Idiot racist lawyer goes viral.....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, May 17th
and he deserves every second of coverage.... 

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. Keating partly cloudy conditions and the forecast for the rest of today in a pretty clear delegates tonight and into tomorrow today's high rebounding to the low eighties and the overnight low is sixty degrees. A mix of clouds and sunshine on Friday the high 85. We're back to the mid eighties on Saturday more clouds streaming and and it disturbance trying to try and some widely scattered showers and a storm here and also a chance to Saturday night. Strong too isolated severe storms are possible dry weather Sunday the high upper seventies. I'm staff meteorologist had a pretty era more Katie in DC whether. 83 or Nike's CIA it is 79 in blue springs looking at 82 at your official letters to. I G phone. I know you can use your artists of today. Good guess. By the kubert cash. Let's watch. WA TCH ten or watch this. Texted him the seven to 81 and you're in the running for a thousand dollars of the Q were cash. Q we're at this hour. Launch nice to have you back missed and a soak back end just. How was our personal likes him a personal thing you know we get a personal thing Darrell and I need them now acts really felt like I needed. Ape personal day. Did you when Rachel it's clock all of yeah. I think golf ice. And I emceed an event for literacy at boulevard starting around 5 o'clock last night and that was probably. Going to Lawrence to give Jack his that was during the day. Well that's a minister talk about star veteran I don't wanna I have never been to the outside. Of boulevards. Terrace is so cool all my goodness OK first of all adds those to be inside doing my emcee duties for KPMG of literacy program. Amazing but I keep being drawn to outside because a storm was rolling. And I've ever been that high up on that side of Kansas City looking toward the whatever direction that is which is an amazing view of the city. Actually tweeted a picture last night Mike. I think great skyline. I mean it is just your picture is standing neat. Rooftop over there and so I you know I don't get downtown a time I'm Atlanta beat down their Mort that I am we had a lovely evening raising money for. Kids who do not have books I just wanna tell you this allow me for a second. To impart some wisdom upon you know. I could not believe the statistic they're trying to get books into the hands of kids who otherwise might have books to take on OK seizing about your house got it up let's everywhere. I've got books everywhere. Jack this year for every book he had to read in high school I could go to my personal library and pull it out here I've got thousands and its answer. So in York average middle class. Family. There are trying to remember the number of let's say fifty by expert at whatever. Growing for for the children in the in a low income. Poverty area. The average booked to child ratio you are not gonna believe this is one and bought. For 300 children and my time. One. For 300 children when you compare the average middle income family in the books you have your home town Scott. To the average. Low income or poverty stricken area. One book or 300 tips and so KPMG has his grip program they literally raise money for books and they take those books and they go into. Impoverished neighborhoods and they let the kids picked their own books and then the kids are reading and it's it's a great program and I loved it but I I really into. Its its school. Ask. What's store with the apartment and you know we're we're just trying to figure routes. What we're gonna do where he's gonna win warm. That is on the list of options but he doesn't pilot and it's on the list I can't wait to go through this I just can't I honestly can't. We RD I mean Sean and are trying to figure out how are split the bill yes for yep college concern has to sign up for over. She and she is living in a dorm the first year and know even given her name choice and blame. Unless she goes like. Jericho but I don't see that happening after she really has a rise on case yeah. Most of the girls look and a dorm their first year and then they'll go if they join us Rory they move in their software your boys are different. There are a lot of options these days league boys are different. Her let me just say there are a lot of options. There are dorms there are for eternity is there are apartments. We're trying to figure out I think what is best for him can I be honest with I know what you're gonna say what I you're going to say he should live in a dorm. I'm gonna tell you I think throwing him. Into an apartment is in mystic. And here's why. And when I went to Nebraska are freshman year my parents insist it yeah that I live in a dormitory. And I thought. Never hurts. It. Starts yeah. I did not realize the wisdom. Of saint Margaret and same mail so you're going to make your dollar limit and you're damn right and here's why I can't even dormitory. I don't know why I am so tuner to keep calling it dormitory when it's really warm. Like a frat fraternity whatever team. To shop works. Top. When you live in a dorm. It's just as. Odd when you live in a dorm. You get. A