It's been 16 years since 9/11...

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Monday, September 11th

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Our man living in north toward out of Florida and parts of Alabama and Georgia. Major impact so happening before parts of the Carolinas. Or there was some of the flooding we've had major flooding in Jacksonville and all that rain is spreading northward in places like Atlanta. That circulation is sitting there. And we have high pressure sitting over us and it's not moving is a religion dry weather for the next several days here in Kansas City sunny and eighty this afternoon down to the upper fifties for tonight. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more TN BC weather. Eighty downtown. It is eighty of the big airports 79 at your severe weather station. I'm will stare stay connected Whitney is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. So let's go thank you obvious and Austin, Texas USA. Oh hole all cue ball somewhere Graham you know am I had no idea what I was getting into when it went there now that is a great blow my god rate we're Kelly and our don't know on the next month real after weekend. Also agreed Saturday. Yeah did you go to San Antonio I did not know four or five that's what I know but it was were down their for convention and it of them go go go. Sell off generated so I'm absolutely. Nets at jam. Can't we try from Dan hill should throw the yeah they're not. And you don't wait before his wayward. I thought you yesterday that was why I was listening to eighties on a Villa and Dan hill and Fonda Shepperd yes. Can't we try which I think may have peaked at 28 on the chart. On the pop chart it was it was an adult contemporary at its core courses big Kmart and I thought of your Mike I'm gonna remember this tomorrow because I know will stared back from vacation. And I'm gonna hit him on damn bill and Bob Sheppard and there's no way. He's gonna get I may big time fan of Dan hill and I must say not to inject race into this. But whenever I saw a photo of him and saw that he was a black guy I about passed out you've got a lifetime yeah. What are we got I think he's really dirty Higgins. He's already let's be honest he looks like birdie. Maybe a little local Largo they're doing as the. Did you. Sure it's like. Schemes and resume its. Oh yeah. I know. On the so are you sure you don't wanna play the rest of that. So here's what I mean it's so that I know there's nothing bad about them you want a couple of other songs because I just love doing your notes that. And it doesn't mean when it. May you not think this is a Jane yes Tex line I do believe fund to shepherd was on Alli McBeal. She was I believe so. Not a 100% on that but maybe ninety. Constituted jam on your book today. But let's see if we can do this Redick ready you're gonna get to. See. It's a little tougher than normal summit to give you five tenths of once so. I guess I have a second and ready ready. I'm actually get Neill Morton. I'm right that is that is now. To a gym. We'll that what did you go ahead and tell nasal area. Not a. This song. The weird video with the angels floating above the bed with Joseph Perry and yes little weird roasted tolerant little weird. It's generally speaking Aerosmith is not gonna get jammed stats at now I'm too hard. What's typically too hard blow to hard rock park bright got a team ready ready I'm gonna give you. Three tenths of 12. Guy. That's Elton John's against says what he called the blues and that's jam yeah. I actually was here that's wrong and it's competition. I did not win. Three and they were not into the jams apparently. Well. Yeah. Having kind of an impromptu chairman to Emory and here but I don't care. And Toledo. Rods and once we right now are you ready writing notes known familiarly. Whenever I was ready you who. We've done that a million times before it's Christopher Cross Arthur's theme and it's still a jam. You've got that off one GM and that's all I need the stats on generics. And let me go and my personal honor and I don't want form. Not what's wrong what's going on. There's there's there's some breaking news normal what's going. Again. Our review and yeah having self or are you ready ready I'm going to give you. Let me give you sport tenths of a second ten. Tell me if this is Jammer knowledge and your reading ready. I had to Powell heart and soul that's a jam. I got it. Rob got one more lot of viewers that you got all the what is and what is it it's a song that's I have my own personal archives of light rockets as you know yes they're yes. I I think I got a little something and it rod Unifirst. Ambrose your biggest part of me jam its. Total James museum revisions. Or it's it's not and not my clothes yeah. It's part of me you're the only woman how can. How much I feel. And hookers. This is the one David actually I do thank you for asking the question thanks for coming back thank you this is the one that data average is no system. In time do you think she's an instantly when it. Am. I guess I'm gonna give you. I wouldn't get well I'm gonna get beat three tenths of a second deck. Because it's a big hit and all right. A year ago three tenths of a site. Oh that is. Barbara Streisand and Berry did. Our aim to give one of the Gibbs. Guilty and that the jail. Seriously how do you think now Mary. Because they go. Yeah. I'd be doing and hit. If you are freaked. You know that right yes you're angry yes. Your tune was it I don't there's to owning was there anyone sexier than Barry again. A lot here. I'll I can okay. Come on frogs got warm I was really get into it in here analysts yeah simmered. Big comeback player jam. Yeah. 