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Wednesday, September 27th
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Listening to the date and parks podcast they sparkles of light rain and showers moving off to the east gradual clearing later on tonight patchy fog by tomorrow morning. Temperatures back to the fifties by midnight 51 in the morning. We'll go from mostly sunny skies developing by mid morning early afternoon high temperature 74 degrees and about the same on Friday. Without the clouds in the morning the temperature than 74 also. From July and I'm first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby. KM BZ 168 degrees downtown 65 in Lee's summit it is 67 at your severe weather station I'm will starent stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Are we live streaming on FaceBook right now. FaceBook page and half. Newly sworn in police chief of Kansas City, Missouri. Rick Smith joining us in studio. A we will certainly talk about race relations in just a moment but Qian by the way to achieve his want to take calls 5767798. One came in just a moment ago how does the chief feel about legalizing drugs or at least campus. To free up resources and focus more on violent crime. I don't know how much that's gonna free up really I I don't know that I think people under the pressure that you legalize that and it's going to be totally different I'm not so sure that's the case I don't really have opinion one with you know like the medical marijuana ads you'll promise that. You know. I worried the road we're down as a society when you keep introducing things that really. So when people first got to America you know. I think they're headed drive and vision and they wanted to go go go to make things bit batter right. We introduce things like marijuana and other things does that really help our drive as a country to be batter batter batter that a really overall that's what I think about is. Are these things helping society or. All we hear a lot about the OP or epidemic in America or Ohio as a very big problem do we have won here in Kansas City. We we monitor very closely. Have we had some deaths yes do we have the problem Ohio does know. Are we worried that it's gonna head this way of course we are. We we pay very close attention to that. For the chief of police witnesses from the text line what are your plans to deal with racial tension between cops and citizens. Especially African American citizens you know. I get that question all the time and I will tell you in Kansas City. We have problems but I'm not saying everything is perfect in Kansas City but I will tell you when I was and I've told the sport publicly all my community. Meetings when I was a division commander he's patrol here I am in the middle of what is the busiest crime Britain's only Kansas City is pars at least history. And when the Ferguson decision came out the the CIO officer Jason who walks up mean goes you wouldn't believe it Osman who would mean we've goes. I've had about a dozen calls from community leaders and there's going to be no trouble in our neighborhood in through his work Kanye. We'll tell you who it is and whose journey you just kick in and take care. I think relationships in this city are much better than trade I think these relationships that we have embassy strong. With the community are now. I'm not taking there's always room for improvement and terrorists but I don't think we're at the same place that other cities. And America. What do you think when you watch what happened for example we can go to Saint Louis couple months ago in Baltimore. And what does this city do to ensure that god forbid something like that happens here. The business and more importantly the people are protected. Yeah who. Will we do things a little bit different here on when we know things are gonna happen group's gonna get together the first thing we do is at least parents we reach out to the organizer. We say hey I'm I'm Rick Smith from kansans are police department we wanna make sure you have a safe peaceful event it. Let's work together to make sure this goes correctly. That doesn't happen. In some cities. Even in twin seventeen it happens at every single one in Kansas it's having more proactive and reactive will act I think in it's about building that relationship we wanna say to pay what we want to express your first amendment rights we will help you dual we will help facilitate that as long as we can keep it peaceful. And keep awful so if you want a place an area we will we will help you we will we will say hey there's been others here there's been a protest here here's what. Demonstration here what what would you like to do what we do to make it safe. I mean now as you know with with in the teenage room you know what's happened across the country we. You know we have a big protection thing just for demonstration get together we worry about outside influences on the demonstration also. So you know we have a big. At a lot of safety issues to cover with one demonstration and we worked on all of our. From the text on quickly and a single mom living in Reston heights I hear gunfire. Almost nightly. What is being done about that situation and what can I do to help. Yeah well. We know that there's a huge issue in Ruskin we we just went over a map last week or earlier this week about violent crime area. We know we have gunfire. It's amazing how much gunfire we have. I read it is seen the other day that where there was gunfire there was over seventy shell casings collected. And when seen. So we know we have begun issues in this town and that's where I'm talking about the culture that's Ron talking about has to