Kansas City man is awarded HOW MUCH MONEY? Police Department keeps it quiet...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, September 11th

Why aren't police department settlements public record?  Shouldn't they be?   Scott says no.  Dana disagrees.


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He's going to be in kids. City tomorrow night at Arrowhead Stadium. And they're going to play the entire team from what I understand among other things. They're famous that Joshua Tree album from 1987. Good Jim Cunningham was out there and Arum had this afternoon. As the look. Pretty neat I think the neat thing you'll take from this is any real fan of mutual understanding is is going to be all about the music not about the show and it's a very intimate settings how lob Bruce Princeton yeah this stage comes out into the crowd that there and is a smaller one shaped like a Joshua Tree then there's a larger video screen which show goes a full length at the end zone it's 200 feet wide. But it's really going to be more about the music and especially how much you talked about. Well they are in town we know able commence tomorrow I am I understand and in fact I worked real hard to get some sort of backstage or you know. Up close and personal the boys put tough muscle slot are gonna ask ourselves. Now. Played was July Cunningham close personal friends and Adam Clayton and he said to stand right here what are they are gives me go Kart out their cell you know. Our employees. Aren't you all hello. My only shot to say what is your set by just so I've got family that comes in the southern part of who from a from an island and I just wanted to kind of say. Does have this country now are not a minor minor accident names associated businesses there there. Let's name is Cunningham old fruit but which came would you like the Murphy the Cunningham likes me digital earlier on the Irish car. Data on that India gulf connection because yeah the collar voters out once on the team wasn't sure knows your directors I've voters in this. Now I've never had one but I'd heard of it okay. How I believe that's bad. Didn't listen before I die I have got to meet one or all four of the guys I have to slate calling them the guys like here's your friends. Don't you flip the no. Vote. And she was told it's gonna be here. That's tasteless bottles Roland I have no idea I don't care. Act. Who's the first man ever grow old ever opened up for that one I don't know be thin Lizzy can. There's nobody saw him Marty answered every question I asked regarding music is always been Wednesday. As sure. Well so thanks so I want tomorrow. Did here I thought you and breaking news at all I can't believe we're talking about this by now it's this is a big deal back Arizona tomorrow Beckett on Trent I'm a loser table but you gotta a heads up though. Parking is yet forty bucks wanna talk to run well. Oh yeah that's what I wanted to bring up parking tomorrow for YouTube is forty dollar don't slam the wow it's not the band's fault. Management now money but Jim if you paid attention you can get it online for thirty dollars out. Please we're going sigh no wait wait it is better. Jim got his parking online. Tell us more. Well after the service being in the processing fee of 3785. You say your dollars as it is only sense anyway. He saved two dollars and fifty cent use suckers common man they see coming from all directions. Forty bucks to target U2 concert thank you chief Alan. Best chiefs. Wow that's correct Kenny Chesney last time I was there it was about the same as a lot flood. I would pay for that he's got to rebuild his house or. All of Gerri love this house poor bank assures a lovely or was lovely. I'm sure he's gonna ruin trying to strong refineries go get the money go back. Give me a break. Anyways Rawls he's gone tomorrow 1215 solos folks we get outs to Donna and that U2 fans for coming in out of these so fun yeah remind me to avoid for 35 like the slaying almost MRI can you imagine that. No B and that makes somewhere. So be fine art issue. Is tomorrow night. I'm back is opening up parking is forty dollars to say is available about a life. But my box yeah. Goal aren't aren't our story here from the Kansas City Star. In November 2013. Kansas city police investigating a reported carjacking. Shot Philippe de Lauro twenty times. God according to his attorney leaving him partly paralyzed. When fully de Lauro filed a lawsuit saying that he was on armed and that the officers use excessive force. The department paid four point eight million dollars in one of the largest settlements in Kansas city police history. Three months after police agreed to the payment penalty high ranking police officials reviewed the shooting found no fault. With the officers' training or their use of force tank the shooting was presented to a grand jury no charges were filed. The two officers who shot Laura. Are still on the force. Laura meanwhile news it's total partly paralyzed uses a wheelchair. The 41 year old lives and a new house east of downtown and requires medical treatment for the rest of his life. The settlement remained secret. For. Years. Why. Kansas city police officials say they cannot confirm. That the settlement even exists. But it appears with our tax Payer money they cannot confirm a settlement exists but it appears partly redacted on a list of the department settlement payments one of the settlement conditions. Was that Laura not discuss how he was shot and he declined to speak with a star reporter who came to his house. Laura's attorney David Smith. Said