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Thursday, June 14th
DOOB just opened in Overland Park !   Dana got DOOBED!!!  

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. We'll. I. Yeah. That's all but I guess in its elusive answer yeah. Apparently because my group. That is coming up. West and my. Birthday is coming. I don't know why this and others. I've never been bothered by adversity it's an issue for some reason I don't know want. You know birthday is going to be hard for me 5050. Trajectory. Because that means you about your father that's right and. Yeah Chris is knocking at that. To war. I don't think he's there yet but he is not at the door he lost his tail. After two trees and it worked. At a few more renewed were sent. So yeah but I don't know why 47 is so weird for me. But odds I'd like completely not. All my birthdays of another birthday. Spaghetti there mom's house has been great red lobster esque that's. This one I'm not looking forward to and I don't know why. Maybe because it's going to be passed. Reeling what is wrong with you. And yet yet he doesn't wanna go get the 23 mean. Health history. Guess what I did for you today and it's not in yet but I cannot imagine a better gift for you or my father. Asks have you heard about the continental. Due back. I got duped today. So it's never heard about this yes it is so cool and they wanted to get assault do Scots like we're never going to be able to get everybody in the same room I disagree. It took five minutes. You go into the shop it's over offered a 119. Just west of ball they sell do b.s and it felt oops. So people on that and you don't consider this our ticket do site. Round clip shaped like asylum and Huff puff pass and it is so rounded by cameras like hundreds of cameras and used there. And they go okay 123. And then it makes. A perfect. 3-D image figurines. And EU. Acts. Let me show you like a Bobble head and plastic yes. Rodney right down to every whisker on your chin. It is the exact. 3-D replica of you look at the sky with his dog and it is. Easy. Were you. Well it they're making it now I went in today and had the photo taken and I held probably get his tattoo oh in his detailed. And it's my leg action figure you your. Action figure Rodney look at that it's about. A football around. About a foot tall that you can't get and tell the figurines are just like like a little army. So yeah like an action are gonna accidentally as like an action figures they said appear to comic con. We get people come and they dress up as their care. You know see if you'd like it dated parts percent. I held it and parts. My daughter was slick. Little Sophie. To. Our child. They do one naked okay. Yeah I have mental health problems. Because that is the first question I asked the owner again oh. I don't have enough plastic IL level half hour right. And then I asked if they can do something you know and it had. Yes that's been asked and candy well. Can. I'm asking for a friend I'd be naked in your do I asked. Her to be one person and you're a good. You can two people become one in the yes. Yes and it is. Like Scott got one. The problem is yet to be stereo so families have to honest Kara. You know if you ask. Her if you lost your dialogue if your case it they do a lot you know. You can take your pet and and little it is it's not a figurines of the dog looks like got to get it before it dies in his whole. Not in any entity that or dominant there. Just lays down and it. Pause I thought I think it's sweet there's one there mayors like James Parcells has won in there from the look at Herzl. Heart institute is awesome he would abort a buzzer. I want you to go get dude he's more sure. ST. I held up to date and parts thing why would you say that I love hurts like my favorite person ever done. You know it here's what I'll tell you. Crazy. Life like a little weird to see yourself in a figuring that I mean it's it's yeah you. But a little pocket you like you give it went right. Kelly your well I addressed joking for Father's Day like who would want a little puck carrier like axle. So happy birthday you're getting a Dana figuring out carrying out. Wherever you go a little voodoo doll it's it's like. Pins and it's like Stanley but it's not feet at five. I'd like to go and Jonathan over his head wouldn't fit and. Number. And to sign up. Give her memory article. Eight. You really want a calmer now. I want you to do business. It's called getting due to promises to cause some. 95 dollars that's not what we call didn't do when I was here. Really you won at home right now on the hair note off the you know I look at this your first and show. I'm entry. Into. Business alone. In our tank hoops re. Is there are with you. I'm like Hillary blew. Again having problems and give it a rest too poor. Rodney concert please just dial that number. Is wrong with you. This is why not do 23 in me it's gonna come back we don't know what you have but it's not that. It's not good. Just go kill yourself. Okay that's a muted out what can you do with. Oh. I'm sorry pocket. That's OYS. I'm sending it again either you wrote it down wrong there aren't there anymore. Cancer laughing because why they went out of business before their business you know that is the number and the cameras that give it to. I'll do this yeah we're gonna do it you were 913204. Please dial one. I know it's funny. If you are listening please call. Organs and tell me the white dot I wanna actually tells you something right now. I. This people wants