How do we bring back the life of Jazz back to KC?

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Monday, July 24th

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It's one L Florida Monday. Maybe it was Jamie wickets to an hour from right now we will. Check it would Bain and parks also give you that X keyword to cache just before 2 o'clock the chance to win 1000 dollars we got in this conversation back in the 10 o'clock hour and it's an interesting editorial on the Casey Starr. It is an honest today is Kansas City government can not keep bailing out the American jazz museums and here's what they say. They did a big festival back in bank. And easily goes for days and tickets are fifty bucks what that but yet to tee box so. If about a day or a 150 for the four days so her out that the jazz museum still owes at least a 150000. Dollars to vendors for that festival also let this has learned is that there are several. International stars that have had checks for their performances. Bounce in fact nearly a dozen musicians. There checks for being paid have bounced cell. As a result of that the museum has increased its line of credit from a 100000 to 300000. Dollars. Museum officials have not said how much was borrowed and would not talk to the star for an interview but the museum's executive director. Check to posit Tunney Buckner put out a statement in which she said. The museum was too ambitious and forecasting are estimated ticket sales for the festival and weekend storms further depress the ticket and vendor sales. She says the board has a plan in place to eliminate the deficit from the festival. That includes getting sponsor money and reducing expenses. The star asked the city has been forced to advance the museum 1171000. Dollars and a half million dollar annual appropriation to cover festival expenses. That is money to museum will need to make up as the year progresses. And could mean layoffs and operational setbacks so. The star makes a few assertion is it says the museum must turn to private individuals to make a the operational shortfall yet they admit that they're gonna have to do some of that. And the star says the city should have no further financial involvement they must repay the line of credit the museums said. And do everything in their power to raise enough money to keep the museum and it's a joining club the blue room fully operational without lips. They also say next spring city council's a look at how well the board and the executor director performed right now. And the financial crimes is not fixed and as the museum's operations deteriorate then they should look for new leadership so and Edwards are executive director should go. Also they say future city sponsored jazz festival should be placed on hold until the current crisis is resolved. 576779. It is part of a lot of different angles to to to attack this problem and we'd like to know from you. First and foremost how important is the American jazz museum to Kansas City like is is it something. That as the simple question is should this Kansas City government keep bailing out. Is simple enough to the city that the city if it comes to this should just. Put money into it anyway you know he and the city loses its money even if it's not profitable. Is it worth it enough arc is it a part of our fabric and not that this is something we need to have. Couple other questions Diaz as we talk about those two tiny zero or 5767798. Did you go to the jazz festival. If you didn't what kept you from going because part the question that came out earlier in the show lives. Whether Kansas City is still a jest count interest and can we drop that people needed to. For that festival to be profitable. Is all Raines fault I think is what I'm getting act is the storms that the problem. 5767798. Because you and I both during the the conversation look at each other in the 10 o'clock hour and we said. I don't know anyone who likes jets. I don't either I mean it may be you appreciate jazz maybe you have listened to a little bit. But I know plenty of country music fans I know plenty of rock fans I know plenty of hip hop fans I know polonium electronic fans I know plenty of all different genres of music. I don't know any jazz dance and I'm not saying there are not that is not what I'm saying correct because the city has lots of them. What did they overshoot that did that the jazz festival where it is it not as big right now. As a four day festival needs to be. And with that. Are we not known for being a Jack town anymore once all the time you could say we were and if we're not being known as a jazz town. A marketing problem and and is if we are the jazz town that we always work we fix marketing you know you can do that. I am wondering though if we don't have to market. You know if we're not the jazz town that we used to be row and that is why the festivals not doing as well. I don't think jazz is as popular as it as it wants me next to me fairly obvious meaning it. Rarely do you turn on the TV and in and turn on the radio and hear and hear jazz. I don't know a lot jazz artist is right now now I mean I know some of the big names in country music art I'm not a country music fan right and hip hop and all these other genres. And you re