modicum of independents. But your bills are paid. Your food is prepared. You have to pay for the food by the way which know your parents pay it right or student loan you know sport we're learning all kinds of things very quickly about what does archives. What I'm saying dating is your your basically if you put him in an apartment and endless and you have to tape or vice Europe or you're grip there. But I just offering it to you free of charge. I'm. If he goes into an apartment he's literally gone from living in your how London where. Basically meals are prepared as mapped to pay a single bill to all of a sudden being full roster. Right into a dole hello adulthood bill. Did you live in a dorm Kara I dead. Did you love and lobbed it okay I live in a dorm for two year Libby was telling me again tonight her best friends in life except of course went out. Op we're from the dorm at her first year yeah I'm still friends went with people silent but but the swings sky in dormant. Amenities these days. Is not insignificant. On and say we mean well there are some dorms that have not been refurbished yet. And their summer house and there are some that have theaters and rooftop pool well there are some dorms like Kate you. Where back in the day we would all have to shower in one big huge bathroom yeah let's. Grant now so now it's like one bathroom per two. Sweeps but I'll write columns weeks. Suites and they put bathrooms in between them that you know he's colleges are doing is too will mean they want. You know there's money to be made and it went iPhone cell phone hook ups in the walls and you know there. There's technology and sure it's just there's a lot. To. Think about what all I'm saying is if you put Jack in the dorm. He doesn't have to worry about bills now he gets that freedom. From not living in your house anymore. But he doesn't have to worry about paying his bills electricity water heat that's all paid for by the university through more generous donation to warm. Eight the meals are cooked for him so he just goes downstairs and goes to the capture and gets it every once. Then as he learns how to adjust to a certain level of freedom. Then he goes to the apartment I'd Taylor where you start adding things on like well now you have to pay you from bill. And there there is peddle this is our cable costs snapped yeah or penalties if you don't pay your bills all of sudden Jack but you learn some freedom. And I you've got to feed yourself. And you've got to pay your room bills so you figure out. Some Oxford and I'm touring schools at my son now Vanderbilt has done multiple studies that prove that kids in the dorm have a better success rate finishing college. I believe that's true. You get socialized batter honestly I tend to agree more people there are same age and same experience level. And cure your point some of the people that I met in the dorm I am still to this day yeah friends of Don Glasscock. I met in the door yep. You know just a character I've met him in the dork Mike ward who later became my roommate for the rest of college. I met him because he live right extraordinary warm you know. My best friend in the whole world your wallet in college. Well that's great now if people are asking is not under fraternity. Kate is having some issues rate now. With. With fraternal house is within that we we we went down that and now the red we had settled on is the road is closed as is the house. It's a quiet. There is out house what fraternity well hang and easily and at a couple of and it doesn't even matter because Scott somebody said the other day. That this is the first. Nail in the coffin cut across the country. They think that system is slowly going to start changing I don't know that's sure not Al but. Universities are not messing around anymore with the slightest. Of infractions if it is eight perceived. Method of hazing and I've heard does Scott or they'll say freshman have to have to study hours a night but the upperclassmen doubt. That could be perceived all all I'm telling you days yes because you're making one group of students do something that the others don't have to do and I'm telling you universities have decided they are done. Yes but in my day was it that's the very long way of telling the yesterday there was. We're bringing Lambda Lambda Lambda up on charges of hazing they are forcing their freshmen students to study. I think I'd be happy metal like let's not get forcing them studies great love that. But let's not leave them passed out dying at the foot of the stairs like they didn't Pennsylvania with Alex there's got to be happy goal. Between study hours and Moorer. Let's find a middle. I just don't understand why anybody would be forced to be like here you have to study project I don't have to our rhythm where it is in response to their summit to set absolutely the rules that is hazing. I'm sorry. I want it that one text him and put the appropriately. Our I knew you were gonna be asking about this. Oh my god to big things they I didn't think they figure out who it is it's all yes so there's a publisher is it DB Cooper. It was not his annual real name. Was the Walter racked up RE CA and the it was a former military paratrooper. Agence operatives. They thought it was