excited very interested isn't DOB du. They are giving them an open you know. It opens tomorrow. They are behind the Cheesecake Factory. The west and a 190. He's been knocked. I just couldn't emailed them to call us shot. I'm giving them the hotline. Yeah. Your kids get an eagle salute. At and if you. IA during the break. And going to pulled my cell phone and have them call and work what is just don't touch. It come out breaks up. The whole. Reception bringing me. Rod poll 20412. I'd like to put an end and Paula. I'm just trying to make call. So does his bow okay. Yeah. I dialed one and I'm 13 now. It's not long distance and often. So I will be root out in the same thing. I'm gonna be room. These tubes. Yeah. My phone's ringing and your phone's ringing and calling them on the sofa pillow. It Duchscherer on the year Scott parks colon. Are you want fine why should dial one. Or nine on every. It's not you know he's having problems with its not Houston's body belonged to list there okay. So did David comes in today you guys do action figures of human beings are right. That's correct quote not just being stalks. Wolf frankly anything you want a better dressed what we do what district you're. That's sentient beings that's. To what beings. Sentient I've never heard that before. So I came in today and I had so much fun and I've been telling Scott I want to go get this done that he didn't understand what it once. Well it's well I'll tell you it's it's really hard to describe over the phone and I'm sure this right we'll tell you that. But imagine your favorite picture of someone you care about the most. And then try to think of a cooler way of looking at them every day or whatever you choose to. Imagine instead of looking at your child you can pick him up in force 68 inch form. Turnaround in the look at him and just kind of basically ultimate hands. Com we'll pick of someone. That like a patent or someone. Then our lives that corporate that we may not be able to see the word relax too much longer this is a beautiful way to preserve them and memorialize them. I I did I don't use the work needs to support needle very often factor I think it's a weird way just because. We are truly. The neatest things I've seen a long time. Can you Albert we got to get to the break the community numbers second cousins are clearly it's weird but cool the same time so hangover the second element. You brought our you know this are these two local guys sought in new York and said we have to bring this Kansas City with the scat dissect what's his. Mr. do you mr. duke we're doing mr. duke just mom earned him parks. I may be your late shopper Father's Day is this Sunday and maybe you missed the call for Omaha steaks dot com I can help you. You can still get Omaha steaks just go to town center plaza. They've got a storefront there. And with Omaha steaks you're the highest quality cuts with one like one of a kind flavor. If you miss it up. Return order on line it's not too late for was reserved in and parks to purchases limited time Omaha steaks off of the Father's Day after towns that are plaza location. 78% off you get the ball six package for just 4999. Just let him know Scott park sang here's what you yet. To tender filet mignon and two beefy tops are once. For crispy chicken fried steaks. Too juicy boneless pork chops for all beef Omaha steaks burgers for award winning warm a Jumbo francs twelve ounces of all beef meatballs pound of steak house Fries. Fort caramel apple Bartlett's one Omaha steak seasoning packet plus you get four more grow ready Omaha steaks burgers free. With your purchase Father's Day is this Sunday. Go pick up this limited time package for just 49 and nine. When you go to the store the town center plaza just let him know that Scott park center that's all ball on stakes. And that Townshend applause. Let's get back. Okay our everybody wants some and I'm sure you've had this question a thousand. Can they do it make. Absolutely. Yes yes I don't want to say over the years budget but. Take care of the human body in any form and just genuine acts. And will. Yes it doesn't matter replica we choose we are not group. But well you know if the proposal was Florida imagine we could probably backward. Greg the what I want to tell people and I thought this was interesting you cannot purchase someone else's do. So you can't go in and say oh my gosh I heard you did vents on in LA last week can I get events bonded. Well actually will do what's called Santa it and so. On the future Bertram. Like to think of myself have a football fan gave downstairs I would love. If elected duke fans out there there's so if we were here radically in the position have an agreement with Vietnam though it achieves or. Someone else we take to beat again. And that you could be a scam alongside of them. But they want that glory to our yeah absolutely and you kiss. A chart can you do kiss the band. Well folks if I will I'll be honest with you 81 that has the appeal to anyone that has an effect we will look at love. Well you'd out the rights to correct. After the you know they can basically they can kind of buy applicator Taylor how much privacy they want digital that we need to give us permission to put it in the store. Or please propose to them hey listen lets lets think about France and concept where people can beat duke would test. Oh it must do disagree. So I I believe that frankly will be able to do that with some. Some famous people or some well known sort of considered down mr. and