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And a 200 dollar visa gift card with your whole home gutter purchase the number 9136672563. 9136672563. Or check on the new website dated matters dot com DJN and gutters dot com. You took him. I saw a lot of these not all that surprised me. Salt loss of the American flags at half staff today. It took me a minute. To remember what today. But I was walking down the sidewalk. Delivering my young daughter to school and we heard a very loud Tom sound try to sound you hear what up playing this is. You know going to bat statute. Can. Taught by an enormous crash. And an immediate explosion. I don't think we did heels shot waste that we we sort of felt like we did. And we're in a position where we could see at to trade center almost immediately between the other buildings and an enormous fireball that most of and 300 feet across was visible immediately. Secondary explosion that sank and then plumes of smoke it must be there must have been a three block. Crowd of about white smoke now from where I was on the street a moment ago you can infect cease smoked. Leaving the building on three sides seems to be coming out on at least four or five floors. That there is still puts hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper that are just sort of floating like confetti. Darius swarmed with an emergency vehicles. And sirens had he simply were very sensitive to this kind of thing in this neighborhood. Elliott happy of course because of that incident that occurred in the early 1990s. Have you seen any any. Evidence Eliot of people being taken out of the building up you say that emergency vehicles are there understandably so but. Of course the major concern is how. Yeah masa Ain T know if there were many people on the bill. When I get something else just hit a very large plane flew directly over my building and it's been another. Collision Cheney if I had a shot sound like something else have you look at. Just saw plan certainly have been building isn't. We just saw a plane circling the building. A second go on the shot right before. Yeah we have been another impact can it tells registered another very proud dad and a very large plane that might have been a good. BC niners 747 to slip past my window and I think they've hit hundreds Hillary doesn't. Sixteen years ago today. Has it been so long it's got that when you wake happen to September 11 it is more of an afterthought then. A fourth shot didn't know it's coming. Because I remember in the first years after. I just to round myself. In the coverage. I couldn't stop watching it I felt. A need to. To not forget not that we've forgotten I don't think we'll ever forget. But but I was reminded just because I pulled up FaceBook and people were sharing stories. About first responders and survivors and those who were lost and the memorial and you know quite frankly without the FaceBook reminder what I have. Without looking at a calendar when I thought about it. I don't know let me read you two tax we've just got. Completely opposite thing regarding. The coverage we just played from NBC's today show and sixteen years ago today. 1840 rights still gives me goosebumps. And 8050 writes. It's been sixteen years letting go for god so. To. I have to very respectfully but vehement 1137. Writes we can't forget because the media won't let us. I think we have an obligation. Not to forget. An obligation on Wednesday. What do disservice to the families to do nothing today to act like there's nothing going on and I asking well at ground zero G today do nothing today to the guy who writes we can't forget because the media won't let us. And two. Let it go it was sixteen years ago I say shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Do you not remember. That the man yeah oh yeah. The fear that we all had that day. I would say in the week and at and amp may you go to bed tonight. Resting comfortably back nobody in your family was in one of those. Yeah. One of the stories I read today and I wanted to share this part of the reason I wanted to bring this up there were so many stories thousands and thousands and thousands of stories. After that day and some that you might not have heard about and I said just my daughters and my sons and I said I want you read this. You might not have ever