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Tuesday, June 19th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. Like a freaking many tornado going on in the triangle right now. Did you catch the weird word in there. Many torn yeah yeah. Yeah there is a freaking many tornados. I went I went straight up Dana. I just like yeah I was I was in the car and suddenly. Like I was channeling Dana right and I was like oh my god I'm gonna die in the car. And government a photo NY don't have cars have found in the car erratic I'm in the cargo Mallon on it yet only figured we'd be able I don't I don't want to have a land near to then you would know where I was from and and you call. But not admitted that. He's gonna die terrified. C it's it's funny because Jules. Flirt with and mock death every single day. As somebody who had a heart attack and still is chow down and double quarter pounders and all sorts of horrible and healthy stuff. But you get in a race or. I mini tornado. Levels a mini tornado wounds it was. It seemed like a tornado it was tornado like. It's it was tornado compatible small. A midget tornado yes. I think they're probably one. And a tornado OK but it seemed like a tornado it was. Very tornado compatible. It what I experienced was very tornado compatible. I don't know me and I got scared McCain pretend yeah. Hideaway there are about 11100 powered through the what rod describes. This injury and I. I know it was one of those things I drive a posters you know my car is a box. And like I was literally being pushed it into the next lane. Yeah. I left you know in her area anyways and that was when I left in the and they just kept getting worse and worse than increasing vacancy. And we in my car is just being pushed by the wind in the next lane with me. Doing anything. Else. It really is what it is it's your fine with the heart attack and it's of because that's by your world and you don't want to be canceled out by dot. Or something else yeah well I guess like that scares you not be in control of your own fate. Win win when it comes to like a tornado or some sort of act of Masur is not terror I don't think I'm gonna die it's a horror. An art. Movement in the overwhelmingly. It was that that won't linger like if you get hurt you know like the morals over ten days you know our helmet on yet but I wouldn't be in the hospital for today yeah it was a bit of it might have been if Ohio and at this point 01 EF I believe is correct. Goes. But it at that aren't a viewer bosses Texas races rods right I was in it. How hot. Somebody was it a mini tornado respond well some sort of trip but it reached the top of the trees is how we defining many. And then somebody else writes in seventy to 82. I rot is not exaggerating it was about 130 years so it got really bad I was in the triangle. And I could not see. I had to pull over several times. Dude we'll see if it was a tornado or not. I really don't think it was a tornado but it it just. By gazette out of nowhere it got really bad and I could not see and the wind was awful. And yet her progress and I had to bounce there she's. Rings and I coach settle myself now if accurate that's good for the heart that there's there's. Again he doesn't care what he does them to heart attack at 42. In all fairness. I know it doesn't seem like it but I have. Taking care of myself my cholesterol he's not my cholesterol I don't know why my cholesterol is gone from 309 before. What career night from 300. Down a little painful that it really it has asked him to get that you know it went from 300 down to nine before I should Kalus colossal. 300 people in and you'd opt out. There's areas out of ports from and let's hope I can go well it's. Hard yeah. What is hand hey batter in the arteries. You read between 20239. Is considered borderline high. And Europe 300 I was at 300. And comment nine before and I'll never forgot Beckel. Have a thought there all. That's of those weird things and here's it's risen like that my first thought was our crap I'll ask our own argument nor. These. Obviously you. I you don't care as first thought wasn't like I need to get hospitals see rod moment for about as a piece of you never even went to the hospital to see. At the hospital. The Africans don't like it when you combine to visit him near death to Sarah I don't think heated. At a treatment you really don't like people admits that he didn't put us so. It was with the tickets away. Now remember one point Iowa governor Johnson. Kyl member confident Jonathan and Tyler stand in there with me. Other hello how long have you been there. Watch in stunned there was a dining Terry Colton who had a triglycerides reading of 300165. That's the highest. Yet when he went times normal level. Furcal or. That's what the Guinness is against the world's record being pissed I. Did and did not attack so I'm going to be that. Just get the Crisco in this arranged. Dates some races I have a big F 250 truck. I was in the triangle I thought I was going to be blown all wrote. See there. Wasn't just me. You but I did go straight up there are married tedious day. PT 58 tiny storm disorder. All that's part of. Okay. Story here. Pain national. Can't find anywhere and by the way Billy Idol on a Tuesday throwback to the news. Netflix. Has wrote her this on their show this morning. Nicky was renews Netflix. Has reportedly banned workers. From looking at each other for more than five seconds as part of its new anti harassment rule. And everybody yeah. Netflix. Has banned workers from looking at each other for more than five seconds. As part of its new