a right it was a weird she's willing to let us. Scourge on our on ourselves and that's good enough. Bra and show all my is that okay. That's more than a paper were opening you know our grand opening tomorrow. Wherever the ribbon cutting ceremony and this is the real difference. We've been prepared for this for quite some time and again I'll say it again. He he won't fully appreciate what we hear about. Until you actually see that in the oldest and actually right next to a we can talk all day about how beautiful how important is that for every person that comes they're bringing a different reason to do this and then they think of another term in the senate seat if. Sorensen. A real quickly we want to Wear can you do dead people. A total of grounds. Com well yeah we're trying to get informal we can take photographs of world problems were no longer with the so weakened and create it. But right now it would not be the same quality that we. We're working on it. Look there's no doubt that we have very profound personal reasons as to why we are working on just. Hey thank you so much we've got a lot of questions on attacks fine we can take some of them on the other side of the break here can you have items in your hand like tennis racquets or fishing holes yes. Absolutely. It's the newsroom Caremark police are trying to find whoever shot a thirteen year old in Kansas City more next. Right here for Volkswagen at least summit man I've been right around town in that tee ball on a four weeks out magic on and call me today. Come test drive the Janet we want to see our new. 2019. Jana. I did Boyd that I love that car it is on the same frame as the T one and the atlas. Drives the same feels the same looks the same that thing is sleek it is stylish it comes with Bose speakers. Inside of the car so men you can pump is driving around in your at a they have zeroed down zero a month for four months and zero hassle go and Volkswagen Lee's summit. Ask them about their no nonsense nothing's sale and they will tell you they have the best warranty on the market for that 2019 Jeddah. All of the VW 28 teens and six years or 72000. Miles is a transferable. Bumper to bumper warranty it is the best warranty on the market today. We're somewhere else. Zeroes on a Volkswagen Lee's summit go to VW Lee's summit dot com VW Lee's summit dot com. 330 suing Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or thirteen year old boy shot overnight in Kansas City it happened near 56 and the sail around 1030 last night. Witnesses told officers they heard the gunshots but didn't see it happen. Police say the boy is listed in serious but stable condition at the hospital no word though on any suspects yet. The Department of Justice inspector general today releasing his report on alleged political bias in FBI decisions in the Clinton email investigation. The report concluding there was no bias although it criticizes the actions of former director James calmly and several other officials. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders saying the president was briefed on the report this morning. It reaffirmed their president suspicions about companies conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the FBI we'll check traffic and weather together next. Writer for kriegel messed diamonds and and to have a buddy Steve as a matter of fact between Steve and Scott they have more than. Think like seventy years combined experience. Buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars. In fine jewelry all over the world. I laughed because it when I say they know every trick in the book that is true they used to supply. Fine jewelry to all of the big name shall resource around town that's what they used to dip. That they thought you know what it's going to wholesale business let's get back in the customer service and deal with the customer directly no middleman. You've heard me say it a hundred times they don't even have a receptionist on staff to answer their phone and because of that. All of that savings is passed on to you said that you can price and burst you could price them last. It does not matter wholesale pricing in the fine jewelry industry will not be. Beat in most cases the price is about half a call by private appointment only 91366096. Of nine. 91366096. Or nine or Craig Thomas diamonds dot com. We are stuck and hazy hot and Nike weather pattern here in Kansas City has to be around straight to the weekend even into our nine day. So we finally have a front trying to sneak our way Monday night that's when we have our next chance for showers and a few storms. Abundant sunshine for the rest of today keep it pretty clear tonight hi it's in 95 overnight low mid seventies. Plenty of sunshine and increasing south went for Friday at a high mid ninety's and sunny in middle nineties throughout the weekend. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more key NBC weather. Ninety fiber and now it TCI it is 94 in blue springs. 