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Wednesday, August 8th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Ditty about Jack and I. Campbell and John Mellencamp and cougar. He is easy today this of doing. That happened. G Mac and kids Caroline. Now. It's. We have three hard sacks this mostly pack cigarette. Still alive. Some man's man. It's accurate Q would you cast class. CL a SS tax 772 rated one. You're in the running for thousand dollars of secured another show coming back to you being here. Come and Angie and is shopping it around now. Now remember in like who's clamoring for that two years ago like. OK maybe guys would mall named blaze. Who have cocaine habits they cannot afford plays. If you call yourself blazed. High heels of cocaine involved. And look it up the list of gladiators. There was blades. Into all bloody animal's legs our. Laser with easy. Ask you know them but laser is strangely it was lake was excellent for six seasons. Like him most ridiculous. Ninety's. On and name the year ago like a blazer. Days and I'll tell you it was on. There is a long. Way any game any game there's got to be like. Like I don't know. Star fire. And I'm going with flash flash. Here is. She storm. Again. Is ought Debbie Clarke was on from 91 to 93. Of these games there's. Longer. Leaks. Zap. Zap was on from 89 to 1991. To 95. Surrounds tax eyes reminded me there was. A nitro I was that was my next one night Sheila from 89 to 92 report united. There was. An ice and ice. And here's one. My partner. It's. A half Vick Saber. Sky. Hawk. Rebel. Thing. As well. And bring back the American. Trying to mashup editor and learn. It was on from 1996. And then they had a prime time revival in 2008 during the writers' strike but it only lasted twenty laps. And. Was writing for gladiator and didn't know why. You. They needed reality side that's his job mom I'm writing. So you know they didn't need writers that's why they brought back there. See writers hi Brian. Strike a Steelers struck. Its structured. So it brought. Brought back reality T. Like I watched gladiator yes you should you know I don't now the one if it is on. In my kitchen but I didn't turn it on American ninja warrior now it's the one that they go on the days and they all down. You know so that is urged Americans award they have all the obstacles. I will watch it if it is on in the kitchen because I think the commentary. Is so fantastic. And and you get to Kansas City right hot. Oh yeah my my sister analogue out on it does she actually on yes she was one of the amateurs you win. Now knows who did not. Since accurate or all good decision giver for. I don't have to. Worry. When he. Does it. Yeah like. A dramatic I'd make fun of it all the time were the only great thing about America. And gladiator was that he came on after Saturday Night Live. That's right so viewers like trashed as satellite and ended. And then American gladiator came on it was a remote control is right there your watch here watch an American gladiator. I'm going to be honest I actually thought was pretty huge. I liked. I can totally see you into we made fun of it all the time though we watched in almost every Saturday. No American has ever been yeah. On top of mount when Hillary are the world's toughest off to. So this is about me competition as there is anywhere there is no greater obstacle course challenges. This season. Once again. Hundreds of hopefuls are going to give it their best shot I will be it will be I'm going to be the first the first and they keep me yet warrior. Traveled from across the country from Brooklyn New York. Arkansas Orlando Florida Seattle Washington. Incredible athletes I've witnessed or else the odds of the lefties rules okay. Okay does it now you don't play for the Seattle's. I didn't you the last two Super Bowls well maybe I have missed. But I don't play. Your jockey suit up he's a partner. Why. Yeah. And every day he died in an incident United States navy. Actually speech teacher and you are positioned to do anything for a chance my life over four days I've been alive for five days. Hoping to translation I have no lives and no word to me and no one to see the impossible. Congress the colts. Proved that wrong kind and and I and I think I. It's become more than just hop it's really now. Like the way of life. Yeah I don't know why but that's that's the announcer the big. Tool the yeah you don't. Yeah so dramatic. A competitor. New cities. Obstacle. Even bigger. Million dollars. Hillary wins. On went a little. Mary didn't. I think we. The spokeswoman for American warrior totally can you do it. I do one bit there. And every guy. It's going to be breed teach flee over the Mets ace. Now stick to talking about white out. Oh yeah your time. It. In the water. Always gonna like a treadmill. Yeah that's that's why they have declined all packed with the grade school the peg board. Two I never got students began acting for the next is to