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Wednesday, April 25th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. DJ FKF. It was one is located in Dayton Ohio air force museum about it right in the sense that and it says it is off limits to public view. I don't know why that be I would wanna see it had to say it that is a that is a piece of so that is a huge piece of history that plane. I don't mean to grow our gross to reclaim it up. And there would've been an icing on the plane though there wouldn't amendment. I mean it was just where she was standing next to him when he when LBJ took the failure why would you not let that available I I would wanna see it. A story here from the Kansas City Star early Tuesday morning Jonathan Porter. Was beginning another day at work wearing pipe for Kansas City based construction company near nine to Brooklyn. When a passer by asked him for cigarette. Porter who doesn't smoke told the man can help you. The passer by walked away and then turned around and shot him. According to porter's mother Lindy pool. Reporter who was 23 was expecting his first child a girl next month. Her name will be heavily. Quoting here from home. I just hate the fact that he's never going to be able to hold her. Porter's fiance had a baby show our plan for this weekend. The gunman is still being sought by police. Construction workers in the area were interviewed importers company issued a statement calling the shooting heartbreaking and I quote from the company. Until we know more we are working with police and in for a source. To pull cruise off the streets in the Kansas City area. We asked the you hold this man his family his friends in for source and utility workers and our communities. In their thoughts and their prayers. Porter's mother wishes the government had known poor because then he surely would not have pulled future. I have a question because correct me if I'm wrong has few months ago we had an AT&T. Worker. Who was out early in the morning by himself. And someone came by I believe tried to take his wallet shot him and killed him Jerome of that story and I think those AT&T. It's my understanding that sometimes security is provided for these guys and it's like one sheriff's deputy he goes from site to site and and make sure everyone's okay. Which unfortunately the deputy was not a dislocation in this happened. In in what professions. Do they have an obligation. To provide your security. Enemies sets out a parent if you are a postal carrier. If you are a any kind of line men any kind of public utilities worker. Navy's fiber optics. Tight. I just one water gas meter readers. You do not decide the neighborhoods and places you get to go troop and I don't remember where the AT&T I was all well I'll go back and look. But I'm sure that. Those employees from time to time go into neighborhoods that are on your worst nightmare of the day you would not want to be alone. At dark at 5 AM or 8 PM. Bite yourself. And I wonder. They're probably not allowed to carry. Weapons of I don't I don't know they should know that should be allowed. But I would say if you're by yourself in Europe the middle of nowhere in your work and wasn't. You know. Cable company or what have you. I'm curious as they allowed those employees to carry weapons now by all accounts this man asked for cigarette turn around. Wheeled around quickly and just opened fire. Guide I don't know that a weapon in this case because it was an ambush would've. Nobody you you may have been suspicious. Maybe and put your hand on your gun maybe contempt and I am a cat. You you know I'm not a fan of guns but I know you're not if you are up about alone. Let me ask you this I and I know you're not a fan of guns I am. If your son was a postal care. And he's getting in Italy supposed to care is make decent money. But his. Routes. Is 3030 college. And the baton area. Brooklyn or 55 eased off of 71 I got somebody services those areas and there are people with a does neighbor and as saying there are some gang members who live in those neighborhoods would you want your son as a postal carrier carrying Oregon not. I guarantee is the federal government probably does not allow them to do that they I figured you don't. Because what are the dogs attacking all they have is like. I mean of them mace earlier. Would you want your son to carry a gun is his post route was fifty that the college at the risk of losing his job. If he needed that job that was how we provided for his fan would you want your son caring ago. Now all you know I'd want him to find something else that's when I know it's not what you asked he needs that job. His normal route is Roland park Scott parks is neighborhood but somebody sick. And or they're on vacation. And he gets 55 college. So what is heard and the gas company guys all wish we could carry we are in situations like this every day but it is too much liability for utility companies. I don't know what you do because a lot of listening you're not that I you let them carry a gun for the love of god 5767798. To the newsroom and Caremark. You'll wanna find a new route if you normally take I 35 minute downtown more next nice at some time over the weekend with the good guys from CM thousands and they all came out and supported. Our bowling bass tournament helped us raise some money and I was so appreciative of that. Today we're telling me over the weekend remember spring is here it has felt like and it awhile but it is. And severe weather season and thunderstorms are coming in the last year the last time a big storm rolled through we had 90000 people. Without power in Kansas City and for some of the U. That's an inconvenience and nothing more you gusting at a hotel maybe just say mom's place. 