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Monday, October 9th

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On south they'll try to move up in our direction to release it cluster. I think the better chance of rain hold off from most of us after midnight and continue through the morning commute a brake release lesser amounts of rain by mid day. The last round of spotty showers moves through toward the evening commute so tomorrow does look like it'll be soggy and a lot cooler than what we have right now. We'll go into the 60s this evening down to 47 tomorrow morning with periods of rain and a couple of thunderstorms. You know only bounced back to 51 for a high temperature with at least an 80% if not 90% chance of rain this form of Davos. From John and I am for solar chief meteorologist Brad Busby KM BZ whether. Right now 77 at your severe weather station. I'm will stairs stay connected with me is not heed one KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. I. Friday October 27. Feet fifty forcing real bar independence. Norway and phone number here's 576. 779 in order to Harvey Weinstein dismembered. Interesting editorial just cleared from the Kansas City Star. Regarding the cost of college tuition. Am I right am I quote. Abbott Lee University here in Kansas City heavily universities had recently will drop its to wish him. By about 33%. Joining a growing list of colleges and universities reducing. Their sticker prices have a low price. A slash may mean less to some than others was scholarships and other discounts many students are already paying. The new reduced amount but for those students the actual savings may not change much. But the announcement is welcome nonetheless apple is trying to be more transparent. Offering students and parents and realistic view of what they'll have to pay. Transparency and honesty the star rights are always important but they're particularly welcome in higher education. Because when it comes to tuition costs and benefits the day of reckoning this is addressing the day of reckoning for colleges. And universities. Is fast approaching. A recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal explains why 47%. Of those surveyed almost half. Said that a four year college degree is no longer worth the cost. The number is even higher among young people. 57%. Of young people. Believe that a college education is no longer worth the investment. And I'll tell you this. That's the one expense that keeps me up at night. And I'm sure which fortunately. Bernanke chew up twice it's got to end. Your first leaves for college in a year. My first lease for collagen a year and a half. These are the kinds of things and amend I have to convince myself. Pay. She means a college education culture you have to do the same of Jack. It's worth. The 5060. Some odd thousand dollars were gonna be shelling out. It's worth the loans they may have to take. I'm telling you this day of reckoning is coming because the cost of college is not keeping pace. With the amount of money that you're making. Annually is an increase. I mean how many times have we reported on this reestablish. The board of regents met. And tuition at KU is going up 8%. Tuition at Emporia states going up 6%. Backed the increase in a raise you've got last year narrow. The price of college has gotten gotten out of control. You know what and I know it and now apparently they know it. A majority of working class Americans and a majority of Republicans. Think college is now. A waste. I wouldn't say it's aways but I think. There's a Huffington Post article I just founded. Think it was a real actually published. In 2015 and it was re published this year. And Ian. Higher article centers around. The hoax or the fabrication. That we have. Taught ourselves in the United States the you have to have that's. And I think for many. Profession Jim do. And that for many people it can further your career it can lead to millions of dollars more in earned income. Over the lifetime. Of a career. We can agree with that if you look at the total. Earnings with college degrees vs non college degrees. But there are plenty of people who will tell you Scott the money right now is in traits. That. You can spend. Next to nothing. And learned some type of in demand trade. And do just as well and the return on that investment if you subtract out the cost of college. Is great thing. Because you're not starting out with a 100000 dollars in debt. Now you're not going to climb the salaried. Latter. I think the where you start out the salary is higher and but the cap is going to be lower and so let's say you kept out of a 100000 dollars a year. But you also are going to have that debt. So people are asking which way is better. And I think it depends on your kit. What would you do if one of your kids. So they're gonna go to K year. And they're gonna study art history. Now I am absolutely not happening psychiatry. Where you have to have a masters to dew and AM my my ex husband has psychology under psychology Christmas at home had to to study for his masters because you can't do anything with the psychology and I would I would it's too strongly. Encourage them to find. A degree. That you that's employable but see if if if they get. And I use that are closer to him. If they get a whole thing to be a public schoolteacher. You have to you have to you have to have guests are college degree. And yet you're gonna make 343332000. Dollars a year. Right out of the gate