walk up that wall personal that's torture if some pitfalls are gonna get caused. And issues for the rest of their line users questions that thing is on wiped out that they have to do it at a backward in Klein. The. Kids climb the ropes at school in your back to American endured whenever it's. I don't OK here's the difference anymore American ninja warrior is very. Duo coal. It's things that you see your legs and no way somebody can actually do that I knew you could not do mayor commitment. I why now you is Larry. Why about his bouncy on giant red all. And mud being thrown in your face and and then like that goes around around you that dot net addiction and like a real life. Video game for the 1980 it's like it's like don't give me stronger. Love it yeah that's funny I like that so. But American into these people actually trained for this to. What they did stuff like that in gym class kids would I think enjoy more Jim. Instead of just run in a mile if they could come up with some kind of obstacle. Who lies. Brother and his wife own a jam and belts and then then as is an obstacle to them. Yeah huge its American ninja warrior training camp some. Well they do all kinds of they teach karate they have classes with. Handicap people and on an autistic children and teenagers say it was a ultimate yes some sectors that training is sold in Dalton. For American Dad! and it is they do amazing things there and it's a lot of fond tested. Trying to do some others graduate. 000 it would be whole layer it's past my opera pregnant Karen master at that it's exactly what it was bad. Attack ready Ron we just have my wife's know they are don't these remarks coming in now and it was an insane it was so much fun. Could you do it. Are there on the things I do and others aren't mundane but. It is a little bit. Next is part surge but. That is one of those things those those amazing feeds that you're like there's no way somebody who really do that. My brother and his wife can do that stuff that break in this way they can super rich oh my god. I want to hate my younger brother. But he's like really cool which makes it worse. But she's like super hands like you can't look directly at him because his ex will blind you. Annual service and we'll turn to stone and and gas I mean these arguments in the area owns his two. And he's eight let me yes he has abs you actually city. Oh dude. 8 am. Sure. You know like. There are carb statues that look at him ago while I was ahead apps like that. You know we all started for the better of the moment that Brooklyn and dot com box came toward door man I love those sheets it is a luxury bedding. With out the luxury price you know you spend a third of your life in your seats. 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BR okay LIN EN dot com broke when these of the bed sheets ever. It's. I'm actually about defend it like. Hillary's time. Every single time he says. This is not about politics. Five. The West Hollywood City Council. Unanimously passed a resolution last night. Urging the removal of president trump star from Hollywood Walk of Fame you might think. Well they don't want a disruption it's become sort of a contested hot flash point. In West Hollywood and so just to get away from the trouble. We don't wanna deal with you know trump is a controversial figure in America whether we like it or not. Column. Maybe it's as best we remove the star for an hour and move it somewhere else. Did you just for the safety of our people in fact I saw a video on line on Twitter via today. Were huge fight broke now. Right over the Donald Trump star on the walk of fame. I'm mr. trump by the way receive that's our 2007. For his work with the Miss America parents and com. Blob blossom senate's been vandalized several times the West Hollywood City Council wants to remove that quote dude his disturbing treatment of women. And other actions that do not meet they shared values of the city of West Hollywood. The region. The state. Where the country. And I will tell you right now and I did not vote for Donald Trump and Wilma. I'm Republican but I don't think he has. The man deserves that star on the walk of fame especially if you paid for and I think that's how you actually get the star on the walk of fame you have to buy you're wrong. They don't give it to but if were gonna do this. We're going to remove people's dollars up from the walk of fame. Based on their treatment of women. Because their standards of their. Morals. Don't subscribe to those of the country. Do we remove the star of Kevin Spacey. Do we remove the star of Bill Cosby. Those stars remain. Well. When you first told me about this I saw they were saying this particulars. Starr has become such a distraction. It's no wonder said and it's been vandalized. That we are going to remove it until things calm down. One removed because of his quote treatment of women the problem they have is that the people who. Are given those stars. Pay