I will take a lesson on sexual harassment from ANYONE but this president...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, November 17th
Yes, we can talk about Al Franken... but there are TWENTY WELL DOCUMENTED CASES of sexual harassment, assault and inappropriate behavior against Trump.   You can't call for Franken's head and still support this president.

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy coming in a spoiling things bringing in some colder air again that when shifting around to the north and northwest tonight because he's a scattered rain. Our low mid forties gradual clearing later on Saturday are high only into the upper forties. And plenty of sunshine returning on Sunday the highland fifties keeping quiet weather in the forecast due early next week. I'm staff meteorologist Chad infinera more Katie NBC weather. Are 65 downtown 67 in Overland Park and that your official weather station. I'm will stare at stay connected with news not negate one KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. My friends. This. Room. Yeah. And I am. I'm okay. Chris and yeah. On this Friday afternoon. Yeah. Like people who do you handsome devil Americans just do it some new stuff to welcome back thank you it's gonna be here good to have you and we announced yesterday a hooker OK with that 4 o'clock this afternoon. Because it's been one month and a half two months some like go I'm out there were a dual Jim I know James you're OK with that I'm on board chair. Referral teaser. Why not. You're gonna keep it. Pretense of 12 tech. You ready ready okay here it is. I write like the wind Christopher Cross. You are the masters with out and thank. Apparently Travis is load one up just one more teaser a guy. We're gonna do jam no gym at 4 o'clock this afternoon not doing so at that jock to irregular week off I'm sorry what. Always just go at it we saw a new game I have missed this game yes. Yes that's apartment sniffed that just hit that shot replace clip and you gotta tell me who that. Athlete or. He's sports figure is in tough yes and it sounds tough and I'm a sports fan ready jury tenths of 12 Travis and love tko Teddy pay yeah. They can make music right and it's. The game. Apparently. I. Yeah. Isn't. Is that on here that can is that I haven't Leila who. Is it not it should be do play stuff it. Sure I'll be terrible that I'm so bad do you wanna stay ephedra. Well when he put it that way no bullet sure. Play clip. And these are these from you you do we get away for a loss to him listen do we get any clues. If I stuff that you get a clip went and now. These ones we've already done so he says I don't know you detail is what you say you know NBA. Okay. I mean it isn't we tell them I'll practice. Again found out saying that Gary are we talking about practice. OK so will I quote I could not. Nancy athlete yep that's me right now I could not sniff that I can't do I know the quote you can't have that job I. Do two foods. And put out hot and oversee much Holmgren Palin. The second part you taste so good and that's Oregon Manning isn't it. And do well this is the and so. I. Sure I don't think it's. I couldn't care less about that the Joan and I delayed. Yes it is it's well that's part of the other part of it is in you couldn't back me up on this got. Whenever he did that that got headlines everywhere both inside and outside of the sports section doesn't have open lines of opinions some holes there it is good to have you back in both my thank you it's going to be here. One more jerk. I would bet I know you'll want to. The southern friends. At what he's saying no we're not. Oh we love so much you want David I think he's I think he said something about since the year here can't. David can interpret some corporate I can during your shirt every. I know. I'm so excited right now I want moment. Reporting since I am going to go play in San city and got it. And yeah they call it the and tang. And now bill. More than double and a little bit. Someone needed the ball don't got it to second it was a child who was standing on second so. And my guys that. And now my time is here. Now all of I got all for the final game you know. Now and then so much to do wish to have him in the studio genetic missed a line there are. I am going to run over the job. I think there's a second run of I was so excited I did the idea with Dana right now no. Solid what yeah. I haven't I had a restraining order against our exit of I guess the flight I could go up you know wrong and that wrong. Right here in the right in the Bronx. And man. In the Bronx got it. I don't kinds against it someone just asked can we please not talk about anything heavy because it's Friday. And it's overcast. I think there are a couple of things we have to mentioned. We would be remiss if we didn't mention them Ryder. Store hi Dana. Agra Franken at some point we have to talk about Franken at some point we should talk about the tax credit they sneaked in for people who. Well I'd its. Overnight. Yeah free you if you want a private jet. Geno in the tax bill. And you're