change. We have to make this not acceptable on and I think. You know if it takes more than just the police department to make that happen we can send a message but I think it's gonna take win more than us to make sure that messages or by everybody. LeRoy in camps that we hello welcome. Ahmet thanks for. Court you. Oh. Or stop. Bought agree and are you achieve workable or like Andy of mayberry. But if that is it boxers briefs maybe and we don't know he makes him a Kaka. I tolerate any more volatile men I. I thought of a lot of questions that was not one of them on the west. I'm truly caught off guard and had to catch a first name. But he's that are or you. What's users from member yeah woo is the first one. Chief William from the Simpsons okay here's what his leadership style like what would you say OK I leader. The bar is set here at the buck stops with me what is your kind of overall style with those. Serving underneath. I'm. I'd like to be inclusive I like to ask people and not of certain ranks of all ranks I like to get ideas I like to evaluate them move forward with what we think is fast no matter what comes from what we're in the organization. I like to set the model I like to model good behavior like that a model the work ethic I like people to do the same executive positions. I I when I went to the interview process I was told that I can be very. It's hard headed on some things and that is I like the work I I. I expect the taxpayers want a fair days work for a fair days wage in the police work and I want everyone to do that. So given that those parameters as long as we stand those I'm I'm. I'm pretty good I let people do with the need to doing with the need to get done. Scurbel more with four to two traffic weather adjustment. Dean in Johnson County including. Core electorate can gradually he. We can't concern and I've got an idea for you. I feel real strongly about this there why not give these things to try it works it works doesn't would go back to you know. Box say oh collar but why not sit at. Like zones patrolled zones in that particular officers and he's known. You know what the heaviest crime areas are and intricate a minute now. You know these zones and in so that patrol and also why don't we see about getting some retired people were one of volunteers and the training you know and expertise in their belts. The senate team also dwelled attitude at the which you already have patrols. Between you know it's not unlike debt maybe. Argue let's take these one of the time. His idea about zones patrolling heavier crime areas I think we're already doing that I mentioned we've moving traffic and some tactical officers in some zones we've identified with Ohio's highest amount of violent crime and like I said we we don't have the exact stats yet we're looking to see where it. With a productivity is there an upward kitten. You know a lot of a reduction in crime for our efforts and his idea bringing in retired police officers to do some patrols. Now you legal issue we we got training issues post certification issues all kinds of stuff that. I probably would now work I mean you could I take a recent retiree but on the Kansas and Missouri police department. We have many retirees that retire and become reserves so we have a Max age is 65 Campion officer after 65 years aged and anything between 1665. You have to medical paper. I doctor has to prove your continued employment so there are some things. That prohibit that quick a lot of it was and why they're no gang unit in Kansas City is that after we have what we we call we work our our detectives worked on group violence. We we we have to gain unit we call that it is it's actually who violence I think. Gains in Kansas City people have this TV image of what became rise and and it's not always the case might be for kids they grew up in the neighborhood and they're now the game and they may not even have a name frequently when we have groups of individuals involved in crime we name them ourselves we give them a nickname because they don't have one true yeah. We know we will say hey this is. The pale street game because that's where they're all from whenever a Mac which is in order for us to talk about which assailants as huge organized gang problem here. How we have a group we have group issues yet we do not do we ever crips blood. Rhino like that I that people like see in the movies some were not. Kind that that extreme via. Our chief Rick Smith joining us in studio where we get back recourse from the tax. What is the chiefs think about privatizing Westport. And about just moments are under and in parks. 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Dot com moxie pest control I trust them and you should too. So Magdalene and isn't. Don't I just. May not do. Don't do. Don't can actually get. And leave them as soon actor whose own. As the day I slash unimaginable to me day and it game. In the Kansas City, Missouri placing these retired chief to reports say. I'm chief Rick Smith joining us in studio. Something that came in right before I went to the break chief. How do you feel about the privatization of the Westport entertainment district. Was I I think it's to no one's surprise we have managed west work we've had an issue. My take on this why wouldn't we tried it it's a piece of paper it's not like we're building to building your warned cement Jordan it's a piece of paper that basically contract. They accuse the privatization. And there's a provision in there that if it doesn't go well they can tear it up so. My point is anything that we can try to enhance public safety why wouldn't we give that a try. Why have the problems in Westport flared back