An interview with Holocaust survivor Sonia, and the filmmakers behind the award-winning doc "Big Sonia"

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, December 28th

Our interview with 91-year-old Sonia Warshawski – great-grandmother, businesswoman, and Holocaust survivor - along with the filmmakers behind the award-winning documentary "Big Sonia".



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I would just like to say first of all signed yet so thrilled that you're here today with us joining us I've been waiting to meet you. Taking cues Selma yes that I loving the filmmakers are here your daughter is here and it's been an exciting. Couple weeks here for you in Kansas City has an absolutely. And still am an X I would. And then they actually Lego and glad they can't millionaire. Match those still day does it at eight and propose. My lower those two boats at the end yet and ta. Today an enemy that is their highest. What's so they say. The highest point. About the whole thing is that the white LA IQ why do you think the movie. Is resonating. The way it is across the country right now wine now is this movie is so important. I do believe. What is happening now in this world. I think we need an awakening Mora for Rudolph. And peace and Harold 2000. Because I feel. We're really only visiting. This Goler just gorgeous it. And and people don't she attended to reenergize. And this is my. My highest point in my life when I speak. In schools for the future generation. And I tied to put venal Zoloft and their hearts. And you know what's grown on a school board meetings and aid. And knowing that I had received those letters from those students. I used to say to my daughter at a Tina you know for many many years they start to speak we'll go back and it. And I say if child they're big twelve. That's when I get those letters from those student funded. Let it. And having it changed my life. What else can I say this is my good eight this point in mind that. What's the moonless nights it's incredibly powerful. In Rome and yours do you worry him one problem. That is heartbreaking are warming at the same time but I've found it fascinating as watching this movie. You city I think two or three times in the movie. I will never for. And you and and for those who are just tuning in and were talking Sonia who. Is the subject of an incredible documentary. Airing the Oakland. Spent years in Nazi concentration camps. Was beaten. Was shocked. On liberation day. An incredible beat kinks but you see it was fascinating. It's on several occasions so I'll never forgive them but never give in Tennessee. Yes many times when they speak in schools especially. In smug students. We'll get up and ask me in this fashion. How can you release speak about a lot of in all of this what you went to. So I explained to him. Nicholas listen. If touch and Antonio until May get really my whole. Whether it really went through with take two days into it on and me maybe it's days. And I tell him. You're watching. How many kinds. Hanging. Some girls tonight to SKP announced that Sunni and man. And watching people dying and thrown at me. After monetization and and ten B Kingston. What I witness is an eighty million. Mars there is putting their lives that day it buddies. On their next week landing when they took away. So I went he esteem the students many times at bat so I explained to. I shall never forget. I shown evidence forgave. Atonement and hate. In explain to them. Forgiveness. Is a very important thinks in normal life. But their his solemn. Sometimes blow index in the about forgiveness. Who am my. I would feel ashamed that I would say I can or deep. This have to come from a higher power and not to meet the question I close my ice I would feel terrible. Terrible shame that I take this in my pilot say I forgave this set to come from a higher pilot. But again. To hate. You can't hate. I will disown my cell and then end up coming to myself. This cell and then there's never allow myself. I want to spend golf. And ten. And helping to each other. Because again I'm always gone to the same thing. We are only visiting his beautiful you know there's union failed to land in this world with severe ice. Reid would leave in peace. In golf. And held. And they get it and they get it. One of the most beautiful scenes in the film and I think important teams in the film is. Both of your daughters and your son are featured. And. What it must have been like to grow up in a home where something so horrible happened mom. And dad and I think a lot of the survivors children in Regina thank you for being here today and welcome. What what must that have been Lichen and there's and I don't wanna say a funny moment in the movie where your sister says. What I would do normal teenager sayings and upset my mother I would think oh my gosh she's been through. She survived the Holocaust and now I'm giving her more grief and and I cannot imagine did you guys block. It walk on egg shells that what must that have been like growing up and that home. Well I think it is a burden in Vance. You feel like their Pam asked what happened to him was so horrific. The last thing you want to do. Is to create heat. In the anything that would have sent them. So I always felt like a lot of decisions and I made. I would have to think twice because. It would be just. It it would upset me a great deal. To know that I had done something which I could have avoided doing. That would disturb