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Vacation Views with Mark Comfort
Saturday, February 10th

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Deserve. A great vacation pay this mark come for your host of vacation using hate this is. First month anniversary. I just started the first to January 1 Saturday January why did at 2 o'clock here on 981. JMB easy and I talk every Saturday about the world. Of vacations and if you are just tuning in for the first time. Let me give you a little background on your host on me. My wife Mimi comfort and myself mark comfort. Stardom. Are. Life Arco Ridder. In the travel industry in the vacation industry and specifically in the cruise industry. July 8 of nine teen 88. We marked. The 51 cruise holidays franchise in the world. And for the first step back ten years of our. Business career. We only sold ocean cruises and that was our model we wanted to sell just ocean cruises and be a specialist. In vacations but specifically. Ocean cruises and week there would quickly became. One of the largest. Crews selling. Travel agencies. In the United States of America. Right here in Kansas City. In fact we're located at a northern murmur Biden the airport were just one exit south ozone rows or ten miles south of are what I think of wonderful Kansas city international airport and then in 1997 we bought the building that we are in now Tony thousand square foot building we occupy 8000. Square feet that we have 29 employees. Including Mimi and I. And we. Have been in business this is going into. The 29 full business going in north thirtieth year now and we have expanded our. Business still specializing in vacations. In ocean cruises. In river cruises and by the way river cruises right now holy cal last. 045. Years river cruises have been without a doubt the fastest growing. Segment of the entire vacation industry and you'd never. General cruise let me encourage your put that on your bucket list for workers in actually has the highest. Rated satisfaction. Of any kind of vacations there it's. And then the third kind of vacations. We do is all inclusive land based resorts. Employee in Mexico or to maker of the Dominican Republic heard throughout the Caribbean. And one of the things we've been known an awful lot of lately so we've hired a couple of people that specialize. In the areas of bomb customized. Vacations. So you could see your your wanting to you've always wanted to do paerson near. Whoever you're traveling win maybe is always wanted to do. London her dog her. Rome and then manner we can put those trips together for you and not a problem at all we call those customized. Vacations maybe it's just the family. Maybe it's a group of friends. Doesn't really matter whether it's to our one. Or honored harper her 500 we didn't take care that matter veteran surged by the 500. In our 494 years in business there. Largest group I've ever done we'd chartered an ocean cruise ship we chartered one of celebrity's. Version of 17147. People. But we do these I have ship charters on river cruises all the time I'd US now hosted groups for column now all over the world. Backed in August of this year. My wife Mimi and I are taking a group now about a 110 people listen that's. Ten people on Holland America. Their ownership cola co owns them out of Amsterdam and August August after the nineteenth. Going Iceland for four nights we use the cruise ship as our floating resort going around that incredibly popular island right now. Then we take it to Scotland. Three nights there we're gonna see the military tad too. That performance of military. Bans fabulous fabulous and then we will our goal to northern. Scott on CV islands over Norway and she goes unbelievable. Some of the most incredible scenery Arab ever seen in the world. The orders of Norway. Am a white just you get a little little credibility. About me I've been a 101 different countries. Men on in well over a hundred. Cruises. I'm I haven't even counted the all inclusive resorts have been too I shouldn't do that. Probably approaching. Eighty different all inclusive resorts things like that so. Myself and our company. We pride ourselves in being able to help you. From first and experts and there's a lot of travel agency is out there that have had as much experience as we have that are is carrying. As we aren't finding the right vacation for you and matching you up. What's absolutely the best vacation for what you're looking foreign for the budget you have in the time you have budget of dollar budget of time. And the other thing we we we do a lot of is weren't very good. About com. We do events all the time. The second Saturday of January this past. You're what 33 weeks ago we. He had about a little over 400 people at our office to cruise holidays office interstate 29 and 72 street. For what we call our make Haitian extravaganza seminar and sell we at 818 different vendors. From the ocean cruise industry the river cruise industry and they all inclusive. World where their tour companies. Wholesalers. To help. Find you and teach you for their summer is all about their vacation options and then you can invest pricing available. What we're doing something similar to bat this