heard the name lieutenant Heather and that name rebellion room. Late in the morning of the Tuesday that changed everything. Lieutenant penny was on a runway at Andrews Air Force Base and ready to fly she had her hands on the throttle and F sixteen and she had her orders. Bring down United Airlines flight 93. The day's fourth hijacked airliners seemed to be hurdling toward Washington. Penny was one of two combat pilots. Who was told to stop it. The only thing she did not have. As she roared into the crystalline sky was ammunition. Front or missiles. Or anything at all except her plane. And that was the plan. Because the surprise attacks were unfolding and that it is an age faster than anyone can armed warplanes. Penny and her commanding officer went up to fly their jets straight into. The Boeing 757. Quoting here from pinning. We wouldn't be able to shoot it down we would be ramming the aircraft Schumer calls the charge that day I was essentially a kamikaze pilot. And neither one of them thought twice got this is one of those stories that like you hear about. And it gets lost in the shuffle of thousands of stories I have ever heard the story that her commanding officer said get in your plane. We're gonna go bring it down and she knew me. Exactly what that meant that cushion no missiles so listen to this. Today. We now have planes. Ready. With pilots no more than a few yards away from the cockpit. Ready to shoot something out of this would ever happen again. Back in sixteen years ago Scott we didn't have that we didn't have anything. Ready to go that day. She was the kamikaze pilot that never was unopposed photography is that it is an unbelievable story of bravery. To be on silly I think the I didn't get the impression that it was that big McLane right and did see a claim the my second ago though and if it it has now. He impacted the building I'm trying to see if it's a different tolerances. I hated it I really aren't on its World Trade Center wanted to books from what I'm sitting on the television look at it honestly don't think this is a piece of tape. And we may actually see another plane into the picture here in the second no wonder they're air traffic control problems. Let's go back to Jennifer overseeing who was talking to a second though Jennifer. You know I was I told Rhonda said take this and so it's ago in the scope to bolster. I remember thinking the same thing is that woman on the phone. That I wonder if their air traffic control problems I never bought the like and I'm paying it I never thought this is terrorism. It wasn't until Peter Jennings. Said on ABC he goes this is war. But it don't to me like I remember Shepard Smith saying say a prayer America. I thought the same thing she's my. Can't run didn't you or did you think this was terrorism right obligates I thought man there's so all in New York. I mean you would think pilot would be able to steer clear of a big deal but. Maybe they got enough auto pilot error. And I never thought of that crap. Due to the news or here's holster. Identification. In a murder case mourn acts. Just past 330 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm will stare at Kansas city police identify a man who was found shot to death in the street. Officers found 36 year old marvell Smith near 54 and park last Friday afternoon. Neighbors nearby told police they heard at least two gunshots. Investigators not releasing any suspect info yet. Georgia officials say at least one person has been killed by tropical storm Irma in that state. Georgia emergency management agency spokeswoman saying today one storm related death has been confirmed in worth county. That is about a 170 miles south of Atlanta. At the close on Wall Street today the Dow up 259. Points NASDAQ gaining 72 and the S&P 26 higher. Traffic and weather together next KM BZ news time 332. Keeping dry weather conditions here in Kansas City in the forecast so not only straight you Friday that even into the weekend. No major storms are poised to pull on and now some indications that there may be affronts trying to create toward parts of the central plains but a lot of if Venus on whether or how we can get some rain from meant. Fair weather for the rest of today three tonight to your high near eighty overnight low into the upper fifties. Sunshine and low eighties were Tuesday and for Wednesday to look. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more Katie and easy whether. Eighty downtown 79 liberty and eighty at Yuri severe weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. He pounds. Rather miles I. Like you. I'm not going yeah. He's handling his sisters and one British change. That pain now own and manage services on the just fine. Now. Perhaps the people who say letting go are too young. To really remember 9/11. And I've got a lot of those excellent excellent. At that. Because clearly we are old to young because we weren't even on the earth. To remember Pearl Harbor. And I don't remember anybody. Our rage. On December 7 who'd ever say. He'll maybe guys kid over and they don't in the USS Arizona and thrown breeze into the ocean let it go. Mumbai. We don't do that. So maybe as younger people who just for whatever reason but. I find it hard to believe. Well but at the same time. And and and the sounds probably sounds disrespectful it. Like for you you have now. For sixteen years. About fifteen years woken up thought well this is the anniversary of 9/11. And at what. Or or at any point do you wake up and in the morning tango. How it's homers and a 9/11 today. We have to do another where are you that day. In which we and we never done. Yours and I'm saying after. You know ten years of of wow I can't believe it's been. Five years it's been six years now it's sixteen years. Do you have any sort of fatigue towards the topic. Not that I don't you don't. You know. On what happened but just the coming in and talking about that day. Or fifteenth time well. Rod let me be honest here not being dishonest. But Davis said to me during the 3 o'clock news eye candy to bully we're still talking of some 328. Dirt. Skews during the 3 o'clock news. Davis said to me we have to say something. About not what I was gonna play a little clip. That everybody remembers watching on television oh god and then we can move on rob a stack of stories here that we can go through and are going are going to go for. Absolutely it wasn't until somebody wrote and while we were playing that clip and it lasted two minutes. When somebody said let it go it's been sixteen years. That I decided amend it. It's happened to us. Now he says that about fourth line and rod every December 7 that you have been with. And we've been together for what ten years now when years. When December 7 falls on a weekday do I always say something about Pearl Harbor. Absolutely I. Was like old enough to remember. Down my parents weren't even born. When Pearl Harbor occurred. But I remember it. In the sense of history are remembered for what it was. You know it is a hard let me finish a sentence him and please jump can you mention. If somebody wrote to me if we played you know. FDR going today as amateurs along those in imprimatur. And somebody wrote in letting it go. Can you imagine that now of course of course but yet we're supposed to like 9/11 go. Did you listen you know they ring the bells and they read off the names. This morning and and night you still hear people breaking down over the loss of there. Loved ones I mean this was. As big as it wasn't as much as it changed us. It was a mass. Murder. It was a mass murder unlike any of we have seen people. I will never ever ever be able to let that ago. People posted today the transcripts of some of the phone calls. That were made Scott. When people knew that they were. And those things I can not. Get out of my head. The husband who called his wife for one of the airplanes. And said distant look at. I love you tell my parents to go have a wonderful life and I'll see you on the inside my room. Those are the things that I it and I can't get out of my head and we went down to. He. Outdoor memorial a couple of years ago I mean. Right after that went up for the survivors tree is there and and that's an amazing fantasy but the larger underground museum was not completed yet. Bad rap and then never met him. And and I want the what he says is. I met world number World Trade Center and number two. Are urged the dispatcher says that and the sky Kevin Cosgrove says yes we are there and we cannot get out. The audio was bad obviously. One of those forget that one of the widows said. In an interview that I read because it was. Up in the studio here during a commercial break I could hear that I could reap what you are saying. That these last com phone calls she has from her husband has kept her going all of these years because she knew that he knew. And she knew that he thought enough of horror. To leave that message and it's a pretty lengthy message Scott it's out there if you wanna play man now find it. And down she said it's the one what chairman gift that he left her that has allowed her. To keep on going. You sooner and just looked him up. Right before it hits the expense of when. It's lovely and they have an entire. Wall of the memorial where they have transcribe these calls. And I've Tom thank you I've often said to myself. If I go back to new York and I'm sure that I will. It's going to be really hard for me to go to that museum because friends of mine that I know Scott who have gone. Say much like the holocaust museum. It is just a disturbing. Moving when you're looking at everyone working together. In the way that they did and it and the United States coming together but an exhausting. Emotionally. Exhausting. Experience. But I think we have an obligation to go I really do think we have an obligation. Is is numbing. Yeah. There was poster. All the missing persons posters guy. Which was just so sad people wandering around these missing persons flyers saying have you seen my