he thought race was a factor in the case the alleged carjacking victim and the officers involved in the shooting were wife Laura is blocked. Quoting here from the attorney David Smith. I believe race definitely heightened the officers fears they were told by the alleged victim a white man from the suburbs on independence avenue into AM the morning. That he had been carjacked gunpoint by a black man. However the police had information that the alleged victim was lying yet to win on the wild goose chase okay dangerous black. I am facts of the case aside this quite frankly I don't care. The headline here. Is that more than four million dollars was paid out to. Someone shot. Rightly or wrongly by Kansas City, Missouri police officers. And it was buried. And redacted. Gee you don't have a huge problem with that. I can assure people saying in their car well. It's cheaper to pay him four million then two rolled the dice and put it in front of the jury in the draft rights and that's true that might be the case. These settlements when they are paid because one of our officers shoots eighth citizen here right here probably. Should never. Be sealed. Never sure. Why and I don't care whose accent on your on what I think what people say is there it's your shirts and its insurance money I don't care. I don't care you start paying out that kind of Jack because somebody shot somebody. Inning in a public. Agency a tax funded public agency you cannot seal the details of those settlements. What is somebody else is involved in a similar but not exactly identical case. And they say well. You're only offering us two million dollars but you paid this fully paid Laura four point eight. We're gonna take this one of trial. Insurance settlements like that are. Known. Every day let's buy your insurance company day is a private industry let's say you're in a car wreck and your face is. Badly injured thanks I am nor do urge now about the okay. I guarantee you there was some discussion with an attorney when you're young and you probably don't even know. What is that works for pain for suffering you know there is a pot of money and we have a little widget of experience with this. For. Injury accidents. There are algorithms out there that we'll tell you exactly what your facial injury is worth Scott. It's a it's it Grossman getting to think about out ahead at what more I know. This is no different. There's no difference to me when it comes to settlements. With how they are. How they are right at those numbers. And I think every single one of those numbers should be public. But this is an insurance company in the office and give the city can sell me it gives a public agency license. To sweep under the rug and a sweep under the rug and a sweep under the red head out I'm not saying that's what happened here. But if you start paying this money under a cloak of silence. I did I it just I don't feel right about that. 5767798. Win the police department does settle her when their insurance company does subtle. In this case the Kansas City, Missouri police department for four point eight million dollars for a man who was shot. Twenty times. Should that be public. Is that and should that be public information. 57677. Minute. Okay. Okay. Do okay. That's why it's coming out settlements from the police department public for those corners. Donna is if you start making settlement information public you'll put a huge target on the victim's back for scammer is etc. Check out how many lottery winners get scammed out of their winning same principle from. A stomach problem. If you don't know how to handle your money and if you do get scammed out of your four point eight million from the police department that's not my problem. That was older respect us or loaded god bless your well that's the dumbest reason. Let me add one more reason that I it's hard for me to entertain this is an argument. People are writing and was he horrible human being what did he do duty Jews as I have someone else's good cop buddy of mine. Who said this is a bad bad bad fat. Focus. I we're not talking about the facts of this case. The topic at hand is one other large. Settlements. Paid out on behalf of a public agency. Should be hidden from the public. I don't care if this guy. Killed 65 people. You don't know the deed topic at hand is whether large multi million dollar settlements. Paid on behalf of a public agency. Should be hidden from the public that agency serves. It's good to Daniel in Belton hello Daniel. It's crowded around or doing well thank you what I. Yeah Dana I'm a bit trying to figure out how the thirty. Intel an attorney that is not even there and there attorney if the insurance companies attorney. What to do as far as the reigning settlement because he's working for that private company and he's trying to make the best settlement on their behalf. Not necessarily the city because when you can affinity is they're not paying on and on they have insurance hurried. But let me ask you this is the Bor not involved at any level in any way when these lawsuits are. Initially filed it is a process to get to the point where insurance company agrees OK let's play the sap. Let's look at the odds and see is it going to be more cost effective to pay this guy four million verses put this in front of the jury attend even if he's a horrible human beings. Well when I work on City Council. The I think that we can't that we are being sued we would notify the city insurance. And the entrance but then find an attorney. And that attorney you know would discuss what the City Council you know who's gonna run this case and at the end if they send more we're gonna have insurance if the interest determine when you don't want to. Take over and arrange debt settlement. And the city attorney at that point is. Completely out of balloon Rick auto. I don't. Chemist for an thank you for calling. 