for them. And it is not cheap and I'm not saying he can't afford the star I'm nothing at all of course what I'm saying is. He has paid to put that there. You don't do is get all Hollywood star. That's not how it works it's a ton of money is only 25 carry out it is a lot of money at them as a nominee you. So someone decided way back when Michael Jackson has a store them. Yeah. Expert report should take about one down. Think it would be easier for me to understand that if they just said there's been so much vandalism. And so much controversy but that's going to remove it for now 576779. It. Donald Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the West Hollywood council last night voted unanimously. Two on a resolution non binding technically. To have it removed because of his treatment of women so then do we need to go through all of them. Does Roman Polanski have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should it be removed this is Andy. I'm not even a trump supporter but I can see that this is handy 5767798. In the newsroom and Caremark. X ninety minutes until polls close on both sides of the state line more taxed. Hitter I ever light English landscape and irrigation. They do not work. Church with holes in them when they come out and work on your front backyard our yard looks. Fantastic. Betty lush green lawn gorgeous plantings. That rain bird irrigation system but one of those things and you don't have to worry about waste you don't have to worry about hauling that hose all rounder for a backyard to water. Have them put in a Smart irrigation system and then get on the schedule now if you are interested in landscape. If you're interested in hard at skate certainly lawn maintenance stuff is going to start appear in the fall. Like in landscape irrigation does all of it with an eighth plus BBB rating given a call 9134413900. 9134413900. Or lightning dashed landscape dot com lightning dash landscape dot com. 32 in Kansas City from McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks are a big night for politics ABC news political director recline breaks things down primary voting of force beats him one of the biggest nights. Throughout the summer including Missouri and Kansas Washington State and Michigan. And a special election Ohio W mark the last time the Democrats and Republicans square off from the big contest until the November mid terms how races. In Kansas Republicans and Democrats for governor and Democrats for the third congressional district in Missouri Republicans are choosing a candidate for senate and deciding on right to work today. Polls close at 7 o'clock we will have the results Torre hearing KM BZ in all evening. Traffic and weather together next. Matta driving around in the NT one for a couple weeks now I love that car. And send you like most people listening hates tax get into Volkswagen of Lee's summit they ax your tax all month long by any. New or used car Volkswagen Lee's summit pays zero sales tax. Zero sales tax Volkswagen of Lee's summit will pay your sales tax. Who do that for you when you buy any new or used car and they're doing it all month long. Remember they have a huge selection of used cars in all makes and models and up to 7000 dollars off NS RP on new VW's. Both slightly summits taking savings to the Max. And paying your sales tax you pay taxes let folks slightly some differing. Check out their tax free specials at VW Lee's summit dot com had a double slightly sum up by 47 in colder today. See for yourself when they are non verbal and VW dealer in all of Kansas City. Some slow soaking beneficial rains this morning so the moisture is definitely on the ground that means that the light winds of open patchy fog developing by tomorrow morning. Otherwise your temperatures are gonna continue to drop through the 70s for the evening hours call apartment on these guys. Most of us dry any chances of rain seemed to be out of the picture or we get industry shower wouldn't last long. 65 in the morning without fog patch becoming mostly sunny again in the afternoon high temperature warmer. But not too humid 89. From John I don't first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 86 or in our case CIT 85 and Lee's summit 88 at your official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the happen tickets everywhere you tell. Kara marks are Newsnight the 81 KMB easy. If you missed it during the newscast polls close on both sides of the state line at seven. I get there. Vote for the love of god vote I don't care who you vote for or what side of the value full on go. Vote the case Elizabeth as we just at this text and conspiracy theory taxed. That cares about twelve but this is interesting and I think we need to tell people this that they went in to vote and they happen to have the Republican ballot. They go when that but the little thing in the machine due to all the governor candidates pop up. There are so many governor candidates