Jerk on an airplane.... and an 'angel...'

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Thursday, May 17th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. It's your artists. He was cash is error AR RW. Aero. To accident 7081. You're in right for a thousand dollars of kubert cash this hour on the program we're gonna give waved her tickets to rock fest. Next hour on the program 149 dollar gift card to Byron. Fine mens clothing on the plaza. They're all IG days here about BR Robin Hood on the year first class flights. Gave guy an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta up. Decided he was going to try to get his buddies banking economy smoke free drinks. They don't like that. So wait what your first class because I've never flown first class or your drinks complimentary yes okay so he gets his free complement our Durango. And pictures I got from Johnny carriers and then tries to sneak them back with the celebs on his buddies are setting a cat and said they flight attendants likes or you can only order one drink at a time is that I'm ordering it for the ladies sitting next to me. And she's like at the time so they bring in the drinks. And any get companies like I got used aggressor and she's like we have a restaurant here and first class got back there. She's like you're not. You suck it like you can only use the first class bathroom and you're not allowed order more than two drinks does it twice so apparently they got. They were not happy he continued to try to get back there and and that points. They called the manager and he got kicked out they kick him out of it is just the question everyone's probably wondering if you have enough money to violet to twelve. Hundred dollar first class plane ticket why can't you just by your buddy it's rank. Like how cheap are you. That you won't just spend the eight dollars. To bite your buddy drink who's in coached when you're in first class can ask your question yes. How cheap or the airlines. That if you can afford a first class ticket and you happen to have a friend in coach. That you can't just say you're gonna kid it is drink for free anyway I'm gonna walk it back they are given to my friend. Here over how she just a biased jury for his body how cheap is the airline here's the here's the reason. Federal regulations say be at flight attendants have to do you view your drink nobody else can you do drink. So now I bet that's true I as an I don't wanna might say don't wanna deal with you. Slept and drinks to your nineteen year old a staggering wink or a girl that you think it's hot and you put a van and it. Well yeah yeah yeah yeah. Rodeo rate you rate yeah I angrily and me on my flight now and our route premium and try to add weight with me in the middle of a room with 300 of people. I do that did you see that video and now whenever listens to me you'd never believe this is going on but there's a video that went viral a couple of weeks ago and I made my children watch at 36 times. At Coachella. And it's a woman and her friend are probably you know 220 this could telecommute for yet and they're taking. A videos sell space so that the cameras up here and there. And perjury is this why Scott is when you just. Write her drink is in the left hand and she's looking at the camera. A guy walks by not realizing they're taking video instead of a still photo. Walks by the whole thing is caught on her cell phone video. And drops eight hill I mean you can see the Thursday. Drops it pill in her drink. And that at some point they go back and they look at that video and they're like what's. That act. Just happened. They tell you never to push drinks down now you can even just told them we now know you know weenie weenie like. Coffee can list like guard who lives in and it's a rebel guard lids for every drink for women. News men and equipment. This year. But at a place like a cello where you are surrounded by 20000 drunk idiots. I'm telling you I would drink anything out real quick. And I and I know we have the store will get to this small. The royal wedding is on Saturday did I will repeat what I said yesterday on the program especially after watching Good Morning America. I've special message for young prince Harry of Great Britain. She's partly it's. Time. Get away. From this white trash family. Do not invite this drama into your world. Is it not possible Scott that you have a crazy family that they you are perfectly normal she also will not be called princess. Just read on line. Am you know for some doesn't care about the royal wedding you know an awful lot about it twice error park only. Only 28% of Americans say they're interest. In the heavily hyped nuptials in England. 30%. Of other reasons and save at bay career. The coverage. On it's gotten ridiculous I don't title on Saturday morning I mean I I understand history and and I guess this is historical. I'm not gonna poo poo because that's the trendy thing to do is an anchor at all. To Carole little bit I have watched a little bit of the coverage. Certain. You watched that and I was in today and it's online song Good Morning America and I don't I don't care all I will tell you exactly how many diamonds in the. I. The club. The coverage is just giving one time you set your alarm for Saturday morning look me in the high returns and. They're looking at it. Oh. Mark. Rudenstine who own. Film like. Here's the deal I was gonna get up at 435. Because I was gonna watch ABC's coverage which starts at five gotten. 