not that that's chump change but certainly that's not something you don't that's going to be something mic that grows incrementally and slowly. Over the years so when Europe. Twenty year veteran of of teaching your making wrecked fifty gram. And your in your mid fifties now granted you get a nice pension from the state everything that. Finds a wide. That's not gonna pay off. 60000 dollars in student loans. If you have to go to. And I'm telling I sort of got this is the one thing that keeps him up and I. I I've done a decent job of saving money I do not have enough money to put my kids are couch. No way. Because the price of college. Has gotten out of hand. And I can't keep well. And I'm sure Dana is in the same boat I'm sure you're in the same boat. I remember and maybe I missed it. I remember a lot of our fellow students taking out loans and we were in college. Earning their here's the deal if your parents are independently wealthy and they can just cut a check and you can get the degree I would say do. If you're a position where mom and dad or let's say your grandparents. Have passed away. And they have left a pot of money for all of those grandkids to go to college and I know people like that college is paid for. For a lot of people whose moms and dads did very well the stock market on my kids if your mother passes that inheritance will be passed down to you're sure. So. If you're in that situation I would say go get that piece of paper absolutely. If you're not in that situation you can find plenty of jobs and and if you look this up on entrepreneur dot com starting at 775000. Dollars a year. In a trait now. Again you're gonna top right around there and it's not critical hole held a lot higher. But you're also not gonna be saddled with debt and an uncertain job market when you come out Jack comes to you tonight. His mom. Tell me why I need to get a college education. What are you to. I would say you have to do something if you're not gonna go to a four year institution you have to get a trade. Like I wanna know what the plan but he wants to know why should I go to Kate you. Why should I get a four year degree. What do you tell. Because in many fields. You have to happen. Not at all. If he came to me and said I want to open an auto mechanic shop that is my dream I want to open an auto mechanics shop. I wanna be my own entrepreneur or one of the businessmen. It's my shop got a couple of employees wanna work on cars and drive. And be happy right. I would say you go find. Who teaches that you go to a trade school teacher baton. And and you put the money that you would have put toward a college education. Toward a small business line. And you open that business and about your life. I 767798. Probably university is cutting their tuition by 33%. Now in fairness a lot of their students are on scholarship. But apple makes the argument it's because the cost of an education has gotten completely out of hand. But what do you tell your kids I mean look okay you. When I remember when I was a student it was 890. Dollars a semester. To go to school I didn't include books and and room and board of course. However. 890 bucks that was it. That's what you pay. 1617100. Dollars a year. How forget about it. What are you tell your student when they come to you and say mom why do I need a degree. Why should I go to college who gives a damn. And 50% of Americans now say it's not worth the cost. I 7677. On it. It's. Not. You know some have an almost all of us and knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair. In whispering that serious business you want your car fixed right the first time that's what they do it's what they promised us with a guarantee. And Dale's collision repair emblems springs. They've had people drive in from all along Columbia Lawrence unit that's how good. Their reputation as an deals it was brings their work is guaranteed as long as you own your car truck. Get it fixed right the first time here's a number 8162281855816228. 1855. Online tales auto collision. Dot com. Bills and was Sprint's take care of cars taking care of you. You know. So you thank you can okay. M okay. Lose gas and hanging. And ten greens. Zoom ring. So now. From me. Yeah. Non. Thousand dollars. With keyword. 5767798. Nevermind. Text her in 1956. Feet. Joshua in Kansas City hello Joshua. Doing quite what it meant. They I could do any agent demanded that I can't think materially. The oil cheap they have and got talking about trade schools and then I got it man I'd I'd start out. After I looked at doing you know I'm dead end job I got that out buildings and we're really gonna get cute. Trade look back to talk with the art. The deprived because it's so hard for me to go get my parent like I got my period in it or anything about it. And you know so I we're in jobs like and I got to get into it traded on my bat and you know but armor and had tired I started going to the aviation domain that because it affords them without our program but. I would start out there on average that you and your. 56. Six and after that Joshua howl. Is the sky's the limit or is that salary. Caps may be lower than a college degree to that profession would be curious. Well portrayed it really into it depends upon where you go aviation you can go anywhere in the country pretty much. Whether it be up all prop plane or a thing about that. That the average to speak to the average. So you can make way more than that I mean I know that matter you know dated. The army they were better in that way at their defense contract. With the army in there working outpost doing aviation for the army. Making a 1121000 a year. Though it really depends upon where ego but the cap is. What limitless. Now continually fall fly small planes are. With that degree you're can you fly the big plans. What the that occasion is with the FAA they can do about you can do. Molly prop plane you can do all of it at 747. Oh yeah. That's what money is. Journey in Overland Park hello. I mean I'll I'm actually at it and pat Abbott currently. And regarding alcohol link. I mean they like gave a couple picks from the lake there and I call it something and typically when I talked to at financially nightmare it came down out of the Wheatley. 