actually happy if you own a house today mom here and I saw this on the news your last wired the paper. If you own a house and near a golf course. Your taxes will go well why don't. If you own a house on the golf course your taxes go down you've gotta be kidding that's what are. What if we are twenty. Feet. Off a golf course some thing are you audit. Where artists in baton I think across the street from the house it's actually on. We have an open unobstructed view of the for him. Have you ever had an errant golf ball go through your window it you have to be. So. Now if that ball ended up in our yard. That I would question what you were doing out there I it's it's at near impossibility for someone to. Pull one that far I I would say that means you're probably not on the gulf call him. Poll hold my beer and on their. You out as a play Smart announced. Stare I'm just for Jim and Jim likable preview. Drop one on that is that is deep ball a guy. You think you can handle and I'm sure can you nailed this one you know you are with out a doubt the greatest ever. 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For a new give await each week this week and her and multiple store by the some. For a chance to win a trigger public girl. Visit shop now tumbled stock comparable deals and location nearest you and remember nuts and bolts they are your hometown hardware store. Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it and this is cast. Please don't call me okay don't host nation and I know he's given up the number I'm not there. And I don't care. This time. In light of its going on. Story here from Fox News you know its true. Al Franken political futures been thrown into doubt. Has the way. For continuing the story it was only about three or four weeks ago. I remember watching 1 of the Sunday morning news programs. Camera which want us. Where the interviewer. Asked Al Franken who was against of course. Are you running for president point one. Because Al Franken has been talked about. Up until absolutely. As a potential. Or left wing democratic. It is it's. Presidential candidate. And Al Franken did what everybody does when their ass about that after actually thinking about it. Well I'm happy with the sort of happy with the job that I have there been a good people of Minnesota working on a river. And the people of Minnesota. But agency you know which means he is considering that although I would imagine that those. Thoughts and ambitions now toast. Al Franken political future has been thrown into doubt as the Minnesota senator. Faces calls to resign in his home state on top of widespread condemnation. From colleagues on Capitol Hill Hussein ethics probe of new sexual misconduct allegations are in order. The comedian turned politician. Has little to smile about after Los Angeles TV host Liane tweet and accused him of groping and kissing her without her consent. During the US. O tour in 2006. I'm I'm looking for I thought I'd seen earlier today a report that a second woman. I may have come forward. Against Al Franken and his staff by the way as you can imagine says he's been nothing but Joan. Him while most congressional Democrats have stopped short two prominent Democrats from the stand a senator's home state are calling on him. To leave his office that's ridiculous. I'm going to defend. His office here in a moment I'll tell you why. President of Minnesota's democratic farmer labor party's feminist caucus. From Megan Thomas telling the Washington examiner that Africans. Frank and misconduct was quote every woman's worst nightmare on a boss. The political answers to wait and not overreact. She writes on Nelson on the next time I see him in person I will however fleeting or muted. Be afraid because of what he is doing in that picture. No one should fear their elected representatives of sadly for me I think the senator should resign. I don't want. My husband had something to him this morning that is so true if you think about it was Al Franken there. During the heyday of Saturday NN live toward the late seventies or was he early eighties. Have his Wikipedia page and here's why I ask I don't think it really matters. If you look back at the sex. And drug. Fueled. Atmosphere. On that show. Back when he was a comedian. Back when he was performing around the country and for Saturday night I was an original writer from 75 to crazy and an actor. And then an actor from 85 to nine so he was the hair in the late seventies and Chris said to me this morning. He said this will not be the first woman to come forward here's Dana think about what was going on in New York op on the set and behind the scenes of Saturday Night Live during those years so there will be more than one woman to come forward and say. He acted inappropriately. In that. Environments. No one has come forward to say he's acted inappropriately as a senator he was a comedian and I'm not. Downplaying. Kim kissing a woman without her permission but this is not. Roy Moore preying on teenaged girls which is criminal behavior this is. This is a man back in