coming. Tuesday. At 530. And now at 330 we just added a second seminar to we sold out of the 530 time frame. We are doing what's calling on stage Alaska. Seminar and sale sponsored by Holland America line. And that setback Cabela's. At the legends. You must stars BP. We have Marty sold out of the 530 show. And we've started the second show at 330. Again Tuesday. This coming Tuesday February 6 and the Holland America. Line which does Alaska the crews and the land may be better than anybody in my humble opinion better than anybody. They are bringing in their own guys in their own people who take. You take other guests all around Alaska showing their own pictures our own videos talking about their own experiences. So you know exactly. What to expect when you go to the different parts of Alaska. And I'll be there of course is what my staff. They have sale pricing there it's called onstage Alaska. Pricing for new bookings only. And they are very very good as we are that's what we partner with them I think this is our eleventh year of doing this within. I'm. So he can learn about this incredible destination malaska. Learn all the options you know others. Cruising you can do roundtrip cruise in Alaska through the inside passage even to northbound. Seven days from. Vancouver or even Seattle up to. Seward Whittier which is the port city for Anchorage or you can do southbound starting. Sort Whittier going to Vancouver Seattle. Or you can do it northbound or southbound and add a land tour tour and there's so many different options and that's where the value for professional. Vacation specialist like us at cruise holidays. We can help you. Planned the perfect. Alaska vacation for you like I said our river Cruz and if you govern Alaska. You need to put it on your market Lester if you bowing down and Alaska cruise you need to do the Alaska cruise. And land. If you don't or cruising to figure don't. They've got three day reporting cruises and a lot longer land all of these things we can help you learn about we are open until 3 o'clock today. Give us equality won six. 505151050515100. If you want to come to the seminar at 330. This coming Tuesday the onstage Alaska seminar. You do need to RS PP 816505151050515100. And you've heard me say it before. You deserve a great vacation. And we'd love to help you. State and I'll be right back. Welcome back to make Jason here's our unknown. Super Bowl weekend can you believe this is the the Super Bowl weekend pair met everybody up there and audit and why what everybody wants New England lose I want New England lose unless. If New England went. And Brady and Belichick both retire or are we okay were that women. Everywhere let's move on. This is Asia and other show about sports this is the show about vacations. And you deserve a great vacation it would be right now mr. Travis through our Royal Caribbean cruise liner represented the Travis it has been a heck of well Jenny or just past does but my gosh what a January we have did you believe I'm busy ones. I could not believe it and to be 100% honest with the I have to go back to that sports car that we kind of opened up with. It can it doesn't matter who wins this weekend because Archie speed them both. This slack here so we are you know on the ground to you know change the NFL so I regard this this. I was with that then died yet an accord anywhere turnout for the show is absolutely amazing and I've never seen so many people. Being able to that ask or closely and and also has our appetite summer of 2020. And it just tell there's people will confer all part Tibetan vacation and I mean that great. All I mean Travis is cold weather that we've had no doubt about it people. And make decisions so many times people do. Where they just can't plan far ahead or cold weather makes them wanna get out here. And I know we get this all the time I know you get this all the time that are big show you got a lot of people that wanted to get out. Out to the war in February or in March and April and may or were planning their family's summer. Vacations and of course we always get a lot of people on Royal Caribbean more than any other line that new Fam we're reunions and we see more and more of those family reunions. Being done. At the Christmas New Year's time of the year. But Travis that is one thing I think broker being specializes in you all have done such a fabulous job. Of designing your ships for. Everybody if it's adults only there and have a great time on any roker Caribbean chip if it's a family. We can find a perfect family venues for you on any Royal Caribbean ship. And if that's a solo drop or there's ways we get all solo turmoil on world criminal law bump. And just love that and again like I said these family reunion sometimes we call multi generational. Get togethers. Royal Caribbean is absolutely perfect for and I will say this in our 29. Full years in business. 