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Or thirty suing Kansas City from McKay NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks our northbound lanes by 35% down at Penn way after Iraq. That's got traffic slow all the way back to mission broad Mota says it will be at least until 5 o'clock until they get a reopened. The head of the Justice Department defending his second in command testifying to us senate appropriations subcommittee on Capitol Hill today. Attorney general Jeff Sessions and an exchange with senator Lindsey Graham commended his embattled deputy Brian Rosen Stein do you agree amazed to have a good job. He works every day today's job. He is called upon to do that guy. Dropped in his do you have confidence that you either have confidence attitude. Check traffic and weather together and axed. It something's happened almost all of us and knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future if you do. Find yourself in a car accident remember the name. Deals collision repair and blue springs open up the many times steele's personal friend I've watched his crews work and I can say without question without doubt. They are the best in the business and their work Dale's and was brings. Is guaranteed is more usual on your car truck so get it fixed right the first time here's a number it's a 162281855. 8162281855. Or online at Dale's auto collision dot com. Dale's a blue springs taking care of cars taking care review. Soggy weather in the forecast for Kansas City is remain mounted arrested today we have he's on the house again shower scene contend went over quarter of inch of rain expected high 55. The showers easing by early tonight and gradual clearing a bit on the cool side low 45. Plenty of sunshine quickly returning tomorrow the high upper sixties. As he clouds around Thursday night in an wall to wall sunshine returning on Friday 65. Sunny imploded seventies expected for the weekend. I'm staff meteorologists Saturday are more Katie and easy whether or. Nine aren't aren't TCI fifty downtown 49. KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. I'm Kara marks are Newsnight EA one KM BZ. 67798. It's good to Lorie in Buckner Missouri hello Laurie. I. M like my heart and eat you up. Our pet and it went there a couple guys and they actually but she. And actually hear it whipping by. A jet climbed out of our Eric Sapp. But we're. Not. Actually when she put it. And they're eight or on site in camp area. You have people in ago you know and it. Well I'm on here. And yet what element they will know where or Eric. It why. Not really a neighbor at. Each year. And. Bull like we're waiting looking the way you do. It actually quite. And being equal you're actually got our air or hit me. Being here. Up and they let you know we are. Not. It. So you know it they're trapped and a lot. He has that been and where I'm. Doing his job. And and none of them Randall Terry weapons on that that what is mattered in this case but I'm curious. Well. And tropic. Karrie Webb and. I would say just Laurie I don't ever remember anyone at the television stations saying it was against company policy to have a weapon I don't remember ever hearing that. But we do have and every television station has. An overnight photon or two it. And case have you over the figures on the scanner Indy worst part of the universe there's a fire. You know sometimes it's a fire or shooting your lucky because officers are his they're buying and it is your job to get the hell out of their. As or before the police presence leaves. I always heard a rumor that one or two of those old school. Photons that have been around 4050 years. Carried with them overnight and I'll tell you I had no problem with that at all. Specially guys up there were combine themselves and those big market and they should be allowed to protect themselves might guesses. There's a corporate policy against it that's my guests. You don't want. Take away in my overnight ga Grice sleep during the day right age twelve dollars an hour right. To go to the worst neighborhoods of Kansas City or your take away my job. Won't Wear me. You have to Wear my life. Aaron or AA running king's mill AA Ron hello I they don't hike Anglo. Then there. Are swelling now. I worked for sure. Probably Q does the company and all all construction company for