Kansas City firefighter wins lawsuit after alleging race discrimination

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, October 20th

Tarshish Jones was awarded $356,694.00 in a lawsuit against the city.


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That I was on the newsroom coming for no reason at all eighteen theme song and 1980. Which. Was led from the he's still. But I don't have to prove. It is. The current. I love when. Plan comes together. Dirt here and I yeah. Funny don't want your guys hey it's a wolf on Friday and harvest Friday were gonna have quite a legacy Al Beardsley to venture what is it with you and this year it is hopeful. Why isn't awful it's festive it looks like it was very dapper wolf thank you very much she just wanted a program and it looks like it core. I'm not one. Scott I always says is not to go slower it a lot of trees so that didn't take long to come back. I know that's what I was saying don't don't make a big deal latter I leave any urgency that's right what did you do with care. From what I understand she had a doctor appointment with the kid goes after small sweet last year I am and there you are richer tablecloth at. Yeah just a hanger on net. Get off the bandwagon here like it's aloha Friday people you're like it's gonna get the memo you're like a good rash you know what it but I like that keeps coming back it is nice holiday mart. Weekend it's what we it is. Beach Boys weekend it is Kate you in all week have you discs. Is a banner weekend in Kansas Speedway marathon all where we are seeing a lot critical mass I can't wait. It's here you know want to take the drive. You can't get anywhere quickly. In the hours and hours yes speaking of marathons is this like going to spark an eighteen marathon for you this weekend parks brought if I had like. Seasons one and two of the age he would you come over watch it. Aperture. Is going on with you in my beyond Netflix I know how government has called Netflix and chill. I would consider at the computer revenue Yzerman up north has children. That is code doomed to noon and two and doom doom. And camaraderie on two disease. Okay. Have you decided are you going to the Beach Boys are not know what went to note as Chris has an event. Can primary rubies was with you. I'll go you want to Beach Boys you buy into medlock who does a 160 bucks both for cities. Oh I I am I'm a very good driver again his Europe the buyer he'd drive so that's how that happens do let me here's what do you guys drive. Tennessee he and let's Tennessee. Letzing. How much there. For good seats this time I'm at concerts enough. You'll really all there's not a bad seat in the middle putting politics that's that is true that actually at London's Frentzen has sat in the balcony. Bill and in that topic about in the and so I see him. And she said yeah yeah I don't know rod drive she buys you didn't offer. And you're out I was the first you're out and that's that I go with the if you're buying. Let me look into where I venture to try to be ready to go out closely together. Wear that shirt you'll be asked to leave. Actually that isn't worth I serve like fair writer and write a radical front. I was walking honestly I'm with the oh yeah keyword caches read. And I got to get better about this tunnel Ari AG read text that in the 72881. Reads seven situated one. And then Scott forgot to read the keyword to cash yeah yeah. It tied at and to make it useful for the listener. What are the tickets c'mon. 1254. Marginally. Good seats. We know Brian Wilson for a buck 45 now. I'm reality we found out he's not going to be there. So what's more of nostalgic tour yes yeah like the fake Steve Perry. Yeah all band members of their but steeper up Filipino guys lost. States like four I walked out of journey with fake Steve Perry did you now yes I did. Did you not know of course I knew which he says he sounds like some sort of Steve Buyer may and he. It's around like little Filipino we. Simmered down I don't I mean even on face these like jump up on the speakers Mike pound now. And a former C opening band so that's what you went yes yes. When bird like work. Yes. So you're out. He can you can catch the act KUMU game by the way it is now going to be on paper view wide stream. That won't cost you forty dollars of all that money going to tear to my question. Is yes forty dollars to straighten it. Why can't they put it down in power and light and pay like a heightened price for its of people come watch outside. And then set up a little pins and you put your money and donate and a hurricane relief and Lee yeah it would be a great idea to do that suggested. Donation five bucks each person I don't think I am trying to run is going to the Houston Harvey relief on the rebuild Texas on the Florida disaster fund. June Joe's wife who need those four pork pork regal way what does that I don't know hole and those heat o'neals spoiled port don't recall. Couple hours we'll see you know needles. Hey speaking Spanish guess I spent the morning. So I'm drones on us. All it does and guess what she went and got done today and I went with that