right. Acted musically around here in Indiana taxation so. Some earlier compared it to Union Station the fact that we subsidize Union Station even though that perhaps was making money in that that was worth it. On and let's be afraid to get into the neighborhood here let's not be afraid to say where a lot of thinking which is it's the neighborhood there. What accurate or not but the perception is that theory of eighteenth and time. Is not safe for some people I would you go to the music festival there right a lot of you argue with us about that earlier that's cool tell us who live there and tell us what we're missing but what many of you were telling us is that. If the festival were to move somewhere else. That Uga but with it being there you know when it now. With an issue let's remember that the negro leagues baseball museum is really successful and her director there is awesome and we had a mint on a year and he does a great job over there. The neighbor dozen people doesn't keep people from going there. So what is it about SS. I don't know. Bartley let me ask it is. The jazz festival. How how new ISIS'. Great question I mean how fine and if anybody knows lake is this the first year I don't that they exhibit I would bet not but I don't know that that's something. If anybody knows how long the jazz festival going been going on eighteen in mind. How long has been going on because if it's with a if it's the first year which I'd be hard pressed to believe but whatever. To come out of the gate with four days of music is. Really putting the cart before the horse here it's it's really thinking your a lot bigger than you actually are. I've been to festivals started out as two days festivals became three day festivals became four day festivals. That's how you have to build you can't come out here and expect. People to spend fifty dollars a day four days a week. Four days in a weekend or by the pass or whatever and then buy food and then buy drinks. I for for a industry honestly that is not growing jazz is not growing from my my point of view. Here's a few taxable to break through media house somebody's I've lived in Kansas City my entire life this is the first time I ever heard of the jazz festival day. Somebody else. Back in the day jazz is great but it's going out somebody else at the jazz festival is not just jazz music it's mostly R&B artist in this exercise the web site was confusing. And German. We're receipt was and the weekend packages were not clear somebody else the festival had two stages one that was free one charged admission that was dumb of course everyone went to the free state yeah why aren't sport too high. Fifty bucks a day is a lie is could you reduce that you know cut back on it contain it to one day charge box. And producer costs I don't know but I don't think it's the rain. I just don't think the rains what did it based on what you are telling. Look Iraq fast. Rock fest incredibly popular in every year and he just did it at at the speedway. They moved out of a place where it was it was okay when it was the memorial but it's it was awesome at Ed at Ed. For the Casey's speedway Kansas beat excuse me are any onto jazz and what's corporate what somebody's asking corporate woods has jazz in the woods is attendance for that matter. We'll get to everybody that's on hold GM and re handed jam it into gyms and we'll get to Kelly won't hear from you 5767798. Is Kansas City still jazz town. Should the city still be backing and financing and bailing out the American jazz museum. And is jazz something you can do for four days on that scale. The day with Jamie lick your calls and answers to those questions and more next to 91 KMB easy anyone KMB ZB David Jamie wicket Jamie minus LE Mike wicket. Don't forget or on Twitter at KM BZ radio he can file Jamie Jamie KMB ZTY. And he came BC and I'm at Mike wicket to tease him wicket talking about. On a story of the Kansas City Star and resting you have a bigger. It's of it's a broad topic to bring up and it's about the Kansas City jazz festival. The American jazz museum the bail out the city keeps you know every single year bailing out the on money to put me in. It's in and did jazz museum and also. A bigger question. Is Kansas City just announced. Right and if it's not then do need to accept. And move on and put our money elsewhere and museums are close neither is the star by the way. But it's just a bigger question of there's a limit a couple of dollars and the jazz museum gets a half million dollars a year and so. One of the things that he could say to it is you need to be self sustain yeah you need to raise your money to stay open. If we're not just how may we let it go if we are still jazz town. Then why this festival have better attendance I don't think it's all the rain especially because a lot of you are texting and wit your stories. Somebody said I went last year I was not impressed it cost too much there's not enough going on. I wanna do it for more than a day. To tell you this goes Friday Saturday Sunday also runs on Monday yes it does. Today you it's fifty bucks per day yeah you can get the throughout the forty passed for 150. So things in the city are are just worth the city investigation and museums arc is there's an education