Jam. Or No Jam.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, November 17th

Will Sterrett is in the house !!!   It's time for JAM.  or NO JAM....


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on K and easy be strong in the clouds have already invaded couple sprinkles or light greens to the possibility. But warm as temperatures are in the sixties falling down to about 59 degrees. After midnight yourself. The winds will switch to the northwest be very strong during the afternoon hours and actually for the morning for that matter. Much cooler on your Saturday with a high temperatures struggling to get the 49 degrees and cloudy skies. A chance of rain possibly few flakes of snow mixed in as our morning temperature will start pretty cool as well. And then we'll go for 28 in the morning on Sunday afternoon high of 51 degrees as the sunshine returns. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Right now 68 downtown it is 66 in rates down and 67. At your official weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with the news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. You know. Is being done. And aid from reaching Alaska Idaho. It has its moments you give me an honorary first previous week. Thank you. It really long story made short I've been doing a lot of traveling lately and sometimes that means I don't get enough sleep in the process. That's why I. That is migrants. It's not fun. But to. That's that's all I got. Maybe her first wish all of you very happy. For us this Friday. Well come accomplice. That tradition of the as the best. Going up. Yeah I'm. My son tells me don't company sticks. I lost my train of thought. The first bit of. No calling out private citizens corporations by name at number it's for this has been always will be your show. We cannot challenge or grievance. We can ask for clarification we can't child. Phone lines are open if you want him. 5767798576. 77. All right first and first up from the text line twenty to 980 my grievances with people who don't innocent dogs off in the country or and then leave it to caring people to find them home. Here's one my grievances with news website and FaceBook pages. Where the ads were 100 times better and faster than the articles. I did notice that on FaceBook. That they do it let's add it'll come right out but it it's an article sometimes it won't it freezes I don't know an I don't know if that's. I've got a computer story. It. And we're talking about this this morning on this on the which you will be prominently featured this evening by the ways or you. I would even I don't but. Kansas City we can review is celebrating its 25 anniversary tonight. Wrong you are in the opening part of the show you are prominently featured. And so is a very young Christopher Carroll. And loved McCain and I love that show there's old video signal Akerson that's fabulous. The regional. Host of Kansas City we can review and a I asked him as masters and I forget his first name and that's tonight 7:7. O'clock at night yeah between empty suit massacres take it out but. They do a if I may just for certain forward it's the calls. They do kind of era are re wind. You know what has happened over the last five years. And so when you're on the set for those view is always a baseball. When they roll the tape we just kind of look at it TV camera or TV off on an area off to decide. And I I laughed when Chris Capps came on and was he hosts at one point. I don't know he's done a lot of stuff with them over the years ago I don't know if you as a host or not but he is prominently featured. And then out of nowhere comes your face on a dare I say slightly younger ones that are slightly younger. You know geno I also have the distinction of being the only person in the history of that. Television station. To use the word blank her on the show congratulations. That's what it can't blue water on his face. An omen just stick and here's here's the articles look at for the Wall Street Journal. Google and FaceBook. Are tightening their grip on the online ad market with some of this. The duopoly is expected to command a combined. 63%. Of US digital ad spending in 2007 to. Did you hear that yes. If you spend money on digital advertising. Witches say on the Internet. 