JFK assassination anniversary is today. Also- Scott calls leaked photo of a Texas Congressman - a crime.

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Wednesday, November 22nd

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy and and. Totally dig in the music. So. Appealing to teen idols. At the top the only thing that trend for today. I don't know some like that we departure for him for a you monkeys now now from new happy music event. He's ever well I can't a funny story from one X a police action that we have is that if you are gonna act at London's. Story suspect driving a stolen car officer stops stolen car suspect bails on foot officer gives chase and catch a suspect Darren said actions suspects bone is broken. Suspect then asked the officer. You knew about my broken found. That's a new bra. So when you grow up. So officers. Now that's not what action police wrote on Twitter it's awesome. How slowed mixes hot I'm not saying police officers are not fit or they're not fast. But have you tried to run with 25 pounds of metal medal around your torso. And all those. Devices that they have a belt it's amazing things don't go flying they're they're not exactly wearing a joggers. Uniform. And yet they EU. You saw getting it you can't run from account. You are kidding you you are too fat to and to swallow. You know what happened 54 years ago today. Official president Kennedy died at 1 PM central standard time. 2 o'clock eastern standard time. Some 38 minutes ago. 54 years. And bring everyone down four things. Station I thought I would talk about. What was in the news and a conspiracy theories are still room I read something I didn't understand it and I minutes tell you what I think it said you tell me what it meant. It's it's something like this and Tinny all of JFK's birth. Is going to fall on the anniversary of his death. It's incorrect I just like on a new website and what I I thought I read it twice and I thought. That can't be right he was killed on his. Earth Day. That is correct I am telling you I am not making that up that's what I did Bozeman daily chronicle JFK birth Centennial ending. On assassination anniversary. And so apparently. They're going Dewey Europe events marking born a hundred years ago at this year. Yes. Same day. Who's right on May twelve and I desk with that looked that your dog gives you when you're talking to them but they don't know what you're saying. It's what's. I got it so it's 100 anniversary of the the birth year of Kennedy. And law kicked off on the death actually don't know I don't know no. It's been going on. This year it ends today today which just happens to be the 54 anniversary. Of his assassination. On it and in humans just happened and why not legal and government. I'm just don't lot of people wire doing that. Teach citizens voters and now standing in the spot. Now there because there's. Marks the spot well there is an act it's amazing improper way and it is an all I think this plaza many times it's it's passing Nancy. Arm but rod you know as having doubts about him yeah times. Right there in the middle of the story. Where the fatal shot hit him. There is an XY a but on the pavement marks the spot while this we don't press. It's so that when your in the books depository. Org well I see. Yeah it easy out in solid plan. Exactly it is 41 gunman to fire both of those shots did you say based upon death and books deposit. Take these boards in each of motor death. If you can learn. Writes on face today mark the fifteenth year I've been standing on this very plot which is dangerous on November it's there because street it's in the middle of very busy street and the cars crest a huge hole. Right before the ax. Again making it impossible there's one gunman you have to be an idiot to stand on that next to your pictures today. Grossman hasn't mail forward on acts he's like now nearby in the vicinity I would I was. Deal with class a couple of years ago with Sarah and my cousins. There were people standing in the middle of the road. And you were here you go. Because there are cars crashed the pole and then because wow where he was shot is going down. The people that live there do not care that you are out there to see the acts now. No they're trying to get to work they're trying to hit home or whatever and yeah it's taxes so if you're in the road you're free game have you ever heard this story. You know other summary data armadillos because you XP bombs and Texans don't slow down for speed bumps out. Have you ever heard the story camera excerpt of the umbrella man. Just hear me out. Around this assassination. It's and there's also mysterious person behind the fence on the grassy Knoll there is nothing eight. Standing. It's. Beautiful sunny day you think maybe I was the son that made him bring an umbrella and you just refused to injure. For a second and as a printer fell and so free people were like okay. Is this is CIA guy and his umbrella collapse like. Get Smart and he shot entered the and be standing there with a large black. Umbrella that political umbrella as somebody to melanoma. So I call in number. They finally identified him. In 1978. To do how it took them to figure this silence fifteen years as a man named Louis Stephen wit. And there's even liking