I have nothing to say today, nothing. Here's a clip from 7/24/2015 - Dana

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Thursday, February 15th




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You know it's leading MSNBC and CNN right now and I don't know how Ole. It wouldn't. Or can't say. They have to talk about the strength and ask you this I bet you more people tuned in to watch Kate when Jenna last night. Then we'll tune into watch this coverage right now. You know why Scott movie because there are mass shootings. In the United States every week. We are the epicenter for mass shootings around the world it happens all the time people look up bill there's no mention today. Shocking said no one ever that's why people do not tune incidents. Because it happens all the time. I even said you what I stadium before we went on the air today I don't talk about as it happens all the time would be to say now there goes again. And Ottawa talked about guns well I don't wanna talk about some lunatic shipments people would have. We already know this is an an act of terrorism confessed they said initial and obviously it's an act of domestic terrorism what does that mean I happened stateside. OK okay. So Nadal Hasan was an act of domestic terrorism and he spiraling out. Is your show you guys wanna talk about these shootings been docked at the (%expletive) out of what we're gonna say. We'll talk about it this week and then we'll talk about it in another three weeks and we'll talk about it in another four weeks. Talk about another five weeks in the we'll talk about it again probably when school starts.