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Monday, November 20th

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Monday Oakley a short week for you Thanksgiving a few days away. I think I heard Friday's temperature in Kansas City is going to be seventy. Or answer I think it's going to get back the fifty senators up. And on Thanksgiving which doesn't feel like Thanksgiving the league to meet Thanksgiving you know you want to be little colder. But I can't complain about the weather it'll be good for holiday travel we by talking about this event a bad. Like 72 hours right. It which is. Really flood way to start but sorry to start there. But it's if you look at what's trending and if you were on Twitter all for awhile this morning it has been one after I'm not sure in Greeley has just like especially since last. I'm in order to get out of one of the persons I notice this boring and I can't be his name Earl pain yeah on the grandpa from the Cosby Show. Has died at the age of 91 I love that guy and the Cosby Show it's with deaths of people last few days of faces that you would recognize that names you may not. And so okay so it's I can say actors and actresses names that you ride and I'm talking about but yeah so that was this morning he's done. But even he's mower known for stuff a long time ago and he's stage actor. I can't ease his career has been mostly on the stage. Com on Broadway at happy hour abuse or grandpa on. On the cost each of like really. But the famous episode were. They do where Rudy sayings and in the with a all the girls come downstairs. And a grandma and grandpa is fiftieth anniversary or whatever was never forget that this. So David Cassidy here and second he still alive for now console just be clear about that not Telus died over the weekend and you know this morning's. That is. If you listen to country you know Minolta Ellison's on and especially if you've been listening country for quite awhile now on he died at the age of 85 country music legend OK I just really big name. In country music when he was. A little bit younger but has he was like 85 select an 8580. More than sixty albums in his career. Wrote more than a thousand off. Sentiment out my dad ever recorded by people like rocks or straight really big names in this is. The woman. Net do. It's. The always. Malone. Wherein veteran. Somebody's that he beat a stutter. But he had stutter and even that and that's and he became a star with having that speech impediment so packed. Sad to hear about Mel Tillis Hoosier like country music fans feel that when they woke up yesterday was yesterday yours Evernote is all had a ready gather it was not I was all over the weekend. Almost say about this is the Charles Manson instead the age of 83 nothing and to bill are right he's there do you know it's just this your guy my age 83 the world is a better place without Charles Manson on. There was an actress whose name escapes me at that had been on three's company and again it was another face that you had now and that she saw that this morning that she passed away. Am I forget anybody. Yeah mom silicon forgot one wipers above thirty was that it had worked ankle weights were changed man in wedge worth passed away 83 she was an actress. Wide receiver Terry England. Who played for the Packers or cowboys. And the patriots. Here's a first round pick back in the ninety's. Here's a car crash. And he's 43. And he's leaves behind a fan so. It was kind of a rough weekend of death yeah fur for some celebrities and you know like right I don't remember I remember that was it wasn't even last year was the year before we just had people person after person after person kept dying. Yeah this is not prince and David Bali but still able to right. In semi a collection of just. Kind of one thing after another were sent and no more today and then Dick capacity. On is in critical condition with organ failure and follow the latest I have is from five hours ago on CNN. Ice he is being treated at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on his longtime publicist sent. He is in the intensive care unit he has a breathing tube ideas conscious surrounded by family and friends they say nothing is imminent. And they're taking it day by day on we you earlier this year he 67 by the way we knew earlier this year. That he was battling dementia. And so we knew that he was starting to have some health troubles but they're not saying what caused. The organ failure and in fact I'd seen something over the weekend as a multiple organs like liver and and it was. There's a lot going on here this wasn't shocking I mean I feel like deeply Kasi he's been. Sick for a wide yeah that's an. You know I hate to mention and it seems like Irvin some things last year or so on big act he is in critical condition and Florida a guy. Yeah we stop all right that's especially this week yeah and again we start off that way but that was one of the biggest things it was happiness doesn't that it cast these are throwing on a play my master. In and turn the Charles Manson thing is all over me and thank goodness. I mean. I never like to see anyone get hurt be sick or died but I don't care about Charles Manson are let me give you bigger news is we're talk Iraq. Famous people on some Ford took still alive right white. Night than we Alia white night on it whose stories are using today. He was seen