a documentary and it's called the umbrella. So. This person popularly dubbed the umbrella man has been the object of much speculation as he was the only person seeing Kerry you know. He was also one of the closest bystanders. When Kennedy was first struck by ball as Kennedy's limousine approached the man opened up. And lifted the umbrella high above his head. Inspired it east to west as the president asked him. He then sat down on the side for suspicious. They have figured out that the umbrella man. May not have been acting as a signal caller of some. But that. It's weird the standing there with an umbrella I think I'd just like her now. That's right mr. it was a protest he was. Wrote testing. This is so stupid. The Kennedy family appeasing Adolf Hitler before world works it. An umbrella using cartoons in the 1930s to symbolize appeasement. And this bracket black umbrella I thought OK when Kennedy's motorcade goes by. I'm going to stay in my black umbrella east west and he somehow gonna notice that and think I was in a teaser. That's just stupid. Rod. I must confess. I find funding. Lightning and even interest. When Davis. Discovers. Something that has already been figured out and a mystery that is no longer a mystery an umbrella or 1980. Yes. And then brings it to us in 2017. As if it's the first time any of us have ever I'm telling you it is a little known fact that pesky umbrella man. There's a documentary about it Arnold. Umbrellas that someone made a documentary about it and is not a little known fact. Seems like it's pretty widely circulated. A brother died. On November 7 tee. This year. Is say no 2014. But that day that's right around that time this as a nation we hear yeah. Well. And attacks like the little known fact they've made that document. Excellent pulling rep we will never get that five minutes. At a. I'd love when David starts the story. June and it's fast and my first thought is everybody knows about them. But she's just found now so the world just. Fascinating. Newsstands. Approach. Has its so dumb. They perfectly. I umbrella. I gorgeous I can't it's a lot about how many weird people there are in this world. They've existed since then he ended. Up where it is important which by the way it is the fact they could not have been nicer. They were so nice and those people have the patience of Jobe and work. At the DMZ. You have the patience of Jobe but I do need to give you little service announcement. They used to have a system up until a couple months ago where they would text you care Brian with US is it your place them. So I walk in with my son had worked she's a minor you know. Can we give you his cell phone number please so he doesn't miss the number being called get booted back to the back of the line. And the man looks at me unions. The State's chief. Oh I'm sorry. Is there that system. So just FYI oh they got rid of him because it costs too much shake culprit of this system that we'll tell you. Thirty minutes fifteen minutes not com or calling your number this is it amazes. It was completely inaccurate ads like this is the driver's. License center knots. Where you go pay your tax. What I just went up my tags or news they will still. Q you in text although that's at Kansas settlement. At the driver's license and her admission they no longer have that option so what you end up having is. Like 400 really angry people sitting there waiting for their number to be called and there's no Linear number system. It's like seeing 9307. Are 4632. There's no. Ryan it's not like you're number one Karen I'm an average of rocks and our presence there just randomly generated. You have absolutely no idea how much and it's going to no idea how much like it's just FYI. You need to know that for you go it. Trying to help Dudamel. Like Kimberly I wouldn't you faster as Broderbund knowledge. That is the last thing you've been accused of island. Will do says it is Wednesday. Governor waited 5 o'clock this after what you got so what's your. I've 767798. Bitter remarks about tax cut parks okay. Right battery the first time that's you'll get a always get ready pound his crew were wholesale batters we've been up there many times. Watch these guys who work that wearhouse man not only do they have every battery they can find it and they can find it for you fast. Big medium little doesn't matter. They're gonna happen. And wholesome about 605 Kansas avenue in KC can get and you. You need for any reason doce Randy in the as a whole cell batteries that would get you charged right out yes they have planes or batteries for your smoke detector. But they have really rare batteries for things you. Not even know you'd need until you need one. At that point goes to the guys also batteries luggage charge right also battery 605 Kansas avenue Casey case right battery. The first time. Around me neither do the pain and the world this morning. Boy and girl. And high speed. These people you'll ever meet Michael. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving everybody I mean that was. And I know this day tomorrow as one that made you look forward to I certainly do that it's my favorite day of the year. Many view it's also very. Tough time and for you pro am I hope you you can just find joy in that Mora brings. Which all of uber happy Thanksgiving. I I I clicked on this story on my Twitter. Republican will follow me here Republican lawmaker apologizes. For penis picture on Twitter. And I thought to myself where it. This ought to be twisting. On FaceBook one thing. In a and with all of the sex harassment and sex assault and everything I thought oh god here goes another. Into the some of the stories I read it. My mind changed. Regarding this. Republican moment and representative Joseph Barton of taxes. Is apologize. And follow me on every works OK no squirrel focus stay off your computer. Representative Joseph Barton is apologizing. Tank for not using better judgment. After a nude photo of him surfaced on social media earlier this week tank. Congressman Barton's acknowledgment that he appears in the photo. Emphasizes that the women he was involved with in the past. One of whom shared the photograph. Were all above the age of consent. And willing participants. Quote here from congressman Barton in a statement just released and it. Separated from my wife prior to our divorce I did have sexual relationships with other adult. Women can't each was consensual. Those relationships offended I am sorry I did not used better judgment during those days I am sorry that I let my constituents now. The picture first appeared on an anonymous Twitter account and then began to circulate on social media platforms. But lewd image comes at a time when many individuals are coming forward. Accusing powerful figures in politics media and other industries of sexual misconduct what's wrong with the story. Are you saying the woman posted the photo online absorbs. He is a big Tom. All of revenge port. This is how ridiculous this is now getting. See when you said he was apologizing I thought this is going to be one of those I accidentally sent out a picture of my Wiener. To set up a picture me in the care and touch that one photograph which requires my sentiment mistress. That's right now. He sent a picture of his penis to another woman with whom he was having a relationship. She now. Apparently saved said photographed and put it on an anonymous Twitter account he is not. He has not done anything wrong he is a Vic Tom. All of revenge or kids in the car listening this is too. Hi I am going to reserve say he's a victim say I get reads her. Judgment for just a minute no I wanna be one thing you care if she posted this photo of him that is horrible. That's where he will do it. And he's apologizing for why it. What's his first Joseph bar BA RTO. Comes. He's done nothing wrong. Say he's saying he's a victim so Joseph Barton is there. He. Is a victim of someone sharing this photo album. And he has nothing to apologize or. What is it was a female congresswoman. And somebody shared a picture of her naked on their Twitter account. The problem I have. With the hypocrisy. And shore is going to exist year. Just looking up his track record on certain issues. Talents you can can you Christian and send your significant other. Porn pictures of yourself you're not allowed to show of family values down by the rounds. With this kind of thing going and certainly can't you can't you can't tell me how to live my life and I. Am. Win in your right time you're sitting anchor next through your life is before your divorce. And asterisk you know somebody they were not hours he would worse they were estranged and separated. And he started seeing other women this is always the problem I have with these. They tell me and you call. There is no one in America who is saying in a legislative position. That you cannot send naked pictures of yourself to someone your relationship. In marriage. On saints get out of my kitchen. To. Me. It's an. Edge in. Making him he's absolutely making cents you can have a reason to not approve of gay marriage. And still send pictures of your way anchored to your. It's the hypocrisy. It is and vote Scott them notes that there note that there is so. If you are a family values voter in him in congress are you only to have sex and the missionary position. You're not allowed to tell me what I can do with. You mean like I have to drink certain sort of search sugary drinks. Like him break out of styrofoam. Or I can't smoke a cigarette. Back kind of I can't do I want with my line it's the same thing with Roy Moore in the fourteen year old girl tried to tell me I can do. And gluttony is nowhere near the same thing as saying this isn't even in the ball park this man is can't. I. To the nights are the district sure if this woman who had just under her by a man you would be up in our eyes so I think revenge porn should be illegal I. Two newsroom anchor mark's former gymnastics doctor pleads guilty more next. Big nuts and bolts hardware a must visit on Black Friday all stores open at 7 AM. With 25% off all regular priced items and the great deals. Are not limited to just Friday nuts and bolts as three days of deals Friday through Sunday save up to 50%. Throughout the sort mixture that you make nuts and bolts your Christmas to corps headquarters they've got a huge selection of fresh. School lights. All your Christmas needs and check this out nuts and bolts is introducing their five weeks. A giveaway sweepstakes for the entire month of November stay tune for new giveaway each week. This week and her at any nuts and bolts store by this Sunday for a chance to win a Weber grill. Is it chopped nuts and bolts dot com for all the deals and the location near you and remember a nuts and bolts they are your hometown hardware store. 