Hurricane Irma. How bad is it? Really?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, September 11th

Irma blew into Florida over the weekend.   Did the media overshoot the bow?    Scott says yes.


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ET Friday that even into the weekend no major storms are poised to pull on and now some indications that there may be affronts trying to creep toward parts of the central plains but a lot of if Venus on whether or how we can get some rain from meant. Fair weather for the rest of today three tonight to your high near eighty overnight low into the upper fifties. Sunshine and low eighties for a Tuesday and for Wednesday to look. I'm staff meteorologist Anthony or more key Indies he whether. Right now. My list of temperatures is not updating barrel bits I got out thank you it's not here's what I'm out. I just got word big juices in the building. Starts try to find their way out it's seven and I'm thank you. You know she's doing it she's dropping off. Kara marks there's actual. Colon with her baby's. Name and her son's actual name. Reminder rhetoric happened first in what now I have inflated too so often. That when I went to go visit Kara marks her to see that beautiful baby Charlie. I said and how is. Trenton doing no ice and how is Trevor doing I know I said around one. And just you know sweet care doesn't messaging she's like he's doing really great Big Brother. His suite with them and when I got home I thought I did it again. I did it again because Scott for many years has joked with Kara about that poor child's name. And I'm so discs come populated and confused. That even if I wanted to know what that child's real name was I. I second guess myself every time. So why not this year she's drop off the baby poem that contains the correct name but if you asked me which name is the correct name I can't tell you. Trevor or trip. I think this child's name is Trenton and I think Hughes started calling him Trevor but the name is Stratton I think. Could be wrong it's Trevor at them. But I don't you think that I really others and that may newsroom strong. Just think New Jersey. I'd like to ease him. Okay geographic. Trenton, New Jersey there is Trevor New Jersey. That I know. Oh god please help me just let's stay with Trenton. An app which weekly state capitals know we should not yes we totally shootout don't look at the map. Especially because Dana heat it's so much to ask you something. Speaking of geography. They probably just popped in and probably Ernie on the route. You don't think they state. So they're probably in the cart listening to us about them. Nobody either. Is probably wondering. If we need to get security. These are plays captain. Immediately look at me look at the academy from paying it and you'll place the capitals ball. Got Paris listening gets spent an ally well. My god I said Travers at nine. Okay fine. By quit texting on the error. State capitals. Nebraska. Don't look look at the map can't read that correct Nebraska. I believe she's at Omaha and I think that's. Yes it's in her house great currently. Have. Nevada. City look at all. Those things Carson City it is yes go ahead and your your next. Oh you omitted we're grilling Dana I'm not growing here. Vermont. Montpelier. Now I think she's right I used to this in second grade I was so on they kind of skipped it last month. Then callais now in Carolina a marina and but what ever yeah. While Washington. State and. State. States not the capital. Washington is old and be. About New Mexico. And cool. New Mexico. And enough and something some. Stop. You know that dries knickers I know it it's. Did you hear is an idiot and you talking to some. Spanish speaking people. And he was making upwards I swear to Moses wasn't making up work that was just giving the write off losses to their. Diego. Where Hillary and Dresden hurt. Amber's. Well I tell you just. When that that what is it tough. No holiness to do it all happily that's happening what is it about Spanish make it's that reporters have to go full on right off the boat. I'd over the river. You religious right of the yeah I did while. Why do they do. We don't know why reporting from. When Princess Diana was killed twenty years ago that driver was all three Paul was not injury right let's read Hillary it was all three. I was in New Mexico you had to the words properly. Did you notice as a television station or more of your audience. Hispanic. Dissent what city was princes Diana killed them. Poverty. It's. I think. Tell her. It. A little rule. On. You look at it can't assume you don't inning and native of new policy. I don't know why that sounded French and it's also fallen. To say the words home telco and we think they're supposed to say San Antonio San Antonio has saved the way you'd say to zero Amir. San Antonio now know it's simple you will hear I would say it's but if you were broadcasting from like Austin. Well Austin quote services and if you're broadcasting from San Antonio is probably. San Antonio what you saw. Pronouncing it the way it's those people now I problem why they select certain towns you don't like. Villages used. Like paper announced mis knees not night it is always Sudanese right it's Natalie you don't sound nice but when news wit when you say Harris you don't say pat EU. To Munich is not mentioned June. That's just. It just makes on somebody in the face and it's horrible. It's a it's a beautiful German and now the US. If a spur is beautiful that's beautiful. It's like you're going to take some pastries and flowers still sounds like it. Hot hot blitzkrieg style now. And I. So it. Cola city. We going to have lunch and we were able to have lunch or might not ever in town for a doctor