in Santa Paula California over the weekend helping out at the scene of a rollover accidents. On apparently is a day and rolled off of highway and hit it treaty. Harrison Ford was an eerie with a friend when they heard the crash and went over to help and police their said he was against him like everybody else tried to help for emergencies or this has got their. Harrison Ford and others were able to help get the op female driver out of the via rail. Well that's a neat how all this Harrison Ford now about 655. Wood a sense of humility about record yap. The woman driving the only person in the sand 75 and bank got out with minor injuries and but he's he was in the hearing into the what. What happens on solo comes to their rescue you know and I now know that is there and I'll get right into our cars I don't. You. That's crazy I mean I. It arrived I've only done that one time stopped to help stranger and it was like an accident occurred on that on the side of the rotary driving by you see somebody in trouble. Yeah and you stop. Unfunny story got out or not funny story but yeah I was driving on I was in front of minors was probably fifteen years ago on in Bloomington Illinois raced to land there was an interstate kind of went around the city. And to strike many years eight and nine vehicle ahead of us and suvs that was ahead of us on suddenly just went off the I don't know if you lost control or something happened but the driver veered off that date the SUV flipped. Turns out it was the governor's son. A time yet. It was George Ryan junior was how you identified himself right off the back who may have so react and we are wondering later and what caused the accident by. So that was the time that I had sob because it. It was three guessed that it happened you know five car lengths ahead of some manager in all of sudden he just veer off and flipped end of this moment of well. Then you slamming your breaks that you don't hit. You know so you don't get involved in the and the debris and stop and then ever write that I've. I hate to say this but I'm more likely to call 911 for some like all of the idea of getting out of my car and if I'm by myself I understand it down now I get it. I would have not happily easily comment on one if I see something and somebody has Larry called. But it's August. And situation IE tried to help look like a family in the middle of winter the look at my then girlfriend I was nineteen or twenty we were driving somewhere. And there was a fairly that looked to be in some distress in the side of the road and we pulled up behind we went past them in the next exit came back. They really help is that no we're good public are not so I have that it is it's because of that what experience I've given up. Trying there was a I was of it would work here there was an accident on Metcalf. Some dude tried to switch three lanes and slammed into somebody to stop sign. And I went over to help but three other people were already going to help. Yourself to but. Let us see here support to the rescue the job Indiana Jones. All we do. This is a very important to order poll. Light is the best Thanksgiving side dish. Here's the thing. Have some fun as he Alia. Isn't that we slightly and Thanksgiving is coming at her best to stay at anything heavy for the next three days I keep saying thank you time he keeps telling stories and I keep saying I. Pay as you see Al Franken on. Another accuser gutting percent to trumpet Lavar all Jared Kushner no doubt it's everything's getting shot down because it's Thanksgiving. It to its Thanksgiving week. Our rights are so the options are stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Green bean casserole or other and if you choose other. You have to tweed is the other is an update the poll Soria coming up vote on Twitter at king of BZ radio gives the update coming up next. Also. Some interesting dates for those like Jamie money selling it anybody else who doesn't live in Kansas City. If you wanna get your opinion on the new airport in new single terminal case CI. Tell you bought back where you can go and when next 91 KM BZR so what is the best Thanksgiving side bench. We picked four and if yours is in on new you can tweet to his act KM BZ radio. Is it. Stuffing mashed potatoes green bean casserole or other that if you choose other like Matt did on Twitter. He wrote cranberry sauce you are lying you do not love cranberries are. This line of love cranberry sauce or seven if you. Saw that much you need it more than once a year and you down. Any. Might she would have more than just that and I don't eat stuffing often. I don't and that's why it's my favorite. I'm going stuff I could make a meal at a stop and I don't really need anything else it's Turkey now really at. I asked and whatever you droplet. Like my mom does a dryer stuffing because the texture. It's okay now on some people and what she's got in there I like you put gravy on your stuff. It takes you take the stuffing and the potatoes and the Turkey and just because just to rent she didn't gravy. And it's just the fact that a blunder that could be my drink. Travis. Let's see how incorrect your answer is going to be stuffing mashed potatoes green bean casserole or other. We are addressing. Look at people like you pass difference. That's just it's where that I grew up with where ever ever coolest thing I've and a good neighbors at the minute Turkey. That's equity you've never put the stuffing in the Turkey now it I realize that it's a dish. It that Texas thing is that a southern thing. Home. Probably. Program all things a guy and some time and does. Some in the Turkey and then some not in the Turkey and then combines I've seen that before I that we get the flavor of the Turkey. But not that I'm mean Andre and get rid. Hector at. So. 42%. Of the vote so far upper stuff. 