them. So. An and this is very typical. Of second generation. Children like myself. So. There there definitely is a burden in it's always with you. Do you remember the first time you knew. Really need to or really had this explained to you as a child and about what aides that would have been you know I get that question asked a lot. I do my recollection is from a relatively early age I can't tell you exactly how old I was but. Part of the reason that we need to. Something. Terrible had happened to our appearance was because. All of their friends were holocaust survivors. And every weekend we would socializing get together with the families. In it was unavoidable. For the parents at some point to not talk about. What happened to them in Europe. And Europe overhearing Lance. You two. You get snippets they you know then it was terrible. And then in our house. And my parents did speak about it they didn't hide it it a lot of survivors cannot talk about it to their children when and a and I would say that by the time I mean elementary school. I knew. No question. Had a pretty good feeling about the Holocaust. In the horrible things that happened to them. Did you ask your parents about that. Yes now my mother and it has to my father denied if you were an Al shoots you had attacked attempt to and it was the only. Death camp. That they gave. The inmates tattoos. So yes. At some point. You know as. We got older were noticing attend to in realizing that intimate moment of those he's dead do and are. And my mother's responses issue visas in the movie. Was well. When we were young when we are really young the response was. They act they put the number on my arms so that if if I got lots. Yeah I get to my Disneyland mom and tell me about the yeah it cost him I'll never forget this kind of finish Stein. You know I don't get a call which child was asking. Magma. These days. You can imagine index gained as a second looks could announce anything it was not prepared. So you know it came to me to say well one man I would give us they'll be able to find. And then that solar blankets it and. Did you as a young woman who once you arrived in Kansas City did you hide the number what not know you do not know. I didn't height. In nine Nolan and other filers survivors. And moved it to him data move Vietnam. Future because I didn't. And they give did you ever think of doing that removing your tongue out. I felt. Somehow Indy he stood me in I was right. When it came at a time. Of those denials. Because I have to tally. When I came out from this sale I could not to welcome. As you know and our boys are coming back from Noah you coordinate the guilt. Or surviving survivor's. In its total absolute key to. I even felt guilty. Is dead it was something people who have made it ten and phony stories. And they would left. I would catch mice and I cannot Ifill didn't yield did to us just to let them be happy because. Of this what I went through and I had seen and it's been difficult to understand paranormal proves there's and there were a services for years there was no help we didn't have the mental health center says. And I'll bet our boys are getting and yes they are now that baton and hitting the Kansas City now go raise your baby isn't. I live the American dream and here you know. Exactly but I want to tell you. One day and only amend their bequest first you have to understand. Was still go through McCain. And jammed in raising their children and you just didn't have Stein and maybe later on when do an ideal in high school. And I remember when I started speaking in nineteen. When I hit one meal on the radio. And deny it bush you ceased in. Yes a denial. You heard a skinheads say it didn't happen that was the reason and that's important. That you started speaking about this because he heard someone say they could have Dick guts to come to Disco and speak at eighteen and bent it First Amendment. We're talking we're big Sonia who is subject of an incredible documentary conceded that when word called an excellent. She was V. And so did the smush risen German concentration camps three I think three for him. Com and says they get to Allison and yet it was just this horrible man doing stuff from the age of thirteen. I was irritated I was. Thirteen I have closer to fourteen when they examine scheming. And I am. What I want to tell you when they're radio and I here and then not able. It did not happen. It's just I would tell you and I can act on their came to my brain is saying hey Sonia. This is it is and you survive this is your duty to speak for those who have couldn't make it. How many times do they still you know where and I would say if you make it. And you and a view please. Tell the story into the world and we'll start. You know I couldn't help but thanks honey you know your mother's area very proud to. Q. It was a Manny had a good times. And to know my father. And a known fact that it will take dollars to tell you everything went into debt. You can trash any professional rounds and that's that is. That as the and they will be anger you it is on the again I don't know de LA. I. I think she well it's it's important but it's very difficult to each year. What you witnessed with your mother and it's apart in the movie and and it's important I think it's important for people to hear the story it's a very very. I've battled down banks. Because. You know this scam. Was a terrible camp. You wouldn't believe it may go along with their