appointment I don't think I've ever had studio I am asking. So plenty to all of it was. Only. No huge. All the way down but were in the purple lines now used as well as acceptable eyes. Actually ten stories. Well story because there's too. For each floor that's all right next one no that's not ten stores are still five now suggests. She I counties one to another. It's two stores with again. Who's sort of together for him in our end and insert the people in the Gator which was out ever sat. Looks class now we're at it after that season. To making embassies in her pregnancy I do how we feel it. Kicking off in Addison well. Also this was your appointment not hurt that now it. Listening has ever been on seizure medication knows you would rather just behalf features and the amendment or those roles. I did I hadn't had a seizure in the Crimean see your medical as a SI don't that's my main but he denies he's in deny. Even a near volatile said that I did not amnesty plan he wasn't on apply. Who was on the point that doctor. Did EG MRI all the that you're telethon again he said he did he said you passed and taking up the mess and so you'll be so we're passed out they don't normally like I his role. And I need to go on like that and eyes like T Rex yeah and hairy and he Rex that's not passing I know what is it looks like I did that on a plane and I Atlanta and demands rots. That's passing out looks like. We call it college for it. You landed his crowd I well. I ended his crotch cam my eyes out. By as well I think. Yes. It is ordered all these red behind it all com. Oh yeah. I'm an eight. That they denied him. Town and keep your am. Carrots players and a poll. Not rendered it is true of course reference and threatened his name is tryst. Trenton what you put in Trenton go. I swear to Moses that is citrus trees are. The tryst at this was this was all big joke about the trend is rooming mistrust. Oh. One's race. That's a race here. That Cleveland guys. Adam. I'm not. Varied. This and maybe Michael MacKey didn't make it migrants and your brother TJ. Having. Me. Did you put trust them and not act and now. They had told me last time pressed on that dropped. Trevor owners listening it's Trenton I swear to Moses. It's. She's actually louder here than she is or eaten. Strip our insurer. No adult that that's I. But I you know he's. A trance. Hair I had Trevor. 218. We just want to say. I will have that annoying quit taking M I hitting you can track after December 70. Kirk Kirk. It's Christen. What did you put down. Let me in this am and his stimulus type system that is so she didn't receive next time. Are you back Jack repeat. It is. It's Trenton saying you know and I let it lie and I. Play. You got this. It's. And his. Crash your my anything else let's talk about things like your yes your company where she's. No leaks spring OK okay. Oh are. Let's talk about jazz first and Scott's choking on his car. You know what I took one of my best friends into Jasper is Saturday night place was packed at my daughter and the way there's. Wu goods in those rooms so that she and fiber her friends came and checked they just came for the dessert. Make your appointment now they are in the last week. Of table side mozzarella theater last week and they still have still haven't we had a Saturday night is our appetizer. Check in and remember to not forget that dessert cart between the chocolate mayonnaise cake. And the coconut cake which was our wedding cake just in phenomenal way to top off that evening make your reservation now Jeff experts. 8169416600. As the number. 8169416600. Where Jasper Casey dot com. I am hopeful. And and ribs and and certainly not. Yeah. Money. You. Yeah. Yeah. Tonight. I'm sorry it's. Yeah. Movement this. Is something. Well my swing before we say in. You said it is you and I had the same thought overnight. And we both said it independent of one another in the newsroom today. I wanna clarifying. Because I don't want it come off sounding like we are so let me preface okay. I am not taking away from the incredible destruction. That was hurricane. Carmen. There was an Iowa and I'd never heard of called Barbuda. Which apparently is 95%. Destroyed. There were ten deaths at least on the island of Cuba. And there was apparently some significant damage there. Turks and caicos was. Hit hard the American Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands were hit hard. And let's be honest Florida was hit hard. But did the meat over shoot the bowel little bit on her came Irma because let me be honest. When I tuned in over the weekend all eyes salt were. Chiron that red. Monster. Monster that was the word they used on CNN guest monster. Hurricane. Set to hit fla. Yes cat. And help. I'm sorry. I'm not taking anything away from what her came Herman did to Florida. But I think the media may have either been looking for Harvey like ratings or Katrina like ratings or something. But they overshot the bowel that hurricane was bad but not nearly as bad as. He says okay so so Ron I lock in and you know Scott I don't talk a lot of for the show by design. But I turn around his house a week and he's a fine and I go. And one that thinks. I finish that sentence I go. To CNN and I go to listen that. I was. I just had to say and skewered for the newsroom. Here's why I say it's bastard and Dan why Bob's in here. For me it was Jong. Rocking. Good illustration devastation. With with four and a half feet of rain water to the rooftops in multiple people missing. You know stop signs on the par five cities in the country's round what we're seeing I think and even based on the heels there is some flooding there is an it reporter live right now with about. Twelve inches of water new acts binder outlook and