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Tuesday, March 20th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy realigning Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks are the Lawrence professor fighting to stay in the US has been released from jail cyan Jamal spoke to reporters outside the courthouse this afternoon outside the jail this afternoon and in plant Downey. Talking about how his children have spared since he was arrested in late January. He said his older kids weren't as emotional as a seven year old. I hit it hurts you more inside and a little worried you know. According which has. It was that he. He told reporters he's most looking forward to having a good meal after the bland jail food Jamal is due back in court next month. Remote out workers and an NCB driver were rushed to the hospital after a crash this afternoon it happened at 435 and Truman road. But Johnson their efforts were picking up trash when a great suvs slammed into their truck. The impact crush the front end dynasty being this is the third accident in construction zone today across the metro. Local and federal police have renewed their appeal to the people of Austin, Texas if you see something say something. ABC's Jim Ryan is there and says the call is being heated and witnesses. I should suitcase was discovered at a Whole Foods Market here in southwest Austin the police were called immediately. It's only a couple of miles from the site of Sunday's trip wire bombing that injured two men. Texas troopers showed up with a portable X ray machine took a virtual look inside the suitcase and found nothing dangerous the store now has reopened. When you get sick or not on your next flight might have something to do with the seat you choose ABC's Scott Goldberg reports. When your on the plane germs can come from anyway since they don't spread everywhere in this study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says you're most likely to get sake if you're in the row in front of or behind the infected traveler. Not much you can do about that otherwise people seated in idol seeds are more likely to catch a bug because the study says they get up more often during the flight and circulate among the germs. The best but certainly not foolproof way to improve your odds pick a window seat and stay in it until the plane lands Scott Goldberg. ABC news traffic and weather together next. It is officially spring time folks said as I get a feel like it this afternoon and we are running our temperatures have been below average into the upper forties. We'll be in and out of the cloudiness and a low in chance for rain in place. Fair weather tonight solar 35 abundant sunshine building back in tomorrow the high milder into the mid to upper fifties. Sunny in mid to upper sixties by Thursday. Nexus are trying in showers by Friday afternoon and scattered showers and possible thunderstorms by Friday night. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more key in DC whether or. Seven in our case CIA it is 46 at your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ am KM BZ dot com. Thank Rangers regardless of the day on this Tuesday drove into the games. And I had to him in America tonight I dude gonna like going to a lot. And by a lot of name oral. Hi clarifies something really quick because the tax and went crazy and I think either I did not adequately explain something very accurate accurate test is rose grows our policy. Yeah I graduated one. I either didn't explain what I was trying to say correctly or a whole bunch of people and is understood what I was trying to say. They thought I was saying eight juror or cannot be impartial if the suspect on the witness stand or what have you. Is of a difference that is not what I was saying. I was talking about the research when it comes to eye witness testimony. And if you Google it. Google research eyewitness testimony different race there have been so many case studies. And it doesn't matter if you are white terror and I'm black and Travis is Mexican. When you are asked to identify someone of a different race as an eyewitness. That is statistically the most on reliable. Testimony. That we have in our criminal justice system so we asked a white person to identify a black person. It's statistically more unreliable. As it is if we ask a black person. To identify a white guy it works old ways of race if that makes cents but it is the most on reliable. Statistically. And we've seen that here work when she is mistaken Carrington for me Corey asked of him. I did not. The state Carrington. Then why did we bring in I think five bland people in this room because I I asked him nice to talk to them on the show yesterday and turns and goes. That wasn't me. It was bullies. Not. Site. Also would like funny you know so black people don't all look like this all sounded like cats and not let eyes. Shot a shot it is called cross racial idea. Or the own race affect OW and like Oprah the own race affect. Look at you'll get results. So you're