Republican. Republican in Kansas. That they don't all fit on one screen button and this text it was just saying. I'm angry because Jeff collier who's clearly dispersants candidate. Kirk current governor is not on the main page when you're looking all the choices he's stood alone on a next page. And they said conspiracy question mark and so I'm reading this just. And you say it is polls. It may be true on that ballot he did appear on the second screen. And yes there are too many candidates for certain races. That they don't appear on the screen however. It is a rotator. And so on let's say were all Republican voters. In Kansas we go to the polls on you page Kara marks her. I'd just call you may appear at the top. Chris Ole bock might appear on the second page Danish Euro Republican voter we don't know or not. But you go win as a Republican voter Chris cope bock is at the top. And Jeff caught your happens to be on the second page all the other candidates admit I go and and Barnett is at the top. Cult box is full earth. And call your maybe fifth and somebody I've never heard about is on the next page. It's a rotator and they tell you that when you go win tonight or if you went in this morning. They should tell you. There are so many candidates for certain races. Make sure you go to the next page because the candidate you wanna vote for is. Potentially on the next page chains for exam today have to tell you because I would want to know what I would think they sure did they did for me when I went in armor register Republican. They said to me. Mr. parks user's involvement reported in the show me because. You know it's a new system this year and she said if you don't see the candidate you want in a certain race. Make sure you go to the next page they may be there. For example if you're a Democrat voting in Kansas. In the third congressional district to take or tried to challenge Kevin notre presumably we'd hope. Four. House of Representatives. There are six candidates. That are running for the democratic nomination. One of them is always going to appear on the second page. So you have to hit next if you're let's say your candidate is OJ citing Europe's. Shall res David's there there's welding dire whatever its name has. If that's your camera you have to go to the next page in the cork. I. Zelnick said. But would it help but with every ballot it shuffles because you're going to think of no one tells you that yeah if stature you're trying to screw my guy on the lone island by himself or herself you're trying to discreet act Canada. No it's a rotator. And you know with every other ballot summary moves umpire somebody goes back down at bottom. And so that's how to work the system. Justin in independence hello Justin I Justin. I get our guys or. A spark that are saying goes. I agree it's dot com as one other all people. You actually all of the people or you keep them operate out some 84. I'm not. Probably be a lot. Let's leave the politics out of it I don't wanna get into a discussion about trump it's just the fact that that they want to remove his star. From the Hollywood Walk of Fame of which. That you cannot deny you whether you like him as president or not is not withstand it. There's no denying he was. A gigantic. Hollywood style. You would act right. You may not like it was president like it was present. UK the that Donald Trump for the last thirty years and America has been a gigantic stall. And if that's all it takes to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. And he had a very successful program. On TV for twelve years you cannot take that away from him. That he deserves his star and if you are going to remove reinstall. From Hollywood Walk of Fame. For no reason and you don't like the way equal treats women. That you have to go back through the entire list. And remove names like bill Oz. Roman Polanski. Kevin Spacey. Men who have been accused okay. And literally he's got and rolled out well but Scott Baylor took a lie detector five dollars late eighties past so it. Now what Charles charged. Scott Dario passed one. Bill Cosby did not. I understand what you're saying completely. Again the problem is open and if you remove one. You have to start removing them all group it's like confederate monuments. If you start removing just Robert. And if you're going and you even have to dare I say if you're going to. Star whitewashing no pun intended American history you have to look at Thomas Jefferson you have to look at George Washington you have to look at every. If you're gonna hold walk under that standard. If if if Donald Trump's treatment of women is so offensive to. That you have to remove his star that he 84. From the Hollywood Walk of Fame Bill Cosby has to go Roman Polanski S ago Kevin Spacey meg talking about money now as Giuliani started. That story that has made me so. Angry. Over the last couple of days. Is that for the second time in 35 days and they replaced at the