ten million. So you can imagine all neck kicked its site it was. Rather be. You know and it was almost end of the summer but was still you know a nice day. Knew he had to vote to. And she was always see if I close my eyes is still MM matter as short guy. With light gloves. In a stick. Left or. Left let's don't test. And I hate filled stinky and nick. Overnight came in my mum. From here. In Hugh put my mum to the left immune to it. As you know rather negated from the movie. I wanted to go with an. But their sets woman what's pushing me which she's still go to an act. So you know. I can tell you one thing. That she was such aside based. That she would dump some time so that girls didn't didn't allowed tool you know that a few notes. That you know what they date they kept those to go to do against him there and still in the same field. And that's to announce their feet in tonight's in the morning. When you appeared to go to added a science. You always knew they collect in Jereme Brooks that it. That means you cannot walk out from the Barack. Is that way it's close. So you'll always knew that something happening they don't want you to see that they couldn't help but I mean they didn't achieved that between you and some things well. It is just like candidate Tyler. When I hear the sire. I pushed myself to do big dollar from their. And as you know it was just a tiny little holes. And I look up. And in dates as long you know. My mom walked with. Us their most recent posts but to still this was I'm. And they were walking five and a column. Nice all. Walking and another lady from my home town. Again as well. So you can image. And leave this'll. She it was only going on for me just 43 yes when I engaged fully three she was not. This atomic. She was a young man identity iced and it. Being so young in Atlanta on Monday. But to say it through it in my Danica I wouldn't have made it was my mom and I had dysentery. And she was alone. She unity mean to say. Watcher walked into. The X. What appeared. To announce that stuff. You know it's it's it's impossible to tell you everything with at and. My father mandate to consent from their hiding its Yunel and we are they standing. There kneeling in Toronto this. Outs. And endless you know am. Assessment. You know patrolling us. And we taught that we will be killed it right there. But to me that there are finding people and other houses. So when live or getting. My father in my little assistant escaped is too long to explain your at it and so me and my mom and late around. After the war. We found out. At my cousin and my liberals there are hiding can now abandoned house. In Midland my little sister. Whistles you know civil rights so as long 'cause again till. Was still you know there were only two dating acting since ending June known cleaning up. And they knew that to accommodate it will be normal or Jews vehicle and a team gentlemen who know me. So my since you know it's too I cannot even begin to tell you because of the two known how my browser. You know thanks to my father. Had a job with dad and you know am. A Faneuil. Who was changing in there and he was not just used. In key to my girls or mean in two he see you know it doesn't use so he was that it lacked key. She was stained napkins again till. In here dip their me too going to get till it helped us so that is in a big way. And talent to make it solar highly Cain a bonds so my girls and one day. Since he had this you know and. That she could go to different states he met at a time. And he set. Peace I have my little assistant. How that you will take getting into you or you know I think. And he gets. But he set. Every week I would come and pay. Or they're staying. So he agreed to take your sister but he wanted money for costs it. So my browser as long still they get to what's in all all the. He used to go every week. She was there any he would be a hero if she would have survived you know I'm going to go. And she would walk every week come to your comment indeed in some money morning it would and that I don't ask me. And check my little sister. Used to even though with them to church every Sunday. And Canon. But as soon. They hear someone and still remembered instead of from my home from school. Late afternoon in the nation and do it. New this about it she told me makes it's that. A key. He they had to have that person. When my father and brother maturity you mundane day tied it. And they had to have someone to bring him some fort. In this fellow. It was attending to my schooling system and. She that they turned him as sounded their trade and thinking. It took him down. And they shot him right there on the spot. And then it was no place he went to bury them they've batted women out of nine you know. On the outskirts of the city. This was my god. Christopher one of the filmmakers yes though they're tied the one of the interesting things about the film I think you started out with one story and mine was Sonja and the tailor shop. And fruit telling. Her stories and her children's stories get ended up being. More of a family. Story attack and can you talk a little bit about the evolution. And and watch. Do you are my granddaughter. Him in time and time again married in the middle of making his Stillman were still married so and it's fun of them my family at this. I think that's it I think that tickets a big day. All right yeah. Anyway. Yes. And send his granddaughter that we initially you know we started making this