42%. At that. Mashed potatoes 31 green beans 1988%. Going with something else we were trying to figure out what that other would be sweet tea maybe yams the same thing. With the arsenal on top travesty anything weird that we're not in thinking of your days a year you're a cranberry sauce is popular I guess I mean Kramer's house or connect. Our guy our we all of soda are eight. What else would be in the off the rolls. I did about grant out like if whatever your version of bright it is I know you don't like Mac and cheese but. Macaroni cheese a lot of we're gonna have that in our Thanksgiving up and to point down. Let us know what we're about at KAMBZ. Radio the best Thanksgiving side dish he'd give it a morning so. Like in writing about it and Casey I took care yeah on but Heidi it is kind of nice now that they're starting all of the workshops that pollen and community design workshops. It's all public forums that TCI. That edged mark promise they were gonna do in order to start in public input about the new one terminal design. Does have now been sent an announced and if you're curious about adds more or biding their plans are the designs. Their website is Casey I dash edge more and I'll OR dot com. On that site that went on at the it's not a FaceBook page to go right to see exactly the story. So did you think he did you click on those pleas are speaking by clicking here and not yet so there's that so I'm. Of them plan on to their credit and this is what is there were gonna do and and the reason I bring it up is because I actually get to go now as well. I guess I can on the way. But. Even fighting it's about the project area urging everybody in the metro now can't say I mean it was just Casey mount it got to vote on it but now that's passed. Anybody can go to these meetings and helped contribute ideas but this is where they are looking forward the ideas for what you whine. The mouse in there looking for us is there in pretty good sense of what it needs to include. Myself other ideas. That's the question. Is it really there are hereby ideas or the patronizing use that didn't get to vote. I think it's. Because I rolled edge or already has a plan of what they want with like 98% of it already done it like it. Enough people want the fountain to beat blew right then that's the chains like all yet an impact. Yeah I mean my guesses that. Before they play initial ideas to gather they probably had a pretty good idea what it needs to and click on but you do these meetings in part because. You have to act as a good show of face that the community that you are going to listen to everybody and and here's a word convenience at a 150 times and if it felt so you have to take the steps so that. And you're just a good organ player in enemy right later in the game that's why I'm in the community. I saw the eskimo log on Twitter than the six dates locally where they are here sect I'm thinking of myself. They've really care well I know target and we had guys out from hedge more there very cool but behind closed doors to they really care. I think what they're gonna cancel it because it needs to. It needs to reflect the community and if edged mark gets any criticism for not being a local company does is the way that they show that they care took about what's happening locally but I think purposes. Four people in the community to hear more about their designed as. You know maybe I I think it's going to be some information sharing back and forth has got some designs you know put together and so and we see them. So there you can learn more about their ideas all of these. Bar bump in Casey Mosley and I live in a late that you still got to come to Kansas City, Missouri Q the blue springs to got to come to Casey and that kind of stance and that does kind of stake in in their all over you got one of the Kansas City regional police academy you've got one at the north wind cathedrals you've got one at the Greg Claes community center southeast community center Casey downtown library also the Casey PDs south patrols so they're they're all over. There easily counseled starts. That's that's what it's the first meeting is a week from Wednesday. That's in council district one and and the day after isn't counseled us for two and you couldn't taste tester. Yet go to our FaceBook page an open it up on Twitter as well odd to find out where you gonna would you go are you gonna go to one and I. I went out on and you probably one more trip give another trip planned before the end of the year I need to take it easy to get. I am a and yeah I mean even one of these next week would probably be guide I would like to see whatever ideas they've got and and I don't think I'm I don't think I'm gonna say anything to them that they haven't already heard a thousand times about what the airports and learn right but you don't like to hear more I. Eric don't want to maybe you and I should pick what these to go to an and we can