component of that that sometimes is that he just needs to eat that cost. Is this worth. The half million a year that the city is putting into it on again the star suggesting that. The museum needs stick pretty close look at its finances and needs to get out of this crisis and if they don't then either the city or also the city needs to stop. Having a city sponsored jazz festival and maybe the leader of the museum beads stick now. I'm a half million a year I wonder how many jazz fans around there yeah. Text to your organs the call on did you go fast all have you gone you know it's there. And are we still in town let's go to Jim in Waldo first up on a 91 KM BZ hey Jimmie your jazz fan. I do you like it a little bit short I wasn't doing like kind of like contemporary jazz. Would you go to a festival. I'm bad I'm going to New Orleans jazz so we'll be honest with you that's pretty good. I'd get in general. I think if we can't let that there needs to come down on its prices on everything. He waters to I. 295. Dollars for ambulance ride to the hospital. You know I didn't and I don't think it's that cap pull well. The Niemi Netflix and we never took good prices for Kansas City. What does that have to do with the jazz festival. I'm he would he would. It's. You know I'm not built with 900 dollars packets you guys they would thank bit. It's word of you know 200 good chance that it will be to stores in the sweltering heat yeah well. But I don't think I don't you know that's Wednesday night I think dictate I think they're stated I am surprised that they need to come down on everything. They can phone comment appreciate it I mean I. I heard a lot about Kansas City when I moved here and one of the things I heard was this is such a jazz rich town did you did you hear that for you came here I did I don't see it. Okay Travis took compared to what Jim said about New Orleans I've been sued the justice will be aired there's two there's two weekends you can go through it you know with the wanna look into huge. And it's their both three days Friday Saturday Sunday. You can you pay a hundred dollars are hunt in ten dollars aren't. And that's for the whole weekend. So hearing that if the for each day's country's media outlet I've been in can seize its 2009 and I'm an area heard of it as possible. Saying I did him a note Kansas was the jazz. State. So is that a marketing fail or do we not have the jazz scene that we wanna think we have. I'll just faded. From the city I mean there's places to go in go to sure Phoenix I mean ever and I've gone to different restaurants and bars it's been jazz there and it's it's it's cool and relaxing but. I don't know if there's a clamoring audience may be a rough by the way the Jazz Fest in Chicago four days Jazz Fest in Detroit four days right. And and they're successful on a couple of people on attacks on us at the same thing we sat which has then that is it just. A generational thing. You know is it that that generation that listen a lot to jazz has not passed that log on to the generations. So you're losing some Iraq could be it definitely is a possibility like I'd I'd like us and I'm 36 I don't know jazz fan who bless him he says out of the blue lake. Let's go to the Phoenix get the most isn't brunch rank and they'll have led us a little jazz band linger in the morning. The minutes about the extent that. Rihanna and Casey your 91 KM BZ Ariane. Me. I. I think that you might need 36 vineyard as I'm 25 years old and I it and I'm at oak end. And I recently just took the evolution of gas. And pour mine final I could add on my upper I want to go eat at me and they've heard much about. You know how the city really hot and while reading right track work. You know gathered broken down into three different areas. You are end of the city and new York and Kansas City. What a lot of the big name and brand with hole. Other other musicians. Cheering and the city and have been joined their baker they can and take them in new York and they eventually. Travel Aaron actually like it Allen and dead with a few of his trumpet players. The inner city is known Mary Mac. Is it still. Or was what you're telling me is the history of the jazz scene which I fully first shortly we all know that I think there's history here of Kansas City being Jesse. People were wondering is has some of that tapered off. I mean like any part of fat lower trend is going view. You know slowly that our way out I believed that mourner. At the younger generation that carry it to go back to it because. Of the that way music is today. As is going to always be high. And there are so many it and Ian KC. Who are and ask collaborate in. Cover it band that are playing at Phoenix the green lady you know the bully you know the program. And everywhere else I mean. As far as I'm me I do you think and the need to reevaluate. How they're spending the money at its peak at museum because it. Going in there I pack you know I was really excited and round going in there at that point it because it looked as Ed. The museum itself was getting no finding out. Ending for not working however I'm not saying that when I was bear. At the program you had. You had middle school age unit where credit jazz band. Two words campaign and collaborating with other