the most part helped all these tell our. Google vehicle war in the company vehicle. And it's a liability issue companies. Only allow you to be at Shea. Profits for them. So. You're expendable ailment or an alto and it as an urge that reminds me. One might ultimately in the garden to great. Yeah and it is that very well at. And they are nothing that it will benefit other than mental health of the shooter because obviously first and chicken and it. And and that you know I would love you know that there what kind of suction contraption that you moral Omer Gershon on. I go out very elated and I in order to better I'm not doctors are in that. They're acutely that these that I take one with. Oh yeah much I'm going to hand you that people are I'm in Wyoming on patent and there you know pushed. These are on let me ask you. Is the worst happened if someone came up to you and pulled a gun and you were able to defend yourself. Would you be fired for it. Well yes most definitely the desire to know whether it even if Ireland defending someone else you get fired or it is day it is. What is in the best interest for the company into the lot cheaper than you pay. Through you do you know your funeral ought than it is for them to play. Or some other called by you you know he actually our purpose if you shoot someone and you know it's disgruntled employees don't. Anyone having access to a fire. Yeah anymore because who's to say you're now saying today in a hurry. More you're never happened would send a news reporter and her photographer they were ambush during an early morning live shot. And it was a former employee former. Who came up and said both of their lives and what was that last year's sometimes. Don't here's new news. And M they were able to defend but but here's the thing a Ron is. You might get fired from your job guess what you can go get another one because you're still alive overeating yes. I I don't disagree with that whatsoever and that's why I I don't know really cured with. You know if I don't feel the need to. But it you know it kind of like some people say accurate fires in the picture but I don't plan on. You know put any fires up. But I also don't starter and they. Are adults. And rappers segment you're welcome jump again Iraq. That's the one thing I wanna get across when it comes to people who carry weapons. I have on occasion rarely. But on occasion carried a gun. In my car. It's not because I want to use it in fact I'm praying to god I don't have to use it. But if I do I wanna at least have a fighting chance to get the hell out of there. Period. I know I'm going into that situation and trap. I if I'm traveling in order to fire me why do you mean it'll get better I'm out there. But I don't carry a regular basis it is. During normal daylight hours I think acting and felt pretty alone. Brought inside so I mean I don't know they have a problem that this code and net shot this. This young man I am not a personal personal account so I know that got hit that mark. It just means absolutely and that's in there nothing you can do to stop people from doing. Whether that security guard at trucks are out there which is it. It's just not an opening. I am glad you called Dugard is Tom in Belgium hello Tom. Are you or do you think. Good the first ball. I know and on what previous post but as far as Dana. I will not be referring turner is being any more it will be up bright and that it ain't right. The achievement that beating out. Little things. On the radio personalities. Formally known as Dave Wright is now Debra. Anyway. No I remember about 1012 years ago in Saint Louis. It was on the news there the they have the quote retains the war. Equivalent to Price Chopper and it was in the rough part. And they'd get robbed them blind. And there where he didn't. Jack and their kids wallet that we're portion clarkin has forcibly closed. And the NAACP. Got all. Yeah that neighborhood. In the grocery chain was like look we're not in business to get robbed blind lose money or breakeven here. It. So old they tried to figure out a way to put it back in there long story short my point is. Why even put these utility Indies neighborhood. What lies La. Why. Why you're right here in the jungle. And 008. What town. For small I'd I'd I'd take offense to that term I think that is racist term I don't. I don't think we shall Brown's program. There are good people there are elderly people. Who are stuck in those neighborhoods. Men and women who have. Had wonderful lives wonderful service to this community. Who. I don't want to move or can not move because where else they going to play people that don't wanna and there are some people your right who just don't want to move and so. To say that because there is a problem area here or there or there and homicides on this block that block. That we're going to shut off utilities to of course for over there and there's like eight. Raise aids viral and and let's be honest EU EU would be sued to high heaven if you were not willing to provide water. Electricity. Heat