anti harassment rules. The policy also bans the company's film crews from asking their colleagues for their phone numbers. Quoting here. Senior staff this is according to an on set runner out senior staff went to harassment meaning to learn what is and what is not appropriate. Looking at anyone more than five seconds is now considered creepy. You must. Also. Not ask for someone's phone number unless they have given permission. For it to be distributed. Other new rules include. And I quote. Don't give lingering hugs or touch anyone for a lengthy period of time. Don't ask out a colleague more than once if they have said no the first time in steer clear of a colleague once they have said they are not interested in years who. And don't flirt. So this is. This is not an onion thing notices this is real how they know it's been five seconds is there are some kind of stop watch involved in. Or or if you look at some league east certainly they have higher stare monitor and let me ask you this. Really. 76779. This is how ridiculous. The story in the Wall Street Journal. The guys from Pixar I read this when I was down to outlast and yet John Lasseter and entry has talked about it I was out country time. I did see the story come over. The news. I was down in Turks and caicos. And John Lasseter who ran. Pixar was behind some of the biggest movies that you when your kids have ever seen. Was. Dismissed. Basically told take your talent somewhere else. And he's one of the most talented film developers in America. Not because he pulled a Bill Cosby or because he was doing. What's the stories. It points and Weinstein. But because he hugged employees to wall. Well what I heard was there was literally a move that they called the Lassiter move. Where is he hugs you he would slide his hands now. So day. Taught female employees at Pixar too late slider and down and break like a defense move for winning is talking like he was getting pretty grow. It's obviously not on the level Weinstein or cost the but it's still pretty bad I mean if they named it. The women can't be easy named a move you know the rod move or something like that we probably thinks so with rotten touching women. Troop would the man half a move that we have for a but the women. No bone weather says women are sick. But what is touching to rule or what is it like that's one of the rules that Netflix has is don't. Hard to linger lingering glee. If that's word. What does that mean is there a time limit on when a hug becomes friendly and when it becomes repeat yeah yeah. Here's I think it's it it if you feel breath on your neck I think that's one of the many Jason Campbell is with the you could NASA ready for the phone number Haas they had given person for to be given out how we saw how are you now yes it is due to his locker and ordered some. It's my phone number. It's okay ask. Don't I'll give you my look it up in the directory in ash asked HR four. That's a year on this. See this. We haven't said that the guy that likes the girl that works at the resume don't just gym and pay. Am on the office. With what's forgive than have you doing today I mean you know it to people and it allowed Thursday. I've 76779. 576779. Netflix new rule is that you cannot stare at an employee checked that look. At an employee for more than five seconds. If you do you are violating the harassment policy. At Netflix. So as I'm giving as I'm telling you this I was looking over into the newsroom. To make sure liquor was there she was better. I kept talking Kara I apologize I think I may have looked at you for six seconds had dunked on and I'm so cute nearest. When I was talking to mr. we're just a few minutes ago we are engaged in conversation. And I think I may have looked at him for a total of twenty seconds before I looked at traffic outside the win. I'm sorry see this is this is why and I guess and only look at me I'm not looking at you this is why as an early start making eye contact people people just. I had a social anxiety disorder it was that I knew that this was coming so I just knew never looked anybody in the face. And look at Bagram and mutter to myself a lot. Height 5767798. To the newsroom here is Caremark. United States pulling out of the UN's Human Rights Council mourn acts. If appropriate. Now god. 7677. And regardless. Probably would do it a minute rage in Gladstone all right. Ray hello. Ray wants. No. Break twice. Ol'. Rain different. Misfired. Maybe we shouldn't say his name government maybe that's waited one. In line with us are you there. The man. AA running kings will allow a run. Hey don't. On the alert and the temperature in years on. What they do that. The consumer. Is going Netflix the come. And something in Monaco will. And how they're dealing with you I. And putting it out there. You know. Make sure other people government between the break or were close. Intricate role there. Oh. A view to. All your anger unions you know liberty. Or whatever. Oh. It's a little weird to know that somebody stared at you for longer than five seconds. And bamboo. Well ownership mean they look at their line look at mechanism. Kind of like. County in their head or counting as a person site back. How does that make for very ten. Adoptive work environment if everybody is just counting while they're looking at each other not paying attention to what each other say and I think we all would be an agreement. That sexual harassment I can't believe I have to say this but just for the sake of the argument I will. Let's sexual harassment in the workplace is wrong. But at some point we have to draw a line and say