63. Cents of every dollar either go to Google or FaceBook. It is pricing you don't think the government's doing try to break that up. 76779. Let's go to Scott. On line one analyst. Good afternoon an hour we're doing quite well thank you risk. Well OK I got agreement with both you and which is hard to do because you're so opposite that you vote for match as well. So here's the deal. Quit whine and moan and about paying taxes and fancy for passport and things like that. Because you know what that means. That means you make a living. That means you are able to travel internationally or injure children to international Boyd there as it means that you are. Give me you know you have you your your that they your belt society. Though Pippen on about that that a lot of people that would give their wealth to farms have that problem. Yellow green about tax way yell and scream about inefficiency in government. But don't ever. That's been known about and taxes and bypassed or. That rain grievance that honoring agreements. James in Overland Park. Oh James. Match. Yeah my agreement that gesture and that tries to walk iTunes but that didn't want to cry out. And now I was sitting at a red lies. I can't go to order. OK Margaret I'm annual. Add to his grievance. Can add can't show it gets darker earlier now we all know that name last night there was a. Jogger. Jogging across. Mission road with her little tiny puppy dog. And I tell me about three kids stagger. On the way we cannot see you in the dark. It's dark. And on my way home last night it happened on my way home like Monday night it happened. Where there is a jogger who just decided on on the sidewalk on a cut left and go home. And I thought oh my goodness like Carson like stopping like what are you doing. I mean even if you're wearing a reflective vest I I wouldn't do that aren't 5767798. Or your grievances coming up to smoke here and in parks. Ourselves as dancers as Volkswagen. I am. Love and my Volkswagen and drive around and doubles forty T wanna love that thing it's like Friday almonds long at Kansas city's number one. Volkswagen dealership Volkswagen of Lee's summit. The want and go now get 101000 dollars off all remaining 2017 up to 101000. Dollars off. Plus if you're in the market for a TV was that this Volkswagen of Lee's summit is handing out HDTVs. With every purchase right now. He get your car ED TV Merry Christmas you're done. I love my T one asked them to see Dana's car when you get in there I drove the Annapolis that thing is amazing it seats seven. And if you're listening right now and your little bit upside down on your car I love this until my ex husband assumed it take your current. Volkswagen of Lee's summit will buy your car for its original base MS RP. And they only deduct for a couple things mileage manufacturer incentives and any damage to your car. Let them help turn that upside down under its had to go to Volkswagen a police on just off for seven in Colbert road work to drive tellem you wanna see Dana's car. My mind so much since. The carpets Gomes yeah deserve my friend thank. Aero consumers thank you. Hey I I have agreement and let it. All the guys that are out there are oh. That we're paying taxes. Eat them. And well. Liked. Guy that those girls barrels. Yes. Lamar and calmer Dahmer's constant. Albert he has been since ninety minutes' work. But I am saying continue on. Why are repeat repeat I'd bet row. Or so law. Where. It should bay. Because you know the short answer Mike is were really really good at handing. Down that sentence were really really crappy at converting. Them. I'm Jay in Kansas City hello Jack. Prior outlook and broke. Margaret start in critical group that are. My attitude where it. It was related and Alex or. Little 1% of restaurant. Even up emotionally distraught. I should've shot himself an early on I called him an idiot and he was sitting in church but go ahead. I totally agree with you you know it won't carry guns that are local. It unlawful but I'd want to do agree with restriction and background checks and those that over common sense is that. Are you live Gumball will lock. You make guns on the good boy just like. Current group is illegal and many people were killed every year by people that are and dumping their belt it out our current. It's it's I understand it's cabinet and it sounds agreements if you did not hear about the story this idiot was sitting in church. Trying to passionately. Disgust with the congregation. Why it's okay to have guns and church and why it's necessary to have guns and charities should be noted he was older. I don't care he pulled the gun out it fired it hit him and as it is why what happened was see. Brandish his gun showed it to the congregation. Put it away somebody asked to see you again he brought it out accidentally fired that shot himself madness. Understand your point hike not nothing on that I hope she's okay. Gotten up and does that Christie in Kansas City hello Christie. I. Battling in mind I do go on the well. That you do it murdered Arctic territory are a year ago. And I am out the other guy that was accused. And murdering Himmler. And found not guilty. And can. The other and I couldn't name a quick and prevent or. Violation or handling and other RR I. IGoogle name. And I Annan. No number he ordered he and other people or kayak and a shootout lived. Typically are there. I'll hand it back in Kuerten but we he was our encouragement about my frustration. Yeah might hurt shouldn't. Bangkok arched you know what. BA and everything and actually look at Ike. And she didn't know any other because I read that article