28 of those 29 years Royal Caribbean has been our number one ocean cruise brand as far as selling and that is true because. Royal Caribbean we believes get gives you. The best experience when you put it altogether meaning. Food quality. Mean service. Meaning entertainment. Mean mean the ship itself and of course the destinations to were Royal Caribbean goes. So Travis we rate you are straight day as far as a great job in satisfying customers and are satisfactory rating is always show they hearing your album that. Well actually I mean am I mean memorable we've definitely appreciate all the help from cruise holidays over all the years. And you know this partnership we have it's it's it's just great because all of your guess have the greatest things to say not only about. Vacation planners over records politics but also their experience and that's why there's such a low gas we got to feel lot of Mo British show. But eight candidates talk about two point of the senior unions it. Absolutely sure you couldn't be more certain in the news just came out. This week because. We need that you mainly known for you know seven night and we vacationed there's some for the whole family but you know we know we don't really just out there and that's kind of why we announced just this last week that we're gonna couldn't ninety million dollars. QE revitalization. Process for a large ships called the mayor owner of this T which will be home ported out of Miami and later this year. And it. Usually and smaller ships there's sort of a stigma about you know not really for you know. People looking for that walker being hyped experience there's there's short cruises and then there's a longer Cruz for the Stanley but. What we're doing with bishop I mean we're putting on the perfect storm water slide and won the better on our our our new ships were putting NL leader tag if something called battle for planet lead. So we're gonna have a laser tag on the air there's going to be a low rider search simulator on the air now illegal. Sky high Skype added something it it got. Bungee trampoline virtual reality experience there's so many cool things that we just announced that are going to be on this ship and it just goes to show that. In addition to innovative ships and always going bigger and having like the next generation the next class action that we're not forgetting about bishops that we dirty have Earl that we wouldn't be putting ninety million dollars. Into having one of our share. Able to deal that there's something for everybody. That people all ages to come on the ship. I love at the press release shoes sent out says. Here are some of the border busting new features that you just described the bid Oly gal. That's on top of the ice skated raid the rock climbing wall everything else a Royal Caribbean has. And and very very true for the people who just wanna get away for a long weekend we know millennial are doing that more and more. And Trevor I just think this is great because this is gonna start in June and that's right perfect for the family on time of the year as well as adults only get aways. Exactly and again I mean will we get later on into the year. I think it's something about like the trigger when they get a little cold outside you know that's that's why there's so many people over art show. You know when he would cold outside the divorce earlier publications don't even later on in the year just know that even though would certainly be cold up in the midwest I'm Miami's a pretty solid seventy degrees year round so. If you want that kind of risky too cold there so I mean the Mariners disputed town there's gonna be a great option in addition all the other option means that we were perhaps 47 ships. The very end that all over the world there's going to be shut conferred firms something for everybody. There really isn't I'm Travers I like the options you have going to Cuba a lot of people are wanting to go to that new destination I think that's exciting and then not. You talk about that's just just a minute as well as the other Caribbean destinations because some people might want longer than just weekend get away. Absolutely I mean in originally we only had the empress of the feast. Doing the Q by ten area but now we just now to the majesty of the seas will it be and doing Q by ten career resemble or when we first card Cuba travel. We only had a banner as the one port of call but now we've announced an additional. Two times so you're able to go to use pinpoint those in Cuba and also Santiago thick it's as hard Yemeni Cuba. And there is short skirt and available at both of those. You ports of call in addition to you don't want to overly enamored and there are so many different options they're there could be yet. 498. Over senate and it just overnight and there could be an 898. Cuba Immersion crew I mean there's so many options and all those solid deployment is available. An old cruise holidays patent problem or an Olympic something that the and we would interest then. That's one of those detonation then it's so new it's like any time and you really wanna go there as soon as possible afford to commercialize and you know. Dead that it can be secret doubt about it so it's it's a really really cool experience. There actually were finding some of the prices have come down quite a bit in Cuba do which makes it a better value than it was say a year ago. Absolutely now we have a second ship doing do you live now there's a lot more. You know. Option to go and there's a lot more inventory that