going to be a pair trooper that is Michigan publisher worked wing it Rica's best friend Karl Laura and in compiling the evidence. Okay there's three kids died in 2014 at the age of eighty. We just looked like him. This picture next to the composite so here's an excellent there's some evidence apparently don't think witness testimony from an individual who spoke with Rico within an hour of his jump. Documentation concerning how the 200000 dollars in stolen cash was spent tank confessions from Greek added two individuals at two different times. An article of clothing that wreak award during the trip off. 08 right thank. You don't know I don't remember this guy's name and that document I had you all watch is it turned out to be nothing well they were probing. Not salting it was a probing. It's really a after the heist Rigas that he put the money in the bank in the audience Stanley to take care of the four jobs overseas came up. Each treated it like a bank heist no big deal. Died really quickly and over against break. I ever runs not want them to get it all out really quickly like the DB Cooper yeah. That this is run I'm not speaking to which right now because I told him not to even it's to me until he sees that. Go to Netflix. It is about a bank robbery. Is called evil genius there's only four cents. It is about bank Robby you're gonna remember this Kara from 2003. Were in man was leaning up against a police car. And he had a bomb attached to his body and you'll remember it was made worldwide it's. And you can hear it when. Yeah. And tell you what happens when the pit stop but in episode one just trust me evil genius on Netflix it is about a bank robbery in 2003. It. Might. How long reach the episodes. Our own nano and our back Karen mark sooner so then I. Reggie outlawed. And we're well on it in my Nolan her outlook no you. Talked about it to your homework okay cash. Right here for doctor Tate in the center for nutrition and leap well. A 130 for the right I talked my girlfriend two nights ago she is down fifty pounds. Pounds. End and she told me this I I wanna get right. 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I customer at the New York City restaurant fresh kitchen. Was caught on these costs by non importance on. Wells. Was caught on video in a racist tirade. Threatening to call immigration and customs enforcement irons. On some employees and patrons because they were speaking Spanish. The minute long footage which is now gone. Shows remember reading an employee at the eatery and pointing at others around noon time on Tuesday quoting here from the customer. Staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English. Every person I listened to he spoke spoke at she's speaking at this is America. That's what he says he's a customer. If he's not an owner or an employee he's just a customer yes okay. Emily Serrano and her best friend Dino our regular customers at the Madison avenue restaurant. She told CBS news they befriended one of the workers there. And all often interact with him in English and spent you know I don't speak Spanish in English but he Toronto's is a patron who was in the line before. Horror ordered his food in Spanish. Matt appeared agitate the man in the video. Once she and her friend place their order in the language as well she said he flipped out on the workers she'd been decided to pull out of phone recording him. When she started to feel threatened by him. If you intend to be running a place in midtown Manhattan your staff better be speaking to customers in thing. Okay New York is the biggest melting pot that we have in America. If he really believes that he needs to move delay and what's the white city in America. Uses. Her. Fargo, North Dakota. It's this that as the Maryland you don't mean if you really don't wanna see anyone who doesn't look like you white guy you'd do not need to live in New York City. A look at the map right now I'd like miles city Montana. But that's pretty. Wyoming made me Cody Wyoming that's a pretty soon. Mean we're monitoring the coloreds manner. Such as he troubles that. You know I don't speak Spanish in English please maybe. It's easier and up to them so that's good. There there's a lot of people who were calling for him to get fired from his job that's my question because you always end up finding out who these people art that. And you don't he's gonna say I was having a bad day. I a you know it's right I really am into the immigration debate you know I news. You Robin Roberts at about what apparently on his leg Linkedin profile it actually says I speak Spanish. It's not yeah that's a Robin Roberts Hussein's out of him. It does literally it. Says that. You see it right. Does it matter what he does for a listening. Tour of course and then after he's like a news anchor or something okay he's a lawyer. There's a lawyer. I. Aren't allowed to be racist. Or two allowed to say this is America was beginning Irish. It's funny he threatened to report. Port into ice met there are a lot of people in this country who speaks Spanish who are American citizens. He now there are no there are not. If you're American citizen you speak English stop it stop it you know and just you these are easily ran inning you know. Not tell people I'm too because I'm not you speak English annual white skin period end of story. You know I don't speak Spanish in English but he newsroom Caremark. A new name for an older arena Mon morn axed. Right here for seal one. Casey you know they can mounted by sensing of the day clean that offense off it looks amazing I got my flowers up. If you like me are nesting outside of your house right now because it's finally nice out. Called seal once Casey think about this they will come out. And seal your deck your driveway garage floor that got this permanent sealant and it's amazing to do and here's what I. 