Jurassic World- in 20 seconds.

Dana & Parks
Monday, June 25th
SAVE ME!!!!!

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Do you want me to just run down that movie in my twenty seconds for yes okay there's dinosaurs and they like it's starting be able. And then hello injures Chris Pratt it's not true. Where no actual well I don't know what is built and I don't care that match like candies and nobody is building a house so he gets in the guard. I don't say now is gonna go out Chris Pratt and then there's more dinosaurs and they keep beating people anchors spreads like a thousand UK say they. This is a lot of saving a lot of people leading you know a lot of saving. And then there's a mansion and I'm like wallpaper that all. There's a little. Stop worrying and then there's Chris brown and saving more people. Hold long for accurate actually yeah it's yeah.