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Friday, November 10th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. The cold start tour de this morning. Member of the old record for this date in nineteen sit back in the year 2000 we got into the lower twenty's and certainly felt like the teens. Later on tonight I don't think we're gonna be that cold. The winds will swung around to the south and southeast now only allow the temperatures to drop off to about 34 to start your Saturday off. And they gloomy veterans day clouds roll in. Sparkles of light rain and showers can't be ruled out the high temperature only 48 degrees any showers in the early on Sunday 42 in the morning. Afternoon high 52 degrees who does mild up a little bit. From general mine them for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bausley KM BZ whether. She. Or. And. It's changed once. Wouldn't let. Don't list game oval time. Smith that job. I wanna remind everyone how this stupid game got started. It was started on. November 2 of this year. When Dana Wright. Said this. When your program why I don't know I don't know looking at all players' wives I don't looking at all players I'm not such a okay. That chick being chased him down. Who was dating of the time Eric Hosmer. So we've decided to test Dana's lock at sniffing the vet jock. I get a lifeline because Cason and Donald is known as a jock sniffer. She dated Aaron Murray the backup quarterback for the chiefs of the time they broke up she immediately. Went to Eric house that's called in our business a jock sniffer. Not that there's anything wrong with that outfit there's anything wrong with sniff and a jock. So wanna test dame has knowledge and whether or not she can sniff a jock. Are you ready. Is Karen my life spider marks is your life are are off and ran hey there are four shocks to sniff of and it got lay it on me all right. Garrido here is number one Dana right. Are you ready to sniff that jock I am ready. I mean it isn't we talk tomorrow practice. Not a game not a gain not a game we talking about practice. Indeed know. This goes on me it isn't we talk tomorrow practice. Not a game not a gain not a game. We talking about practice. Who. Jock is that Kara. I clearly remember. Him saying that so okay. Practiced. This. Smith that job what it would sport we. Basketball's best locker I don't know that it's basketball. Suits that jock. Oh. Giving me to go to your lifeline on this one I Boeing I'm going to have to go to my lifeline who I remember the story. I remember him saying it basketball players yes are not gonna give it behavior a couple of it and was the NBA yes not thanks Philadelphia 76ers. Guards men have played one year at Georgetown yeah went straight to the NBA. I mean I don't know how many more insight can give you their interview he's had practiced 24 times 2412. Just don't need to talk to him about. Tennis. Well. Kara can use sniff that I cannot sniff that jock. Travis can you sniff that jock. Al Larson. I've tell me it isn't we talk tomorrow practice. Not a game not a gain not a game we talking about practice. Our eyes are you ready to step on your job readiness that another way I rideau. Smith missed. He he he likes college he he he he also wants to see if yeah. No not that bad guy who put up. He's he's power he he he he also wants to see if he can. You know improve himself and hand in his positioning much like frank did last year. Did you not bring big. It's not nice talk about good. Data right. You rates have one more job my. It. To learn foods. To. Outline out top martian moons Holmgren paying. It aren't you taste so good. Elected and who is our use sniff them. That she. Is. Peyton Manning that is correct. Do we go out. Winning record all. We go out with a winning record are you ready to sniff one last giant mine and a love to sniff one more. Bitter right. Smith this jock but what I think is a very noble reason. You said. Folks. The cancer has been in remission for four years. But our cancer. Has now returned. Meaning me you're not worth the chair that you're sitting on with a statement like that with a disease that touches. Everybody. Around the world. Sniff that jock Dana right. Her parents her. And even what sport Witten and Tony are cram and give you a couple of hints okay. Number one very. Well known person can they number two. There was a word used twice. At least twice. In that sound clip that should almost given away all played again and now he's also Brett when I think everybody no reason. You said. Folks. The cancer has been in remission for four years. But our cancer. Has now returned. Meaning me you're not worth the chair that you're sitting on with a statement like that for the diseases such as. Everybody. They interact. Sniffed that joke is that Lance Armstrong and. Included. Sign me. Pound. Rejoices my friends think you have me for traffic. You ought to be the next season and Donald. Why I don't know I don't go looking at all players' wives I don't looking at all players another chick. Let's take a quick look at traffic with major miles. Right after. 