5 AM expecting that he's a top. Actually no I'm getting up at 230 and here's why are going to be shower after have coffee I have to be ready. Ot ABC's coverage starts at 4 AM marked time. CNN is doing them one better and their start their coverage 3 AM central time on Saturday. I ask is up at 2350235. Military time. And I am gonna get showered. Dressed I'll be in my bathroom some club that's well I don't they're out on an apt get some coffee cake. Ian stationed at a big thing yet and I doubt there and and dual watch party do you think it's an an immense coffee K Heidi and time. I don't know that Obama try to get some coffee cake comrades tee it's going to be ready to go he's going to be the English great. I'm going to be position in my count at 359. So I can tune in to CNN's coverage it's 4 AM Central. Bank. Thank you. 20% of Americans say they're very interest at 30% of brits say that 7% brits line. Brits do. I think it's lab she would not have the title of prince. Power packed colleges room and said please dear god tell me your kid into. Now. What's twice as much. Markel Dutch install now. The cadence. And you don't case difficult someday queen after. Yeah. You need. This kid had a great point dividend though he said it's because we're watching him on Good Morning America. And he had a great point I think I told you this yesterday care he said if Americans why do we care about a British one. And I got to thinking about. And that's a good question. And I I made the arc into the young man I said the. Cause we used to be an English Colin. She's a dentist. To. I I know mine was while that dictum of Sussex is currently big. So speculation says that Henry duke of suspects and meg and duchess of suspects are embroiled titles. Who sought sex after. It's excellent it's Earl grey and English wrecked fifty which. Now. Let's close sorry twit twit. What I say dark great. Earl Graves. For the duchess subs. Are. I'm. I thank royal watcher. I'm not giving up to says the guy who watches the bachelor right edge violated about the Roanoke. And it's which by the way they think her dress is gonna cost upwards of 130000. Dollar. Report. Here isn't yet I I don't care about royal wedding however. Let's see here the dress sorry 340000. Dollars. The security. Reformists. And four point nine million dollars for security. The reception. Rather arrogant to an afternoon reception for 600 people and an evening receptions for 200 people 200 that's hot tickets yeah. Each person's going to be roughly 135 dollars per person the cake ray has to abdicate. The cake is gonna cost thirteen 1500 dollars. He flowers. Are going to be in the neighborhood of 65000. Dollars. Like you can understand this even though you say you don't know that you do. We have never had that that he only sing even remotely close notice the only thing remotely close and not even that. We have never had a sitting president. Rise to the presidency is a single man and then Mary. During. His term that would be the only thing even an and that's still not even in the realm of what's going on over there would ever would be lovely and fun of that would happen. I'm not now it's from that someday if there was a single guy what he might see one woman racism. Because of banks and stores are really trying to write real source. It's. Where is listening to editor of the bread. It is up on where to turn it all veteran. If you miss the call I still can't get out of that I don't doll if you miss the call came and little more than an hour ago from Kohler victory. Against illegal she wants you now kick a map or march and against illegal immigration. Very oppose it would immigration. If you miss the call it is up on Twitter. And you can podcasted. It is worth here. It is four minutes of your life he will not get back. Were talking about a story here from the cancer and cancers star. An Oklahoma woman. Was on a flight from Oklahoma to Chicago. There was a delay on the flight she's. Self admitted not the smallest woman on the plane. Take that I want. But anyway she was sitting next to a man sixty years old and she couldn't help but overseas that he was. Texting friends saying I am stuck on this plane next to smelly fatty. Was talking about her. The fought was apparently so big. That a man across the aisle even soul what this man was writing about her he got up she calls him her Angel. He gets up is how many people would have done that Scott got involved bird bird be on urge you urge one out of ten has maybe warning. Gets up points the guidance as you know our switch seats not sit next year she's she's a ball tears at this point. And. I I've been on flights next to a larger person when I was coming back from my uncle's funeral in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina. I happen to be on a flight with my brother as we're coming back to Kansas City. And the woman that sat next to me was very march. Very march. And. To the point where I had even lean over towards my brother because. Curb her her body was big. But that is someone's wife that is someone's daughter and I always say hey do you know what I said to her nothing. You're damn right probable area out of high high tea and how are you yeah where you're headed on some pretzels we do walls small talk right and I'd tried to girls like Egypt. You know my mother when she flies is not the biggest person on the plane she's not the smallest person on the plane my husband. Is what six it's two three's next. You know we've tried business class he needs like Graham he. You know. I always say to myself. If that was your mug her would you want someone treating your mother like that. In life on an airplane anywhere because that's if you start thinking every day like that Scott. Or if you wanna be really rude to a seventeen year old sandwich Clark. If the second you start thinking of that situation