FaceBook live in sub ABC page sure what I jolt one. Is a bunch of people. Complaining about losing current KC. You know what I mean yeah we need to move aspect Jack you know what I mean we're getting a singles singles or break the vote passed so now let's get if you hate this idea of the new airport. That's fine. But you have to make the best of the situation just like if you are show pissed off the president trump won the election. You have to try to make the best of the situation if you hate that man as the president ought to be like let's focus on how to. Talk about the best of do the best plan the best solution for this new airport. Yeah yeah yeah it's done it's a man's while gap go and start generate in Alex what's important in Allen and Mike is that there are looking for priorities a little bit. You know what's most important on in terms of the kinds of restaurants that you are looking for you know what if you had another airports that you really really light. Get about basic stuff like the moving walkways. And when you talking about things they want and I forget that we don't have those you know the you don't even have that. That somebody would say we don't need them in the tiny airport and that and and that's when needed and the light is that it's not to be too bad now to add some sad. I hope for lots of escalators. Just I want every gate to be a tennis writer for Leo it is probably going to be two stories so you're gonna I'm gonna have escalators like lots of escalators for Jamie says. It's worked out I survived another airport expansion kept up. But. I think as we really neat. You have to rest of our RSVP. You could shall lie. But they ask our speed and see what happens when they hitters out and user email us your name. My guess is that they can email you remind her or her. Are okay and probably so that they got your name and email address analysts about ninety minutes 316 to 730 all got you so I'll definitely go to movies yeah I would like to go and see if they've got designs princes and look at these ethical and I do all they care about what we say but I'd still doubts that it's still have my doubts right. Coming up we actually are going to be as mentioned president trump here but. A he reversed a reversal plus a Missouri grill Missouri girl. Is being bullied because what she did while hunting 1033. Coming up we will talked about. Cheney's new favorite toll guys over the weekend you did your. All right you're gonna you're gonna love what I do with it. Find out what that is all and he's follow me an answer granular fine out near rights to pictures and her opponents and I also discovered a new business over the weekend. A new west bottoms now stocks I know everybody was doing and the CEO everybody was there's they would it is a little bit later also don't forget Boehner what are all what's the best Thanksgiving side. Stuffing mashed potatoes green bean casserole or other follow us on Twitter and vote at KM BZ radio so. Story that we intended it to last week about the fourteen year old girl that is being people the hunt for young girl on its. That thought she was shooting a large white tailed buck and instead. Shot and and story we have UP misery conservation agent Tom's rather says the girl was hunting with her dad when she took the shot. When her dad realized the animal was an L he called conservation. So she thought she was shooting deer. Turns out it was LD girl 1414. RA com and Missouri has no hunting season for now so she was supposed to shoot the how to. Here do we know how the the elk got to misery I don't and that the and a putt putt. The old was shot and I was two miles away from the pack range hurt. That sort of answer your question does somehow if he so. She's been a lot of backlash on line because she accidentally. Clearly not on two writes I don't know if that's if it's easy to tell the difference of no earthly. Especially if they're hiding and running whenever I don't you know I presumed now Washington's pitching it was. So some comments that people made her work off all on and I got the FaceBook page yeah. And so there was there's. FaceBook page called what's up Jeff count for Jefferson county and on its governments often got the description of what happens blight. You go through some. Comments and and and now I'm just looking at the reaction to jail on a woman's commented. It appears though they're alpha males and feel threatened by a four year old girls they've resorted to trash talking on FaceBook yeah that's what FaceBook was made yeah exactly the thought up by the war zone on many people agreed there was no excuse for the mistake one person wrote there is it clear difference between an all white hate to be anywhere near someone with a guy who cannot tell the difference. Shame on her for taking an animal out of season and good for the conservation officers who confiscated because they called countries officers. Missing persons and I've hunted since I was little there is no excuse for not knowing what shoot. Can our ideals and anyone knowledgeable would be able to tell the difference between April and buck deer. Art 5767798. I'd love to know people think about this because it was it just a mistake. Or is it something bigger than a mistake because. I don't hunt. Not my thing. But if I did it. I'm pretty sure I would know the difference between an elk and a dear so we don't know exactly