5 o'clock news. Scott loves the term jock sniffer because you must have said about forty times in the last segment. Also I think Hosmer and a case of McDonald are still quite. And yes I'll say she is paid jock sniffing jurors are collecting pictures. Cheeks. He kept. 5767798. We're gonna get to the Roy Moore. Your tour right now. Roy Moore his brother. Roy Moore by the way is the enough where are getting into politics percent. I want an intern to string together every single time Scott says that on the show or not drop but. We're not gonna talk about politics but Roy's Roy Moore his brother he's the Republican candidate for senate out of Alabama he was not. The candidate that Donald Trump wanted to win Donald Trump wanna Luther strange to. Kangaroo has been appointed to fill out the term. Jeff Sessions through this election. But Steve Bannon was the guy the guy behind Roy Moore you may remember. Roy Moore. He was the Supreme Court justice in Alabama years ago who insisted on putting the ten commandments on the courthouse yard. Win gay marriage was legal I'd ride in the United States. He said that Alabama did not have to follow is Supreme Court decision so he's a judge he doesn't understand the law correct and Roy Moore his brother is defending the GOP senate candidate to the hilt. Amid the escalating controversy over allegations of sexual misconduct against him. According to CNN correspondent Martin savage who spoke to the brother on the phone. Jerry more firmly denies the allegations against his brother. I don't hang on. And drew an analogy between his brother's situation. And the persecution. Of Jesus. Christ. While. Savage spoke to juror more this morning. One day after an explosive Washington Post report detailed allegations that the Republican senate candidate from Alabama. Pursued sexual relationships with several teenagers. When they were between the ages of fourteen and eighteen and he was in his thirties. Including an alleged sexual encounter with a fourteen year old. Who would not have been at the age of legal consent under Alabama ball. Jerry Moore said and I quote he knows. That the allegations against Roy Moore are not true not true at all. He is very concerned about what the impact is going to be on their 91 year old mother hearing all of this they worry about her page. And her health. His brother went on to say. And I quote. That his brother is being persecuted in his own words I'm quoting from Martin savage here who spoke to Jerry Moore. And his brother is being persecuted in his own words like Jesus Christ why did so over yourself. Very defiant and very outspoken relying on his faith and defending his brother what. Your brother as if these allegations are true is a pedophile because the girl was fourteen at the time. Why would anyone lie. She has witnesses who corroborate her story. From back then obviously there was no one. In the car with them when the conduct actually happened at his house urgently pardon me as house. What are things as a just got in the newsroom. An hour ago where outside and I said. So you mean to tell me a now. How old is she now. 4050. So you mean to tell me let's say she's 45. You mean to tell me in now 45 year old woman. Has come out. To talk about the horrible things that happened to her when she was fourteen. Just randomly. To Roland some politician's career. It doesn't work that way. We're seeing this because of the empowerment in the numbers of victims coming forward either. That there's another bombshell in the last fifteen minutes I'll tell you ER fans. Remember Anthony Edwards he played doctor green on ER yes conducive to sit on top gun. But he really came to fame playing doctor. Anthony Green on ER proposals and others just came out and announced that he was molested four. Years. It's a group of them Scott a group of kids. Taken under the wing of a Hollywood producer. By the name of Goddard is his last and Gary Goddard. And if you looked this up we'll certainly post is on social media he details the abuse. At the hands. Of mr. Goddard for years when they were all Shia starting out in Hollywood. She just starting out. In fact he first met him when he was twelfth. And says that he ran into him randomly 22 years ago Scott and an airport after decades of therapy over what was done to him. He ran into Gary Goddard at the airport and on least. And set I was able to express my outrage at what he had done to me. He swore to his remorse. And said that he had gotten help. So misses this has them regarding roared Roy Moore this has been forty plus years don't believe it one bit. I would remind you at any Edwards didn't come out at age twelve or fourteen he's coming out now I would Roger and I don't know if Roy Moore did this or not. It should be said this was one accuser. I would approach this with a very. Very soft shoe. This is now overnight for women. Have now come out against Roy Moore. And multiple by that I mean thirty people say yes we were told about this when it occurred but we decided to keep it quiet. So I don't know if Roy Moore did or not I don't know. I don't know he denies it. She says he did it that he touched me over my underpants those are words. Three other women have come out and said that Roy Moore did this to me as well. So now you have a total of four women. Louie CK is being. Checked that we re re rack that tape Lou CK is careers now on hold over the allegations of five women. Now I understand your point texture and you can you do have a point this is a forty year old allegation. Keep in mind win it occurred if it occurs he was a child she was fourteen years old. Who does she go to a fourteen. Maybe her parents. I would remind you that the allegations that have sunk Bill Cosby are thirty years old in some cases. The allegations that have sunk Harvey Weinstein which I would argue those of you who were on the right you are more than happy to believe. Are twenty to thirty years old those allegations. We're talking about a forty year old allegation you're right you're absolutely right. And your right texture it could be possible that people do lie right. But we have four women. Who have all identified themselves these are not anonymous sources. These are women who have put their name on the line. Their reputation. On the line and said yes Roy Moore. Sexually assaulted me. That says some now does that mean they're telling the truth. Not necessarily. You do have four women who were giving their names. Who says Roy Moore sexually