5767798. Chuck. In Kansas City hello chuck. I don't have a friend. I love I just want to tell you there's a lot of these men at LT bucket of Indian church or is it not only have a 250. Oh. And so loud sounds like it handled the first two are picking themselves but then. After that it just like your first you're last colors he's been I tell you. They don't have it they you don't have any control. When you mean you don't have to eat like the insurance companies totally in charge. I I I think it might be fair what we're talking it's their money. You pay. For example Dana. Let's say your son causes a car accident yeah okay he's in short right yes okay. That they sue you. The insurance companies stepped sent it is not for you to approve or disapprove. Of any settlement they may reach with the person your son hit. Then let me ask you this would you want to know as a taxpayer. That a police department has paid out. 35 settlements this year in the amount of 69. Million dollars. Which we don't know him I don't we don't know that they've done that you start to see my point who are we paying. And why we're paying the insurance company to take over but when you start talking about the victims of police action whether justified or unjustified. You don't think as a tax paying society. The taxpayers have any. Reasonable expectation to know. How often we are paying these cases out we are not paying them and if he goes to trial yes. If it does not and if it's a settlement amount that's unfair because then it police department will decide every single time. With the prosecutor's office. Also taxpayer funded that we are gonna take any of these to trial because it's better for the public to never know Wendy thinks that it. Conservatives are all. This is not ready. Consider scurrilous Issa or no public interest here I think there's an enormous public announcer our way to become somebody else's money now. It's not taxpayer money. It's insurance money. I think it's interesting that they paid this guy four point eight million dollars yes. Two or else you think it's interesting he decided to take the settlement and not go to trial yes. Not gonna take four point eight million dollars summit he's a bad guy like everyone says he is. He's not gonna play solid somebody's drinking at ten million affirmed a jury they would've known that if he's as bad as they say he has they would have known he would play horribly. In front of the jury scheduled a news or mirrors holster. Drama at the library more next. On tomorrow's morning news another KM BZ exclusive mayors like James joins us live in studio at 8 o'clock to talk about TCI and its future we'll take your calls your text and your questions on social media. So join us 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Mayors like James only on news 91 came easy. You know my husband had the chicken farm over. Pet Jesper is and I have less because they we were fighting over who got to take that to work for leftovers. I'd give Jesper called make your reservations now whether you have a date night. A girls night out like we did Saturday night actually took my husband some ago. Or. Karen day. 798 and your calls. I'm coming up after 5 o'clock. These. Students high school students in Iowa dumb as they are. Decided to go burn a cross dress up like they're in the K okay ten. Found how soon they were not on the football team anymore. And I will not come to their defense. As the 2007 seen at NAACP. Media. Award winner I am not come to their defense. The Huffington. Hosts several years ago. Two years ago. They Ayman read the headline and I'm not saying that the story we're talking about right now is police misconduct that's not what I'm saying. The headline reads we pay a shocking amount for police misconduct. And police want us to accept it we shouldn't. And then they go on to catalog if you well. Various cities payouts during a specific time. 36 million in Boston between 252015. Cut Chicago you wanna guests know all right god. 521. Million dollars. Between 2004. And 2014. They looked at Cleveland million dollars or they looked at Cleveland which paid out eight point two Dallas paid out six point six. Denver paid out twelve million in and opt for years. LA club Los Angeles. Gracious why don't. 101. Million. Dollars. Between 02 and 2011. There's media. Do you. 348. Million. Between 062011. It's five years I will post this. For all of you saying that this is an insurance company issue. I am going to vehemently disagree the insurance company may be. That you can not tell me that we're paying out the victims or otherwise. Hundreds of millions of dollars and the public has no interest in knowing that about it. And they are viewing them clearly I want you to respond to sharp. The cities you name out of course oral big cities. They're not gonna do you know Tupelo Mississippi or whatever now. But these are some of the most. Of them progressive. Inclusive. Of I am liberal role cities in America politics has nothing to do business how can their bees so much. Of a problem. With the police said the people that they've control. In these progressive. Gun free societies. Like Chicago you're deflecting our men I've been okay our. I'm pointing out the obvious. I think it is a distraction. To