saying why people don't all look like now there's an outlet so you're saying the black people look at life. Do like you all look like or did they just sound alike. I'm not commands that you made changed honestly we've heard a coach trying to clarify I was saying happy I don't know. Race affect you don't want to clarify as and then muddies the waters and thank you whoever monitors and gee you're the producers of the crown or apologizing. Yes do tell so it came out what was it last week or the week before. That clear full light yeah queen was being paid less. Then her costar. Her hug and a prince Hal Gill net because let me tell you something she is on camera. Probably five to one her five to his one. While they said they paid him more because he was a bigger name. He was know a lot Anglican doctor viewers on the ice. So now the producers have come out and they said in the statement that they wanna apologize to Foyt and Smith for putting them at the center of the media storm and I heard it jerks say statement when it comes to salaries the responsibility lies at their feet and they're going to beat. United with the fight for fair pay. For right because they got caught here's the deal you don't have the crown with. When does nothing fell. To work. Behind. He's a prince not a king. Speak I can't lord. Did you know behind. Let me just tell you something. That prince. Fella who is charles' father. And when did you know about his family ties so Queen Elizabeth husbands. Family ties to the Nazi party they get into that last season pretty. Heavily. That they were known. No and this is not disputed. Known Nazi. Supposed sympathizers and not filled the time we would have been. Very young group but his sisters. Raised his father I mean where in the arm bands and the whole nine yards. Hello scandal is that true. Just because it was in the crown doesn't make his story okay where every single time I watch an episode of the crown. I Google what they have talked now because times are so fascinated your cursory damn why Obama walking human encyclopedia the only. Let me tell you this the only. Like. On the bridge they took last season when it came to Philip was not about the Nazi stuff it was about the death of his sister. Who died in the plane crashed. They took a little bit of liberty. With that time and the manner and how he was involved with that now. We can't carry with how that plane went down. And so and I'm telling you care every single time I watch episode I look it up and I'm like a story about prince. Philip and the Nazis hands. Dramatic interpretation. Of what went well but. They're just connections to with the Nazis yes all of those in the in the twenties and thirties in Germany and it's because of the royal family's. They're all swine intertwine almost all the royal families of Euro are connected to one or two families that go back to sell his germanic. Prints them and all this other stuff these families. From the German put out a little surprised because I certainly wants that. When the queen set her sights on Philip at a very young age they were married when she was what Tony. Something very. That someone didn't say he had asked why I like he's from a family of Nazi sympathizers. And we're suggesting. It's. Well they. Are okay they operate in their own world of course you know there wasn't until the war came along. Weigh in Britain actually chose sides. To be against. The Germans. So it definitely there anyway. What do you end the king that advocated. Yes Albert I now use. Newton Albert. Oh yeah Albert Edwards thinking that it. It's on. Prince Albert is McCain. It's his first series I'm telling you Scott I have learned more about world war history from that I've learned more about. Just Europe in general from. The rain what's his uncle but I got. Until the tutors the tutors I just finished up Hillary's. A ten year old show. Guys that fans asked not only because this is covers stationed at Georgia lost ten years in my life. We are trying to rush you to utterly I had no idea about and in a socialist or a watch in the show's latest Andrea. That he used to merry office children's candidates like six it's really disturbing. Now they went about their kids that like OK I'll give you my six year old daughter you give me Dem if you'll marry my ugly sister and throw in Denmark. I will face and that's value the queen Mary to a guy whose sister of the family Nazis and I would bloodletting to clarify things up in bulletin. Nationals all important she was too western history wrecked. Because she had queen was that the first. Exactly. In your house sympathizer to the Protestant reformation. Interest. Yes and predictable and when you think about those moments those people. It packed western society. Guess it was her and her you know. To. A gazillion. You're welcome home like guy though welcome for this one. You hundred. Why not getting paid enough talent talent and are now like god what does she do. Of any import. She. What does the queen do that is of any real. Imports are these