95 at your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official new homeless KM BZ delicate today listen to us any time anywhere. ARAMARK served his 981 KM BZ. It's an end. Oh no arms and lifestyle. So when you say figurines you can't move me around like it GI Jane figurines. You probably shouldn't drop them on the floor from ten feet or higher. Would've made of plastic. It's that three deep foreigner. Still kind of plastic is Erica. So it's that's for the record they are not an advertiser that was free of charge. I just it was so cool Mitchell does is in the air he's got one. Arts it was up there is that there are some people locally I think all of the TV station people of diet Mike and Rihanna went yesterday. You know she's pregnant that's kind of the cool little keepsake you know. That is chemical that is a story here from the CBS news.com. Him. It. American greetings the world's biggest producer greeting cards did not know the American greetings Brigham hallmark preparing. No idea says an attempt at being played Ole miss the mark and as a result it is now pulling a Father's Day card. For retail shelves nationwide. Who. Did you want. The car in question sold at about 5300 big box stores. Across the country. Oh c'mon I'm Diane Ellis says. The carton question. Sold at 5300. Big box stores across the country. Shows a black couple kissing with the phrase baby daddy in the forefront. Inside the card reads your wonderful husband and a father. And I am so grateful to have you as my partner my friend and my baby daddy. I'm happy father's. Really. Hazel at target they were sold at target after coming across the cart and target store last month and angry tight quiche is Saunders. Took to social media you. Serious target. This was the only Father's Day card that featured a black couple. Said the dolls resident round hash tag. On and now this is bad you guys this is bad. Comments that are cool my comments are pointed out that the inside of the car does in fact used the words husband. And the father. Her and baby daddy. It isn't. As a couple problems with the as it's kinda root. Races mildly. Racist. Also. Typically that's the term you used for somebody that just got someone Greg app doesn't come back is absent gas. Other much her father. They're just the baby daddy I'm my husband there'd the jerk that impregnated me and now won't help. There's another car that just says happy Father's Day to my number one baby daddy and there's no photo at all. What are we talking about this if there was no photo of a black couple kissing well I think yes it's a little. Yeah around and I'll tell you this years ago and by years ago I mean probably like five or six. I stumbled upon I don't know somebody sent it to meet word I don't know how it came to my attention I was actively looking for. But Chanda. Had referred to me on FaceBook. As Sarah and Mya is baby debt. At joking well I don't motions joking. I'm assuming at the time we're giving all. So I'm assuming Joseph. I was furious. I don't I am not Sarah's baby daddy and I am not my as baby daddy I am their fall off. And I play. And the first person that types and part time data my junior throw. I play an active role in my children's lives. I'm their all the time. So just wrote and oh my god it's always about race seriously stop the couple on the front of the car is blacked. And it was the only card. Featuring a black husband or father. Or well couples and a Father's Day as a represented the NAACP let me tell you simmered. How many times do you see your card for Father's Day that features a white. I mean yes they have ebony cards at the store again or mahogany or whatever there couple. Yes they they do cater certain cards to black people but when was the last time you about a Father's Day card that had a white data on the copper. I always go for humor. In fact about my data card today and left at the car and trying to remember what it said but it was something about me being a pain in his rare for many years and thank you. Yeah all the birds they're birthday and Father's Day cards and stuff I get have cartoon on its yes never like I would never buy all touching. Does what bothered me bet that that tablets out there who buys the car for Roman of course. Always goes with a joke and not with a sincere. No I would I would you guys just gas I mean that is my news personality who got I can. I can't see giving even my wife I couldn't see give him my wife a card with the like the setting sun over the beach in the couple standing there and sank you complete me she would be like who. They'll let us this I agree if I sent my dad one of those long we had ended hallmark. He would call me and say what do you one. Yeah my what I brought GAAP. My dad got what are you buying what the houses craft it it it because everybody knows it is not my personality from the sex line it. Might as well say happy Father's Day sperm donor. I hate that term baby daddy it's just and talk about what race. The designer of the card is. Dangled preposition. Is it does is it I I don't know. I am of it designed to aid would you ever called Joseph your kids baby daddy I don't know I mean that's a pencil. And when Shawn said and I are reveals a FaceBook post or Twitter or whatever was. But I remember Sean to have one timer for me is the kids baby daddy and I was list all the stories that I'm reading it's just. Target removing. The car when I sell you the actual person that designed it it was American greed was an American in America agrees yeah that's who designed it. I say well it was Tony and I think it is ion dad Tony and design came up with that and Tony has been reprimanded. Looked at Tony has a drinking problem I. Didn't want to let him goes we feel bad army's not far from retirement just. On its tone America readings that is a good attempt at being playful. Missed the mark. And they have apologized. It is kind of fun. As an American greetings thank you for raising his concern and bringing it to our attention cart was intended to be lethal. Husband card. But we have notified