrong on your watch. They wrote and I quote. At Applebee's we do not tolerate racism or bigotry of any nature we regret any incident like this because we want every guest's experience. To be positive. Our team has been working throughout the weekend and will continue to work. To determine what happened and what appropriate measures will be taken we currently have no indications. That race was related. We have a diverse workforce that is reflective of the community we serve all are welcome at our restaurant and will continue. To be welcome. Well written very weren't who we are sorry we step Dennett. Badly. This is what we're doing to correct it. And then move on. I think the firings are appropriate I think shutting the restaurant down. My B average to four beat because your punishing innocent people. It innocent people are punished for the sense of someone else every day does a man in America as a maker right. Never happens. In Iraq. I mean I don't mean to bring up the entire. Dreamers conversation but are we not. Punishing children right now when we're shipping their dad back to Bangladesh have I have I have now to leave the system have Biden out argued that the dreamers should be US OK I'm just saying an innocent people are collateral damage in this country because of different policies and it siege and it has every and it's wrong and a but if it's wrong for that group that it has to be wrong for this group of were going to be consistent. And what you're doing is you had three bad actors at this apple news. Clearly I mean I need not play you do ride but three out of it three to six talk and half. But the people that weren't even on shift. You're you're talking about the people who were on the floor. OK maybe it's a I think that's. A little bit to them. Probably four or five I did you help but look we're taught or talk to you by present album were also tournament cooks and cleaners in the back okay. A were also talking about the the multitude of people that work at that Applebee's who weren't even bear who now. Dana all of a sudden don't have a job. For the foreseeable future for the next viewed as that is her who have to pay child care who have to pay the rent graft I have car payments and bills. And because of the actions of others. They're not able to provide for their fairway and I think it's all I think it's a mistake. I think Applebee's. Did the right thing in firing these three people involved. I'm quite frankly the independence police department needs to take a look at the officer that went there. Why did he go in. What's he say some call I understand and he probably has a legal obligation to go to the rest now. The recently. Update the story today because we spent a lot of time talking about what happened at this Applebee's. On yesterday's show. Is because I know there are some of you listening who just flat out didn't believe these one. And it's critically important. For you'd understand that this does happen in America it did happen yesterday or couple days ago in America. And these women were victims. They did not dine and dash they were up there the day before. You know Applebee's and I saw one headline today superstar need to look it up did said today. Admit racial profiling like they're basically saying they're basically saying this happened. We did it. And we're sorry. 5767798. Dead in independence hello Deb. I go ahead. I didn't say that I think that shouldn't be saying they are yet. Yeah when I'm UK now or are off. There it is it as a. Isaac and it's in foreclosure. It's in foreclosure. Them all year. Weeks ago. They're 200 million dollars in debt unable to play on. In their mortgage holder for the markets and so. It it is on its way to being sat night of its next week or next month. But it is in foreclosure. Yeah. But the fact that it's in foreclosure means doing. Saying that because I don't like independents are adopting animals are great places right it is antiquated places. I. It has been reported that it is expected to shut but I guess I don't know and that's your. Deb the star reported on February 6 and the independent senator. Is scheduled for a February 16 so that's. Friday. February 16 foreclosure sale as its owner Simon Property Group faces default on a 200 million dollar loan for the property. And why now where I didn't well. I. I just I'm not an independent I I just you know I think the day of the traditional mall. Is coming to a close independence is not the first person to see a small close we've seen Bannister and Metcalf south and Avalon park closed. All right well. All it. I'm it may be busy day but they can't edit it they can't pay their rent and they're 200 million dollars in the hole 57677. And it. It Summers have an almost all of us and knock on wood happens to none of us in the future if you do. 