210 dollars. Because not only Canadians is that commitment operated the college. And particularly am already there. Applicable quietly very specialized crowd. But the program itself. Is something that. I can make up republic ninety crede year. And I have people I feel like it is worth it. Will it get college degrees. Et chants. And the neat kind of play. Great Heatley and united mean. That my parents haven't done and a partner nearly about the aviation security. Haven't you anything and amp without. Just because. Not everyone is financially secure and not an or not let. I that that by not being able you know got me through college told me that something that you can back yourself. It's not as. You you can't hold on many repeat history your also paying money. And like learning how to regulate at the latter. At the same. And I've always taken issue adjourn and don't take any of us this was taken issue with the argument that you're paying for a piece of paper. Which are paying for is to prove to a potential future employer. I can start something and finish it yeah. And why do you think I took that last god forsaken. Stupid. Worthless. Different rooms were slips French courts how many times they never never nick how many times have you said. Public who process never I I retained none of it I hated every second I was there. I was livid I had to pay to do it and I it and I was already working. In the industry where I wanted to and are finished you know because I didn't wanna be that person three credit hours or that stupid newspaper. I remember at the time being so. Angry. I had to finish that class and I think. I think I walked away with a C minus and ran. Ran. I literally and it looked at the French teacher and like. How do you say this is so steep that I wanna kill someone in France because that's the only thing I wanna say. Al by the time you're 22 you think you've got the world by the tail and he just wanted to work but you're how old were you when you do that. I was very young. It was so you are what you're liking your mid twenties and suddenly went back forth year now. I would and 28 to 23 it was right before so you got a job and during my pregnancy during my first pregnancy so you got a job in Topeka right at a school. But you were three credit hours short industry credit our shore got. It's another thing weighs over you know you think house do well only three well but our data in your defense to get back close. And not cross the finish already crazy and then on your resume you have to put studied. Broadcaster and ended at the university can't get out I mean. I've 767798. To the newsroom and will steer. A officer involved shooting in Kansas more next. Man I didn't drive and all over in Volkswagen's brand new seven passenger. Atlas and how if you look at for a fund big roomy high tech new ride he got a check out the atlas the technology is incredible. My kids were blown away we took it on a quick trip over the weekend. And it is as close to a self driving cars you can get on the highway it maintains your link for you it automatically paces with the car in front of you it's crazy. So here on cruise control you don't have to stop and start stop and start the car in front of you slows down it just paces with the car in front of the and it's so safe it will let you link up your Smartphone. And then watch the apples to everything for you music text messages emails without touching a thing. It's amazing it's so great that the last two station employees who took this thing on a test drive. Bought one for themselves out bright go check out Volkswagen of Lee's summit. It is a gorgeous on dealership asked Christina to show you the car and drive and check at a Remy to sot a sporting T one why you're there any used car all makes and models. And right now save up to 101000 dollars MS RP on remaining 27 teams while they last. Yes really every 2017 is up to 101000 dollars it is worth the drive Volkswagen of Lee's summit and a huge grant. You tell me one day in his car. Just past 430 in Kansas City I'm will stare at the Overland Park police department investigates an officer involved shooting around a 133. And large and this is a developing story were continuing to follow here. Police originally responded to the area to investigating suicidal person at some point the subject of the investigation which shot in the chest. That person rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Officials say at least one person is dead two others seriously hurt in fast spreading wildfires in northern California wine country. Cal fire saying today the death and injuries occurred Mendocino County one of several struggling to contain a total of fourteen major fires. Those are still burning out of control