say. That the public has no right to know about this because the insurance company. Is the vehicle. Used to cut these checks and let me ask you this is well. Clearly in all of these cases the police cannot be at fault. I would agree with that okay. Why doesn't a city take these people into court. And just say you know what we're what we're not going to be just a journalist have been and say let's look at the facts of this case and we. What are the odds if you will all that we're gonna put this in front of the jury and the jury is going to side with the quality 120 is the facts backed up. Europe innocent or you have done nothing wrong then why wouldn't you take it to a jury. Yes they're right carry answered your question what are your question is enough. A Scott didn't you once have someone that was gonna take you to court and were you advised to just let it go no I was not. I thought you were advised not to go to our eyes not to take you to court you. No we were not we countersued her. We blogger and I owned a right rental property. On the east side of downtown. She claimed that she and her children and I won't name her she even did a new story about it channel five and over there like this is terrible landlords insurer can bomb the landlord was may. What we did was we had the house surveyed for malt. That's what she claimed was making her and her children sick right. The survey came back no Molder in the house none tank. She sued us regardless. We of course had insurance our insurance company. Pop gave us an attorney and we countersued her and she dropped the lawsuit a grant that was it. So rod no there was no settlement there was no talk of a settlement. We are sworn you were told months ago since they give you can say you know the blues you could go to he or he didn't look he did tell us you put this in front of the jury ride with her kid who is sick. OK there was no doubt about the fact that her kid was sick. But he said you can put this before a jury. And we may lose. And I want you to be aware of that now granted we have that the property owner and l.'s season we were gonna lose our personal property. He says or we can counter sue her. And see if she really wants to take this to want that you still had to pay for an attorney no because you did not know okay. And so brother and I are sitting in this law office in Overland Park and I said countersued. We are innocent we've done nothing wrong we countersued she dropped the case. I was OK and and the deal for her to drop was that we were dropped a countersuit. It was a. But we knew we were right that you are a private. Citizen. It is different when you're dealing with the public agency I just don't feel like these should be kept. In the dark TrueCrypt don't you wanna know how much they pay out any given calendar year and wild day. I think what they do is they end up paying out. Because it's easier just to pay this guy four point eight million. Than it is to go to court. And where you're taking a chance on a jury a jury is a crash or do you know you could hit. You know in your case you could be in front of a jury. With a couple landlords. On the jury yeah that are like this got to do anything wrong there's no way or modifying their find you know in favor her. You can be on the jury with prayer for Dana right sewer like our landlord. And a zero. You damn landlords. Want the journal does it does need alarm ever get. Iraq and her mother grabs my neighbor's yeah I. Know. To me. So how many times when you go as a police force were it not just. A cop and there's no gap as the Kansas City. Police department ordered new name and rod date and a zero right. Or you know somebody's sitting there on a jury. Going oh he's suing the state Schulberg writing Kansas deathbed that guy's a jerk Seattle round. If you put. Heat man has been shot Tony times on the stand. As zero you cannot bring 80 the fact that you think he's a bad human being well sure you can. You can bring up the facts of the case before you can't say when did you also know he Angola's motherless your own Mother's Day. You can't bring all that stuff videotape and then they go and judge Schumer and the judge goes when Arnold says the man who watches law and order a lit up. How important is it it. Like jury to disregard that last name are we all heard it or remember it. Holidays and I'll just regarding your. Do remember he killed his mother objection everything. A jury to disregard the lesson taught you know his daughter. And a. You pretty sure he can't be that paper that. I juries don't pay any attention and that's not a puppy. Checks and. I'm in their way. To get that stuff well then thank you. Thank you counselor you're welcome. Why are reporters are risking life threatening winds and floods to cover her. I'll say it. Don't say it. Can I say something that I thought was kind of funny over the weekend even though and this is funny and I know it's not funny but I have to say it. CNN. Putts and 86 pound. Woman. Out into the storm. As it approached. She. Younger Asian woman Scott I'm sure use our reporting on the hand kind of she could not maintain. Yeah vertical position because. She was 86 pounds something wet and she was something what. And I said to my husband regularly you know all this is gonna come across as like a horribly sexist thing to say and I don't mean for it to be. But if you're assumed so went out to stand outside. Because because a couple of V correspondents were on fourth floor balconies. What should look like the broad Babcock outside you know. Someone that can just you know play