up and says police recession now fire require transaction to certain neighborhood. Postal Service. Yeah fire has to go Ian mascots and other one. EMS all of our. EMS providers listening room they have to go wherever duty calls to Tom wasn't burgers and so so the question isn't. Do we just stop servicing neighborhoods where bad things have happened the question is how do you protect the workers. Who as a function of their job have to go and all types of Denver it's 7677. On it. Did write your fork kriegel messed Ayman Scott receiver actually stopped by the studio it's. I'm having lunch with Steve on Sunday. To celebrate her birthday is I'm telling you these guys have been in my life and friends of mine. Long before they started advertising on T in BZ we got my wedding thing bring there creases wedding ring there of so many friends. Who have gone and either buys something new or read. Two or tweaks something like a grandmother's ring that is important and special to them and they just won it. Tweaked a little bit size wise design wise let's got received yet for you and remember if you're in the market to sell a diamond. They're in the market to die they will buy your dime and it was someone has built in today's battle three care. It was my great grandmother's I don't need it I don't know what to do with it. Icicles currency for the lot they will buy that front 91366096. And nine those prices will not be beat. Because Scott receiver wholesalers 91366096. At nine creek elements diamonds dot com you talent and ascension. 1987. IMS NBC host joy greens will remain on the air for now. Trip short hair. Older lady and a guy black yeah amid a controversy over what appears to be old pros expressing anti gay views. On her now defunct. Personal war. Reid says a blog was hacked. Okay. To include the post Richard dated in the mid to late two thousands. And resurfaced last week on Twitter. Reid has referred mattered law enforcement. So. I read by the way hosts several to our programs over the weekend. Here's what they should wrote. Don't use the words of their bad or how well. Most straight people cringe at the site of two men kissing the nature of political correctness is a gay people are allowed to say straight sex is gross. But the reverse is considered to be patently homophobic. And she's so also went on to say that homosexual men prey on impressionable teams. From. That his Mormon you're assured to MSNBC. You do know that. She's probably homophobic him. Plays a really good game. That's like saying someone at Fox News. Secretly funds Planned Parenthood. So I just read the news program. Maybe jury reads a home phone maybe aren't. And and and if so she got to go gosh yes. Massed in Overland Park lament that. Angola and I'm. There no doubt about it. Yeah. Did you get somebody utility worker that got shot. Nobody is brought up anything. Well it. Deep concealment as I know why people call that. Where the popularity electing those back nine millimeters and make the game and it's really easy nowadays you. Yet like all their expressions like a 380 out now almost. We'll let the law means that look in your pocket no that no. I know that we're viewed outside where the company policies you know counting now and then go down in the vehicle but. Among the employees of Ormond and unspoken rule where if you feel like he needed defenders of architectures because you go into. Area like that then it sound like what I got paying him. Looks the other way current okay hey thanks man. It's Todd in independent solo shot. Yeah. Com this wanted to let you know. My problem mother and Lawler boat and another column Wilshire country got him not about that but anyway. He lived in the post copper. I'll be twenty years ago he walked up. Put the metal and then the mailbox. In the guy shoddy. Piece he's gonna issued at a school likely a little players twenty Kubel and expect and a goal. It is. Yeah and I'm get I believe here and give way to go over the nursing home right now but I wish cricket got in last night about American jobs the book. It's on guessed it hot and I wish you could have gotten into. Or a beer o'clock and I'm telling you we will bring that topic back around so people how to give the podcast. Go to go with somebody if it changes dot com go to came easy dot com click on on demand then and scroll down and you'll see the podcast there's 400 of them. We have 400 hours of podcasts and there. And the latest one is car accident hunting. It's titled. What happened with earmarks. Jurors did something happen. Veronica cornerstone for doctor I have here pregnancy report here. I guess what you're gonna you got knocked up become pregnant and who is this this doctor Chan general Bridget. Revolt Protestants do you think I'm a professional doctor he saw me you know member of the this is pathetic that your political news and. And care marks are the anchor lady happening now I'm KM BZ a guarded the Jackson county jail takes a plea deal with federal prosecutors won more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.