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Tuesday, September 19th

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Back in a conversation we had in the 10 o'clock hour and you'll pretty jumping 57677985767798. What is rate. Which are raped should be what is felony charges against hazing incident confused for. Criminal activity or is it hazing this is one of those lines team that we talked about. That shouldn't be tough to determine the but for some reason we keep talking about it. This is not this particular case there is no gray area here to me and as we get into details of the case I think this. Case for argument we college started off criminal you know there there wasn't there was a point at which this went from initiation. For freshman and some incremental does almost start from. But it does have us asking at 2290 or 5767798. We have to question that we've been debating here today one is. Will that. Come from where a group of guys and I'm just saying guys does and his case that's what applies usually guy it's usually guys in college or high school where you get the idea that hazing is okay we are today and quite frankly we may answer that once you find out what has happened these five boys so far. A word the idea that it's okay and what's line I think this story definitely is on the far side of the line between initiation crime. But what's great area Wendy what's what's acceptable. Four or just what guys do to each other when your pledging a fraternity or when Yuri you know when your new on a team or something. Here's what happened at Wheaton College August started in 2006 teen this was back actually in march of 2016. But we've got five college football players that are now facing felony charges in connection of the cents. So we have a freshman student to back in march of last year told investigators. He just watching the NCAA basketball tournament in a dorm room when several football teammates and through the round and they tackled him. It's a freshman he kicked his legs he yelled at them to stop he was punched and had his bare legs and wrists wrapped in duct tape. He said that the players but he pillowcase over his head and carried him out of the room. Although there was a written your temper taking place in the dorm that night no students or college employees intervened. And he was carried out of the building. He told investigators he was placed in the backseat to be teammates vehicle. And held down by at least two players while the others piled into the vehicle after vehicle started moving. He said the players played Middle Eastern music and made offensive comments about Muslims that want the players suggested to the victim. That you've been kidnapped by Muslims who wanted to for McCain with no outs. They had a split in suggested he would be their goats for the evening. If it wasn't dark all ready this is where he says investigators. I told investigators his teammates restrained him with more duct tape during the drive. Pulled down a shorts and repeatedly tried to sodomized them. He yelled stop he was then beaten he was dropped off at a baseball park it was not rescued until another student had shot and also was dropped off there. So again this happens last march after. The administration the college hears about it they do an internal investigation. The five. Or might Morton vibe but we know that I've now been charged with felonies but we know five were given community service like fifty hours of community service. And I are part of the story. Were told to write an eight page reaction paper about what they had done it the best part of that as is that they were able to continue play they were allowed to keep playing now they not been criminally charged. But somebody found guilt somewhere because they were told to do community service and I think. Community service comes from the fact that they have to every year. Signed an anti. Hazing. Policy every single year so I think if you break that you yeah that was sent to me is the jets are the agents fly. The coach let them continue to play because they had not been found guilty of anything. Yet. And I. Probably. Because they were valuable members of the T oh yeah and they're really good team like wheat is a good lower levels school and as long as your good and we noticed -- well as long as you are good on a field day excuse quite a bit. Or now we've got five players who have been charged with aggravated battery mob action and unlawful restraint a year later. On by the way the victim out left the school obviously and and went is one India as a result. So that's original question this is obviously on the far side of Hayes and I mean as his or through. I can't legally through criminal charges this victim needed surgery multiple surgeries he had torn shoulder he he'd been beaten. Sodomized a Latin and attempted so a lot of varying injuries at this crossed way way into the dark side. But what's outline what on and I imparts for college students or high school students who might grow up in a culture of it is. For them what do you tell them is acceptable and what's not I don't get. With this accomplishes. In terms of the overall goal of the team being unified. And 5767798. Because. I know a lot of you played college football maybe you played football edit high school you played football college or maybe even if it was in football it was another sport or even. In the military or whatever I mean there's been hazing going on since the dawn of man. I don't get what this dies. If the goal is for the 53 guy kids on the team ready 85 kids on the team or whatever. To be unified to beat team. Do you really think that being unified