how it happened. But how how could it have happened on. All our argue in the group of people that says she should have known the difference don't let the four year old girl go hunting. If she doesn't know what she's special because you can't shoot you can't. It out she was supposed to be shooting deer and she's just means you shouldn't have. Is that logic is that summing it makes sense to you or is that an hour we talked and we talked about hunting recently. So is that something that you now what if you had been out with her what would you taller MIT. Only one that thinks that a responsible gun owner responsible hunter should know what they're doing if you make a mistake. That you should still be fine for it or put knocking the state locker rob I mean it seems to be a bit of an extreme but. Every hunter right know has a lot of respect for wildlife and a lot of respect for animals soul. Should this girl be treated any differently for for. Shooting something that's you're not allowed issue. Or you get more pass because she's fourteen. Well that goes back to our conversation about how young you should be to be able to hunt right I mean that that opens a pandora's box. Should she be given. Let me ask whatever question. Does she deserve the criticism that she is she doesn't deserve the of the on line social media tough guy bullied feel free jumping by at least 5767798. But there should be a fine and I don't know what the penalties are for for breaking hunting laws. But she should be. You don't prosecute it the wrong word and prosecuted to the full extra. And she might be and we don't know that she's not going to be my question is even if the criticism is arched. Is it correct because I am telling you we're getting a time I'll start reading organs and on the tax on it yeah uniting zero. On you should know what you're shooting before you pulled her. I wasn't a 1000%. That. On and and they should know what to target they're shooting for fire and there's a big difference between antlers at her foot tall and five foot tall out fines or need it. On and then some got the vast majority of people on attacks on saying. That does that she should have known which she was shooting and that even though she's fourteen your result sheet bet there's a vast difference between those two animals. So. How should she be punished should she be given a pass in terms of the five people it looks like Fiennes is what she can be Atlanta or dad can be hit with. You get past for being. No I'm sorry purity of Europe if you're taught Saudi your daughter is allegedly responsible enough to go out and hunt then you know what. The risk you take by trusting your fourteen year old daughter who is that she could shoot the wrong thing and a heavy fine of becoming your way. And this was the case were dad was with her too so for a lot of people who segment we just that Soriano was constant where you know you can you get into a gun. And you say wells on the parents with them and that's okay dad was whipped her and she still made the mistake. No it doesn't make a difference if the parents there and if you look. At the picture. She's smiling in the photo. Like. My question is this. We're gonna go right to the phones. Are they apologizing did they automatically. Call the the wildlife and the conservation agency. Today automatically call them immediately and still take the photo smiling next to the elk is you know what you shot is illegal to shoot or did he get. The picture get viral and then all of a sudden it's like oh yeah we called. You don't and like I. Con that's what I want story that I have. Puts it when her dad realized the animals and out he called conservation and so the dad didn't know when he was taking the photo when he walked up upon the dead deer carcass that's their responsible as well but may be different. I mean when dad realized the animal is now which my guess is you would figure that out pretty quickly smiled. I don't know when the futuristic and. By the way the year reintroducing about 200. Elk in southeastern Missouri. This one just happened to beat 200 miles away from that pack which is strange go to the phones 5767798. Let's go to Larry in target oxy think Colin Larry era 91 KM BZ. You have to help calm all the book by an error there was not a lot else. It was somebody else's wreck out on our property. It being an art there are very rarely it happened back opera. Ever picked yet you should know you hear that. That bad it column he wrote. Me and wrote a whole lot that the year ago property on year. Well according to the to the Kansas City Star the USA today in the Associated Press. The department of congress of conservation. Did not know of any L in that count there are free ranging elk in Missouri. But how do we know that Al belonged to somebody else like you Sadler. Either cute story up or live. Making attic paper there were talking about a compromise or not do. I'll make it looked like thirty mile from mayors are urgently and act could be wrong. That's that may think the phone call appreciate it. I did you could own elk I I did not know that. That you could own elk but according to what are the stories are they releasing a bunch toward miles away. And this was a straight penalty and ask a word the outcome in the back at. Let me young. But some clarification out there about the story because a lot of you're taxing and saying you're