are easily. Then I got her eyebrows put on both now. So listen to this story she said her whole life and you're not head spewed I had that they can walk and rival and Ryder Dodd. Will scared and run our I hate. Pitches. It hurt you not. But anyway I takes yardage you had anesthetic. Not building on it. I take her with me and her entire life she's been canceling in her brows Michigan born after she has spent her entire costs. She's been canceling it grabs OK so that's both are. Imus show after she got her her ink on her face looked much better job. So she said she just went with the kids and after applying her why are all day it would start to streaked off her face into the global. What that big her late mother always said to her. Was please go get your eyebrows that it. So we did today aren't you just have your normal eyebrows and just walk him that's quite some motherly advice please do your eyebrows plucked it plot. It gets to the point where they don't grow back. But here's what I will tell you for your Friday laugh if you Google that eyebrow chrome it's awful that I hadn't never laughed so hard my life. You will come up with the most hilarious. Photos. Look at this only gusting and it's so funny look at this girl. Distraught at the Nike sweaters and I need some of them are so. Bad. Look at that this is the the worst ones isn't these puzzled let Tina. Permanently puzzle the worst I've gross loans popular artists and the relief try and they draw them and they just drop it anyway. I human -- are now calling her she's or wired you let me call her is she's very excited I don't which was to share her thoughts on this but the world you just do I now I can do you cannot call. But she'd give me the phone. She's an answer she knows that and number. To me. Just ask her. Me. Anglican of the cracks Greenland in a phone in his fifth. Do 200 phone that could screen already at a mine for. Six years as the Enron does that suit bullets and it's your eyebrows tattooed use silently start judging other people. When they're talking to you instead of looking at your eyes and I look up down Accenture and value surge idea my outlook is sunny. It's more. Should. So here tend to freeze antsy. Answer well. She gets a boost to listen to voice and we're proud to dozens and it. The bank of labor you're calling it important to me completely be your name and your number and what race I decide how he got away from the bank contract. We want mine and we bought a bit of logic and needs and wondering does a lot of people who Roush. So we can record your message when you're finished recording even came up or cracked one or more options. And hi this is caves he radio calling for center. Leave us. Can you girls between you Freeman. And just want to talk to you about your tattooed. And it's delightful morning with friends getting together stated okay. Writer that's the next day. With the lingo. No you are not am Brooke Brooke I am urban B roll me is Jimmie what futures. Gergen I am yeah. And week. I'm you are urban and big city. Because you've got your eyebrows tattooed on your fan base attitude. You know anyone else that got their face statute that's that's 816 tear drop to kill somebody which. Means by the way did you kill. You know. The bands of its outlined are filled what it. If you kill spill. Something yet you get a tattoo after your dead at somebody killed. A I was wondering why you're wearing your pants action. Exactly. I. Polls here look around the yard already. Leaves are falling but where are they falling yes of course are following in the yard but they're also calling on your roof and worse yet into your daughter. 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And that's also your skewered cash. At 5 o'clock today by 767798. Those of you asking yes we will be at 54 street grill and bar. In independence week from today. So next Friday weren't the independents had to force for grown bark from two until six top Kamensky good friend of the program Tom the magician. Will be joining us who get there about three. Says yes resort six but is gonna try to say it will pass 5 o'clock so you can make it out we would law. To spend Friday afternoon with you. A story here from star. An African American firefighter with Kansas City, Missouri fire department. Has been awarded 357000. Dollars. In compensatory damages following a race discrimination lawsuit against the city. Harsh edge Jones who was a driver of fire truck. Claim the department uses discriminate or discriminatory practices. In determining who is promoted. When the suit was filed in 2015. Jones had been employed by the department for seventeen years. I had been eligible for the rank of captain for twelve of them. He took the captain's test five times. He scored high on objective testing but was marked down in his verbal testing. Because he is African American according to the lawsuit. Keep break because other guys took this test had not been there as long escort portly on that exam. And today were promoted. Am I read that. And I it I don't know how you lottery that. Might reach that mark down in verbal testing because