assaulted. Me. Newsroom here is Karen marks. Water main break has shut down part of state line road this evening one more next. Or thirty drink Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Caremark sermon if you normally take saline road between 97 to 99 street you wanna find a different road tonight's a twelve inch water main break has the large shut down because as buckling the pavement. About eight Kansas City, Missouri water customers are affected. As we observe veterans dame and AARP study suggests that veterans are more likely than most of these scans usually by people who claim to represent veteran is. We got beat that bad. Veterans are being targeted by these artist more so in the general public. Lead researcher reduction ounces vents are likely to trust people that they believe are veterans like them. Let's check traffic and weather together next. KM BZ traffic and weather together here major miles. Clouds on the increase chances of rain will probably hold off until the afternoon and evening hours on your veterans day. That doesn't mean that you won't have missed in the morning though keep that in mind. The morning temperature not quite as cold as what he saw and experienced this morning. Instead of the 20s34. Degrees 48 the afternoon I would periods of rain showers possible especially in the afternoon and evening hours high temperature 48 degrees. On Sunday 40s on the morning afternoon high 52 as a rain moves out the sun returns. From channel lineup for Shiller chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. It's 37 in case the I 39 in Belton it's forty and your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. Yeah. Eagle Vance. Yeah. You've seen. Actor Andrew backhand. So this may. Yeah. Rights and 3791. Scott one woman. The other three just dated him there was no sexual activity was reported they were seventeen. I don't agree with him but it wasn't seventies a different time and a different place. Okay. I am. Maybe you think you're talking to somebody who's a missed warnings. I was around in the seventies granite I was young. I was born in the early in my earlier means that it. 1970s. I was around in the seventies communities. It was not common for thirty year old man to date seventeen year old girls it just was not. Here's would also say you just and I'm not Sonja heavily alive. I would not get into the habit of defending accused at a files and here's why it you know I don't know this Ron Moore from madame others but I think he's a terror and whatever. She couldn't Ron Moore was the on. Secretary went down on the plane. He. Here here is the problem with all of these stories got there is a common theme it is power. Hand. Secrecy. With every single one of these cases. And what makes me sick about this not live and is that there people today actually defending. The behaviors. Said. And I need to look up which if it was a lawmakers on an Alabama. When asked him if this is true. That he. Assaulting a fourteen year old if it's true this is what I said if it is true does it change your opinion. About his. Qualifications. To hold this office. And the man. Looked dead in the eye to that reporter and said no. Said I don't condone what he did if it's true. But I would still vote for him because he's better than the other candidate and I thought oh my passion don't mean that I. To be that guy don't be that guy that's gonna say well. If it's true that he sexually molested a fourteen year old Aaron outs and I agree with that but I still vote. Q do you say that. Well let me bring up two quick points I just made note sort of treated one. Earlier today the state auditor every and that's not a very high position but it is a doorstep. To larger office. When your on the state level Claire McCaskill for example was once observers have. These state auditor in Alabama who is a Republican. Came out and in defense of Roy Moore today and said. And I'm paraphrasing but I'll get it close enough to be dangerous. Again let me preface all this by saying I don't know for a more do this or not I don't know what I find interesting is how quickly people are to come to his defense. With rather bizarre analogies. The state auditor and Alabama. Said today and compare forest. Josef. And mayor. Got married. And gave birth to Jesus. Mary was a teenager. I just tried his issue was seventeen. It was two different time back well no he was arguing that this from this young woman was fourteen years old well marry. Was a young teenager in the Bible. Com. Which is ironic because and I understand Alabama's kind of a Bible Bolten and you know they they believe it word for word that's fine. Not try to get into a Bible discussion not. I'm just trying to point out the amazing idiocy of this comment. If you believe the Bible is true and is the word of god and many of it. Much of it I do believe is the word of god and is true. Let me preface that. That analogy Sox. Because yes Joseph and Mary did get married yes Mary gave birth to Jesus. Jesus was not Joseph sought. Joseph was not the father of Jesus. So. Is that Bible Belt they've got this wrong you cannot use the analogy well you know back in the day back from Gary and Joseph error Robin Miller is he's got. Are you cannot use any analogy predicting analogy you can't use any analogy anytime so what is accused of essentially. Sexually assault Allison rape I don't think he's due to break he's accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen year old girl. There is no analogy to be made through which you'd try to justify that behavior elsewhere and. I also wanna point out and I am I see this as a Christian. I was listening to I think it was CNN last. And they pointed out through a bunch of surveys that they've been doing in the other outlets have done. Conservative Christians which