film as a short film. I was supposed to be like twelve to twenty minute short film about. Metcalf south mall and John's tailoring and all of the kinds of people who come into the shop and her our idea you know we both come from a tech TV background and our idea was more like a reality show at Johns tailoring. Verses and 93 minute feature film that we ended up with but along the way. We the you know we really. Wanted to make a modern film something that was relate able and universal and when we. Started going with Sonia and Regina to their speaking engagements to schools and to prisons. We were really able to see that impact that they have in the modern world and the impact that these stories. Have in the lessons and how other relatable. Now and that. It was very intriguing to us as filmmakers and then in the middle of filming Cindy got an eviction notice from the mall. And that gave us a longer story arc. China also. Over the course of you know six or seven years doing interviews with the family and learning about. This theme of intergenerational trauma and how that Thomas had been passed down through generations. I think you were in the family and you didn't even did you really know the extent to which your father. Signed his son. Was still I think devastated. By this. Yeah I didn't really realize how much he was holding in until we did today in the inner view. With him where he reads the Paul woman he had just found the poem and we didn't really know what to expect either so. That was a key moment for us and honestly after we filmed that. Scene we both decided right there and then we would never use that in the movie it's. Mary and it didn't it is a very personal. Wrong. Just emotionally raw moment where he is reading a poem that is mother and absolutely absolutely breaks yeah yeah yeah. There sucker punch in the film for sure and we never intended to use it and it. For us as filmmakers. We just have to salute Regina and more in W. So news it was it useful to me and I think you have to use and then had to he is their reality of what they went further their Kurds to to trust us and use that in the film I think is once it is openly admitted. Some history remarkable to Finley threw maybe not survive some things were blows us referral. Has some kind of drama in ten minutes from time or another Herbert small and it's through. You know through Sony's kids experience that I think anybody can relate to you survival. All it took him to assume I noticed the finally found out there is a book that they would affect it billion and we. We went through there you know the custody he gave them everything gadget Asian and it. The same token. And I think it's it's typically it would be difficult for you to confront it's because nobody wants to see their children his age and as children you don't wanna see your parents in pain and so everybody shuts it off it. As many jokes about it or make students about it or write poetry about gore yes. One thing we've unprecedented move last night it was Britain and it is amazingly compelling. It's it's an hour and a half long story about the Holocaust. With no video footage from holocaust. No mention of Adolf Hitler yet. No mention of global and international whaling ended and and you were able it was really it was amazing you were able to tell. This story about the Holocaust. Without showing anything from a whole look exactly it was unintentional. Definitely intense or we we did not want to give anybody a reason to turn away. And from the beginning when we. You know Sony's memory of what lavender is a child is extremely vivid. And her descriptions of of what happened to her or compelling just doesn't audio track. Please let this is 12 you forget to say he is really. Met the fittest survive that he did NASA it was a pursuit that's what I want yet things. And. Can we re news that we wanted to enemy her. Her story from the beginning. Of filming mr. and uses. Pretty incredible due to her when she's in the shop. With the customers which is rare now these days and but turning those doodles into into the story of her past you know as a as a teenager. It was a way for Austin to reach into an audience that we wanted which means. From the beginning and also we re feeling personally her her story. Regina are you happy and I should say happy and glad now. That. You took part in the film I know that you probably were dragged she's just and she Aetna and not wanting to do this my brother and sister and I were. It later. We did not want to be in the movie we were thrilled that they were making this movie. And we want it to be about my mother. But they kept pushing us and pushing us so we finally gave him. And I I'm just astounded. That any saying I would have to say. Would resonate Kirby important and assets turned down our experience. With. Family issues and what happened to our parents and how affected us. As one of the important parts of the movie. Because your parents and can't be holocaust survivors. All families have issues some years things going on earners you know you're not communicating. And so now I mean I've I feel like. It's been a gift. And I'm I'm so glad that we have been honored to be a part of this product. He and we had I mean and we we know the films have Regina and Debian and my dad as much as Sonya because it is. That aspect of intergenerational trauma and the things that are passed down through families that. Most people after they see the film wanna talk about