he sounded black. I don't know is that what they're trying to say don't now. I'm not saying that I'd be but you've heard the term. People used it according to the lawsuit similarly situated. Caucasian officers of less experience and seniority. And lower scores on the written test. Received promotions to captain. And or were promote. Jones sued for discrimination in two of the years he applied for a captain's position in 2012 and 2014. The jury agreed he was discriminated against in those two years our start in 2012 but not when he fourteen. In 2014 case they decided to not award punitive damages which means he could have received well over half a million. I'm quoting here. From his attorney Lynne rancher. The city employees are diverse except for the fire department I think there is systemic waste discriminate. Listen to this those of you who work in the fire department now tell me if this is true. There is systemic race discrimination in the fire department when it comes to promotion. They are doing nothing. To make sure that African Americans. Have a fair shake. Jones still has not been promoted yet don't sat. Still as they usually don't promote when you follow lawsuits. There a noisy really clicked. So well all wrote and said well maybe the other guys spoke more articulately. Answer me this do you care when you're having a heart attack. And that firefighters shows up to save your ice. Whether or not he speaks as articulately. Is the guy next to it. Even if that's the case and I don't believe that it is do you care what your house is burning down. And that's firefighter runs in to save your children yourself your pets do you honestly care how they scored. Lee in an exam. Because I don't god save my kids. Do the chest compression is correctly. I don't care let me ask you this outside. The fire department. Do you risk promotion. If you don't speak. But we're assuming that that's the case your and that others because I don't know that necessarily that's what is lawyers claim well his law say it again the way it's worded it. V. It says here when the suit was filed in 2015. And this is not quote but I will get to the quarters second. Jones had been employed by the department for seventeen years had been eligible for captain for twelve of those years. He took the captain's test five times. He scored high on objective testing which is is say the written test or you know the physical test. But quote was marked down in his verbal testing. Because he is African American. Maybe I don't read that right. When I read that is he sounded block. Okay. 5767798. People are saying to captains don't run in and fight fires while I write notes to people actually who were just promoted to captain. And you'd bet your you know one. They were fighting fires in fact one of them was there that night that mr. Lazio mr. messer were killed. If you are a captain you didn't walk in the door off the street and say make me captain. Those guys have spent years fighting fires and saving lives before they attain that rank. 5767798. I guess the questions are too fault. From those of you in the fire department or in a fire department. Is there a systemic. Discrimination. Those of you who do not work in a fire department working in corporate America. Is it harder to get promoted if you quote and this is just the way I read it sound black. 5767798. To the newsroom and will steer. The all clear adding metro high school more next. Writer for CMOs and son animal in its own eyes at this weekend but you know winners common ice snow ice storms. Calls CMOs and so on now if you've ever even thought about getting a generator to make sure your powers fired up and run and when a storm rolls through its what they do it's CMOs generators they will sell service and supply. York top of the lines in Iraq homestand by generator consultation spree that come out measure house figure out exactly. What size Unita. And in the come out with a generator and make sure it's up and running perfectly and then when a storm rolls through all of your neighbors might be sitting in the dark but you won't. No because he'll have a generator called it good guys at CMOs and son now 8167814707. As the number. 8167 at 14707. Or CMOs. And sun dot. Com. Just past 230 in Kansas City I'm will starent a brief lockdown a park hill high school is over. Police were investigating a note threatening violence at the school today and the student believed to be behind daddy is now on sheriff's custody. School leaders and everybody is State's few extra police on hand today. The next simply settle warning from people especially around ATMs. Police say thieves are following folks after the make a withdrawal or cash check in a bank. Investigators say with a victim makes another stop suspect breaks into the car steals the money. Police also reminding people don't leave cash or valuables behind in your car. The White House is defending the president's chief of staff after he mischaracterized the remarks of a democratic congresswoman who criticize the president's condolence call. To the win over green beret killed in the share. John Kelly criticized representative Frederica Wilson of Florida as a quote empty barrel. 