symbolic head of state. I know that because the prime ministers actually that's true to know how much stuff I know now because I watch that show it's like. I didn't know I don't like what he likes Duff. Although I did find out that my daughter is going to Paris next year long story and I called my mind you know gone with me will concede the queen. And there's the spots you don't just go see the queen. Who have been Sokol if you get outside. Hey I don't think the queen is right there because as a front that out a and B I don't think he's just doce the quaint now. But I don't friend who last year was on one of these bands rants that Emmett and and he deeply blue that guy out in the square said oh my gosh oh my gosh stops I've ever seen as like the guy starts freaking out he was here they come. And sure enough a motorcade and here came gene they saw they saw Harry and I would lose hey I'll I would fling myself and for an egg cartons for the headline I thought. I saw a royalty they saw Harry and Kate and one of the and we. Beatrice are one of the princess'. Well. I the only one in this room I can say with confidence has ever seen a member of the British royal family and Princess Margaret. C lover. Not a lover. We were on a tool we were in in London and 86. On a tour bus autumn like what yeah you're describing. And of course traffic goes. The wrong way. We were to two lane. We are in the left and there were two lanes going the same way. And I'll never forget the tour right he has is a microphone in the front is like an over to the occasional good British I definitely tried. So just keep an American but egos and over to left is you know Windsor palace or whatever William went minster whatever global law. And then out of nowhere he goes oh sweet lord. Everything from the world Americans. All I hear from the front is all sweet people and many as. Ought to. Talk a rock star. Because he lies. And I was in the far right side of the panic British. Yeah who's this who's name was like on real. Whose name is Jorge when. Anyway. It. Just. Bluster is Goss bruised. And my face is like smashed it against the window like this and I'm looking down. And I can see Princess Margaret in the car there's no one more fans love that woman and she's dead she is she smoked like seven packs today and asked to even the British go crazy when they see either. Funny I mean he got my money's. Washington DC and anyone that maybe Joseph Biden want I would not give in you know once. Oh you'd freak out if you saw Barack Obama well he's. I mean current if I saw some current. Head of whatever I. What is Joseph Biden's current we've had my heart golf. Our great shape and an unbelievably fair price that's what you get and always connect with Harry's dot com I mean the switch three years ago guess who made a switch out last week to Harry's dot com. But one and only Michael MacKey from Michael miked. 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Joseph Biden Dana do you like forty trees like minded. What position does it operate our king tomorrow. You like your Joseph Biden in Ireland Munis in Iran. Something to mines. Uncle Joseph. Sweet uncle Joseph Biden stepped. That's exactly and a war. You know we have played this clip. From time to time over the years where he asks a man who will turn standout who has this represented from Missouri can put them in consecutive stand them. And I also told that. That. Chuck Wright states and they're not they're about competency. Oh yeah and applied. I tell you what you make it everybody else stand up so now we do very very much. I tell you what stand up for tough. Everybody with the legs except chuck stand up. What you are forgetting related to your gets in here because I ain't. Was thinking about this the other day and I don't realize I was roaming around Mexico and does not popped into my life that I want to Wiltshire. On the beach from a year remembered alive or amount. Last year oh my god. I had completely. Forgotten about this we are one of those 54 street grill Mars. And these three women come up and they're like. We wanted to meet you get a photo and I looked down one of the women is in a wheelchair and trying. Thinking. You know she's off her feet from surgery year. Broken by a time you can tell I thought you know. So it's such a date and say I didn't wields her since I was four. And I also know that. That. Chuck Graham state senator chuck standout shot seventy. Hope god love you let it might. I tell you what you're making everybody else stand up. Life. Legs don't work in. The previous part of that whole. Sport is right or Biden realizes they just know. That's the sound of him crapping himself. I just told a disabled person to stand up and they haven't stood up in twenty some odd years. The program. Org I. Stand up for chuck Roberts standup. Guy and by the we're going through this reminds me we've played Smith jock world news. You know why as the tournament's not. Stop plan and I'm getting all stories Sanford Cisco. Could become the largest US city to ban