uncle to see my brother. Bob and seeing my wife Margaret and you knew that these people. After a day union. But the streets were littered with these. Posters missing persons posters. And I was there one hole at all. Is made up of all of these posters and notes. And the ones Scott at what the rest of mine. I will never get over. It it drop me to Miami's. A little girl had written in crown two months. You can tell she's point 910 years Auld. She wrote when you coming home. Witnesses. And miss you please come and do. And I would imagine didn't need yet media. And what can happen Gonzales keel and PA. LEC. Our graduation okay yeah let the kind of on the line with one of our agent okay. And are now. Hesitation. I can go around a lot an athletic and I. The warm air inside in the cold air where belongs on the outside. It's up parts for wind world you know few things say more about your home in the windows they can be ascetic we beautiful for the house. But they can also be economical and that's what they do when to turn to win two world for all your new window needs. 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I don't know nine or four team of 01 bin politicized. You in. Mean it's the only big event. You know here again I was alive for a lot of the other historical events like that but zone on rhino loves that. If you're Republican you feel one way about it and if you're a Democrat or feel another way no one I think is stupid but. We have a Watergate that was a political thing enter this was you know an attack on America. But do you. Like that rod I think you feel a certain way politically the regarding the things that followed it that you think politically. I mean if you're a Democrat you don't go home early disappointment 9/11 happened because it let us and to our two wars we should have gotten into. If your ball and you don't ago. Formerly that it happened because we got and wars are eradicated the world terrorism. I think people look at 9/11 politically I think they look at him and maybe this is what you're getting at rod when he's at 914. One. The things that followed and death they look at that politically. But 9/11 I don't think we look at through a political prism. Medical here again. Maybe not the event itself since then. Most discussions about 9/11 and up in some sort of political argument what always gets me. Kind of weird and out is when people say got a suit to unnecessary wars. He got a suit walked. Afghanistan was not an unnecessary war. I mean that is where the al-Qaeda. Were holed up you can't take a punch and not plunge back. But if you wanna make the argument that 9/11 may have gotten us into rock which was and he'll fought a war than fine you can make that argument. But I don't buy the argument we got into it too. Stupid wars. Overnight eleven because we did not. The problem with the United States and I've said this from day one in regards to Afghanistan. When people say it's the longest war in American history. It's not the war and a long time ago. But the problem with the United States as we just don't know when to declare victory anymore. Would we kicked the crap out of Afghanistan. We. Or edited almost as quickly as install it. We just don't know when it declared. That's the problem with with Afghanistan. That day semi this clip on a play office. This is from a guy named Bryant who was on flight 93. That sadly went down her check that on flight 175. One of the four hijacked planes Wilson's. As I I think overall. People. And power output you want. Oh at. Listen to this was an out call me as I want you to do good I want you to have good times. And he goes on to say same to my parents and everybody. Great and everybody. Hook. And I just totally love here. I hope you're right that there. I did quite well. He says by Dave I will see you when I get there when you get there are bi babe I hope I call you. Those were his last words. She. I have you want. Great and that there. I did put forward. And you hold on this hopelessness for something Bryant. Assistant silly way to put it that he was a warrior and you just didn't believe. That's something like this could take him away. Seen you hold on just hope until. It's validated some. And all I needed was a message. And I think he's carrying selflessly left it. I don't think she left it until he news that he wasn't coming home. When I got 800 it was just so Bryant and it was. It lists it's. His final. Request of me and his final wastes and let me know attacks she was going to be okay. And next he believed. That he seemed again and that's only it to around. And it lives. It Atlantis. I'm staying for four days so thankful for that NASA is because at least I now without a shot over an hour. What he was thinking. Crown. That congress in his voice. Suits me not. So I do have that. Hands and end because it's on a message I'm able to staring at anybody that wants to hear it. It's very powerful Kimi. Very powerful statements and. 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