and is become one of the most universal and relatable themes in the entire film we wouldn't have that without their courage so we're grateful. There was there was one part in the movie come. Where have you show a picture of the entire family. And Adam expects. A lot of people picture and there too. Arrows that were imposed on the picture and a camera for the exact words used but yes these are the only two that's a broad and as you and your little. That's empty now beg your pardon and she's in mandate this is still was not the whole family. This was a wedding an amendment and until you know just a group. You showed us that a two children in schools yes and it's a large family photo via at its very. It's horrified. To show a photo and say look at this picture of all the people. And family only they were murdered they're not gone that didn't pass that way men and rumors that. Link yet and that's it's that's part of the PowerPoint. Put together thank you this presentation before my mother comes up. So people have a real contacts with individuals. That want to do in order and I always point out that in Roland. Nine out of ten genes. Were murdered since its answer in Europe. Two out of three. Are murdered in this period. Tony do you have any desire ever to go over there to seize. I can only. Just after the war. Ruined the DP Kim and knows. And one day affair came. To look for he says standard. And she's survived an hiding himself. And I do an amendment that two sisters Swanson. In Quito may be that is lives the lives I am in now and they came to new deep and when he went in to do checking now and at least. Of December that seat count me in another girl from Islam. Then naturally he got panic that they need and she was the first well telling me that my little sisters and I. Which you wanna go back and which you wanna go back though we when back. They eat they team. This was still right delay after the war it's was still that this today. No you know all boundaries yet you know. And we walk and you amino affair you know that we could to. Get to. And communication. We do we are writing cryptic fashion being you know soldiers. Whether that recruits you know and yet you know my wife and yet that's either. That changed result you had to scroll through the window to get in two of the costs which you wanna go back now. Well. I had a tennis and I am at a good at. That's one day as some. Of my home town was organization. From our hometowns. And they've decided to. Would Dave know mayor from our city told him. That's say quote quote. Ammonium and in this cities where you live you still brought out you know this dollars in Antonio their income and added that puts you to. On to catch things. So what ranked forty so there was an eighty sculpture. Made famous in his they'll beat you you made the decision not to go back. You do all knowledge started to eight in its too late that timeless and missed it when they put it in I didn't grow. I simple question Regina would you or have you had any desire whatsoever to can't see yet you know I've contemplated this for years it's. And in the sends I think hanging I think I'm ready I think they can do this. I'm conflicted because. The experience is so close to me what happened to them. And I'm always so well that could be interesting to this picketing and start my Dominic that was the first when my mother went to then go to house for its. And then in the Hamburg and Nelson. But. My concern is that I think it would just be highly emotional for me and I know they're still on an anti semitism. That exists. There and so I yes there's a desire but then like this and I am kind of conflict it's like him than. There are only though I've been here. Uptight about going to Poland. Specifically. This is an alien and a good acting. Nicholas I supposed to go because my assistant and he says she says she Scotland and sit this isn't. But the children start to worry about actually break them. Because was supposed to go to even to my Dominic and Tim Inca as a you know. And I got a little scared so I said maybe I will never be able to take it. After then she backed out. I think people listening. Cannot imagine. Going back there exactly you have that in your mind yes. I would have to face him I'd done it again the same thing and then timber income I don't know if you guys know that's worth of debt and in most of you know from Lawrence on all alone in disposable. Indecent or to ignite them who they're all Moses deadliest camps. As you know prevent it to you about your idea and a way I had a good I didn't know that caused all the family want to come with me to. And then like I say. I backed out and now. Edit edit it and because of my children and beat you still doctor's sister you cedar oil. I have seen I have been to ease jail if you didn't may be full of floral five times. That there is soda to fifteen years and that's fifteen news. We've I didn't. And Jack boot to tuck and and husband if this holds Imus. States that you teach old. And I went through this note that I can you talk on the phone with all he would then he'll get one of the things. Everyone to remember is that when this first started for you you were thirteen and your sister was. And so everyone listening who has children that age I have a daughter who's thirteen. You'd just cannot imagine that level of trauma. Or any. Let alone at at that age. Yet it is. Alma I think it's one of the reasons why engines relate to the resilience and when