up if I can say that it was my impression maybe I've. I'm just too old don't go to Westport anymore I'm not twenty anymore. That we had a problem probably 1015 years ago. It subsided. And now it's over the last few years has has covered its heavy. And don't have any answers got which it did but. We know because we're tracking mes you report the news you know so I mean want top of the issue were working on it every weekend were we've. We have resources down they're trying to prevent the violence like. When I became chief for us and I don't want us responding to us I want to try and prevent it that's hard it's very hard to do down there and I always said Ann and this is a conversation probably for the business owners but why wouldn't they want. The streets shut down blocked off private why wouldn't they wanna try these different things if I was a business owner down there. I would be doing everything in my power. To try because perception issue that was reality. And there's a perception right now that there is a problem down there oh yes I agree. From the Czech side. Is it possible to use technology. Or is there any plans to put up things like gunshot sensors. To triangulation where the gunshots are happening in some of these never. That's the resorted haven't we do we have it we added in. We've never we don't publicly disclose word is but we have it in it's it you know we'd like it to be a larger area actually we've. We started use some of that technology were actually in it to some of our other technology. Get too much into it but were working a program right now another initiative. To see it back and bring it reduction violent crime so we are trying things all the time we are usenet Gaza sentenced to me that's again it's re active I mean. Yet you as a recordings it's reporting system that this is happening and I you know that there's problems in Ruskin. I don't know to what extent the technology helps you guys unless you have somebody right by here when the alarm goes off that somebody ship. And we've had that we we've that are right there are. I was right on top one when it went off that forty and Garfield went in my car was blocked winners on the that we are you done and then. The real beef not thirty seconds later you know shots bartered detection device. Like. Yeah I was like yeah are you trying to catch up to the car trying. As it was a week and down the street all like he was taillight highlights but yes I'm. I think there's not that so. I think the peace with technology is always the first. Pays doesn't always solve the problem but sometimes it's the foundation and we build on that and he gets better and better. And so I think that's organs he was promised it Meserve is a great bass but as we get. We tie other pieces out technology with that it's gonna get better about the cameras on public streets. Yes. Consumer. We have never bothered downtown are they in some of the rougher neighborhoods are we don't plaza we have both too it's so. What we have is we have some cameras and police department and then we have access or people grant us access to their cameras down. Because they want us if there's a problem they want us to be able to be responsive and in. And catch criminals if it happens on their property so that we him and so. A great example we could use cameras is the royals parade right we could. Focus in on potential issues within the crowd before they occur right right we saw. Things unfolding there people like squared off and we like it to officers over there and you know we had a great day with. Now rests right so cameras were big part of that really clicked and the chief address our 911 system and the lack of operators we have people waiting too long I agree and worked in we have we have. Worked on part time employees contract employees we are doing a bunch of things we've never done before and we are working on you as you saw my last. Blog post if anyone credit and how many people read it but if anybody read it it was about communications and please join at least part we need dedicating communiques. OK so someone wrote in and said my my son wants to be a police officer what do you say to younger people thinking about does. I would expand that there are so many jobs within the police department that aren't necessarily. Police officer for you to eat civilians you needle awkward and this is simply scientists in the lap. Yes yes we have I'm not right DNA crime scene tax all kinds of people out. Can stay for men thirty to run. And I was gonna jog after this it. And they're prescribed to protect us now and what they do wanna ask you about and we'll get to this averages about the news. I had a conversation not too long ago with the local police chief who said we can not fine. Quality candidates to be police officers anymore there even considering doing a an ad campaign. To get people to apply for the police department they can't pass the drug tests. There obviously are some concerns with. Police community relations and subsidies and and one that I found one reason why he thought this was relieved off. He said the young people today do not know how to communicate one on. It's it's true that's a huge obstacle and back to Dana's point about legalizing marijuana. Word is that's fallen when you hire police candidate I you know do you say hey stop smoking today. You know what where where do you draw the line. It would chief here's vote hubris expect from the Kansas City, Missouri police department first the news or in Worcester. Charges follow a midweek shooting more next. So it. Falls here look on the yard already see the leaves falling but where. 