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And for a high temperature in the low eighties tonight are clear low near sixty pixel clouds and sunshine for tomorrow we're warming up to about 85. And fair weather Friday night a little low sixties. Next chance for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms pulling on and for Saturday into Saturday night in a stronger storming form drier weather returning on Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist at a pretty era more Katie NBC weather. 838 TCI it's 84 downtown 82 would your official weather station the radio dot com map is the official new homeless KM BZ download it to Deng's listened to us anytime anywhere. ARAMARK Serb news 981 KM BZ. Yes. It hey yeah Google Harrison Arkansas it is the widest. City of Americans got a population of about thirteen thousand. I don't know if this is the widest but it's pretty wide. 96 point 2% white. Zero point 3% black. Zero point 6% American Indian. Zero point 7% Asian. Zero point 0% Pacific islander. And one point six from tour moralists. 2% this offering by the way is on CNN now so if you ever think that words do not have consequences. This is an attorney who a couple of days ago was known to probably no one except some friends immediate family and former clients he is now on CNN. They're talking about this. On CNN right now. And it just happens on Twitter you know we see this kind of mob justice from time to time on Twitter. Where people have figured out where he works where he went to college they're asking the New York bar. To look into his racist. Statements. That picture. I think the bark and censure you and if you're an attorney please correct me if I'm wrong. For. Ethical or moral violations to be in good standing with the bar. You can be a racist Scott define that you can't go out publicly on a racist rant. That ends up on CNN without consequence I guarantee of the bar steps and and does something ironic that lawyers to define ethics. Okay ironic that on this idiots law page. He says Spanish clients. And then in Spanish that says please call here. Like he has an entire thing in Spanish for Spanish clients to call if they want. Am money or. How's it says is in the sky covered by freedom of speech though he's not and here's why. Now I'm not saying that he needs to be disbarred or that he he should be some sort of professional jeopardy. Because he happens to have an opinion that goes against the grain so to speak. But he is not texture 334. He has not covered by freedom of speech let me be very clear we've had this conversation before. The constitution. Protects you from the government. Right it does not protect you from the consequences of your speech professionally or personally. It only protection you when it comes to your speech from the government of the United States of America. And to a lesser extent. The State's constitution's. All have. A freedom of speech as well which protects you from the state government coming after you for what you say. But the bar is a professional organization. To which attorneys belong. And your professional organization. Can and will save you Scott. Your behavior is abhorrent. And we are going to. Chide you for what you did now they can't maybe yank his law license but they can certainly say we are going to. Century some power the date of the ball are for example in this case the New York State war. Of warriors. Is different than say EU belonging to after okay the American federation of TV and radio. Actors preschool. Artists. After it doesn't have any real legal. String to pull when it comes to your career the bar in New York does. They could disbarred him which makes it impossible for him to practice law. In the State of New York to the idea that the bar would get involved in his private. In this there's public and personal beliefs. I I I think is too much you are allowed to be a jerk in America. Now if his law firm. Fires him or totally fine bit and I don't know if he owns is he works for somebody on a single us but let it let's say he's just a lawyer in a farm. And may see this rant on TV and they wanna fire because of it they have every right to do that. I think it's it's too much though when the New York ball more of lawyers. Goes after him and says we don't like you were personal point of view regarding race and were going to do is bore you quarter century you. Professionally because of your private. Believes about race that you are out to be a racist in America you're allowed to be Jure. Company men. Associate with Demi Moore sir. But I think a professional organization. You're required to be a member of doing your