as what's in their hands at that point or do you think they're being bullies and monsters and picking on somebody that they can control I think it's both I think that if a. Believe that they can control these freshman and get them in line because it happened it probably happened outside Kansas something happens at which doesn't make it right. It just it it it definitely happened these kids probably in the past. That you're one of us you're like us we can all go forward can you imagine a locker room environment where the environment on this team between last march and now when these kids are finally arms. Where you've got new fresh on this team we're aware of ours and they are aware these five guys that did this to this freshman last year. How are you accomplishing team unity at that point when your still let them play 5767798. Joseph first up in KCK I 91 KM BZK job. Hi I'm liberty and like yours and they. Understand it ordered caught almost and where it. On input in Caracas or you're also what do you like him or area code two markets and your. And their bullpen. To money is there easterners it involved. People don't like either or eat. Order. It on to. Talk about nearly. It's. Cool it a bit Budapest which you do go quicker than where it in the back let's see. But what about prior year. These boys that you know I'm not all that. Did you ever coached. I've coached Little League called silly little women are yeah younger mark but I'm a warrior. Okay it would mean that's a lot younger I was your son when he was playing Boris as a coach for a school around here ever. Witnessed anything close to this kind of hazing. No not at all out Maarty Leunen congress or they're lucky and the guys and you know her now a little. Why are hiding. There but under or any story. Rightly lately duct tape under the goalposts and you know government shaving my dad. That that's one thing but it. The to grab the kids from a party put a pillow over there had beaten and sodomized into the back of the car and double my baseball field that he's going a little bit far. Right as we talked earlier on okay in the room line you carry him out of his dang it. And you leave them outside the dorm. He's in his underwear locked out of his dorm OK okay. You put a pillowcase over his head and duct tape is hands legs together and just drop. 5767798. Brenda Tim you're right there you can get in line behind both of them thank you for your phone call Joseph more on this was just a lot. What should happen of these kids your calls next during the day with Jamie and wicket on 91 KM BZ 91. KM BZ big day with Jamie and wake it we're talking about this story right here as ABC's rye in Borough brings us to us a brings to us from Wheaton College. According to a report by the Chicago Tribune the Wheaton College football players are accused of dragging a freshman teammate from is dormant 2016 duct taping his hands and feet putting emitted vehicle attempting this sodomized him then leaving him beaten and a half naked in a field off campus with two torn shoulders arrest warrants were issued for the 51 of the accused no spiel man the son of former NFL player now fox sports broadcaster Chris Dielman a Wheaton College spokesman releasing a statement saying they learned of the alleged abuse in 2016 and immediately began a thorough investigation Bryan Burrough ABC news Chicago. I 767798. Where is that line in where have you ever done hazing or Ben haste was correct the phones doctor Brenda in leavenworth here on 91 KM BZ Brenda. What do you make of this story. Well I I believe it's a felony Wednesday urged him what got hit from Asia. They can't. And ray camp. I believe that they should get life in prison each. Everybody colleagues. There. Number did that but what they did and just slapped on the hand and covered them up they should be helped off. So Brenda what do you think is the line when one more time there it's between an initiation and behave pick on the new guys to you know the part of the team now. And when it goes too far when because I kids sometimes does is obviously too far but sometimes kids don't now. I think it as a young child they don't know at this stage say now. They're accountable for what your your 1213 fourteen years old you know you know right trauma on. You're right you know I just wonder if they had been the victim of hazing you're getting some mixed messages about right wrong Brenda thank you for your phone call I don't know like with life in prison. What heat index called it. They didn't kill anyone. Now in theory they really really abuse this man for the rest of his life mentally but let me tell you we talk about rape victims and a lot of people talked about that last week saying he basically punished forever I mean at least a year in jail for these guys' mind in the body to school start that up football again out of school like yeah not imply. Tim in Kansas City year on KM BZ Tim. Is there a line where would you put the line here. Well I think that has to do with the physical intrusion. That's one part of the the economic part of it is that. If we can start from the top equipment and athletic department put a coat yet but director. The first but I never remember what to say it and college sports world there's a newbie you. Carry the coaches. Suitcase and whenever you travel. That meant getting about it about getting that the airport. You are scared their backs. You're never tortured doling this poor soul. No but. That I think there're other examples here that. Are out there you know and we accept them net as you think about the military. There are certain groups certainly groups sort of tremendously. Difficult hazing