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Next threat of rain moves in with a 30% chance coming in on Monday it could impact Monday Night Football either before during or after the game still timing is up in the air. From channel nine comforts of her chief meteorologist Bryan Busby came easy whether it's. I'm will starent stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. No one. Yeah. Maybe you missed them as. Okay. It brings. Yeah. Any new policing for Kansas City, Missouri. Just win recently. Dana him and the. Lot of these she's NASA will your department ever lift the residency requirements of people outside the department can apply. And stay in their homes at a slew of somebody said I will apply because of the residency requirement and that's not my decision to support police commissioner's decision. So but what if they ask you for recommendation wages are. You know I I go back and forth on this there's some good things about residency at I think. Overall I think the people in Kansas City probably light that officers live in the city that yeah they're policing I think that's a that's a huge thing. Do I think. Politically and other things like that apple. Grown up on a farm and that's what they wanted you guys are kids that way I see that point too I do I think it will change I don't think. What you you don't think it'll challenge. I wondered Sunday if we can envision a scenario where there's a percentage based where you can say and then he did of course here in a position to have to choose. Who gets to live and who doesn't it. Maybe you say 80% of our officers and a bright and city where they serve we will we will give waivers on a on a first come first served basis kind of thing. But I understand them and make you hang tight because you've been super patient worried at you before we'd an expert Paramus. But I understand the argument you want the people who police the city to live in the city so that people see them get to know that they're your neighbors. But what is ended up happening in you know this I'm sure. And I know this for a fact. Is that a lot of police officers in Kansas City and up moving into a neighborhood in far north east Kansas City in the north and so that their kids can go to the liberty school district. If the idea was well let's give them inside the city and by downtown or type of midtown. I would bet their you maybe have 1234. Cops that actually live. South of the river in some of these. Rougher neighborhood. Well. You make a good points gap but I will tell you that. With everything is in housing and everything is kinda gets trendy right we now have officers moved in downtown. A lot of them they want to live and apart they want to part of the urban experience they they get an apartment or Condo downtown and they're very happy there and spend you know. Years living downtown whereas before you know ten years ago that wasn't an option so I think things cycle I write I think there's a big cycle up north I think things could come back I think people are drawn back to urban core site but not just in Kansas City but across nations so. I think these things cycle we'll just see what happens nick in Kansas City Iran with David parks and chief Rick Smith hello. I and it they'll end. Yes well first of all congratulations. And moment. Key supporter had tremendous amount of respect what you guys do you think you not. But my question is. You know criminals. Are gonna do. What they wanna do regardless of what policy is also important. So if what is there really anything that you think could be done to release stop them or. What are what mortgage. It took me the question that is to new pro actively stop. What he hears what I said to my career I think lease can influence crime I don't think they can control it. Let's say for example there's a bunch just dealings Westport and I put four officers on foot in front of those stores Westport. I that we could. We could at least slow down the number of occurrences people may be someone would be bold enough to still give it a try but I'd matches the number of occurrences would go down. So we may not stop that but I think we definitely would influence I think that's what we're trying to do. I don't think there's of a person like to be hired as police chief in coming year and say next year we're gonna have zero homicides I don't think that's gonna happen but I think what you wanna do is a police chief and say. 811 homicides as we stand today is disheartening and it's too many and what we do to reduce those numbers. My question when you look back at the years with the crime rate was lower. Can anyone actually say with any certainty why it was lowers that eerie anyway I've never understood and this gets into data and kind of into the weeds of policing a little bit. Even when there's a good year. Can you really look at something that the police department did and say this is why her there's just fewer bowed heads doctor shook each other that year. Right at your right. I don't know what the answers to and we and we've done huge projects to go back and look at that and what what happened this year when investigations. Did we do. They take downs a criminal organizations. Did we have better laws on the books what what you know what was it that made a difference in who. We haven't found that solid answer yeah it's true the heart of the summer the higher crime emirate. I think we had you know. I think there's some some truth that you're out longer there's more people that more people outside more people get together so yes there is that but you know December's is usually. I hate to say whenever more violent months as the mafia existing Kansas. A so back to this game vs group thing