additional details not immediately available initials say high winds are hampering firefighting efforts north of San Francisco. A look at traffic and weather together next KUMBC news time 432. Dinner right here was different the program ouster Woodbury and low cost life insurance dot com and eminently all you have to do. Is go to low cost life insurance dot com. And it is so easy we finally got all of our ducks in a round when it came to life insurance after we got married and if you've been thinking and man it's an honor to do list we got to get it done. I get it is that low cost life insurance dot com click on the live chat feature it takes a ouch. I'm gonna go 45 seconds. It takes about 45 seconds to plug in the states where you live. Your birthday whether you're a man or woman and whether or not you smoke cigarettes that's it. And then boom they got like 200 life insurance products. Right at your fingertips they will find you the best rate for used the lowest rate for you and you will not but leaked. How affordable. A life insurance policy can be. All the way to million dollars more or more to protect your family god forbid in the event that something happens mister Woodbury call with all of your questions or go to that look has life insurance dot com. 8167920700. Is the number. 8167920700. Or low cost life insurance dot com. As a meaning partly cloudy by the evening hours and in the sixties down to you. All the way if what 47 for the morning temperature periods of rain and a couple thunderstorms possible pretty heavy downpours could lead down for the morning commute. And rain off and on throughout the daytime but I want to emphasize that cooler weather and also the wins. High temperature only 51 degrees under Tuesday is arraigned slackened off but the cooler air is here to stay at least for Tuesday. Below normal temperatures on Wednesday finally warming back up on Thursday. From channel nine I'm first alert chief meteorologist friend Bosnian KM BZ whether it's. At least seven downtown it is 78 Lee's summit. And 77 at your severe weather station I'm will starent stay connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ. Dot com. So. And. Yeah. There's a. Yeah. 7798. We're on the road on Friday October 27. The Phidget forestry grill and bar in independence in honor and a privilege. You would spend your Friday afternoon bus. Scoot to. Plants in Lawrence Brent. Hello I am different. Well. Document to ensure that terrible. Impact. And the article that the green business isn't good about it what you. And Kerry you know you have to go big business degree had to do concentration sorted side. Urban botany. Whatever else you wanted to do. Well what you gotta you've got a job no matter what if you. And business you can run a art history museum or be part of something you know. When we get shot anyway but. Well I just and the other thing is is. Are you graduating with a 2.3. Or three point. GPA. And does it matter Brandt does it matter. Yeah it did it. It does is you know people saying even the very last person in a graduating class of doctors. Is still doctor. I have never been asked my GPA ever. Anyway I'm not tiger. Our I think I think Mike Mike college GP day. I think. Was a two point sept. We're just to say it was a cease to. But some people are better at doing that classroom. Worked my son is one of hates the classroom but loves me getting stuff done. Oh absolutely. I work with my hands all the time. Coming contractor and and I worked with my hand I prefer good. And that's when most of his counting but I can still do things I need to. Did you permit master GPA guy I have not. Well actually I. But myself or can use guys started look our company had been through Hershey ears and just kept up all. Our. Quite a ways away and I want it around my daughter. I think will when I was applying for jobs and and I haven't had to do that thank god knock on wood problem in twenty some odd years I've been at this tree decision since. December of 96. But even when I applied for the job here backed them. They've never all cared about was that age I had a tape. And B I had a degree. Yeah and the degree was less import them into. The degree was ninety's. But they didn't give one hot damn if I graduated three point nine or two. Once and see I think that comes back to your. Major in school I mean I would like to think if you're going to be. A structural. Engineer. You prefer that to three point nine I would prefer. As a structural engineer. You have a three point nine but here's my question. Somebody probably graduated with a 25 yeah were they working at an and that's what they say about doctors even the last person in the class. Statistically. A little on out is still a doctor. And have you ever sought to ask. Or do you care more about practical experience like with Michael BG YN and years I would never say oh. What kind of GPA did you get med school and I do know she's delivered 30000 babies. I like her you don't care GPA I don't really care but does she have good bedside manner. That's it that's a big one do do you walk out and think I had me an exam that I can trust yes. I know I don't have cervical cancer. I'm not dime Amare GAAP. As a person reading your slice. I mean we're to that person fall in. School and I I think in some. Professions it's very important and and others like ours got I don't think it is I think they wanna know he graduated Tom in Shawnee hello Tom. Asia is entertaining shows only jobless figures. So. A couple of