he speak in schools and when this year film. There at that age it's Angeles and her sister was win win. When they went through. I've said I want this in her high school in America and I know this and is yeah. So you have. Because you do have an educational packet if you will also and and I've written my high school if anyone is interested in bringing this into the school. It is age appropriate. So yeah we usually NC you know seventh grade and above which is worse than in Regina speaks in some cases kids have learned about it early and that is fine but. In general we say seventh grade a number of for the film and the curriculum materials that come with it and all of that information is available on ballots. Two at some point. I used in a had a few people would they want to write a book. And I have listing to DP fisted takes so long you know and then I said there's so many books already. Really and other folks. I just cited myself. It will be more beneficial in my opinion. To speak. My votes coming from my heart and whether alias city so soon with selects him in an album view about your story. I would and then they're getting in my life. There's something will happen meg Dulles so wonderful. People. I will I would never did him. In dance movie do eight they made it. We'll takeoff eight days the message. Of hope and and to lull they call it this big Sonja. What do you think about that. I think it went recent weeks media this. Week. If there isn't an option is now a big and in signing date say. Being. There. Did you first and so. I still do. Still do have seen it. And I in the beginning it was hard to meet except. To cede it to boot. And this is a two notes that there isn't. They they succeed because of anything that true and I accept. It caused some reading and talking to us that are survivors. They say the whole colored children. Let it affect. Yeah that's a difficult thing to. As a parent. And that's the records that everybody has had Tina Sonia and Regina and Maureen and B and everyone who's been involved in the project that is not been an easy road but I think the validation. And pride that you feel when you see the film. With an audience and the audience gets it and you hear when people are laughing and crying and that I think has helped. There teach more that I would have been dating. I would just say perspective Sonja I mean even the prisoners in the film you have taken life there are prisoners that are interview have killed. People they have taken life. And they are brought to their knees by your story. These large big burly. Bittermann yes very touched by your story. Guess. You have to stages you know and it won't put that on B two menus. And heavy and the loans. You know all of don't although those of three stages I. Do don't spoke to all of the prisoners Otis yeah because it really is going to be nice when you put in windows Abaxis and you don't do anything for them. Yeah the long slow day the team to go out. And it really Ozal. Talk to the young people not to make the mistakes to a date date. Virginia question. What was that moment as a young adult there otherwise where you felt guilty about having a bad day and here's what I mean about that. We get into a traffic jam and it makes you angry are you. Have a bad day at work and you think that's a bad day or use struggle with your spouse and think that's a bad day and I would think. As the daughter of a survivor I would feel like it's I don't know Jack about what a bad date looks like yeah. I mean and no question that that managed. Very prominent. It's actually it's interesting because I hear money my son. And his Cranston. From time to time who say well you now think about Gramm line in the kind of puts things into perspective. So actually anymore only humans sure we get Manning green. But then when. When something really an important happens and you re enact extreme and they need to scan stop yourself and say ha ha. It was an aunt and my cracked iPhone is not such a big deal anymore and that's I thought I had. You and your mother and taking your story. So it's well I'll tell you new and vigilante stories interesting because. What. Happened was my mother. With the mall they decided. You know so the mall and they were going. Close to dance to an end in my mother was the plans. Retail he if you consider retail for writing. Business in the mall. And so I called the stirring up you know somebody there in Washington mainly due story for hands. Business and they can't sell so they came to him they did the story in this part of the story. They included. The fact that my mother hands the optimist Cree. Well sue Alan freed. He's very active in. This program RO FW at the prison at at the prison yeah. Read the article. Well an important part of their program is having the prisoners. Read the optimist creed and Optimus screech those that in the film is posted in your store exactly yes and once you Allen's something. She was like only got I've got to get Sonia. Connected with the prisoners because the open screen that was. It tends I have met him when I sleep I have that on the lol it's on the wallet is variously yeah I do handles it the ten commandments I Eddie. Yet still give them. That's how the prisoner's story came about because of the on the yeah it does is it. You know it's interesting it's funny how how life. You know but but. If he had not included the fact that the optimist create music was we would not be probably speaking to prison because