going to go to Cuba is so what are we going one should be you know there's little the price is or what they were but now you have a choice between silk. Did you ships that word just recently revitalized. And you know. All all the Cuba has offered such a unique experience. And yet the prices are great now I've got eighteen interior state rooms where upcoming Cuba cruises further east multiple. Imports and you look. Starting out at about 8500. Per person. And and again there's so many different values and you know discounts and certain things to cruise holidays is exclusive to having. So it's it's actually really just a matter of picking up that phone and calling your vacation planner in addition the cabinet gets started. And Checketts and now. And and Travis let's say I'm not forget about the rest of the world Royal Caribbean although you have Caribbean as your middle name. It's Royal Caribbean international and you do go internationally dodger. Yep that's why we we did it over 280. Ports of call. Cost seventy countries. Last year alone and again were always adding new port of call or always adding new things won't and can't concur our own private islands and such an adult Coke OK and over in the Bahamas. It by this in June we're going to have to aid. Actually let me you know implemented over at that and as I went so there's not going to be any more tendering look a little sit back and forth and possibly missing matzo. That's another added experience that we can ensure that gestured to be able to go private I would not have to worry about whether you know looper when the next day. Well that's a big big deal and Travis Hewitt just mentioned how important it is I know you feel this way nano yet a lot of people ask you about whether it's worth that to occur for a client to book where the professional. Travel agency travel agency that's a vacation specialists and in bottom editors so what's your answer to that. Had in the age of technology where everybody thinks the info was so easily attainable everybody knows what they're doing when it comes to a vacation when it comes to us. Special right here in. You don't wanna leave anime and just suck and they used to pop up on the Internet and you know you'd think the good and take care of it Pavel one of the many media streaming experience to cruise holidays vacation patient. Be able to. You specialize your vacation because there is no laughing you wanna do is take a risk on something that you and your family. Our county having this in the memory for a light. On the. And drivers we most certainly know that it is fascinating to me how many people have tried to do it on their own and made a mistake cool weather is with a non line agency your book indirect and they thought they get a better price and they found out they didn't then they found out they didn't get the kind of service they wanted. And out in many cases we even have more value add heads then does Royal Caribbean on their own when when they out. When you just go to their website so there is so much value in a professional. Travel agency one who's specializes in vacation and one who knows in this case the Royal Caribbean brand so much. Trevor as I wanna say thank you for having me on and hey who are you pick him for tomorrow's Super Bowl win. Like mark I've learned you can't bet against Tom Brady I don't like him eat it. When he can't bet against them especially after last year but that's what the chief speed and both anyways that mattered. I like get bad again attitude Travis for Royal Caribbean thanks for joining me and have a great week embodied. I don't do assume this is mark comfort medication abuse and remember you deserve a great vacation. Welcome back to vacation kansas' mark comfort your hosting you know what you do. Deserve a great vacation and hey what's on your bucket list. It is always fascinating for me is my wife Mimi I own cruise holidays Kansas City and comfort George and travel. And I always find it fascinating. Where people. Are wanting to go where there. There is strips are what destinations are popular. And sometimes. Your over a year. Thanks Davis and and sometimes. They change. And you know we like to keep up. With the changes we like to keep up I had a were people wanna go. With the trips that were hosting where the vendors that we do business where because you know what who whatever does Ken where murder is. You wanna go in the world. We want to help you. Palin wins me right now is that Robin piper and rob and represents the globe as family of Brian's. Which is. Globe as to worse you've probably heard a globe as the largest tour company in the world the two sister companies of globe us monuc grams which is a more independent kind of travel and cosmos which is a little more budget oriented type travel. And then there were cruise line called Avalon waterways now bitch you've seen. Avalon waterways. Advertised on TV you've probably seen it locally here in Kansas City. We do a lot of advertising. Four and with globe us and with the Avalon brand and you've probably seen nationally so what are you like Robin hey welcome to vacation views. Art. And by the way before we go any further I've kind of got my mind I'm football this will