the sale of four. A move that would heartened animal lovers were frustrated business owners who say they are fed up. With city officials. Dictating what retailers can or cannot sell. The board of supervisors. In severed Cisco C approves the ban today. And we join two other California cities West Hollywood in Berkeley. In saying no to a glamour symbol that animal advocates say is built on cruelty and does not reflect. The city's founders lot of people were wondering what's next beef. That's the headline what are they gonna ban next beef. And if passed the for a ban. Goes into effect on January 1 and applies to coats and anything else featuring real for including. Key chains and Waltz. Can I ask an honest question. Of course is it OK to Wear vintage for that you're not going out and actively supporting the slaughter of an animal right now you're not going to a store and paying. In a 101000 dollars for some you know could you with Jimmy John's tenure ago switcher or at a at a like an estate sale or was passed from your great great grandmother. I wouldn't do it. Already has already dead animal yes as a stigma surrounding it because I think if you are passionate about that you don't care whether. While these names were slaughtered fifty years ago and I am you know not last week and I went down about it. I think it only involves retailers. Where read this story okay. So if because they can't go and every. Secondhand store so Graham are right guy who's next week yeah. You could sell her fur coat from 1975. Correct. You couldn't solid from a boutique store in downtown San Francisco because let's be honest intently when it was and testament to their grandmas yes. Grandma had a beautiful for currently go around and for more keen and down. And again I it's not it's not my thing now I will tell you I have seen two grown men in floor length fur coats. One of them was either Iraqi it was either Jimmy Johnson or Jerry Jones and I don't remember why he was here is Union Station something for the chiefs. And he showed up in a floor links him. Daddy. Fair count yeah. And like only someone with the Dallas Cowboys organization could walk in and rock that mink. It looked like an idiot let's be honest. No I really didn't. Really. It's in the news or hears her Marx Kansas city police investigating after a body was found in a park this afternoon we'll have more next. Pate Scott parts if you've ever been embarrassed to smile if you cover your mouth when you laugh you avoid cameras you're gonna wanna hear what I have to say doctor Ross Headley. And Casey's trial can definitely change all of that for you over the past 43 years. Doctor Headley has done incredible transformations for people who were simply unhappy. With her smiles and I visited Casey smiled a little over a month ago. And they showed me a book. That was filled with before and after photos of patients whose lives have been changed because now they can smile of confidence doctor Headley. Is incredible really cool party or consultation. And Casey smiles going to be the digital imaging this is gonna show you. How you look after having the dental procedure before you commit. The best part it's 100%. For a close friend of mine go through the process with doctor Hadley as we speak she's excited I'm excited to see the results. Check out and Casey smiled dot com and see for yourself that's Casey smile. Dot com. Eating a low and chance for rain in the forecast for the afternoon time otherwise mostly cloudy here are high temperature into the upper forties and so let's touch of a northwesterly breeze. Tonight are clearly 35. Great weather on tap for tomorrow and for Thursday to plenty of sunshine to go around with the warming trend. Let the mid to upper fifties I Wednesday afternoon into the mid to upper sixties by Thursday. Shower chances are in the forecast by Friday afternoon and that high of 65. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more key in DC whether what are. Generic case CI it's 47 and Lee's summit 46 of your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Who gets things on the song and IOC you know that who has it. It's right there worried said Ira guy if this guy it's. It's Slater and Solomon who is it now Bryan Adams cats eat. Your worthless. Worthless dictionary yes and a musical yet worthless knowledge in 1983. We are not looking to make this topic it's. I really interesting point and the techs like we've never talked about this and I'm curious. Carol great jobs for an answer talked about this birth thing. Since in. Proposed. Fur ban. In San Francisco. And she writes this is Caroline ray town. And this is my opinion unless I stopped eating meat. There is really no reason for me to hit the critically. Criticize anyone who wears fur. Who has just say one animal has the right to live and another does not just because we eat some of them and some of them we don't mean. That is a great point why do people freaked out when people Wear fur. Like let's take the fox leave me out of it because they're so cute