she's the one called us because she saw that. Prisons so you do more than just moved from its entry it's. We did and we done Lansing three times beaten there is women's facility in Topeka. Yes that we've been to two different. And we've had other offers that we don't like to travel very far away a sunnier just such a bright light you're just a bright light for all of us well. I myself I feel I'm just a little. Humble human being who came out from a handled. And eat and I try to help in any way in a little bit even think. This laurel. To put. To finish day no hate. And laugh and help you to. This is my aim. When they seem more and more weather beautiful. World we have. Notorious me. That hate is still go home loans. In the movie. Africa and this right your your husband. Which sometimes. Have horribly violent dreams about gas and over there and lynch in which sort it is imagine making sizable yes that's right. And I think he still have a consistent yeah. Do you have those groups. You know I yes but not who I am asking Gaza surmise they say tell me. Men seems different. Dan NBA action then the women in terms of close even until today I had to think this is. Absolutely this you leave would it and you have to. And Aaron how to. You know shaken. Visit us today ever go by when you don't think about it. It's something him. It's pretty difficult. For an. You know normal people's land they'll never advocate this what deleted took place I'll be honest she. I went even. To a Washington. Music. And I really nice kind me. It as a surviving it's me again it speaks it's. I would ending the day and ice then. Witness. To a say. They did a minor in his step. As humanly possible. And of course the Fatah and if it's not. This is not possible. If anyone was and always you know horrible. Deadly camps. Nolan. It and reading those books in an addicting. People that are not address. Or deleting it. Of course I respect all of those people. Beating Houston. You know that there was there which are saying is there's no substitute Ayers. Now and yeah I torch us unfortunately within our lifetime. The survivors will be gone and that's one of the the reason that we decided to meet the film. When we did because head of the stories get passed on. Once the witnesses are gone. And that's it as a reality of what we're dealing within months. And I like interject you know asking my mother. If there's today that doesn't go I well as an disease second generation enough this is true for everyone it. I feel the same way and what and so growing up with it and being such a constant in my life that's what I want to get away from the and I didn't want to talk about it. You know when it came up I rip really sort of put. Not which were checked via. End and is as you find at in the documentary was until much much later. Actually currently about ten years ago when he felt like you know the realization that there. Hartman survivor's lap often in England and you duets friends telling yet. So so I can tune in and really clan and I'm very proud or other. Second generation people to do the same port to ask it if your parents were survivors. Let you know what went on in the faintly did it scam because. When your parents are gone when your grandparents are you're going to regret. Not asking the costs. X it's. And the really we can't make 78 and man I wrote to a training. And then they come Nicklaus for the future that is only a few left them acts lessen its kinda nice woman nearly. To be able to to speak and I'm still paying the almighty to keep me in the longer. The goes is still. I instantly and again not done. An egg and again. I don't have any it. How to put it in of them cabinet. The praise goes to wonderful. Human beings when they date I know that the rest. I never understood how much will work in day Conant and laid there are other laugh. We actually call it a labor of labor instead and I I am amazed. And I really got educated to what it takes to make you feel. Especially the disk when you look at. He's so. That perfectionist. And I could relate to a team that close hasn't tied it even in schools is that all the camera. I am I lessen their affection is now in HUK and Mandel a little but the team. She already knows me people who smaller and kisses it did I I you know I don't. I don't think so he has his ways and this sweet ways and yet as you can see it and I am really. The ball. So that dance and honor it never happened outside there is a dance because they've created a movie star on I have to live with. I. And it. I'll be leaving yeah I sailed is edit movies. I am just you know and I can't say again and to humble. The Ting that dammit stuff and that's the stuff. And I mean just an added that he. Hi it I would certainly you know what daddy ability to designate indeed and we feelings. As a quiet and we. And this is that I believed in destiny. Of those still wonderful people to bidding case. Wonderful movie which island ended the team is to Google so. Thank you so much sir thank you for having us that this is just a little being of my life that goes you've I would instances. Event that you're very powerful Dana. Dale always have to hold me back Siena. Well a big Sonia police star of the movie big Sonia we do appreciate your time Hewlett I think we're doing any such thing as too viewers it's a brilliant movie it's incredibly moving and compelling. Pain here to actual procedures weren't with us today and let's hope for peace and love and a sleek and.