process. To which followed their new. Members goes through. You know I think this is one of those things where you don't. Are you don't tolerate Katrina when the group or you're not talk about your net whenever it and then you say with the military. The DC you'll do a tremendous teaching it is part of their training because that's where were caught. The part captured. You're they'd all torture thing you know. The the when you consider it. Young and part of it is I think there's an insecurity and young guys from the city. And the upperclassmen. In the senior whatever the case may be it would then we're gonna sure these guys so they're just. Dirt there freshman you know and they're there should be other upperclassmen to. Grab the bull by the horns if you will just say hey we don't do that. Big kitten yet the youngest earned their way onto the team and it should be part now. I'm not. Saying that there there wasn't a little bit of kidding. And you know there everyone's so awesome but he took. You know maybe a little verbal shot caller in deep in the physical shut somebody just kind of let them know that they were on the total hole. Gather the new guy in town it's a thinks the full comment appreciated. 5767798. Adam in Kansas City you're on 91 KM BZ. I think predicament got it. So I would remember at fairly high powered paternity of her not that they would want. I was. I hit it adamantly that might let them at Jerry and I did you know delta get back eating my act at the masters. And it. We need her to lie and act. Physical abuse you ever read it and accomplished you can shout at them all you want it. Make them do push up. Until their arms are wiggling but you never never later much because that's where you start to get into all these legal issues like acting like these guys it. How old are you autumn. Here Tony Souza this is pretty fairly recent or. Here in kind what was the worst thing you that he can do. What was the worst thing you had to do when you were pledging your fret. No I. Within the one night before you know the final and he went into the kind of a part of our exit. We get a lot of TP a lot of working out a lot of like. Walt clock then pushed up and planks and things like that basically he could do more. But. Nobody actually handle about by Norton again and get a good about it what emotional manipulation. But never anything physical. Emotional manipulation McNabb back it up long lasting effects on. I agree I'm not saying anything like an emotional abuse went you know you've used. Try to drive wedges in between what is how strong their pledge class action. I was never in a frat I lived on a college campus and I buddies that led lived with that were in in fraternities. What's the point of the abuse physically emotionally mentally I I just I would I've always wondered that. Well I think there needs to be aligned on the what you consider meetings that you can hurt you and in the. The cuts in the being going on here and I would argue that what we did what and abuse. But it was more it you know companies it up because they're they're going to cut our school we expect it to be professional degrees. And that's not going to be an easy kind that we need to make equipment or forty he's that there can be. Done. I'm clear doing extra work for the university in your mind to make sure that they know. That they're representing air quote the best doves when they join your frat. I wouldn't think we're doing it. Have a departure from the university but for picket the red meat at the fraternity and for that make up each of our future members yet. Adam thanks so much been appreciated that that has never met with the broadcast school. And we didn't have fraternities but I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan where there were a lot of guys in my house that I lived in. That or in France and they had to go through all that rush week stuff. Excited to 290 at this point came out last time we talked about those we didn't mention it on. If they female had been grabbed and sodomized in the back vehicles this wouldn't be at debate. This is not a debate I mean this these five guys have been charged with aggravated battery mob action and unlawful restraint the fact that this is a guy is irrelevant for best. The conversation that we continue to have though it is. What's the line between what is acceptable and what is not somethings are obvious and we're talking about a lot of the obvious things. But what are the things that maybe your little questionable that somebody who's nineteen might not immediately realized that's going too far 5767798. Dakota in grand view you're on 91 KM BZ. I I actually I didn't. Officially join a plan that I tried to and then whenever the evening got a little much for me don't like about guys. But I would then Raleigh area and eat and they like our first party whenever other freshman beautiful. And they'd duct tape that the Jack into my hand again or people at work or hand. I play I've played I've played with beer but never with a bottle of Jack Daniels in each hand. Yes no they duct tape Jack Daniel in the book in my hands and they're like Europeans really an issue and possible. I I I blacked out like book or even finished. Like I like they have the whole thing where you have to like make a panel I never thought that'll get you that. You know and then they would have liked here it would and remember anything that I thought that was you know you sit. What is the what was said that you were into the hazing started and I'm out. What was the last straw offering. Yeah I've been at work forty hand and then the next morning and they're like all right get up and clean up