job you are required in member of the bar you're not required to be a member of after the on the racial if you are going to be removed from the bar at that would before gross misconduct embezzling for a client from a client. It would have to be you're saying more criminal behavior. Something so big and fat and being racist is not a crime. It's nothing I aspired. It's nothing I know you was fired but it's not a cross. This is a guy who embezzled money from his clients he didn't you know. Smoke ten pounds of methamphetamine. He doesn't like people who speaks Spanish. You're to not like people who speak Spanish and America. Jim it to peak it's been awhile hello Jim. Yeah yes slightly yeah. There are twist on eat language barriers. In a restaurant in that start out force. Talking in Spanish. The only problem it was talking in Spanish about me. A hole. I were politely call war all over and says I'm EJ. The Cindy knows it for well more. And sheet were as light is they'd go in there. Side with the rest of the time it was better. What are they saying well Jim over they saying about you and Spanish. Oil will not go in the that it was it was can order those like little anecdotal convinced that they were hiding hiding their true feelings you know like in. And speaking. In a way that they thought it would not understand in India chuck them calm lately. Whenever I spoke correctly. We were completely flabbergasted by. Now you keep it in there for ya he's in trouble. There is there there. On the dance and I like which were people expected. You know. Good cop I am always good leader horsemen. Our Summers is can you explain how and when Spanish became a race now I cannot because it's not. But Hispanic is a sub race of the caucus sword raised which is not the topic at hand and people who are Hispanic tend to speak Spanish. That's on site. How was a racist want people working with the pop open. Into this one form and thank how is it racist to want people working with the public in an American city to speak English. That's not. What his rant was entirely about. He at one point threatened to call ice. With none of the women was a longtime customer. Speaking Spanish to the person behind account error. And they were just speaking Spanish if I went to a Spanish restaurant with Sandra. And she's ordering she would probably speak Spanish the waitress at the waitress spoke Spanish. Let me ask him a question. Why is it. That in this country and I'm not saying this happens with ever but it certainly does not. But there are certainly people who get frustrated when they go in to. A restaurant or some sort of score whatever and people were speaking Spanish. And for some people bats frustrated that's annoying but if you into a Chinese restaurant. And you said I'll take the cashew chicken and and I like to crab Rangoon and wonder vegetable and and that. Person at the cash register turned around to the cooks behind hammer horror and said he has started speaking in Mandarin. No no I would seek to know about it think twice about it and actually the fastest growing percentage number of immigrants to America Asia. Our Asia and primarily Chinese Indian Burmese. If you into the Vietnamese hate it when facts get in the way of someone's. Agenda and that always makes Alaska there's an old Vietnamese restaurant over there by Kerry amendment on him. If you went in there in order you know I want to whatever power Powell you know whatever the part about chicken yeah. They would turn around and and tell the coat. This is what this person just ordered but they would do it in Vietnamese. You wouldn't think twice infect your pride in yourself and culture. And pretty good about myself right now just ordered something in the made sure that I got my order and extended Vietnamese that means those places off that. Squeezed chipped. To real Vietnamese food. But they did it in Spanish. At Catalina Cancun right remedy seventh street in Johnson counting. You Bjork. Equals and that funny I mean not funny at all that but interest in because you're right you go to the unit assimilate. And I know what you're talking about Scott and you're absolutely. Right. There is something about. Around people in America don't that I make people SP he's mad. That speaks Spanish and you're right when it comes to. Asians and Asian immigration which is the highest percentage points about Nolan thinks rice and I don't legitimate. This cool. You go to you go to Mexican restaurant. And they. Recently the order in Spanish right and wiggles touch. Him out. Out of my country. Why is that. What is it about Mexicans. That drive us cores and by us I mean eight. Mrs. say Portia really I remembered this this is a November 19 25. Teen's story. 