twelve just. A lot of so we're seeing in Florida is typical. Hurricane. Damage why. Why is it the. In first no no no city no no no let me stop you. Don't say they've committed and I really got into the noodle wit it's important to not always important hang on. You just said typical. Hurricane. Damage rights. The media prop this up as atypical. This was eight Dan eight month. Star we'll ask our stadium was it is and routers it was. Past tense. It is on record as being the strongest for the longest time hurricane sure not has set a record will note that and you was set things in stone and nothing ever gets to change ever again this is. I thought it. SP I think Dan what else is done and spewed I. What we are sentencing study of what's happening and what's to come we were expecting millions of homes underwater to the rooftops quite that's just not 0% you're disappointed no. But it was billed as going to V. Worse and we all know how bad it is still could have been worse have been right that's what it once it was because it shifted west will it raked across Cuba rip dissolve the parliament never regain the string on it. It did come ashore on in the keys as a four. And it was pretty or not diminishing and we are seeing wide scale widespread. Issues across the entire house Angela power is out Jacksonville Saint Augustine, Florida I'm in Miami flooded downtown Miami flooded. So is the impact was large and widespread. But it was not the absolute worst hell on earth storm that that they had were saying it was going to be well. That's on monster this was ironically it was a monumental storm. Monster hurricane. Set to hit floor them. Idol I currently you'd think yeah for. Now. To the newsroom here as Webster this apparently overblown hurricane more next. Summers here busy weekend ahead for a lot of great weather by the way coming our way and you know you're gonna see Lotta people working on the yard work around the house. Few things say more about your home in the windows. It's got partial win the world home of the regional 189. Dollar window. Turned to win the world for all your new window means do you feel drafts coming. For your old ugly windows where you won't after you contact when are you embarrassed. About the look at the windows on your home. You won't be after you call win the world here's our number 816799. 0820816799. 0820. Online at windows Kansas City dot com. Any size white vinyl double window. For just 189. Dollars call window world today. 816799082012. Simply the best for last. You are in our city and you are safe. And you have a way to communicate. Please let your loved ones know Jacksonville Florida mayor let me courier earlier today telling residents to leave before the river crested Corey worried the floods could last all week and says there is plenty of room in the city shelters more than six million Florida power customers still dark is crews fixing downed utility poles and there's an even darker side of the storm. Crime throughout Florida there have been some looters arrested during hurricane or about police in Miami Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale of all reported making arrests in Miami around two dozen people have been arrested accused of looting trying to take advantage of evacuated neighborhood. Some cruise lines including Royal Caribbean racing to the hardest hit Caribbean islands bringing supplies and offering shelter on board US navy city carrier to Key West helped Blair now tropical storm Irma is drenching the Georgia coast with continuing coverage on Irma I'm Andy field ABC news. At the half hour on Wall Street the Dow up 255. Points NASDAQ seventy higher and the S&P up 26. Traffic and weather together next JNBC news time 233. We will blocking area of high pressure in place votes is not moving. So extremely quiet weather stick around this week and temperatures least in the near term running pretty close to where we should be for this time of year. Little bit milder as a heading toward Thursday and Friday plenty of sunshine this Monday afternoon high near eighty. Tonight clear and upper fifties plenty of sunshine to go around for tomorrow and for Wednesday to the high low eighties closer to 85 it Thursday and Friday. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more KE NBC weather. Eighty downtown 7980. Your severe weather station. I'm will stare at stake connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Was furious at him from. Not only is this the greatest Pink Floyd album. This is the greatest pink Floyd's the whole time. It's a good album and it. 576779. Date from a Texan I'm. I think Scott needs to go talk to the people of Barbuda. About how bad that hurricane was two things on the tax on Africa. Our number one I would bet a thousand dollars you do know bar Bhutto even existed. Prior to this hurricane and number two I'm not I'm not discounting the severity of hurricane or at all. What it did in the Caribbean is catastrophic. It destroy Roy. Islands. In the Caribbean. Islands that did not prepare. Their buildings. For hurricane strength winds. What what I am. Asking about and I'm again I'm not even taking away from the devastation and the destruction. That occurred in Florida. Clearly there was trees are down power lines are down. Boats or in parking lots again it. What I'm saying is the weight that the media. Handled this storm. You would have thought that Florida would probably not exist. By the time we were talking on the radio this afternoon did you know and it just wasn't that. CNN over the weekend the reporters continually kept saying and the anchors continually kept saying. And it's only gonna get worse they would show you something and I ray. I stand up for the media 99.9. Percent of the time