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Monday, July 30th

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Thames. Drag me. Because I made the. Sorry ladies and gentlemen will spirit is here today unexpectedly we did not think we would have will stir it. But anytime we get we'll explain a little game called jam. Or no jam near the rules will stared has had absolutely. No. Advance knowledge of any song we're going to play these are all random. We will play three tenths of 12 of any yacht rock song. Will stare at them has to Maine the artist. The song. And whether or not said song is a jam. Or not a jam. Now someone on the tech sign earlier said can you please explain to me. What constitutes. A jam or no chance. We're all a jam is simply a song that you think is really really good. And eight no jam is a song that does not meet that threshold. And and let me go ahead say this too sometimes if I say something is no jam all. Does that mean that I think it sucks but it's just does not quite sure exactly it is at a jam now it's not is it branded. I don't know. I mean a few bands reach that threshold right let's vhawks sure so are you had you been given any. Advance knowledge of any song we're going to play zero Coca have we spoke and other than to say hello and hug on the newsroom today. Now okay are you ready yes OK I will begin you get three tenths of 12. Are you ready ready protect here's your first one. Against a lots Phil Collins that's a June Jim and. Nice job. Out Rodney you my friend are next senator fire one right. Eric Carmen make you lose control. Such ten. IQ are you cast by the way is glow GL OW glow. Tech seven to seven to aided one year in the running for thousand dollars. With the keyword to cash are you ready for song number three mr. stern jerk here comes you get three tenths of 12. Paul hockey forget Michael McDonald. Corsets Jane. Sir you know you're yacht Iraq it is impressive. Outlawed. What's your fire when ready please. News and. Our home. That is all that is a non. Regulation version of it might be used by Stephen Bishop. You know I'm studio version feels to us live in the line. Little pinch totally in general. Mean. I nice live mr. stern who are they demanding. Love that song right. I didn't notice. That's why it's a stone cold jam. I think I might have a non regulation song here as well a guy are you read it sure. I believe that's not regulation but I'll go ahead and go for England Dan and John Ford Coley I'd really love to see you tonight. Jam. I was with the that is a non regulation live version of that song I apologize I never heard them for as good now. I was stick on that. Out Rodney whenever you're ready sur fire when ready. Ambrose Zsa you're the only woman a course that's a jam her. That is they're fast. Are you ready. Sure. So number six. I'm all that's The Commodores sale on. Jam. I didn't know one. That's yeah how can you not love I know. Do you. We're paying him if you don't like that song you needed intervention. Nice job my friend thank you guys Joan. I know that I knew it from them from the growth Colbert split exactly on the first funk. Of tempted by squeeze. I don't deepened the ball to try to stump you with one and Scott just don't do that in spite your biggest I don't know. I like going deep in the vault I would love it if you would try his don't make. I'm not gonna happen go abroad has my part way I don't mix up the iron rod doing your dirty work then I got myself. Ready ready garrido. Off. How deep is your love from the DG. That's such huge. Mean. If you. Is names don't hear him. We have Davis started the young love that song. All. Whenever I was ready so stammer and our dads used to do is version of Angel of the morning. That's not a gym and you. Know and not jam not a gym. Don't they don't. Strings and tie you're here. Yeah her rendition is not. Wait a minute not I'm amazed. Her version. Had a version. Merrily rush in the turn amounts can be hit voters in the six Ers rank and forgot about them. Okay. I'm glad you like it. Crap are you ready oh my roommates gonna throw me out of the house now because she's like it's all that's on yes and juice Newton fan girl who isn't. So I'm preparing to be homeless. Ready ready you get two tenths of 12. Jag. I thin and. I'm not a 100% certain I think that's that's what friends are for from Dion Warwick in all those other people's Stevie Wonder and John and last night. And if if that is true it is a jam. Aaron. Away. Ari sadly it's freaky bush had a lot of noise that was 110 of 12 idea to me give you two tenths. While but that was freakish regard thank you. Got 110 of 12 and that's pretty. Don't please. Play you know that you you know and go ahead and do it sky Tom Peters a terror glory of love and that is a jam yeah it is. Been together since I saw him in concert now. Right we we won't Kelly I would go see him. He is also he made that sound very dirty blood go ahead Kelly I want you received here's a terror in concert how what's that all the real he sounded like you I thought maybe they were playing the CD in the background. Do good it was Baghdad I've got a guide next opportunity I'm gonna have I've got to go to yet our here's one for you ready jerked aren't. Cycle was one rodeo one more ready ready Paris to attempt to tens of the second. Cherished by cool in the gang. That's a jam on. Nobody knows if it brokered before Rudd was last month. This is how I picked the song books. Jack I don't pick them in advance and I find one artists like the first I did today was Phil Collins. Against a lot of saw lots. And then YouTube will recommend other artists off to the right sure I just start picking from Matt and I. I imagine not I do not have a preset list all I don't even know the songs until right before a claim for you you recognize them. Reich yeah I can't from my personal lite rock playlist which is also solid sources and terrible price I could I think one song. And which was against all odds today. And then I just go off of what YouTube recommends off to the right and that's so I figure one and replace you next very nice rod. Fire when. Odds are things we do for love by ten CC. I don't know what down ones I Jenny I don't know I don't want more. I'm James. That yeah that was and I'm gonna fire this off so fast again you ready juror who. Now candidate are you ready a month giving another one yup same song dad. Doobie Brothers you belong to no gravity giving other one. All I miss you by climaxed that is so I. Okay. I know right then. I am right now yeah. Think Kansas City ninety point one FM 98 point one FM okay. KM BZ.