this is now getting ridiculous. When Netflix says if you stare at someone or look at someone. For more than five seconds fewer than committing. Whole harassment. According to the company. Guidelines. This monitor that. It does it. It doesn't seem like it's a very good idea you are wise. For Netflix do this right because. If they're coming down so our insurer from their present them like look the harder we come down on this stuff the better we'd look so let's just come down with like crazy. Rules like Hazmat suits are next you know but they probably. It's gonna backfire because all I can think is how messed up. With pigs at Netflix. That they had to say there's a bisexual and looking at each other know. After that I reaching people do to these rules only apply to men. Ideas. But they're probably going to if if a woman looks at a manslaughter five seconds in your report today HR. Obviously not gonna take that as seriously as if there's a serial I racist on the in fifth floor. And I know you're being tongue in cheek. But I'd rapists. And I think you're you're looking at some. Lingering now if you're thinking thoughts that they can't control and hears and answers on this question. What if they're talking. Because you just looked at me for 52 straight right but I was talking to. Maybe it may be the rule is that it maybe gets into the nitty gritty more may be those of the rule is if you. Are looking at each other without talking for five seconds then that's up for work you look at somebody wants them know so so I was as long as we're talking to each other I can look right did the guy so. It weird when people don't look at me when I'm talking to be honest you are socially awkward human alive now you know yeah. There have been times when I have spoken with you and yours you don't do it right now and don't do very often anymore but when we first met. You would avert eye contact Eric and I thought it was weird I've always been really relation. Yeah if I'd gotten a lot better or the last couple years but we know each of you are well. Is that it's it's I I'm like that now with with strangers and people. Then I meet for the first time now but it took me oh wild. Even as an adult to come out of my shell that far and it's so I mean I I get it that it it's weird when people. Don't make eye contact with you. I really weird people out what I would do it that's why stop. It's like it when when you're and by you or music collected specifically do you when you're talking to me I want evil. When I'm talking to you I mean. I. Set my daughters from time to time if if we're having a conversation. And they avert downed their phone or look away. I always say look at me when I am talking. At them. Even have to be and when I'm having a conversation I want you. To look at me so I know you're engaged if you're not looking at me I think you're. That you would rather be doing something else and maybe that's true maybe that's the case. I don't see looking at some. As being now would you like this Romeo you're licking your lips. Again. I'm human human and you was present. Owner. He cnet's five seconds now it's awkward right but but what we're looking for my main via in. That that is awkward rate if you're talking to won't work in years staring at breasts. I get it where that would be considered well it is classic you now have licenses there solo usually do it force it you're looking at her right. Well you can if you look just right higher. At her cleavage for four seconds you get a stop watch suggests that it four seconds and committing and committing a rest and I was there it goes up with an. Once in them right back to. Well Betty of four seconds then spot and then described the lengthy hard. Constitutes a lengthy I think more than just you know quick pat I mean what what is. I have no problem with them saying you know no more lingering hugs. And I agree that. That easily translates in what that's asking for somebody's phone. Depends what your asking for the form asking for your phone number because a work all. Isn't that why you normally would ask for somebody's phone number well yeah Y 81 call me. Because I want to ask you'll find you attract a Kate that's I guess is that a grasp what they said you can ask for the phone number. Once if you're turned down you can ask no no. You can't ask them you can ask them on that date while it was a state wants you can't ask them for their phone number at all at all unless they've given permission. For it to be distributed. Are they gonna go to every employee and say. Mr. weir do you give permission for your phone to be distributed. To which is that one man and a I don't want anybody and everybody in this goal and called me. Given to parks given to work with them. Yet people in some weirdos. And this is really don't. Rather subways what's called allied wonder and there are hello. Hello I'm one. I'm thinking robbed not turn the phone lines. He well we have that one caller on and he looked over at the line and was like oh. And let's look at our relying on some stuff on that act. I don't know 5767798. If you guys want to weigh in Netflix as announced that. Anything more than a 52 look. Is a violation of their harassment Paul's. You cannot. As somebody out more than once if they say now. They say no are off limits nor does it mean if you do if you breaking these rules you immediately fired you just written up by HR grow. Have you asked for some each phone number more than once then you're fired words it's the first time infraction. And does it it doesn't quite actors and directors urges people working at Netflix