those two feet on the fact can't. I'll just eight home are okay and follow me here taller broader earned fatter human being. The big drag know even though it does every bad check. Out I usually go pro I can't speak only. If you're not in excess of water should not a sudden you're not an excellent recruiter indeed found this shouldn't. Not only did he say UH yes no I blew. Are carefully your Jersey well Graham marsh I agree legends that's. I'm sure blowing over marketed. Something's wrong with you is there there is. All I'm saying is if if it was me. I would wanna be the one on a fourth floor balcony so that I did not get blown over looking like an idiot while I was doing my job. Even like kids said to be why he's standing out there well and I did not have any answer what that. Analysts say no either stand out there and GO Britain and whatever his name is. Was literally like tied to a company now. Gap that June and you don't from a plane Bermudez from a UK Rivera's name is. My hands yet GO benders there was tied do like. Concrete barrier because he was gonna blow away if he was there and look beyond like this this. Don't remember I rod let's be honest and and not this is what I can't figure out about the media. There are and I have pictures in front of me right now. Other reporters put aside the talk here about one yes a reporter who can barely stand up in the win and he was trying to get a stealthy and yet held some kind of ride ever in the measure everybody who would be would in their broadcast. Purview. If you will doesn't have power. They don't have the bill. To get television much less cable television. I think that's a fair point that don't care so they're only broadcasting to people like icing Kansas City. Who were enjoying a very beautiful anymore I agree no clouds in the skies sunny today. Courses are so slow and that is so what is the point. Of you giving out in the street or standing by the doc getting blown away by the wind here's what it is. It's selfishness. It's you one thing that tape so that you can get a better game. It's you wanting to say years later I'd worry if the winds of hurricane arm out I would have wanted to. I miss Katrina. Think I was actually grabbed I don't understand. You've you've talked about cats and his verb Porter and answer whatever news. Anchor blue jewelry wilderness and you get out and and and data and here in our newsroom like our. Downed Arizona law say yeah. I'm worried that I'm not far enough. It might cloud up here yeah. We may get a straight cloud of gas is on the broadcast not accept that. I can't either. So why there's so rod explain to me. You have reporters who were standing out in this rain and wind we're clearly Chris Cuomo from CNN. Was standing on the balcony of his very nice Forestar owns well. And didn't move from an until the eyeball came over Naples. Then he went down the street then went right back up to that the balcony that is a seasoned veteran reporter. He's not stupid pride so why use standing up there in the rain broadcasting to people who do not have power. Do not have cable who cannot. Hear or is coming out of your. For the loved ones of those people in California or Arizona are Montana. Who are curious. Is my husband's beach house still safe or am I you're gonna prove that to me by standing up. Street I'd get more over I will tell you this all joking aside there was one moment with that little 86 pound Asian woman standing there as she was blown over. That a stop sign a full on stop sign and I. How did you see it and slam next George is out there does not sign. I said to my kids that don't could have been our heads up you don't think much about a stop sign right BC 101000 of my everyday if one of those. He hits you in the head. You will die. They're heavy. I've never lifted a stop sign OK but it's like a big pole there about big heavy semifinal. It lacks instead it's gonna hurt he had the deal line a hundred miles an hour out of the ground with over her hey William they probably could decapitated that here's an intentional thing easiest. If you are standing on a side in and. Game of the oath sir if you are standing on a sidewalk. In a hurricane. Because you've got to get that shot because you're in the news media and the next person. The next person who calls the news media courageous or brave I'm kick queuing or not it's. They're not brave they're not courageous they're stupid. Well the embedded reporters overseas on the go a phrase that I'm not talking about them and you're ducking gunfire. In Syria agreed okay absolutely. Don't even James Foley is not George are you standing on the dock at Tampa Bay. Because you've got to show the world. And by the way Tampa is completely without power so they can't seal werder slam. But you got to show everybody else who's Hiatt guy how bad it is if you get hit by a stop sign you do zero. He would hit by a solidly with that. Because you're an idiot that's second offensive thing you sentiment I really don't care. I just don't care. I do not understand why reporters think that they have to go stay on the out on the sidewalk in the middle of hurricane which by the way rod and Dana they're telling everybody else. Pure pop through storm on you do inside what if the bad storm and sat and you act an idiot let's stop sign or. Got my problem too juicy this story by the way. Over the weekend that birds. Were flying. It where. What hateful. Acts in the air yeah. This. They work. Just like guys to do it no one listens to me well look at our because they're. You are and and. OK look that good. The news.