brown I think there's a group sure I think there is due to as a chain off in the classic sense that we think about a week. Seem certain movies I don't know about that I don't I don't know that you would say it's exactly the same no I wouldn't I wouldn't say that I think you know. Everything evolves. I think that probably the criminal criminal enterprise and the structure that was has probably evolved also. I think what would you say mafia I think organized crime is a thing but I don't know that. When those fellows yeah yeah exactly love him. Left the farm Melia and all that stuff still exist but as soon organized crime must not be one of my clown Dag dat. But look at it a cartel it's an organized criminal or that it's no different sure. I think if there's anything else we haven't had on here today somebody asked. Earlier do you still have a dare program used to have officers in the schools yes you do best. Do. Is it get out of jail free card real thing and if so yeah. If I am allowed to shake your hand I will put it appalled by hand yeah rabbit. Before we have to Oracle's to achieve a Superman or Batman Buford. Superman. Mike Lee's summit hello Mike. And different. I'll first off congratulations you smelled. But upon what you are superior out west forty years. As just a little bit low order last last caller. Or return. Classic match readers expect it's that on the city levels or brick walls. You guys. Got started yeah appeal it CIA leak or. The jail house might be Roman members here at our house up by order. Inmates and go. Anymore or cork. If you get sends 480 day on Monday hole. By Thursday and it's over. Like domestic violence people area. Now they get beat up on their the report. A quarter resolution. In the per cent in Europe. A 180 days that certain pre date of a call at like it's flat government bodies. Were loaded on to a slower jail goes sparkle. And people strive. Ian though it is surely. It's a great question and you know I share your concerns in this as you know can't seems replace probably got out of the jail business we used to have a jail on the eighth floor. And then they would go to the city. Facility which was the old farmer leads out there we called leads and that that's gone so now. We have the space in the tax county jail where are. Our detainees go. Spirit and of course. Was it might that called and as he point out were not in control of that right we're in. The do you envision a scenario where you would be back in the jail business at all or now. You know that would be a budgetary picture the city not not a police department exclusive. Decision so are you looking at budget cuts. I hope not. You know. You know to me always says public safeties expensive he's right. But what do you say when you have a rising crime rate. I mean yeah I think the citizens are looking for some answers and they look for the police department and the number one thing I heard as we just what's you know police on the streets so I think there's some room to ask. That you know maybe more police are needed so he'll be asking for bud drinkers. I don't know if it's an increase we're gonna look at ways to see what we can do. I mean yeah eventually be an increase but you know there's grand opera to charge other opportunities we're gonna do we can there have been criticisms of this to police department is certainly others that its top heavy that it would be more. Beneficial to the city to have more. Beat officers and fewer. Commanders. Do you agree with that NGOs anything you can do about that I sure I mean there's attrition need to let people retire not replace positions but my answer this in the same when it was during my interview processes. We look at can't seem Missouri police department that has a national reputation and training has a knack national reputation and professionalism and other things. I am. Were a department that's not under consent decree no one's ever look status that comes from good leadership that doesn't come by mistake. That comes because people are putting effort into managed in the police department. Correctly and that happens to good leaders right that you can't have so many worker bees not enough leaders to lead that and when I say to people yes. Need to look at us and say hey you can like this major off the map for this after the sergeants but what as a result of that as far as the leadership and the professionalism of the department. And I think that's which you have to weigh as the chief of police what causes you will sleep. Now. Officers in her killed I mean I I I sometimes go to sleep thinking is this tonight the phone and you know I don't want that call. The chief of police. Smith congratulations. Dad UN you may just the first minute okay great great to be here. Our data right rob Babcock I'm Scott Parsons said police chief Rick Smith of Kansas City, Missouri and KAMD's. Know. Just a good old ball. Give them pain you know. It's all your that was. Well we're. But these new ball. Training them and another case. In the we'll roll. That's normally yeah. Is not here so on doctors is but I like him. I life you know I've known for years I loved. I was so happy. When they announced he got that job and you know why I do think. You know you meet different people and you work with different people on the law and order side as a reporter he was always so transparent. And you want transparency at the top of the organization like that onto this at and Roger go with it for a long time. It straight shooters and ask Scott you'll but that there is something to say. For a public official who doesn't. Wait until the phone rings they coal use. If you're in the medium they say I wanna get in front