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Oh low low this this Travis no I would not be Dana's assistant. You're listened to the NM parks. Partly cloudy breezy and mild weather in the forecast across our area for the rest of today that south wing ticket and a gas 120 miles per hour high temperature warm. Upper seventies. Illustrate thunderstorm may pop up for the overnight hours her right general at the better chances for rain. Mitt and Saturday afternoon into Saturday night with a potent front coming through some of the storms BC may reach severe limits amicus decent that your rainfall. The overnight low low sixties Saturdays high 75. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more KN BC weather. 73 downtown 74 grand views 74 as well at your official weather station. I'm will stare stay connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KMB easy dot com. Google them all. Rooms and hello all. It is the thing. Look at Seattle. The great George street. I'll be 767798. This. Firefighter in Kansas City. Bin with the department for seventeen years. And passed over for a promotion to captain. For twelve of those seven to even though his score high on the written test. His name is Starr she wished Jones. I was just awarded 357000. Dollars. In a race discrimination lawsuit against the city as attorney says he scored very high and objective testing I'm to read that model I don't speak firefighter. I agreed that the written test and northern written and the physical tests. But was marked down in his verbal testing this is a quote mark down in his verbal testing. Because he is African American I read bat. As the attorneys saying he sounds. Or they perceived him to. And that's just a possibility we don't know that was a visual equipment attacks like maybe it's not his speech purse say. But maybe he's book Smart. And just isn't that good with interaction and a captain would need to be good with that. Like at doctors it's a jerk vs one that has really good bedside manner to be a great doctor but isn't good with communication skills that this is why that dots just operate in the attacks and Samir removed from the tax. He was marked down in his verbal testing because he is African American to follow that line of thinking. One would have to believe that African Americans or black people. Are not good at one on one communication are not through giving orders rank or whatever that Texas not withstand. That the fact that he says mark down in his verbal testing. Because he is African American the only way to read that I would argue is because the attorney. Where this firefighter is arguing he sounds blocked a bad. It's go to the phones Letitia in Lee's summit hello I. I. You don't want him being in doing that thank you guys and I have to come to the conclusion and it don't mean years. And the sixty year old woman the hell that dramatic and it's been about not only. Well with the federal government and within our good industry. We really need to wake up and see what will take a demand. Regardless of color for seventeen years to work. Anywhere and not expect April should. Mention that it. Outlandish Kelly. If the outlandish to me. Have you is that Lindsay what let me ask you this is a little. Lee absolutely. Apps but apps and being trapped in. Heck co worker and it actually just left the government decided to do some mail on on and education. At every saying. They are to be promoted. In their career. I've been. Here and. If there and I no reason to doubt anything you're saying Letitia but when you are passed up for promotion. How are you hold. Do they mask it in your opinion under some other guys or are you just flat out told. You're not being promoted because with teaching you I'm assuming your black. Are you told your not being promoted because your blocked. What. Oh they're not gonna right there because then. You're not going to be union are vacant alternative you. Concussion. Outright but it really depends upon industry day hearing. And it's how long. Which you wanna put up with and it looks like the young man at the outing with the court and he'd bring attention to what what went on in the our department outlook but you are you're right that mall. What are your country. Had probably had noted there that he didn't hear a lot do you think that he had to walk party or even better consideration. Yeah I'll get away as medical question would teach you how do you read this sentence. Since you said you you are black. Yeah he's scored higher on objective testing but was quote marked down. In his verbal testing. Because he is African American how do you read. Maybe he wasn't exactly the way they expect him to play. At home. Or on nature and is. It that they yeah. Be it could be anything what do. You were. OK Elizabeth that's good call but I have got to read this. On Frick and believable. My ex husband has been with Kansas city fire 22. Years he cannot pass the captain's test. It is very. Hard. She writes he's the opposite he doesn't do as well taking the written but is