the product team that it missed the mark. Please accept our sincerest apologies and we will do better in the future which means someone walked into room food fuel grows and went down. Sicilian bastard and it's hard to stop stocks drop. Of a keep your hatred for the black all of us. Sort if you haven't come with a good idea for three years kkk concept car not funny not sells well in Charlottesville Virginia. American greetings says that discussion wasn't taking the wording inside the card into account saying the cop makes clear that the car was created for. And addressed to. Loving husband however. We now see that the front page taken out of context. Talk about that goes well. Can communicate an unintentional meeting that we are strongly against perpetuating. This question is baby daddy exclusive to acts. And now all I guess not. Where did it originate I I got no idea I have no idea if the terror. And it's not very blacks and have it around for twenty years that's what I'm saying like this is a relatively new things blocks and have the market cornered on the term baby daddy right. I guess not so why is it all of a sudden considered racist and even I said a minute ago and armory thinking yet. That it was mildly racist even Robson and kind of mildly racist. When you hear the term baby daddy do you all the sudden thing block. No but the combination of having a black couple on the front and then insane you know to my baby daddy. Jag comes off mildly racist it doesn't come off funny. It comes off races had there'd been no picture and it just said those things and then I was crying with talk I'd be like yeah it's just supposed to be funny. It but the fact that they put a black compliment over right it says we're screwed popularized. In the two thousands. Yes sometimes using neutrally as a casual charm regardless of marriage status. Particularly in the tabloid press. Or as a term of endearment as in the Obama quote above Michelle Obama. Playfully. Called Barack Obama baby daddy. I just assume that term came from Jerry Springer. More reward and let me look I remember thinking. Yes my baby's daddy is Barack Obama. And she introduced. Her husband the president back in 2000. And an ocean hates her. She sets topic among them. She brush its summer. It was a little details and he's not even American was a little controversial hated her sister was ashamed of America it was a good and she just hates fat white care docket it was a little controversial back when she said it. And then in 2008 Fox News called Michelle Obama a baby mama. And yes the Internet went. Crazy. And someone wrote if Michelle wants offer referred to President Obama as her baby's daddy playfully. When he won his senate seat pardon me then why can she say it but why can't we say baby mama. Why do we have to have hardly carts. I think we should have become hot any cards I think we ship black barbies I realized I don't we cart I think which sent Asian babies. Dolls in the store we have cards that are cater mainly Asians. I think if you are of a different ethnicity or color you are always struggling to find the literature. For your children. Yes. Dolls it's the specifically Barbie dolls that type of thing in their art. America American girl dolls went through as many years ago people were saying why aren't their more good. Ethnic American girl I guess I never thought of cards is being racially. Specific but they should be I mean if you're sure about that. Is I had a friend a good friend back in Dallas is a black guy in his daughter. His I guess it was his mother bought. His daughter. Black Barbie and she was mad at issue is little girl you know it's like five years I was gonna wanna double black Ari on the same Barbie all my friends have. Everybody was like well don't you want the one that looks like use that all of the coal that nobody else. That soul. You know finding and retaining the right higher. Is a big deal it is tough out there to find and retain the right people for your small business. Have you thought that linked and jobs you need to let me tell you what you tried posting your job on job boards but do you really know rules say that. When you opposed George job on Linkedin. It reaches 70%. Of the US workforce and online job boards Linkedin as a community that career focused people visit every day. To grow professionally and explore job opportunities. Linkedin jobs intelligently targets candidates based on their skills. 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Through GeForce three grown bar in blue sparks. Skewed to the newsroom here is Caremark. Happening now on KM BZ there's some confusion today about one or Kansas City is new terminal at the airport should be named after MLK we'll have details next. You know we had that storm brought through here a week and a half ago. It'll treat him Aybar that whole Lotta people in the dark attic 101000 people were in the dark. Through one day two days three days. Caught my guys at CMOs an son now and get yourself atop the lines in Iraq homestand by generator. Now is the time to do it if you've ever even thought about getting a generator now is the time to do it and here is why. Right now my guys at CM thousands on our offering a seven year parts and labor warranty on qualifying in Iraq generators. It's a huge big deal that warranty is valued at more than 700 dollars it is a real value. The warranty covers all parts and labor for seven years from the date of installation. 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