your microphone I wanna get in front your camera I wanna sit down your editorial board. And I want to talk. And I want to tell the people this or I want to take questions. From the people that pay my salary. We asked him off the year do you mind taking collars and ever written a little while we case segment I wrote down on a piece of paper you won't take calls he looks amigos. I was crazy newspapers and on both but. It it's very present but I'll take this and I know. I know he got made fun of a lot during his time as mayor. But mark funk how's her when he was the mayor made it a monthly habit to come into this studio it right there in that chair up and he would just say. Open up the phones I wanna take any call and I do not care what they ask. And I think that's. Very bold for a public official to do like of a funk Hauser or the chief of police when when you said. We're gonna take calls I thought wants. Mom but yeah it was awesome and and he is he's really nice guy and he gave me a get out of jail free card no. He was pleased his car all I can say it's an hour. Ended a real Lincoln this you know who I know. The good news journal loner. It. Well not exactly right out of you longer. Not like him. And you know that's one thing chief Forte was given credit for a lot of things. I was horrible media I doubt it I don't think he was good with the mile mountain. Tracked I don't ever remember meeting she Forte in person. You know what one of the things those. Kansas City has such a good eight media department. I'm in second to none and I'm not just say and that. I've always loved the media department I've worked with yet they've cycled in and out. Over the years all kinds of officers. In so those jobs and they have always been very very good at what they do and so I think if you're a chief who doesn't like to deal with the media. You've got this great media department that can take the calls and emails and kind of shield you from where she Smith does not going to be way. I'm telling you is not. You know I I would I want him to win I want him to succeed. But I I do recognize and I'm sure he does as well the huge mountain. That he has in front of him and I need look no further than the missed the city of Chicago. Which had more murders last year then lost Angeles and New York combined. And you and I have done the math. When you do it per capita per citizen. We have a higher homicide rate in Kansas City. The Chicago Illinois and that's a problem. And and I'm sure the chief recognizes that of a dumb dumb from Lansing on the radio can do the math from Adam show the police chief is already done the math on. So he has to know. That there is a huge violent crime mountain. For him to climb in this city the question is if he can't get ahead of it or if the city can't get ahead of it. Does he end up paying for with his job. And I don't know the answer I. I don't think so because Kansas City has always struggled in the arena quite frankly. When was the last time they homicide count below 100 Scott it wasn't too long ago but it was. It was one of the anomaly years that we were talking I think there was one year while back where it was like 79 or something. And everybody's like. Each of his budget and that's not and the next heroes our opponent and then front. And it's it's it's much more of a cultural thing. That is a police department thing a police department by definition almost asked to be reactionary. It's very hard. To be proactive however. There have been examples in the past. And I don't know if it was police department based or culturally based. We're homicide rates dropped to the floor New York City and back in the 1980s if you were in New York your lighten. Who's here. How and it's one of the safest cities in America byte per capita all you talk about Times Square. Used to be you know smut capital world now it's the family center. Some of pat down the front desk is called means he said you know vault the public officials and all the important people have ever come in here he's like one of the first that came in here by himself. He didn't commit a lot of handler a handler and on her as you know someone and did help. You tell you what the media wants him to say you know who he reminds me of and I'm not comparing the two cities one has. 450000. People one has 9000 he reminds me of Ben Bradlee. The chief of police here mission. You don't mean. I absolutely. Super proactive super. Let me get in front of immediately talk I mean. Then happily the chief of police in mission call me at home and say. Was wondering if there's anyway we can get on here haven't coffee cups this week and his sister Anna myself chief Al. But there's no way we're talking about. You know what the fact that he even bothered to call and say we want people to come out to the cops are coffees they haven't it was sister weekend. And he's the police chief in the city of 9000 in a city of 2.5 million. And he's like Scott. Just reaching out. I don't know if you wanna talk about cops and coughing and I'm like are you kind of one of those last weekend but I. And we Lee Overland Park in Prairie Village had won combined. And bot everybody's coffee at Starbucks. And other I didn't even know what my husband walked in had a blast and I think. You know we they need to be doing more of those things spun got to meet a couple of them. Squeeze some checks in with considers it bolster happening now on KM BZ. Charges follow an attack in jail more next. You've heard by now time market. A business classes now spectrum business and they are making the best business Internet voice solutions even better for starters. 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