be the last time until maybe August who are you reckon in the Super Bowl tomorrow between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh that's right is that because the Philadelphia and coach came from Kansas City. And worked on Andy Reid. It at. The that he do just the larger memorial mourners who wants somebody to meet the patriots a let's kill let's give the show back to to medications. And Robin you were just at our extravaganza. What I guess who's three weeks ago today. It's just fascinating. How incredibly. Popular. The vacation industry right is right not I do not 129 full years and businesses actually is our 30 January. I do not know or fight ever remember January. Busier than this and I'll work. Sales showed it but did you find that to be Trevor were Robben. Absolutely you know I cover a pretty wide range. Eight and it is kept them at. Miller mark to start off so I'm really excited I so excited to see all the people extravaganza. People are ready to book they had good questions. He knew exactly what they want to do that. Way. People literally don't they they come in with a bucket list they actually have a list of medications. Destinations that they wanna go to the world and Robin with. Without the globe us and my programs and cosmos till your land based let's talk about that before you talk about river cruising. What did you find any. Parts of the world that may be were more popular than other parts of the world. You know right now com Italy and just skyrocketing aren't going to art trap destination. It's growing even more this year. Because we also. Started the need an English twelve no itinerary is on globex. That are just. So neat because they kick you off that. Beaten path you know your your you've got an early look for needed brown Florida Nevada. He wouldn't get that need sparkle Lee now ordered the elite I appetite to do that we've got great word that our our. I don't area. I was talking to your vice president sales. Paula Hayes who we have known for a cash corder the century. Very good friend of ours very good supporter but she was just telling me how shocked. And the response has been positively. To this off the beaten the odds that trips they you have all over Italy that is not. The nucleus of Florence. Rome and Venice. You know it really is interesting and what I think about is. Eric traveling in the summer which is very popular read all the more and more popular. Don't think you are going to be crowded. Nobody likes it out on vacation. If you're going in to one of the twenty cities that we offer. Many of them no other track for your op urged we're looking at Luke. And Dan Marino. In Genoa. And really got and any act or you can really hunkered down in just have a nice high. Or Robin I'm looking through that off the beaten piazza. Broke shirt they use centers it's just fabulous. And I got to tell you because I and I told you is before. Sicily and terror amino. Within Sicily is one of my favorite places kind of an unsung part of Italy that very few people know warning about and terror arena. Will blow your mind how incredibly spectacular. It is NIA. I just like this. The Sicilian. Tour that you got its all around the island of Sicily are cool is that. Hello leaning out yet how many people say I wouldn't go on vacation to go learn about where Mike Italy came up. You know. Not a great Italy came from Rome or combative. Your Italian still you know we can really get out we've got a great cop a store which is warming cut any. You get to stay in my he need for all the night you just do little bait trap. Now you're packing unpacking one. Is you know your way rector hotel do you have everything right here at your anger at. I I'm just looking through these these. Your brochure right now man I gotta take my love Italy and everybody does everybody that goes to Italy loves Italy and you are so right so many people. That's pretty much all they've seen her 80% of what they've seen of Italy and that is Rome. Lawrence and medicine man nothing wrong without at all but I sold Kurds people go back conceit chicken terror. Or go to the mall feet coast. Org role like they sit down to the boot heel down the Sicily and see. That part a middle either or or east. Italy their soul much to see some that you maybe you've heard of but just to know one thing about some you've never heard up. That will absolutely be so impressive meant. And I I might my compliments to you guys for doing this and more more people I think Robin I'm seeing in this wood river cruises. Light to see the places that are local the places that. Thousands and hundreds of thousands terrorists do not go to and are you finding that to be true. Politically you know we even gone a step further with our river cruising I can change your. Out on our act at Everett and hearing on the Rhine and the ANU. Now many people ever done the right Robin I don't wanna I don't need to go back except the other eight. We're doing apps that we don't want any of our other writing you know we go down to Frankfurt. Act and that they get a report. I asked for recruiting and been popular. Again the crap out if everything went import. We will talk about the same time it's creepy so we have great aimed