getting details are on so let me tell you I've got a different version out of the Springfield news leader shower whether that was with Kirk. On. The story the other diverse and I have that's a little clearer says she was heard that was nearby. On the way it begins as she saw the antlers in the big brown body in the bushes with one shot rifle. She killed what she thought was a very large white tailed buck it wasn't it was about she called her dad who was hunting nearby. So Deb was right next to a time and her dad realized it was a now. That's when dad called the agent conservation agent in Boone county and sad we think we just shot an elk. Today. And so than they said the dad sent TV the conservation agent sad the dads sent me a photo of my phone and was very clear that yes. It was an concur. That to me brings back the question of the age of the hunter of hunting a lot of punting you know I don't know nearby is or how far whatever but. That to me and add some credence to it if you don't know what you're shooting don't pull that trigger. And this version so so far there have been no consequences. On for the girl but somebody texted and sad that it's. That there have been a couple that she's not getting a find it she is getting expert on taken Annika and take these guns and Doug couldn't do that in this country. Which border calls Thomas and on data Andrew excuse me Thomas and Andrew we'll get to you got it up. The spurs in a FaceBook pages on Twitter as well pre check it out to wanna read it yourself it's been David Jimmy wicket and 81 KM BC 1048 out of Monday 57677. At 98 talk about a young of Missouri girl who was out hunting with her dad. She's fourteen. She was away from her father when she saw something in the bushes. She thought it was a big Ole bock turns out it was an elk which you cannot shoot in the state of Missouri. She may see a fine coming her way she may see some of the punishment what she is getting is a lot of online bully. Yeah on people are saying frankly a lot of things that many of you have sat on the tax line that. Don't have a gun and go hunting if you don't know what you're shooting a lot of people have said she shouldn't on the difference she should've realized the difference between the Al. And the DR and don't let you know don't letter cons if you don't know what you're shooting there's a real danger in that they're in now. There's a reason you get back penetrating and so we're asking you. That's either more experience at hunting then the two of us are should should have known the difference. Can you see how this would have happened and what should the punishment EB. I wanna know if dad was there would leave that pulled the trigger. What he has said wait no that's not an out to be quiet when you hunt. So I don't know what you do if there's signals somebody else but if you see it's an elk and you're the daddy you know that's illegal. Then. What would you have said no don't Schumer pushed the government deep I don't know what you would. Yeah I said at 67798. Right to the phones sucked in through mean war in spurred on 91 KM BZ what's up Andrew. No not a whole lot I got to. Good now a couple of things. Mr. department of outrage at China re established Al population peered at the get. Out there and that. Likely where they're thinking about it ain't coming out. So it in the sentiment there I'm pretty certain age thirteen that. A cursor by its fourteen is Hugo group product they clap that how you. How to understate it art article yet. Like and an order art I sell. That would not. I'm not terribly surprised that hurt that was made in our partner they're our motherland hunting. But. I think personally as they hunt that she absolutely should be fine irked some. In some way shape or form because it. While she is young and and I can I can kind of understand what she would not bottle cup and being built our aid from where elk spoke to beat. She absolutely. Our and so I think and and yet not yet begun to signal that usually standard procedure while their income. The bow right bowler shotgun while there and eating out just. About. Two time how big of a deal as it you know it in the scheme of the kinds of mistakes that you could make while hunting or you know Alan and and the very things that go on. How significant is at that shoot an animal that you're not supposed to shoot. Current health I think it's a pretty big deal because. There are trying to reestablish that hurt. The number I think a lot site audit program it'll have been going on left and I think a lot about ought under under it are trying to reach. So every elk out and I I think that. I think that person in it Palkot a pretty big deal now you know let's say squirrel hunting out of the American on an even. I bet not. I think is so wrong and it's no big deal but to me back that it is an out in a much bigger. When have you ever shot the at a season. I'm going didian are not listening if you were shot in the season enter more. We all land and so with. You have certain rights owning land it's a news and then on you can consider it and we are not sit aren't allowed you anything. Like any high and selling hide. Like we have otters and are on an error out of season but they are killing all of this and other apartment congress and I called on it that you're allowed to shoot them. You can't do anything he can't try and make money not hide or anything