through the eyes of what if that was my son. What if this was me. Or someone else like me that wanted to be really mean to the seventeen year old and that seventeen year old is my son. How would you treat that seventeen year old who's bagging your groceries if the whole world would start thinking in those terms we would have been a much better place. These you wouldn't do that he wouldn't do that you would think yourself I would never want someone to treat my mother like that. So why is it OK I don't know people always said fat shaming is the last least protected. Socially he what is acceptable. Understood. Well the thing. The argument though data would be unlike race. Disability. Gender. These are things aren't even sexual orientation. That this is the one thing that you can change or prevent. With a whole lot of hard work I understand yes I Anderson yes but but that's the argument for why it is certainly not a protected there must be something wrong with someone who can't was Wayne Hale and you remember this is it. Three example. Maybe about a year ago there was a woman in line at an eat fit place up and and someone was making fun of for a sexually two women in which to me just makes it even worse. And the woman's post went viral because Scott she was yes let's say 220 counts. In this line at one of these eats it goes stores. She said what those women didn't realize it's. It was a year and a half ago I was 450. Pounds. And yes I still have a ways to ago. But how dare you. I have warped. To lose that weight and I'm still working to lose that weight and it's so easy when your size zero to poke fun at someone like me. And and that piece resonated I think with a lot of people because you don't know someone's situation you just don't. Maybe this woman on an airplane. Eats for comfort and anxiety because she lost a child. No we don't you just. Don't. Now. But you have to be a special kind of jerk. To text a friend. With that woman sitting right next year and say I'm city and I'm seated. Next smelly fat. Why I mean I am almost starting to wonder. We worse today. And more and let let me let me sort of semi answer my own question. Are we worse today than we were thirty years ago. When you and I were in high school. Or is it the social media. Or is it the perceived anonymity. Or is of this idea that well you don't have to be politically correct anymore in fact being politically correct is. What is it and maybe it's not worst of it maybe it's just. Now I just you know my family says I waters and Mike Graham was a kind human being that she would say if someone was overweight she is trying to describe the track of it came up. You know you don't want talking about I don't know. She's she's stock. That's my grandma would say. And ensure it was great bigs old she's been around. You know. Big. But I tell you this this person that she sat next from a plane she's says appeared to be spurt roughly sixty years old. Which is halfway between my age and what my father would be if he was still alive today. I gearan hot damn tee and my dad cuss like a sailor he had. But my dad would have nav. In a million years as you age sixty to that's about it does a little bit. To because don't we expect someone at age sixty to be more well behaved or a little bit immature I'm not excusing it gets money and Dana listen alt. I'll be the first to tell. I have the senator's seat on that southwest flight coming back from North Carolina to exit look at my brother had windows. Yeah when this woman poked her head around the seat it was late at night so yeah plane was pretty dark. And she just said is that seat open I said yes ma'am it is have a seat let's go. And she sat down and I literally. This was me Dana when she said that I'm not kept and this was you know this is about the saints this chair and I'm sitting at a same size more sustaining that. And airlines see his yeah thinner yet. But it's roughly the same size and Maryland's which you agree art this is what happened when she sent out this is me ready. You just leaned our I don't know I was forced over. A guy I mean when she sat down my body went like this okay and then and Scott Sheen knows that exactly right that's exactly what I thought. And I I turned my brother and I said well. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to be in your space. That's all I sent in sent from hurting you know no no no no and I don't my brother and IMAP I've mouth I didn't say it out loud so. And he's like it's on camera in my Norma. And it was the longest two and a half hour flight in my life. But you know what I wasn't about to say something that partly because to your point gain and it's a good one. She. Of course as one of the first things this woman says. During the fight that man was so mean to her was. It is my worst nightmares about that Scott my worst nightmare is being on a plane because I know I'm a bigger Earl. Next to someone who is mean aren't comfortable because of me she calls that her worst. Nightmare. Now think about that. Ask you what my worst nightmare is that's not even in the top five. Thousand. You know I think if you are that size. You are so self conscious about it. Which is why it makes so much worse to me when someone and that's low hanging fruit to pick on her when someone. Is mean to an individual like that. 5767798. It's a cup into an aero quick exit I mean yeah. I go ahead. It's. Okay you were clearly going through a tunnel. Michelle in Kansas City hello Michelle Imus out. I'm I com wanna comment on your question on social media may lol. The situation worse. And aren't I teenage kids and I believe. That social media is making network that seemed like