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Somebody writes in Chamberlain's stuff for blaming the police for this and so I did. Cobb by the way you know was wells anybody to police are called to a possible crime they have to investigate. They were not called to a possible crime. The police officer in independence. Was called to the Applebee's. Because staff. Fought. That two women eating. May have been the ones who dined and dashed tonight before there was no possible crime. Going on in the Applebee's. There was no crime at all. Going on in the Applebee's. See and that's why I wanted to talk about this today people are still under the impression falsely slant so that he's limited to the wrong. These women did nothing more than walking into a business and tried to patronize that business. CNET even if they had been the ones the day before who dined and dashed. And obviously Applebee's does not believe that's the case because they fired three people. The police officer is not their to investigate a crime it would be as if they came down to my street. And as I was pulling in my driveway said we believe we saw you speeding yesterday. Not sure. It was white guy we we think it was your car that was going down his street speeding yesterday already music where's the crime. The crime occurred yesterday should they got me then. I'm not blaming the officer for the incident when I'm saying is the independence police officer. Coulter the Applebee's should have gone to the Applebee's. At independence mall or cash or remembrance and whatever. Realizing that there was no crime in progress. And realizing that Applebee's was acting badly the police officer should have removed himself from the scene. That's what I'm saying. Chatting Kansas City hello Chad. Yeah I don't think. I'm calling it that way they can and decreased anchor comments about our thoughts about everybody being. I don't work at Applebee's but actually the couple three people eating. You all the crux and had nothing to do whatsoever what you think transpired swore it would be like. You shall report today and you don't have a job to maybe get somebody get a comment earlier today it under a program. It's. Someone on pointed that out on the text line and it's a it's going to add that if someone down the halls said something they shouldn't. And got in trouble for at this would be akin to putting Scott and I on the beach for a week with no pay because some dumb dumb down the hall said something. Illegal or offensive. I understand sang I don't know that Applebee's here had a choice. Like we need to do emergency sensitivity training with right now. This is CYA they know there. To be sued. But David to follow up and the analogy is actually pretty good. If someone down the hole said something that was illegal according to the FCC. Warranting him. Quarter million dollar fire you know let's say the country station down hole drop him a couple of F bombs on the year. They might send out an email they might have HR come meet with everybody and say hey guys. Public good idea of decency for. It's so. They're not taking you and me off the year they're just not gonna do. We keep our jobs we continued to earn our pay. But worked quickly reminded. Don't say the F word Margaret Thatcher it's a very random house. And there are people. Let's remember that a job at Applebee's probably especially if your back line cock. Probably doesn't paper much so you need every dollar you can get Brett. And I think the I I think what Applebee's did it was a PR stunt. Saying not only do we fire three people but we closed the restaurant. Why did you close the restaurant. We closed its that we can do emergency. Sensitivity training. Well probably. I think we can all agree the vast majority of people who work or don't need sensitivity training. But they're doing it to save their -- effect that three employees were involved in this speaks volumes well not one of us one do you shut on the whole restaurant no. It was an even to Scott it was three well you gotta problem is that story then mall security needs to be checked. And and quite frankly I stand by my criticism of this independence police officer. He went in there and and two detectors at what what does he was suspected him some on the night before that is completely different and you know. This independence police officers should have. Onto the restaurant I have no fault in him with that. But once reaching the restaurant. Realizing that the restaurant is accusing two young women. A dining and dashing the night before. The police officers should have said when you have the video. Bring it to the police department will take a look at it but I am removing myself from the situation I'm. And he should of walked out the door. He made a mistake by staying and if that makes me some sort of a jerk to you text or. I'm sorry. The police officer should have removed himself from the situation. Because there was no crime being committed to the newsroom McCarron marks. Happening now on KM BZ more infighting between the FBI and the White House today will have more next. A great shape and an unbelievably fair price that's what you get and always yet. With Kerry's dot com I made the switch three years ago great move on my part you know for decades one big razor company has relentlessly increase prices. And read commenced profits at the expense of their customers suggest and Andy two ordinary guys who like you and me were fed up with getting ripped off. Decided to start series and fix shaving forever and a lot of companies say this boat carries its true. By taking less profit and selling directly to you over the Internet. 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