first time. Someone. Shot up and that skills. Memorial sign. In Glendale Mississippi's so they shot it up full bullet holes 35 days ago. The city replaced it and then I think it was over the weekend it was vandalized. Again. They need to put a camera somewhere. Around that memorial of course and an Al whoever is doing. Gone as a child when he was murders show some respect Steve and Overland Park a lawsuit. I didn't do well thank you. And I are about the seven candidate and governor candidates. When you vote and they went on that screen there that there at the more war button and they are telling you that is more candidates on it. I'm not that they are voter for about what I like sect is that they're on the first page when I click that button. And hit the next bad combo with a reminder. Of our candidates to look at. So does he tell you. Yes that's cool and add on what you know Steve were you told when you win in that. That your candidate may not be on the first page but it is a rotator. And that they did okay. So they they were completely upfront. May it may be your guys call your maybe your Rezko bought Mavis Barnett you may not see your candidate on the front page. But for you it would be different than the person. Looking at the same ballot in the in the Booth next. But the about the furthermore there was more on the very bottom it says that. But even if you don't if you click next it remind you that there are more can't. Right and that at the end it says a review your ballot that's the others yeah its highest Stephen Dana. Com. Because I actually found that to be a little bit strange and Europe and let's be honest most people are at least right did Steve and New Hampshire used to. I would and on the big. Part big elections I knew exactly who I was going to vote for before I went in. But for a lot of people they just go and they think it's a civic duty. And they just vote for the name they recognize the most mind should not try to get everybody on to the same page. Unit they have to is minimized the font. Well but if you're dealing with an older population and sometimes not always but the majority of voters. The deep passionate consistent go to voters are older Americans and an aunt. I was and so they are going to say we need to. Easily be able to see because the font on that machine today when I voted. Is larger than a normal computer fox so's mine are much lower for a 28 point you know and so I'm sure somewhere. In some office they have decided. This is what the font is going to look like and why I'm guessing it's because of the older voters. I know I just like the reminder when when when it's it would when you would have voted as we tell you about your mind if it ain't normal can't. And I thought that was very. I'm our. I won't say who it is I don't wanna expose somebody for their political affiliation but somebody I know. Just wrote me and set I was not hold on my democratic ballot that there were more than one page. I'm trying to think back if there was more than one page on anything. Democrats say let's end it now maybe it was well in all fairness and I don't know this because I didn't vote on a democratic ballot. But maybe on the Democrat ballot with six. Candidates for the congressional race. Maybe they were able to get all six on the same page with the Republicans running for governor there are seven different candidates. And she flat out told me. Since your voting Republican there is going to be a second page for governor. If you don't see your camp did you see that too right in because no one ran for counting one asked her a note that's. Precinct chairman. Does no one wanna be precinct chairman now. From myself and I thought wait. My content my contractor the radio stations as a camel political office. There are two where there was no candidate can get that's precinct chairman Matt has enough though. I mean they'll get some. Adam has nothing to. The I 7677. Hey if you're sick of in the main course and your own backyard you do not have to be in a constant battle with mosquitoes around your home and we've heard there's been some not west Nile. 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My guys at the plumbing pro can provide you the latest in trends lists replacement tellem and a sense you. You're still gonna get 10% off up to 500 dollars off. On any sewer or water service and they do say a lot of that right now especially in the heat of the summer. Call my guys. At the plumbing for a 9132701280. 