quick points and Doug dowdy here I have three kids toward four point and 26. All of Spurrier graduates. All three own homes at all Greer. And how are over looking back on. Its not four year college he is not for everybody. It is. Each I hire and fire people from my own business. And the victory. It just for everybody I mean it's I think it's a calling I think Cheney used the werder here are calling some kids yet. Some kids are good some kids are true or not to go too. A lot and these guys earlier you were talking about money that you say and jeers just the ghost of Christmas future brother. What I had buried in school there were true years overlapping or I had breeding college Iowa decided yet. My monthly nut the cover was 7900. Dollars. Expenses. In fixed. Experiences that before you see your kid and say. Your kid and eight others out for pizza. And did your daughter this spewing nearly even NCAA ego whatever you need. It will it's. I was driving a pick up truck with 330000. Miles on it we need a lot. Separate when he went to his kids in college. Well meantime it's it's come and we are talking about taking a trip to share time and I said we're going to do it. We have to do it now because starting next year. I have no more personal income I have no more discretionary. Throw out the window kind of income Tom. And my wife and I went each kid and said. They're gonna take out of student loan for this semester and it's going to be this much money which was exactly. But 13 of what it cost to go to their individual schools. Could not deliberately to the same school. If you get out in four years your mom and I stated. If you'd take more than warriors. Its own news they would for the signing table they did that merit. We did the media did we did the calculations to show more kind of debt that reciting for you all for Everett's got out for years. Talk a little alters let me ask you two questions. You said you do a lot of hiring and firing. Every time you've ever hired somebody how many times did you ask them for their GPA from college. Never or high school let's just say maybe they don't require high school girls college agreed to do with it it. It's I don't think it GPA really matters except when it comes to college in mission the the other question I had you mentioned the maturity. To go to college you really think it takes maturity to go and graduate from college. Mitch sure yeah I think it absolutely. Does I mean they have to. Discipline and a little bit. Only 52 right now you're gonna if you sit me down with a case of cold beer in one room in my computer and the other I know what direction I'm. It's matured as much as it is self reliance. You were dedication salt level. Of self. Reliance and I think it's harder for these kids because we have coddled them ball up until eight when you cutlass and say you'd now have to make sure. That you're getting up and going to last year I talked woman candidate. Who has a friend it's not for much different of a friend that makes sense here. Who's still calls her daughter every single morning to make sure she's up to go to class and it can't hurt and my friends I've told her. What are you doing. Like this is on her. To make sure she's up and gets to where she's cool and even I will not call in the morning and make sure there nano and out unilateral. You get one shot at this you get one year and if you flunk out there is no. Giant pot of money at the end of the rainbow that we are going to lavish upon you to try again you get one shot and Lawrence. Accident. And if you fail. A year gonna have some soul searching to do. Because we got another kid and that. And were not pay for your freshman year twice though no no absolutely not. I'm not one row giving them second chances to get a degree. It's good to Sandra Sandra Sandra in local park hello. Yeah. I would have wanted to drop a little bad little bit about the college staying in need. You feel like you're tired at the gate or now that. I'm a student. Port I'm scared to death I will be able to reform. Exactly I. Am weak and daughter. It and you know we're metal and glamour little bit about and I have a suite that hurt and it hurt that you're gonna college you know we're gonna work. That you're gonna get paid you know I'll have a passion or updating and that. When we get how we want cheap yet have a job just got one like art degree it is something we eat what you gonna do it. The logic. And have that they have and haven't wouldn't get out. We want to get hurt and apparently it appears umpire. When you lack ice bowl appeared graduate. And we like that significantly. You and bash she wanted to. It's did you it and weep and virtually an issue that. And Sheila did not. And she didn't live and on and should it matter that degree. And she'd like to do. Decided she wanted to governor in school she got hurt her degree at duke it out. Still lit. You wanna go to Q you need to get richer and now. I'm gonna do it I'm get into giving an on line and let. And that she got her as does its sticker here nursing degree and are being banned. Totally and lead at eight court. Tool she stayed home the whole time. Concern how did you feel about that mom. Bit. Kurt and all. That close and wouldn't work for every one. And I am now it was great for she got her education and she has hit your head. Now purple and let it go on Indian nurse practitioner. And and she got married. The Irish haven't yet but she did cougar hospital can't. You know working that's what I Irish. The issue is so she's out of these issues Mary's edges out the house. Accurate. That she's got a bit arcane. You are now. Seed just that's how things are supposed to work out and if I don't think there's anything wrong with let them stay home. Think of the monies and only know I'm I'm totally doubt it's like what forty. 