actually made the unit that it would matter appropriate by the ocean. What had happened. Like our current pace car you need in order now and he had no idea what was going on. And so now you know I mean I'm glad that you pampered them that wind map out. You know I mean Ed has gotten out many time. And in Eileen operation at least aren't that we are that we know and now he you know he backed out I. Christie and then the families that the position of having to keep tabs on someone long after their case has been through the courts. There should be some automatic notification of some of these guys get out I'm RIR. I'm struggling to follow you were story here so Christie forgive me. And your your nephew was shot and I'm sorry for. And that the person who shot you were nephew. Was already was on probation is that correct. Yet you're not herald liberation okay and and cottonwood fire arm that. Was he. Obviously not legally possess a firearm did he buy the gun off the street. Okay. So that there was no law that was technically broke him. With him Arne. He. No he'd get broken Croatian community not to be handling any sort of. I don't know and and I don't dispute that what I'm asking is in regards him acquiring the gone. Eight dealer did not recall are right. Are primarily somebody somebody. The affair actually sold him ago. What aggravating and Christie it's a good grievance is that these families. Are broadsided. When they think. The person that killed their loved 110 years ago was still behind bars. And lo and behold he pops up in a news story this week because he was out and now he's hurt someone else. And that is. You know I I know that the people the public defender's office are overworked and underpaid and the victims' advocates are spread them but there's got to be some kind of system in place. To notify these families when these guys get out 576 sevenths. And on it early Italy hello Ali. We are. An. Agreement that. About have to travel out out on night there and far between 209. Street. And the port there part XJ. Must outlaw against people coming to ignore lying all. And why they're out for 35 late in order to cut intranet someone that patiently been waiting in the area mall east or urged art light. Should happen at least two times a week I'm talking about a grinding halt. They do not care that their group in traffic and over PP five mile an hour directly behind. And I'm glad I'd brought accord that I really get out and the next and the cap to meet. A. Let me incursion not to do these angry today. Don't you all week I don't think it legal for people to stop or. Is it. Yeah do not ram the car in front. Okay I'm right grade among. Oh. I don't and that card and the card shoot so please don't oh I am the one rat out. Oh gave them. All right. All. Ellie has had it. Who's had a long week. Out to the newsroom will start looking for clues in independence. More next. I know you've heard that Time Warner Cable business class is now spectrum business what does that mean for you well for starters means faster Internet. We're gonna talk about price earn a minute because it's amazing. They have made the best business Internet and voice solutions even better. They've increased their Internet speeds from sixty megs of the 100 megabit per second and they've lowered the price to 4499 a month when you bundle with voice for 2999. A month. They have also eliminated the added taxes and fees at all those other guys charged. And they don't think she signed a contract no not ever. Call 8667 by 09726. Switched to spectrum business today 8667 by 09726. Your business will get faster. No added taxes no hidden fees no contracts. 8667509726. Switched to Specter business today. 530 in Kansas City I'm will starent police and independence open at depth investigation after the discovery of a body. Police say the corpse was found about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon near a dumpster along south plea in court your east 41. Other details like Cabot person died and identity haven't been released. The driver of a stolen vehicle involved in a crash that killed four people in saint Joseph's sentenced to 22 years in prison. Eighteen year old Skyler Lucas Cox was sentenced today for two counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of second degree assault. Lucas Cox reportedly told the judge said he was driving a stolen car the collided with a pick up in Saint Joseph back on April 14. Killing four people who were passengers in the vehicle. A look at traffic and weather together next KN BC news time 531. KM BZ traffic and weather together with major miles. Now look at KMD easy weather with channel nine meteorologist Bryan Busby. Mostly cloudy skies across the area and our temperatures continue to stay in the sixties down to about 59 degrees later on tonight. As far as what we can expect for the overnight hours mostly cloudy chance of some rain showers and few flakes of snow mixed in especially across northern Missouri. This is a workable cold front is moving through. Ahead at the winds are out of the south pretty strong up to twenty miles an hour. After moves through tonight and tomorrow the whimsical northwesterly. The breeze is a pick up to anywhere from 35 to forty mile an hour gusts. Rain showers in the morning couple flakes of snow mixed in but in the sun pops out in the afternoon but the high temperature much colder. Only 49 degrees 51 degrees of plenty of sunshine on Sunday. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist frank does team KM BZ whether. Take a look at temperatures across the metro right now 68 downtown. It is 66 in Lee wood and 65. At your official weather station. I'm will stare to stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ. Dot com. Jim. You shouldn't spill. Here jam. This is too hard. You're too. It's more grievances and here I date. In wind accounting hello did Friday I go ahead ma'am. That mega theme comment on the right. Gentlemen merit chimes so Turkey church. And out basically I'm an it firearms carrier national open or whatnot. I don't hear that my co workers. Look at my dark you wanna see it they showed a ballot suitable hole in most that he comes urged you don't. Just don't let clashes that you shot two people. Keep it in Ulster keeper section. You know having used Chile issues that are wrong. You'll get no argument from me it's frustrating for me as somebody who considers himself to be a responsible. Gun owner. The all the morons who worked irresponsible to give all of us a bad name. I'll give you that because I always say Dave and I don't wanna get you again to gun debate I always saying. How do I know when you're sitting next to me and my children in a restaurant if you are responsible or fewer an idiot there's no way to know. Yeah that's that's an advantage or bleachers just want to churn example of the hands under here my eldest son had a body has come over stay the night. We all too bad I was sitting there next to my youngest boy band. A bullet compression to Mark Shields welcome to find out my old Irish his plan. Was upstairs playing what is. And he discharge missed my seven year old partly to inch its. Did you feel with our own hands. Well. I know there were a lot of bad things are going to in my head at that particular point in term I just. Went upstairs opportunity yet to come back to my house leave and called cops and I'll applaud would polish. Entry into an argument that trio mostly I do. Elizabeth in KCK hello Elisabeth. Try to prevent is within media and how they report crimes that are committed by pat patent. And a lot of people don't refer to that person as that and Madden. Yet in China night or something else that he used at committed an crime they referred to as like effect Specter perpetrate here. Or a knife wielding man they're just trying to be. Not alone I don't wanna say clever but I understand what you're saying. In particular my dream that. Yeah into. Problem almost mirrors of this one Linda in Gladstone she's. It. I dare. And why is. But. Art may. No longer. LOY. Along the ads. Like. You. You know like why. Area. About one thing I. Learned from the right. Anyway I wish that our matter whoever is not that about. I. I'm my peers and my grievances with people who have to back into a parking space. In a crowded line and make everyone else who is trying to park wait while they take for ever to backing him. What is that and I are you driving a getaway car back and now you guys got to back in an ad takes forever it's a big pain in the bud. You know someone very close to me his sister was shot. At Oak Park mall and at several years ago. And she was walking to her car. And the two men that pistol whipped and robbed her and shot her. Were backed into the space next to her car. And as she was a car she saw them sitting there and now that's a lot you know so now every time I see someone backing in I think the EU. Are a homicidal mania you're okay like for example. Earlier today I circled the parking lot and old Ian. To a spot no probable all the way up I didn't back into it I know probable you okay it's the back in. I. Challenged this grievance rods so. Be the arbitrary here. I have agreements with Scott. Not to disparage I love listening to you and Dana who listen you guys all the time. Even went ahead and work while I'm at work however the jam or no OJ. I believe should only be a will stare. He is the master and he is the king of that. And everybody else trying to do it just doesn't seem right. Texting your grievances heard but with all due respect. The only one whoever does Jammer and jam is will stare. Right. And you've made port since added in the have a medal department. The second. Grievance and from Munich Albert and turn back. My grievance. People quick trip who have figured tests. Those cashier's to a great job of getting. Everyone through fast and you are supposed to cooperate. Don't