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Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, August 31st
Little Jack Palmer is finally going home after undergoing a heart and lung transplant just weeks after birth

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Pay their CJ Becker and Alan Shanken thanks for checking us out here at KM BZ dot com today our person of the week. An update to one of our favorites of very very special little boy. I'm comment. And yeah. Now Lou Lou. Our person of the week hit some milestone quite literally a life time in the making a miracle. To start off your Labor Day weekend. She game them yeah yeah. Can't. I'm in. With this on the news line this morning is the father of our youngest person of the week ever chuck Palmer is the father. A little Jack whose progress we've been following since before he had a heart lung transplant a few months ago chuck good morning good morning. Chuck worded you and Tiffany and baby Jack wake up this morning. We are back in Kansas City. Kyra long journey to leave I would and the green light yesterday morning. We could return to hit the city is on there. Jack has always been on the campus of saint Louis Children's Hospital as a first time he's ever been in his own bed in his own home. DL since January 16 is better than they look. And down you know we got discharged almost four weeks ago we had the same local and Saint Louis let them. You pharmacology creole speaking out that we could go ahead and come back to Kansas City and firmer than some of our appointment back to children's mercy in this city and then now we'll do our follow up care or that transplant some parents that. Check talk a little bit about the hurdles that you've had to overcome to get to this point. Well there were. There were days that we didn't object could ever make get. February 2 we actually met with the donor network seemed to see if it's Jack could potentially be at the owner himself he let those six. And what Jack always continue to deal was overcome them and show people that he was strong enough and overcame all turtles. We didn't know he would ever make it to the heart lung transplant less. And I'm sure enough he didn't. We waited it out and we had a great bit of organs. A payment that was willing to give Jack the opening gap ever and it's that the made me eat. Been waiting for that date for a long time. It is. Quite literally a miracle chuck. The other night my wife and I were talking that September stick but when we had. Our first dubbed accord and Eric mixing candidate sitting where I'm. Saying there was a twenty week ultrasound. And that that's where they. Diagnosis art at going to be back and now it's been a roller coaster ride that. Lol lol you're weeks a year later komen our own bed and under one recruiter can't. He said a rollercoaster and that's exactly what I was thinking. What what a ride of emotions EU and your family have endured to get to this point. It's been great week. He can't thank everybody enough so hard that the prayers of the war along this journey since they won. Every night. Decided that we were gonna share our story. Trying to keep. Everybody updated context progress then appointment the things like that was going to be. Typical so Wheeling social media we started a FaceBook page where I'm people could follow along with Jack it's amazing. The outpour of support from people not just locally but across the country and across the world upper deck. As EJ and I both know having some experience with transplants it's not just you put an a couple of new parts and everything's good to go what you'll be. Normal for Jack in the future and what things will be different. You know he is he is the youngest heart lung transplant ever in the country. So unfortunately they didn't they don't have a lot of specifics certain things that they could tell us though of how they. Picture Jack in the future. That they right now feel like he will be a normal child would be continues to grow. Unfortunately. Just seven a transplant is gonna expect all PM. We will have to make sure that he stated I'm sure of any. Illness says. Those things can hamper here is that prognosis. And out. QB and rejection medication the rest of life. So. It's it's not over from here any had a long battle view they keep these organ in the top shape. Chuck we thank you for sharing your story with us over the course of most of this year so far and we are absolutely thrilled that you and Tiffany and Jack are at home. We're gonna keep up with you as we go forward but our our prayers stay wish you god bless you all and welcome home. EJ and aren't we thank you guys very much we think all the listeners that. Reached out and great about our thought about Jack and look forward along this journey. Chuck and Tiffany Palmer and their little son Jack our youngest ever person of the week a miracle. And a blessing. If you know somebody you think ought to be person of the week let us know EJ at KM BZ dot com Ellen at KM BZ dot com. And you hear the person of the week Friday morning it's five to 10 on Kansas city's morning news would Allen and me on news 91 KM BZ.