the seventies and eighties I know these women are gonna come out and they should. Who made. A mistake on that airplane his brother took the photo. And you kiss this woman without her consent. I wanna be clear I am not. Advocating that behavior in any way shape or form. But if we're going to make Al Franken step away from congress you'd better start draining the halls of congress. Be careful what you ask for. With these men Scott. And we don't wanna make discipline. Our. But the president has some earth. Tweeting about Al Franken overnight president trump has sixteen. Documented. Accusers sixteen. So I will take a lesson. In bad behavior from men in Washington. From any one. But the man who currently occupies. The White House. If if president trump thinks Alan Franken should resign I hope president trump is ready to step down. I don't I don't know the trumpet so that he did come out and condemned them no doubt about it and I thought that was a bridge too far coming from a man who wants to grab them peak. However. And I want it there's got there are sixteen. Physical. Accusers. Of the president that are all over today and so at what level an interesting thing happened I. Don't what level does Al Franken. Received because your husband said Danny get ready they're going to be a lot more women coming out about a offering. He was on Saturday Night Live as a staff writer in the seventies he was an actor in the eighties in the ninety's. How many women have to come out before Al Franken has to step down. Because if you're wells say Al Franken should not step down while our then you'd have to say that note are gonna. It has sixteen so let's say seventeen so if if if you would argue that Donald Trump should be. Ordered to step down because he has. Women who have come out clearly there are and they are stories I am trying to meet. Where the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct saying we have been forgotten right there. If if people say that Donald Trump should step down and they have to say that Al Franken should step. If you are a Republican. Who says that Al Franken should step aside that you have to say that Donald Trump should you know we're not gonna see that today you know we're not gonna CNET today. An an. I I have a feeling trump staff overnight had their heads in their hands begging him not to stay in him not to tweet up about sexual harassment. He can talk about anything all day long but not that and these poor women have come out in droves over night saying are you kidding me. Are you kidding me you're condemning Al Franken. I 76779. Let's get to the news here is whilst their. An attack at Wendy's more next. The right battery the first time that's what you get and always get with whole cell batteries they got a huge warehouse we've been out there. It was rated pound his crew many many times have I want to them. They have warehouse filled with every battery. You could possibly meet also battery 605 Kansas avenue. Casey can get any better you need for and the reason being batteries for things like your RV your ATV your boat yes your car and truck. The number one supplier of motorcycle battery is around you need a teeny tiny battery for your hearing aid got that it also batteries 605 Kansas avenue. In KCK right battery the first time. It 1030 in Kansas City I'm will stare at 845 year old homeless man being charged now with a tacking a pregnant manager of the Wendy's in the north land. Derek proctor is charged with felony assault for the attack back on November 9 at fast food joint out Berry road. He was apparently upset with service was asked to leave. That's when he allegedly attacked her but punching her in the head and sending her to the floor worry punched her in the heads more. Victim taken to the hospital she was told her unborn child is okay. Firefighters in grand view is still investigating the cause of a fire that torturous senior center at the passion setter for seniors and special needs near grand he wrote blue ridge. Happened about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Visitor coming into the building noticed smoke outside the front door six seniors there and two employees were able to safely get out through the back. While leading Republicans have called on Alabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore to leave his race president trump has not gone that far but he's been quick to describe as quote. Really bad the accusations and Minnesota senator Al Franken forcibly kissed and groped a woman on a USO tour back in 2006. The president is still silent on the multiple claims that more had sexual contact with teenage girls. Traffic and weather together next KUMBC news time 231. Keeping generally cloudy conditions out there for the rest of today a fairly mild high climbing to the mid to upper sixties at times and gusty south southwesterly wind. Maybe some patchy drizzle around. And an affront diving airwaves tonight scattered rain showers a batter that's so low into the mid forties and only topping out into the upper forties on Saturday with a chance for showers in the morning. Clear Saturday night to live near thirty abundant sunshine building back in on Sunday the highland fifties. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC weather. 66 downtown 67 and Miriam and 68 at your official weather station. I'm will stare at stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ. Dot com. By 76 days. We cannot run from. Nor should. The non stop allegations. Of sexual harassment. That started. In the Hollywood Rina. Moved to media. Actually probably started more media with Bill O'Reilly and the others. Then moved to Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein and Lou CK at setter. And is now found itself well positioned. In Washington. Somebody points out. Are there pictures of the president doing inappropriate things there is a picture of Al Franken. Let me let me. Walk back 'cause I like to think of myself as right in the middle Lonnie think right you all you do is talk negative about don't throw your right. Guess what he'd Al Franken to. I think Al Franken is a duty. And it. I'm no stand of Al Franken. And I find it though hypocritical. That the president who is accused of sexual harassment and inappropriately touching women. Himself. Has the audacity and in. To say something negative on Twitter this morning about Al frank you know is staff was like off. But he won't say anything about Roy Moore the president will not say a word about what more the president had to know his staff had to tell him. Don't say anything about Al Franken don't say anything about when more. Because all it's going to do is boring back to light all the allegations cast against you in the campaign. The president said he was going to Sudanese women he has not somebody says are there pictures of the president doing inappropriate things note. There are not but there is an audio clip of the president saying when your famous you get to grab by. It now the most damning. He said that was locker room talk. Have been in more locker rooms and Donald Trump. That is not how we talked in the locker room. Stop. And score. I want to clarify his statement that I made before the break that was inaccurate I said there were sixteen women danced her twice. It's 101 more woman came out accusing him of inappropriate sexual conduct. Some of that rises to the level of assaults one I believe is an accused rape. And some of it is he walked in on several naked women. After miss universe pageant and then bragged I get to do that because I am displays so I just wanna set the stage that if you use saying. Al Franken should step down. You cannot with a straight face support. This president can't can have it both ways and I can entertain the conversation. That Al Franken should step down although he is no Roy Moore. But I will not entertain that conversation. With out mentioning the twenty women who feel so forgotten. Who claimed that they have had these things happen to them at dance for president go to Mike in Kansas City. Okay. Al got it and it. Drought. Or all of our allegations that allegations and I don't trust Democrats now what people have yet. I think in culture that lie detector test done including dropping including war. Games but he purist. It get buried. I hear that the president should be subjected to a lighted up. I know that. But I ignore I mean I think it that it should all be done. Al they got pictures in. East. No question about it. The do you think though the women who are accusing. Donald Trump are liars. I wouldn't put it past the Democrat argued that it much. So yet. Grow that the problem is my and I understand you're saying I do because it's political and anytime it's politically you have to wonder. The problem is some of these women came out long before. President trump entered the political arena. These were women edges magically appeared as he decided to run for president some women claim this assault happened. Twenty years ago ten EE bucket truck is on why. Claims she was raped. So. It's hard right I forgot about it's hard for me to dismiss all of them because so many of them happened before he was a politician. It's. They'll hearsay they're still not been out there this no conviction or not. Well. To that argument might. It's often very difficult and the Al Franken story is sort of an anomaly. Yeah there usually isn't photographic evidence of somebody being raped or somebody being sexually harassed. So getting more times than not I would argue 99.9. Percent of the time. It is hearsay it's always going to be hearsay. Yet when you pick it out it or want you can't be convicted of sexual harassment smaller crime. And art department. Let's go to Bob in late hello Bob. But. I must beg. Well Paul I think. Al Franken thing. I guess stolen chips and doesn't seem to be on the level at all like trumpet. Shed a little outlet. Mean and objections and the problem it is. Here is an inch away from Angela in particular you know exit comedian. I mean edged out. I mean I haven't dirtier. I don't know that that's. I mean I'm glad you shifting responsibility. Or apologize that