need. To deep pocket for exact change you. You this if you do that Europe no exceptions. It. I grab one coal hello you're on the air. I think I'm glad that black matte black belt but I'd get there. By. Agreement it would the truck drivers they take out all the planes by. They may pick up. Linda Linda. Can you turn in turn your radio down please. Oh yeah I can't thank you I love you guys know pure my favorite thank you. Anyway that fact I. Like on June and never over or on the late July. In my life. Okay girl it's good that he's the girls' urine do you work it. Now one more call before go to the break. Hello you're on the air. Our guys appreciate it shall Mark Greenberg is with the slide by bank. Tree trimming it and control cup means that they'll bite. Take advantage of people's it is my great uncle with alzheimer's. They charge him 9500. Dollars you can now that your. Alone now. Oh. I would try to chase them down and can't find April numbers machinists. Now honey did you what are police report at least please filed police report. We're working on a special warm place for people like that. Amen amen. Amateur work and Q kubert. 5767798. Or degree it's his job and we are government is moment here and and in parks. If the doctor take the center for interest in the 130 that the united and brag about the chilling and I bring it with me to work every single thing and I just it's got to buy an that's. Until someone talks it's really good on its. And that doctor tendency to do that but it's really really constantly so if you are looking for a distraction at work. Right around 3 o'clock 4 o'clock when you get hungry. It is so good it is so good for you is packed with protein and I highly recommend it go on and and ask for that by name you can also go online. And purchases delicious meal replacements top of the line vitamins that I still bring with me to work every single day. I looked better I feel better when doctor takes in my life and were all motivated right now because we're counting down to spring break go NC doctor take tell him Dana sent him. That first consultations free. I have one girlfriend down more than ten pounds in less than two weeks 9138148222. As the number. 9138148222. Tell him Dane ascension. Update on traffic here is major deals. Poll most of people who puts. Some. I really do. It's time we were down at the moment. Go to adjust in it amounts. Just. Our government. My grievances and expected to happen I was born into. Parking lot or what I thought the parking spot and there was someone standing right there like that park right next to his. Post seven Toyota Camry I guess it was too precious to you want when the scratching their. MacBook or harm America. Did have a thin on the back is does anything quite say loser like the fin it's all the back of the 1989. Toyota or Honda. Always is with I don't know expensive it is to defend on the T think enough. Well. It it cuts the cuts down on the air resist apps up. Back into the car or Britney. Does not get more aerodynamic well. An airplane weirdo. Dug in Gladstone hello Doug. A so my agreement is going to be an interesting one but I have agreement with the neo energy drink I got these but Bruntlett for long term. We were the same job intact and we expect import throughout bury him today I got a picture from them. Against the injury he's been drinking too much of the blue mile energy during it was a picture of where keep his body had produced a quick trip that was blue. Yeah this is more stuff that you put in water. I drink of but I guess he's been drinking like one and have government days. And for you. But Doug thank you the description. Oprah okay and do it I don't know I don't. Send pictures on. No we're says that it didn't care. I atrium in the hold Missouri hello Adrian. I even people that Wear white after Labor Day. Abu. Is still think ideas wearing white right now. I know I am not adequately trying Colin and I love you. We we're basically couldn't Wear white after Labor Day yet I think it should LPG Mac diary I did. How out there. After Labor Day. I agree. Get on god and my agreement be people who make arbitrary rules about clothing particular sense anybody. What what is that is their reasoning behind white after Labor Day. Now there is just something else and Canada is honestly it's probably like some clothing designer was like saying hey. We're gonna beat bush and out our fall colors so no white after Labor Day I was back when people drank he and and walked around with her personals aggression holes pars like this city I mean diddley the umbrella time ago. The fact you don't know makes that we are putting your face. Out. Its attempt. She's going to. It's a good thing it would all ignore. They've created this thing at the football games I had yeah. It's called nobody else has gotten. It's called me quite. No they must rip that off my high school that was my high school did that exact same things. Yes so I guess