the party. And I was like little a year per hour of the party before I was. Wrong you know but in the middle where you know yeah I would like it that it's going to be like I don't want to be partner. I understand that plus I mean if you don't know the game Edward forty hands of you ever heard of it they duct tape forties and you can't PNT finish all forty ounce Beers. That to me is one thing. Fits of Jack Daniels. Is a come I mean that's not just hazing that stupidity that's alcohol poisoning that's. You couldn't guy but that's a line I mean some people say you drink too much and allowed to Andy back could be weeks ago. So that's where it and agree Arial but there just it it's it's nuts to me. It it's it's just nuts. Last word Eddie Overland Park during KM BZ Eddie York re raised. You outlaws and and it warns it was very uncomfortable and it would literally physical abuse 'cause I was. Pretty good sized guy in college so I wasn't intimidated by a lot of that. Well there were verbal abuse and the degradation and all that I disagree were. Which Sam and that it doesn't I don't think it makes these guys. Stronger or or better man and it doesn't help them get through college to get decrees that not hoping the university. I just disagree with that and I like Paul might apply became an active. What I'm gonna do anything like that and and because there's just repeating this cycle that that shouldn't be repeated and making exit during. I think is is great in my sons and a paternity university Indiana. There's never had a drop to drink and thankfully the poisonous for comity to smaller house but they respect that and nailed him in trouble about it then. And that means that very meaningful to me I appreciate that slider I don't agree. To any hazing and I think that you really in the past couple months or not your so. Really come to the forefront because we're losing these children and their and it's it's war bought got. Two in college and one in college another one being called into years and I just. I hate to think. Might Simon's going through something that anguish it just doesn't make incensed. That's Eddie thinks the phone calls on her FaceBook page in check it out straight ahead I'll we're going to. Give back to another conversation we had we're wanna find out from you hypothetically. Sixteen year old son or daughter would you let him have a piercing would you let him have a tattoo both. Neither why I think major peers right not just regular ears LE fun. Eyebrow tattoo with mama on it buys exotic cross attacks 7798576779891. KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket. Jamie lot of selling Mike wicked deed in parts coming up at 2 o'clock we'll check in with Scott and Dana I heard a tackle. At one point through my head phone through the soundproof wall on the other side of the newsroom app so I did hear that I know dean is here. Yeah I have seen around in the newsroom and settled at a so are it's today we were talking and that pulls up and what are you check out there there was one of the studies that's been done. About the danger of young people adolescence getting tattoos. And getting piercings that beyond just getting your ears ears even a couple of times like the big ones in the knows the big game yeah. In the belly button and whatever else you can think of and I kids getting tattoos under the age of eighteen. And just said exactly what you think it too which was that there are safety issues concern with that there are some dangers to. Kids that are not yet done developing. Making sometimes permanent changes to their bodies but the study was part because more and more kids. Our interest it and are getting tattoos and some of these bigger piercings. Before they turn eighteen. So we were talking off here yesterday on your today a little bit more about as a parent would you let your kid at sixteen for example there tenor 1211. Year old chatted up crack your eyes on you and say mom I one guy yeah now I want attentive Justin Bieber on my shoulder I don't think election due at tenor tenor allotment. But at sixteen keen. Where there or seventeen where they're close to being an adult anyway when they're old enough to do it with or without permission. Do you keep your blessing to that if they come deal announced 22980. Or 576779. I have to sing now. I have to say. I would say no to everything and I know that as apparent. If if if Lee and I are fortunate enough to have children and let's say it's a girl. And it's sixteen daddy. I wanted tattoo of maybe she liked is to want to study abroad and England one day my wife loves loves England she lived there for awhile. And she'd want to get you know. What is the that the symbol that the flag but the yeah. Whatever it figured out. I'm this they know right now here in 27 team because I don't think it sixteen you know exactly what you're talking about. I certainly. Did I wouldn't I don't have a tad too I don't like them on me I think they're great on other people but I wouldn't want one. I don't think you're Smart and have to make that decision. Even when your sixteen years all what you are Smart enough years. You can make whatever decision you want when you're eighteen but. It's at sixteen she says dad if you don't let me do what I'm gonna go do it anyway. Because some kids well some kids with an at least if you are giving your blast saying. And not just denying them napping to help find a place you can find a tattoo artist you can research checked the license make sure that this is a Ted now someone that's. Gotta do an okay job. I would be very disappointed in my children. Here right now yeah just a point not mad but also highlighted if