musicians love cats. And our meeting strangers and act heat from there on stage yet you know this op art you know that. And one by one they would take in conversational style so watching. Older generation their mingle and with the younger generation and who really. Are relying on. Given that experience the EC. Every real quick did you go to the Jazz Fest this year. I didn't good dad that. And at any like why didn't she go. At it actually out of town last year. I did not go out here. I think the phone call. CNN I mean that's. An end and re and sounds incredibly educated on the jazz history of Kansas City. I think that's why didn't she go. I think there I think she is showing what we believed to be true witches there's a great appreciation yes or history of the jazz scene here. But people aren't acting people are not taking part in it anymore let's go to Kelly Casey and anyone came easy I Kelly thinks Franken. Kate thank you a much my call got I think the days of jacket over you know who Bob Seger. We know laughter roller but it is scale can come on. May have read to go to the debt cabbies in at the door and letting go what can be gone let it diet probably. Think jazz fans like green who just was on the I would appreciate that though. It. Kelly I appreciate the phone comment. Thank you so much we have to get that to carrier in the newsroom. If you're jazz and you'll hear Kelly say just let jazzed right. Because they're probably art on the talented jazz musicians in this area thing Keith jazz clubs. That don't cost the city money mom and take back a half million a year. And have the jazz museum be self sustaining and scale back the. The festival for sure and just do two days or eight in me in pastor with Iraq fast. The Iraq instead of your rained. One they just adding that are readied his power batteries you can make Saturday in and say if it rains and storms we're gonna do it on or will do it on. I just think if it's if if if you wanna take a model example. Rock music right now is that are real funk who are there's not a ton of great new rock music. The rock fest for 25 years has been able to figure out the the formula. And they get 50000. Freaking people there every year but one KM BZ that they would Jamie and wicket Jamie money Sally blank wicket. Rubbing ever conversation with you 5767798. Jazz museum in Kansas City. He's getting bailed out by the city and is that wasteful spending. So we've learn that there were apparently some financial problems after the big festival that happens pass today. To the point that the stars learned that the museums still owes at least a 150000. Dollars to vendors. After all of that including they've got old or dozen or so performers. Whose checks apparently bounced. So there the point where they upped their credit line from a 100000 dollars to 300000 dollars also. The city was forced to advance the museum 1171000. Dollars and it's 500000 dollar annual appropriation to cover festival expenses. That's money they're gonna have to pay back the executive director says we perhaps overestimated. The ticket sales for the festival and then storms it. And that diminish some of the attendance. They're working opposite him got a plan to get through it but the star suggesting perhaps one that is perhaps. Future city sponsored jazz festival should be placed on hold until the current crisis is resolved city should stop putting money and. Is it still just town in Kansas City is there enough interest in to to keep all of this afloat they at that festival against. Four days and including the jazzy brunch on Memorial Day. And that's a 150 bucks you by the forty patents easy out for sure the city needs to say that is that if you're gonna keep the jazz festival you gotta figure Atlantic solvent yeah and so that he's got to scale back scaling back in and threaten to pull its money if they don't but if your interest in jazz. What keeps you from going in the past 5767798. We have not talked to any. Who has who has been the jazz fast tracked let's talk to a gym and Overland Park agent thinks so much for hanging near I 91 KM BZ. I've been hanging so long and down the. Hey we appreciate that very much what's on your mind. I am a previous caller via the girl that was there. Were quite human life on earth is. Lot of people. Now. You've got the universe the jury. Recorded music. I think what has happened in this what happened. Nation why every place. I worked for a company based out of New Orleans and the year I went to the bowl that war. It was their where. You didn't race. Allen county war and open. It. Up every. What. In the city's. Old body. As we have a little odd date line. Nobody wants oh gosh everybody had to be American war. Brought to. Pete look at what. That your oh we didn't try on the it was humble. Be. Nobody thought passionately. But if you involved over one lectures they count. You could be on YouTube. If you would involve Johnson County Jackson cap on and it. Turn it into. That don't make it just suggests there. And right rock have a do it all together. At Major League Baseball. And that cell and Greg they bought lawn. Involved. Sports jet. And that's what it wouldn't cost the taxpayers in the. Can I ask you something where should that what is the best location