at oak. Over in Europe are looking for these hidden yeah I am for a come shell our customers that you let him. AM and Robin on that I was just fascinated as I always am with how incredibly popular. The river cruise industry still is we have done such a good job as you know. I'm selling Avalon and all river cruise lines and there always seems to be in new river for those people that are very well travel but for those of you that haven't I really encourage you to make your decisions just as soon as possible. Because Robin tell me of this is true or not I know what is. Availability is a heck of a lot less then a was a month ago when it's going to be a heck of a lot less. In a month from now than it is now and that just means price goes up as availability goes down correct. And it actually correct you know we'd like you feel good value. By early bird does a warm every time I ever present. Well I'd I'd guy will tell you it hit river cruising has become my favorite way of vacationing. It's just such a leisurely yet you see a lot. And again like we were just talking about. It always always impresses me is that does our clients the places they never heard how many times. Are the places that they remember most when their vacation is over with and yet you still look at the Prague to the Budapest story that. Paris says are the marsh say here than these are them in the honor our old whatever it might be pork total has been. You name it. Holy cow what a great experience so if you're interest and river Cruz and I liked it. Tell people we are a result is Kansas City the river cruise experts so please call us and let us help you win. Any kind of river cruising you want to go on I I've been on almost all of the reverse myself most of our staff has. And out we most certainly can help you would any kind of river. And any kind of river cruise you're looking for and Robin. I'll last but not least you know. I think let's tease our audience just a little bit yours truly here. A month I skews Rea a year from now in this month of February we're going to be doing something and South America that's kind of fun and say a little bit about that without giving it away. Well I'm very excited easily you Michael lying. But aren't new sculptors. An extra order of about hurry up and get booked on that re never told here. And I you'll be hearing more about this hour we're gonna do something and in the Argentina Chile and area and let me give VA hit mall back. Mall back. While back fence that that's brilliant yet there will be talking about that more as time goes on but I'm so we're excited about that that's a year off this is excited about. More on these troops is the people on taken on these trips Robin I know you do to what they were coming down the last thirty seconds of this show Robyn any. Other words of wisdom you want impart upon our audience. You know there's a lot are not the world but travel is always there to cheer you up so. Book a vacation. I I think that's great advice and more and more people are doing that now we see that from all of our vendors. People are Macon vacation as a priority and I'm so thrilled about that. And were open today until three if we can help you we'd be happy to it was six. 505151050515100. Robin piper thanks for joining me and we shall talk to you soon. Oh. Philadelphia Doreen Eagles. Welcome back to vacation muses is markup for your most. And you've heard me say it a lot you'll always hear me say it you deserve a great vacation and you really do. What are your bucket list. They are really encourage you have a bucket list there is something to that. And you cannot believe it's. In the 294 years gone on thirty years we've been business how many people actually come into our office with a printed out. Sometimes handwritten sometimes typed up. That list. Of these dream vacation places they wanna go so what's on your bucket list. You know we have a lot of people that are. Very very very well traveled. We have a lot of people that are going on their very first. International vacation. Maybe it's an all inclusive resorts in more. Rush we do a lot of motion cruises as first. And maybe it's riddled corpse it's just fascinating how many people are going on we're for cruises right now just fascinate. And I'd Packard told you earlier I love river cruising they're all good. By the way. If all you know is viking river. You all what to yourself. And talk to. A knowledgeable. Travel agency. That knows the other river cruise lines just to be sure were. That you choose. The choice it's truly best for you. It might meet. Viking river it might not be. But that's our job. Aren't you know might be Royal Caribbean ocean cruise line. It might not be the secret to our success. Or the last morning nine and again going on our thirtieth year. Is to match. You up. Would do what's right or you. It is why nearly 70% of our business. Is still repeat business from our incredibly loyal. Customer base and the referrals. That they sent us and send us every year. It just is so if it's just faster and I have people all the time say mark I am so. I'm pleased to find out about you all because. I didn't know there's anybody that knew that much about the vacation industry and I hear