they disobeyed an order like that. I would be very disappointed look I'm I'm. I'm I'm very. Much certain that I do not want my daughter. My son having an eyebrow ring or mice on my daughter having attached to. At the age sixteen inches so that look at you what to do when you're eighteen that's fine. I think there are some tattoos that if boys see them. That they would be looked like let's say girl gets thing tattoos are hot on when I love a lot of and there he is got three right. If you. Happen to see young lady was at stake in the back the old stadium. That can sometimes in some guy's mind to be a signal. If thug girl has a tongue ring. Back in some guys' minds be a signal. I don't want that. I don't want that is my for my daughter at the ages sixteen or seventeen she can make whatever decisions when she's a legal adult and in my lodged no. Lot of listeners and attacks on her back yup by the way teaching night Europe has always my editing dribble thank god I didn't get a taxi when I was sixteen I would've had a tattoo of goofy to Disney cartoon character. Think there is that's fantastic. And is it your calls about Roth asked a firm depends on what it is if my sixteen year old daughter let's say. Had done a lot of what was really good at an instrument let's say the violent and and I mean like just picked it up as a hobby but picked up at the age nine and was really dedicated to it. And was first chair whatever they call that and we had was really successful and competed and won a lot of awards is really dedicated to it. She came is that mom I want attached to the size. Quarter. Other violent and on my ankle. I might be okay with that. Because it's a part of history it was an accomplishment. It was just a passing phase. That's a sizable order and it's going honoring and it's not goofy right it's not it's it's it's something that is a serious part of her life in a positive part of life I'd. Listen to that conversation and pencils and I'm not let her get on on her shoulder she's not kitten the tramp stamp she's not lying just above where the belt line is not no no no. Not get an eyebrow while eating no live violent Knoll a violent manner and I have to talk to her mother about absurd your Ferrari but idea behind so to me no but I'm not gonna win anyway. Let's acted James and heiress and built a ginger a 91 came easy were to come down on the tattoos and piercings freer let's say sixteen year old son or daughter. Well I got to seventeen year old daughter. You know I've got piercing myself tattoos myself when I was younger and yes 6070 years old actually have much in Petersburg times. I got to seventeen year old daughter at the point right now actually been asked about that you can piercings super couple years. You know I think it's you know we would she definitely has a a nose piercing she Astro belly button piercing I said absolutely not. That's another one right there that's inviting a lot of attention towards that area of the body. Right right. Yeah and then you know I think that is always in other children you know if you wanna call children and adults cheaters. And I believe that there they're well educated. You know and you have apparently it's going to educate them on you know it is definitely you know health safety and and health concerns. As well as you know being socially acceptable. You know I think that you know once you cross that line and and there are educated and that I think that's when New England can get a little bit of leeway. But I know I I completely agree with you I don't I don't believe in the belly button piercing probably that and the tramp stamps. You know I don't I don't believe in and you know. Desecrating your body sort of speech. It's ours you know decorating your body is as a completely if. Or especially at sixteen or eight in your daughter is seventeen to pursue the focal James. Yeah obliterate team. Legally you're allowed to go fight for this country you can putting in your in your skiing you can pierce your naval whatever you want. But it's 7UP until seventeen years and 364 days and my air and highway. I say that now. Order calls Greg jedi Josh your odd dec 5767798. Mid day with Jamie wicket. Also the poll question is well on Twitter let us now on Twitter and vote at KM BZ radio here in 91 came easy anyone KM BZ. Maybe it was Jamie and wake it's we are continue not a conversation with you is we will double check it would CNN parks coming up about it tattoos and piercings. For your kids hypothetically sixteen year old son or daughter wants a tattoo or piercing. What do you say 65% of you on nine Twitter are saying neither. 25% of no problem the piercing camera talking about just the regular ears were talking about something else I. And I know what it's for you that's coming a couple of times mr. no way no how is my Kagan anything that's my answer happened yeah. What ads on your daughter's best friend have been killed in a car accident and she wanted to get that best friend's name tacked on mass may be on the back of her shoulder or on her wrist now they were only best friends for a couple years but it is very two and a war. And she wants to honor that asked for and. Vermont and make it a it's all I can. I'll listen. I suppose are wanting goofy what we need to hear for you to be convinced it's a latter day. As you listen a maturity. At I would need to hear a maturity and adult. That side of the idea that recognizes it's going to be there forever via the means and at all I mean somebody who Bruce went showed Don all the earlier and said. Will be she was try to teller grandkids you get a if you get a tattoo on your back when you get older it winds up in her