my mother is easily a member. And I think its troop her to. God bless her. As of late conservative Christians have decided. Maybe not. All of them but many of them. That it really doesn't matter what the politician. Does in his or her private life. So long as they can quote deliver the goods. I don't care says everyone on that side of the aisle it was against gay marriage. Are you kidding me I don't and this is the argument that was made last night on CNN it was it was actually very interesting argument. I don't career. Christian conservatives they argued would say I don't care what candidate or politician acts does. In their private life so long as they can give me a meal corsets on the Supreme Court. So long as they can get abortion made illegal in America. We wanna tell you what you can do in our nandrolone an animal but as long as the candidate. Is getting the legislation done. And the laws passed that we want we have a problem with that that argument was that conservative Christians have literally. Sold Powell. I'm immature or censor it. Have sold out the way they feel about it cannon debt okay so long is the candidate debt. Regardless of their personal. Misgivings. Can deliver them what they need. Witches conservative justices on the Supreme Court conservative judges on the appellate courts it's Everett senator. And I actually believe that my mother. My own mother got off saint Margaret of charming. Heard everything about Donald Trump throughout the election grabbed by the by the she said to me I know he is a flawed person. That's what it saying but my mother went to the polls and voted for Donald Trump sort of my aunt who is also equally religious. And voted for Donald Trump not because of his flaws because of what he has. Bet he does right. Because he would deliver conservative. Justices to Supreme Court. In other words the evangelical right has sold out. And are willing to forgive. Anything. So long as whoever you are whatever you power. You won't put a conservative judge on the bench you used the hypocrisy of course. Of course it. I was go to David in Kansas City hello David. I get do. Okay yet. The first order and not use Italian media your okay you not only. Personable and the media on certain things may Craig you want out there. I don't understand how we got to the point where everybody's guilty until proven and we're already locking people away. Probably keep everything like that. History will not prove that people feel like I'm not saying the girl okay I get. We're going on all the track how everything execute them it's all you're right it is what book he's cute he's not guilty. That's true David however we're not talking about a court of law we're talking about his fitness. To serve as a public servant so you don't need to meet the preponderance of the evidence. If I'm voting for someone who is accused of molesting a fourteen year old girl that person is knocking my vote I'm sorry. And then but but at what point do we wait leaders. Who whatever they are statements as that person it. Why does that statement carry more weight than the actual accused saying no I did not. So she turned out as she lied and three other women made a soared overnight. Which is weird could be it brought apple climbed and I'm not defending their actions by any aptly. Got. I am saying we're at the point where no matter what anybody as Josh well off the street. We believe them and character. And eight whoever is being accused. I heard you talk about the Nikkei earlier yeah he came out oh did you know why he's. Try that proper not a sexual Kreider even though I kinda looked like you want. Even. Though we didn't use that power he knew how we talked about accused sexual print I ever. Well I don't know why I do I think I chose the wrong way to mark. Did point out and and you may disagree or agree I don't know. I always like to point out when it comes to politics the amazing. Hypocrisy. That exists in politics. And the way people choose their sides I actually consider myself to be a moderate. For the most part fiscally conservative socially liberal commie would return an anchor. It is amazing to watch with Roy Moore for example look at where. People who are inclined to be a conservative. Are saying welds the Washington Post once it's not the Washington Post is actually for women who were willing to put their names down. And put their reputations on the line who are accusing him of misconduct. Act. And the now gotten a follow me here David hang on let me producers Rob Portman you're welcome to weigh in as much you want. The right jumps in and says awaited its Washington. Post these are just allegations that speech he said she said ball ball ball. And the left is willing to just cruise of I shouldn't say that because of the Jesus Christ announced earlier. The left is willing to run in and just take this guy out and say see he's unfit to run he can't serve an office. And it's amazing in 1992. Bill. Was accused. By three women who were willing to give their names. Gennifer Flowers among them Paula Jones among them. And the right. Was willing to take them at their word. All my gone. These women are coming out they're put their names on the line their put reputation on the line and in the left came out that meant. These are just allegations. There is no way to prove this do you see how frustrating this is to watch. I I do both sides are completely wrong I mean very very wrong for doing that there's no way to justify any. Action I'm just saying that it's until proven guilty of the things how many people lining up prison now because they ended up being. Updated your big get get that. But I will also say. We have women. And I'm not putting these women in the same category that we get to women that were actually exotic pictures. Put