that girl was uncomfortable. I actually better political. Or hurt come at all for a stolen children. I mean compared to watch on call all the way in the lockers. You know he initiatives that have been on the lot mark when he hit it seems. So I figured it is amazing that they wanna. Build a big empire against. Franklin and her ankle and get him there you know it is totally different mentally. I was I it'll just I would like people to at least to read because I think we owe it to these women. Read the stories of the twenty women who have come forward and then decide. A lot of that was going on when he was the head of the miss universe pageant women said he touched me on my breast he jammed his tongue down my throat. He. In one case there was sexual contact under a woman's skirt and she was horrified and and told others and others were there. So I I would encourage you. If your memory is foggy about what does president accused of doing. Go back and read their stories they're everywhere today during her court deposition on at trump. His first wife. Accused the president of raping her in 1989. The private account was described in a book called the lost tight tune in 1993. Full sixteen years if if I'm art checked that thirteen years if my math is correct. Owner and now. I'm nineteen. My math is off today before he ran for president. It details the alleged violent assault. In which Donald Trump pulled out fist fools of his ex wives here after receiving a painful operation on his scalp. He. Got a clean this up I'm coming up her for his here because I can't read us can. He forcefully. Had sex with me for the first for the first time in when was at 616 they're sixteen months. Anna and what somebody said to her right after the encounter or which is sickening 23 years is. Well you can't really be read by her own husband that first all that's not true. That is not true. Is Al Franken at stepson. For jamming his tongue down a woman's throat and honoring her in a picture. Now. Because of the circumstances. And the length of time. And if you read his apology. I did it she's right she is a victim. I am sorry I am horrified he said I am ashamed so if you apologize it's so that I was that man. If you apologize it's okay this Twitter as well as as. Bob Italy's Digisette not that we wanna get into some let's rank bad sexual assault behavior. But I do not put jamming your tongue down a woman's throat. When it is on wanted to on the same plane as a Roy Moore or is Harvey Weinstein is it illegal behavior is it assault yes. It is not. Harvey Weinstein and it's certainly not what. Five or six out of these twenty women have accused trumpeter. And CK Lucy Kay criminal behavior is lost or size right now in Hollywood he never once forced himself on one what he did. Was so disgusting that goes you felt weird for those of you with kids in the car to the radio and I'm pretends or something to himself hurt Hillary women who did not want to see through the reviewed every ten seconds. Okay Louis CK master baited in front of that's what multiple when he did not force himself he did rape these women. Inappropriate. Yes of course you even thought and it's never touched it it's so we are there's not a saying it's not weird you. It's I don't know if it's criminal. Maybe you could get away with. An indecent exposure charts that's a misdemeanor. But lose seek who apologized. By the way. Has been ostracized his most recent movie cancel. His most recent. Comedy sketch which has got what was Iraq coming out on Netflix or HBO or something now cancel. This is a man who clearly. Bought his own press fault that he was untouchable. Masturbating in front of women. Who who by the way could have walked out the door. They weren't being forced to sit there and watch. I'm not excusing what Louie CK did. But he did not force himself on women like some of these other people including Al Franken. And his career. His ruling. If you're going to make me tell you which is worse between the two itself frank I think it's Lou CK home. If I walked into around and Harvey Weinstein accused of doing the same thing. If there's ever one came out of whites who also accused of rape and correct correct it is Boris horrible. Awful. Behavior and I'm not excusing what Louie CK but it is it legal is what he did illegal like I said there could be you could make the argument for a misdemeanor in DC and expose OK okay. But that would be amiss to. What what Harvey Weinstein did what Al Franken did are felonies. They touched women what the president it. Was it's absolutely what Bill Clinton did is a felony. So we come back I want everyone to step off the list a little bit because this is the conversation I think we can have pretty calmly. I was talking to our sales manager dumpsters about the city into an Al Franken days that we are an eye of the guys but we gotta talk about. He said do you worry a little bit that it's getting to the point. That if I said TUU. Look really nice today to address. That is now inviting women to start complaining about harassed. He said as a man and in