like that. Yes yes you are at it on your landed deep considered a new panel I don't Abbott stock. But not audit you and think prop. I got it thanks for the information and Christian. Odds that a Thomason south Kansas City I Thomas during came BC. Or. Which meant when Eric Gordon lap callers and that training changed should be urgently reminded yet. You only shoot let it you can identify. But more importantly this op. And the Q and didn't get out it has our other. Probably the third four year. It didn't get where the plot a lot older should have been able to identify that undergone. And let you know younger. Anger over how to a lot. Yeah I mean there there is a responsibility with dad here if you're out I know more about how long she'd been hunting you know. We she won these kids that had a gun in her hand at five years old and you know people tell us that salary that they've taught their kids to you know how to use it on young and it's possible that he was pretty confident in her. And her ability to hunt and know the difference and if it's pretty uncommon to see one to see an Al. I guess it would be possible that she would she shooting deer because why would there be an Alka you know if they don't show up very often by which you think it would be. That which which lends me to believe that may be she wasn't as experienced. As you would want her to be hunting alone yeah you know what I mean if you can't identify the difference and again I'm sure there's trees and brush and stuff in the labor if you can't identify the difference between a and an elk when I mean you're looking for how big horns on a dear how big of the rack is on an L and just because you don't normally see Dan doesn't mean it couldn't be one. Right right so. Non conference should be some my dad though I agree we call 7677918. And Shawnee you're next up an 81 KM BZ. And let it show you I'm Lambeau minor and yes she should have known what she was shooting for and that was there wet pair. You were talking about the punishment. I think upon events should be for the consummation. Two sentenced them and it and quote sentence them to community service or confirmation. And I think it's that it should not be allowed haven't lightened her oh and kind of suspend him from getting allowed in a light. To your throat you're throwing the book. Or no wow I'm and not totally you know the girl she shouldn't be allowed to have rhyming like that so she at least 21. And you know in communities are very here. I mean that's you know I mean happened is not the positive. You know went what but you know what then it I mean I need space shot somebody should map like that they're heard a very small and very rare. I mean you know very small Kurtz I haven't Abbott. An aspect broke kind of the book Adam I mean at least. You know right. Make it beneficial war. I got to aging things the focal may appreciate what he's he's really trying to make an example of the young girl in the dad. Yeah and the dad's here let's talk to Mike in Jackson County Mike thinks you're calling you're on 91 came BZ. Thanks let's implement. I. I don't know outlook on arrival girl was using other rich culture and it was without iron sorry it's what our sites. The deal was in the brush and you're hunting beer in your expecting to see a beer. It's time what to go put your mind. When you draw down onslaught when you identify her it's not at all. It's not a human being. It's shaped like a deer. There's your inner antlers on the top via. It's sometimes you can't media or sometimes they're behind a tree and you you're drawn out and shoot I'll shop my neighbors. I'll Lama one time when it came across. From me wallop in the woods luckily my rifle and scope on my whole account which is not an eight beer. This was a according to the story at 243 caliber rifle. And in order to go awry I don't I don't have an answer for Ian Allen. Let let's. You think should be any punch at this girl. On the I think she should be further order educated. We are fortunate it was not human being wearing a pair of car parked close to which it happened in the past so much more car marched. And they're not Wear an orange. And they're out walking around. They're not punting. That's what we're really ought to be fortunate that most on human being shot. It was an accident. She didn't intentionally do it her father and are are trying to. About bringing and correct manner that it try to hide from that they. But further education would solve the problem are you look in the plane video changed you want to do and it could stop you to do and what. She wanted to do absolutely no punishment or some partner education. MI think for the fogleman they'll be a stranger appreciated. I I would have. I would want there to be a punishment I'm not. What are in jail but to believe we should be some punish accidents all the time. You know people act you know you accidentally hit someone and and we punish things that you didn't mean to do all the time. Byron and he was my car sober. We don't that's it looked as a talk about drunk driving defied driving you with my car I get a ticket to pay it right you know it was an accident I didn't plan on doing it but I just I was. I was texting and driving and I ran into we have involuntary manslaughter I didn't mean to kill the person it dead that's still pretty hefty charge coming up. Jamie at a mutually over the weekend.