their names out there and acute it is prompting yet they rely. On another one got divorced put her name out there and keep a whole threat every match try shut down the. And I and I David David let me tell you ought to us because we got to get the break. When we conclude by saying I'm with I am not ready to say Roy Moore is guilty. Oddities. Or that he needs to get out of this race. At all one times when I'm trying to simply point out is the amazing hypocrisy. That exists in American politics. Where if it's a guy we like whether it's Roy Moore in 2017. Where Bill Clinton in 1992. The sides will hit. But wait they're going to take on that issue based on whether or not they politically aligned with the person accused. If Bill Clinton is accused of right. Will. The left said back then if you remember I was old enough and it was an adult I remember. These allegations of Jones she's. She's. Right was ready music is good I'll just saw some but it is. And you have a more. A woman who says when I was fourteen years old this man sexually assault. Left his. Thoughts. And the Wright is saying. I mean it just it boggles the mind. And it drives me no acts. I mean it's it you. Willing to forgive anything. If the person accused agrees with your political train of thought and that America is a shank. That is odd shape. Yes I just when Anthony Weiner on US. Hit it right here for Jasper is. Just for 3COM. Non screaming. Type of experience. Still Jack's. Series. Reza as is by the way not required but strongly suggested on Friday and Saturday night my goodness they took them on and there a couple of weeks ago. What's Emil we had we left overs which is very rare. Very rare for us at just burst his ball and you is in full swing that six hour slow roasted pork shank yet it's on their. The pumpkin ravioli the lobster biscuit you've never tried the lobster disk with a whip cream on it he's just have to trust me try it it is amazing. Called out make a reservation on 69416600. 8169416600. Or Jasper is Casey dot. Came easy traffic here is major miles. Amongst. The list is running everywhere around. I'd like news Sean in Kansas City hello Shawn. I that article and blog about her apartment about they're Christian not really good program but I'll. What they're politicians are the law here or opt out form. I would. They're clearly I'm not that way I think that your guys need help that they are guilty. And Kurt I put I believe if you're being cute great producer all of good conduct with a minor. Or anybody for that matter are you should be eligible for any topic earlier down there. Well well first of all it can be found innocent of a crime you're not charged. Yeah he's not charge. But I'd I'd I'd I'd caution you about balance on just on on on this train of thought. If the argument is if you've been accused. Of sexual misconduct. That you shouldn't be eligible to run on a ballot that everyone which is accused ever that's exactly right. Everybody is don't anybody who has a chance of winning is going to be accused of sexual misconduct. If right what he's saying is it's not. As if he's accused of cheating on his wife which how many people looked the other way around that Donald Trump. It's it's much much worse he's accused of molesting a child so. If you look at it that way I understand what he's saying that person is not even fit for office it's kind of like what I said earlier I could not vote for someone. Accused of testing it's I can't do it yet we have gazes at Alabama today somehow trying to justify. War. Well. It's a long time ago and his policies are good there's there's just no just that. Alba ploy but before you get all. Problematic area let me remind him. That there were a lot of people. In 1992. Who voted for a man and elected him president. Who am I did not who was a huge post. Re being Gennifer Flowers. Who was accused. Of sexually assaulting Paula Jones. Back is the hypocrisy of which I speak. I'd like your political line of thinking. I'm willing to forgive you of your personal transgressions. I like you Bill Clinton. I'm gonna look past the fact that your accused right now of reaping Gennifer Flowers and probably is. The more your is he's one of these candidates and it happens all the time on that side. That tried it tell other people how to live their lives I want legislate well you'll morality well. But in the back of my car I got my hand down a teenage girls can't miss it and those candidates I. Hate I am using the word hate it wanna tell you what you can do with your lives and. But what's on tote happened somebody write about the but yet apple will go ahead and elect somebody who wants to tell me what kind of car I can drive. How much energy I'm allowed to you news. Whether or not a lot of smoke a cigarette you really comparing energy consumption to two absolutely not Honda and all I'm. And of course I'm not. You were talking about whether what people can do with their bodies I EU portion. What I'm saying is every side tries to tell you how to live your life. The vote the left tells you we don't want you drinking and us are from cops we don't want you drinking sugary drinks. We don't want you driving cars that only get nine miles to the gallon. The right tells you we don't want you to get an abortion we want you to have to put the ten commandments on the courthouse steps they all tell you how to live your lives. All. We want it use cleaner energy. By the way I'm Margaret somebody. Fasteners Fridays next. Add that it is brilliant out wrong you know to brilliant and now. To the newsroom and Kara marks. Happening now on KM BZ an explosion injures two in Texas today and all of mourn axed. 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Private suing Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are two workers injured F.