my high school and then blowing or only schools that have ever done that well know your eyes. Didn't do written. You are just jealous that you're not going to the playoffs that's what pisses. Chelsea well first ball we don't play anymore and my daughter's high school is in the the playoffs tonight replacing Tom's point aren't good luck. Food has a second ago. But they want me state championship in 2015 and sixteen my. I'm in good luck T you thank you are you the number of white we're not going to the game. Where it's at home tonight we're gonna watch a movie. Out of Glenda movement and eat tacos. You are going to be racquets. And why is she going to be Iraq said it will be very exciting if they win. I might storm the field I don't know now that. It's the Dana light night. Conserve my energy for world. No it's the I've Dana I have not been to a single frame that Clinton so I need to put everything I have an illness yet so I don't seem like a poster asked her how she's getting to the games are beginning to begin minute well there was a rumor that there was transportation involved and others not distract myself in the sand box that it can get that are more ask her how she is the game tonight. How were you going to get. Howled there was discussion about. Higher transportation. To the game ask what you do root of the sort. Or can you be more specific about the transfer like a long Hoover soon. Boom. Here. Like and it. More like oh the MO my son and daughter who are teenagers are going to be at this game I'm telling you I will be that mom I'm going to storm the field. Oh yeah. Because they need that memory he had eight tiger. Pat anger you then. Not for me a 100% like I've Doug told Henry that so many times that when he gets embarrassed by something I do that she's gonna make me do it louder right and more aggressively. That's not gonna make it stop I have never cheered for the blue valley hikers. More in my life. Tears that I will tonight. I'm like bulletin Randi chest pain. I don't know it's going to be exciting. Are you going with myself and others a bunch of people there. Like is caught longer be there and from okay it is. Webb aren't going to be there and milk to. So wide crowd is known. Each. It's going to be one section doing the wave wind here and get an update I can do that note note that I bring you down really don't care. We have how many or how many players are allowed on each side of the apparently its wealth I learned something to actually you said twelve earlier that was incorrect. That's correct. How much is a field goal words. She. Will one point after the touchdown but two of its by itself. Right to point so yes and if it's an extra point to yes just on one point yes field goal so I meant I got it. And what about a safety how much is a safe test to. So safety is worth the same amount as field yes okay so if you get a safety. You might as we get a feel correctly could pick one. Field field goals were two points and field goals worst where where there were two points that there is just three. Some extra campus next. Solis tonight is creepy song boom. Song like quitting you're my creed well I had did I made a bit earlier this week and it was Roy Moore is Roy Morse favorite song we. Additional direct. Didn't really she's just sixteen yet you'll leave her alone they said N. And the guy's name but while if you wanna look at that video and be completely creeped galleries are about into the night yeah. Us that definitely goes on the us. Yeah he saw her bedroom window of the girls like fifteen. Yet kept the oneness that he's like fifty yet. I want to put this morning and accurate. And yeah. In the middle Gene Simmons says normally sends to girls are image. When I saw you walking at a school that. What were resting site. He says that's at the point though it's creepy guy he's as when I salute you will connect scuba. That day I news. I just had. I had to have. And on their just further outline. That is that day when I saw you walking out of school. I news. I just got at by and it doesn't just have to be songs about guys sleeping with underage girls that can obviously be analyst at just things that are kind of creepy. Or weird. Things that you really shouldn't be singing probably about like 1770. Share pictures beyond their bit like guy every breath you take anything now it's completely agree got a little softer yet ever. Oh what a night saw about a guy sleeping with some old lady. I don't know missiles there it's a here's. Colonel knows Robson. We got to run out the list tonight creepy is songs of all time. On behalf of our producers and they run Babcock and Chris mind my good credit goes data right. I am scuff marks in god willing to back on Monday at 2 o'clock have a great weekend Kansas city police say. And beat good. Happening now on KM BZ four firefighters injured any five alarm fire more on that in just a minute thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.