40000 dollars a year essentially that you say Dana I'm 24 years old I worked at the same companies my father he still calls me in the morning at 630 to make sure I'm. And that's our intent is not even called me that's what our generation has done. We are the make sure our kid doesn't fall through the cracks generation. And were hurting them. I've 76779. Did it right here for sealed once Casey either at my house right now actually sealing and permanently protecting my drive way you know the house's what 3030. Two years old something like that. Never had to drive we seal never had a permanently protected you know that thing comes with a 25 year warranty against deterioration. Think about cracked and staying garage floor your patio your pool deck any other indoor or outdoor concrete surface. Let's seal ones come out and Selig wants sealant and forget it. Easy to clean its gonna look gorgeous they've got before and after photos side by side right on the website that will show you the difference in what your driveway looks like before. And what it will look like after an all you have to do is gonna steal once Casey dot com mentioned Dana for 20% off. 8169423927. 8169423927. RC wants Casey dot com. That hasn't. Our big crazy yeah what it saves. They saw this morning. And again. Yeah. Wait it's. He'd never do again and I know that you list. That begs plateau that is now look how flyers meet Thursday. In the exact. You can get pizza all I was in the movies ever stores back to its campus. I expect. That's funny because I'm not. At all no. Again time of his life I want him to go. I mean I'm going to be you this one and I you're damn it yes I. I wouldn't want him to go and I said to him you know high school I think for boys especially. By your senior year yourself ready to be done. And some of us sooner yeah it is of the finish line is there. Let's just get to the finish line and then you're gonna have the best for your your life and then you know I think the next transition. For voice I think to. Is when you leave that Mecca of a playground for four years. And you've got to get a job and figure out your life then it's like. And we and here we oxy but I think you are different. In this regard. You'd love to high school I loved high school you loves college. You didn't like high school you love college I love high school and college was meant. I didn't care one way or the other I'd much my whole point of going to college because I was so afraid of it. Was just to get the hell lot. I just one of my degree and get back eloped. Yes. High school for me was where was. So funny. But you I wanted to run away from highs and loved Kyle and I loved every second of policy I have absolutely and I know this is weird. My freshman year Nebraska was my favorite years. I loved Nebraska KU. I didn't care one way or the other. And and I have no affinity for K I mean I spent my weekend in latency I wanna go back. I cannot tell you the last time I was imports. And I don't care if I ever go back. I'll go back I was on the phone with a professor toppled. And he's retiring this year and I said I'd like to come back to town and take yet. He's a great. That will be. You're nod to the past yeah yeah all of go back to Lawrence Tom and I will go ought to launch. And the next time I go to Lawrence is when I drops her off. Right right there's just nothing about that town. God bless them there's nothing about the university that I care about. I I walk on camp I've walked on campus are still free mug. I tell you this when we and we all I still mind I wanted to freeware Africa I was gonna say anything good it took me second to. In the context it's. That take. Just east had just were given teachers and the when. Did you fall for the old sign up for twelve and industry credit card. Student union gee sure gas pumps. All right guy dumbest decision I ever made mile I think it was 27% interest home like I can collapse now. Got a car. Oh I've over the same damn thing. About it. He now that they cannot. Solicit. You for credit cards. On that campus camp good it's a law good. Is that you know I love my her her goal. I love my parents. But one thing they did not teach me until I teach my children as for the school compound neatly interest you aside that free credit card if somebody says it's free and they're giving your teacher there's an. Because I am credit card wrecked me for years it's no different from the airline credit card when your in the airport don't do it yeah. Gadgets like this item for fifty CDs for zero dollars at. Oh Columbia house thing yeah fifties and send it back to freak ridge avenue Terre Haute, Indiana. That's what you just said that its call Tara India yes there must. These enormous call center for soccer's. That's probably went on the outside ultimately no that was where they actually press. It's just like all that crap you see in the middle of the night on TV and he'll box Omaha Nebraska yeah. What is in Omaha Nebraska where everybody has a PO box there the warehouse is it's centrally located Sig and ship it anywhere it. To the news here is Webster happening now on KM BZ and officer involved shooting in Overland Park more next.