for that festival that would draw the biggest crowd. Just my experience down in New Orleans. They were avid and then you where the speedway would be one. You know. Web bottom it errors you know he hold it down there right now that it should now. Owned by somebody else you know it could have an outdoor free concert down there and have the company Victor audit sponsor. No taxpayer money ball. I mean of be the I'd. I don't think rock fest is gonna say hey bring on your Jazz Fest with us I don't think the NFL and the chiefs care enough. They don't have to it's a great idea to get other large scale organizations who have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of other people. But I don't think they have to this is on the jazz BZ how note. I argue how do you know the museums not already reaching out now to other counties and not already reaching out to schools and and local bands and stuff like that try to get more people. I do agree that that's a good point that. If you want to get more people to come down year festival you have to go reach more people absolutely you can't get it done and I don't know how the average 'cause again I even know what happened on Memorial Day I had no idea but you can't. Be happy. By just recruiting downtown Kansas City you have to get the word out to every county. Around you should only why wouldn't you its four day festival why wouldn't you market that nationally the problem is marketing costs money yeah. And so how much do you wanna spend to reach out to you Alan six state area or whatever to try to get more people here. And is there going to be an audience for right. That's it is they're going to be an audience. For jazz music today will they come here for four days of festival get the headliner was last year I've no idea brandy. Remember pop star from the ninety's so what that says to me is that there's not. Your have a problem with the appeal of taxes are you if there's not if your government somebody like Randy as sunny couple things. Means you're trying to go outside of your typical jazz audience to get other yet other audience members there. And Brady is a name that I guess they know enough not who's going to see brandy I don't know what I kind of appeals I ask you brandy but I'm not paying fifty bucks to go see Brandi writes on if if you to go outside of jazz to get your headliner to meet as a pro. What does the rest of the headliners Lila Hathaway Chick Corea trio the hots are teams John Scofield Olena Adams Logan Richardson and Bobby Watson I'm sure all incredibly talented acts. I have no idea who they are. I really have no idea who they are and if you're trying to attract more people. I mean again I go back to read and Rihanna probably goes to every one of those people are but I have no. Anybody not going because awareness that's the I mean that's that's that people are finally starting to have metal but a lot of people have been at 10 o'clock hour that if you were to move and it's. To a neighborhood where they feel safer not eighteenth and vine and I don't know I'm not saying that maybe perceptions deserve I don't know but the perception is that the area is not safe. And so an and we asked earlier about the negro leagues baseball museum and somebody made a really good point. You go there during the day that's why that thrives when perhaps the festival in and a jazz museum does not true does it need to move to a different part of town by 76. They get. What we show. Them. Yeah I don't think you so. And about them out there at night and noise came down certain like what the oh. What are your cities in the always. Not that that would ignore other than maybe public radio. In an all our baby on the weekend or something like. To the public brandy which is the terrible draw. If you look at your own well I think they like the and and that is that it was a very big name brand. Their pants they've displayed there but it just hasn't treated more more than parentage. And I think that the important and I think that's what we're trying I think we want that is I think you'd you'd I think at the part of Chordiant. It. Is quite popular or not it's never the music business sort of alternative but for the alternative it was. It's like debates that you've mentioned it very difficult of course is that weird rhythm. So there there's a lot about it but the civil about it that people don't. And but it but it really isn't all these other. Job so I think that's important maybe you know. An element that they readable here is that people who oh in the liberty memorial. It's only put Bob Dylan actually there and in the beauty in. That. Period under that streak or that my parents and record retreat content was fantastic but ultimately it would be out there and it was going to be an and it it would away like that here he'd be here. And the big deal here at jetBlue is that it does on the value. They're the ones and I kind of pay attention. Well it sounds like now it really does it takes every year for your phone call. While I am I I never I am assuming that there are jazz festivals a lot of different cities for sure some of the headliners by the way this is even this one's a ridiculous this New Orleans Jazz Fest. But they had Alabama shakes Maroon 5 and usher. You know