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Thursday, December 7th

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Breaking news out of DC senator Al Franken stepping down amid sexual misconduct allegations. He just spoke from the senate floor. The lieutenant governor Tina Smith out of Minnesota will take over as the will probably be a special election sometime next summer we'll get more details on that where their next guest joining us. Up from ABC news we say load right amber was right preacher at the time so much aria how's how's DC these days. Well you know. I guess would be proper term by the court or with immediate. Keep up with whether it be if he's just try your case what either toward war situation going Darnell they all week and they're connected. It's one com and see but either sexual assault or sexual laughed at that either the second Democrat is big wall. That it stepped down from an old bloke on the thwarted the ball would go beat Galactica like in the final minute I think. Shocked that the by the delegation that come against him and wondered if you were back all of the conversation that would go on bike doing that he gave you. All the all the questions that would be some kind of yell. I that the ball out of trouble I'll it will flat out lied and other yeah. It is understanding of what a lot different than he's been suggested by the key dirt in the opposite. Committee would have sided and that would have felt it. It'll all the discussions going on right now he's felt like that error and that for the good of the trouble that there. The idea of what is one at a hectic and deputy. I'll be honest with you down on. He gave a lot of the reasons why he should stay you know he said a lot of on the allegations are false and people have this idea that I'm admitting to something that I didn't do and I've. I've been an advocate for women and he gave and when I wrote down was if the allegations are false and of the ethics committee would have ruled in your favor why it was not. Know that the great question and that would wanted to question both John Conyers what I can tell you about that situation at. It is not something that the senate want kilter and we saw that yesterday right with all of the record. Steve element but mail all sides of the aisle elegant to step down they clearly did not at an appetite. Up or go through this investigation into the Conyers JIE it's possible that it would. You know brought out more people more people the tractor but more happening become more things at the track down not only worsened blah blah. Perhaps the house or eight with like in the sun so. I'll bet seems to be the decision and of course with the ball coming you know at a C. Both in Alabama a week eight candidate who seemingly basic accusation. Why did indeed go according to the Democrat BL all of that sort of actually show that they are the righteous are. It's gonna ask you that is that ABC's right amber with this or an 81 KM BZ. It was yesterday at Ed Winter weather was senator Gillibrand McCaskill here in Missouri. It was a political move saying look we're doing this with our guy the Republicans have the endorsement for the from the president's. Along with others and more GOP money going in. To prepare guy in this election is next week. It was kind of interesting to watch it it would like dominoes. What it was like oh bowl. A few hours spent a lot senators to. A boat with Democrat look elegant the other come out the same date at the iMac comes out. You know talking about how he acts all the movement like. It comes days after John Conyers stepped on another Democrat that harbored the kind of welcome that moment. A lot Conyers of Michigan were saying. What else why did. In the league they now agents to a lot. Don't think the racial undertones at some of their comments that it will make. Out what are your big black trick it beat what they'll I'll. I couldn't pinpoint that what they eat and find out exactly what opt out well yesterday but rarely. IE the companies that they won it it was accompanied that they ought to score some political and coming up in Alabama in the coming days. Or is it just kinda. They may be that there were many people coming forward it on the back. Talk for a second about the dig at president trump in a speech and mentioning Roy Moore I think on. It taught me about a little bit by surprise when he started off with I'm aware of the irony that I am leaving when and any proceeds talk about president trump. That go over and over there. Yeah yeah you know it would be interesting because. It's one of those things where wallet to be captured on their own for the Democrat saying you know. Swallow yeah we're essentially coaching our party these. These. You know accusations that people think that patients LL ever there was actually elect someone who. Think it's were potentially the worst charges or or allegation. I'll let yeah he probably. Instead of life and yet people do the talking which. What the little interest that you have to agree that you know it is almost like say your piece that comes back to the side of other people and commentators talk about that but what price that is. He did it definitely did Bryan Burrough ABC news joining us here for another minute. On 91 KM BZ do we know anything about Tina Smith the lieutenant governor who will it take over for Franken after he steps down in the coming weeks. About that you referenced her in his speech it's that physically over he. Obviously knows that that's how it's gonna play out actually Democrats. As technology has been intentional walk that you what you wonder with special election. We're back into the potentially be stored in there by governor Barkley there a Democrat. I'll let. No people have been bought out additional shall apathetic or that it will be all that comes out of you know it's pretty liberal areas of Minneapolis Saint Paul and a