these girls can hide behind their own. What iPad whatever it may be and yet and the ugly. Messages. And I remember in school we are saying that we that they have faith and it was not nearly the level and today. Not great because this on the airplane wouldn't have said to her out loud you are fat smelly and I'm sitting next year. But it was OK for him to text it to someone else. Exactly. Exactly it is that land and the school I mean I note that not teenagers and not a go out and schooled don't help. But let's let Michelle let me interrupt for a second and I don't mean Beirut. Don't we always say that doesn't every generation say that the generation that. So seeds that are succeeds them. Is worse our parents I don't know how old you are but it sounds like your your forties or fifties. If you tell me in your thirties a majority complete. Now. Or okay but. Our parents always thought that we were gonna go burn in hell because of the music we listen to remember that and we are all promiscuous because Madonna in and friends and and I think generations have this habit. Of saying that the generation that follows them is always worse. If it is to your point about social media though. I wonder if that gives us a certain level of perceived although falls anonymity. Where we think we can just say whatever we want. Yeah yeah I think you have a bearing out I think that that is true that social media. Get that feeling that week in order that we want with no repercussion. Nobody. And Michelle thanks for the call us and has heard and I agree that people shouldn't be jerks however if you know it as you said. Why doesn't someone just by to sit out now broke a solvent excrement. That the passengers on that plane have no control over the fact that those seats are basically he what would you say fifteen inches wide. I mean. I just look at their way to those seats are too small that is not my fault that is not your fault and that is not this woman's follow. And let's say that because his flight originated out of Oklahoma we can assume although not know for a fact. May have been a Southwest Airlines flight southwest doesn't operate like you don't call that's right. You go onto the plane and you take a seat if somebody wants us next year they get to sit next you you don't get to say that ought Tutsis beast or mind. That's not how southwest works now let's say she was on united. My uncle died three weeks ago. I had to buy a ticket. Like that yeah okay. It was 488. Dollars round trip it would have been a thousand if I was really fat and needed two seats who can afford that. Install mention don't renewed in him. By 7677. And. Struck again you're going to retire earlier. Is it may have an independence I go ahead. Of that. Debate why don't. Get it. OK okay Gregory on the list of this really quick to like I gotta read this I got called fatty at my fourteen year old son's baseball game Tuesday night. By a senior citizen. It happened after she tried to parent my son and yell at him for hitting a foul ball that busted windshield. I'm sorry pure baseball parent you know you don't park. That close by act finally told her walk away and stop yelling at my son her response was maybe you should walk away fatty. I asked her if she was twelve years old and told her she needed to work on her insult sucked up. Good. And she said that said that to her how old was I said how old am waiting on the reply back you'd think sixty is old no she said in an older woman. Bobby online for about it I body. An a on I don't know that I am at that point in the back bay on Friday. Is all well I've been this super skinny girl is alive. Had you baby commitment chunky girl and I can honestly probably under way now all and it's awful and I. Anybody out bear. Used under way or overly Intel I just wish people it will agree that you don't know are overweight or tenderly. Real quick I've got to ask you Christopher is right how did people treat you. Super skinny verses you could lose a few pounds what was your life like how was it different. When you're a little bit bigger purses now. On the plate for mean it was not in different. I was probably maybe it around ever played against or outside people are. At my biggest pilot 140 and I actually babies GT action. And what were you write your scariest. Currently I'm 37 and about a hundred pound style I'm I'm technically underway. I'd probably have a bit of an eating disorder because it is. There's jets that. Over even edgier stand forever you have that. Feeling that people are gonna get you even appearing normal weight they're gonna say you know what why how election Ali and then outlook error. When you when you were overweight or what you describe is overweight. Did people make comments to you. Now can I hit banks at a wonderful thing or waited your Alley because you had babies you construct bad and then. People they allow Kimberly you lost sixty pounds you didn't have that deleted and they didn't see you underestimating the US out. Masking act. And you know I'd honestly fifty pound go at it and you don't realize it happened quick like it was. Whatever it technique here deleted it with the doctors that that would adapt and probably in the couple county or not why not help me be a minute that you're. Well he you need to get it together. You can theory you're going. On. But I have a struggle because I was then I never or. Never exercise. You're people like you but she's saying and your metabolism changes you have a couple can and it it's not Aziz is or was Hayward catches limit ally MIT limit accident 72881. Year in the running for thousand dollars extra listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.