9132701280. For jobs big and small did Dana's plumber dot com Dana plumber dot com locally owned and operated since 1978. You're gonna love the guys at the plumbing pro could Dana's plumber dot com. Talent on Twitter is a good question. Putter today she's at radio and I. KUMBC I am no expert in voting laws but our candidates allowed. To campaign outside of a voting location in Missouri the answer is yes and no. I don't I I'm not familiar with the exact laws in Missouri I am. Much more familiar with. The laws in Kansas they came campaign within a certain number of feet. Of a polling station to include physically being there. At least in Kansas. And two putting their signage there. Any think and M and they always put out a sign that says. No campaigning passes point canvassing. No canvassing or campaigning there okay. Com any sign prior to that and you always elect 500 signs right I had signed. I was there and there was a candidate there this morning. Putting like six signs out you know right before that sign and has nothing past this any sign past the sign that the county puts out. Is a violation of law and anybody putting one out can be charged. I'm Jeremy and rates on hello Jeremy. Yeah it today. They haven't I am and at NATO air on the Missouri side district 48 or not. A little bit yeah. You cannot. You cannot campaign with a site that we are adequate time. I can't name. Now I diplomatic etiquette is an inside out get that balance this. I want filing date is still under easier respected party. Get in a really long line. They had to do or do paperwork and you draw a number of about how well on the and that number is here a position where you're gonna Yonhap. So that's sort Egypt and UH you're the low number you make the right. Hurt but not now that's just bought and Jeremy that's assuming. You are all on the same page all right. That is true but I got that but are they on the back page that name and Brooke a a person a person and yet. You've got your age that there's rotation. Well they told on the Republican ballot and and and I just big board. Okay. The. They're telling you what you wanna hear but what I bay and if they really should. Candidate on 11. A survey sit in some smaller saying that like that right Ian Kennedy carry it aired here. There's no unity and issued an age where it can all. That would be fair and these were these racers Nokia. Dropped them off the page. Aren't. Yes he says if you are a registered vote unaffiliated. In the state of Kansas can you vote in the primaries today you can't. Yes if you word it quote independent. You can't however. I you know I saw a woman today voting and she. Came in and said she was independent. And went into the voting Booth and choose very frustrated. It's been about chic well because the only thing that showed up on her ballot. In rural park. Was roll them park precinct. Kirk Cameron a note I'm sorry but nothing showed up on her ballot right. She came in she was an independent. She. Was given about she went over there now they're not nothing to vote for right. Because I don't have a we don't have the mill Levy we don't ever sales tax right we don't have anything like that. And my guess is that cringe I'm very frustrated it they don't want people in the primary. Saying. Why I'm an independent. To vote out the person in the primary that they despise any other side and in the state of Kansas years ago. You could have gone hand. Today yes I'm a Democrat and a wanna vote Republican primary correct like say you wouldn't wanna vote against Chris Coppola and I don't microscope. The years ago in the state of Kansas you could pull at all they changed the rules. That after a certain amount of time you could not change your party affiliation. And so you couldn't just jump across the line right. To vote and I mean I don't apple think OK if I if I call myself an independent I should get about for everybody would know is I'm down the middle Imus now works well. Not I'm not surprised by that and the people would gain the system and she was very disappointed and and I know. But you know what if you want to vote in the Republican primary you need to be Republican. If you wanna vote in the democratic primary. You need to be a Democrat so simple. Are doing their role. We get around. Keyword is harvest 72881. In your in the running for a thousand dollars keyword this hour is harvest. 72881. It's been great if you thank you for spending your time with a us on this Tuesday throwback to the eighties. On behalf our producer of today the finest men and all of America great run about. My good credit goes to at a right time spent parts got whipped back tomorrow at 2 o'clock have a great night besides we've got. Ebony now on KM easy just an hour left until polls close Maher next. Right for good friend of the programs to Woodbury low cost life insurance dot com if you think life insurance is complicated. If you think it is expensive. You need to call Stewart would bury. It's not it's really not we just went through it we just updated our life insurance policies went back over those actually about a week ago. And here's why you need Stewart in your corner. We have to do is that a low cost life insurance dot com low cost life insurance dot com. Fill out three questions whether or not your man or woman whether or not is smoke in the state Livent. That's all it takes and then. 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