look like otters Fox's mother not Fox's our main G and disgusting. And that small dogs in my neighborhood they're so perhaps. And a small ball and you never see a fox and you're like oh I'm so those are items that are really don't find fox is to be adorable. When they Fox's yes. But let's talk about foxes why. Is it's. Horrible to make a fox into a fur we don't eat them we don't keep them as pets there wild. There may NG around here either so grows. But. You would be okay with killing a cow and eating a state. I think some people they that would make the argument. And I would I could feel this argument. With nick Howell. You not only eat the meat you turn the skin in to quote. Are you using the hole and what you're using a lot of yet not all that obviously about it as much as you can. With a fox for example you don't go into a steak house and go to have the fox. Fox is good for one thing only as far as humans are concerned a Mets wearing ski. You don't hate fox beat yeah at least as far as Canada. But however however. You don't meet. You don't say coach you have one fox mink or. Nobody wears a dear. You kill the deer strictly for the meat. Well you killed a mink where you killed a fox strictly for the floor. So what's the difference. I'm using this animal to stay war. I'm using this animal to stay alive. Someone wrote in just FYI it was Barry Switzer wearing fifth floor length fur coat in Union Station. Whoever wrote that and text or you're absolutely. Right. It was Barry. I stand right next Eminem interview looks like an idiot and it was named Barry Switzer it was useful links for count. I'll never forget industry Ronald watch John. I'm sure it was like a 30000. Dollar coat. But even that cold is tyra Collins like. Do you. Do you remember when Tony Gonzales and his gorgeous wife. Better is Laurie on the floor length are a liar and that okay do you remember when Tony Gonzales and his gorgeous wife posed nude. And in that it picked world it was an advertisement against. Wearing fur and it says you know no fur will ever touch these bodies. And people who hate the point Scott and I think it's a fair point if this is in fact true. That while they might not Wear fur football is played with. At least back in the day a pigskin. Now does it anymore they synthetic today I don't know that's what they called me pigs they were saying like really like why is fur bad. But you have made millions on a game that. Uses but you also eighty dead animal's skin but. You also read the pig. And bacon ham yeah. Mark Alford needs to every word his text sometimes he says to me. Do you we beaver. Ole cowboy hats are come to resist joking manner. Cowboy hats come from beaver skins and know that I didn't know that either. I had no idea that out is true cowboy hats are made from beaver skimp. I'm looking. To Huey beaver. Marc pummel. Kyle in civilian hello Kyle. First just bull. I am I old war on potential. I used to eating and so I understand both sides of the argument. But I am I understand this society. Good and to the extent that need. To use animals for meat and other purposes so bluntly or using. As much an animal that Scott. I'm OK with that but it doesn't need to be that regulate it like some form a fair trade that. When we were saying is all of it well. Are you gonna eat the mink. And. I don't think so some animals you don't eat like dole snake cat beat woods makes. Oh. You know I was the idea price shop my partner the and I heard that some people eat these things I'd never seen it. I was walking by the meat department. They were selling chicken feet. I've seen them. I have never gagged so hard in my life is meet on a chicken is slick gusting and you don't let my when my old news directors posted a photo. Of this trade about a week ago this is so funny just said that. And it's sad you know these are on sale for like you know dollar 9929 is very. She. It is so gross and that's basically the web of the year you know so what are you eating right. Is your skin on slugging you don't. Leisle and over in part to a Leisle. Okay I went a couple of things that mention that our industry plays for a while I got back. Think more than two weeks ago. Garland. Where men and women raped and it she's wearing their pets are up top there there's. You wearing it as best bet gloves. In an open and beautiful for. I buy hit a Bentley when it was not it was fox has been except for the that was swept. Like the eccentric anti anti safer but rather part and right right. Passed on it at. That point see or industry regulate. And we're not going all killing. The animals. That are. Endangered. They are. A fine on land are at it in there on or. So. That any of those comments try and go to. Gilbert street we're. It was. Stolen. Base and the guy awareness. While I can out surprise in Vail Aspen but do we not Wesley. When we spoke at and I'm not one of these but I write I'm sure there are a lot of people. When you pass somebody in the street who's wearing a fur coat. You almost look down your nose at them now I don't