headquarters but disposables and do you think that this would have stopped Harvey Weinstein. That's well and you really think they had sexual harassment policies and Miramax I guarantee you they had those and he didn't care. I thank you Jack asses I had to turn you off because my kids are in the room and you're talking about stirring a groups now. Simmer down that route that that's investigate your keep it. Summers is I just cancel my membership to Netflix. Over that. I would be over. Thirteen reasons why so this is didn't the obamas by Netflix that I don't that's right they have they have a show one of their produce initial. Which. I've 767798. Get your calls your comments here in just moment John we're. In for Dana right rob Babcock got parks KB's. Don't. Danica. And I. From the soundtrack. So. Beverly Hills up. Later on his album faith hope and George Michael it's only Tuesday throwback to the eighties. Our Christine and pale hello Christie. That's not what. Is job. I don't think articulate. And there you you're different between maintaining eye contact respectively and leave during it but if you're. Modeling and they're looking at her heart generic Charleston their line. That's about it I work a lot when I work where doctors all the Iran. And on you element icon I find it. I think. Yeah. It sure you are not compatible you are trump what you were doing. And I don't think are appropriate. There are guys that are rational people should be able your act of personal. So as long as words as. Chris you and I worked okay. As long as we were having a conversation and I'm looking you. In the eyes not looking you up and down. You're not gonna check your stop wants to make sure I'm not looking at you for more than five cents. Now at. I I think that's res see here's the problem Christie I don't know if you agree or disagree. We have taken this meet too movement. Too far. And it has now become borderline. Ridiculous. And it. Not even borderline ridiculous it's exceeded ridiculous. I mean. Yeah now now and not need and I am icon like the do you think sexual harassment is an issue. But again I think we should Wear. People can't tell a different. They're not mature about it or not and that's world anymore the different. I'll click on them looking and we're looking at you were talking to you during a conversation. A lot different you put your camera appropriately. We're accomplished. But let's let's say I'm a single OK let's say I'm single I I'm not dating anyone I'm married I have no female relationship Mueller puts. You know I work in the cubicle. Form. And I'd find you attractive. There's a time when I'm taken a break from work sick looking at my computer I look across the room at you because I find you to be attractive. I'm looking you Christy for six seconds. Have you been violated. Not. Aren't exactly it's absolutely crazy 1984. Distorted George. Then yeah I'll give you you looked at woman long enough or with those kind of thoughts then. The thought police who come in and start smacking around with victory at times. Luckily you're allowed and what ever you wanna think. You can look at me and don't ever want to thank. If you approach and I reject politely is actually learned that if you question. Is that the difference. Torre Africa's Chris and their corporate that's exactly right if if I ask you out on the date. And say Scott. I'm like you as a co worker. But no I eat I don't group were eat I do not have any intention of going out what you and then I come back the next day or the next week or whatever. And I ask you out on a date again and you say Scott I know I I'm not interested in dating you. And then I come back and and I do it again. Now now we're talking now we've got a problem. Would you agree with. Oh absolutely. You know. You've got to give them credit for asking. It's wants it. Go ask all you want you know even it. Out you know she's gonna she might yet you've got to cut out. Yeah they're into line. Crock. Diet I don't think asking or looking at somebody is why it. Chris agreement. Or Katie in Kansas City located. Buried do quite well thank you. And I'm just concerned that the way that their living communication in the workplace and then and a place where your job is to communicate. And they're putting such narrow Martin's on what people. Can do I mean I think they're gonna end up where it. More harassment claim the naked or. Just because it's so black and I don't want people Cain campaign do. Yeah maybe this is is it's just HR people trying to keep themselves and job. And let's make the rules so crazy that everybody is costly finally complained that those that we have to. Have more and more people working here we have total job security and and a. Barber in green valley barber. I don't either born bin well thank you. My favorite and I'll be darned right ignore their warnings are also needed that. Publishing thanks so much. And I bought it you're back at it but I bet. Certainly I would approaching the car and he had after the hearing opera. And it will in order. And so there longer than cavity Kate he had yelled like we can drag on the record that well. I don't really know like you and I well. Appreciate the fact that he hasn't added stared at Bret oh earned and he laughed and walked all of our. Laughter walked out I thought oh my god you're aware of it. And I'm telling you there again. Sang about it. And wall. He said that around here that since there are like chalk out. There. You were able. On my table and I issued its rock chart. Skids and reserve yours Caremark. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.