that there were at the the jazz festival then I hadn't thought I hit a million other jazz artists but to headliners. Maroon 5 Alabama shakes. Let's see here not strain on a Stasi Obey and was there airing double Harry Connick. I mean that's not jazz to me putt. Having your year can be considered but the rest of the map is. Act after act after act after wreck but I got to wonder that what has been successful for so many years as it did to get built into that group that thing you know what I mean it doesn't need to be marketed as something other than a jazz gospel. Is it is is that what I call it how that the problem is on this list Tom Petty lord on this list. I mean I that that's the question do you stick what they strictly. Jazz oriented art a line up in. Or do you break out with a New Orleans one did to get more butts in the seats and you've got Maroon 5 and you've got lowered you've got Tom paddy. Some suggested what I think is an idea scale back to one today and make it really successful as one day first Alec rock fest that expand it just like rock fest and if you've got the audience for it is I think you could reduce your costs by containing it to one today you could come back and what it's costing. I 767798143. Coming up we'll get to a few more your phone calls in Lisa gonna stick right there we'll get to you Phillip as well possibly the key word cash. Coming up on the other side are here in 91 KM BZ. 91 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket to be Monticello in my clique get get keyword cash coming up just before 2 o'clock the next chance to win 1000 dollars we listing for the word. And into text in his seven to 81 will also check in with Dana and parks were coming. Wrapping up our conversation now the editorial in Kansas City Star today says Kansas City government cannot keep bailing out the American jazz museums so the problem was their festival this past Monday. Where the executive director sent it over estimated ticket sales that they had whether that was back and that led to some pretty serious problems and came to money. To the point at the star says they still owe at least a 150000 dollars to vendor of vendors that festival including performers whose tax. Have not in cash because there's no money there so you is it still something that the city should be pouring money into worst do we need to let go with the idea. Of this being such a jazz town and a couple of people are asking the same question you and I had. And two Texans are asked that's why I was jazz in the woods corporate woods so successful just two weeks after the Kansas City jazz festival. Net tax Overland Park is hope jazz in the woods corporate woods promised thirty years tens of thousands of fans. I attended to evening festival with national headline packs are what is the different. It's eighteenth in mind is on Roland park is that the problem is that the location. I mean we've taken calls from people who worked I heard jazz fans the last that we had obviously was Matt. Diehard jazz fans never heard this festival. Did they go to corporate jets don't know that's the next question don't know what's the different and also is that too much early to close maybe because less the other ones first but there too close to got a mean age you may be. People noted go to the one in Overland Park until note to go to the one. In Kansas City because Marty gonna go to that on possible to be out of town for Memorial Day weekend. I'm country music fan and so I seek out festivals like if you're a fan of something don't you look for stuff just go to the same one every year yeah I a lot of friends that Iraq as every year. So it's not know if you're jazz fan that the Kansas City jazz festival excess. Is it that you know and you don't wanna go to eighteenth in Bonn I think that's what people are afraid to next let's talk to Lisa in south Kansas City right 91 KM BZ. Thank. Arie. So I was gonna say. Frequent BJ as this. And I note that mr. portrait and don't really know much about it in I'm like catnip to the green Eric and I absolutely hate go. When I'd say absolutely. Plan on how to set the birthday down there children down there at night everything anything that happened out at me. There's been my observation communion is like outside people who frequent the restaurants people who pre production out the door of matchup it's like outside peak. He can controlling. Do you agree. Yeah that it should probably been Monday in the advertising. Is an issue I'll probably the stigma. That being on eighteenth street. People making more money street but we're not then. Aptly against the idol not built it balcony to back. Have you have you gone to the the best that are you a jazz fan. I am a dad and I remember when it was one went up six point five he's could be well equipped by the city it was again they can. And it got got bought out in a country station yeah I agree that it can't there are no gas stations in what we don't need to get debt. That diving board. If you go on the Casey just ask you Lester. Did not going on Cuba I will say they. Right now we are really working on budgeting and paying off our debt. Chirp I ate today. I just got married at all about that to do with the same thing les appreciated what citi's not the