lot of politicians venture that I would very much like he had not finished. Right it's crazy time we appreciate carving out a few minutes forest. Arctic air you. ABC's right amber oh era 91 came BC. Yeah and so take your calls your taxi to united zero we'll get your calls coming up a bit because we are gonna go back to Minneapolis coming up just a few minutes because that they wanna ask our friends Italy's ECO his. I'm part of his speech part I'll Reagan's speech was dedicated to. Portraying himself as an advocate for women which is interesting given what he has been accused and so. The top infamy speech was that 90% of it was here all the reasons I'm right and hear why those allegations are wrong. And here's everything I've done for the people of Minnesota. Has stepped down anyway and so the first questions I have is has he been an advocate for women in Minnesota I don't I was voting record. Coming up we are gonna go back up to Minneapolis stop when their friend Lindsey again so from a WC CO radio. Would ever really acquired sister stations up there as we are the big merger that went on we'll get the latest from the Twin Cities and we'll do that coming up as Al Franken resigns. He will step down in the coming weeks you just heard his speech you'll hear from Frankie again we'll give you pieces of that as well here on midday with Jamie like it today. I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. Al Franken from the senate floor in DC. But twenty minutes ago. Big news as a lot of that from politics playing into this political decision as sexual misconduct allegations all around. Joining us right now from our perspective from the Twin Cities from WC CEO radio in Minneapolis our friend Lindsay against it was with us Lindsay we appreciate the time makes for for joining us problem. Before the announcement was made it that we were all sort of leading this way especially in them last 2440 hours but before the announcement was made when the first accusations and next when rolled up. How shocked were Minnesota residents that their guy Al Franken was at the center of all this. You know. It's it's at a mere couple of weeks because allegations started coming out and there are a lot of people who work. I'm very disappointed obviously that they came out McCleon Sweden was very hard for some people to take. I think for people who didn't vote for Al Franken and of course. If you look back at the election between human Norm Coleman was very close to the very long time to figure out who was going to record and the sudden act. I think unfortunately all of this gave ammunition to the people who didn't want a comedian an option to begin I'll there were. On the conversations. When he announced that he was going to country and it. That's why would we put that make it like. Qualifications does he represent the statement soda and unfortunately. This behavior. The delegates and whether true or not I mean you can even look at the photo back came out from Ian tweeting on the airplane and and you see this behavior and you wonder. Well what were we thinking and I think for a lot of people who stood by and looked. Look at the work that he's done not only for the state of the soda but for a the country. Eight it's very disappointing. I talked for a couple minutes about a couple things that he sent on as I mentioned to the personally on ABC news that. The first thing for me about. His whole speech was was two things on first ball the fact that he lays out all these reasons and and we of people that are taxing the show saying. He called the women liars. On he lays all these reasons why he thinks he would be vindicated but he things that others in investigation would turn out in his favor. He didn't do the things he's being accused. On and so the question I get why is. If the allegations are all faults and if if you're right and why resign. Here you're exactly right a bigger conversation moving forward you know we've seen. Since the snowball effect with the need to movement. What typically take to get to step down and senator frank and courses that. The first experience in the first done. It beat our true liar I think it is it is the question if I think and see in a very good job of approaching the fact that he doesn't think. He can be an effective leader. Obviously in the next couple of weeks when he sent a letter record resignation to governor Mark Dayton and the governor Dayton will decide who will take over his seat. In the mean and it's a special election can be. It asks. Estranged and it does bring up a bigger question that we get taxed all the time unfortunately most of them are from man who today. The power than women court right now anyone can come forward allegation and it doesn't matter secure the person doesn't cap. I try to get and that that is the question I kind of look at it out looking at. A court case have been charged with the eating habit. For what we know he hasn't committed a crime there's going to be no charge brought against him so there is in a note due process by. We know that you know it. Group would be put together to look at Alec actions and I did and how. Long we keep going how many more people come forward before. You have to say in the. The BCC it was Lindsay canceled by joining us so from Minneapolis here an 81 KM BZ. When you have had a chance to speak with him and he's been on your station I'm sure a lot they're in in the Twin Cities when you guys to get a chance to talk with him to get the impression that. He's going to disappear now org you think that it'll be. A week or two and then boom Franken tells all or or Franken speaks. That's really good question you know his history as aid. As a comedian as a person in the spotlight it would push me to think that he would be very open I will say this Tina cents. He became senator has spent a little bit more difficult to get him on the phone especially. You know we can