this all the time mark you made it so easy for us after. You know my wife and IE if it's a dire my asthma and I've it's a gal why it's it's I have spent so many hours. On the Internet and candidly work. Urges kind of kind of confused. And people get the way I get a people absolutely get that white and I do remember holy cow. I'm CNET I'd know what happens. Be careful of Photoshop to pictures. They do what these vendors Stewart I don't like. And they have people employed and listen to this. I know for a fact. Some of these companies employee people to write good reviews. About their property. Acting as a vacation vacationer the just left their. I fall to take about fake news. And also what's even worse I just hate this epic and so wrong but I know. There are companies that do this they write bad reviews. On their competitors. Is just horrible I just absorb. And by the way be careful the star ray. I can honestly tell yeah I think that will confuse you more than anything. There's a lot of resorts are rated five star or four star for a half stars that should. Be one star less or more than what they are. But because they follow the criteria the rating system. I am is so wrong to me when you get credit for having a lot of restaurants. One restaurants don't offer. Very good service serve very good food quality academia for an after a five star. When you don't have but average. Food quality and so perhaps that's that's to me absolute wrong there again. That's why you need to go and talk. To the people. That have first and experts that know what they're talking about that sell these different destinations. I have so many people. Ed thank me later on after vacation they came in or called us. From with a thought process of one destination or one resort or one cruise line in mind we felt that something else matched up better. For them. They took our council. And they ended up being so placed and that makes me so happy that has happened so so much that's our job. They we know beat a retailer. In a travel agent. Is a very easy thing to do you do right now that has to do what's best for you match you up with a what's best for you by the best price best. Odd value. And guess what will earn your repeat business will earn your referrals that's how we grow. OK I wanna switch gears again this Tuesday. Onstage Alaska if you ever wanted to learn about the destination of Alaska. Please consider. Coming to our event on stage Alaska this Tuesday. At 330 at the legends. Are 530 shows Carty sold out. You do have to RSVP. Please had 816. 5051510505. 151015. Jurors are. Or you can go to cruise holidays. Casey dot com cruise holidays. JC dot com. The event is done. And sponsored by Allen America and neighboring and there are. I guy aids that take. Passengers customers through the inland part of Alaska. During the summer months beyond that the season to Alaska is mid may through mid September. And then they come in the winner like this where their pitchers would videos where their helpful tips of what to Wear. What to do what not to do what not to amassed all of these things. That is so valuable. And they bring more than special. Bonuses added values that they offer for anybody the books. A Alaska cruise or cruise to. And then what we do is weak they along with us occurs always trying to make it easy to understand the differences between the different cruises. And the different crews. Who worse that's the crews and the land put together. That's a big big deal so RSVP plays if you wanna come to onstage Alaska this Tuesday. February 6. Those 530 events already sold out at 330 event we have space. And last about an hour and then will have questions and answers. Time right after that. Less but I at least if you are snow ski. Or wanna take your family or know of anybody this we own plays Mimi our own place out of copper mountain check it out if you don't mind we have a great virtual web site. Comfort. Condo. Dot com comfort Condo dot com beautiful or better place ski in ski out in copper mountain Colorado in between. You know Breckenridge and keystone and mail. Item between the two. And we have availability yet cash we have somebody cancel next week the six in the fourteenth these Q gold and fifth. Collison occurs holidays asked for me or Cindy. It will make you deal you can't say no to we also have some spring break time in March march 21 through the for April 1. I we have time march 2 through the tenth. So. There's nothing like a ski in ski out place by the way we have a lot of time in April. Available usually they closed around the eighteenth to the twentieth of April and that area. Got a copper mountain Colorado normally gets a winter snowstorm in late march early April. So anyway. Whatever kind of vacation you're looking for week would be happy to help you. And we'd love the opportunity to earn your business and I just wanna say thanks per tune in this Saturday. And every Saturday here on 98 point one came easy. You deserve a great vacation and we want. To help you. We wanna match you up with what's right for you now you play the best vacation for you no matter whether it's notion Cruz river cruise or all inclusive resort. Just remember you deserve a great vacation. Yeah.