radio stations would then it was working Maria. This town supports three country radio station and because there's an audience for I wouldn't they're being. If there's an audience for jazz and there was money to be made an audience with her age as Marie is not mainstream enough that's Amy if it how many jazz radio stations are there in America as composed as compared to country music or right hawk or sports or rock I don't think it's that. I I don't think the genre is suffering because there's no radio I think there's no radio because there's nothing happens. Otherwise it didn't take him off that there are fans but there's not enough for a company like our company Entercom. To spend as much money as we do not gonna find of advertisers to balance it out make money on not being vs the other job against country. Our rock our pop thinks the focal Lisa let's talk to Phillip and Casey a 91 KM BZ. Fill up your earlier but it's up. Very good welcome to the city gave the world where. In the city got registry in jail. Unfortunately local time. There appears to be let centrist. And yeah we've got great history and unfortunately if you look at the market there's not a good indications in the in the clubs are awaiting him or. That still exists to play good quality jazz. A U fans up. And a big picture you go to these jazz festivals you go to the jazz museum. No I'm going to the jets museum before and I was there on opening night I wonder what the city continues to subsidize. A totally losing enterprise. Why don't you go to the festival. Don't know. It's possible that this simple thing that they are not on youth now that's not now I didn't mean you. If that's the problem that is an easy thing for them to fix but that takes money. So that problem. You're in the Indian Wells in the areas they spend money they don't have the right leadership. And they certainly don't have the right hand and it underfunded and it frankly just. Respectfully it's a joke if you're going to do it right spend the money organizing tool for now bring it back right. Think back in the light Wiki Brothers this is twenty years or twenty years ago. In a skirt that rule was established. A lot of strategic move that does it was brought it all the sponsorships involved. You have all these things working it together. To be able and track. You've got headliners. Let me couple cities and Portland's great. Newport as a great jazz festival that Kansas City artists are playing in Newport okay. They should be quiet they should be playing here and the needs to be better organization. And and your right about at. I think there's there's could be some truth and think of them for the phone call obviously well educated on it big jazz fan. Didn't know there was jazz festival yeah did you know other than what. He's teaching ethics but I don't I think there's more to the Q&A converse on this on her FaceBook page it's on Twitter as well get to teaching in apologies but to go continue the conversation on social media in and park coming up next and I'm sure Dana we'll have. Wonderful tales from the Bill Clinton library I have gifts for. Everyone was in my time see my necklace. Like I hope. This current. Presidency and soon. If I don't. I'd when those remain that isn't what it was about the event I have not I it look identifies a real X Jack we'll what does it. His let little lower in Little Rock hard drives that six hours old man it's not threatened. Through it was lovely we were in an out in Saturday back home Sunday now we really enjoyed it the number one question. If you can guess asked at the Bill Clinton library is what trees can you serve a third term now. By far volunteers at 95 when she worked testified. The number one question where he'll ask where's bill. Now Hillary people bill it we know that based on November 8 and figured out how. I I said queries. And the volunteers they're all volunteers. Said he comes in once a month. He has a fourth floor enormous fourth floor studio apartment on top of the library Lawler. If you if it. Or not like where it's eight. Never game now and it. So we've four hours of reviewing the Bill Clinton library memorable for him tyrant and let's dissent because I would made an absolute ass that it would have been on national live up to her parents did not make any sudden movements Kansas woman arrested in Arkansas. Time and you know what I'm embarrassed to say. I have never been to determine library and neither of and my husband treasure my husband said because it's so much from it does look at all the artifacts at the Clinton library. We're going to do that the next time it's a rainy so sure armour Borden chemical. Industries arid outback. Dress. And I know that god LLC a study about today restaurant. Says that parents with children can only have one drink. Yes and care remarks are still here yes yes he had to do. Now each area are actually thinking about sending her run a mom for a lap around the building sees him wants to lose. I. You know I suggested we need to have somebody bringing castor oil because I'm telling you the old women's aware. Yeah I guess I'll god. At. Church doesn't labor on the air it would be so exciting yeah. On their labor a few lines is real spirit on the stand by right now is I am in the us.