even look at how long it took for him even to speak to the media and I don't LT by the familiar that what happened was you know. The allegations came out. Everyone in town and I'm sure across the country reached out to the media people in hopes to get them on and senator Franken as someone do you know he's joined at the state fair every year for the last. You know that he was an office he comes into the entire hour there are looked at the state fair which you'd straw. You're in the state of Minnesota. And we were getting cricket for any learning getting responses there were no one would even put out a statement. And then all of a sudden we hear word you know that he's going to do the media too or what the media tour ended up being three. Interview with wit at a PR here in Minnesota public radio. The Starker images you know biggest circulation for a local newspaper here. And then Debbie TV and and I don't have an issue with the fact that there were three women were chosen to be interviewed but there are a lot of political reporters in town we're thing at this point would be that I copper why would I got out. To be here especially considering how many email army times he called. Hoping to get them on it and even after the fact that would on Sunday. Until I reached out in hopes of getting on with our Chad Hartman. And not think so it's very surprising once someone who's so vocal and so open you know once. The allegations come out there you know that it. There needs to be more. Openness and thought well I don't know what kept you if anything it could be a big stage he's not gonna do anything. That's not gonna benefit him and we definitely thought that was last trying to and it. He has spent some of the speech portraying himself as an advocate for women on any talked a lot about representing the state of Minnesota and and I'm fighting for women while he had been there. What's record I'm women was that true. You know we've heard that from a lot of women after the first allegations came out I mean there were dozens of its former staffers current effort all women who said he but nothing but champion for us. You know I can't speak from my my personal experience my sister here locally very involved in local politics and always had. Not just wonderful things to say about senator Franken at the same time when nothing's come out you know. It behavior going back to the leant credence story reminded me of adolescent boys and I just have a hard time looking at someone who. Would behavior that way. And wondering if really. He he's the best person. To be representing us now back comes down Q you know who will governor Dayton put into his seat for these. In the next couple of mounts until we can get email elections happening it actually happened in November 2018 and I don't know if you noticed but outlook up pretty busy political season right here because senator called district seat will be up governor Mark Dayton is not running for reelection. And who if you paid attention to the 2016. And congress elections here in a statement that they are very close ones and there are a lot of Republicans who will be running again. IG and Lou it Eric Paulsen that is going to be a lot. Contention over the next couple weeks about who get put Matt spotted of course you know. I'd spent about 25 minutes since he said that he is resigning senator Franken is resigning and are ready hearing reports that Norm Coleman hasn't. Ruled out a second run here in the. He referenced Tina Smith lieutenant governor as the one to replace it he said per. Some reports say she is going to be the one appointed if that is the case what do we know about Tina Smith. We'll actually really interesting lieutenant governor teams met has been working very closely with governor Mark Dayton. And it was hurt her very locked and that she would be the next one to run for his seat unfortunately for her. A lot of big name Democrat came out Chris Coleman at the mayor of Saint Paul he got a really good record here very popular among people in the Twin Cities and I you that it can kind of feel that way at the Kansas City kings got a big match policy area that the metropolitan area you're in Minnesota. It can mean it just besides the election unless something crazy happens. It typically goes with the way it happened that had a King County Washington County Carver County but the lady out. Which he would rumored to be in lines for that spot in the all of these big name Democrats come up with got like 8 am right now. In the potential running for that nomination and so she'd pout out probably. For five months ago but it's still that very vocal and she's been very vocal. Whipped winning here in the Twin Cities after it would be. A presidential election and then. Women's march was done she was the keynote speaker there and she got a great history. Working in different cities. Collecting. It kind of issue and former whether she decides to run again for the spot depending on what happens with Norm Coleman is yet to be seen but. I think that a lot of people will be okay putting him. Guy I just read one governor race to senate races at least five US house races it should be very very busy for you guys in Minnesota Lizzie thing is so much for for joining us really appreciate it. Of course that we're covering you know there's. Never ending news cycle. Though for IRS. And take nearly. Banks Lindsay canceled WCC a radio in Minneapolis joining us especially pretty busy next November and in Minnesota. And and who knows where else think that governor and and two senate races five house races. To be very busy next year argue is 1128. What your reaction all of this 5767798. Into two. 980. Today I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. Tell Franken. That was on Capitol Hill not too long ago 5767798. The phone number your reaction to us senator frank in resigning. This is something though replace another SoundBite here. This what is upsetting some people like I think Jamie this one kind of perk you to a little bit this is senator Franken about forty minutes ago. People a false impression that I was admitting. To doing things that in fact I haven't done. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently. Well if that's the case. Then why is stepping down. Yeah it's that anyways it was a lot of things in fact I think I master at one point he's not giving a reason why he's resigning he's not explaining. Why he feels like he has to step down other than saying couple things like. Minnesotans deserve a senator who will focus on them which doesn't I don't know what you mean by that. I think we knelt like he step down but he's not giving a reason on. I think what he meant was he was trying to say it was the distraction of what is happening and feels like is keeping him from. From being able to do his job effectively. And what I hate about that is that he is because I get people to accidents that he's calling the women liars in now and as somebody pointed out. So the women who accused liars even out of the picture of proof. But the women that accused Republicans of doing the same thing those one or telling the true again the double standard there. But it's the fact that he kind of is blaming the distraction of all of this for why he has to resign. Instead of the thing that created the distraction in the first place he's again he's he's kind of acting like the women were not telling the truth. But he has to step down because the lies becomes so big that he can't effectively govern. I've earned a reputation as someone who respects. The women I work alongside. Every day. I know there's been a very different picture of me painted. Over the last few weeks. But I know who I'd really. I mean that then then why are you resigning and that yet but I think what. If you do anything wrong stand by it and say I'm not I'm not gonna bail this was a guy. Who some people believe could've made a run at trump in 22 point oh heat and the presidential candidate capsule. I did this was a guy who already said he was going to seek a third term a year ago. In 21 or whatever yet when he when he was next when is his next chance was up. I mean if you add all that in front of you and this isn't true. I really do believe he is rightly or wrongly. Taking this sort falling on the sword taking the bullet and for the Democratic Party. Because they've got a good shot let's say it is Tina Smith the lieutenant governor who knows what the future holds but they've got a good shot getting Democrat back in his seat. But this is it political move for the Democrats. I think it's BS but I understand it. We're getting a lot of them tax on in the last hour on I had to respond to a lot of people and remind them that there proof of what he did on a lot of people are saying things like us. He is resigning because nowadays if you're used your immediately guilty in the mortified at the morgue said to be guilty as proof of what he did wrong there's a picture of him. Sure over a woman's. Did the jacket whatever end over where her breasts are. You can't. Dispute the picture and he can say he was joking all he wants he can say he didn't mean it Ali once. But there's a picture of what he did wrong and there were how many eights I've got I've eighteen went up to 88 women who have come or other in dozens of women who have come forward and said. That is at in his time at SNL or were ever that he acted to 100%. On the up and up. I don't know what this person means that to sex and dear goodness Jamie Roy Moore is gross but today is about frank and you're just as bad as those others for deflecting. I don't know what you mean I feel free to call in and explain that if you like on I'm just as bad as true. For what exactly on that I don't that it again but. On big gap basically he laid out an entire speech for why he's been good at his job and he advocated for women and he fought for women. But he's gonna resign anyway. I don't and out yet I just it is if you are innocent. And you are this guy that is a champion for women why stepped I don't. 5767798. Right to the roads Bob and only thing you're a 91 KM BZ good morning Bob. Good morning you know. I think one guy's in trouble for was on the lower scale look bad behavior. I'm the did you see intervene on the girl com. You know and a picture where he was knocked catching her he was. And it and cupped around. Various things that they're listening. That girl is like. Like it happened some years ago she was fired up angry ending champion the girl it's often like the little Democrats and you know. In kind of angry you know and she just like. Asia and that's where is casket you know he's meant that you know and comedian Rowan trying to had been there and he's OK let's do that but. She sang little too aggressive about it. In Europe. You know actually that they can be worse crime that and then there's the picture where he got his hands or legally alleging that he bit its sister of the. The ills and with his hands out. Not touching not flat around you know. If your hands tonight grass. On it and I'm excited Jerome. Dementia were crying and on the lowering those. Italian hero. That day where I. Got better never do that to me. Not appreciate go to Jennifer in Kansas City on KM BZ I Jennifer. I guess what I had to point out with that I think I respect outbreak in more but what he did today I never want to see him go. But to come out and deny the allegations. I don't. I guess. I think he'd get a little of that country and around at parties over the people because he's essential point that we hear about someone might come out front. And landlords that they are denied. They need to step down also and that's what he's doing he's rapid city south. And I put up a point. I think would make more sense head he admitted any wrong doing whatsoever. Then I'd