tightly well spoken it takes a combination. Of scoring high on both in order to pass the captain's test. And she says there are tons. Of black captains and chiefs on the Kansas city fire. Aren't that's not necessarily true. According to this story when receiver to find the numbers period of 199. Captains. Fifteen or black or seven point 5%. Off 28 battalion chiefs three. All of the eight deputy chiefs won. Is black and he was promoted after the lawsuit was filed in 2015. Prior to that there had been no. Black deputy chiefs in seventeen years. Two. That's one thing I'll say the police department seems to do very well. They seem to hire retain and promote. Minority candidates. And I don't know about the fire department those numbers outlook enemy. Are they in public safety I don't know and here's the question Scott if you compare our city to a city like Minneapolis or. Well I don't know Austin, Texas and. Are the numbers similar the one thing I don't wanna get into and we've had this discussion and argument before Biden called an argument loosely. Is somebody is is is bound to point out today well. Only. 15%. Of the fire department itself. Is blocked in a city where the black population is actually 30%. So but I hate this argument and you would say you don't are you agree that's a problem I don't know that much slower than the overall population no I don't and here's why. Com EE if if a department whether it be police or fire or whatever. Is require you're okay to mimic or mirror mirrors about were mirror. It's racial. Make up. Based on the number of people in that city that are white black Asian Hispanic whatever. Then we would federal we have one black cop. And Roland park generally have one black cop but those officers don't live in the city they serve. That's different in Kansas City, Missouri. You have to live in Kansas City, Missouri so your argument. Is flawed with all due respect not flaunt it is because Italy would an Overland Park and only state draw those candidates from all over. Various cities not just at the city in which is her and so a city like we would which has a black population of less than 3%. Should they have to have a black police department population if I may use it was. Of 1112%. Because that's the national average. You would hope it would be higher than three what I'm saying is it doesn't necessarily reflect. The community percentage because those officers don't necessarily have to witness it but that's gonna point. So so you leave wood has a black population of 2% which it does okay. Should Lee woods police department have. Thirteen 1213%. Of its officers New. York police force should mirror the city user. And then we would black police population should be about 2%. Now if you're gonna make the argument is should be higher and it should be set to the national standards. I'm willing to hear that argument but then in the reverse you can't fault Kansas City Missouri's fire department. Even though the city has a black population of 30% from having black firefighter population and I use that term loosely a 15%. What works in one way has to work in the other if we're going to be fair. Go to carry. You carrier you're in Lansing. No way you see any I carry. I don't I don't wanna get attacked attacked and yeah. It took about. I would turn around or emergency urban job. And that's why you end. Time I have lit up by Halard. And locked out on the verbal part of that and I you know and when they call me why you know like that and you need some people that are. Batch reactor that people are great worker aren't you and other people are the reactors and I think. You know I I think if that read them that. You know it a lot. You know that in. You know what what it would actually light it up it can't really say that in America that. It return here. His attorney it. So are his attorney is arguing on several levels that he was not promoted. Because he was black but the primary argument seems to be that on the oral test. He was passed over and marked down which is to say not given the credit the lawyer thought he was deserved. Because he is African American on the oral test. He and Jack that I I. Happen by Caucasian woman had been their market you're. I looked at over and I. It and I can't be. And you know as but that may not good but are determined to China. Why electorate. You know I think there but my iron at some time the market rate but in the end I wonder. Like mine. I think of it it's yours thank you very much Simon. 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I have in my house I haven't on my body eyewear every single day they retooled my grandmother's ring that I where every single day my earrings. 