did you do I do not like the way this storm was covered. And this is the back to you it's gonna get worse don't forget it's gonna get worse they just kept saying. It's gonna get. Worse kind of had their eye. But Medina this morning the line was eight could have been worse. And then I'll never forget I was I was watching MSNBC this morning at 8 o'clock. They went to the New York Stock Exchange today and they're interviewing some financial report either. And they says power stocks do and she's that actually they're doing really okay. In part because the hurricane could have been worse and this reporter said. And because of all the fear mongering on the media didn't pan out numbered 10 on Europe Joseph Biden. She called it fear mongering that was her. Woertz. One of the differences that is important to point out and it was a listener who reminded us this. Is that with Harvey. That storm parked his butt right over taxes. Then went back out as you recall. Then knocked on the door again and came back for a revisit. It was a very slow moving storm which is why we saw as far as is so like the sound of the flooding issues that besides Houston unprecedented flooding issues there. Or is Kermit they pointed out. Weakened over Cuba did not go back out regains her well. Oh because our. A new bar that Arlo was not going to be over green events like we saw. It was the wind events and it ran a surge event as you'll find in any kind of major hurricane. You always have the surge you always have a high winds that are catastrophically fast and exponentially. Faster the the it's like the difference between EF one EF two tornado rolls your town vs an EF five. That's the difference between say a cat one cat two hurricane or category five hurricane. You know in there exponentially. Different. And so when you have that category five yeah that's running 37 hours with a 105. Mile per hour winds setting a record. And it's coming eons the predictive models are showing okay it could go. You know one of these 38 tracks. But it's gonna be coming here. Then you know you you need to pay attention and you need to take action sink the downside and you need to tell people as media you have to tell people didn't that's the that's all fair points. Of of of having folks out there is saying okay this is gonna happen when on exactly how it's going to happen. Take preparation down size alone and that and the way that they do it Dan. Of the national coverage and it's Andy North is downside of the national coverage. Is that the next time this happens we will see people stay put. Because there were a few people like sizes that. I'm right. Op Ed we always thought of them Friday sure idiot and you know write your Social Security number on your arm Brian this did not come to fruition in the deadly catastrophic way that it was billed. I do believe the next time this happens you'll then see more people staying or remember what they said was gonna happen with Irma that's the danger with. No we've seen a change in tone like coming out the National Weather Service. When there issuing especially here they they will issue warnings with with very dire language. And I think. That's says along with the the cable networks. Needing to have eyeballs you combine all that stuff in to this one big. Yell and scream. Of you know old catastrophe. Which which the route the reality of what is actually happening sometimes gets lost her with a Mac cacophony of out of noise media for the. Mine over the weekend in fact it was Sunday said goat to the tune in nap or this. News on app. And watch the local coverage I found so interesting because as as. You know I think as communicators we are horrible at communicating the strengths of our industry. And my buddy wrote go watch the local coverage the local coverage is measured right it is appropriate rights it is not. Screaming crazy people standing out clinging to light post and I think is a much more measured response you'll. You'll find that downloads for everything yes that's the thing the problem is that most people watching across the country did not understand or know how or have. They're all watching my players let's keep on strike and somebody just wrote me on Twitter and instead for example among other things and sent pictures. The United States Virgin Islands has been devastated Florida may have been spared but not all were so lucky. She's she goes on to say residents there in the Virgin Islands. Are looking at months with no power looting foods to shortages etc. She's. Not disputing. The initial strength all this hurricane. What I am dispute. Is the way it was handled in the media as it approached floor. You would have thought Jesus Christ get on my knees I am gonna die if I stay here. I mean to note how many times did you hear the governor don't you know. Angela how it was there were so damn finish yeah of course of course there was and you can called an over abundance of caution in whatever you walked. But even with horror. The CNN and MSNBC. And fox or putting monster. Came. Lands on Houston. They use the word. Monster. Than to describe hurricane Irma. In their Kyra monster. Hurricane. Descending on floor and make Hezbollah movements that they did not win it was an appropriate and an end to this point they kept saying. The worst is yet to come with a horse ever Cain. And thank god for the right it's let's happy. But. To the media I give you an apps I give you an eight for the what you and as a came to the Caribbean. As it went through Florida I give you went out. I think that's fair. I think the media literally shocked wall on a lower national media because the lives of millions Albert case responsibly they hit list. I thought the national media Hamlet really well. As it into