agree with you. But he didn't admit to doing anything wrong and many went to this. On the way out I have all people am aware that there is some irony. In the fact that I am leaving. While man who is bragged on tape. About his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office. And the man who is repeatedly preyed on young girls. Campaign towards the senate. Will look with the full support of his party. Good parting shot on the way out there really was it was a good it was a little it was the political affair I don't love what about ism. But if you're trying to win back power I understand it and you know just like president trump. Played the what about ism with Franken when this first but when this first broke I mean it's all political mudslinging is literally. All political mudslinging and this to me was a political move. On it I mean that's what dollars absolutely apple though that doesn't gain anything I mean it was a political move that was forced upon him. By other Democrats in the senate. And and and this doesn't this doesn't get him a better job. I've 767798. AM was brings things are calling you on came easy. Yes I'm in Lexington he is about how different plan. Yeah European. What I'd. Do a poll on the legislature. Maybe. And on the street. Not guilty kill. Yeah I he I'd have looked it. Up. You can't beat women. Our women. Yet they do like how why and ball or their wife Mary. He asked. I. I'll I'll want to. And a lot of people around. Let that Mary Mary is not well or not to mention other beautiful woman girl there. An accurate guilty at Franklin. I think that should be quite getting. Make out through what is the I didn't have a scary way I think. And static at her. And thank you for your phone call appreciate it. I do I it would be tough to get 535. Members of congress. Let's ask 535. Members of congress to tell the truth. There's a joke somewhere in there maybe it's just that but how many honest politicians do you think better really in DC right now yeah line. To whoever your favorite is like I I get would she sank 135 polygraph test. I would love to see it because I believe she's right I don't thing it's just Al Franken Natalie it's just Roy Moore. I don't thing it's just not ultra. As good care in Orangeburg a 91 KM BZ. I. Dear writer rob I think frank in a little bit and the different case than it and it. The picture we gave it was Morris. But he is a convenient time and after he became editor I think that you realize he can't master and a stupid and I really I really honestly believed that he became a senator he didn't do. Anything questionable. And like that writer on. Hand and comedian. Messed around in these stupid stuff that make dumb jokes so my opinion I am a little bit different. Karen thank you for your phone call. Appreciate that there are a lot of people that share that same sentiment not to say that sexual misconduct as a comedian is acceptable but a lot of people share that same sentiment. Yeah I don't agree with that I think on don't get my past just because he's comedian it it's still doesn't make it okay there were several people that sector money was just joking but he put his hands up to her breast. That doesn't make it okay him being a comedian doesn't mean he gets to use that as a reason to do things shouldn't. Eugene has a good guess of what Franken will do in the immediate future you're gonna hear that coming up next. Coming up at. 1215 we're going to talk to a World War II veterans today is Pearl Harbor day. And Seve six year 76 years ago excuse me. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor recorded talk with a World War II veteran coming up at 1215. He is 93. Years old he is going to join us talk about what that they meant. And out where he went and his is time serving this country predicament at the twelfth fifteenth state here and are now though we are talking about Al Franken. The senator is stepping down in the coming weeks immediate announcement on the floor of the US senate. Hour ago by 767798. He didn't really admit guilt he said he did the opposite he didn't really admit. Guilt Barry and ditch and now he didn't add anything in fact he said I don't admit guilt he he's of that very plainly on in fact he said. Some people taken my actions lately as admission of guilt which which it doesn't on now he he's I do nots. I do not believe I was guilty of the things I've been accused. 767798. Let's go to India on KM BZ what's up any. Good morning and yeah I think I can use. Is it like he said are on mr. Ortiz do to stop that or are bigger than him and really beat the Democrats are pretty marked ago. And the Republican I don't care for frank and I didn't care for Hillary but it cause we need to look a little closer candidate the longer this. Roy Moore. Let me ask it it is. Keep gambling your for an extra second or two would you say look into that more what do you mean. Well. Examined. What information. You know look a little deeper than. Just some that are sound bytes as Arctic Canada US war. Yeah and it might be something quite frankly that you're gonna see the media start becoming a little more aggressive about on because. Part of the problem was some of this is that it's. A lot of listing come out until after the people were elected. What do that you're gonna seen Al though is as candidates start to run a lot of the accusations are gonna come out during the campaign. Well that's fine that better for a. Absolutely we don't have to go through this would have more special elections right so you can make an informed decision I had a time you know I mean the benefit to the voters of Alabama is that all this came out while he was running out after he was elected. Yeah and I just can't know the more that comes out about this guy just can't see. You know the loyalty. Of the Republican leaderships and we've we've got to supporting we need the Republican vote I don't think we