9136609609. Not 136609609. Were kriegel messed diamonds dot com. Cowboys. Irritated parks by 767798. Of the news in here in just a moment as you just heard will be institute for street grill and bar in independence one week from today. Be honored and privileged spend your Friday afternoon with you. I'm mark in Oklahoma City hello Martin. They know has got. I wanna comment on that quickly to give you a quick resonate so what paramedic many years down city out of there are that that the I can't personally. Went through the process. Interviewing and casting. For the fire department. In that that county. And was denied. Getting ought to the fire department I went to paramedic school with a couple guys that work. African American stature and actually were chosen over me. You get on the part part. So at school they want to in that slip on their mayors. However. On the individuals that are in it captain's role. And I tested for lieutenant positions X setter and individuals are usually. Someone that is on scene and has a very strategic nature with getting folks and injured individuals and or other fire trucks and ambulances. In place for mass casualty incidents X that are. So they have to be very articulate. Very strategic and really cannot have any flies in the air ability to communicate what's so. They're the on scene commander. Correct so. You know one could argue okay if someone with a list and that is. You know perhaps Latino that they do and say hey I looked over because you know had a list and I couldn't effectively orally communicate better. So there's a bunch of different roads that one can take with this. And racist just the typical cart. So. That's my opinion ticket for what it's worth but I bet on the other side of it I know what it's like and for people to make. In subsequent assumptions that hey. It's a race situation. It's not it comes down to strategic communication. Period. Agree disagree. I I don't know I don't know what this man sounds like I understand what you're saying Marten Emma and I certainly. Point think well yes I can't say I can relate. Not in in in the lifesaving kind of roles that you were firefighters player whatever. But if somebody had a list for example. I don't know that they would be allowed to host a talk show. If somebody. Was let's say Borg in. Let's American born Puerto Rico. This Puerto Ricans are Americans and you know. But English is their second language. Are they going to get a job as they talk radio host on KM BZ and even though they spoke fluent English. But they had a distinct. Hispanic accent. And I think the answer would be no. But then again are you not technically discriminating against them. Because of the way that they sound if somebody. Everything about how it works is if if if somebody. Did not have a very good education and was not well spoken. But was street super Smart. Would they get a job as they talk radio host and I would bet the answer is now. Well let's talk about education with the fire department and the immature quickly so as as a fireman. One has become an ENT. So through that process signature course and they can choose to be a paramedic or Mubarak. You know and become an arson and get various degrees so. The idea. Colombian firemen and saying that only 15% in the Kansas City area are. You know. African American Heritage then one can argue okay. Are they not. Educating themselves enough to pass the test. Necessary to become. A fireman. Now on the flip side of that with the police department. I don't believe that testing is the stringent when it comes to understanding. You know hemorrhagic shock record agent chuck vs someone that you know. No attention Glock but at the point being is that there is a lot of very intensive education that goes along with leniently there. As as there should be at and here's another thing that that isn't being discussed yet and and I'll bring it up in the waning moments of this topic this hour. Is it possible that yes we live in a city proper. Where 30% of the population is black but 30% of the people who apply or not. And especially when you look at the police department and you recognized in this country at the moment sadly the strained relations. Between. The police departments in America. And some within the black community. Are blocked people just not applying and and therefore I think it's it's sort of unfair. To look at maybe that the ranks of the Kansas City, Missouri police department for example. And always going to tell you what we we could always do better we need to work on earth outreach a little bit better that's what they're supposed to say. But what they don't tell you is we have a strained relationship. For whatever reason. With certain. Members of the black community. And while the city's 30% black the city proper is 30% black. Our applicants Q about 8515. At best. And what is the police department to do is their responsibility. To rush out to the black communities of Kansas City and just say. Roger we don't care we watch. And then. Well I understand what you're saying but there are so many disqualification. In life. Can be public safety. And it it can be you were cut smoking marijuana when you're eighteen or as positive as on a drug test. There and is it just me or is this discussion something that might jeopardize. Your 2017. NAACP. Diversity in media Howard I would go that. That's please. Earned it to the news German will start happening now on KM BZ the fight continues with the White House. More next. 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