crack. Yeah which is true of selecting Greg from the Johnny dare morning showed down the hall on the rock Greg we appreciate you calling on its. I welcome what ripper are always. On time friend. Greg offered to meet you my perspective I'll aha. Couple are very cool. So yeah I was basically calling you know you know me uncovered and actors and myself and I've talked about that you what it directors and he's fourteen now. End up going you know because it firstly. It's. You have to be eighteen like to get adapter in those are. Just that's just walk. I'll sit there to serve your parents. Are with you you still. If your parent or what you're it's a different story but a lot of shops will a lot of reputable shops. Well not still not a soul but. So that we talked about you know it in an all productive couple years you know I would rather not. It gauges in the years and and yet. Able hang his laundry off your. But you know what it currently detainees you know free to do it every week. Is he responsive to that does he understand that the long term effects of what ink can do. Pretty good here you know and look at what he can become yeah oh yeah. If I'm. At the. Waited until I was in my forties to get started on the back which are recalled the everlasting jobs shoppers. He'll be at that you know are pretty much signed up the social contract to that point. I'm with you but it's to dare for the rest of my life yet that the banks of the complex dragon they estimate. Perrigo is Greg from morning's check. Let's go to Jenny and excelsior springs on 91 KM BZ would have Jenny. I want action. On the L I'm going for your adult. My dad like my mom all or at. You that you want. And the rule. Change or your lie. You don't get that whether he. College whether he helps me with it a car out there roll it you're not catchy. Am I can write your time I want I got about certain. It ear thing and I ears. Diet when I was 21 I was contrary hearing in the city. And at that travel and how they currently are out there was an attack started to strap them. I stopped him just wandering around that they are few and I want to be my first actual. And win that we were and I are talking that you wanted to come back and I'll give you catch it and I hit stared at him that I can't. I respect like that. I'll tell I am. And I respect YouTube back to eat out there ought. A cop. That's when you run back out and you get that kinda. It is the other is who is the musician. I'm the bandit act now bright stage where what were cured nearly every other year and it brought his. It tattoo artist they got it that you do that or I would have been on it but it a tattoo of his band I at guard. And held. On Ollie should have done it any including one. Now. And you know what I'm sure these lows and right now we appreciate that thanks any for the phone call. Appreciate it also aware of this goes to Gary Casey on 91 KM BZ Jerry where'd he come down on tattoos and piercings. Well are retired or area. Our list yeah at all or Leo old time roller like show you anyway. My boy it was probably is being. So. I don't work that night. I came home. A lot you know eyebrow ring around. Yeah that out by Monday. All it can't get. Have a like that. People that are borrow. Yeah it out by Monday oldham. And out. We went by Monday some. I get home he'd lay down a cap that eyebrow ring in the eyebrow. I'd go out duke barn is Kurt dikes. Still in there you know initially put the grab that. Saying about it Florida coach yep. What. There you are missionary group. This is reaction. Yeah it is fifteen Bulgaria I mean it's on the T doubt pliers that's fantastic. How now how long ago was that. Already are thirty. Now BD get a put back in we turned eighteen now Netanyahu doesn't he doesn't haven't to this day. Let me know let me say story I'll need. Any very grounded. And the spirit that do it. And the both arms or you. And Blake are I don't what they call that that audit apps and all over. Are now where I'll keep you on. The air. Active blue springs which he goes much camera. So. Nice but at least he had had the path you kind of kissing this one comment to thank you for the local man we appreciate it. I am my tongue pierced when I was on spring break in Panama City in 1999. Cents at Dana right isn't here let Trevor you line up. Why would you do that. Yes it has. As I always wanted to get my partners that's disgusting. Well you know announcer that it was the railroads it was just on his one reason or. Panama city beach Florida. Here's a question it probably wasn't the greatest of facility anyway but I'm not hip about these matters that isn't the tongue piercing Barbara. All works for both. Are sure about but I didn't keep it in the long because I wanted to do this radio and massive infection tell. I wanted his radio thing and talking to you would probably not be surprised to know that you do not. It's pretty tough to pronounce our Allan ascended hot topic and right exactly exactly so that was in the middle radio show on my high school station that summer. I think it pulled outs like in the in the last selling it not to be disgusted but yeah I'm totally disgusted did did it hurt like -- mom. Economic mean they have ice on it and they just Gregory time like with forceps. Shot than. And of the needle up and of the bits are in the balls on the bottom on the to screw it on top and then yeah. Seventeen he's vague idea help us. Six months six months like that came home. Didn't really say a word to my dad's not like me at all when he saw like he was not happy because what did you just walk round Massa yeah. Two yeah. Florida for a week and don't say oh you've met hands if this is it new.