Jam or No Jam with Will Sterrett is BACK!

Dana & Parks
Wednesday, August 2nd

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Because Caremark is. Going on maternity leave after tomorrow assuming she's here tomorrow. Will stare at its act has lived there Helen will stare at hi glad to have. Thank you it's going to be those of you who are new to the program will starent is a veteran here KB's he. And he's back. Will steer it like me when it comes to eighties heavy metal. Has a bizarre. So bot like quality yes yes. It is very unfortunate when it comes to yacht rock where you can play an eighth of a second of assault. And he can tell you who it is. The name of the song and whether it is a jam or not a jam it's a game we like to call jam and jet. Very fitting title yes. I will start rob will go second Carol's got two songs ready to play it for a bullet so we're gonna play just a brief clip of assault. Yeah rock. You're gonna tell us who it is the name of the song. And whether it is or is not a chance I'll now. Are you ready ready is ongoing get yeah well that is what a fool believes from The Doobie Brothers and that's totally jam. Yeah. Our job. Paid him is he right agree. Dialogue that I got that mode. Let's start museum at least given brought out the album cuts yet. Rot. Your next up on Jammer know Jim ago. At ten CC im not a lot that's jam. Rod is that correct it is it holds. More. We'll learn. It's exposed to wait too much of this child that's the problem. Blame my parents born. Karen marks. Reading we will read grew up. I have no idea. You have still I let you hang on wait wait wait just a little bit more. Well that's that is an alternate version of Lionel Richie hello. Alternate for yes yes that that's not the album version or the single. Are you serious I'm dead serious. Is that Cameron out of your old Ben hello is absolutely jam there's no question about that. The question is is that actually hello I'm pretty sure it. It's. That's good news. So long now. I'm impressed thank you sir are you ready. Sure. That is somebody's baby Jackson Browne. That's pretty good I might get a gem status. I just remember. Every time that song played in fast times at Richmond high meant somebody was get in on the. Okay our I got I gotta I gotta still not back and you gotta stump stump. If it. That is. Give me a second here. The Steely Dan deacon blues. And. The problem I have with Steely Dan is so many of the songs sound essentially the sound at the beginning out. Mike I know that Steely Dan and which one is wrong. Are right I gave Scott won and I try to think outside the box I noticed your passing notes back and floods writes our restaurant is outside the box here can I care marks there you go first well below this for a parent. Not bread make it with you. That's it Jim. All right we're also continuing. Picture it's like 1974. You can particularly relate to this guy because I know that I don't think conference's twelve notice. It had a thing I was alive you had a thing for bread song I did everything I own wasn't yes I am. Song so David. Yeah I remember you talking about whom does a soft rock moment it goes directly in my final wrap up here. Think about it David Gates to lead singer wrote all the songs can you magic he must've had a velvet rope outside his front door for all the women in. Right. I just downloaded the hard way this one's going to be tough aren't you ready I'm as ready as I'm gonna get. I've sat i.'s Robert John and I knew about great that's totally well. That song now just ham in me by data that was depicting a good job. Air supply even the nights are. Easy. And it's really easy. Reading. While I. Give me a little more. That is time passages Al Stewart I love that's an expected to. The sax solo in the middle. But like you would make the sax solo thing again living in the I don't know it but it but it's all right now. Care you anymore where I'm at the moment and trying to find drugs are known to. Attempted to squeeze that's a jam. Anything would call character on it is good. I get nervous every time we play is unchanged from the text fine he's a complete freak of nature now is will. Probably on some level that I'm I'm probably somewhere. Near the spectrum of non audit. Impair Willy is so good to have you back you were a god among men and very kind thank you. All right so aren't. Paying this is a good one but I saw Stockton. Does get. I've seconds. You gotta get through that we will not be become backed its player. And it's jam yes but I can't find. The aren't they yeah. Is that heaven by Warren's. You see that's coming here medal issue and I don't really know those but. Massacre remembered him not really jammed. I'm sorry as I know you're the you're the medal at the email you mine would you give that can't hold a packed with all that old you are okay and emailing him. Stands out by the way that was sailed on by The Commodores. Are over let's jam play play. Oh my. And we should be at this all night while we again. Still trying to stumping for the rest of the show and here's one night ready ready. I keep forget Michael McDonald. That one's easy. Are. Ready by the way that's good. I realized I had pass judgment on song I just indicated what it was. Oh I love that song that you are bilateral. And and again. That song straight up sounds like 1982. We've already done this song it's still sad eyes and it's still Robert John Deluca. Henry and Dario 300 million. I'm on my own all of that's it on my McDonald Patti LaBelle it's Jim. I have no idea how much like that song. I have an irrational love for that it's green and I've had the time my life bill medley Jennifer Lawrence. Is this duet date now. Great. For the good. Since. That is. By Skaggs. Lowdown in its edging him. I quit I'm trying to decide is fuzz possible name or not. Yeah okay. It's spreading Lamar can't get. That's making love out of nothing at all from air supply isn't really jam.