know if that's because they're wearing fur or you think they're rich or or you think why you really need I mean why not just Wear a big fat. You know dollar sign gold necklace or Roger. Fifty Manx in one coat which I think is what it takes up. It really doesn't think it takes fifty animals to make one mink coat. Or if we're like really screw off rich person. Point is that you know I am not. Teach. And I can agree any. More action. First yeah I and I can go around the house and heightened. And this thing. Against France's ruling. And it makes farms for them this is so sad that they they raise them for that on our way to OK yeah and and I will bring up you know the last. White. Rhino died overnight shifts so their I think they'll mail mail I think some people would say. You know we need to be cautious with the Earth's resources. That are walking around wearing right. I understand but I don't think mink is on the endangered species list and let's not be shocked. That we have farms for these animals we have farms for cattle. I've told you about the pigs up in king city. They live six months Dana. They never touch the ground. For fear of disease they never ever. Sees some light except when their removed from the end of the pan and put into the back of a truck to take him to a slaughterhouse. These pigs literally lives six months. Nobody says anything about back. Some industry and as a vegetarian this conversation super serving but it is so important to have because I do believe if I saw. The cruelty that I think is involved. I don't think they euthanize the animals and I think there is cruelty involved in how the process works. Well like for cows for example. They take it's it's a stall. At major shooter right into the brain it kills an instant. Or I have seen videos. Where they do hang the cal upside down well I am telling you this is just life. They slip they're neck and then let the blood drain out me bleed. But if you've ever seen the cows in the ends as they're going to slaughter they know something bad is about to happen. If you've ever watched videos and I now. Then why would you watch that I don't I don't have the I don't have the stomach to watch it's not as I know and and I have a family member who. After watching some of those videos has never eaten meat sense it's not to be grotesque I am not doing it because I I find it. You know sickening we fascinating and then I just want to know what life is like. And Mike how we get farm disabled list and so I've looked these videos up and I've watched Cal's going to slaughter and they know something bad. They probably don't know. They're about to become Summers burger. But they know they're going to their impending death I think now. Because there are frightened. Or maybe they just think you know why mice why are you pushing me stop. But I'm pushing you because I'm about to put a big canister in your brain and kill you. And then I'm gonna eat you. Amid a payments kind of sick it's horrible. But then tonight when you go out with Chris for dinner. Of the state media work. And you don't think any. 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Oh all agree that your your your fate mount amendment could take it sounds like she was calling him with a string and a paper cup. I think he was saying he is all the animal and a north to have Jim in Shawnee hello Jim Jim. I. That. Engine pod. Make it not just the corner is. Our name. Our Atlantic others have predicted. Oil. I. Don't know whatever it. That beaver but made a lot of people. Our. Students are those animals killed in humanely because a lot of people are saying when it comes to. Animals lightning. That that is an excruciatingly. Inhumane way to kill an animal. Well not really chilly though it that way that most people are concerned. Has there. They're just like you know the people. Get upset about the dogs that are raised in cages and never get out of Edmonds. Well that's the main. And I'll I just started doll. He got. Years you know it is a lot of things. There belt there are thirty act and figure it out here. I thought that I did not know thank you for letting you know that. Dutch. It's quite actually. By AI action and you I don't that you buy electric Arab year's game. I probably twice the cost of regular leather. Who knew our Jim thank you Graham thank you for the call cured caches hours mute MUTE. Mute. Tech seven to 72881. Junior in the running for a thousand dollars with kubert cash new. To the newsroom here as Caremark said. Happening now and KM BZ a little reprieve for a man fighting to stay with his Stanley in Lawrence we'll have more next. Figure I'd ever kriegel message diamonds if you have not major appointment to go in and sees Scott and Steve and think about this with graduation coming up. They can get your graduate eighth grade to graduation gift here in the market for a watch. They are my go to plays when it comes to fine. Swiss made time pieces stepped Scott and Steve we'll find that. 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