needed that that we need to look a little better. And if you're an Alabama resident would you vote Roy Moore Doug Jones or not vote. It idiot would be. I'd I'd be not vote that. I am I a you know a lot I think that's going to be common opinion there are a lot of people that would feel that way I think there are a lot of people that sort of like in the presidential election was the same thing I didn't like trot there was no way they were voting for Hillary Sunday to stay let's go to Bob in Kansas City and came BZ what's up up. She goes out unpredictably. On benefits and I haven't been made congressman. So who. I think congress needs to clean up its own house and if you resign in disgrace. You lose those benefits. Why he's served his country for let's see Al Franken but not this since 2009. I wanna say these serve that. Did the country for eight years. Several countries are sort the as citizens of Minnesota. Serve the citizens of Minnesota but his the United States and DC there a different route there should be some albeit from. They're Darius I mean. He's being dragged through the mind. His speaking engagements won't be payable be as plentiful as before but I did look that up. An air quote retiring members of congress. Are eligible for a pension starting at age 62 that they've served at least five years senator Franken is 66 and has been in at the back eight years. And then if you're at it it varies on age. He's going to get a pension. I don't 4045000. Dollars per year. And there's also benefits they get thrown into that some people think he should lose it all is if you know like Bob said you. Are you didn't lose the race to somebody which you. Article dishonorable discharge which you resign. It is a question about whether this disk credits his time in the Senate's on I think it would be impossible to withdraw those funds but about speaking fees. He still star I still going to be a demand they think absolutely because I think there are people that are curious about what he's gonna say about it. On as many of you keep telling me he's a comedian so maybe he would be entertaining to listen to. To manager Bill Cosby speak. After all of this now because they're curiosity. About it he is willing to admit you add what they're gonna say about it. Bill Clinton gets for speeches woman as president five but he. But he was a disgraced president but he was a primary he's got eight years of of stories as president to tell and Franken doesn't sell. And so yeah I I think I think he'll do OK and I don't think he needs the pensions go to sharing in Kansas City on KM BZ I Sharon. Am. I. Think we need to look at Heinlein and it cap and now my dad and I. And her four year out. For him. Someone on the act back right at lament on the bottom or his arm around her and you know. And I'm lacking actual thing I'm talking about adding armor after her. And her. Opting the things that. How are not acceptable and they oh in the air better than you'd like that. And so a look at that Chiming in a neat thing perhaps they are happening in the seventies and eighties. So much mar. Except Larry Ridley world. Could be Carney and baby it or not you pack rat. But what did you like that you can remind me on work with Al Franken we're not talking about things happen in the seventy's an eighty's resigned but the reason 2006. Yeah I believe modern times. Right and that means he's older. Now. I am I I think that there are other ancient society where every year where it Al it. And those lean more on the ball and I'm I'm being hit it and it's not our armored. I I and I know that there are a lot of times in the year audit and that extra hour. On prime minister Ian Elliott like you know. But if a woman. Is uncomfortable at that it doesn't matter you know it's he can be just silly but if she's in control at that it means you shouldn't be doing. Unique she needs to get noticed I mean it's not well late. Yeah a lot of people attacking women for waiting for when it comes out and I'll say the same thing as I've sat in. Many many times on a show on just because they waited. To be public about their accusations doesn't mean the accusations are untrue it means that they worried about the power that man had over their career. Or they were they weren't going to be believed and they worry that they are going to be retaliated against I don't think the timing. Taylor Swift you incentives and cover for time magazine that it doesn't matter when she decides to be public about it why do you doubt it just because they waited. I that's the biggest the biggest fight from some people who believe this is all bull crap is you waited. Els you know he wanted to get and I. I don't get the motivation for I don't know why you think because they came out now it means that there -- line if they really wanted to to time it's that they can really hurt and they would have done when he was running for election. And instead he was art in office there was a lot like they can do by doing now and I think. The reason that that the the accusations partially came out to was the woman that accused. Al Franken of this the mood of the photos who's asleep. She wasn't in the role she's in she was a party girl she was a Playboy playmate she was. Sexual icing her she was using her sexuality to it to capitalize money now she's got a little bit older she's a news reporter. I am not justifying anything he did but there is a reason why any. Women are afraid they're not gonna be believed I get it. Because I'm were proving it every day the women are believed what their accusations I see why they're afraid to come forward tomorrow is the finale for coats for kids join us at Dick Smith or in rates out. The morning show this program David and parks everybody's going to be out there. It is your last chance to donate coats for kids in the Kansas City area can't make it out there you want to donate cash you can do it KM BZ. Dot com.