330 suing Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are we heard today from some of the Larry Nasr is victim shortly after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting girls wallet doctor in Michigan State University. And Al Nasr is accused of molesting more than 100 girls dating bats the late 1990s. Eighteen year old keenly Lorenz who is Jane EDO and Nasr is trial spoke out for the first time today. I was sexually assaulted Palin answering Australia straight fix everything. It was a dark secret things like that to piece together last September. Nasr is also a USA gymnastics team doctor and has been accused by and number of olympians of sexual assault. Kansas lieutenant governor Jeff collier is taking the lead on writing a state budget proposal as governor Sam Brownback prepares to leave office for a diplomatic post. Collier also made a significant capped an announcement today naming Dina Meyer Hubble commissioner for the department for children and families. Brownback is expected to resign after he's confirmed and call your become governor. Traffic and weather together next. Right here for doctor take in the center for nutrition and Lee led and a 135 and rallied I was. Brag about my draw from for the last couple weeks that she's down more than ten pounds I've finally doctor a couple days ago. She's in and don't eighteen counts well that is certainly more than ten that's almost twenty and I apologize for rounding down. She is down almost twenty pounds and I think she started if memory serves. Almost three weeks ago. If you want to look better feel better going into Thanksgiving. Cult talked her take and get started with his medically managed weight loss program. I feel better I'd look better when doctor take is part of my life top of the line vitamins delicious meal replacements. And a fantastic staff with you every step of the way. Give doctor take a call now 9138148222. For your free consultation. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. You're telling Dana sentient. As you're heading out about the next several days the weather's gonna cooperate for you we do have a bit of a warming trend. We remained pretty chilly out there for the rest of today that high low forties. Fair conditions tonight to Lewis thirty CU and a good deal of sunshine for your Thanksgiving Day plans or high into the upper fifties. A mix of clouds and plenty of sunshine by Friday increasing southwesterly went in warmer upper sixties. Sunny and cooler mid to upper fifties through Saturday and Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more Katie NBC weather. Or 48 KC I 41 and only thing it's 42 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. And my. How somebody wrote. I'd look at guys we have on this bugs and insects. 77 Heidi CNN just ran the Chiron a nude pic scandal scam. How a man sends a picture in this man happens to be a member of congress. And a man and sends a picture of his privates. To his growth. And years later they've broken up and moved on. And she or someone she knows apparently. Post said picture on Twitter. That's a nude pic scandal. Because I gearan hot damn tee. That if this was a female member of congress the Chiron on CNN would not read nude pic scandal. It would read congresswoman subject of revenge. Congresswoman victim of sex are. Revenge or now I have to agree with you on that Scott idea. While I personally think it is never exercised in an ache or send those photos and this is why. Were seeing exhibiting your teenagers right now it can happen to occur in congress don't happen you do not ever send it to receive it. Nothing. Is going to come from illness and these were apparently consenting adults he is a victim here if she posted that. Clearly she's a prosecutor I said that her but why scams issue be prosecuted. It's a scam when you become a victim of a crime. It's like you the day that Henry Lyons awarded me the NAACP awards. When I am looking up at all the Archos. Like David Alex. I'm still. Writes op pornography is wrong according to the Bible please. Why is Steele theologian. Would you that alliance eye and rich in color history would somebody please tell me where in the Bible it tells you had this kind of Warren and use that word will sleep. Is wrong. I mean key of me a break. Here's the problem. If I dare. The problem with a lot of your marriages is you don't send pictures of yourself to your spouse to just people not doing too. Keep that marriage fresh. Keep it exciting. Send naked pictures of yourself to your husband and wife there's nothing wrong with it. This was not his wife was is okay. But Kia meet. Break. Nude pic scandal. That's your headline CNN him and sources have white and think what that wanna see that I'd much rather get a picture of them doing this sort. A. For the text line Scott in this instance he was still Mary. And he was sending it to a girl he was not married to him he was. Estranged from his wife there were separated. And he was dating this woman. I'm