2015. Who was in office got. 2015. For a moment. More Mexicans are leaving the United States then coming in. But reporters she'd there was a net loss from 2009. To 2014 it just doesn't fit into. The Fox News agenda. That everyone thinks everyone's pouring into this country. When in fact more Hispanics are leaving to cope act of Mexico. Then they are coming in. I 767798. It's your calls your comments and just vote by the way Scott they call it a net outflow if you wanna look it up net outflow Chris miners there right Scott parks and -- Beasley. If you do find yourself in a car accident knock on wood it's a fixer is but when it comes time to get your perfect she got to remember this name. And it's real simple Dale's collision repair in blue springs because it details registered Davis and I'm gonna. Actually because that Dale's they are the best in the business I kid you not I've been out their deals a personal friend I've watched his crews are work. And they are without a doubt. The best and getting your car back to its regional condition. Their work by the way guarantees long usual undercard trucks and get it fixed right the first time. Dale's and blue springs 81622818558162. To wait. 1855. Or online at Dale's auto collision dot com. Dale's and was francs take care of cars taking care if you. 1984 of the police in 1983 Van Halen. There parks Mike. In Kansas. Say hello Mike. A guy who Obama thank you. You I'd look at these guys are a long time thank and there's thank you had to say that because. If it's you guys understand that the attorney heard I think you've got probably the rate. As I certainly think I I certainly think there were racial overtones images. Statement you know. OK well here's your quote and I know that you know it is because. The pertinent to the I believe Lou. Well in the lately in that the immigrant problem here in say it becomes an American and simulate that fell to. He got beat on the exact equality with everyone else. But boy it is an outrage to discriminate against in that man because decree Berkeley or. But depth is predicated upon the person become an every outlet in America. And happy daughter and there can be no I hear it man is an American but in all alt though. An American at all. We have room for one black the American flag we have room for one language here. And that is the English language. And we have room for. But world wide sole loyalty and that is. Loyalty that the American people. Okay. Here later. Well as. Well again you and bet. You could be and the people come to America. Should emulate and learn what all America. So yeah hey I wrote about is not New Year's rally then. He is in that everybody learned the language of the line. Now I work for a jewelry org and the city. A couple came in and all they would BN at their current language. They are black and they aren't look at that there at the jewelry and look at it in the air Latin night that the jewelry away but it back. Walk away. All that what you do that at that because I think it our root. A bit better fuel economy and knowing that unfortunately we don't know every language in the world come and speak that language in it audit people. And you walk out. They gave it a shock came back bought the cure for me at the bottom line is. If you're in America it was languid manner. You're in America did you wait let me just make sure mr. Mike if your in America. Make sure you speak the language of America's correct. Okay let me bring up two points real quick. Com because I thought you would go down that road. Number one America does not have an official language it is primarily English I think most of our. Businesses conducted in English and of course our entertainment is conducted primarily an English however I've. The government most certainly he has. While it can go right here you're missing my larger point it is from it is amazing to me the aunt and I fall into this trap as well. With have you been to Mexico. Okay do you speak Spanish when you go out there or when you walk into escort you say do you speak English. Our goal at there and I happen if they speak. Bet that that do you see do you see the great irony here you think that when people come here they have to speak English but when you go to a foreign country and I do the same rating point I do the same thing when I go and when I've been to Italy for example. If I'm in a restaurant I don't sit there and try to pretend I speak Italian I look at the waitress and I say I'm sorry but do you speak English. I wouldn't build these third war. Just go all the different dial dialect. The Filipino winds. Obstacle or places and it right now but I'm I'm I'm and if you live in that country that country I'm not ward bought or are there anymore all because I'm not going there. But I'm if they went on year in the normally we. But the great. But. Mike when he might not OK Ike Ike were up against occur the news break let me be very clear and quick. This was in New York City which is probably of all the cities in the United States that as I know the biggest listed traction in the United States. Don't know that these people worked arrests. Oh I don't know that a lot of that story that still on. And but this guy just assume. Because they are speaking Spanish that they were illegal immigrants. There is the racism. Maybe they were from Spain. And they were touring the United States. I would not expect them on a one week trip to New York City. Don't we need to learn to anglers. Because we are in New York. They're gonna speaks Spanish when their amongst their friend's. Misery Caremark secured cash by the way is. Back racing. Please 72881. News impairment. Happening on KM BZ changes for a well known building in Kansas City Lamar next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.