business question I worry that we're heading down that road and this is empowerment missing the point. People are talking about this so that the next time someone takes their hand and tries to shove it up your skirt. You are in that second. Empowered. To punch him in the face and draw attention to what he's done. I've 767798. Over professes front it everywhere right after the 5 o'clock news and in parks. You don't sums happen almost all of us and knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair and springs and altitude Dale's many many times sales person different. I've watched his crews at work and I can say without a doubt without question. They are the best in the business. And they are working Dale's and was springs is guaranteed. As long as you're on your Kart track. Get your car fixed right the first. 8162281850. File. 162281855. Online deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and was breaks tanker cars interview. The it's. From the yeah okay. Good Friday after. That beautiful little. And god yeah. By 76779. Acre zoo Lawrence. I soup. Dare I. Thought a thing about it we had a president who was on TV and I watched the shelved many years ago. I'll for an education award. That was pregnant and then you know camera and not had sex with that woman. And then come back that they were and then there was. That he it would happen. I would not tell my about it that he was my president. And the next thing at I don't think you have not been issued about women that I haven't fortunately. Aren't that and that and that could it not. I I have locked in the season. Are providing accurate in what happened we. And now. Without splitting that hair I I believe that it is but I think rankings sex assault is just something we shouldn't be in the business of doing anyway and I knew as soon as someone was gonna bring. I knew someone was going to bring up Bill Clinton. The difference between this president and Bill Clinton is that Bill Clinton didn't didn't go off running his mouth. Talking about other men's bad sexual behavior. That's what I have a problem. I can't comment on it women coming. You know we went to the bleak outlook Iraqis that I did. It that terrible. And it doctorate in. These women. Are coming at one time it ever adding. That app Broderick at all the people with Clinton. That came out in Iran and you wondered about the president. Don lemon at the wires at the time. But sue it your argument would work if these women had come out during the election that's not what happened these women came out decades ago. Before Donald Trump was the president. Clinton. Called them why or how does that make what's happening today OK was he. Why did it a different one pregnant Burton an up. And. It makes a difference because he is sounding off on Al Franken is behavior he doesn't have any sounding off on out. He's jammed his tongue down more strokes I can go to day. You believe it and everything on these women came decades ago said. Clinton and looking at and that important. It's because Clinton is not our president. Am. And you're saying. It. Why are you. With president. President and look at it and he did it was the Clinton fires. Then I think the problem in that situation. And I'm an actress well it depends who is we're talking about. But it sutra. I see her and I totally wanted to Broderick I've never set I don't believe money to Broderick. You the president can't we get pregnant from that our president. You hit a guardian. Soon soon. Should Bill Clinton have been removed from office. I. Don't. I didn't think he should play. At some point in time. Thank you Rhode Island country has. A stability in the. Well so and so he did pay forty was impeached he was ridiculed embarrassed obviously. Lost. I understand losses all license had to pay and did you vote count from. Did you vote for Donald Trump. It has it. If you're going to condemn Bill Clinton you have to condemn Donald. Trump was president sue. I understand what's. So no soup stock. Sue. Suit did you suit. Soon did you did you vote for Donald Trump. I'd. To the newsroom and we'll sir. If that's move it up then I move and out more next. Writer Marcy and rose and son. Call now for your top of the line judge in Iraq homestand by generator and no we're not thinking about it now because it's what sixty degrees outside. But you will be when the winner rolls around the ice the snow ice storms. We had 90000 people sitting in the dark the last in a thunderstorm. Rolled through here I don't wanna think about sitting in the dark when the ice storm rolls through here and that's what CMOs does though get your top of the line. Jenna wrecked homes standby generator. In those things started to just 99 dollars per month get in now. Have them come out we'll do a free testament tell you exactly. What size is what type you need it is an investment in your home this is not something you wanna buy and some big box or worse on the Internet. Here's the number 81678147. Of seven. 8167814707. Or seen in those and sun dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.