saying I don't know his voting record nor do. I care to look at just don't care. But if he is one of those candidates that likes to tell other people what they can and can't do in the bed and Steve this is why this as it does all this is exactly from people who otherwise in. Dana sympathetic data that that is an argument with the older respect and I love you like the sister number it's like toe tapper and no it always against gay marriage that. It gets dot tapping other men Dana bash Dana I love. But this is and you're making an apples and oranges aren't. That's like saying you can't have sex with your wife. If you tell me how to live my life. And don't give me this garbage. That Republicans are the only people that tell you how to live your life that is the greatest force. In American political discourse today. Democrats wanna tell me how many miles my car has to get to figure out how many ounces of sugar I can happen my drink a mile lob the smoke cigarettes or not. How blues can cry out. They wanna tell me what I can drink out of a styrofoam cup whether I should be penalized if I used plastic bags and leave the gross. Restored Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. When it comes to telling you how to live your life they just tell you how to live differently the Republicans do they're both. Awful. Republicans. When it comes to tell me how to live my life in the bedroom socket. Democrats sockets. All of you socket. Quit telling me how to live. My life if I wanna have sex with another man I should be allowed to have sex with another man and it's none of your business. If I wanna get a plastic bag and styrofoam cup after grocery store. That's my business to leave me alone that's not how it works and he notes that. They all tried to tell you how to they did not like on these platforms specifically. To attract a certain voting bloc. And it it really has always just it just. Rice decree and there was complicit if you're if you're telling me there's not hypocrisy in all of us. Of course the risk politicians by nature are hypocrites. There was a I can't remember what state was are you may remember because I showed you the story of the day there was a state lawmaker. Skype camera he was a lie east. What he called natural marriage. And a conservative Christian Republicans. Who tried to get his girlfriend known to terminate that pregnancy no no no. That was a novel. The one that happened this week who got caught banging his boyfriend. In his state house office. Again there I have a problem with that I have a problem with him running on the platform. Saying that is wrong but but David do you see the hypocrisy in what you horsing too. But because whether or not I can have a 44 ounce soda in a styrofoam cup. Is not. Something. That is a deeply held human rights human rights. In America. To look like one alone and Mary. I need to stop complaining. That is not the same thing as saying to someone not marry this person but they don't have shared benefits in the light decisions. When your lane hospital bed. It's not the same understood that hypocrisy my goodness and but but the last couple of intrusion. In someone's rights. Is completely Apple's emerges between two parties but no notes and here's one. I'll take a lecture on women's rights. The rights of children not to be violated. The rights that children should be protected. The fact that women should be able to go to work and not have to worry about being harassed or sexually assaulted. From anyone but Democrats like Harvey Weinstein Al Franken John Conyers and Anthony Weiner. They're all hypocrites they get on the floor of what ever respective bodies they worked him. And they tell me that women must be protected women are equal we need a pay for equal work Bob Wickman. When you get. That's being protected. They move past not even victims in the workplace. And in Europe emblems and picture crutch with my corporate extra. And must be protected. They. Our power equals. When your sleeping. Com. They're all they're all back that's all I'm saying I and I want to clarify one last time. I am not saying this man isn't. The victim of crime is that he is the victim of what should be. A punishable crime I don't know what the laws are organized and. Well Dave I that it wasn't even in taxes and even if it's probably a federal crime because it was put on Twitter which means it's spam state lines so it's a and is an international dateline's. And for that I am so. Or fight for you would not want everyone in America. Looking at that photo and if you're curious don't. It's just you it's just. Really do you though it's now the one I looked up on TMC. Was covered. But it not a flattering photo it's taken from the ground and it's just that's never a bad angles an older man and it looks like what I think Phil Donahue would probably look like make it. Pictured Newt Gingrich in your mind right now naked ever want to go. That's what this looks here is there there's a lot of pitches and I want but you'll stop giggling I don't wanna see it. Where did you phone and I just teams he had it but it's covered that region is covered it out and get the idea. Of Howell Melamine this what's the word I'm looking for pasty. It's just let me ask you what would be the reaction if