the Caribbean we saw Barbuda for the first time ever her hearing about an island. We saw the devastation. Weeks we saw what happened on the Virgin Islands Turks and caicos. And then. And I thought the national media eight awesome earlier and missed. This is good coverage sat. But good. The way they handled Florida and though it's gonna get worse I swear to god. If not now at number and I think that is that or else. They committed. And Dana you remember what it was like when when when you scramble up bombers and the entire news operation goes to do something and it really. And you've committed. You're committed just say and the national looks that committed hundreds upon millions of dollars to doing this and so they they doubled down like OK were they are double down. We're coming back to you tell us again would just say it's not as bad as we thought it was going to be we blow these are all odd with being a honest with people rides. The continues looked at me like it's gonna hook up. But they had you have to be honest you have to they have it in context. And you should you should be able to move. With that and I'm on to withstand even this morning. They were talking and. Jacksonville. Jacksonville's being hit by what's left of tropical storms or being hit by tropical storm Irma. And I win the meteorologist on the national TV channels. Is talking back to the studio all air. And he's right. Well our taxables being hit really hard pop you to do this but let's go back to the studio. Cool inside baseball here we need to move our crews to Savannah Georgia we need to move our crews to Savannah Georgia it's almost like they were waiting for that. When they would be right than. That today on MSNBC. Up. Jacksonville Florida being hurt harder some articles don't know the football stadium may be underwater we don't know courses. But. But back to this to your producer of this is inside baseball we need to move our crews to Savannah Georgia Alabama Georgia. As totally right thing over committed that it does commit over commit and we currently under immense power I do I think that does. My party. He came ashore in a very well doesn't excusable up in an area your of them you know it doesn't and island complete agreement with. Yeah our Dario of course two different systems the science but the girl all different. 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And doing things on the mind criticism of the media is on for the we're just watching CNN remember it. May have some known were down in west caused. A lot this. And she's just you know there's somebody talking tour in her if your phone saying go find me some damage. For the love of god in heaven find me some damage because it just isn't that much well they've found Tran park. And they went to it Robin which would trailer park pitch. Don't you know just living in the heartland here. Yeah those trailer almost aren't going to be. Damage but here's what's interesting of which are not even damaged badly there was a storm ripped off one of them and and that they're auditing or ease the. Water park was ripped off another and then she's she's standing next to this trailer home it was equipment true manufactured. Center. And she goes the sun room here has been completely. Caved in right off no one was here when this happened. Well listen to its. I would bet that even if somebody one's home they wouldn't be hunkered down in the sun. If you are doing it wrong. I mean the rest of the manufactured. Home was fine. The sun room was leaned in on itself but thank god no one was here when this came through pot till it's. They wouldn't be in the sun yet dom dom. The media completely. Lost this week. I was so unbelievably. Disappointed. To claim to be a journalist. I know what you wanted you didn't get it but you kept going anyway. Listen and I'm being serious for a second if Tom Bolick org Jon brought home or any of those guys still wasn't this year OK. You. This should be. As a student of yours time this should be taught in future generations in future classes. Of how the media loses the trust. Of the American public. Is when they say. Could have been worse you're writing could've been a lot and landed on. I hate that term it could a lot worse. Sick it would be a lot worse. This should be taught in journalism classes from here to eternity on how not to cover a news event it is because the media lost their viewers. It's OK to say there isn't a lot of damage here. It's OK to say that it's not as bad as we expected I'm standing here at their a couple of trailer homes you would expect to see praise type of damage with the wind speeds we saw. Praise god we got through and it's not as bad as it was going to be. That's okay media your bare to report the facts. Not what you expected to happen. But the media lost me this weekend. Goes on to say they can't get me back. But manulife CNN you've sought. Fox you've sucked MSNBC. Use sucked. They lost it they over shot the bow. It was not nearly as bad as they've. Addicted but they make sure that they couldn't admit a mistake. It's going to be a total. Were removed shot. Let's be honest. Hurricane Irma was not the monster hurricane you predicted. Coalition would embargoed. That was that. Into the newsroom here is will stare. Happening now on KM BZ the impact to the East Coast more next. You know some have an almost all of us and knock on wood have a synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident. Remember the name Dale's collision repair in blue springs they aren't the best in the business. There were by the way guaranteed as long as you're on your car truck 8162281855816. 2281855. Were online deals auto collision. Dot com. Dale's and blue springs take care of cars taking care of you.