TMZ. Posted the picture. Of a female congresswoman. Who was the subject of revenge. People would. Be furious. Kirsten Gillibrand at like a Jennifer Lawrence does this happens horror. Two consenting adults someone hacked to count oh yeah yeah. See it's. It looks like he's sitting on the toilet its sole. Ropes. Your. Is big time now it's. Actually it's topped up. Lesson why my laughing I shouldn't be laughing man's of their he is a victim but here's the deal and we'll tell you. This is why it's just not a good night to insure those photos got there are many ways that men and women. Can keep those fires burning. I don't need to see that ever. If find your life but to keep fire burning any new law now. It. Lesson. You would not want definitely be out there in the end there but here's what he writes with a photo last product has moved to ask. But he writes. At sending this picture and rod it's taken like this tape and you're like the floor in a seeded positions and I don't know how he looked at that moment. Thomas and that's gonna get a. Yeah yeah. She will be over within minutes. She won't be able to resist this. And that he wrote I want you. So moon back. Right now. An animal we've the last part. As part. You know is a sexual human being in its fine as meat eggs Dana and he is a general dumb media is saying he is a photographic evidence of those needs ever but wouldn't ever when it happens with the warming you don't say that. When that happens with a general Warren says okay. But what happens with the Jennifer Lawrence people or are just like almost caught what kind of a choke. Does. It's horrible for those people this man is a victim and I always said it's the dumbest thing you can do it. Because even if you think you're in love with that percentage Tony it's gone and the organist and the rest of your life together. What are the odds it doesn't work out and and that photo is on someone else's cell phone and then they get in new girlfriend and the photos on the. And right rod Babcock and skunk works here. Did you write your foresee MOs and son get McCall now get on the schedule. And haven't. Come out. To a free consultation which they'll do and tell you exactly the size the shape everything you need to do to get home protected with the top of the line. Jenna wrecked homes standby generator. 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Reports have stated rotating cast members of CBS news talent. Will step then but the networks not exactly known for its deep bench of stars compared rivals NBC ABC. Tourists. I mean I just haven't had they just tap Jeff Glor for their main. Male anchor. Don't they need to get. I am not kidding about this it's time to move this spend a prime time Anderson Cooper yes. Yes he's under contract with CBS and CNN yeah. He would be good on morning TV while they're gonna have to pull a rabbit out of hat. Go Anderson Cooper. Sox beat. Another intern. Came forward. Overnight it's so until now I think three others data I heard a three day three more came today again. Charlie but former interns Sara Gorton told NBC news that she went to deliver mail to roses apartment where this creeping encounter took place in 2002. I proceeded to walk into the living remedies and analysts say the scenes from movies and Agassi you know relaxed. He proceeded to turn on the film secretary. Sex return it which is a sexually involved film involving SN them unfortunately Gordon said it's no Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Bayer. Gordon told NBC news that rose asked her if the film aroused her she said she changed the subject and said. And I take anything back to the office when I leave. She added rose never laid a hand on her during her brief encounter there. Together. Our equipment is so it's getting to the point don't in a word these accusations. Are either really legit or really dorm. A second woman came out today against John Connor. Her accusation was she worked as an aide in his office. His crime. Blowing her kisses. Outcome. Now we're we we do need to separate the I'm asking an intern to watch a pornographic film with me. And ask if it arouses her and blowing kiss and blowing it to somebody yes in my office like. Have a good night. Is it that now it's getting to. I don't even know why anybody even reported that well because you don't want a muddy the waters for the women with suffered. Horrible behavior that's right right conservatives are here's Caremark. Happening now on AMD's even Thanksgiving rush continues mourn axed. Right from my favorite Volkswagen dealership and all of Kansas City the number one Volkswagen dealership and all of Kansas City. Volkswagen of Lee's summit. I love that sport ET one I loved shall around town in the larger seven seat. At list view that examined a check up the publisher of it and it's Black Friday all month long at Volkswagen Lee summit. Right now. You're gonna get up to 101000 dollars off all remaining 27 teens up to 101000 dollars off plus if you're in the market for a TV this Christmas. Who wants to stand and a long black front line Volkswagen of Lee's summit. Is handing out HDTVs. With every purchase us. When you any new or used car Volkswagen Lee's summit they now by your car. 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